The Dead Zone s04e05 Episode Script

Heroes & Demons

I had a perfect life.
|I have been in coma since 6 years.
When i wake up, i found my fiancée married| to an other man Raising my son.
|Everything has changed Including me.
One touch, and i see things|Things that had happend, things that will happend You should see what i see Ethelemmë truanai andassë.
E firitana tol-muura e wiisha mella.
Stories are like journeys.
The most difficult step|always seems to be the first.
It is often in the darkest times,|when our strength and will are weakest, that we are challenged|to set out on an unfamiliar path.
So it was for young Finn.
"Finn the Silent"|As he was known.
A riddle to all who knew him.
And to himself as well.
His journey required him to|negotiate strange currencies.
And to face dangers he could|barely have imagined.
And though his courage|was often tested he found strength|to face his fears.
For never had|he traveled so far even in the company of those|far older and wiser than himself.
And on this most important|journey he was alone.
His path leading|him toward a distant Excuse me?|Is that your knapsack? I asked if this seat is taken? Pain in the ass.
a distant and fabled realm wherein dwelt a man of uncommon|power and compassion.
A grand wizard named Eldgar.
Hello there.
Can I help you? What's a little guy like you|doing out at night like this? Hey, are you all right? You're not lost,|are you? Look, if this is some joke your|friends put you up to, you knocked|on the wrong door.
It's a joke's on me, I guess.
Dearly beloved we are gathered here today|to say goodbye to Irene Fallon.
the lovered wife of Ryan,|the mother of Thaddeus.
Slow down cop.
|You don't have to cuff him! You've heard the sentence|of this court.
In accordance with that sentence,|at a date and time to be determined, you will be taken to a place of execution|and put to death by lethal injection.
May God rest your soul.
What's your name? Why'd you want|me to touch that? You could at least look|at me when I talk to you.
Thanks for answering my 9-1-1.
How'd you manage calm him down? I've had a little experience|with autistic kids.
Autistic? You learn to recognize the signs.
Aversion to eye contact.
Being touched.
|Obsessive rhythmic movements The rocking movement.
Usually there's a language problem.
What language? The kid hasn't said|a word since he got here.
That's extreme.
Autistic kids who can't communicate usually|aren't independent enough to be out on their own.
He managed to track me down.
Even seems to know|how my visions work.
Well that kid do his homework.
Take a look.
Boston? Guess that's where he's from.
Bus ticket.
|One way from South Station.
He has colored this article.
|Check this out.
That's the guy I saw in my vision.
- Are you sure?|- You know him? I know of him.
Remember that corruption scandal in|the Boston P.
about five years back? This guy set it off when he shot and|killed an undercover federal agent.
He's a dirty cop.
I didn't think Massachusetts|had a death penalty? They don't.
He was tried and|sentenced in a federal court.
Someone wanted to make|an example like it says right here.
He's gonna be executed next week.
"Fallon has a son, Thaddeus, twelve|living with 2 olders.
" Thaddeus.
Guess maybe Thad thought|you could help his dad.
Hey look Johnny, you may want to think|twice about jumping into this thing.
Corruption scandal it gets|the rank and file pretty edgy.
I can at least bring the kid home.
Someone is gonna be looking for him.
All right.
I'll make a call.
I'll call the office,|see if I've got a runaway report.
Where'd he go? He's probably|checkin' out the house.
I'll check upstairs,|look at the basement.
Thaddeus? Thaddeus? There you are.
See you found my old hidin' place.
I used to hole up here for hours whenever I wanted to be alone.
It's "Thaddeus", right? That gold braid, that was|your father's, wasn't it? I guess you knew|I'd figure that out.
We'll get in touch with your family.
|They'll probably let you stay here tonight.
But tomorrow|we've got to get you home.
Fortune smiled on young Finn, making|allies of Eldgar and his trusted apprentice a fellow who was rarely silent|on the journey back to Finn's home.
