The Bear (2022) s02e02 Episode Script



Let's just, let's not
talk about it, actually.
I don't wanna talk about it.
It's like the third time
you mentioned it.
You sure you don't wanna talk about it?
Yeah, 'cause it's like a vibe, you know.
- What's the vibe?
- The vibe is just like,
it's off, something's off.
Like, he'd be happier
if I was a plumber or something.
- Huh. Corner.
- Corner.
Your dad doesn't think
you're a loser, yeah?
What? Did I say he thinks I'm a loser?
Do you think he thinks I'm a loser?
Yo. You guys okay?
SWEEPS AND EBRA: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Any of it salvageable?
- EBRA: Yes.
- Yes.
- Fuck.
Look, it's probably hard
for your dad to be supportive
because he doesn't understand
that this job doesn't pay much.
It doesn't amount to anything and, uh,
it doesn't make a whole
lot of sense, you know.
Uh, hey, how are we doing, Chefs?
- Bad.
- Not good.
Cool. Good.
- When are you gonna see him?
- Um, tonight.
My Mom's birthday dinner.
- That'll be nice.
- SYDNEY: Yeah, super.
Are we still good to jam on menu later?
- CARMY: Yes, Chef.
- SYDNEY: Okay.
- Yo, Carm, fridge guy.
- Yo.
I'll call him back.
My bad.
- Yo.
- CARMY: Yo.
- Toilet's still fucked.
- SUGAR: I'm aware.
I'm trading with the guy.
No go on the door-pull.
That's a really crucial part.
- They are 5K.
- CARMY: Yeah.
They're hand cast in Italy.
Yeah, and we're in Illinois.
Ugh, what about the Danish teak?
Hmm. Those are 3K,
which you said cost 2K.
The bronze brutalist?
Those are actually 2K.
You can have the Naperville Nickel.
Are you feeling okay, Nat?
By the way, you look a little pale.
Is it the Naperville Nickel?
I'm fine. Just, uh
Sometimes I look like February.
- Also, Carm
- CARMY: Yeah.
SUGAR: Your fork numbers, not fantastic.
- We have too many?
- Too few.
What? I promise you,
there aren't too few forks, Sugar.
SUGAR: Okay, this is productive.
I can't wait to talk about spoons.
- Hey, where's the phone?
- Oh.
Marcus just broke it.
Can you order a new one?
Sure. You can shove it up your ass.
I need to talk to you later.
Thank you.
If it makes you feel any better,
my sister doesn't think
I'm a genius, so
It doesn't hurt.
have your sandpaper
attached to your pole.
Make a few passes up and down like this.
How long is this video?
wanna make sure to spend extra time
MAN: any uneven spots.
Alright, gentlemen.
I'm taking over this operation.
Now before we can execute a deep clean,
we gotta peel all this paint.
That's what I just said.
Yeah, but what you didn't say,
what you didn't say
is that there's no reason
to move these lockers twice.
Marcus, we got putty?
We have to move everything out
before we scrape.
Richie, you're not listening.
Look, I don't wanna choose sides,
but it seems like moving the lockers
is the best way to do this.
Wow, Marcus, I never
thought I'd see the day
where you would form an
actual alliance with Neil Geoff.
Alright, Richie, it's not an alliance.
It's just like common sense
It sure sounded like an alliance.
No, no. It's just like common sense.
Move the lockers first.
I'm watching a guy who does this shit
all the fuckin' time.
He just tarps over.
I'm trying to save you lizards
some moves here.
I'll tell you what, you take half
the guys in the dining room
- There's only three guys.
- Dude, I need
all the hands to move
the lockers out right now.
Okay, fine. We'll do it your way.
You take, uh, two guys
- It's still your fuckin' way.
- RICHIE: Good? Go.
No, it's not my fuckin' way.
There's not sides!
There's one way,
it's the fuckin' right way!
Watch this.
- Nat?
- You just, you called Mom?
- You called Mom?
- Yes, honey.
Okay, listen, so
Okay, I just wanna do it right.
And I do think that we need
to move the lockers out first
before we scrape.
So then move the lockers first, my love.
Then we're just gonna
move them right back
where they are, Natalie.
Why fuck 'em up?
Don't start bossing
people around, please.
Natalie, I'm trying
to head up this operation.
I'm trying to assert myself, okay?
I don't know what they teach you
about leadership at the bank,
but in this kind of a situation,
what you need is an alpha,
and that is not Fak.
They can smell his pheromones.
