The Adventures Of Puss In Boots (2015) s02e02 Episode Script


El Gato! 2x02 - "Moles" So much destruction.
If only it could have been avoided somehow.
Of course it could have been avoided! This is your fault, Puss in the Boots.
Everything would be fine if you hadn't brought that dragon to town! We do not know that.
I might have brought something worse.
Anyway, this damage is not so bad.
Puss, the dragon broke your litter box.
No, no.
No! No.
No! I will fix this town and my litter box, no matter what the cost.
This I swear.
Danger afoot! Sadly, I must abandon the hammering.
Fix this town! What is it? Who is dying? Where do I punch? It's the vegetables, Puss.
They're they're all gone.
Including the cucumbers.
They hadn't even been pickled yet.
They were still so young! This reaction you are having, it seems a bit strong.
Really? This from the guy who was just crying over his poo box? Puss, the children have really put a lot of work into these vegetables.
Also, I think they're a little emotional about all the damage to the town.
Their garden was one of the few things that wasn't ruined, and Well, and now Understood.
I will find the vegetables.
This I swear! Yay! So, uh, how you gonna do that? I could use my finely honed skills of deduction.
Or I could just follow the smell of vegetable stew.
Huh? Jack Sprat! How dare you steal the vegetables of orphans? That is despicable, even for you.
I am so sorry, Puss.
I was just so hungry.
What has happened to you, Jack? You look like you have fallen on hard times.
No, hard times have fallen on me.
Oh, since last I saw you, things have gone terribles for me.
My holistic gymnasium failed, leaving me destitute.
None of my old friends would help.
Possibly because I had betrayed them all at one time or another.
And what little money I had left was taken by raccoons.
And now here I am, reduced to stealing food.
Food! I am hungry.
You could have come to me, Jack.
I was too embarrassed! I have treated you so badly, Puss.
I couldn't possibly ask for your help again.
Could I? I have a feeling you are going to.
All right, I need your help.
There is a treasure beyond compare, buried beneath San Lorenzo.
All that is required is digging.
And why should I trust you? Well, you probably should not.
That may be the first honest thing you have ever said to me.
It is true, I am untrustworthy.
But your town is in need of repairs.
So, you could fix it all yourself I do not like the manual labor.
or you could use this treasure to pay others to do it for you.
We start digging at once! Puss! After all Jack has done, how can you trust that that Lovable rogue? Horse's bottom! I'm sorry, Babieca.
That was an insult to your bottom.
I understand your concern, but this is the only way to pay for the repairs San Lorenzo needs.
He's gonna get you into trouble! He always does! It is a buried treasure.
What kind of trouble can there be? There is nothing down here but roots and bugs, and the occasional mole.
I don't know.
San Lorenzo is built on magical land.
Even the rock beneath it is full of magic.
There could be anything down there.
Everything will be fine, Goody Two-Shoes.
Ooh! - Ouch.
- Get your shovel, Jack.
I feel that we are close to something? Do not move.
Whoa! Whoa! Oh! Ha! Thank you for breaking It is some kind of underground civilization! Oui, mon frere.
We are having an adventure, just like the old days.
Puss and Jack, together again! Huh? Come on, Jack.
Whatever that thing is, it is beneath San Lorenzo.
I must find out if it is a threat.
Ugh! What are those? - Huh? - Huh? Seize them.
Seize, seize, seize! Jack, we should retreat.
Jack! Jack, Jack, Jack! Where are you? Ah-ha! Hey! Whoa.
I captured him for you.
Aw, look at that.
One of them betrayed the other.
That's so cute.
None may intrude on the palace of the King of the Mole People, who is me! I know why you're here.
You are thieves! Thieves come to steal my treasure.
We are not thieves.
Well, he might be.
Jack, we cannot deny that we've come here for treasure.
I knew it.
You want my bally.
My precious bally! My bally of great price.
The most valuable object in all the world.
It's my bally! My bally, my bally, my bally, my bally! Uh, no.
Wait, you don't want bally? We do not want your bally.
Really? Because you can totally have it.
Go ahead.
Take it.
It's yours.
I don't mind.
Go on.
Go on.
Go on.
Not interested.
You can't really have it.
It was a test.
You guys passed.
You're all right.
So, which of the underground kingdoms do you come from? There's Pellucidar, Agartha, Symzonia There are other underground kingdoms? Yeah, of course.
The Megamicres are right under us.
Check this out.
Hey, hold it down up there! Your Majesty, I swear to you that we did not mean to intrude.
We did not even know you were here.
We come from the surface, above you.
You guys live on the surface? Like up in the sunlight and stuff? That's disgusting.
Oh, no, no, no.
Fresh air and open space are good for your chakras! You've been up there all this time, walking around, living and breathing and stuff? - Ew! - Ew! Ugh! I feel like there's bugs in my hair, I can't get 'em out! I'm freakin' out here.
I'm freakin' out! I Wait, hang on, there's something going on.
Look at him.
Oh, he's great.
Look at this guy.
What do you think that orb is? I do not know.
Please, remember why we are here.
- Your Majesty.
- Huh? We have come seeking jewels.
We thought they were merely buried here.