Yo Thad, check this out.
Every street in all 50 States, include Mexico and Canada,|programmed into an itty-bitty two-gig flash drive with a GPS locator|to light the way.
So I was right, we're lost.
Ok, that's where we should be.
Sorry man, I'm just distracted.
That little|ditty he is humming, it's driving me crazy.
So it's his fault you can't|operate thaisthing? That's desperate,|even for you.
Doesn't seem to be|stopping his drawing.
Thaddeus, let me see|some of those drawings? These are good.
"The wizard and his apprentice".
Look, the wizard looks like me.
Are you saying that freaky little|dude with the pointy ears is me? Very life-like Thad.
|Very life-like.
Uh-uh! I'm no "elf".
You know, Tolkien's elves are all immortal.
Immortal, huh? Just never seen no black elf before.
Home sweet home.
- This his mom's place?|- Was.
Now it's Fallon's sister's.
She should be expecting us.
Jimmy! Evan! Get the|damn door! Hi I'm Jesus, Thad, you had|us going nuts.
Thaddeus!|I'm talking to you! Boys! In the bedroom! Now! I'm sorry you had to drive all|the way down here.
The house is a disaster zone, I can offer you|a cup of coffee before you head back.
My own kids I can barely handle But Thad? Running away like this.
|It's just too much.
Can't you get some help? Aides cost money, and I'm the only one paying|the bills around here.
After I heard from you,|I called Social Services.
You're giving him up? The State has places|for kids like him.
Maybe he'd be happier.
You don't know what it's like.
Raising an autistic kid is a 24-7 job.
|I have my own kids to worry about.
No one is judging you.
It's just he gets to me, you know? He'll go ballistic, then he'll disappear under|his bed for hours doing those comics of his.
Has he always been this shut off? No he was doing pretty well.
Irene, that's Ryan's wife, she had him|in a mainstreaming program.
His teachers saw potential.
What happened? Irene was killed in a car accident.
Thaddeus was stucked in the wreckage|with her until they cut him out.
And after that, he just|started to shut down.
Then when Ryan was arrested,|he just stopped talking altogether.
But I know that he understands.
It's just that no one|has been able to reach him.
Fallon? It seems to me that|it's Thaddeus who's reaching out.
He didn't just run away.
He came looking for me.
For help.
It's the case.
I's been on the paper all the time.
|And I've tried to shield him from it.
I guess he thinks|you're some kind of super hero.
I've seen John do some pretty|amazing things.
Have you seen him get|a cop off Death Row? Look, Mister Smith, I love my brother|but I sat through that trial and you're just gonna|disappoint that kid again.
Then who's going to|pick up the pieces? Thaddeus.
Mister Smith and his|friend want to say goodbye.
I'm afraid we have|to go body.
Thaddeus? Irene, I can't even play|a simple game of catch with him! Maybe if you tried to connect with his interests.
|I mean he worships you, he follows you around.
Yeah but that's drive me crazy.
|There is no connecting with him.
You need to be patient.
I would be patient if he wasn't|a goddamn zombie?! The other guys have sons I had so many things|I wanted to teach him.
Maybe he's here to teach you.
Like how to be a real father.
Did Ryan and Thaddeus|get along? My brother's a cop,|from a family of cops.
He couldn't accept having|a son with Thad's limitations.
It's from the crash.
I didn't even know he had that.
What'd you see that time? More weird images like before.
I'd like you both to leave now.
We're not going|anywhere, are we? Ryan Fallon's life isn't|the only one at stake here.
Bruce I know what it's like|to grow up without a father.
If there's any chance I can spare|Thaddeus those feelings, I'll take it.
Okay, John.
Where do we start? You two, hold on.
Stop man! In the car.
Spread him.
What is this man? You'll see.
Tell me you didn't arrest them.
No one got arrested.
I just wanted|to make sure they didn't snatch Ryan's kid.
Thr man was my partner.
And he almost|took down this division.
