The Conners (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Hold the Salt

1 BECKY: Hey, you're all dressed up.
You going to court? Unlike you, people get dressed up for other reasons than trying to beat a shoplifting charge.
The saleswoman said I could walk around in the shoes.
I wanted to see how they felt on the sidewalk.
You're a criminal.
I'm just trying to look nice for work.
That's all.
That is so cute! You're trying to be a girl! This is obviously about her new boss.
- [GASPS] You have a crush on your boss? - Ooh! No, I'm just trying to be a professional.
God, all I did was put on a little makeup.
I heard the blow dryer.
I was blowing dust out of the smoke alarms.
Nice try.
They're all here! Do you ever worry that some of the people in these mug shots might be innocent.
Eh, people can think whatever they want.
We're just reporting, not passing judgment.
Uh, the paper's called Lock 'Em Up.
It's kind of judge-y.
This one's kind of hot.
Let's put her on the front page.
Oh, so that's what you're attracted to? Blondes with most of their teeth? I think you know exactly the kind of woman I'm attracted to.
[CLEARS THROAT] What are we doing? I work for you.
I mean, this would be complicated as hell.
Yeah, you're right.
And as your employer, I cannot have you feel uncomfortable or pressured in any way.
So you're gonna have to make a move on me.
Do I look like a woman with moves? Just do what you feel is right.
I am going to pretend to work and, uh, hope for the best.
You've got a Fuji apple sticker on your ass.
I believe it's Golden Delicious.
Can we just go back to work? This is getting too awkward.
Yes, I agree.
Um, can I borrow your stapler? Yes, sure.
"The Conners" is recorded in front of a live studio audience.
I'm done with my list! We made our Christmas lists for you, Grandpa Dan.
They're just suggestions.
Don't get your hopes up.
You're getting underwear and a popcorn tin from the drug store.
So, we're not getting anything we want? You really break my heart when you put it like that.
But no.
But I really want a Plushy Pet backpack.
It talks to you.
But Mark talks to you.
You don't want him to feel like he's being replaced, do you? You know what won't make him feel bad? Crayons.
Hi, guys.
Grandpa wants to give me crayons for Christmas.
Well, we'll call Child Services and let them sort it out.
You know, Mary, most people refer to them as Crayolas, but that's really a brand name, like Kleenex or cellophane.
Crayola comes from the French word "craie," meaning "chalk," and "oleaginous," meaning "oily.
" Can we go to school now? I see I've awakened the educational curiosity in you.
Oh, for God's sake, let 'em go.
I'll help you pack 'em up, Deej.
Dan, Peter wants to talk to you.
He has a bike that needs restoring.
Well, you've come to the right place.
We do the same quality work as the big guys, but cut a lot of corners and pass the savings on to me.
This isn't a bike.
This is what you feed to other bikes.
It's a classic Vespa.
Did you ever see "Roman Holiday" with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck? It's on my "After I Die" bucket list.
I'm sorry.
I don't fix foreign bikes.
Ah, come on.
I saw a bike like this in that movie, and I fell in love with it.
The whole experience just made me want to move to Italy.
Well, you know, it's still there.
So, Dan? What do you think of the Vespa? Well, like I told Audrey Hepburn here, I don't fix foreign bikes.
Peter, could you get the kids' Christmas presents - out of the trunk? - I'll take Audrey or Katharine.
You can't hurt me by comparing me to a Hepburn.
Come on.
Dan, I bought it for Peter for Christmas because I knew you could restore it.
You bought this for him? That's got to be at least three grand.
You don't have that kind of money.
I know it's a lot, but we're both gonna enjoy it.
Me sitting behind him, my cheek pressed against his back as we glide past the Trevi fountain.
That's Rome.
This is Lanford.
We don't have fountains.
We have a pipe that spills sewage into the river.
You're doing it for me, not for him.
Definitely not doing it for him.
You sure you're gonna be riding on this thing? - Of course I am.
- Okay, then.
I'll make sure the brakes work, too.
So, how was work with hunky boss man? Um, we, you know, got along fine.
Fine? That's your version of being overjoyed.
You had sex with him.
All I did was borrow his stapler, and then thank him.
Twice on his desk.
And how was it? Well, if you got to know, um the sex was incredible.
So you've only had sex with two guys, so you don't know good from bad.
Let's just say it was average.
Well, Ben must've liked it.
He asked me over to his apartment for dinner, and I can't wait to go.
Oh, so it's gonna be a relationship.
I smell disaster.
Look, I know you're thinking that because I'm so spun out over Mom and divorcing David and money problems.
You think I'm moving faster than I should because I'm just looking for a quick emotional fix.
No, this isn't about you being an emotional train wreck.
