The Amazing Race Canada (2013) s03e04 Episode Script

We Know Where They Live

Jon: Previously on The Amazing Race Canada: Okay, let's go! Taxi! Jon: Ten teams travelled to the Latin city of love, Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina! where a roadblock had some racers teaming up You want to work together on it? Sure.
leaving Hamilton to fend for himself.
Neil, you want to help me out a bit? Yeah, you know what? No.
At the detour, Kristin and Neil put their best foot forward (Laughing) and finished the leg in first place.
You are - team number one! (Cheering) Where am I? While a blind soccer challenge brought on Nic and Sabrina's darkest hour.
We're just going to take a two-hour penalty.
Brian and Cynthia, and Dana and Amanda, close in on the mat just as Nic and Sabrina's penalty ended We've got an incoming, I think.
Go go go go go! in a race that only one team of police officers would survive.
Dana and Amanda, you have been eliminated from the race.
Nine teams remain as they race to win a year of travel for two in business class anywhere in the world that Air Canada flies; the 2015 Motor Trend Truck of the Year, the Chevy Colorado; gas for life from Canada's gas station, Petro-Canada; a quarter of a million dollars; and The Amazing Race Canada.
synced by dom.
smrc This is Buenos Aires.
And in the centre of the city, El Obelisco rises up over the Plaza De Republica, one of the largest avenues in the world.
Today, in the land of tango, passion, and some of the best barbecue that I've ever had, teams will begin the fourth leg on the most amazing race this country has ever seen.
Neil and Kristen won the last leg of the race and will depart first at 8:41 a.
"Route info.
Fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
" Jon: Teams must now travel over 8000 kilometres back home to Canada, from Buenos Aires to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
This coastal city is rich in history, dating back over 260 years, and today, it's home to Canada's Atlantic fleet, located on the shores of one of the largest natural harbours in the world.
That's gonna help us.
- Let's head home! (Whistling) Starting this leg in first place and I couldn't be more excited.
Whoo-hoo! Today is the last day the express pass has to be given out, so Michaela and Hamilton have to make their decision.
Everyone needs an advantage at different times.
This would be a great one.
We've got to go, go, go.
"Fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
" Okay.
We're starting this leg in second place.
We want to stay near the top.
(Laughs) "Fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
"BMO is here to help.
You have $350 Canadian "on your BMO Cash Back World Elite Mastercard for this leg of the race.
" Back to Canada.
Once again, we're starting this leg in position three.
Airport? We're hungry for first place this leg.
"Fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
" Leilani: I'm from Halifax.
It was exciting to be able to go home, but the last time I was home was when my dad passed away from a heart attack and I was planning his funeral.
A couple of months before that, my mom passed away from ovarian cancer.
Today is particularly difficult becuase it's the exact day my mom passed away.
I'm getting emotional.
We're going back to Canada.
Oh, yeah! Hali, here we come! We're really hoping to get the express pass from Michaela and Hamilton today.
We're both from the East Coast, so we're hoping Nova Scotian pride gets circled around.
We know where they live, so "Fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
" Let's go, let's go.
(Squealing) We're not really sure who we're going to give this express pass to.
It's a really big decision to make.
We want to make sure that we're making a good choice.
Back to Canada.
Back to Canada, back to Canada.
Nova Scotia.
Lobsters, here we come.
Currently, we're number nine.
Nobody likes being in last place, but it's a tight race.
It's anybody's game.
We're raring to go.
Going home, baby.
(Laughs) Two tickets to Halifax, please.
How are you paying for the tickets? We're going to pay with our BMO Cash Back World Elite Mastercard, please.
Jon: All teams are now flying from Buenos Aires to Halifax via Santiago with a stopover in Toronto.
We have an offer for you guys.
We want to give you guys 50 bucks, and any competition you guys need help with, we'll help you out in the competition.
That's our offer.
Hey, can we talk to you guys for a second? So have you guys made up your mind yet? We haven't.