It's against the law|to smoke indoors.
You're a cop.
Arrest me.
They claim the kid came to them, they were just takin' him home.
When I uncuffed blondie, he said that|my wife isn't coming back.
He claims to get "visions"|when he touches things.
Think he's for real? You met my wife.
|Hell, I pray he's for real.
Let's find out.
We should call for back up.
More than you can handle, rookie? Police! Freeze! Down on your knees!|Not one move! You saved detective|Fallon's life.
And he saved mine.
|You two are free to go.
What if we could help|your ex-partner? Ryan Fallon had his day in court.
What if we could find new evidence.
I got real work to do fellows.
At the trial,|Fallon said he was framed.
You heard what my lieutenant said.
If you care about Ryan and|Thaddeus, you'll accept my offer.
Either way,|we're not going home.
Ryan was like a father to me.
I wanted to believe him.
More than|I've ever wanted anything.
Look, just be careful where|you poke stick in your nose.
You've seen what happens|when you get cocky.
Eldgar's "crystal eye"|revealed the location of Finn's father:|the dreaded Fortress of Maror.
The trio decided to reconnoiter|the fortress alone, only to be waylaid|by the Kalmathari the hungry souls of those already|claimed by Maror's dungeons.
Were it not for a quickly|cast spell of invisibility, their own souls would have|joined their ranks.
My lawyers said|I should meet with you.
The question is why? A close friend sent me.
Consider it a 24-carat thank you.
Just doin' my job.
I got sloppy.
You've got my back|for now on partner.
Are you serious? It's up to you.
I think that's the hard part.
|Knowing, the partner thinks you sold out.
He sent us here, didn't he? You're here for the press.
Only I'm not buying|your "Dead Man Walking" act.
I came here for Thaddeus.
Thad? Your son came to find me.
All the way to Maine on his own.
- That's impossible My son is|- Autistic.
I know that.
He's also|your biggest supporter.
Now maybe I can|help you, maybe I can't.
The question is: what have you|got to lose? What do you want from me? Tell me what happened that night.
Read the court transcript.
I need to hear it|in my own way.
You're kidding? He's kidding, right? I got a tip that a dealer I was after was|making a sale to a big out-of-town buyer.
The dealer didn't show and the buyer took|off before I could I.
I gave pursuit Don't shoot! That's when the lights went out.
When I came to, I was looking up|at a couple of medics Waky, dirtbag! and some very angry feds.
The "buyer" turned out to be|an undercover D.
thanks to three rounds|from my service revolver.
My backup piece ended up|in the victim's hand.
Like I'd tried to make it|look like self-defense.
When they searched me, they found a key|to a bus locker packed full of drug money.
That's the way I went down.
|My hand to God.
I believe you.
My lawyers don't believe me.
I saw what happen|just the way you described.
The only problem is I saw it|from your perspective.
Someone must've|hit you from behind, but I don't know who it was.
Welcome to the party.
Any idea who framed you? A dealer I was after.
Slick Russian dude|named Boris Kujo.
Kujo has been coming up|in the world.
And he isn't shy about|letting me know it.
Take a look at this.
Cute, huh? A record of Donald Trump.
Two office buildings going downtown.
|Another I can see from my cell.
Could we find him there? No.
Kujo doesn't like|to get his hands dirty.
My partner Stampton|will tracking down.
You took along enough|to find this guy.
My Lieutenant didn't think|it was a priority.
What do you need? Just one touch.
That can be arranged.
Your date's taking her time|in there, Boris.
Hope she's not|doing all your coke.
I don't engage|in illegal activities.
I'm a businessman.
Just ask your ex-partner.
If you'd warned me, I would've|reserved a bigger table.
Detectives Smith and Lewis.
|They're working a case with me.
Mister Kujo.
|I've heard a lot about you.
And I've heard nothing about you.
It's done.
Let's go.
Pleasure to meet you.
|We'll see again.
