The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

Hey, pal.
You want to go
on a trip somewhere tomorrow?
I made plans already,
-but let's take a long bike trip.
I have a tent at my house,
so we can camp out somewhere on the way.
-Bring a sleeping bag!
Sounds fun? You should come too, pal.
I see. I'll pass.
What are you laughing at, Saiko?
Nothing. Sorry.
I was just thinking what
a wretched vacation that would be.
It's just sad.
Don't laugh if it's sad!
Well, what are you going to do?
What's your plan for tomorrow?
Oh, me? Well
Maybe I'll go on a cruise
on the Pacific on my family's ship.
Do some fishing and reading on the deck
until I get to my destination.
My family owns an uninhabited island.
Then I'll enjoy a drive
in my family's convertible.
Then, I'll eat French food
while watching
the sea and the stars at my villa.
You own too much.
That's about it.
Well, your boat is going to sink.
That's right.
You'll sink and be eaten by a shark!
What a poor imagination.
Wow, you have a ship? We want to go too.
Hey! Don't say that!
If you say that, we lose! You idiot!
I think we've already lost.
Well, I guess you guys can come too.
-You're swayed so easily.
But on one condition.
You have to bring Kokomi Teruhashi.
If she comes,
you can bring whoever you want.
-I'll go!
It's with Saiko and it's a sleepover!
Yes, but everyone is coming, right?
It will be fun.
Yay! I'm so excited!
I've been waiting for this!
Of course, Saiki is going too.
If he's going, then I'm going!
Hey, Kaido. What are you talking about?
Good timing.
Are you two free this weekend?
-We're going on Saiko's boat.
Do you want to come?
It's overnight, so it would be weird
for just one girl to go.
So I thought of inviting you.
How about it?
Wow! A cruise with Kaido?
And it's overnight?
That's definitely going to be fun!
-I'll go!
-How about you, Mera?
Yes! A dinner cruise on Saiko's boat?
Three meals and a room?
I'm sure I'll be able to eat a ton!
-I'll have some!
-Some what?
Are you sure it's okay if we go too?
Sure. He said we can bring
as many people as we want.
I plan on asking Hairo too.
What? Can my little brothers
and sisters come too?
I have three of them!
Mera, that's a little too much.
And with that,
we met your condition.
Like you promised, let us come with you.
There are a lot of you, but you did well.
I'll give you losers a weekend
you will never forget.
That sounds like it will be fun for them.
-I'm looking forward to this.
-I hope
-they haven't included me.
-I've never hung out
with this many people before.
I turned them down
when they asked about the bike trip,
but things got all confusing and vague.
There's no way.
Eight people all together.
"Eight." The seven of you
and then Hairo, right?
Yes! I'm not counted.
Hairo has practice and can't come.
Too bad.
Then maybe Takahashi? Just not me.
-It will be so much fun, right, Saiki?
-Yes. Have fun without me.
Okay. Everyone is here.
Let's choose when to meet up.
But everyone's buddy,
Takahashi, isn't here yet.
What are you talking about?
It doesn't concern you. Now leave.
You idiot! You can't start without him.
It's no good.
It's getting to a point
where I can't refuse.
Good grief.
There goes my precious weekend.
I can't believe we have to leave at night.
Saiko's island is far away.
If we don't leave tonight,
we won't make it.
What? Then we have to sleep on the ship?
Hey! What are you doing? Get on.
Huh? Where is he?
-Right here.
-It's huge!
Impressed? Only my family
could own something of this size.
You don't need a private ship this big!
The inside is even better.
It's got a theater, a pool in the gym,
and an orange grove.
Wow! But do you need an orange grove?
Come on in! It's amazing!
-I knew they would like it.
-Where do we get on?
The word "quit" is not in my vocabulary.
Are you still doing maintenance?
Hurry up and finish.
We're leaving tonight.
We will never make it in time!
You either have to change your plans
or prepare another boat.