You haven't? Okay.
I feel like before you guys got the express pass we kind of had a connection regardless, you know? And I just don't want you to think that suddenly because you have this benefit that we're like, "Oh!" I have known these guys for a couple of legs now, and, like, we're really good friends, and I was like, I really want to tell them.
Can I tell you guys something? - Sure.
I'm transgender.
Transgender? Really? - Yeah.
Oh my god, wow! I can't believe that he feels so comfortable to tell us this.
You always talk about where you come from, but it's harder for people sometimes in small communities.
It's harder when you're judged.
Brent and I know, you know? Our whole lives.
We're from the same area, and they know what it feels like to go through what I went through, me being transgender and them being gay.
You guys are, like, the only ones who know.
It's a privilege.
- Yeah, it really is.
We've decided to give the express pass to Brent and Sean.
We just have a great bond.
The boys just got it.
If I were them, I would have turned down us too.
All the way to the end, you guys.
Jon: All teams are now flying from Toronto to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Once there, they must search the airport for the woman at the BMO kiosk, who is here to help with their next clue.
Heads up! Where is it? What's that, is that blue? BMO.
(Ripping) "Count some cards.
"Make your way to the ground floor of the Halifax Central Library.
" Jon: Teams will now travel to the brand-new Halifax Central Library.
This five-storey, 129,000-square-foot glass building houses the 5000 Painting Project created by local artist Cliff Eyland.
Teams will now need to scan the 5000 3x5 paintings and accurately count the number of these black and white smartphone cards that feature photos from the original Halifax Central Library.
When teams think they have the correct number, they must write it down on an index card and race up to the fifth floor, and present their number to this librarian.
If they're incorrect, they must head back down to the main level and fill out another index card before they can race back up to the top floor and try again.
When teams have counted all 134 photo cards, this librarian will give them their next clue.
Taxi! To the library.
We've got the best driver in town here.
The best-looking, anyways.
I may have to drop the price a bit.
Well, there we go! Whoo-hoo! Thank you so much, we really appreciate it.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
You think you'll stick around and wait for us? I'll stick around, yeah.
Thank you, Bill.
Oh, look at this.
It's mind-boggling; we have to pick out the black-and-white smartphone pieces of art amongst the 5000 art pieces.
I hate this so much.
You count and I'll count, we'll see what we get.
The key to this challenge is concentrating.
If your eyes go out of focus for a millisecond, you're done.
That's it right there.
Wish us luck! Let's go this way.
Thank you.
Halifax Central Library.
Yeah, let's go.
Okay, Dad.
Displayed on a smartphone screen? Holy crap.
What number did you get when you finished? Write it down on this side and we'll see if we got the same answer.
I got 132.
It's either or.
Let's go.
Do you have a number? Okay, let's go with it.
Keep going up.
Oh, I hope I'm right, now.
Sorry, that's the wrong number.
(Groaning) We know we're close.
That's not correct.
I feel like we're only off by a few.
What did you get? Let's go, let's go.
Are you good? That is correct.
(Cheering) Congratulations.
There's your next clue.
Who's got an eagle eye?" A roadblock is a task that only one person can perform.
In this roadblock, one team member will have the terrifying task of climbing 340 feet to the top of the Angus L MacDonald Bridge.
Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, this bridge spans more than a kilometer, linking Dartmouth to the city of Halifax.
Once harnessed up, one team member will have to make the gruelling climb inside one of the bridge's pillars to the very top.
Once there, they must step out on a narrow walkway and scan the city skyline using binoculars in order to find their next clue.
Once they spot the flag, they'll climb down, rejoin their partner, and keep on racing.
Oh, god.
- Me, I'll do it.
Do it.
You do it.
Okay, I'm going to do it.
Come on, baby.
Taxi! We need a taxi.
Good luck getting that, in Halifax.
Okay, tell me what you have.
I'm going with this.
Ma'am? Congratulations.