What the hell was that? You're more popular|than you thought.
Did he do it? He's our guy.
Even if he didn't|pull the trigger.
"Doesn't get his hands dirty.
" There's something else.
Just a sec I thought you two left town.
I need to speak to Thaddeus.
|It's important.
Come in.
Thaddeus, I need you to look at me.
You were there that night.
You saw what happened.
What are you saying? I got the same vision on Thad and the drug|dealer that you're brother was after.
Thaddeus was a witness.
He knows|who set his father up.
Fate can be a surprising partner.
Like a river that twists and turns, only to wind its way|back to its source, events had again conspired to place|Finn at the center of our tale.
The High Council convened Eldgar believed the boy himself|carried the key that could free his father|from the Dark Fortress.
We need to know|what happened Thad.
"The answer lies here," the wizard|said, tapping Finn's chest.
"Close to your own heart.
" Some way you could|help us understood.
My God.
That's Ryan's badge.
Thaddeus, where did you get that? Your brother was framed.
In order to prove that,|I need Thaddeus.
I'm not sure what|this can tell you.
That makes two of us.
See anything? The history of graffiti.
Look, I know you don't like|being touched.
But it's the only way|I can be sure what you saw.
I won't never hurt you.
John, you can't force|that out on him.
You know, there's something|you don't know about me.
I lost my father when|I was a little boy.
Not a day goes by when I don't think about him, or wish he would come back.
But you and me, we're working together here and we have a chance to bring|your father back to you.
Thaddeus, I need you|to be brave, I need you to trust me, just like you'd trust him.
Thaddeus was|over there, watching.
His father run by this wall,|chasing after a guy.
Kujo was over there too.
Thad, did you stay here or did you follow them buddy? Could you see him?|The killer, I mean.
You see him by the train.
We didn't see his face.
We heard something.
That melody you've been|humming, Thad was the sound|of the killer cell phone.
The man who hurt your father.
A ring tone? To identify the shooter.
Who we know was working|for our pal Boris.
Let's say you find the guy, what are the odds he'd have the same|phone? It was five years ago.
It's not evidence but|it's something.
None of which is gonna get my|lieutenant on board.
It isn't even testimony|if the kid can't speak.
According to Ryan's account, Thaddeus was with him|most of that day.
Let's just follow their movements,|see where your visions lead us.
You can't tote Thad|along like a police dog.
Besides, if you're right,|it could be dangerous.
He's right.
We should|take him home.
Thad, you did a really|good job today buddy.
Callie took the twins to soccer,|said to make Thad lunch.
How we're supposed to get in? You guys, go on in on, I'll catch up|with you, I gotta call my girl.
Better reception out here.
Follow the pink Post-its.
Tomato Soup.
Also been one|of my favorites.
Kid, it's me.
Just got a tip that Kujo's personally|brokering a sale tonight.
South Station rail yard.
Hope you get this soon|'cause I can't wait.
And, Stampton, I finally got the bastard.
He didn't think you'd understand, much less follow him.
|D'you take the bus? People keep underestimating you.
That's their big mistake.
Thad Thaddeus! Johnny.
Leave them! It's okay, I got 'em! I got 'em!|I got 'em! Are you getting this? Ready to go? With less than 24 hours until|his scheduled execution, a fire has destroyed|Ryan Fallon's former home, now occupied by his sister|and her family.
Fortunately, no one was harmed.
At least there was no one hurt.
She seems to be taking things|in stride, considering.
Callie always lands on her feet.
Least Thad saved his drawings.
You should have seen him he was|willing to die to save his drawings.
You're lucky you both didn't cook.
Did you get another vision? Yeah.
Fire Marshal's calling it|an accident.
Lieutenant I got a vision that one of Kujo's|thugs was messing with the gas line.
What you claim to see in your|head doesn't interest me.
Lieutenant, I had my doubts, but what|if Kujo is coming for the kid? If he set Fallon up,|that'd be his play.
