Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s05e19 Episode Script

9062-017A - Welcome Back, Polarisoids

[theme] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes in the half shell And they're green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder attacks These turtle boys don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be ninja teens He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but rude Gimme a break.
Michelangelo is a party dude Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power Okay, which one of you guys ate a piece of the jigsaw puzzle? Well, don't look at me.
Cardboard pizza's not a real heavy favorite of mine.
These things are hard work.
Whose idea was this anyway? Uh, it was mine.
Remember, my students, like the body, the mind also needs exercising.
But, Sensei, this puzzle's a real toughy.
The satisfaction one attains from completing a difficult task adds to one's self-esteem.
It says here a child can put this puzzle together.
Well, that's one kid I'd like to meet.
[Boy] Are we there yet? [Girl] How come I can't sit in the front seat? Children, now don't annoy your father.
He's trying to steer.
Dear, are you sure you know where you're going? I think we're lost.
Oh, don't worry, sweetie pie.
We're right on course.
See? There's Earth now! Ah, who wants to stay in a dumb old sewer with a bunch of slimy green turtles? [Girl] Move over! Mom, F-Stop is on my side! And Say Cheese is a pest! Can we ditch her on the next asteroid, Dad? Can we, can we? Huh? Can we? Trust me, this is gonna be oodles of fun.
And I'll bet those Ninja Turtles are just gonna love you kids.
[Shredder] No-ho, Krang! Say you didn't invite that Polarisoid back to Earth.
But I did! And he thinks the invitation came from those four shellbacks.
But what if that alien shutterbug brings his video camera? You mean the video camera that doesn't just take pictures, but traps the subjects on the video tape? Yes, that video camera.
I'm counting on it.
And I'm going to use him and his family to help me overthrow the city.
You've had your share of dumb schemes, but this one may take first prize.
Well, I wouldn't have to call on outsiders if you were more efficient, Shredder! Watch the three-headed birdie.
You're on Alien Camera.
And as a special surprise, look at this video cassette the Polarisoid left behind.
Keep that away from me! I was trapped inside it with the Turtles.
It was a nightmare.
Then allow me to play it.
I have reversed the Polarisoid's tape process.
It no longer traps the images as it did with this specimen.
That was just a sample of the Polarisoid's travel log.
This tape is filled with hideous creatures and alien dimensions.
I hate looking at vacation pictures.
[sing-song] But you'll love these.
When this tape is placed inside the Polarisoid's camera, the recorded images will come to life.
Those creatures will keep those Turtles busy while I use my motherboard to take over every computer in the city.
We will control everything.
But I must have the Polarisoid camera in order for this process to work.
Okay, okay, I'm convinced.
Put on these magnetic gravity anchors.
One of the alien worlds on this tape has no gravity.
Rocksteady, Bebop, let's find those Polarisoid tourists.
Why, look, kids, there's the Earth city where the Turtles live.
Big deal! I'm hungry.
What do they eat here anyway? Something called pizza.
Pizza? Ew, sounds icky! [Say Cheese] So where's this pizza joint, Dad? Well, I'm certain it's around here someplace.
Those Turtles came down here all the time.
[roaring] Aah! [screaming] Oh, my! How strange.
I wonder what's frightening the earthlings.
Don't look at us.
Don't look at us.
[Michelangelo] Cowabunga! Now, this is what I call a pizza.
Right! You don't have to put it together.
You rip it apart! Hey, hey, hold on, guys.
I thought we ordered this just to get some inspiration to finish that pizza puzzle.
[All] Okay, we're inspired! [munching] Am I losing it, or is that Frip the Polarisoid? Frip? Frip? Ha ha! There they are, kids! The Ninja Turtles! Hi, fellas! Hey, hey, hey, not so loud.
We're in disguise.
They're awfully green, uh, but they are kind of cute.
Frip, it's, uh, unusual to see you again.
Uh, yeah, dude, what a total trip.
Oh, it certainly was.
And we visited so many planets.
There was Grimmicks, Quenesteria, Zimcron-- Uh, this must be your family.
Why, it certainly is! This is the wife, Millimeter.
And these are our lovely twins, F-Stop and Say Cheese.
Say hello, children.
To these creepazoids? Forget it! Now children, be careful.
Your faces might freeze like that.
Let's hope.
Now stand closer, everyone.
I want to record this happy reunion.
Ha ha ha! Yikes! I'm out of here! No camera! Don't do it! Oh, don't worry, Turtles.
I'm using a new version of Polarisoid video tape.
It won't pull you into the picture this time.
Uh, just the same, we'd really prefer if you didn't use it.
Yeah, just call us camera shy.
By the way, where are you folks staying? Why, with you, of course.
[in unison] With us? [F-Stop] We're staying in a sewer? Now, son, you mustn't look a gift-house in the mouth.
[laughing] Well, thanks, fellas.
It was a real surprise.
Master Splinter's not gonna like this.
We never take anyone to our lair.
What can we do? Frip thinks we invited them.
Yeah, and we can't be rude, dude.
[rumbling] [Leonardo] It's Shredder! [Donatello] And his gruesome twosome.