Fine. Get the best one we have ready.
But all other ships
are being serviced or out to sea.
This is the only one left.
Then get it done quickly!
If you can't, you're fired!
Yes, sir!
Looks like they managed to finish.
They were just over-exaggerating it.
In retrospect, I should have
turned back when I had the chance.
I should have realized it.
I should have realized the disaster
that was about to happen.
Eleven hours earlier.
Saiki, what are you doing? Hurry up!
At that time too.
And that time.
And that time.
I saw all the signs.
Why didn't I turn back?
I ignored it all.
Awesome! What is this?
It's extremely gorgeous!
Are we really in a ship?
Poor people get easily excited.
Just wait for what you'll see next.
It's like a luxury hotel.
If I marry Saiko, this could all be mine.
This could turn out to be a fine cruise.
-Two minutes later.
What's wrong? Are you sick?
Yes. Just a little seasick.
I'll go get you some medicine!
I'll go get you some food too!
Oh, please do.
I'm sorry. I couldn't find any medicine.
But it's okay.
I'll stay here and look after you.
You don't have to worry.
The truth is I kind of like
-I feel sick.
Is it your stomach or me? Which is it?
-Just give it to me straight, Kaido!
-I'm all dizzy.
Wait, what? Where am I?
How come I'm sleeping here?
Where is this place?
He's finally awake.
Saiki! Where are we?
Weren't we on a ship?
-What is this?
-Good grief.
-Do I have to deal with this again?
-What's going on?
All right. Here is what happened.
The ship went down,
and we drifted to this deserted island.
Let's just wait until help comes.
That is all.
-No, that's too vague.
There is no time for that!
We're stranded on a deserted island!
You know it's bad
when you see this kind of thing!
What thing?
Besides, this island is pretty small.
It's the size of our schoolyard.
We won't be able to find food.
What can we do?
It's only a matter of time
until it looks like this.
Don't kill me off.
Shun, you didn't see it?
-It's the pantry from the ship.
this all drifted here with us.
As far as I know,
Mera ate all of it on the ship.
But we have plenty of water,
so don't worry.
Only amateurs drink while eating.
-Don't get carried away.
-We're lucky that there's the pantry.
Yes. It's a miracle.
But that's going to run out!
If we don't get help soon
Help will come.
It's not like we drifted here on a raft.
Right now, they are using
the ship's tracking device
to locate where the ship sank,
and are searching for us.
I don't know where we are,
but I know it can't be too far.
the son of the world's leading
financial conglomerate is here.
I'm a world treasure.
A giant search team is out there
looking for me now.
-You should thank me.
-Don't push your luck.
So what? You're saying we shouldn't worry?
That's right, little guy.
So, let's go swimming!
That's a little too carefree!
It's just like what everyone says.
But what is this feeling I have?
Kaido's hunch is right.
I guarantee help is not coming.
I figured that out long ago.
Things are a bit more serious.
How do I know they are not coming?
Why did we sink in the first place?
I can't remember anything.
What? Oh, right.
-You and Saiki were sleeping.
-Then why didn't I prevent the accident?
-You see
-I should tell you what happened.
It was a little while
after Kaido fainted from being seasick.
What the hell are you doing?
-Hey. What's up?
-It's all bad!
This glutton ate all the food
in the pantry.
-Damn you.
-Don't growl at us!
There's like nothing left!
You're still eating?
Mera, sit! Mera, down!
With Mera eating all the food,
the ship was in chaos.
That's when it happened.
What do we do if there's no food? Saiki
A mysterious illness came over me.
I've never even had a cold before.
I'm a psychic, after all.
I couldn't even stand.
-Hey! I think Saiki's seasick too.
-You okay?
It wasn't something
as simple as seasickness.
I suddenly got a headache and wanted
to throw up. This was no seasickness.
It's seasickness!
I felt better after I got a little air.
That's seasickness!
I still don't know what happened.
