Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s09e03 Episode Script

9062-9503 - The Wrath of Medusa

[ Rock ] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's most fearsome fighting team They're heroes in a half shell and they're green When the evil Shredder attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [ Ends ] [ Grunts ] [ TV: Male Announcer ] "Dregg, Hero from the Stars"-- a special report.
His own world was destroyed by greed and pollution.
Now he's come to save Earth from the same fate.
But who is this mysterious alien visitor? Quite simply, the being called Dregg is the greatest hero this planet has ever seen.
Yeah, right! One day, the world will know what a sleazebag Dregg really is! [ Grunts ] What are you bug-heads doing in a mine anyway? [ Shouts ] I guess they're not in the mood for talking.
And they won't feel like fighting much longer either.
We must eliminate these mutants.
Lord Dregg needs the neutronium ore.
[ Engine Whirring ] Duck! - [ Grunts ] - [ Raphael ] Look out, Carter! [ Roars ] Carter, no! [ Roars ] You've gotta admire a guy who's in touch with his feelings.
The mine is collapsing.
[ All Grunting, Groaning ] Young man, you have got to learn to control that temper of yours! [ Dregg ] I must have that neutronium.
The stasis relay won't function without it.
Every move I make, those wretched mutants get in the way.
It's time I brought in someone who can put them out of the way.
[ Beeps ] Medusa, it's Dregg.
[ Grunts ] What is it, Dregg? I'm busy! I've got a job for you-- four deviants I want eliminated.
Forget it, Dregg.
You're a fugitive, a has-been.
[ Loud Grunt ] I can make it worth your while-- say, 20,000 galactic credits? Make it 30,000 and you've got a deal! Done.
We were this close to exposing Dregg for the creepazoid he is.
Yeah, and even closer to getting our shells shellacked.
Carter's unstable mutation is really getting out of hand.
And according to my calculations, our own mutation's instability is increasing too.
You mean we could mutate into some totally freaked-out supermutant-type dudes? Uh, in response to your scientific inquiry, I'd say yes.
But Carter's mutation is a problem now.
There are techniques I could teach him which could help, but they take time.
Time we don't have.
Check this out-- the answer to all our problems.
If it can control the mutant maniac you've become, we're all for it.
Aw, don't worry about that.
The virtual reality projector I've been working on with Donatello is gonna make all our lives easier.
You got it to work? Uh, not quite.
But when I do, we'll be able to use it to lure Dregg out and expose him to the world.
Listen to me, Carter.
Your training is more important than any inventions.
Let him work on his invention.
What? But you said-- Come on, Donny T, let's get to work.
Until Carter is ready to fully concentrate on his training, he will be unable to control his mutant form.
[ Communicator Chirps ] Oh, why do I have the feeling this is gonna be bad news? Guys, it's April.
I've got bad news.
What did I tell ya? Some weirdo's taken over the hydroelectric plant by the river.
She's threatening to blow up the dam.
- Did you say "she"? - Uh-huh.
She's some kind of alien.
Sounds like one of Dregg's playmates.
We're on our way, April.
[ Chirps ] We've got to hurry.
If the dam blows, it will flood the whole city! [ Both ] Whoa! Ah, the Turtles.
I thought my threat would flush you out.
You're the one who's gonna get flushed, lady! I hardly think so.
- [ All Grunting, Shouting ] - Whoa! That lady's packin' some serious attitude.
Not to mention a whole lot of firepower! [ All Shout ] [ Grunts ] You're quick, mutant.
Oh, but I'm quicker! So, you want to fence? [ Electricity Crackling ] You mutants are no match for the power of Medusa.
[ Drill Whirring ] Lord Dregg, we have the neutronium.
At last, the stasis relay can be completed.
Bring it to the Dreggnaught at once.
Everything's going smoothly now that the Turtles are out of the way.
[ Medusa ] You can't hide from me forever.
What gives, dudes? There's only one of her and a whole bunch of us.
Yeah, but one of her's got enough artillery for an army.
[ Laser Blast ] [ Explosion ] We've got to outflank her.
Come on.
Why don't you try and take me? Don't mind if I do! Hyah! For that you will pay, human.
- [ Roars ] - [ Gasps ] Another mutant? The more, the merrier.
[ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] He's gonna break the dam wide open unless we stop him! [ Growls ] Stop him, guys! I'll get Medusa.
[ Growls ] Carter, don't! [ All Screaming ] Going somewhere, Turtle? Where are we? What happened? Aw, geez! Will somebody tell him? You nearly trashed the dam, dude.
And it looks like that space witch took a powder.
