The Adventures Of Puss In Boots (2015) s05e11 Episode Script

Remember Me Not

1 [cat purrs, meows.]
[fast, lively flamenco music playing.]
- [Puss yowling.]
- El Gato! [yowls.]
Hurry, everyone.
He's on his way! [gasping.]
Good morning, Eames.
- Oh, excuse me.
- [plays upbeat tune.]
Just like we rehearsed, okay, Artephius? Hi.
Welcome, everyone.
And don't forget to wish Puss a very Happy-Maybe-Birthday when he arrives for his surprise.
"Maybe birthday"? So, I closed the cantina for, what, a fake surprise? Since Puss is an orphan, he doesn't know exactly when he was born.
So, I've arbitrarily chosen today as the day we should celebrate.
Well, whadya know? Looks like Puss and I have the same birthday.
Hope this town is big enough for two birthday boys.
It's not about you, Eames.
So it's not really my birthday.
A guy can dream, can't he? [sniffles.]
What's wrong with me?! [crying.]
I think these birthday festivities are just the thing to make everyone forget that we could be butchered by the Blind King at any moment.
Plus, Puss loves a good Surprise! [gasps, groans.]
Surprise! Happy-Maybe-birthday, Puss! No, wait.
I wasn't ready.
A Surprise-Maybe-Birthday? For me? [laughs.]
And I believe I know who is behind it.
Who, me? It was all of us, really.
I just thought of it and made the banners and itinerary and put it all together, and yeah, no biggie.
What do we have here? "9:00 a.
'Boots, A Musical Tribute'"? An epic musical for an epic hero.
[playing upbeat tune.]
I'm a cat in shoes But I don't have socks And I do my private business In a litter box And he does his private business In a litter box What my business is We will not discuss They are sing-talking about me.
You will never hear him ever Make a bit of fuss [jazzy tune.]
And that's why they call him Why everybody calls him And that is why they call him Puss [all groaning.]
I cannot breathe.
Bravo! Bravissimo! A delightful musical romp for all ages.
Oh, yes, it was so So long.
Ah! Um Now according to my itinerary, the ribbon cutting ceremony was supposed to start two hours ago, so let's move it, people.
Yay! Heya, Puss in Boots.
That sure was a fun wittle play.
It certainly was.
Speaking of plays, any updates on the portal to the Netherworld? Like how you're gonna close it or if you have a defense plan? [giggles.]
Oh, Li'l Pequena, where do you come up with these precocious questions? Now come.
Apparently, I have a ribbon to cut.
This is a wonderful Maybe-Birthday gift, Toby.
I went through all of my most favoritest drawings of Puss ever and put 'em in a scrapbook.
There's the time Puss and I had a sandwich, and the time Puss and I high-fived, and the time medical records revealed that we're twins.
Yeah, that last one wasn't a thing.
You're funny, Dulcinea.
That's weird.
Li'l Pequena isn't in any of your drawings.
With her cute laugh and even cuter speech impediment? She has to be in there somewhere.
She's not in a single one.
Maybe she's too cute to draw.
Like, you know how really cute things don't show up in mirrors? Yeah, that's not a thing either.
Whatcha guys doin'? Discussing'pecific plans to close the portal? And also, does San Lorenzo have a catapult? What? Never mind.
Is it weird that she's always asking questions about the portal and San Lorenzo's defense Shh.
I hear cake.
[kids laughing.]
Cake! - [door opens.]
- Hmm.
[Toby giggles, muffled.]
Cake! [kids laughing.]
You are so cute! I am only moderately terrified of you.
I love you, Mr.
Mayor! [giggling.]
She can't write.
She's four.
[door opens.]
There you are.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Ooh! [sighs.]
How long is this going to take? You can't rush art.
So bear with me.
- Puss! [grunts.]
- [screams, grunts.]
My bust.
My beautiful bust.
- [sobs.]
- [Puss grumbles.]
Thank you, Dulcinea.
You have spared my head and shoulders a considerable insult.
Puss, there's something wrong with Li'l Pequena.
What? Li'l Pequena? In danger? - Oh, my.
- Dulcinea, what is it? I can't believe I'm gonna to say this, but I think Li'l Pequena is a spy from the Netherworld.
A spy? Li'l Pequena? With her little wudgy-wudgy-wudgy face? I'm serious.
