The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo (1985) s01e10 Episode Script

Scooby in Kwackyland

This is a warning to all living mortals that whosoever opens this chest of demons will release 13 of the most terrifying ghosts upon the face of the earth.
Yikes! - Let's get them, Bogel.
- I'm with you, Weerd.
Only you can return the demons to the chest.
Why us? Because you let them out.
Phew! I wonder what Demondo is gonna do with these newspapers, Weerd.
Search me, Bogel.
Just keep the presses rolling.
But, Weerd, you gotta see these comics.
They're a regular scream.
Yikes! It's alive.
Whoa! Yikes! No, demon of the comics.
Return to the page.
Your time will come.
I'll help you, Weerd.
Bogel, that's enough.
Let me go.
Good hands, boss.
Rah! I've entrusted my plan to turkeys.
Gobble, gobble, gobble.
Let me explain.
This liquid is made of spectral elixir.
The newspaper monsters printed with this ink are in my power.
These papers will be delivered around the world and on my command, these monsters will rise up and live.
Aah! Hey, this guy's a sicko, Weerd, heh.
Yeah, isn't he great? But the first thing I have to do is get rid of Scooby and his little band of ghost hunters.
But how? I'm going to fill this pen with cosmic ink.
Then I'll use it to imprison Scooby and the others on this comic page.
This pen is the key back into the real world.
And it fits a door I have hidden inside this page.
The time has come.
Demondo? Deliver this special edition to Scooby and his friends and I'll do the rest.
Oh, what a wonderful night's rest.
I must've had 20 nightmares.
Now for some breakfast.
I'm famished.
- He's awake.
- Oh, no.
Oh, we've been waiting on Vincent 24 hours a day for a solid week.
Yeah, who knew it would take this long for him to have his castle re-cobwebbed? But now he's turning into the thing that wouldn't leave.
See what he wants, will you, Scoob? Okay, Shaggy.
"Bogel and Weerd defeat Scooby-Doo.
" Good morning.
Well, it's about time someone came.
The service around here is terrible.
Is my breakfast coming? Absolutely.
Well, then don't just stand there.
Unh, fluff my pillow.
Oops! Well, never mind.
Just get my morning paper and get out.
Yes, sir.
Get ready, Bogel.
Their house is just up ahead.
Here comes the Sunday special edition.
Especially for you, Scooby-Doo.
Let her rip, Boge old buddy.
Scooby, no! Oh, boy.
I'm coming.
Ah! My newspaper at last.
I must check my "horror-scope.
" - What section do you want? - The comics.
The comics? Here, take it.
Just leave me in peace.
Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.
The comics.
Let me read "Astrid 2000," Scoob.
That Astrid.
Zoinks, what a fox.
- No, Shaggy.
- I know, you wanna read "Platypus Duck.
" Yeah, yeah, yeah, Platypus Duck, my hero.
Quack! Don't look now, pal, but you're in for a quack-up.
Huh! Yikes! Shaggy.
What's going on? I am Demondo.
Yeah, sure, of course.
Whatever you say.
He's one of the 13 ghosts.
Yes, but you'll never get me back into that chest.
Your ghost-chasing days are over.
Where's my breakfast? Yikes! Help.
Hmm? Let go.
No! My pen! Come back here with my pen! Oops! - Your eucalyptus soup, bub.
- Thank you, miss.
Yikes! Excuse me, miss, but there's a dog in my soup.
Sorry, but I'll have to charge you extra for that.
Huh! Entering Quadrant 3.
All systems activated.
And it looks like I have company.
Whoa That big mutt.
When I get my hands on him Hail, Demondo, master of the universe.
Where are we? You're in the funny papers, honey.
The funny papers? The funny paper? Is there an echo in here? That no-good Demondo must've done this to us.
But how do we get out of here? Don't care for the food, huh? Maybe you should talk to the owner.
- Who's that? - "Who's that?" "Who's that?" Why, the star of this strip.
Who else? Platypus Duck.
My hero.
Howdy, folks? What's the good word? I've got a beak, but I'm not a bird I'm a mixed-up mammal And a crazy cluck Quack, quack, quack! I'm Platypus Duck Hi-ya, Scooby.
How do you do? Fine.
I hear you've got yourself in quite a stew Yeah.
So let me help you out of your bad luck Quack, quack, quack! I'm Platypus Duck I can take you to the Wacky Wizard He's always helping people in a jam But if we run into the Lousy Lizard Everybody better scram Let's hit the river and away we roam To find the wizard Who can send you home We can make it with a little bit of luck Quack, quack, quack! I'm Platypus Duck So there they are.
That mutt must still have my pen.
It's the key back to the real world.
And I will get it back.
This is where my comic strip ends.
Everybody quack out.
But, like, how do we get to the Wacky Wizard? Oh, he's three strips down under.
We'll have to go through the trap door, which is around here somewheres.
Look, the door.
Quack! No, not that door.
Yikes! It's Lousy Lizard.
Hey, you guys, I think I found the door.
Wow! Everybody jump.
Nothing's gonna make me jump through that hole.
Except him.
Geronimo! - Won't Demondo be proud of us, Weerd? - You betcha, Bogel.
We're gonna grab that funny section with the kids trapped inside.
And take it to the newspaper recycling plant.
They'll be shredded into confetti.
If those kids don't come up here soon I'm gonna have to conjure up someone to talk to.
Oh, I'm bored.
Weerd, look, the chest.
Boy, Demondo must have really taken them by surprise.
Mwah, mwah! It's ours, finally.
Come on, Weerd, let's get it out of here.
First, let's get rid of Scooby and his friends.
We'll come back for the chest later.
Good idea.
Aah! Whoops! Uh-oh! I knew I should have done this myself.
