The Adventures Of Puss In Boots (2015) s06e05 Episode Script

Pajuna Serves Spirits

El Gato! I gazed into the eyes of the hairy beast as she opened her gore-spattered maw to let out a horrifying scream! I did the only thing I could do.
The big eyes.
She blinked, and I whipped the magic mirror from my satchel and used the monster's own stare against her.
And there she remains, frozen for all eternity! All your stories are the same.
Yeah, the magic mirror again? How many monsters did you defeat with that mirror? I thought you used it on that snake-head lady and lost it in a maze.
You dare question my heroic tales? My word is bond! Ask anyone! Is that not right, Dulcinea? Hmm? Oh, sure.
Whatever you say.
Dulcinea, are you all right? You seem glum.
I just can't stand being cooped up anymore! It's not natural! Then, uh, let us have some fun, eh? Orphans! Dulcinea! Why do we not, uh uh join the card game? Ha! Go fish! I win again! Yes.
Well, no matter.
There are thousands of fun things we could do while stuck inside this musty cantina.
Any suggestions? Anyone? Any Anyone? Anything at all.
Well, I suppose I could use my skills in the dark arts to tell your fortunes.
This is a wonderful idea that can in no way go wrong.
Please, tell me more.
I just summon ghosts from the spirit world, and they whisper the future in my ear, easy as you like.
Dark arts? Spirit world? Puss, that sounds horribly dangerous.
I know! Let us do this thing! Okay, I'm ready.
First things first.
No fortune-teller worth their haggis ever did readings for free.
One gold coin, please.
No problem.
Put it on my tab.
Your tab? I wish just once, just once, you'd spare even a single lousy coin for ol' Pajuna.
Yes, yes, whatever.
Less talk, more summoning spirits.
All right, everyone, I need you to concentrate.
Hold hands and focus on the thing you want most of all.
Your heart's desire.
I will use the power of your focused thoughts to summon the spirits.
Audite me, O Spiritus! Dic ergo nobis quid erit.
Puss in Boots.
We have returned.
And we will have our revenge! Is this part of the program? She's possessed! Puss! Oh! - Arty, help! - Hmm? No, with Pajuna! Oh.
Why didn't you do that when she first started freaking out? Oh, now I'm supposed to be a mind reader? Witches, am I right? I cannot believe I am going to say this, but I have no idea what is happening.
Well, when Pajuna contacted the other side, an evil ghost must have taken control of her body.
Okay, so how do we get rid of it? Get rid of what? We better come up with something quick.
I had to Tell the children something Other than what you would call True! Dulcinea! You lied? I know, I know! But it's okay.
I washed my hands 57 times to make up for it.
There, there.
The poor kids are just so scared.
Well, Puss in Boots fears nothing, not even ghosts! We will send this spirit running to its ghosty mommy, sucking its little ghosty thumb! Yes, imagine that.
Little ghost fingers.
Very amusing.
Uh she is awake, yes? Uh-huh.
- And she is angry? - Uh-huh.
- And I should - Run! Whoa! Whoa! This is getting very old, very quickly! Help me! Whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What? I mean, come on.
It is kind of funny.
It is not funny! Whoa! Do something! Fine.
Mortals, you are no match for us! Puss in Boots will be destroyed! Whoa! Ooh.
Money! From Puss! Pajuna! You're okay! Pajuna! Are you all right? Uh, I think so.
Thanks, laddie.
You are, um welcome, I guess? What is going on? Well, obviously, since Pajuna used a heart's desire spell, the way to free someone from it is to give that person their heart's desire.
Pajuna's desire was for you to pay her, so when you dropped that coin, she was freed.
Oh, yeah, of of course.
Uh-huh, obviously.
So if someone is possessed and we give them what they want, they'll be un-possessed? Yes.
It's simple math.
It's confusing.
Don't complain to me.
I don't make the magic rules.
Regardless, the danger is gone, and I have saved the day by heroically Accidentally dropping a coin.
Huh? Oh, wow.
That is really, very really, a lot of spirits.
Vina! Prepare to die, Puss in Boots! Wait a second.
Toby, give Vina a hug! What? No way! It's the only way to get the ghost out! Do it! Hi, Toby.
Did you know that you saved me? Oh, no.
Cleevil! Hug Toby! Oh, man! Aww.