That's too obvious.
This is about your uncanny ability to pick the wrong guy for you.
It's nice to be able to share this with you.
And you're completely wrong.
Ben is finally the right guy.
He's strong and confident, and he knows what he wants.
That's even worse.
That's like two stubborn trains heading towards each other on the same track.
[IMITATES CRASH] You think I'm locked into this little prison that I made for myself dating meek guys that I can push around, and it's not true I've changed.
Really? We shared a room for years.
When you accused me of having my Marky Mark poster on your side of the room, instead of asking me to move it, you cut out Marky's eyes.
I've just never seen you this excited about a guy.
I don't want you to fool yourself into thinking it's gonna be all unicorns and rainbows.
Be prepared for a rainstorm and a horse head in the bed.
Wow, most pregnant women are positive.
That's gonna be one bitter little baby when it finally makes a break for it.
Hey, Dan.
Jackie said I could find you here.
Yeah, I like it here.
The food's bad, and that keeps people away so I can drink in peace.
I just wanted to pay you for the parts so that you could get started.
Are you okay with a check? Sure.
If it bounces, you're not gonna outrun me on Barbie's Dream Scooter.
Oh, you and Jackie have an account together.
When did this happen? Last week.
We put my name on her account so that we could save money on fees by commingling our finances.
No biggie.
Commingling means two people mingling money.
Do you have anything to mingle? Not at the moment.
I thought the master's in Medieval Culture would've appealed to a wider array of employers.
But now I'm on the right track with Nordic history, music, and dance.
Look, Jackie's a good person, and she's been single a long time, so her guard may not be up right now, but mine is.
You're taking advantage of my sister-in-law.
No, I'm not.
I'm gonna pay her back every penny, including tuition.
She's paying your tuition? That's between me and Jackie.
Just fix the bike.
That's supposedly what you're good at.
Excuse me? [SIGHS] Don't start a war of wits with me, Dan.
You're unarmed.
And since I am without wit, I'll take you out back and rub your face against the bricks.
Mm, of course.
The uneducated man resorts to violence.
So predictable.
Excuse me.
Hold on.
Don't leave without your check.
Right on time.
You look beautiful.
I already slept with you, so let's just be cool.
[LAUGHS] Oh, oh.
I'm so sorry, but would you mind just taking off your shoes? I, uh I read this scientific thing about what you bring into your house on the bottom of your shoes, and it kind of freaked me out.
Oh, yeah, did you not know the ground was dirty before reading that? [LAUGHS] But, um, still just rather not take my shoes off, makes me feel shorter.
I'd rather you would.
Oh, let's just So, I am making vegan paella, huh? So if you would like to open up a bottle of wine, anything red on the bottom row should be fine.
Oh, this white looks pretty good.
Oh, uh, actually, red usually stands up better to a tomato-sauce base.
Any bottle on the bottom row there.
You know, the red.
Uh, if you hate it, then we can open up a white.
Yeah, I just tried it in my mind, and I hated it.
[CHUCKLES] Well, try it in a glass.
You might like it.
Uh, how about I just help you with the food? Sure, that would be great.
You can stir the paella.
Hey, I'm glad you're here.
Me, too.
Huh? Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's better to add salt at the table.
Well, let me just add a little, and you'll see that you like it.
I tried it in my mind, and I hated it.
You can't just grab something out of my hand like I'm a child.
I'm sorry.
May I have the salt? - No.
- Please let go.
- No, you let go.
- It's my salt.
I'll buy you a new one.
I asked you to stir, not season.
I thought you're glad I'm here.
I am.
I'm just not glad you're seasoning.
Why are you fighting with me? I Man, I spent hours getting everything ready to show you a nice evening.
Why can't you just relax, enjoy yourself? Why can't you just let me enjoy myself the way I want to enjoy myself? Because the only way that you can enjoy yourself is by making me not enjoy myself.
Oh, well, I'm sorry I'm ruining your evening.
I'm getting my shoes.
You can't wear them in here.
I know.
Well, where are you going? Home, to cook in my shoes and salt everything.
- Hi, there.
- Oh, hi.
What are you doing here? I-I'm sorry.
That sounded rude.
Uh, what are you doing here instead of David, who I wish was here instead of you? Well, he couldn't come, so I'll be going over the kids' Christmas lists with you.
I'll just wait for you at that table.
Just throw something in a cup.
I got to get out of here.
The real reason I'm here is I'm having some problems with David.
Well, look, I really don't want to get involved, and I got to go back to the counter so someone doesn't grab my c Oh.
Thank you for doing something you guys rarely do at the worst possible time.
Okay, so, the problem with David is he's afraid to make decisions.
It doesn't matter if it's choosing a doctor or potato chips.