She's not in any drawing Toby has ever done.
That means nothing.
Toby has a drawing that proves we are twins.
Okay, but how about the fact that I just saw her drop a very suspicious bag into the portal? Maybe she has an adorable pen pal.
Like, who? The Blind King? Dulcinea, this Maybe-Birthday Bonanza is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, and I want you to enjoy it as much as I have.
I will talk to Li'l Pequena and get to the bottom of this.
Pequena! Oh, Pequena! Where are you? [gasps.]
Pequena! Just the little-little I was looking for.
So, any updates about the portal? Just wondering if there's a defensive plan in place, and other stuff normal human children wonder about.
Why do you ask, Pequena? Uh no reason.
Look how fast my little feet tap.
Those fast feet avoid my questions.
Tell me, when did you first arrive in San Lorenzo? I cannot seem to recall.
[voice distorting.]
I've always been here, Puss in Boots.
[maniacal laughter.]
Don't you remember? Now this Is Nifty.
I'm Li'l Pequena.
Welcome to San Lorenzo.
[distorted voice.]
I have always been here.
You have always been here.
Now you better get going.
You don't wanna miss your birthday.
Yes, of course.
Especially since it will be your last.
I swear, Artephius, something just isn't right about Li'l Pequena.
I know Puss said he would handle it, but I want to get to the bottom of it.
Don't worry, Dulcinea.
I've got just the thing.
A fish? How is that gonna help? [stammers.]
I guess it won't.
If only this fish worked like my magical lens that can reveal anyone's true form.
Why have you forsaken me, fish? - Why?! - Okay, can't we just, you know, use the lens? [gasps.]
Great idea.
[children chattering.]
- Artephius? - [laughs.]
- Lens! - [gasps.]
I hope I'm wrong about this.
She's blue.
I think I left my oven on! Oh, and she's a sheevra.
Wait, wait, a sheevra? Is that bad? Well, a sheevra is a kind of a fairy.
So it's good? Some are good, some are bad.
This one's wearing a magical disguise glamour, so, I'm guessing bad? She's a blue sheevra, so she's at least, oh, 1000 years old.
It's funny.
When I think back, I remember her always being four.
Even years and years and years ago.
Blue sheevras have the power to alter your memories.
Oh, she could have come here just in the last few days, but she's given everyone long memories of her so no one thought she was new.
Do you remember her always having been here? Do I remember who having always been here? Li'l Oh, you know what, never mind.
We need to tell Puss.
And he's the cow, right? And the award for Best Town Hero in Shoes goes to Puss in Boots.
- Ooh.
- [cheering and applause.]
Now, let us move on to the awards for best looking Maybe-Birthday boy.
[Dulcinea imitates cawing.]
- Hold that thought.
- Huh? Okay.
Moving on, I present to you the magical stylings of Artephius.
[mystical music plays.]
Voila! - Yeah! - [cheers.]
- [laughter.]
- Huh? Uh Ooh! [laughter continues.]
- Wow.
- [kids.]
Ooh! Dulcinea, are you all right? No, it's Li'l Pequena.
Did she fall into the moat? We don't have a moat.
My suspicions about her were right.
She's not a real orphan, she's a thousand-year-old sheevra.
[laughs boisterously.]
Oh, Dulcinea.
That is rich.
A very good Maybe-Birthday joke for me, huh? Really good joke.
I do not totally understand it, but again, very funny.
- [clapping.]
- [gasps.]
[older voice.]
Well, aren't you a clever thing? Pequena.
Don't come any closer or I'll expose you to the world.
I know what you really are.
You do? You know that I'm a sheevra spy sent from the Netherworld by the Blind King to aid in his war on San Lorenzo? I Actually, I didn't know that last bit.
Well, you won't know it again in a minute because I'll wipe that memory from your mind as easily as I'll wipe your blood from my dress.
It's actually really hard to get blood stains out of fabric.
Don't over-think it.
- [panting.]
- [buzzing.]
I'm your best friend! You're my best fwiend.
I mean friend.
I sure am.
Li'l Pequena.
You're on in two minutes.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some memories to change in case you get any more big ideas.
I What just happened? If I had to guess, I'd say Li'l Pequena just erased your memory.
Wh What are you talking about? She's a sheevra? From the Netherworld? Remember? [gasps.]
