Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s07e12 Episode Script

9059-062 - Northern Lights Out

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half-shell Turtle power! They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team LEONARDO: We're really hip.
They're heroes In the half-shell And they're green RAPHAEL: Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder Attacks These Turtle boys Don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be Ninja teens LEONARDO: He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines DONATELLO: That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but crude RAPHAEL: Give me a break.
Michelangelo is a party Dude MICHELANGELO: Party! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half-shell Turtle power! [] APRIL: Oh, Oslo, Norway.
Isn't it beautiful? It's okay if you like friendly people, clean air, beautiful scenery and trash-free streets.
Now, what's for lunch? I don't know.
Let's see what the hotel packed.
I told them to surprise me with something from the local cuisine.
Pizza? Surprise, surprise.
We heard you were having lunch here in the park.
Do you like what I picked for lunch? Well, pizza's fine, Michelangelo, but I wanted something Scandinavian to eat.
It's a Scandinavian pizza, dudette, with sardine and luka-fish topping.
Sardine and luka-fish pizza? Oh, I'm not a big fish fan.
Better get used to it.
There's a lot of fish in Norway.
It's, uh, interesting, but listen, guys, I've gotta go.
The Alternative Energy Conference opens today, and I'm covering it.
Alternative energy? Oh, I'd like to see that.
MAN: And please welcome Professor Svenson, who has an important discovery to announce.
Ah, sure, you betcha.
Thank you very much, my fellow scientists.
Professor Sven Svenson is a geological giant.
Norway is seated on many volcanic pools.
Most of them dormant.
But this geothermal power produces more energy than half of Europe's existing power plants.
If we can only tap this power, the energy would light up Oslo for a thousand years.
I am meeting with representatives of the government this afternoon to give them the location of these volcanic pools and my plans for tapping this energy.
[ALL APPLAUD] Wrong, professor.
I have other plans for your plans.
What? [CROWD MURMURING] Who--? Who are you? I am Eric the Red-Eye, son of Thor.
[GASPS] Impossible.
Thor and the gods are just ancient legends.
On the other hand, that armor looks authentic.
Do you mind--? Get away from me! Your notes.
What I came for.
APRIL: Wow, what a story.
SVENSON: Stop him! He has my notes.
You dare to challenge Thor's hammer? [GUARDS SHOUTING] Now you have tasted the power of Eric the Red-Eye, son of Thor.
Soon you will taste more.
Any words for the press, Mr.
Red-Eye? ERIC: Yes.
Come with me.
APRIL: Hey! Put me down! That guy's got April.
That Eric has got a head start, so I'll take a shortcut.
I forgot I was on the second floor! Oh, fish.
Why did it have to be fish? Stop.
Let go of April.
Talking fish? No, Ninja Turtle.
[] So you dare to challenge Eric? P-yew.
A turtle that smells like a fish? Ha-ha, very funny.
Ha! Now you smell like fish.
You will pay for that.
Yeah, sure, send me the cleaning bill.
April to Turtles.
Donatello's in trouble.
Conference Centre, hurry! We hear you, April.
Come on, Turtles.
Let's go.
Take your best shot, you phony Viking.
Missed me.
[LOUD CRASH] Whoops.
Donatello! ERIC: Vikings, ride! APRIL: Donatello's under there.
Come on, fellas, dig.
Hang on, Donatello.
We'll get you out of there.
Hey, guys, need some help? Of course we need some help.
Donatello's trapped under Donatello! You're supposed to be buried under there, dude.
Oh, I ducked into a sewer opening just as the wall came down.
But boy, it was sweet of you guys to care.
Guys, uh, you--? You do care, right? Guys? DONATELLO: April's satellite feed is just about due to come on.
I think I've got the antenna linked up.
Here she is.
She's interviewing Professor Svenson.
Professor, you've said that the energy locked in the volcanic pools could power the industry of all Europe.
Yeah, sure, you betcha.
But such power could also be used for evil purposes, if it fell into the wrong hands.
Yeah, sure, you betcha.
But yet, you're not worried that this Eric Red-Eye will use your notes to find the pools himself? Yeah, sure, you betcha.
Then your notes do not reveal the location of those volcanic pools? SVENSON: Yeah, sure, you bet-- We get it, professor.
That professor gives a great interview.
Yeah, sure, you betcha.
This Eric Red-Eye just has my notes.
But I keep the location of those volcanic pools safe here, in my head.
You betcha.
This is April O'Neil, via satellite from the Oslo Energy Conference.
Oh, great.
Now this Eric knows what he needs and who to get it from.
LEONARDO: We'd better get back there in case he shows up.
[] APRIL: Thank you, Professor Svenson.
I hope I was all right.
Yeah, sure, you betcha.