- Thank you.
We're back.
Thank you.
"Who's got an eagle eye?" I do.
I think you should do this one.
Yeah? Okay.
- Go for it.
Are we going to get him? Yeah.
Bill, Bill! Taxi! Thank you for waiting for us.
God bless you.
I don't see any cabs.
Teams are starting to leave, so we now come together with whoever's left and we decide we're going to work together.
You guys do 105 and we'll do 104.
We've stopped counting and we are just running numbers.
That's not correct.
I used to be able to count.
Are we close here, sir? Yeah.
Oh, right there.
The airborne shuffle? Yeah.
We climbed to the top of the bridge.
They hand you a pair of binoculars.
You scout the grounds.
Fourth on high ground.
Two masts with Canadian flag to the left, clue on top.
I see the marker.
Jon: Teams must make their way to the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, a former British naval fort created to defend the city from invaders.
Here they'll find their next clue.
I got it.
Number one.
We have to go to that boat mast on that high ground.
There seems to be a fort there.
Cynthia: How do you have to climb up? Brian: By a ladder.
You did it fast.
Oh my god! I'm so high.
Ooh! Oh my goodness.
I have terrible eyes so probably shouldn't be doing this.
It's a little hard to see.
I see nothing.
Where is it? Where is it? I'm looking for a marker of some sort, something that has yellow and red; I can't find anything.
I found it! Let's go! We're going to Citadel Hill.
Citadel Hill? Yeah.
There's five teams.
Between us we can cover 50 numbers.
I get into a little bit of a teacher mode with everyone because we need to organize this a little better.
Each team has a section of 10 numbers.
We'll do the 30s.
Alright, guys.
I see it.
Right there.
Yup, that's it.
(Groaning) I'm waiting for Michaelia and I realize I don't remember where I put my passport.
I don't see it.
My passport is missing.
One of the rules for the Amazing Race Canada is you have to have your passport when you check in with Jon.
Hey, babe.
Let's go.
Do you have my passport? I don't know.
It's in my bag if we have it.
What do you mean you don't have it, Hamilton? I left it on the plane, I think.
Did you go through my bag? Yeah, I went through your whole bag.
How did you forget your passport? I don't know! You don't know because you didn't pay attention! Let's just go home.
There's really no point to even keep racing.
I'm sorry.
This is insane.
This is going to get us disqualified! I'm sorry.
How did you forget it? I'm sorry! I don't know! That just cost us the race.
How did you forget your passport? How did you forget it? I'm sorry! I don't know! I didn't mean to.
I'm really sorry.
(Sobbing) One of the rules for the Amazing Race Canada is you have to have your passport when you check in with Jon.
I'll go over to the hotel at least to call Air Canada.
I think I left my passport on the plane.
I hope Air Canada can help us.
He's going to see if he can get like onto the flight deck and see if it's there.
We have to run the rest of the race as quickly as possible and after that go to the airport to see if we can find his passport and then check in.
We'll see what happens.
I think I got it.
I see it.
It's a yellow and red boat.
We're in Halifax.
Totally makes sense.
I'm hoping that's it.
You better get used to seeing us.
Right now it is about process of elimination.
That's not right.
Alright then.
Oh, no.
134? What? Ahem! Guys, 134.
We must have gone up and down that elevator 50 times.
Looking good, soldier.
Nice boots.
Like it.
There's the box, honey! Orange you glad I didn't say banana? At the Halifax Public Gardens taste a selection of premium fruit smoothies from Orange Julius.
Jon: Teams will now cross the street into the Halifax Public Gardens where they'll find an Orange Julius kiosk featuring their line of premium fruit smoothies.
Here teams must taste, identify 5 of the 10 different flavours.
Once they've properly identified all five premium fruit smoothies this member of the Orange Julius street team will give them their next clue.
You have some smoothies for us.
We have 5 different samples in front of us.
We have to identify their flavours out of a list of 10.