How did you deal with that? I can't help you.
I found the fact that he was born without a backbone one of his best features.
[SCOFFS] I guess I'm just gonna have to get him to see a therapist.
Just don't over-fix him.
There are guys that want to make all the decisions, and that's way more annoying.
You seem super tense.
Uh, what ya doing there? I used to be a massage therapist.
Are you dating a guy who's bossy? Uh, I-I really don't want to talk about this with you.
Sometimes saying it out loud really helps.
Just pretend like I'm not even here.
Oh, I like that.
Um All right, uh, I started dating my boss.
He's really controlling, and, you know, I don't think it's gonna work out.
Well, one thing I learned in a previous job, before massage therapy, is that people who have a lot of responsibilities, secretly, they want to give up control to someone else.
Nobody I know.
Oh, believe me.
Once they were strapped in and had the mask on and gave up total control to me, they they seemed pretty happy.
[LAUGHS] [CHUCKLES] Um, unless you were an anesthesiologist, I think you're telling me you were a dominatrix.
It was a long time ago, and I was the opposite of an anesthesiologist.
I, you know, brought a lot of pain.
And the one thing I learned is that giving up control can make people happier.
Yeah, not this guy.
He wouldn't even give up the salt.
I'm talking about you.
Give him a chance to lead.
You might like it.
Well, thanks for the advice.
Oh, and by the way, now that I know you're a dominatrix, you and David make way more sense.
I'm here to write you a check for the Vespa parts.
Heard you had a nice chat with Peter.
We had a chat.
What'd you talk about? Oh, we touched on a lot of things.
We had a wide-ranging discussion about a variety of topics.
Did you threaten to loofah his face with a brick wall? We may have covered that.
And did you talk about how you think he's taking advantage of me and how I'm a stupid old woman? No.
Have you noticed that I'm talking increasingly louder and louder? I I had begun to notice that, yes.
How dare you talk to my boyfriend about things that are private between him and me? You're in denial about this guy.
All you do is give, and all he does is take.
You're totally wrong.
He treats me well, Dan.
It's an equal relationship, and he gives me so much.
We have fun together.
We talk.
We We We discuss books.
He brings me pancakes in bed.
I don't think you understand how much pancakes cost.
You asked me to be a sounding board like Rosie used to be.
I'm just doing what she would've done.
Roseanne would've come to me first and tried to break down my self-esteem until I broke up with him, and you did not show me the same respect.
Look, I'm keeping my eye on this guy.
I don't want to see you get hurt.
Well, thank you for caring.
I'm a grown woman.
I can handle myself.
- Do we understand each other? - We do.
And we both know that we love each other.
- We do.
- And if you ever do something like this again, I will move in here, and so help me, I will bring Mom with me.
Good morning.
Okay, come on.
Are we gonna talk about last night or what? Oh, not necessary.
Last night was personal.
This is business.
Let's just work.
If that's what you want.
So, I know you wanted to do a cover of mug shots, people who were all born this month and call it "Born Under a Bad Sign," but I was thinking of doing a grouping by hair color and calling it "Blondes Have More Guns.
" Sounds fine.
That's a weird way of saying something sucks.
No, really.
It's fine.
Um, certainly not worth fighting over.
Well, since you're in such an agreeable mood, here's another idea I just had.
We do an all-woman edition under the headline "Bitches Be Crazy.
" That may not be well-received.
I think you're pushing my buttons, but I'm not gonna give in.
I'm just gonna sit here and try to find the pressure points that my dominatrix taught me.
More on that later.
But Come on.
Let's talk about last night, please? I am sorry that I got upset.
You know, I'm just used to being the only alpha in a relationship.
Me too.
Can two alphas have a relationship that works? Both of us just have to let go.
So, you're saying we just have a relationship with no plan at all, no safeguards, nobody leading, just trust Oh, I can't breathe.
Okay, so, I am gonna trust you.
You're gonna trust me.
And we may end up ripping each other's hearts out.
I'm in.
Me too.
All right, let's get back to work.
Hey, who tore the eyes out of the hot blonde that was going on the cover? Could've been anybody.
Bitches be crazy.
HARRIS: Can I talk to you guys for a minute? I have a question about relationships.
[BOTH GROAN] Okay, so, there's this boy at school that I want to date, but he wants me to be exclusive.
How do I decide? Don't ask anybody about your relationships.
They just want to get all up in your business.
It's a big aggravation.
Die alone.
It's easier.
Mom? Oh, man.
Relationship dynamics are so complicated.
You zig, and then they zag, then you zig, and then they zig.
It's all like one big cosmic yank.
I guess I'll go ask Aunt Becky.
- No, no, no, no! - No, no! Tell us more! Tell us more about this boy.