Just what we needed, more unexpected company.
Who's that guy with the metal face, Daddy? Ooh, his name is Shredder, dear, but don't make friends with him.
I'll take that, Polarisoid.
Hey, that's a brand-new camera! Taking up photography as a hobby, Shred-head? You know, a face like yours belongs in a darkroom.
All right! A fight! [laughs] This Earth place is finally getting good! This idea of Krang's had better work.
[All] Turtle power! Quiet, please.
The feature is about to start.
[growling] Ooh, just our luck.
It had to be a monster movie.
Oh, look, dear! That's the grug from the Drupple Dimension Zoo.
Why, they've got the vacation tape you lost.
If I were you, Frip, I'd have a serious talk with my travel agent.
Enjoy the matinee, shellbacks.
Ha ha ha ha ha! Uh, isn't this the part where they usually say "To be continued"? Krang must have reversed your taping process, Frip.
Instead of capturing the subjects inside the camera, the images are being brought to life.
So that's why Shredder caught Frip's camera.
Look out! Whoa! Come on, dudes! Check it out, dudes! The sewer roof is cracking! Yeah? Well, let's finish the job.
Yah! Donatello, you're bringing down the house! Okay, you come up with a better line.
Better split the scene, Polarisoids, and fast! Ah, phooey! Ah, do we have to go? This is just getting good.
[laughing] This is just the beginning.
Those reptiles will be kept so busy, they'll never even notice I've taken computer control of their entire city.
As one of those Turtles would say, it's cool to rule! Ha ha-- burp-- ha ha! [Burne] A spaceship? Lady, does your psychiatrist know you're making this call? Yello? A UFO with tailfins? Flying over the city.
Sure, and King Kong is on top of a skyscraper swatting at it! Crackpots.
What's up, Chief? Every kook in this city claims to have seen some weird flying car.
Help! Help! We've been invaded by aliens in flying cars! See what I mean? Here's a photo someone took of the spaceship.
It's the Polarisoid! He's back! The Polari-what? Polarisoid, a cute little alien who's a friend of the Turtles.
Polarisoids? Turtles? Ha ha! What next, talking gorillas? Whatever it is, you're going to help April tape it! Now get moving! Go, go, go! But, but, but No buts, Vernon.
We've got a story to cover.
Ohh Michelangelo, you stay here and keep an eye on F-Stop and Say Cheese while we go look for Frip's camera.
Baby-sit? But why me? Because you're closer to their age mentally.
Whoa, dude.
I resemble that remark.
Until we get Frip's camera back from Shredder, this city's not a fit place for man or turtle.
I've got a feeling that monster in the sewer was just the beginning.
Hey, speaking of monsters in the sewer, I wonder how Michelangelo's doing with F-Stop and Say Cheese.
[F-Stop] Whee! [Say Cheese] Yippee! Let's play Cowboys and Martians! [Michelangelo] No, dudes, come on.
Stop! Don't jump on the furniture.
You'll break something! Gotcha! Oh, yeah? I did! Take that! [blabbering] What is the disturbance, Michelangelo? Disturbance, sensei? What disturbance? Will you kids cut that out? Do not be harsh with them, my student.
Remember, they are only children.
That's right! We're just kids.
Ah-choo! Watch this, Say Cheese.
Whee! Ha ha ha! Ah! Whee! Yay! [jabbering] Children! Now, now, sensei, remember, they're just kids.
Got you! Got you that time! [Krang] You see, Shredder? I told you that tape would work.
Yeah, yeah, you're a genius.
Now can we please get on with this, Krang? By all means.
My motherboard's microchips are chomping at thebit.
A little computer humor.
You heard him, Bebop.
It's showtime! [chuckles] This is gonna be fun.
Gee, that alien must have visited some real hot spots.
[people screaming] Whoa! Whoa! What in blazes? Whoa! [growling] Ooh, ooh! Ow! Ouch! Blasted! What a time for my fire-resistant cape to be at the cleaners! [all shouting] [rasping] Uh, whoa, wow, yeow! [com chirping] Krang! You mad medulla, get me out of here! [alarm beeping] [Donatello] It's my seismographic alarm.
What's wrong? There's been an immense terrain disturbance in the middle of the city.
Sounds like Shredder's making movie magic again.
Let's go! We've gotta get that camera back.
Absolutely! I'm sure he makes terrible home movies! [Turtles] Turtle power! I'm sure the Turtles will help us get an interview with the Polarisoid.
What a thrill.
April, look out! [tires screeching] What's going on? [people yelling] [car horns blaring] The traffic lights have all gone crazy! And the bank's cash machine is spewing out money! Vernon, it looks like we've got ourselves a scoop.
You can have the scoop.
I'll take the cash! Whoa! [alarm rings] [alarm buzzes] [alarm clangs] [alarm rings] [various alarm sounds] I'm gonna need some help.
April, calling the Turtles.
Come in, Turtles! What's wrong, April? The entire city is in chaos.
Stop lights, money machines, alarm systems-- everything is going crazy! Oh, it must be Krang.
I knew he was up to more than just playing movie mogul.
