The Adventures Of Puss In Boots (2015) s01e10 Episode Script


Hmm It is no use! These paws are for love and war, not for making sandwiches! Look at this! Bread surrounded by bread.
- No kind of sandwich.
- Oh, Puss.
Start simple.
Watch me.
We're just two friends, having fun playing with bread and meat together.
So you put the Uh, how do you find which side of the bread is the outside? Aha! I have done it! Very good, Puss.
Dulcinea, I have learned so many things from you.
That is why I got you this book of fancy poetry.
Fancy Poetry.
Oh, the book's actually called Fancy Poetry.
I do not read much myself, but it seemed like the sort of thing that you would like.
Oh, thank you, I Do you hear that? - Look out! - Whoa! Puss, you saved my life! Of course.
It is the thing that I am good at.
Saving, protecting.
It is who I am.
Hmm Puss in Boots, what is it? - A stone.
- Interesting.
- With a sword in it.
- Dangerous! Aye! "Whosoever pulleth the sword from the stone" shall true hero be of "insert name of your town.
" It means whoever is the town's hero will pull the sword from the stone.
I think it means if you pull the sword from the stone, then you're the town's hero.
That is what I said.
- I want to be the hero! - Me! Maybe I'm the hero! Yes, you are all heroes in your own way.
Everyone should feel free to give this a try before I succeed.
Maybe we form a line.
Ew! I don't want to touch that thing now! I do.
Hungry now.
Next! Dulcinea, you should give it a try.
I don't know if I want to do this.
What is the worst that could happen? Nothing? Nothing is not so bad.
It happens often.
I don't really do sword stuff.
Besides, I have other things to do.
Go on, give it a try.
Then when you are done, I will pull the sword out.
I guess it it might be fun to see how close I get.
Yes, that will be fun.
And you will not be disappointed if Oh! - Oh, my goodness! - What's going on? Dulcinea got bigger.
I feel unusual.
- You'll get used to it.
- A talking sword! Said the talking cat.
Uh Hold me aloft, my dear.
- People of - Oh.
San Lorenzo.
People of San Lorenzo, I am the Goodsword, and this is your hero - Dulcinea.
- Dulcinea! Oh! Oh, thank you.
Um, except we already have a hero.
Puss in Boots.
Yes, I am the town hero, and there is no way Dulcinea Can your current hero pick up that stone? It is large.
- Go ahead, Dulcinea.
- Me? No, I can't.
Humor me.
How's that for a hero, eh? Why did you pick me? Because you are pure of heart.
Oh, that's not my fault! What are you doing? You must undertake the duties of a hero! I have other duties.
The kids' sandwiches got smurshed and hero-ing around won't make more.
- Are you going to answer that? - Ugh.
If you want to talk to it, go ahead.
Dulcinea must be trained.
Danger is Wha ? Pardon me! I am not here to cut sandwiches! I am here to help save your town from otherwise certain doom.
You must prepare for the arrival of the Thriffith! - The Thriffith! - What is "the Thriffith"? I do not know! He is a hideous monster, powerful beyond comprehension, evil beyond imagination.
He has a mighty sword as wicked as I am good.
Are you saying that I have to fight a monster? Dulcinea, you do not have to fight a monster.
- She does! - You get to fight a monster.
- Yes! - Yes! - Yes? - We will fight it together.
And really, how bad could this Thriffith be? Ah I sense that the Goodsword has chosen a new hero.
You and I are going to have some fun.
Yes, Thriffith.
Feed me.
Feed me the blood I crave.
As a hero, you have many ways to hold your sword.
I do it this way, but you do what is comfortable for you.
- And for your sword.
- Um, I I guess I like it this way? Then tell your face you like it.
This is supposed to be fun.
Look, Dulcinea, start simple.
Watch me.
We are just two friends, having fun playing with swords together.
Well, that doesn't sound so bad.
It sounds so good.
Hold your sword out straight.
Now watch what I do.
Capoferro! Oh, stop! That tickles.
Now you do the same to me.
Capoferro? Oh.
Did I do it? Oh! Oh, this is kind of fun! Okay.
Now, one more.
Really hit it this time.
Capoferro! Puss! - Are you okay? - Never better! Now, try it with your eyes open this time.
This is great, Puss, but you have to stop letting me beat you.
Yes, uh Letting you beat me.
I am sure you need a little break.
- I will get us some leche.
- Oh, thanks, Puss.
Miguel, you are really good at tiptoeing.
- Yeah, I have been working on it.
- You are very stealthy.
- Not stealthy enough! - Puss in Boots! Ah.
Yes, it is I! The hero One of the heroes of San Lorenzo! Huh? There is more than one now? Yes.
I have a sidekick who should be here any minute now! I should go up there? Please, do it.
- Meow.
- Who is this? - Tell them.
- Hi! I'm Dulcinea.
And? Oh.
I'm not going to say that.
- Say it! - You'd better run? While you still have feet left to run on.
I need my feet for tiptoeing! Then you shall keep them, my friend! I got this.
Huh? Yes, that is, uh Can I just, uh I am Puss in Boots.
I better hold onto this.
I would not want to spill it.
Are you all right? Run! - Yay! Dulcinea, you're the best! - Ha-hah! Yes! Run away! Run from both of the heroes of San Lorenzo! Here, have some leche.
I spilled none of it, like a true hero.
- We were watching! - You showed those bandits what fer! That was so awesome, I peed a little! Oh, my gosh, it's so late! Come on, children, it's time for bedtime reading.
Oh, hold on to him.
I won't bring a sword around children.
- I do it all the time.
- And I always wish you wouldn't.