If they belong to you, we will not What the heck are chools? Jewels.
Gems, precious stones.
They are glittering rocks, found in bright colors, like crystals.
Oh, you mean shine-shine lumps.
Oh, I hate those things.
You ever step on one? They really get jammed up in there.
There's a ton of 'em in the dump.
Take as many as you want, you'll be doing me a favor.
Take them to the dump.
Thus commands your king.
Yeah, you tell 'em.
Ah! That is a lot of jewels! This is what I said.
I know.
I was translating for our friends here.
That's very considerate of you.
He said we're friends! Jack, do you have any empty treasure sacks? Whoa! Not anymore.
Your Majesty, I'm pleased that our worlds could come together with a minimum of violence.
Yeah, thanks for hauling away that junk.
Drop by anytime.
Thank you, O great King.
I will be eternally grateful.
Yeah, don't mention it.
Man, you smell weird.
Do all topsiders smell like cheese? No, just Jack.
Thank you again, noble King of the Mole People.
May our lands coexist in peace, and may you prosper I am being hauled.
Farewell! This has been a fun day.
That cat hit me in the head.
How did it go? It went like this! Wow! We can fix the town twice over.
Buy the orphans new clothes.
Hooray! And send them to a fancy school.
- Nuh-uh.
- No way! No.
Or not send them to a fancy school because they will be so rich, they won't have to know things! I can hire servants to know things for me.
Yay! I'm forgetting stuff already! What's a seven? And most importantly, there was none of the usual trouble that Jack brings.
I do not bring Oh, yes I do.
Jack, you may be a coward and a liar, but you have done well.
Thank you.
Oh, please, do not mention it.
And now I must go.
Goodbye, San Ow! Adieu.
Adios, Jack! You see? He's not such a bad fellow.
I don't know, it seemed like he was in an awfully big hurry to leave.
You have a suspicious mind, you know that? I am sure Jack did nothing wrong.
Thieves! Things may have taken a slight turn.
A little help.
Aw, come on.
Okay, where What was I doing? Okay, yeah.
Where am I? Make it stop, make it stop! Oh, okay, better.
All right, back to business.
You took my bally! Wreck it.
Wreck everything.
Mole King, stop it! What is going on? What's going on? I'll tell you what's going on.
My precious bally.
You stole it! I assure you I did not.
Call off your guards! Hold it.
If you didn't take it, who did? Jack.
Jack! Uh-oh.
Please, Your Majesty.
It was Jack who took your bally.
I will get it back.
Just do not hurt the town! Okay, all right.
Bring me back my bally and I'll spare your town.
I will do so.
I will make Jack regret betraying me.
Hyah! Ugh.
This is like the third time Jack has betrayed him and Puss never makes him regret it.
Guy needs to work on his boundaries.
What is that? You mean, the sky? I feel like I'm gonna fall into it.
Hold me.
What are those white things? Just clouds.
Are they gonna crush me? - What's happening? - Cloud hiccups.
This is a nightmare! Jack Sprat! Whoa! You, Big Ears.
- What? - Huh? All of you, I have a sack of jewels here, and I will pay you to protect me from Puss in Boots! - You want to pay us to fight Puss? - Yes.
Let's see.
We could fight Puss, who we are all afraid of.
- Mm-hm.
- That's right.
Or we could just fight you and take your jewels.
Get him! Oh, Puss, you saved When you regain consciousness, Jack, we are going to have a discussion about this friendship.
You guys have just been living up here this whole time? That is bizarre.
How do you get food down there? We have root farms and we raise bats for milk.
Oh, you drink bat milk? Sure.
Where do you get milk from? Oh! Oh, my gosh, that's so weird.
Your Majesty, I have returned with your ball.
Oh, Bally! It is broken! Guards, destroy this town! Please, do not do this.
We are friends.
I never met you before.
I am so sorry, you all look alike to me.
Hey, Carl.
He thinks we all look alike.
I'm Steve.
Oh! Did you know that mole people are chasing us? Excuse me, Your Majesty? Why is that ball so important to you? Because of the show.
I like to watch the show.
The what? There's a show in the ball.
It's all about a handsome mole king like me who does all the stuff I do.
But now it's broken and I can't see it! Hm.
I think I may be able to fix it.
Ah-ha! Ow! Hey! Huh? Run! I am sorry, Kid Pickles.
I regret nothing! Try it now.
Aw, it's fixed.
Hey, it's fixed! Stop everything! Oh, my gosh, the reception is even better now.
Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! My Liege, what should we Zip it, zip it, zip it.
It's on.
Everybody go back.
This is a good one, I don't want to miss it.
Go, go, go! Milady, you are welcome in the Kingdom of the Mole People anytime.
You, not so much.
And you are a very bad person! So long, topsiders.
Have fun drinking your friend's milk.
So weird.
It's milk.
It's friend's milk.
It's just, I don't get it.
The orphans' garden is a mess.
We have to fill this hole in.
Yes, someone should do that.
I do not like the manual labor.
Do I really have to do this all by myself? - Ow! - Yes, you really do.
Oh, and with the damage those mole people caused, it's going to take all the jewels to fix the town now.
Including yours.
No! Such a lovely sound.