I'm fine now.
Saiki got seasick too!
I definitely wasn't seasick.
This was my first time on a ship.
Anyway, because of that mysterious illness
I had to lie down.
-Oh, you got seasick too, pal?
I was sick
because of a mysterious illness.
So, Shun and Saiki are both seasick.
Is there really no medicine for it?
Gee, I wonder where it could be.
By the way, I knew Yumehara threw
the medicine overboard
because she wanted to be with Kaido.
Even though I wasn't seasick,
I wanted to punch her.
By the time I realized it, the ship was
But Saiki's in bed with seasickness.
I'm not seasick.
Teruhashi sure was brave.
She came to Saiki's aid and nursed him.
Thinking his hairpin might be dangerous,
she took it out.
So that's what happened.
It happened right after that.
The ship started rocking
and water was coming in fast.
Then all hell broke loose.
The crew escaped on a small boat.
I bumped my head and lost consciousness.
When I woke up, I was here.
It was a miracle that everyone was saved.
It was no miracle.
I saved everyone. All seven of you.
I was amazed when I woke up
and I was underwater.
I checked things out
and realized the ship had sunk.
But there was one problem.
My body was in a terrible state.
I thought it was a mysterious illness.
But my power limiter was taken out
while I was asleep.
Normally, I would have teleported the ship
or pushed it to a nearby island.
But I couldn't do that in my condition.
So I teleported everyone
to a nearby island instead.
We have water but not much food.
We have enough for about a day, don't we?
Just in case, I brought the pantry too.
I thought I had done well,
but I messed up.
When we got to the island,
I realized my mistake.
Our location.
I tried saving everyone
with my teleportation
but I got carried away with my powers.
I teleported us
to the other side of the world.
Who would think that the survivors
of a sinking near Japan
would be on an island
that's not even on the map?
That's why help will never come.
I must do something.
-Hey. Let's explore the island.
-So carefree.
Okay. What am I going to do to save us?
I can't just solve this in an instant
by teleporting everyone
while they are sleeping.
Waking up in a totally different place
would be too weird.
I can't use telepathy to call for help.
How would I explain how we came so far?
Damn. I can't do anything.
How can I get us off the island?
Oh, you're here? What are you doing?
Can't you see? I'm stranded on an island.
Well, I should get going.
It's about 5 a.m. there.
An island? Is this some kind of game?
Anyway, dinner is
Put the croquettes in the fridge for me.
Croquettes. Huh?
My back hurts.
Thanks for keeping watch.
Did a ship pass by?
I was at home sleeping,
but no, none went by.
I see. So, no one has come after one day.
That's probably pretty bad.
It's all over.
Help isn't coming.
The world has abandoned us.
We're going to have to live
the rest of our lives here on this island.
But we won't be able
to live in a place like this.
Soon, we will run out of food
and things will become desperate.
We'll start killing each other!
He's lost his marbles already.
Kaido, don't be so pessimistic.
Right. It's only been a day
One whole day!
No one's ever going to come!
Ever? That actually might not be so bad.
That's way too optimistic.
Anyway, let's eat and go for a swim.
This moron is not even thinking.
Everyone is just saying
whatever they want.
-I'm worried about him too.
Maybe he feels responsible
for what happened.
Maybe I should console him.
Hey, Saiko. Come over here and eat.
No, I'm good.
You're good?
You didn't eat yesterday either.
The sinking wasn't your fault.
No one cares, so you can have some bread.
What are you talking about?
I would never
eat a dirty poor man's bread.
If I had to eat scraps like that,
I would rather die.
So this is the kind of guy he is.
Well, if Teruhashi fed it to me,
I guess I would eat it.
What a jerk.
Let's just leave him be for a while.
Okay. Let's eat!
What? Mera's not back yet.
You're right.
That's strange. She's usually the first
one running when we mention food.
Speaking of which,
I heard something while I was asleep.
I wonder if that was her.