They are weak as shit.
That's just chemistry.
Move the fucking lockers.
- Are you alright?
- SUGAR: I'm fine.
You want a Sprite?
- You look kinda green.
- SUGAR: Mm-mmm.
For real, you're shitty.
- I didn't wanna do it wrong.
- You're shitty.
I didn't wanna do it wrong.
You did call Mom, though.
Thank you, Marcus.
Yeah, but you were wrong.
What? You were.
(QUIETLY) Move 'em.
Okay, Chefs, we are
three months out from open
and I want everybody to stay sharp.
So we're gonna be sending
you guys to culinary school.
But I already know how to do it.
Oh, well, it's not about that, Chef.
It's about, you know, repetition, right?
And it's already built into the budget,
so you'll still be paid hourly.
Oh, I'm in.
Let's do it, baby!
Uh, Ebra, this is gonna be
a really great way
to take advantage of our time here.
I don't want to wear a uniform.
Okay. Well, you can
discuss that with the school.
It's not that kinda uniform.
SYDNEY: This is exciting.
I accept.
Great. Okay. Yeah.
When do we start?
- RICHIE: Go left.
- FAK: I'm going left!
You gotta go right.
No, it's-it's the fridge handle.
The fridge handle, it keeps, um
It's breaking.
Yeah, it's breaking off, yeah.
- FAK: Okay!
- Not left.
- FAK: Pick it up!
- Come on.
- My number is 7-7-3
- RICHIE: What are you doing?
- 5-5-5
uh, 0 0-9-0-1.
- RICHIE: Left.
- You gotta pick it, pick it up, too!
- Why are you fighting me on this?
- FAK: I'm not!
CARMY: Yo! Yo! Guys, guys.
I think I know the answer, but
can you please shut the fuck up.
RICHIE: Yo. Cousin.
FAK: Carmy, I wanted
to do it the right way
I had this shit all dialed
and then this cucumber,
- he's gotta tell Mom
- and he made it his.
I can't get a grip on the lockers
'cause Mikey's is still locked.
Alright. Hey. Got it.
Thank you. Thank you.
Marcus agrees with me.
FAK: It's it's still here.
Just fuckin' open it.
FAK: Okay, hold on.
There, Bear.
SUGAR: What's goin' on?
We gotta cut it.
June 5th, 2010.
Taste of Chicago.
- The booth.
- The booth. (CHUCKLES)
That was really fun.
Here you go.
Yo, you wanna work at the apartment?
- SUGAR: Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yo, Chef.
- SYDNEY: Hmm?
- I need more, um, inspiration.
- What do you mean?
I went through
all those books you gave me.
- All the cookbooks?
- All of 'em.
Okay, yeah, I'll-I'll think on it.
- Cool.
- Cool.
- Was that
- Mikey's locker.
- SYDNEY: Hmm.
- Yeah.
There was just a hat in it?
- Syd.
- What?
Come on. Asshole.
What? I'm not an asshole.
Hey, I'm not an asshole.
I'm gonna get out
on the road tonight ♪
'Cause I got a hollow in my head ♪
I'm just checking it up ♪
Baby, one more time for you ♪
Checking it up
until the pile hits the sky ♪
It's like I think
I'm sick of cocaine ♪
But I got a feeling like
it's running ♪
CARMY: Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
I'm just checking it up ♪
Baby, one more time for you ♪
- CARMY: Okay.
- SYDNEY: Okay.
Checking it up until
the pile hits the sky ♪
Well, even the best years ♪
Hell of a lot of Sydneys in here.
Don't look 'em in the eyes.
All these seasons ♪
All this time ♪
Spinning past till they
leave you far behind ♪
Lay me down ♪
SYDNEY: Just thinking like (TUTS)
beef, uh, smoke, cherry.
That sort of world.
I like that.
SYDNEY: Still thinking chaos menu?
Yeah, chaos menu, but, um
uh, thoughtful.

- Really?
- CARMY: It's New York.
- SYDNEY: Hmm.
CARMY: Lame, right?
I wanna hate it,
like, don't get me wrong, I do, but
(WINCES) Looks sick.
And I bet it felt
really good wearing it.
- Yeah, it did.
- SYDNEY: Hmm.
Can I ask you something
and you can tell me
to fuck off if you want?
I doubt I'm gonna tell you to fuck off.
When you got that call,
the three-star call
- Fuck off.
- SYDNEY: Yeah, okay.
- I don't know.
How did it feel?