Pina colada.
That's definitely pina colada.
This one is pineapple.
What's an acai? Is that some sort of like parrot? I taste banana.
Okay we'll try that.
Sorry, that is incorrect.
(Honking) Nobody's here.
I spotted that boat.
The first thing that I saw that was yellow and red.
There's no marker.
It's not here, love.
It can't be.
We're going to have to go back up.
I just don't know what to look for if we went back.
Woo! Okay, let's go.
Let's do it.
Premium Fruit Smoothies from Orange Julius.
Nice! Let's go.
Let's do it.
Let's go! I'm so up for that.
(Giggling) Dujean and Leilani show up so we go into overdrive.
Go, go, go.
Let's try this.
Thank you very much.
Bubbles or suds.
A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons.
With six universities and the most bars per capita in the country, this detour will force teams to decide if they want to go back to school or hit the pub.
It's their call: bubbles or suds.
In Bubbles, teams are required to find the aquatron, the world headquarters of the ocean tracking network, located on the campus of the prestigious Dalhousie niversity.
Here, both team members will have to dive to the bottom of the aquatron and extract two live lobsters each.
After they surface they'll need to band and tag each lobster with a specific tracking device that will monitor their movements in a real oceanic research project.
Once all four lobsters have been tagged and ready to be released this scientist will give them their next clue.
In Suds, teams will have to locate this Garrison Brewing Company delivery truck.
Once found, teams will need to deliver the beer orders to three iconic pubs up and down steep streets of downtown Halifax.
Each of the three pubs will also have a pile of empty kegs, two of which the teams must return to the truck.
Once all three orders have been delivered and empty kegs returned this truck driver will give them their next clue.
Let's tag lobsters.
Let's go.
We can be number one.
That's a mango something.
It's a mango something.
Nice! Sweet, sweet.
Thank you so much! You're welcome.
Thank you! Detour.
Bubbles or Suds.
You want to do beer? Of course.
Steele Ocean Sciences Building.
We're swimming.
There's lobsters everywhere.
Your task is to get to the bottom, pick up two each, put them in a bucket, and tag them.
Holy smokes, that was fast, honey.
Uno! How did you do that so fast? Like this.
(Laugh) Oh my goodness.
I dive in, get my lobsters.
Not bad for an old man.
Cynthia's turn.
I snorkel very well.
I float very well.
I just can't dive that deep.
(Splashing) We've got to go back to the beginning of the challenge because we can't find the marker.
Is that a marker over there? We're going back into town.
I see this flag waving.
That's it! Eureka, the light goes off.
That's what I had to look for.
Is there something on top of a hill or something like that? Yeah, Citadel Hill is the oldest fort in Eastern Canada.
Okay, let's go there.
You want to go there? Yeah.
I see red and yellow out there.
That's definitely the flag.
Okay, okay, I've got it.
I'm good.
I'm up in the tower and I have to spot our next clue but I can't find it.
Kris comes up the ladder.
I see it.
I see it.
And spots it without binoculars.
Thank god for her.
I found it too.
Thank you so much.
Down there.
It's on a hill.
Thank you.
Taxi! Citadel Hill.
Citadel Hill, sir.
We're going to that hill.
Citadel Hill? Yeah, just over here.
All the way down to the pier.
There's a ship.
You know the cross thing that has the flags on it surrounded kind of by grass? Do you know what I'm talking about? Yeah.
We go to Point Pleasant Park.
Maybe this is mango.
No, this is pina colada.
Are you sure? Mm-hm.
Try mango.
This tastes like mango/pineapple.
No way! Woo! Yeah, baby, that's you.
We're going to do Bubbles.
I see a truck.
Hello! At this detour we need to drop bottled beer off at three pubs.
Tall Ship, three flats.
You got it? I got it.
Alright, let's do it.
It's going to be awesome because Leilani knows the streets of Halifax very well.
I know exactly where we're headed.