Dulcinea, that was amazing! You were so good, we don't even need Puss anymore! Come on, do something hero-ey! Sí, do something extraordinary.
Yeah, like lift something heavy! - Ooh, can you pick me up? - Yeah! Doing hero things is fun, but it almost kept me from reading to you tonight.
- I have a new book Puss gave me.
- So you can't pick Toby up? Of course I can.
I just don't want to.
She She can't pick Toby up.
Okay, fine.
I'll do it.
Bravo! - Yeah! - All right! - Yay! Again! - No.
I may be a mighty hero, but bedtime reading is still important.
"No pot of gold at rainbow's end" can greater prize be "than a friend.
" They totally stole that from the Wee Compendium of Facts and Fun.
Oh! Oh, no! No, no, no! Puss in Boots, you have proven a worthy sidekick to Dulcinea.
I think you are confused.
She is my sidekick.
You will be a great help to her in her upcoming fight against the unspeakably vile Thriffith.
I mean, we are both heroes of the town, but Come on! I am Puss in Boots.
You fetched her milk.
You watched her fight.
- Because I am a friend! - Whatever you say, yes.
Not whatever I say.
Whatever is true, which is that she is the sidekick! There's no shame in being a sidekick.
Honorable profession.
I know, but it is not me.
I have had sidekicks, and they are bumbling and goofy.
They fix things for the hero and trim the hero's toenails so they do not make the clicky-clack sound on the tile floors.
They get the hero leche and hold the hero's sword and and that is not me! I am the one who saves the day! It is what I am good at and it is who I am! There, there, there.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Of course you're not the sidekick.
Now you are just patronizing me.
Puss, I'm so sorry.
I tore the book you gave me.
I have to make the children lunch, but maybe you could see if there's anyone in town who could fix it.
I am not your sidekick! - What was that all about? - He feels threatened by you.
- What? But - It does not matter.
The time for feelings is past for the Thriffith has arrived! Who's going to save us? The song of the sky.
Isn't he hideous? - He really isn't.
- But rest assured, he is the worst.
- Ooh! - I am the worst.
I'll lay your town to waste.
My sword will feed upon your blood.
You see? Plus, he loves asparagus! Who loves asparagus? Where is Puss? You don't need your sidekick.
He's not my sidekick.
He's the hero of the town! No, you are the hero.
And you can do this! Ha! You've picked a good one, sword.
Yes we are going to enjoy destroying her.
Puss! Dulcinea is fighting someone! She does not need me.
Have you seen how strong she is? And she fights so well No, none of them need me anymore.
Fight, Dulcinea! You can do it! - You're better than this! - I am! Okay, that's good.
Come to my town and talk about blood, will you? Ha! No! It's gross! It! Is! Gross! We have kids in this town, buster! Do you think I'm gonna let you hurt them?! - Take it easy! Take it easy! - No I am not! Don't hurt him! What? You're just supposed to defeat him, not hurt him! What?! Are you crazy? Of course he's crazy.
Crazy for me.
Ha! Whoa! Is there some history here? Tell her, Goodsword.
Tell her of our history.
I used to be his sword, all right? We were happy together until in an ancient temple we unearthed that jagged thing he holds now.
"Just let me try it," he said.
"It'll spice things up," he said.
But no! Once he tried it, he cast me aside, replaced me with that, that It isn't even a proper sword.
It's got all pointy bits! It turned him evil! It made him like asparagus and flamenco music.
I always liked flamenco music.
It's terrible! It's just a bunch of notes in a row! That's what music is! Enough! The time has come, Thriffith.
Feed me now.
Feed me! Maybe I could be a barrel-maker.
The mayor would like that.
Puss, if you made a list of things you love in life, would barrels even be on it? No.
It would be a short list.
Action adventure protecting those I care about, these are the things I love.
And I will do what I love! I will fight for this town whether it needs me or not! Goodsword! I can barely move you! Why are you resisting me? - You're too good at this! - I'm too good? Yes, you are.
Poor, sentimental Goodsword.
The only way he can spend time with me is to fight me, but if he wins, it's over.
So he has to pick a hero who won't hurt me.
So you picked me because Because I thought you would be too kind to harm him.
And that is why you will lose, cat.
You don't have the killer instinct.
Maybe not.
But I have something better.
What? A friend.
You can't beat me.
I have a magic sword! It is true, I cannot.
But we can! Ha ha! Ahh! You're going to hurt him! We don't have to hurt him, just his sword! Together, Dulcinea! - Capoferro! - Capoferro! And up! What what have I done? Oh Goodsword, my friend.
It was terrible.
That thing controlling my mind, making me do terrible things.
Can you ever forgive me? Of course.
And you will be my sword once more? Like old times? Just don't make me listen to flamenco music.
Lots of people like it! Aww I was looking forward to opening jars for people.
Oh! The Thriffith and the Goodsword, together again at last! If I can't have the Thriffith, no one can! - Don't touch its hilt! - It will control your mind! You are too late.
The cat in shoes is mine! Feel the evil flowing through you, cat in shoes.
It is Puss in Boots, and my mind is my own! No! No! Nooo! "Evil sword.
Do not remove from stone.
" This isn't over.
I will rise again, and you will pay It's dark and I'm frightened.
Thank you for helping us make up.
You are both heroes.
Now tallyho! We're off to have marvelous adventures! - And to get you to try asparagus.
- I don't even have a mouth.
- Then what's your problem with asparagus? - The smell.
You are as fine a hero as I have ever met.
And I have met me.
Pajuna used to be a bookbinder.
Thank you, Puss.
San Lorenzo is safe again, thanks to its hero! And her friend.