The first ten seconds
felt like a sort of panic
'cause I knew I just had to keep 'em.
I had to retain 'em.
And your brain does this weird thing
where it just bypasses any sense of joy.
It just like attaches itself to dread.
And, um, I don't know,
after those ten seconds,
I had to turn over a really slow table
'cause the, uh,
entire United Nations Security Council
was coming in.
So, normal. Totally normal.
Fak? Fak?
What's this brown shit?
MARCUS: I've seen some of those, too.
Also, why was there a
hockey stick behind the locker?
- Sworn to secrecy.
- Yo, can we switch?
You can see fine from right there.
I need to see it.
You can see just fine
from where you are.
- Okay.
- It's my ladder.
FAK: Yeah, okay.
Oh, you're such a fuckin' showoff.
- Think you're so fuckin' cool?
- I am so fuckin' cool.
- And you don't need to be here.
- I'm the supervisor.
- Supervisor of what?
- FAK: Not good, guys.
This is not good.
- This is not good.
- What's not good?
- Mold.
- MARCUS: Is that bad?
Mold is the death knell.
Don't freak out
and go calling for Mom, okay?
This is scary.
This could ruin everything.
Listen, it is scary, okay?
And I will grant you
that it's gained some traction
in recent media cycles.
Mold is a buzzword, yeah, for sure.
But if you go call Mom,
she's gonna call in
all the weirdos and the scientists,
the abatement people.
Lest I remind you,
we are on cousin's schedule, Neil Geoff.
- What's your middle name?
- What's my middle name?
- Yeah, like, what's your middle name?
- Lawrence.
Well, Richard Lawrence,
I'm telling Mom now.
Don't you fucking dare.
I'm gonna call Mom right now.
- Don't you fucking dare.
- I dare. I dare.
You know what? Actually, I dare you.
- I dare right now.
- I dare you. Call Mom.
- Uh-huh.
- I dare you. Call Mom.
- Mom.
- I'm gonna call
- Call Mom. Call Mom.
- Mom. Mom.
- See what happens.
- Mom. Mom.
- She can't hear you.
See what happens when you call her.
- Want me to do it loud?
- See what happens when you call her.
I'll get louder. I'll get louder.
RICHIE: Get louder and see what happens.
Welcome, everyone.
You should have all received
your student login
after the Zoom orientations.
I'll be sending you a link to the board
so you can access the class notes
at the end of each day.
Uh, veal chop demi-glace.
I was thinking like hamachi
crudo, but that might be
- I don't know.
- No, that's good.
Yes. Marciana?
SYDNEY: Mm-hmm.
A vinegar. Some kinda
- Cherry?
- Cherry vinegar?
- Cherry vinegar.
TINA: You got this, baby.
You got this.
Yes, Chef.
Hey, um, can I ask you something?
You can tell me to fuck off.
Really want one of these bullshit stars?
Yeah, I really do.
You're gonna have to
care about everything.
More than anything.
The, um, last dinner that I did
with Sheridan Road
was this fundraiser
at this lady's house,
and she was so mean
and she wanted
demanded fresh pasta.
So, you know me,
I'm like, yeah, let's-let's go.
And then I get there and it's dried out.
Ev-ev-everything that I try
to roll out is crumbling
and clock is ticking.
And I've got this beautiful,
I mean, like this gorgeous,
gorgeous, gorgeous lamb ragu.
I've been working on it
for, like, 72 hours.
It was perfect
but I didn't have any pasta.
So I spooned that shit
over King's Hawaiian rolls.
Sounds delicious.
It wasn't bad.
Was that before you
moved in with your dad?
That is why I moved in with my dad.
- Oh, shit.
- SYDNEY: Oh, yeah.
- That was the one, huh?
- That was the one.
Well, at least you can rely on him.
Is your mom cool?
- It's lacto ferment?
- SYDNEY: Yeah, yeah.
Oh, fuck.
- SYDNEY: Mm. Mm-mm.
- Oh, my God.
Chef, that's way too much acid.
- Oh, my God.
- Holy shit.
Did I fuck up your recipe or
No. I must've just given you
the wrong count, it's fine.
Wait, do you need a Rolaid or something?
Did I give you heartburn?
- 'Cause I That's fucked.
- CARMY: No.
No, no, no, no, no, no. It's, um
I'm sorry.
In sign, uh, two of my
old chefs used to do it.
You know, if they were angry,
fighting on the line, it helped.
It was like their version of,
"Let's talk about this later," you know.
It didn't matter if one
tore the other one apart.