I'm sorry, Weerd.
Don't let that comic page blow away.
Hey, come back here.
Stay with it, Bogel.
It went in here.
Bogel, how do you do these things? It just comes naturally, heh, don't you know? Platypus Duck.
What are you doing here? Taking a shortcut to the Wacky Wizard.
What else, Astrid? If you need to get to the Wacky Wizard comic my ship can take you there.
All right.
Lock onto that ship.
Hey, what's going on? - Uh-oh! It's Demondo.
- Yikes! I've been waiting for you, Scooby-Doo.
Who, me? My pen, give it to me.
Huh? - He doesn't have the pen.
- Yeah, what pen? Lies, all lies.
I'll make you give me the pen.
Gee, that pen must be really important.
Then we'll have to find it before Demondo does.
Help! You let go of my Uncle Scooby.
So the choice is yours, my dear Scooby-Doo.
- Oh, no.
- Give me the pen or fall through space for eternity.
Well, are you going to hand over that pen or not? I don't have it.
Then prepare to become space debris.
Whoa! What?! Excuse me.
Rah! You've run out of excuses.
Uh-oh! Duck, Scooby.
No! You'll pay for this! Hey, we're running out of galaxy.
And we're flying straight into the next comic strip.
"The Wacky Wizard.
" Weee! It's the Wacky Wizard himself.
Oh, my.
Oh, dear.
Oh, goody, you're here, heh.
I'm so excited.
But, uh, who are you? Friends of mine, Wiz old quack.
And how may I help you? We're looking for a magic pen.
Oh, yes, yes, so I've heard, heh.
It's your key to getting back home.
And we have to find it before Demondo does.
It's somewhere in this comic section.
Well, I'll do my best, but some of my spells are wacky.
Switcheroo, switch a wren Ala kazoo, where's the pen? Look at you.
You're a regular quack-up yourself, Scooby.
Hmm I could have sworn that was the right spell.
Well, now, let me see.
Hurry, Wiz.
If we don't beat Demondo to that pen, we'll never get home.
- Catch it, Bogel.
- Oh, rats.
Who's out there? Daphne? Is that you, Daphne? Yes.
Ah! There you are, Daphne.
I've misplaced my reading glasses.
Could you help me find them? Why, of course, Mr.
Daphne, are you putting on a little weight? You're not looking so svelte yourself, buster.
Like, hi, Mr.
Shaggy? Your voice sounds funny.
Do you have a cold? Like, just a sniffle.
Like, I've come to clean up your room.
It's about time, Shaggy.
Zoinks! Like, yeah, I think I'll start with the dust under the bed.
Oh, very well.
I was just getting up, anyway.
No, stay where you are.
Bogel, you blockhead.
I mean, like, Daphne, help.
Zigga, zagga, zugga, zen Where, oh, where is that magic pen? Uh, does it bother any of you that this guy may be our last hope? Shaggy, look.
It's Demondo coming this way.
You have no more time to be wacky, Wiz.
It's now or never.
Oh, all right, then.
Here goes nothing.
O pen, with this my incantation Now reveal your true location There's the pen, in the "Missing Link" comic strip.
You did it.
I did? Oh, yes, I did, didn't I? So that's where my cosmic pen is, the "Missing Link" strip.
That's all I needed to know.
So long forever.
Oh, no, he'll beat us to the pen.
Not if the Wiz can quack us there first.
What do you say, Wiz old pal? Well, I'll do my best.
Whoa! Hello.
lingerie, luggage.
Ah! Bottom floor, everybody off.
Ha, ha.
Yikes! I found it.
The pen.
Good work, Scoob.
We beat Demondo.
Oh, no.
The pen's broken.
Now we'll never get out of here.
Zoink, that pen really is a key.
The key to escaping this place.
No wonder Demondo needed it.
Huh! You're right.
But only I know where the door back to the real world is.
And you'll never find it.
Stop him.
There he goes, the rotten quack.
- Come on, Wacky, we have to help them.
- Oh, my.
Oh, goodness gracious.
Oh, dear.
Look, Demondo's heading into Platypus Duck's comic strip.
Quack! That must be where the secret door is.
Unh, he went thataway.
Well, don't just quack there.
Come on.
I'll catch Platypus Duck this time for sure.
Aha! Here he comes now.
Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tah! Puppy power! I'm going to have fricasseed platypus for dinner.
We're gaining on him.
Quack! One, two, three and now.
No, the key.
Thanks, Lousy Lizard.
I got it.
You slimy scuzzball, get me out of here.
There's the door.
Hurry, Scoob, open the lock.
Here comes Demondo.
I'm trying, I'm trying.
You know, Daphne, I think I've worn out my welcome here.
Maybe I should go home.
Keep quiet, pops.
We're working here.
Get that paper, Bogel, and let's beat it.
Sure thing, Weerd.
Everybody out.
The key.
Where's the key, Scoob? - I lost it again, Shaggy.
- Oh, no.
Ah! Got it.
Huh! Yikes! Weerd, they're back.
Quick, get the chest.
Bogel, let's get out of here before they try to box us.
Whoa! Yeah, I'm coming, Scooby-Doo.
And so are we.
You can't leave me in here.
Then we'll put you in the chest of demons instead.
Yay! But I don't understand.
What were you doing under my bed? It's a long story, Mr.
Like, what's wrong, Scoob? Platypus Duck.
Yeah, and Astrid, and the whole comic gang.
I guess they all got locked away with Demondo.
Oh, no, we didn't.
Howdy, folks.
Platypus, it's you.
That's right, Scooby, we saved the day And since you're asking We came to stay And you're one great doggy I'm telling you Quack, quack, quack! I'm Scooby-Doo!