Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s07e06 Episode Script

9059-059 - Ring of Fire

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half-shell Turtle power! They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team LEONARDO: We're really hip.
They're heroes In the half-shell And they're green RAPHAEL: Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder Attacks These Turtle boys Don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be Ninja teens LEONARDO: He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines DONATELLO: That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but crude RAPHAEL: Give me a break.
Michelangelo is a party Dude MICHELANGELO: Party! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half-shell Turtle power! [] GUIDE: The Acropolis contains some of the most beautiful temples and sculptures in Greece.
These statues are examples of the classical Greek ideal of beauty.
Whoa, thanks for the compliment, dude.
[MICHELANGELO LAUGHS] I knew we were classics, but I never knew we were beautiful.
The statues are alive! [ALL SCREAMING] Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to pretend to be statues.
We didn't want to scare anybody.
Look, some tourists just have no sense of humor.
And some tourists have no appreciation for ruins of ancient Greece.
Uh, whoops.
Uh, sorry, master.
Perhaps you should remain here, my turtles, until you have learned to see beauty in these ancient ruins.
I will wait for you in the Turtle Van.
All these ruins are ruining my vacation.
I wanna have some fun! Aah! Raphael! Are you okay? Yeah, but watch that first step.
Hey, guys.
Get a load of this.
DONATELLO: Ugh, why couldn't Raphael fall down a hole with an elevator? Outrageous pad, dude.
This would make a great sewer, if it had running water.
Hey, guys.
Look what I found.
This statue looks exactly like April.
MICHELANGELO: Radical resemblance, for sure.
Hey, there's something written on the base.
Uh, what's it say, Raphael? Wait, let me see that.
Greek was the first language of science.
It says "This is a statue of the queen of Atlantis.
" Absolutely uncanny.
There'll be no living with April once she hears about this.
Isn't shopping just about the funnest thing a person can do, April? You can say that again, Irma, especially an old flea market like this one.
Please! I've heard of itching to go shopping, but this is ridiculous.
Poor Vernon.
Men will never know the joy of bargain hunting.
Yeah, like spending hours choosing a necklace.
MAN: Ah, did the pretty lady say necklace? I have exactly what you are seeking.
Come this way.
Wow, there's something pretty bizarre about this bazaar.
Irma, I have the strangest feeling I'll find something special in this place.
This necklace was made for you.
Oh, April! It's gorgeous.
No man could resist a woman wearing a necklace like this.
It is beautiful, but I could never afford anything like this.
Is yours, free.
Free? How do you stay in business with prices like that? Heh.
I heard you could get some great bargains here, but this is incredible! I grow weary of shopping.
Let us depart.
Huh? Uh, b-but April.
There's nothing to discuss.
Come along, Irma.
Oh! Our queen has returned to us.
I placed the sacred medallion of power around her neck with my own hands.
You have done well.
Soon the memory of who she once was will return to her.
With our queen to lead us, the Atlanteans will once again rule the world.
KRANG: My long-range scanners have located a powerful energy disturbance on Earth.
It's somewhere in Athens, Greece.
The power source is astounding.
These readings go off the scale.
Isn't that wonderful? With that much energy under my control, I could transport the Technodrome to Earth, and have enough left over to conquer the world.
It's like getting two-- Two for the price of one.
Gee, just like a breath mint.
No, it's a candy mint.
It's a breath mint.
A candy mint! Will you two stop that? You will leave for Athens immediately.
Find the energy source and steal it.
Vernon, look at the necklace April got.
Isn't it stunning? Hm, I suppose so, if you like cheap costume jewelry.
Now, can we please get out of here? My feet are killing me.
You may return to the hotel.
Now, leave us.
Be gone.
Be gone? Who made you queen of the world? You were kind of rough on Vernon, even if he did deserve it.
A-Are you okay? Actually I'm feeling kind of weird.
Psst, April.
It's us! Turtles! What are you doing here? We found this statue that looks exactly like you.
And it was wearing a medallion just like this one.
There's something strange going on.
[ENERGY HUMMING] What's that sound? RAPHAEL: It's Shredder and his goons.
Ooh, lookie, boss.
It's that reporter dame.
The energy readings are coming from her necklace.