I mean, heh, you were fine, professor.
I just hope Eric doesn't come looking for you.
But here I am, Miss O'Neil.
Seize them! [VAN ENGINE RUMBLING] [TIRES SCREECH] We're too late.
There they go.
Put that green foot to the floor, dude.
RAPHAEL: Oops, we're fresh out of highway.
There they go.
Look at that sail.
It's solar-powered.
Come on, dudes.
[] DONATELLO: They went into that channel.
ERIC: Fools! You cannot stop the son of Thor.
The rocks are moving toward us.
I can't go any faster.
RAPHAEL: I knew it! An act ending! [] APRIL: Oh, no! ERIC: Those Turtles will bother us no longer.
[CHUCKLES] MICHELANGELO: Totally bogus, dudes.
Oh, I feel like a character in Saturday matinée cliffhangers.
Yeah, well, at least we're actually hanging from a cliff.
DONATELLO: That Eric means business.
So do we.
Come on, Turtles.
[] There goes the longboat.
We'll have to follow it overland.
There's a farmhouse up ahead.
Maybe we can borrow some transportation.
Fine, as long as it has nothing to do with fish.
Well, this is nothing like fish.
There's that Viking ship.
Where's it going? There's no exit from this fjord.
RAPHAEL: Oh, this is a fjord.
I thought a fjord was a Norwegian automobile.
He's headed for that cliff! MICHELANGELO: If the dude is gonna crash, this show is gonna be over early.
So how do we get inside? Well, there must be some kind of air vent to the surface.
For sure, but how are we supposed to find it in the dark? Here it is.
LEONARDO: Air vent.
RAPHAEL: First we climb up, then we climb down.
I'm a turtle, not a monkey.
DONATELLO: A Viking village.
Just like a thousand years ago.
LEONARDO: Let's find April and the professor.
RAPHAEL: Um, we're gonna be kind of conspicuous here, fellas.
MICHELANGELO: Must be disguise time.
[] [MEN SHOUTING BOISTEROUSLY] This Eric has seen too many bad Viking movies.
These people actually believe Eric is a descendent of the Norse gods.
What's worse, so does he.
Thank goodness you didn't tell him the location of the volcanic pools.
Oh, but I did.
I mean, what if he is descendent from Thor? [ALL SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] By the hammer of Thor, soon the world will once more be ours to plunder and pillage as we please.
Are you with me? ALL: Yeah, sure, you betcha! Guard the professor and his wench till I return.
"Wench"? APRIL: "Wench"? Hey, that was April's snarl.
I'd recognize it anywhere.
I feel mondo ridiculouso in these duds, dudes.
RAPHAEL: That's okay.
You look mondo ridiculouso.
LEONARDO: April must be in that hall.
Let's go.
No one shall visit the prisoners.
I do not recognize you.
[IN NORWEGIAN ACCENT] Oh, that's okay, dude.
I barely recognize myself.
For sure, you betcha.
You are not one of us.
I think we've been discovered.
Time to fight.
Oh, it is them.
Uh, it's us, all right.
These are the green dwarves.
They who fashioned Thor's hammer, who rode with the Norse gods.
They have come to do Odin's bidding.
[ALL CHEERING] Who's she calling a dwarf? Quiet, Michelangelo.
They think we're part of the Norse legend.
How may we do your bidding, nice ones? Uh Oh, bring the prisoners here.
We, uh, must take them to Valhalla in the longship.
We shall obey.
I bet you thought there was going to be a big fight.
We'll have one later.
[] Turtles! Wrong, April.
We've been promoted to dwarfs.
[GASPS] Who are these creatures? We'll explain later, professor.
Come on.
These are the locations of the volcanic pools.
Eric has gone to blow up the three lodges.
This will begin a chain reaction that will melt the polar ice cap.
That's bad? Well, it would flood the coastal cities of the world.
That's bad.
These new Vikings will use the resulting global chaos to plunder the flooded cities.
Wherever there's a worldwide disaster in the making, you'll find the Turtles.
Put the pedal to the metal, dude.
Or wherever you put it.
With this sun, we'll catch up to Eric in no time.
Uh, there might be a slight delay.
[ROARS] [GASPS] JÃ rmundgand! RAPHAEL: Am what? SVENSON: The legendary sea worm JÃ rmundgand.
Another Viking legend come to life.
RAPHAEL: Hey, if it's legendary, it can't hurt us, right? [ALL SCREAM] Whoa! The JÃ rmundgand is a mythical creature.
RAPHAEL: Oh, I don't know.
It seems pretty real to me.
There hasn't been a JÃ rmundgand born that I can't break.
Yahoo! [GRUNTS] Ah, there's always a first time, eh, cowboy? DONATELLO: Hey, Michelangelo, you must have scared it.