I guess Mera's having
a mental breakdown as well.
Already, the first victim.
Don't say such ominous things!
Oh, maybe that's her.
Oh, my god!
A snake! Do something boys!
How should I know what to do!
-Take that!
-A spear just came flying!
Who on earth is that?
Mera? What's with that getup?
Oh, wow, Mera.
Yeah, it's awesome, but still
I thought you were a native!
Since Mera is poor,
I guess she's used to living in the wild.
I agree, but you don't have
to say it like that.
You don't have to go that far.
What? We can have this?
I have no idea what she means!
What are you saying?
What? You're sorry for eating
all the food in the pantry?
She wants to give us these wild plants
and mushrooms to make up for it.
She says she will get hers herself,
so she doesn't need them.
How do you understand?
She's going back into the forest.
Wow! There's so much here!
Seems our food problems are over.
Thank you, Mera.
We won't let this food
you worked hard to gather go to waste.
Thanks, Mera.
Yes, we won't let these go to waste.
But we still have some food left,
so we will eat these later!
Okay, then. Let's eat something.
What? The food is gone!
What happened?
We still had a whole day's worth!
Did the animals take them?
Now that I think about it, Mera said
she was sorry for eating all our food.
I thought she meant
what happened on the ship.
Maybe she was talking about this.
That amazon! I'll kill her!
Calm down, Aren! You can't beat her!
He's right! The forest is her turf!
"Calm down"? We don't have any food left!
We do! We have food, don't we?
The plants and mushrooms Mera picked
Don't eat those! Those are for everyone!
Oh, sorry. I didn't think anyone
was going to eat them.
Don't worry. There's still a bunch left.
Oh, god. I unconsciously thought
that was something I could eat.
Our situation is desperate now.
Good grief.
They still haven't realized it?
I've already solved our food problem.
It's a harsh world.
Hey, look!
Some food washed up on the beach!
You're right!
Look at all these emergency rations!
It's like a dream! But how?
Isn't it obvious?
It drifted here from Saiko's ship!
-It's a miracle!
-No, it's not.
I bought them at the supermarket
and made it look like they washed up here.
Thanks to you guys, I spent all my money.
Wait. We have canned goods
but no can opener.
And cup noodles but no kettle.
Not to worry.
A can opener and kettle!
It's a miracle!
Is this really by chance?
It's got to be
because God loves Teruhashi so much!
That must be it! Hooray for Teruhashi!
Oh, dear. It's not that.
That's not even possible
if you think about it.
But it's okay.
They're crazy from starvation.
Good grief.
This is just going to carry on forever.
-I have to find a way off this island.
-Hooray for Teruhashi!
What are you looking at, Nendo?
Oh, this wood floats on water, doesn't it?
Which means,
if we had a giant piece of wood,
we would be able to ride it home, right?
What? You mean, build a raft?
How are we going to do that
without any tools?
That's not a way off. That's suicide.
Good grief.
-That's it!
-What's up?
If I teleport everyone now,
they will realize it
because the scenery will change.
But they won't notice
if I do it out there
In the ocean.
In other words, if I teleport us
while on the raft,
they won't realize it's happening.
Time to build a raft!
Hey, look.
A bunch of saws just drifted ashore!
There's enough for everyone. And tape too!
Too many miracles.
Well, whatever.
With these, we can build a raft.
That was a bit strange,
but what else could I do?
All we have to do now is build our raft.
No, we can't.
Though we can build a raft with these,
it's too dangerous!
In these desperate times,
with these murderous weapons,
we'll definitely
end up killing each other!
So I think we should throw these
back in the ocean!
Knock it off, idiot!
Yes! I cut it down!
Wow. That was quick.
I'm still only halfway.
Of course! I've got way more strength.
Really? Then let's have a race!
Sounds fun! Are you sure?
Kaido. We brought back
some vines we can use.
Great. Put them over there.
What's with the plastic bottles?