I'm following you.
The Split Crow.
We have our delivery.
Hard work! Thank you so much! Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, let's go.
Woo! I want this win! Woo! Right here, look.
See this one right below us? If you dive straight down you're going to get it.
Is there something to hold me down? No.
It's a dive thing.
14 feet? It's not going to happen.
Brian's like dive from like the top.
You'll just float down there.
(Splashing) (Gurgling) Not so much.
What was wrong? Go to the other one.
I'm not able to dive.
There's another option, so let's cut our losses.
Okay, let's go.
We had this thing in the bag.
Oh my goodness, I'm afraid they're going to bite me.
That looks deep.
This is really, really deep.
I don't like it.
You're fine.
Alright, let's go.
Is it across here? No, that's not it.
Sorry, man.
Gino: Is there anything else around here? I'm trying to think.
I feel very helpless.
All my trust is in Jesse.
I'm feeling terrible.
I feel like we're going home.
I'm letting my brother down.
That's not it.
Sorry, man.
We're running around Pleasant Point Park and I'm feeling terrible.
I feel like I'm letting my brother down.
We have to go back to the bridge.
We're going to go back to MacDonald Bridge and try and see if we can get better description of what's around it.
Michaelia: You're okay, you're okay.
Honey, the water's a little deep.
I'm scared of like running out of breath.
Are you okay? Are you okay? No.
What's wrong? I don't want to.
Do you want to switch? Yes.
Okay, let's go because we don't have any more time.
We just wasted a whole bunch of time.
We're switching.
Yeah, we're switching.
Hamilton can't do this.
We still have to go back to the airport, find Hamilton's passport.
And we don't know how long that's going to take.
We need to get a cab because my legs are cramping up.
Hamilton: Do you want to walk? Michaelia: We don't frigging have time to walk.
Can you jog down the hill? Dujean: Ahh, ohh, watch out.
I'm holding this.
There's a bus coming.
Dujean: Quiet.
Don't ever tell me quiet, Dujean.
Don't ever.
Hi! This is it? We are making a very happy delivery.
Awesome! Alright.
Thank you so much.
Hi there.
Oh, boy.
Four flats to the Economy Shoe Shop.
Let's go.
Every Canadian likes a cold beer.
Man: The Economy Shoe Shop is right there.
You can see the sign.
We run into a local couple that are helping us with directions.
We need two kegs.
We can make ground now.
One down, two more to go.
Halifax Public Gardens.
(Clicks tongue) How many teams are here? Oh, my ankles! We are at the Orange Julius taste test.
Teams start rolling in.
There's Nick and Matt, Neil and Kristin, Brent and Sean, Simi and Ope, and we feel the pressure.
Put strawberry kiwi here.
(Buzzer) This challenge is a lot harder than it looks.
Pineapple orange, strawberry-- Oh, check, check, check.
Sorry that is incorrect.
(Buzzer) Hm.
It's the orange strawberry for that one.
(Buzzer) (Sighs) Oh.
That's mango pineapple, right? Mango pineapple, strawberry kiwi.
Strawberry kiwi.
(Cheering) Oh, my god! I say we do bubbles.
Let's do bubbles.
Okay, let's do suds.
How the hell did they get them? Okay, can you go back to the Angus L.
MacDonald Bridge? Yeah.
Hold on.
I've just seen the flag.
Can you go back, sir? Can you just reverse, please, please, please? Quick.
(Car horns honking) Do you want to just run and check? Right there! Yeah, it's right there! See that yellow and red flag all the way at the top? Driver: Yeah.
That's where we have to go.
Driver: Right up to Citadel Hill.
That saved us some time.
This is torture for a beer drinker.
Three Tall Ship.
And two red.
Both: Thank you.
We've taken two empties.
Let's go, hon.
Oh, right here.
Go, go, go.
Right there, Economy Shoe Shop.
I see it.
Excuse us.
Both: Thank you.