I doubt it.
JÃ rmundgand has never been defeated in battle.
Why do I feel another cliffhanger coming on? [GROWLING] [ALL SCREAM] [ROARS] [ALL SCREAMING] SVENSON: Imagine! Being eaten by the legendary JÃ rmundgand.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
You got that right, professor.
Wait a minute.
This isn't the legendary JÃ rmundgand.
It's a robot.
Guys, we're not gonna get eaten at all.
APRIL: Go, Donatello! [] [GRUNTS] That ought to ruin this thing's appetite.
[GEARS SQUEAKING] [SIZZLING] Everybody, abandon ship! Sounds good to me.
When I swing by, grab on! Amazing! A giant shredder.
Here's an access hatch, guys.
Let's find out where the brains of this robot are.
How's it coming, Professor Svenson? Excellent, I've programmed our course to the volcanic pools.
Light the thermal detonator inside the volcano.
When it goes off, it will blow the lava cap sky-high! Within an hour, the volcanic eruptions will begin to melt the ice, and the world will be ours.
[LAUGHS] [BEEPING] What's this? My robot sea serpent? Those Turtles must have taken it over.
Well, we will have to welcome them when they arrive.
DONATELLO: Quite a vessel.
This is where Eric's Viking army was to be quartered when they made their raids on coastal cities.
Look at this, guys.
It's that so-called Thor's hammer that Eric carries.
The plans for it are in this computer.
If I can just figure out how to access the data.
Let's see if we can get more speed out of this thing.
[ENGINE REVVING] Yes, what is it? We have planted the thermal detonators, Eric.
Good, I will inspect them myself.
Here they come.
Those Turtles are just in time.
Just in time for their own destruction, and the world's! DONATELLO: Hey, what's going on? It's no use.
We can't get to the controls.
Oh, good.
Perhaps JÃ rmundgand has come back to life.
DONATELLO: I admire your scientific spirit, professor, but we're in real trouble.
Somebody has taken control of this thing.
[ALL SCREAMING] Come on! We've got to abandon ship.
Another one? Well, technically this is a sea serpent.
It won't count.
This will take care of those pesky Turtles for good.
LEONARDO: This thing must have life rafts somewhere.
RAPHAEL: I don't know why.
Nothing else we've been on today has had them.
Hold on, guys.
I need to get some stuff.
RAPHAEL: This is no time to be collecting souvenirs, Donatello.
Listen, if we're gonna stop Eric, we need equipment.
[LOUD CRASH] [ALL SCREAM] There's water coming in.
Then let's go out.
But how? There are no life rafts.
Hey, maybe we don't need them.
We need the solar sail material from the longboat.
Give me a hand, guys.
That's the end of those Turtles.
But JÃ rmundgand was to be our conquering ship with which to terrorize and pillage.
True, but we can make another.
I'm insured.
Now, I will inspect the detonators.
[EXPLOSIONS] [] Good idea, Donatello.
These solar hang gliders will carry us right to shore.
MICHELANGELO: And right to that horn-headed dude Eric.
I'm getting tired of losing ships.
Now it's time to lose an aircraft.
TURTLES: Turtle power! It's the Valkyries.
[ALL SHOUTING] Those aren't Valkyries, you fools! They're the Turtles! Stop them! DONATELLO: Stay here, you'll be safe.
MICHELANGELO: Unless these volcanoes erupt.
Thanks for reminding us.
You're too late, Turtles! The explosives are already set to go off.
DONATELLO: You take care of these phony Vikings.
I'll disarm the detonator.
No! DONATELLO: Hey, let go! [GRUNTING] You can't stop me now, Turtle.
DONATELLO: Yeah? Well, villains say that all the time.
You will not stop the son of Thor.
All right, attack plan 35.
Eat snow, you Viking hooligans! [ALL SCREAM] [ECHOING] Look out below! APRIL: All right! The Turtles beat them! SVENSON: Frankly, I'm disappointed.
The Vikings were such great warriors.
LEONARDO: Donatello's fighting with Eric.
MICHELANGELO: I hope the dude's okay.
For a Viking, you've got a lousy aim.
On the other hand, my hammer never misses.
Oh! I will bury you.
[LAUGHING] Boy, I hope I've got that hammer figured out.
No! Ha! Just as I figured.
Your hammer was a holographic laser.
Your own frequency disruptor shorted it out.
Now to get this detonator out of here.
[RUMBLING] Thanks, guys.
I've got a humongous case of the munchies.
You know, me too.
I could really go for a slice of pizza right now.
I saved that piece of sardine and luka-fish pizza, Donatello.
Want it? DONATELLO: Oh, no, not more fish.
Oh, bleh! [] []