And we're one Turtle short.
Where's Leonardo? Guys, over here! [ Donatello ] Leonardo's swords.
Dudes, I think our compadre's in serious trouble.
He wouldn't let himself be separated from them.
Which means Medusa got him! Oh, this is all my fault.
It's this thing I've become.
I guess I can't control it.
That's why you've got to train with Master Splinter, pal.
I'm not even sure what happens when I'm mutated.
- No training can fix that.
- You can't give up, dude.
Leonardo was right.
I'm not an asset, I'm a menace.
No way, dude! We need you.
I'm out of here.
I'll make it up to you somehow.
Dudes, we are seriously running out of heroes.
First Leonardo gets grabbed by Medusa, then Carter walks out on us.
[ Medusa ] Attention, Turtles.
If you wish to see your compatriot alive, meet me at the World Broadcast Tower in exactly 30 minutes.
You bet we will, creepette! [ Tires Screeching ] That oughta get their attention.
And as for you, I was going to destroy you, but your mutant form makes you ideally suited for the Galactic Force labor mines.
They'll pay me well for the lot of you.
You won't get away with this, Medusa! Don't be angry.
How do you feel about mining plutonium? [ Cackling ] About as good as you'll feel when we get through with you.
[ Grunts ] This is very generous of you, Dregg.
Well, who better to repair a space station than a space visitor? The SkySat station's just been sitting out there in space since its power system went down.
I'm sure my technicians can get it activated again.
The stasis relay is now fully operational.
Install it on the SkySat space station, and I will bring the world to its knees.
[ Donatello ] This time we'll really get the drop on Medusa.
On the contrary, it's you Turtles who are about to drop.
- [ All Shout ] - Hang on, dudes! You know, that lady's gettin' on my nerves.
I haven't even gotten warmed up yet.
[ All Grunting ] Now, Turtles, consider your shells cooked.
Dudes, what are we gonna do? I'd say we're gonna-- mutate! Yeesh! Look at you two.
I've seen better-looking train wrecks.
You ain't exactly my dream date, dude.
I don't believe it.
Let's get her! [ Grunting ] You're taking the fall, sweetheart.
They've become too powerful.
Come back and fight! Whoa! I'm bushed.
I must devise a new plan of attack, and that friend of theirs may provide the answer.
The spy-bot will lead me to him.
Ah, I wish that mutation had never happened to me.
If I can just get this virtual reality projector working-- [ Beeps ] All right! A virtual me! How's it going, Donatello? Not bad, considering I'm a computer-generated hologram.
Incredible! With that device, even the Turtles' secret powers won't prevent me from capturing them.
Real in every respect, except that he isn't real.
Now that it's ready, Medusa won't know what hit her.
[ Explosion ] - Well done, young man.
- You! That's an amazing invention.
Too bad I'll have to take it from you.
Forget it, lady.
[ Grunts ] No! I'll never give it to you! Oh, yes, you will.
No! Thanks ever so much.
[ Cackling ] Oh, man! What have I done? - Master Splinter.
- Carter.
What's the matter? Leonardo's been captured, and my virtual reality projector's been stolen, all because of my mutation.
Forgive me.
Now that you understand the importance of controlling the mutant within you, your training can truly begin.
[ All Groaning ] Man.
[ Moans ] Oh, man.
What happened? Was that a dream? I remember seeing this hideously ugly creature.
That was you, dude.
No, it was you.
It was all of us.
We mutated but only for a few minutes.
Whatever happened, that Medusa's evaporated.
Yeah, but she's still got Leonardo.
Come on! We have boarded the space station, Lord Dregg.
Preparing to install the stasis relay.
And the moment it's installed, world domination at last.
[ Donatello ] I'm picking up some weird energy readings.
Almost too weird.
[ Beeping ] So, it's probably Medusa's ship.
Yeah, but someone as advanced as Medusa wouldn't be this sloppy-- unless she wanted us to find her! What choice have we got, dudes? We gotta find Leonardo.
[ Communicator Chirps ] [ Sighs ] What now, April? Raphael, have you heard of SkySat? You mean that big space station they had to shut down? Yeah.
What about it? The space agency just turned it over to Dregg for repairs.
Now, what would Dregg want with a space station? I don't know, but it can't be good.
[ Donatello ] Well, it'll have to wait.
We've got bigger problems.
The signals were emitting from somewhere around here.
We're gonna have to split up and search the place.
[ Beeps ] Raphael! Carter! You came back! And wait till you see what I found.
[ Grunting ] Going somewhere? Michelangelo.
Leonardo! How'd you get away from Medusa? This way.