Puss in Boots! Prepare to die! Oh, boy.
Run! Barricade the door! - What were you two doing in here? - Nothing.
Stealing napkins.
Why is this ghost so mad at me, anyway? What did I do to it? Oh, this isn't a ghost, Puss.
It's a whole bunch of ghosts working together.
Whatever you did, it must've been pretty bad.
But I am so sweet.
Like the sugar candy.
How do we get rid of them? Fire! How many times do I have to tell you? We can't solve problems by burning our friends.
Agree to disagree.
We're gonna have to give every possessed person their heart's desire.
The Duchess' fire thing sounds easier.
Heart's desire, heart's desire.
Back, spirits! Aha! Pickles! Oh, yeah! Strange violent red ball! Ha! Puss must be destroyed! Confirmation of basic humanity.
Eames, I tolerate you! He tolerates me.
Huh? The spirits are taking over everyone in sight! Oh, boy, it is going to be a really, very really, long night.
Oh! Hello, Puss.
Come and play with us, Puss.
Pies were your heart's desire? Are you being serious? Meh, we're pretty simple.
Hello? Is anybody in here? Is that you, Esme? Bad, possessed Esme! Bad! A little help? Mr.
Mayor! Ooh! Ooh, bureaucratic paperwork! Well, looks like the spirits finally sucked enough energy out of their victims to open this! What is it? He's not going to like this.
What? What am I not going to like? Well, it's a sort of a You might call it - It's kind of a - What? It's a portal! Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I just closed a horrible doom portal.
I am not having another one.
- But, Puss - No! No! I refuse! Do you hear me, portal? I refuse! That doesn't change the fact that it's a No! Shh.
It is not a portal.
It is a gateway.
All right? Does everyone understand? It is a gateway.
Let me hear you say it.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Fine, a gateway.
There is absolutely no way I am going through it.
The last time I went through a portal, I went to the Netherworld, and everyone but me got magic powers, and it was awful.
So there is a zero percent chance that anything ever in a billion, trillion, gazillion years could possibly make me go through that thing.
Never! Do you understand me, Dulcinea? Darn it.
When you tell the story of my demise, make sure to call it a gateway! Well, that's taken care of.
Tea? I am underwater! Hmm? Huh? Wait, there is no water.
What the This is some kind of creepy ghost ocean? Dulcinea! Dulcinea? Where has she gone? Dulcinea! Dulcinea? You fool! You have followed us here to this realm we have created! It is a fitting place for our revenge! Why is that? Because you are underwater! And everyone knows cats can't swim! Ha! I have mastered the art of swimming! Observe! Can someone turn me around? Dulcinea, fight it! I know you're in there.
Please hear me! Break free! Fight me! I will not! Do it! Never! Then you will die! I could never harm a hair ON Dulcinea's beautiful head! Not even if it means my death.
Are you okay? Mm-hmm.
We must find a way out of Whoa! Now, Puss in Boots, you will finally behold our true form! What's wrong, lads and lassies? Pajuna! Dulcinea and Puss jumped into the gateway, and now it's closed, and they're trapped, and, oh, my gosh, Puss is gone! Hmm, well, should we maybe open it back up? I'm so crazy, it just might work! Fish! Please, leave us be! What did I ever do to you? You ate us! Wha We are the ghosts of every fish you have ever eaten! You have left a trail of death across the world! Oh, yeah.
I kind of did that.
Now we will have our revenge! As you ate, so shall you be eaten! It is not fair! He is not letting me do the fight stabbing! We will eat you! It is our only desire! Desire? Heart's desire! Why won't you just let me end this? Hold this! Dulcinea! - Do you trust me? - I hardly think Do you trust me? - Yes.
- Then hold on! We are contented.
Futura, futura, futuris.
Futura, futura, futuris.
Futura, futura, futuris.
Futura, futura, futuris.
Whoa! Oh, Puss.
What? What is it? Do you really think I'm beautiful? Uh, did I say, um, beautiful? You did.
You said I was beautiful.
And then Dulcinea threw me into the mouth of the great fish! For she knew that only by giving the monster its heart's desire could it be defeated.
Thanks again for savin' me, Puss! I made salmon.
Oh, I don't think Puss is gonna be eating fish for quite some What? I like fish.