They are water bottles.
Look. If we use these,
we'll need fewer logs, right?
Wow! What a great idea, Kaido!
You're a genius!
Well, anyone could have thought of that.
I drew a blueprint too!
This makes it easier to understand, right?
You drew a lot of plastic bottles.
-That's Mera's face.
It looks like it will take a while.
I wish we had more people helping.
Crab is all right, isn't it?
That's a high-class food
among poor people, right?
As long as it's high-class,
it should be safe
if someone like me eats it.
What are you doing?
I knew you were hungry.
What are you bums talking about?
I'm not hungry at all!
But you just tried to eat that crab.
No, I didn't!
But we saw
-No! You're wrong!
-He's desperate.
What? You're building a raft?
I knew you guys were dumb,
but this is your dumbest idea yet.
Whatever. Just help us!
No. If you guys want to commit
mass suicide, then go right ahead.
Help will come soon enough.
Don't talk like that.
Please? Build it with us.
Also, you should eat something.
Everyone's worried about you,
so don't be stubborn.
Okay, I guess so.
I shouldn't be stubborn
at a time like this.
-But I refuse.
-Don't show off.
One thing I hate is
people telling me what to do.
Now get away from me!
What? My charm didn't work on him?
People haven't been paying attention to me
since we came here.
He wouldn't listen to us at all.
Don't make her feel any worse.
I want to ask Mera next,
but I have no idea where she could be.
Speaking of which,
where's the food we found this morning?
Well, isn't it in the pantry?
-Oh, no!
-What's wrong?
What are you doing?
Stop right there!
I'll never forgive you for this!
Kaido! Wait!
It's all right. The food is safe.
And on top of that, she gave us more.
Don't be so angry.
She feels bad too.
Damn, you're fast!
You're a monster!
You're pretty good yourself.
It's okay. Come here.
What are they doing?
-Don't be afraid. Here you go.
-You can have some.
It's the amazon!
Why did you have to yell?
We almost had her and you scared her off!
She's very timid. It takes her
a while to get used to people.
Just forgive her for before!
Well, I actually
don't really care that much.
See, Mera? No one is mad at you anymore.
Let's eat together.
See? It's okay. That's right. Good girl.
Watch. If you treat her like one of us,
she will understand
just like a human being.
She doesn't look like a human.
Wow! It spoke!
Just now, she tried to speak!
She can speak.
I'm sorry.
If you're sorry, then help us.
All right! Let's do it!
With that,
they continued building the raft.
With Mera helping,
their work sped up ten-fold.
What? I lost!
She's working too hard.
And with that, everyone's mood
completely turned around.
Tape the bottoms together like this.
Wow, Kaido!
You're so skilled with your hands!
So, do you want to help?
We've been here for two days
and Saiki hasn't gotten dirty at all.
I have a spotless demeanor, so
What's a "spotless demeanor"?
Building the raft together
made everyone cheerful and hopeful.
Everything was going well for them,
except for one person.
We did a lot in one day.
Awesome! It's actually starting
to look like a raft!
We should be able to finish it tomorrow,
don't you think?
Yes. Anyway, it's getting dark now.
That's enough for today.
Good idea. I can barely lift my arms.
Man, I would love a bath.
I'm beat.
Good. They're all gone.
Now, I can start working on it.
They all did well considering the lack of
tools and everything,
but this is no good.
First off, the vines are too loose.
I'll strengthen it with a steel pipe.
Then I'll cover the hole.
Good. Now, it won't fall apart out there.
It doesn't really matter
if it floats or not.
As long as I'm there, it will float.
Okay. Just in case,
I'll have to prepare for that too.
Good grief. I can't believe this happened.
If Hairo was here,
things might have been a bit better.
Next time, we continue this.
No matter what, we'll all make it back
to Hidariwakibara-cho.
When we get back, I'm sure
other bothersome stuff will happen.
Subtitle Translation by Andrew Tinkler
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