Bring her to me! Heh, it'll be like taking candy from a baby.
Yeah, and we done that lots of times.
You'll have to get through us first! That's exactly what I intend to do, turtles! Rock Soldiers, attack.
ROCKSTEADY: Here we come, you Turtle twerps! [BOTH GRUNT] Yo, how about lending a hand, buds? Don't you mean feet? Turtle power! Epic move, amigo.
Try these on for size, melon-heads.
[TURTLES SHOUTING] Not so rough! We're delicate, young things.
At last, the fate of the world is at my hands.
[LAUGHING] [] With this much power, I can rule the world without Krang.
What the--? Who are you? More superheroes? Release our queen! Hey, what about me? Whoa! Is that any way to treat a lady? Those guys are trying to shoplift April.
Turtles to the rescue! Hey, whoa! [GRUNTING] Who are these bozos? [] [SIGHS] Isn't it romantic? All these men fighting over a delicate female.
Out of my way, four-eyes.
Hey, mutants, what say we break bread together? [GRUNTS] [] You, beat it! That turtle's got my name on it.
Thanks for the help, dimbo.
Don't mention it, bozo.
Okay, I won't! This time, I'm really going to get what's coming to me.
[GRUNTS] Give it up, Shredder! Surrender is not in my vocabulary, turtle.
We shall return! [] Tonight, when the moon is full, you shall become queen once more.
Unh, let me go! I'm a member of the press.
LEONARDO: You heard the lady.
I guess we'll have to teach this dude some manners.
I call upon the power of the sacred medallion.
You know, call me crazy, but I get the weirdest feeling he's not gonna surrender.
Wha--? What happened? Are you all right, April? I think so.
There's something mondo bizarro about that medallion.
Where did you get it? From the owner of that little shop.
Come on, guys.
Let's take some inventory.
Oh! My clothes are completely ruined.
Let's head back to the hotel so I can clean up.
Yes, let us hie forthwith to the hotel.
"Hie forthwith"? H-Hey! Hey, wait for me.
Look, there he goes.
DONATELLO: A secret panel.
Man, this is just like my all-time favorite art film, The Three Stooges Meet the Mummy.
[GRUNTS] LEONARDO: Let's stay on his tail.
DONATELLO: What tail? We're the ones who are turtles, remember? [ALL SHOUTING] Oh, was this in the movie too? Only in the sequel.
Let's go! It's a hidden pit.
MICHELANGELO: Cowabunga! Unh! Nice grab, Raphael.
Ah, another few feet and we'd have been turtle shish kebab.
Good point, dude.
Ah, be nice to some people and they walk all over you.
Vernon! Wake up, Vernon.
Uh, wha-- What? Oh, oh.
I was just catching up on the news.
What's up? I command you to accompany me to the Acropolis.
Now, just a darn minute.
Who do you think you are, bossing people around like that? A cartoon producer? I-- I'm sorry, Vernon.
It's just that I have the strangest feeling that there's a big story about to break at the Acropolis tonight.
Big story? I could have the scoop for myself.
Well, come on.
What are we waiting for? [] [VAN APPROACHING] Here we are.
The Acropolis.
So where's my-- I mean, your big story? I've no idea.
I told you it was just a hunch.
Not again.
I just had this dress cleaned.
[GRUNTING] The embassy will hear about this.
I'm an important anchor person.
Vernon, you are not! You're just a news director.
[] LEONARDO: It's the shopkeeper.
He's going to the underground temple.
how are we gonna get past those guards? No problemo, dudes.
I've got a plan.
[BICYCLE BELL RINGS] Pizza guy here.
Uh, pizza? Right.
Didn't you dudes order the jumbo-sized pizza with extra Greek olives? Uh, no, we didn't.
Oh, well, have one anyway.
It's on me! Well, actually it's on you.
Gotcha! Whoa, gnarly duds, dude.
Now let's drop in on these Atlanteans.
Your highness, your new subjects have come to pay you homage.
Pay what? You will kneel in my presence.
Really, April, is this any way to lord it over your friends? What's going on? The medallion is taking over April's mind.
She thinks she really is the queen of Atlantis.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] The moon rises with the night, and Atlantis shall rise with the dawn! Our queen has returned to us.