I remember.
Oh, careful.
She could erase your memory, too.
What memory? Of Li'l Pequena.
Who? Oh, you know what, just forget it.
Mmm! Such a handsome cake.
Who could cut into that cake? No one.
- I said no one.
- Everyone, stop! I have something to say.
Li'l Pequena isn't who she says she is.
She's an evil sheevra from the Netherworld! [gasps.]
That's ridiculous.
We have proof.
Artephius, the lens.
Mm! Mm-mm-mm.
Mm-mm-mm Ah! - [groans.]
- Uh I'll be right back.
So Turns out we don't have the proof.
But it doesn't change the fact that she's pure evil.
[voice distorting.]
I think we all know who's evil here.
[maniacal laughter.]
[Puss shouts.]
Huh? - [gasps.]
- [yells.]
[screams, grunts.]
- [screaming.]
- [thundering steps.]
- [screams.]
- [cackling.]
[all gasping.]
Dulcinea is evil.
She is a foul beast of the Netherworld.
Now, vile demon, you perish! Oh, boy.
Your move, kid.
Puss, I'm your friend! You cannot fool me, villain.
[Dulcinea screaming.]
Puss, this isn't you! [screams, panting.]
We won't listen to your lies.
[Dulcinea grunts.]
This isn't any of you.
It's her.
- [grunts.]
- Ooh! - [gasps, screams.]
- [Toby shouts.]
Whoa-ooh! You destroyed the world! [grunts.]
How can I have destroyed the world? We're here.
In the world.
- [grunts.]
- [gasps.]
Everyone remembers how you destroyed the world and we had to move to the moon, where we are now! [both grunting.]
This memory has kind of a complicated backstory.
It's not my best work.
[Dulcinea shouts.]
Oh! Oh! - Be gone, evil spawn! - [screams.]
- [panting, grunts.]
- Huh? [grunting.]
She's changed your memories to make you think I'm some kind of monster.
Only some kind of monster would say that.
- [Puss growling.]
- [Dulcinea gasps.]
Puss, please! You have to remember! [grunts.]
I remember everything.
How you came out of the portal.
How you serve the Blind King! How you threw the orphans into the moat.
We don't have a moat! - [shouts.]
- [screams, grunts.]
It is time for you to pay for what you have done.
[panting, yelps.]
For San Lorenzo! [Puss shouts.]
What? What? Remember.
[no audible dialogue.]
I remember.
Oh, thank goodness.
You remember.
You Are unforgettable.
Why is Puss hugging the evil overlord queen? [grunts.]
- How is she doing that? - Wait! Wait! Sorry I'm late, guys, but I almost forgot your gift, Puss.
Why, thank you, friend.
Uh - What is it? - The lens.
Puss, we've got a problem.
A sheevra! Uh-oh.
[yells, gasps.]
Dulcinea didn't destroy the world.
Why did I think that? [grunting.]
Eh, wait, who's that blue girl? [panting.]
Let go.
Let go! [grunts.]
Li'l Pequena, or whoever you are, you will tamper with our memories no more.
[voice distorts.]
Maybe not, boot in Puss! Why do you call me [grunts.]
I see.
We have to stop her! Come, everyone.
Wait! [hisses.]
Stop! [distorted voice.]
You're all doomed, you know that? Once I bring the Blind King the information I've gathered here, he'll destroy San Lorenzo.
All hail the Blind King! We all know what must happen now.
No, Puss.
Yes! I must go through the portal to the Netherworld and stop the Blind King before he can attack.
But, Puss, the portal is only meant to work in one direction.
Going through from here to the Netherworld could kill you.
Or it could do anything, really.
Oh, it could turn you into a cabbage or make you taller.
It could change your hat into the sound an apple makes when it's happy.
- Did you say it could make me taller? - I'm coming with you.
No, Dulcinea.
I must do this alone.
All right.
I'll do it alone, too.
Dulcinea, no! Ooh! That looks like fun.
- Whee! - Artephius! Ooh! Yay! - Pigabunga! - [neighs.]
What? No.
Is everyone? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
No one else goes through the portal.
Worst Maybe-Birthday ever.
So I'll clean up your party mess all by myself, then? [shouts, echoing.]
I'm gonna eat your cake! [fast, lively flamenco music playing.]