The Fall Guy (1981) s02e12 Episode Script


(FINGERS SNAPPING) COLT: # Well, I'm hot the kind to kiss and tell But I've been seen with Farrah # I've never been with anything less than a nine, so fine! # I've been on fire with Sally Field Gone fast with a girl named Bo # But somehow they just don't end up as mine # It's a death-defying life I lead I take my chances # I die for a livin' in the movies and TV # But the hardest thing I ever do is watch my leading ladies # Kiss some other guy while I'm bandaging my knee # I might fall from a tall building I might roll a brand-new car # 'Cause I'm the unknown stuntman that made Redford such a star (FINGERS SNAPPING) # I've never spent much time in school But I taught ladies plenty # It's true I hire my body out for pay # Hey, hey # I've gotten burned over Cheryl Tiegs Blown up for Raquel Welch # But when I wind up in the hay It's only hay # Hey, hey # I might jump an open drawbridge Or Tarzan from a vine # 'Cause I'm the unknown stuntman that makes Eastwood look so fine # (sums FIRING) Okay! All right, now cut it! Cut it! Cut everything! Print it.
Print the whole thing! Great! Beautiful! Colt, that was fantastic! - Oh, thanks.
-just fantastic! - Thanks, Harlan.
You're a hard man to please.
- Well, there's just one thing.
I think camera three missed your drop into the drink.
But don't worry about it.
We'll get it after lunch.
Okay, that's lunch, everybody.
Okay, everybody eat lunch.
After lunch? Dad burn it! Aw, Colt, you've done some crazy things.
But a dogfight between two Wright Brothers rejects? - How could you be so So - COLT: Brave? - Brave? No, I was thinking of stupid.
- There was never any real danger.
Unless we ran out of fuel, or hit some bad wind.
Yeah, well, according to Terri, if you two were as smart as you are brave, you'd be working with her.
Did you get that information she had for us? Yeah, sure.
Now, the one on the left is Greg Cominsky.
He's a notorious jewel thief.
And the one on the right is Don Ross, a big-time con man.
Looks like they're having a high, old time.
Yeah, talk about high times.
Well, Cominsky would rip off people's jewelry, while Ross would collect the reward for seeming to recover it.
Well, now, Terri needs her money back.
They both jumped bail for $50,000 each.
- Any idea where they are? - Acapulco.
Acapulco? Great! Tropical climate, beautiful ladies.
Rich men.
Rich men! Oh, Colt, can I go on this one, please? Hmm.
Judging from this picture, Cominsky and Ross have a real eye for the ladies.
And you know, Jody, if you were rigging a stunt, would you leave your best asset behind? (SQUEALS) Thank you.
Thank you very much.
It makes you feel glad you're in show business when you hear something like that.
And incidentally, you'd be surprised how many people come up to me and they say, "George, how did you happen to get in show business?" And some of them even ask me why.
(RIMSHOT) Sometimes I wonder myself with the start I got.
You know, it was right after the war.
And I wanted to be in show business.
You remember the war I know, I owe you an apology.
I didn't mean to be late, but something came up.
GEORGE: and I finally got a job and the agent booked me.
Please, Sabrina, you know how business is.
My partner called.
Don's a real nervous guy, always worried about something.
Today, it's mining gear.
GEORGE: in the middle of winter, maybe they're trying to tell you something.
(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) They had to play me at that time because that was the only time Greg, why don't we go up to your room? Highlight of the whole social season.
Yes I can tell you what it tasted like.
It tasted like something you might sit in to remove a tattoo.
You're being very understanding, Sabrina.
You're a difficult man to stay mad at, Greg.
Especially since I've had this authenticated.
I told you it was real.
And remarkably well-preserved.
Well, the caves have a way of doing that sometimes.
- Champagne? - Thank you.
I'm impressed.
That was the general idea.
But I must warn you.
I only intend to have one glass.
I want to remember every moment that we spend together.
Madam? Thank you.
Sabrina, about the figurine.
There's something I've got to tell you.
Actually, Greg, there's something that I've got to tell you.
Boy, talk about luxury! Even the doorman had somebody -to open the door for him, right? - Yeah, and even he got a tip.
Now, that's what I call rich.
What? (DRILLING) What the hell is that? Didn't they explain it to you, senor, when you made your reservations? That the special rate's in this wing only, due to the renovation.
- Special rates? - Ah, Terri! Senor, where are you going? I didn't show you your view yet.
Or your newspaper.
You get one every day.
- Colt.
- What? Look at this! - It's in Spanish.
- No, the picture! The picture! What's it say? "Playboy found dead in hotel room," or something like that.
I was a Spanish major at Fresno State.
That's Greg Cominsky all right.
And he definitely has been killed.
What do we do? You call Terri and fill her in.
You come with me.
Senor Seavers, I'm sorry.
I wish I had more to give you, but a maid found Cominsky's body yesterday morning.