We're on our way, April.
[car horns blaring] The city will soon be totally defenseless.
This will be a red-letter day in the history of world dominance.
[laughing] [Donatello] Just as I thought.
Krang is breaking into all the city's computer systems and taking control.
Um, would that include the robot garbage trucks? [Donatello] Yeah, I'm afraid so.
Aah! Whoa! Whoa! Oh! Isn't that always the way-- whenever you didn't bring your camera, great photo opportunities happen? Whoa! We're about to be trashed! [Turtles screaming] Is this some ancient Earth custom? Yes, Frip.
It's known as checking out! Not if I can interface with that truck's computer system.
[Donatello] We did it! [Turtles yelling] Oh, boy, saved by a mattress truck.
The folks back on Polaris will never believe this.
[Raphael] I just hope the audience does.
Look, boss, it's the shellbacks.
Ho-ho, they're in for quite a surprise.
[people screaming] [Leonardo] What's going on? [Frip] Oh, oh, I remember that! It's the Cataclysmic Canyons on the Vulcan moon.
I taped it on my last visit there.
Ha ha ha! [mocking laugh] Well, next time, keep your lens cap on, okay? [Frip] Leonardo, watch out! This should cool them down.
[Leonardo] Great work, Donatello.
You solidified it.
Aah! Aah! Aah! [screaming] Out of my way, you mutant morons! [Rocksteady] Didn't I see this in a movie once? Uh-oh.
[Shredder] No, no, no [yelling] Okay, now to find April.
[F-Stop] Hey, making pizza is fun! Ha ha! Yeah! How many have we made so far, Michelangelo? Well, if you count the ones on the walls and the one on the ceiling, I'd say ten.
But the one on the ceiling is on your face.
Does it still count? Very funny.
Now come on, dudes, we've gotta clean this place up.
Sure thing, Michelangelo.
Catch, Say Cheese! [laughing] Ah-hah haha! Wheeee! Hold it, micro-dudes! Now, just think for a second about what you're doing.
That's better.
Okay! Time's up! No! Yay! Kids.
Don't you just love 'em? [people yelling] Okay, April, you're patched into that giant screen.
I hope this works.
This is April O'Neil for Channel 6.
The city is experiencing a temporary computer foul-up.
There is no need to panic.
I repeat, there is no need to panic.
Oh yes, there is, Ms.
O'Neil! Because I, Krang, have total control of your measly little city.
If you should need further proof, my subjects, observe.
Help! Help! Oh, no! It's Millimeter! [Leonardo] Don't worry, Frip.
We'll save her! Help! [Raphael] Hold on, Milli! Help! Yah-ha! Okay, we transfer here.
Blast it! Those Turtles are trying to ruin my triumphant takeover.
Shredder! What is it, Krang? What's happening? I'm counting on you to take care of those Turtles.
Don't worry.
I won't fail this time.
Promises, promises.
[people shouting] [Leonardo] What's going on? Uh, more vacation footage, Frip? Uh, I'm afraid so.
I stopped for a little snack in the Floatarian Dimension and taped some footage.
Don't you ever just eat and run? Finally, I get to use this.
All right! Aah! We're floating away! Well, switch on your magnetic gravity anchors, you boobs! Uh, gravity anchors? What gravity anchors? Uh, what gravity wave, boss? The ones on your belts, you nitwits! [both] Belts? What belts? Oh This story will be even a bigger scoop than an interview with an alien.
If I ever get down to file it.
Finally, one of Krang's schemes actually works.
The city will soon we ours.
[Shredder] What in blazes? Hey, dude, what's up? Besides us.
[Shredder] The camera, it's getting away! [Millimeter] Frip, come back.
And lose my camera? I think not.
Got it! Frip, turn the camera off! Okay, Donatello! Whoooaaaa! [mewing] [barking] Uh! Oof! Cowabunga! Unh! Wow! Yaaaaay! Let's take that ride again, too! Whoa, whoo! [grunts] [barking] [mewing] Oh, wow! It's raining cats and dogs! [chuckles] Well, someone had to say it.
If I can just break Krang's computer code Hey, I did it! What is happening? Oh, no.
That turtle overloaded my power! I hate turtles! I despise turtles! And I'm not too crazy about computers, either.
Oh, my! What a wonderful photo opportunity! No, no, no, Frip! Don't! [snarling] Yipe! Oh, it's the zog beast from the Jungleoid Dimension! And it loves metal! Quickly, to the transport module! Yow! This is April O'Neil for Channel 6 News, winding up this exclusive interview with our interplanetary visitors, the Polarisoid family.
[Frip] Good-bye, earthlings! We had a fabulous time! Thanks for everything, Turtles.
[both] Bye, Michelangelo! We love you! Aw, gosh.
[Leonardo sighs] We'll need a vacation from their vacation.
Hey, don't sweat it, dudes.
Frip told me they won't be back this way for another Oh, that's a relief.
Well, let's see now.
A gazillacron is exactly and converting that to Earth hours means they'll be back next Tuesday! Tuesday? Now give me that calculator, Donatello.
Come on! Try it again.