It always got them through service.
It's good.
You know, your dad, he, um
Yo. Sorry. Um
The frozen concord grapes.
We do like a beef consommé type thing.
Smoked bone marrow?
That's something.
It's something.
I don't even really know.
- Mikey died and
I just never wanted
to be in this place at all.
Then my other brother
started running the place,
and now I wanna be here all the time.
Fucking disgusting.
Is that healthy?
So much is about to change.
Am I just here to try and force
everything to stay the same?
But then I think I could
be good at this, you know.
But as adults, we never try new things
because it just becomes so easy
to keep doing the same exact thing
with the same exact people.
Who doesn't want easy?
Who doesn't wanna just fucking be okay?
- Like
I haven't even told anyone I'm pregnant.
There. Okay.
The photo should have uploaded.
No, I definitely already sent the one
of the flush valve gasket.
I don't even think
that's where the issue is
'cause the drip's coming
from the shut-off valve.
- Yeah, no, I know.
Okay, fine, Gene, yes.
You are the plumber. Uh-huh.
Okay, I'll send it over. Bye.
This is Nat.
A what issue?
Fak, you're fuckin' insane!
He's not human. Ridley even says so.
Why don't you learn
how to fuckin' watch stuff?
- We have a mold problem?
- No, we don't.
SUGAR: Uh, it wasn't a question.
A guy just returned our call
about a mold problem
and said it's definitely a mold problem.
Well, I wonder how the fuck
some guy would suspect us
of having a mold problem.
I don't know.
Sweetheart, did you call a mold man?
- No.
- Fak.
- Richie.
- Richie.
Natalie, relax.
It's under control, alright?
These ceilings,
they're practically Styrofoam.
Were we to have mold,
they would collapse when I go like this.
- FAK: Ow!
- SUGAR: Aw, you okay, honey?
FAK: No!
That's it?
You're not alone ♪
I'm with you ♪
I am lonely, too ♪
What's that song? ♪
Can't be sung ♪
By two? ♪
A broken home ♪
A broken heart ♪
Isolated and afraid ♪
Okay, here's one.
It was our third date
and we were maybe 20?
Uh, just getting to know each other,
we liked each other,
but it was still early.
We were going to a party.
I borrowed a friend of mine's car
and we hit a rock or something
and popped the tire.
And, young lady,
I can only admit this now
because I can change a tire
faster than anybody ever could.
But you didn't know
how to change a tire?
Not at all.
I was trying to figure it out.
- SYDNEY: Okay. Okay.
- Fast!
And so I get underneath the hood
and I'm stalling, and I'm acting
and-and I'm pretending
like I'm doing something,
and she's just calm in the car.
So I walk out of the car and I say,
"I think it might be the radiator."
And she goes, "Oh, no."
- She does not go, "Oh, no."
- EMMANUEL: Your mama, your mama
Your mama was like a southern belle.
A Black southern belle.
"Yes, Beauregard."
And so she gets out of the car,
- she opens the hood
- SYDNEY: Uh-huh.
she looks inside and she says,
"Huh. Uh-huh.
It's definitely the radiator."
And I was like, "Uh, yeah! Yeah."
EMMANUEL: So then she
walks to the back of the car,
changes that damn tire in ten seconds.
Then gets in the car
and looks at me smiling.
You didn't know her dad was a mechanic.
I absolutely had no idea.
SYDNEY: The best.
The best.
I wanna get it through to you ♪
You're not alone ♪
I'm gonna get it through to you ♪
You're not alone ♪
Claire. Hey.
You-you got there.
CARMY: Yeah, it took me a sec.
Took you a second, yeah.
It's been, uh
CLAIRE: Forever.
- Forever. Definitely.
- CLAIRE: Yeah.
You, uh, making a sundae?
Sundae? Oh, yeah.
A nice veal stock sundae.
With vanilla ice cream?
That actually sounds delicious.
- Yeah.
So how's your life been, Berzatto?
I have no idea.
How about you?
I have no idea.
RICHIE: You guys really
don't have to help me clean up.
MARCUS: Yes, we do.
It's not your fault. It's the mold's.
Thanks, Neil.
You know, you did the, uh, right thing
when you placed the
anonymous call to the mold people.
I I didn't.
MARCUS: I did.
What, I was trying to tell you.
MARCUS: Alliance.
- Thanks.
- MARCUS: Alliance.
SYDNEY: So, yeah, we're
just finishing up the menu now,
but it's really cool.