SOLDIERS: All hail our human queen.
Intruders! Capture them! [SOLDIERS MUTTERING] Uh-oh.
Did you ever have that feeling that you just don't fit in with the group? SOLDIERS: Ten-hup! [] All together, fellas.
One, two, three! TURTLES: Turtle power! [SOLDIERS SHOUTING] Unh! Next? There are too many of them! Stop complaining and keep flipping! Whoa! These dudes just don't know when to give up.
DONATELLO: Why should they? they're winning.
All our enemies are conquered.
Who now dares to challenge the Atlanteans? We do.
Attack them.
[MUTANTS GRUNTING] Last one to the medallion is a rotten reptile.
Stop them! Your highness, you must use the sacred medallion to defeat our enemies.
By the power of the sacred medallion, I give you life! [WHINNIES] Let me go! I'm afraid of horses.
Fly, my winged servants! Fly! VERNON: I also get airsick.
[IRMA SCREAMS] I must have that medallion.
Follow those flying horses.
How many times in life would you ever get to say that? LEONARDO: Let's go, Turtles.
We've gotta change April back to her old self.
GUIDE: Seeing the Acropolis by moonlight seems to make the ancient myths come to life.
[VERNON AND IRMA SCREAMING] [ENGINE STARTS] [] Look out for that curve.
Don't drive so bad.
Will you two imbeciles stop nagging? You're driving me crazy.
BEBOP: You heard the boss, give him some elbow room.
I'll bet Bebop is driving.
What makes you say that? Only a warthog would drive like such a road hog.
DONATELLO: Stay with them, Leonardo.
We can't let Shredder get that medallion.
[TIRES SCREECHING] [] PRIEST: Soon Atlantis will rise again! Prepare the sacrifice.
Did he say sacrifice? Yes, and I don't think we're about to play baseball.
T-T-This has been fun, guys, but I really must get back to Athens and wash my hair.
Please, take her! Only spare me.
I've so much more to live for.
Oh, that's the story of my life.
April gets a necklace, while I get a couple of iron bracelets.
My queen, use the power of the sacred medallion to bring Atlantis back to life, So that we Atlanteans might once again rule the world.
By the power of the sacred medallion What is this interruption? SHREDDER: I'll take that medallion! I command the lost city of Atlantis to rise! [] Atlantis.
Atlantis lives again! What's happening? [ALL GRUNTING] Wouldn't you fellas have more fun worshipping a beautiful woman? [TURTLES SHOUTING] Whoa.
It feels like we need some new shock absorbers.
And definitely a new steering column.
The ride's over! Jump! DONATELLO: Atlantis.
Look! It's the lost city of Atlantis.
RAPHAEL: Well, what do you know? An undersea lookie-loo.
Whoa! Uh-oh.
As one endangered species to another, you ought to lighten up! It was just a suggestion.
The greatest power on earth is in my grasp.
What? Unh! What's going on? Ah! Not so tight.
you're denting my clothes.
You! Don't look at me, dude.
This double date wasn't my idea.
Bebop, Rocksteady, get me down from here.
Right away, boss.
Or maybe later.
BOTH: Mama! Yuck! I hate seafood.
Especially when I'm the main course.
Donatello, how do we stop this thing? There's only one way.
The high priest.
You must call off your creature.
It is too late.
Atlantis has once again risen up.
Well, like they say, what goes up must come down.
Sorry, April.
I have to borrow your necklace.
This better work.
[ALL SHOUTING] [] Most excellent.
It's just you and me, Shred-head.
Mano a mano.
Not this time, shellback.
I have more important things to deal with, like a ticked-off Krang.
Hey, boss! Wait for us.
I hate it when we don't have time to think of a clever exit line.
Okay, you're free.
Oh, wow.
What a story.
Yes, I can see it now: "Ace reporter and his lovely assistant share high adventure.
" Oh, brother.
The effects of that necklace should be wearing off any minute now.
[] How did I get here, and why am I wearing this dress? It's kind of a long story.
We'll explain it to you over a delicious Greek pizza.
We goddesses do not eat pizza.
[TURTLES MUTTERING] Here we go again.
Just kidding, guys.
Let's chow down.
Ha-ha! [] []