Do we need to take anything back for you? No.
We don't take any of these? No, we just deliver it.
Come on, come on, come on, let's go! We have an order for delivery.
What was the last part of the challenge? Bring the kegs back.
We don't bring the Cool.
kegs back.
You have the-- we bring the kegs back? Double check.
Just double check it.
"Pick up two empty kegs from each of the pubs you delivered to and return them to the delivery truck.
" (Gasps) Oh! Okay.
Okay, we need two empty kegs.
Read your clues.
Crap, crap, crap.
We have to hit these pubs very fast and bring the kegs back.
Come on, let's go! It's okay.
We've still got this! Thank you! We will not make it in the delivery business.
Are we going back up? We'll pick up the two other ones.
Really? Yeah.
You can hold two kegs? Yeah.
I'll drag them if I have to.
Alright, let's go.
Yeah? There you go.
- Okay.
They are bleeping heavy.
The Garrison Brewing Company truck.
There it is.
Economy Shoe Shop right there.
It's easy.
We've got some beer for you.
Good, fellas.
Let me sign off on that for you.
Studying lobsters.
We're on our way to handle lobsters.
Okay! Oh! Oh, my god.
I'm diving down, and I reach out for my first lobster and immediately get scared and I have to come back up.
I just scream underwater.
Holy crap, it's scary! You can do this.
(Bell rings) Yes, good job.
Our grandpa was a lobster fisherman but when he was pulling lobsters they were being pulled out of a trap.
So we're essentially far more hard-core than all of our fishing ancestors.
Ah, oh, my god, it's gripping! I can't get it off! No, don't touch it.
(Bell rings) You're lucky you're not getting boiled.
We get to Halifax Public Gardens and there are three other teams there so we know that we're still very much in this race.
Oh, my god, Gino and Jesse just showed up.
Go with strawberry banana.
Woo! Yes! Oh, my god, thank you so much.
Thank you very much.
Ahh! I'd rather take lobster.
Okay, let's do that.
- Let's go.
Now that we have our lobsters we have to take elastic bands, put them on the claws, sand the lobsters down, wipe them off, and put these transmitters on them so that they can track these lobsters once they're in the wild.
Ah, I mean, ah.
No! Ah, jeez, they're fast.
You know what's throwing me off? The coconut.
Okay, so that's pina colada.
What do you think? Sorry, that is still incorrect.
(Buzzer) Is that pineapple and strawberry? Mango pineapple.
Try this one.
(Bell rings) Yeah! Yeah! Thank you, okay, bubbles.
Let's go for suds.
Let's go get a taxi.
It's so frustrating because teams are passing us by and we're freaking out! That is still incorrect.
(Buzzer) This could be one of those things where you could be here all day.
Put strawberry kiwi here.
There are no teams at the Orange Julius taste test.
We've blown the lead that we managed to create.
We'll try it.
It's incorrect.
(Buzzer) Let's get on that stupid hill.
Watch out.
Watch out.
I felt like Patrick Swayze in Ghost.
They ignored me completely.
The Split Crow.
Let's go! (Bell rings) We've apparently made two deliveries and we're on our last one now.
Hopefully it'll be quick and easy.
Okay, we're going to book it up here.
It's just over there, okay? Yeah.
Book it.
Go! Ahh! (Grunts) Congratulations.
Thank you so much.
Thank you! Both: Route info.
"Make your way to the Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market and search on the rooftop for Jon's next pit stop.
" Teams will now make their way to the Halifax historic waterfront and search for the Seaport Farmer's Market.
Established in 1750, it's the oldest market in North America.
Today, in the city by the sea, here on the roof of the Seaport Farmers' Market, is the fourth pit stop on the Amazing Race Canada.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
We might be first! Oh, my! Thank you very much.
Nice! Come on, Cynthia! Congratulations.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Okay, okay, let's go.
I'm not impressed with you today.
I know.
No matter what, I stills loves you.