Have a uniform babysit the kid|for the next 24 hours.
If you want to help Fallon, get me some hard evidence.
He's right.
We're just spinnin' our wheels,|and the clock keeps ticking.
Can I borrow your phone? Don't use up my minutes.
Who you calling? Purdy.
He has some|political connections.
Not reachable right now.
Thad? Can I see your drawing|pad again? The stories are|all based on his life.
See this one? That was today,|at the train yard.
I was leading Thad past|these old freight cars.
"Sleeping dragons.
" What's your point? It's an allegory.
It's a way Thaddeus|records his experience.
And he's been|doing it for years, including the night|his father was arrested.
A kind of "witness testimony.
" If we can match|the story to the event.
We have to go back|to the train yard.
Dragons? Comic books? You guys|realize how this sounds? You got a better idea, I'm all ears.
It's all right here.
All we had|to do was see it.
His alter ego, Finn, slips out of|his evil stepmother's house.
He uses public transportation.
Well come on.
Make up your mind.
|In or out.
I ain't got all night, child.
He arrives at the crime scene.
Which brings us right here.
A demon standing over an unconscious guy,|who looks a lot like Thad's father.
Swap the bloody sword|for a smoking gun and I imagine he have a pretty accurate|picture of what he must have seen.
You really think these are going|to prove anything? Yes.
But they could convince a judge|that Thaddeus was a witness, that he saw something at odds with|the prosecution's version of events.
And that could get|Ryan a reprieve.
Hook Thaddeus up with a good child psychologist,|chances are he may blow this thing wide open.
With my visions, and more time to investigate You guys aren't going|to quit, are you? We're trying to help your partner.
My ex-partner.
What? You guys should have gone home|when I told you to.
You set Ryan up.
You killed that agent|and you planted Ryan's gun.
Ryan was getting too dangerous.
Just like you two.
I'm not alone.
You're not going to kill us here, too many questions.
You're right.
But I have other places.
|So many other places.
What about Thaddeus? The kid can't talk.
And those half-assed drawings|are about to disappear.
Problem solved.
You said Ryan was like|a father to you.
He was.
Then why save his life, and let him be executed? Ryan was "Old School.
" He didn't get it.
You were in Kujo's pocket|the whole time.
We play a sucker's game,|while guys like Kujo get rich.
I just decided to take|what I deserved.
You really had me fooled.
But you should never have|handed me your phone.
I told you:|it only takes one touch.
Can I borrow your phone? Don't use up my minutes.
It's done.
It's not good enough|to change your ring tone.
You have enough Lieutenant? - It'll do.
|- Kept us close thinking you could keep us off the scent, huh? It's over, Detective.
Thaddeus! - What that kid's doing here?|- He must have follow.
No! No Back off! Everybody! I'm gonna|walk out'a here now! And go where? That's my problem.
|This is yours.
Shut up! Nighthawk One.
|The target is green.
Take that green light,|Nighthawk One.
Green light, out.
You're not gonna make it, Detective.
Back off! You're gonna die right here.
I've already seen it.
Let him go.
One team has a green light,|they're just waiting for a clear shot.
Let him go.
Stanton's testimony led us|to a stash in the burbs.
Enough stuff there to put Boris|away for a long time.
Ryan? Governor granted his stay.
He won't|get out right away, but he'll get out.
Now if I can just keep the word "psychic"|out of my paperwork, I may keep my job.
Baiting that confession out of|Stanton was pretty gutsy.
The gutsy one was Thaddeus.
Hey Thad.
How you doin', kid? It's okay.
I'm the one|who needs to talk.
I'm sorry that I never gave|you enough credit.
Didn't see the really|terrific kid you are.
I promise I won't make|that mistake again.
I love you.
I truly do.
You keep it.
You deserve it|more than me.
Mister Smith? Mister Lewis? Thank you.
Every story has a beginning.
But no story truly has an end.
Only a new beginning.