Um, we're just trying to make sure
that we, you know, are familiar,
but obviously operating
at a higher level,
you know what I mean?
Um, and insane but cool.
We want a star.
It's personal victory and it's
also very good for business.
Like, more than worth
the detour, like plan a trip
And-and how many do you guys want?
Oh. Um, one, I think.
Yeah, that'll keep us
consistent, low to the ground,
but obviously,
like a little bit above it.
Uh, do you get paid the same?
Well, TBD for a month
there'll be payment
and then right now it's built
into the business plan
that that'll take a bit of a pause
just so that the rest of
the team can definitely be paid.
So you have a job for a month,
then not a job.
I will have a job.
It's just that payment
will be deferred for six months
and I'm not the only one doing it.
So is Carm, and also Natalie.
Well, I I can tell you're excited
and I am glad you're excited.
I also want you to know
that Cousin Monty
- always has a job for you at Boeing
- Okay.
if you decide to make a change.
If I decide to make a change
and just go like this
at the airport
for the rest of my life, like
Honey, honey, it's-it's
It's a different beast,
that's all I'm saying.
A different beast than-than what?
I read about restaurants in the papers.
Oh, my God. What are
you reading in the papers?
EMMANUEL: They're hard.
And a lot of them
Yeah, a lot of them don't work out.
Yes, we've actually had
this conversation before.
I'm-I'm saying they
I'm saying they-they don't,
that doesn't mean
that-that you-you won't.
So then what does it mean?
Why are you bringing it up?
It's just interesting
that the backup plan
is now the only plan.
Okay. This is not last time.
- I know it's not last time.
- I'm in a different place in my life,
in a, in a better place, I think.
And I know what I'm doing.
I've learned a lot of lessons.
I'm still learning,
which is actually a good thing.
And also, I'm not alone,
like in your house.
- I have a partner.
- And you trust him?
I'm just asking.
You okay?
It's weird, you know.
I think I like (SCOFFS)
I don't know.
I just realized I'm, like,
older than her now, you know.
But just as wonderful.
I gotta go wash my hands.
I hear you're a doctor now.
CLAIRE: I Almost a doctor.
I have six months left in my residency.
And what kinda doctor?
Uh, emergency medicine.
That sounds, um intense.
- It isn't chill.
- CARMY: Right.
So how did you, um
Is that something
like you get to pick that?
You do.
You, uh
Do you, uh, remember
Katie from Roosevelt?
Hmm maybe.
When we were, like, six, she, uh,
fell off a fence and broke her arm
and it scared the shit out of everybody?
Except me, I just, like, sat
there and stared at her arm.
'Cause you wanted to fix it?
I wanted to understand it.
That was at, uh,
that was Roosevelt or
Uh, no, Mrs. Kelly's.
- CARMY: Mrs. Kelly?
- Yeah.
CARMY: That's so crazy. She, um
She emailed me, like,
a couple of years ago.
She was asking advice, her, uh, her son
wanted to become a chef.
And what did you tell him?
I told him don't, don't do that.
- That sounds right. Right?
- CARMY: I think it's right.
CARMY: Yeah, I should really, um
I should really listen to myself.
CLAIRE: Why? What are you doing?
Opening a restaurant.
You're, uh, you're doing the thing.
Trying to, yeah.
CLAIRE: I still I-I love the name.
The name?
You-you don't remember the name.
Of course, I remember the name.
No, I don't think we even
We didn't even tell anybody
what the name was.
You one hundred percent
told me the name.
I bet you one million dollars
that you don't know the name.
Prepare to be
out of a million dollars, dude.
How could you remember the name?
Because you're The Bear
and I remember you.
(SIGHS) I guess it's just like,
how am I getting my money now.
- For sure. Um
- Mm-hmm.
Can you Venmo a million dollars?
I feel like that would be really shady.
Yeah, somebody somewhere would be like,
that's-that's fucked up, right?
Somebody somewhere would
be, like, really watching your ass.
CARMY: Sure.
Which is your choice
if you want that, you know.
Um why don't you just
wire it to be safe?
Deal. Yeah, no, that's-that's clean.
CLAIRE: Yeah, that's clean.
I'll just, uh, get
your contact information.
CARMY: Yeah, it's, um
seven, seven, three, five, five, five
CLAIRE: Five, five, five
zero, nine
CLAIRE: Zero, nine
zero, two.
- CLAIRE: Zero, two.
- Yep.
You know with love ♪
Comes strange currencies ♪
And here is my appeal ♪
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