I'll show you.
Dude, you are truly-- gone! [ Gasps ] Donatello! Carter.
What are you doing here? The guys need your help.
Hey, wait a minute.
If the guys need my help, why didn't they call me on the Turtle-com? Just as I thought.
The virtual reality projector.
Okay, Medusa! Your little game's over.
Come on out! As you wish.
Ah, I should have kept my big beak shut.
[ Shouts ] [ Beeping ] Do not fight your emotions.
Accept them.
In this way, you become the master of yourself.
[ Communicator Chirps ] Guys, come in! [ Lasers Blasting ] Sounds like a battle.
[ Donatello ] You may have caught me, but the others will get you.
[ Medusa ] Your friends are all captured.
No one can help you, Turtle.
It's Donatello! The time has come to put your training to the test, Carter.
Sensei, I am ready.
I think.
Remember, my boy, always concentrate on the task at hand.
Let nothing else enter your mind.
I won't forget, Sensei.
[ Motorcycle Roaring ] The homing device on the guys' com should lead me to them.
[ Beeping ] The stasis relay is installed in the main transmitting antenna, Lord Dregg.
Activate it at once.
[ Electrical Crackling ] Computer lines, phones, satellite links-- everything just went dead.
Then the defense systems of the world are completely nonfunctional.
[ Beeping ] The signals are coming from in there.
Medusa's ship! Now to sell those mutants to the Galactic Force labor mines for a tidy profit.
This tub's about to take off! [ Grunts ] I gotta get inside somehow.
Concentrate on the task at hand, like Splinter said.
[ Grunts ] Must have control.
[ Grunts ] Concentrate! Well, dudes, I guess we're gonna be space miners for the rest of our lives.
Only a miracle could save us now.
[ Grunts ] [ Leonardo ] Carter, no! You've gotta get us free.
[ Growls ] All right! Carter's in charge! Whoa! Weird place for a phone booth.
This isn't a phone booth.
It's a teleporter! Guys, if you can keep Medusa busy long enough for me to get to the virtual reality projector, we can get rid of her for keeps! - Goin' somewhere, lady? - Filthy mutants! How did you get free? Goin' down! Wretched deviants! I'll destroy the lot of you! My weapons! No! [ Explosion ] Very well.
I'll destroy you with my bare hands! Looking for someone? You want me, come get me! With pleasure.
So long, Medusa! No! No! [ Raphael ] Hey, nice goin', Donatello.
Where'd you send her? Ah, somewhere on the other side of the galaxy.
[ Michelangelo ] That space dudette won't be buggin' us again.
- Hey, Carter, are you okay? - Yeah.
But all that concentrating really wiped me out.
We'd better check in with April on the SkySat situation.
- What on earth? - Someone must be jamming the transmission.
Yeah, but, like, who? [ Dregg ] Attention, peoples of Earth.
As you know, someone is jamming all communications throughout the world.
It's you, you skunk! Fortunately, the advanced equipment on my ship is impervious to this.
I will assume control of all communications until my forces can track down the criminals who did this and stop the disruption! Do you realize what this means? Yeah.
Dregg's got control of every defense system in the world.
But how's he jamming all the communication lines? Through the space station.
We've gotta take it out of commission.
Oh, swell.
How are we supposed to get to a space station? - You were saying? - Anyone know how to fly this bucket? Well, we can give it a try.
Uh, Carter? [ Dregg ] My control of Earth's weapons systems is almost complete.
My conquest of this planet is so close, I can almost taste it.
[ Singsongy ] Oh, boys.
You, uh, might want to clear off that space station, 'cause in one minute, we're gonna blow it to bits! Evacuate.
To the shuttle! There they go! [ Leonardo ] Let 'em have it, Raphael.
Look out! [ Screaming ] Nice going, Donatello.
You totaled it! Aw, come on.
Give me a break.
I never landed a starship before.
[ Dregg On TV ] On behalf of mankind, I have eliminated the worldwide communication disruption and discovered its source-- the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! And they also destroyed the SkySat space station! I make you this solemn promise-- that if I ever find them, they will be dealt with.
You sleaze bucket! If we ever find you, man, you are gonna wind up in traction! All right, Raphael.
We've got other things to worry about.
Yeah, like what we're gonna do when our mutations really kick in.
If Carter can handle it, so can we! Yeah, but only thanks to Splinter's training.
Well, dudes, it looks like we may have to start training too.
And I can tell you, training is more important than anything else.
Right, Leonardo? Yeah.
You really came through when we needed you most.
Too bad it didn't happen before he trashed the mine, the dam and the space station!