No matter what, I still love you, even when I hate you.
I know.
I loves you.
Alright, thank you! No prob.
Okay, come on.
Sorry to tell you this but you haven't completed all your pickups and deliveries.
"Pick up two empty kegs.
" From each place? Yeah, okay, come on.
Oh, my god.
Now we have to cover all of our tracks all over again.
Ahh! (Bell rings) Okay? - Yeah.
Come on, I see the boys ahead of us.
Let's go.
Triple berry.
Strawberry banana.
Oh, my god, thank you.
Thank you.
Suds or bubbles.
Okay, we'll do bubbles.
We're in last place.
We've blown our lead.
This is it? Go, go, go, upstairs! This is good right here, sir.
Up here? - Yeah.
Keep going, keep going, keep going! Almost there! Mom, this one's for you! (Screams) Bring it in, you two, come on! (Bell rings) Oh, yea, oh, yea, oh yea! Welcome to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada's ocean playground.
Thank you, woo! Dujean and Leilani, you're team number one! What? (Cheers) Oh, oh! As the winners of this leg of the race, Air Canada is flying you to any one of their Caribbean destinations.
Ya! What?! What?! And that's not all.
Petro-Canada is giving you each 2.
5 million Petro Points that can redeemed for six months for free gas.
(Laughs) Stop it! Woo hoo! Great day, you guys.
Great day.
Wow! Today is the exact day my mom passed away a few years ago so today was for her and we just pushed it.
We just pushed it.
We pushed so hard.
I'm very happy.
It's a blessing to be back in my home town running this race.
My parents, they are looking down and they are proud of me.
(Laughing) Brian and Cynthia, you're team number two.
Almost! From nearly eliminated to nearly first! Yes sir.
Great job! Thank you, we're glad to be here.
Come on.
Thank you so much.
Oh, thank the Lord.
Come on.
Can you take us to the airport? We're hoping Air Canada can help us find my passport.
Now hope for the best.
(Panting) Congratulations.
Thank you.
We're heading to the pit stop! We're going to meet big Jon stud.
I don't know how I feel about-- oh god, lobsters.
Like I like to eat them.
I don't want to hurt them, though.
We're tagging them.
We're not shooting them out of the air.
This detour is terrifying.
There's something about being scared that makes your adrenaline just go that much quicker.
Ah! Kristin comes up screaming with this lobster.
Get in the water! Get in the water! She says go down and get one! Oh my god! It's okay.
We have this transmitters on these lobsters.
The judge has to check to see if it's correct.
Congratulations, you made the grade.
Thank you! Yeah, let's go.
Good luck! Thank you! Hopefully when we see you we've got all our fingers.
Dad, get a lobster.
Did you get it? Nice! Good job, Dad! We're trying to find the Economy Shoe Shop.
You can see it right from here.
I'll sign off on that for you.
We're not going home today.
Gentlemen, you're team number three.
Oh! (Laughing) Three legs in a row, team number three.
You're on the podium, boys! Always the bridesmaid, I guess.
What can I do for you? I'm trying to find my passport.
You must be Hamilton.
It's Jones in baggage.
We're looking pretty desperately for a passport.
Every second that's passing by I know that it's pushing us further and further away from the finish line.
It's hell, like honestly, I just hate every second of it.
He's going to call me back here at this number.
as soon as he hears something.
Today has been so rough but I mean we just kept going and hopefully in the long run it'll work out for us.
I'm just going to wait here.
You've got this, Dad.
I know.
Ah, he's got me! Time to catch up.
Change into your swim suits.
There are change rooms available.
We got it.
We arrive at the aquatron and we see goggles, flippers and Nic is extremely afraid of putting his face in water.
Are you okay? Like love, tell me now because if it's not okay we're going to go do the other one right now.
Where do we have to go? Obviously they're going in the water.
Do you think? Because of the flippers, eh? Two lobsters each.
Okay, we'll do it.
Let's try.
(Laughs) How many lobsters did you guys have to grab? 25.
It's unbelievable.
And they're massive.
Take something big with you.
They look like they're scared.
Time's ticking.
We've got to get this done.
Okay, you're good.
Geeze, boys.
Farmers Market.
(Sighing) Hello.
Brent and Sean Yes.
Welcome home.
Thank you.
You boys are team number four! Oh! Nic thinks that he can overcome his fear of water by jumping into a tank filled with lobsters.
I'm doubting my decision.
Do we do this, try it? What's your gut telling you? What's your gut telling you? I know what my gut's telling me.
For me, what does your gut tell you? No, you've got to be sure.
Tell me, love.
My gut's telling me to do the brewing thing.
The brew so let's go.
We don't have the luxury of time.
We have no choice but to do the other detour.
What a waste of time.
I'm sorry.
Are we good? You made the grade.
Thank you so much.
Go, go, go, go! (Laughing) We've got the last one.
Yes! Run, run, run! Oh yes! Oh, they're coming in after us! Nic and Sabrina.
We know we are not in last place.
Okay, that's the first one.
Okay, I've got to find someone.
Yeah, we don't know where the hell we're going.
Do you know the Economy Shoe Shop? It's right there.
Right there.
Thank you so much.
We're trying to complete the task as quickly as possible but we know at this point that we're in last place.
I've got a couple here looking for a passport.
It sounds like it might be here.
There's a glimmer of hope.
Maybe it's not going to be the end of our race.
Okay, thank you.
She's almost here.
She's on her way down.
Oh my gosh! Thank you so much.
You are seriously the best man in the world.
Is that it? I love you.
Oh my god! You're so amazing.
Good luck, guys! Thank you, thank you.
I'm not letting this thing out of my sight.
I'm just hoping that we're still in this race.
That's all we can hope for right now.
Oh, oh, oh! Uh There's the farmers' market.
I just saw Simi and Ope.
Ah! Yes.
Dad! Come on! Come on! I'm right here.
(Panting) Oh! Father-daughter race to the finish.
Hi, guys.
Simi and Ope, Neil and Kristin, you guys are number five and team six.
Wow! That's great! Jon! Glad to see you.
Boys, you're team number seven.
Very good.
Alright, let's get out of here.
Last place.
Last place for sure.
We're just hoping that we're still in this race.
That's all we can hope for right now.
There it is there.
I think it's here.
Are you sure? No.
Come on! What does it say there? More vendors upstairs.
It's not over till it's over.
Nic and Sabrina Yup.
You two are team number eight.
Oh, Dio mio! You guys are still in this race.
I'm so happy.
See you guys at the next stop.
Thank you, Halifax.
Thank you, Halifax.
What a first visit! Hamilton and Michaelia, you are the last team to arrive.
I'm sorry to tell you two, but you have been eliminated from the race.
What happened? We could have gotten here a lot quicker if I didn't forget my passport.
It was really frustrating but he kept me positive.
Hamilton, all I can say is on behalf of Canadians and myself, thank you for being brave enough to be yourself.
I live every day the way that I want to, and I want transgender people to feel okay with being who they are, to come out and be like okay, this is me.
That's why I came on the race.
You guys have a lot to be proud of.
I had Hamilton for this entire race and I couldn't ask for anything better.
Look after one another and take care.
All the best.
Sharing this experience with somebody I love is the best experience of my life.
You're going to make me cry! Don't cry! Jon: Next time on The Amazing Race Canada Fly to the Ile De Madeleine! Yee haw! Jon: Teams discover one of Quebec's hidden gems, where they dig deep Bring it! I've had dreams that end like this! Jon: get dirty Oh my god! Ew! That one's dropping patties.
Oh no.
Jon: and fight to stay afloat in the first ever faceoff.
Yeah! I'm so tired! Jon: All in an effort to survive the double U-turn.
That's crazy.
Oh boy!