And that's it.
You must have some idea of when he was shot.
Well, the coroner said that he'd been dead for three days.
Three days? Where was the maid those other mornings? Well, she was respecting the "Do Not Disturb" sign.
But finally she became nervous and decided she'd better go in.
- Do you have any suspects? - No, not any.
If the victim was a crook, down here he was clean all the way.
What about his partner? Senor Ross? Now, there's a man we would like to speak to if we could find him.
You mean you guys can't find him? No, Cominsky was the only one that could do that.
They spent a lot of time together, going to all the hot spots and But suddenly Senor Ross dropped out of sight.
Well, I don't blame you for being frustrated, Lieutenant.
I'm beginning to know how you feel.
Well, I told you, I don't have much information.
You'd be surprised.
Thanks, Lieutenant.
You're welcome.
I don't wanna seem dumb, Colt.
What do you mean he'd be surprised? Well, didn't the newspaper say something about a woman being with Cominsky the last time he was seen alive? Yeah, it did.
Sanchez didn't even mention it.
This guy knows more than he's telling us.
That's right, and I wonder why.
This is Miguel.
I just had some visitors asking about Cominsky and Ross.
I'd better talk to her myself.
Do you have Sabrina's number? Colt Seavers, three reservations.
Hey, those must be the three we're looking for.
Colt! Colt Seavers! - George Gobel! - Right! I knew we had to see your show the minute I heard you were in town.
Well, who's your friend? Howie Munson, Colt's partner.
This is Jody Banks.
She's also my partner.
Well, I hope someday, when I'm back in Hollywood, I get a chance to work with you and you.
Did Colt tell you about the time he doubled for me on my last TV special? No, I'd love to hear it.
Well, see you later, Colt.
I have to get back up there and titillate their risibilities.
About the table you were leading us to And you saw how close my buddy George and I are.
Well, at least we've got Cominsky's death certificate, and at least Terri's gonna be off the hook for him.
Yeah, but we still gotta find Ross.
Colt, we seem to be attracting a lot of attention.
That's what I was counting on.
We'll make the same rounds that Ross did, and hope we run into somebody that can lead us to him.
Real tough assignment.
“George Gobel! And, so naturally, I decided the best thing to do was build my own television set.
And the way it happened, I saw this big, full-page ad in the newspaper.
It says, "Build your own television set.
Save half the cost.
" Tell my two friends I'll signal them when I want a distraction.
And naturally, I'll pay for all the damages.
WAITER: But of course.
Oh, thank you very much, senorita.
GEORGE: easy to follow an SEQ-page booklet.
Now, the first 600 pages is devoted entirely to telling you how simple Oh! Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm so Oh, I can be so clumsy! The least I could do is buy you another drink.
Excuse me.
Only if you'll share it.
Really, I shouldn't.
But I suppose it wouldn't be polite if I were just to spill and run, would it? - No, here.
Please, sit down.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
Sabrina Caldwell.
- Jody Banks.
- Howie Munson.
- Colt Seavers.
- Hi.
You live here in Acapulco? No, San Francisco.
I was in Puerto Vallarta, but not much was happening there, so I decided Acapulco was the place to come.
I bet you've met a lot of people here, already, huh? A few.
In fact, you remind me of one.
I call him the New York cowboy.
New York cowboy, huh? What's his name? Nobody you'd know.
A man named Don Ross.
MAN 1: There's the signal.
You heard me! It just isn't fair! Two beautiful women at one table, and it isn't even ours.
MAN 2: Well, I think we ought to do something about that.
MAN 1: I think you're right.
- Come on, beautiful.
You're at the wrong table.
-Will you please let go of my arm? I said come on! Shouldn't you stay with your friends? They're doing fine.
Let's go someplace quieter.
She should be.
She's a $1,000 dog.
She ought to be a $1,000 What the hell are you doing? Go! Thank you, James.
You know, Sabrina, when you mentioned someplace quieter, I didn't think you'd come up with something like this.
Actually, this house belongs to some friends.
We let them use our place on Russian Hill, and they let us use this.
- We? flames and I.
(EXCLAIMS) You know, James, you set a hell of a table.
Oh, I'd have wept if you hadn't approved, sir.
James, I think we could use some more wine now.
As you wish, madam.
But I think it a waste.
He's a bit irascible, but at least he cares about me.
I wouldn't think it'd be difficult for you to find men to care about you.
There are men, and there are men.
I suppose that's the reason why I travel so much.
I'm looking for the right one.
Like your New York cowboy? Don? No, not Don.
You know, when you said his name, it rang a bell with me.
I knew a Don Ross in LA.
He used to hang around the set of a picture I was working on.
That's Don, all right.
Going for the glamour.
You know, I wouldn't mind seeing him again if you knew where he was.
I'll think of it as a favor for a new friend.
You know, Sabrina, I'm really glad I met you.
So am I, Colt.
The last thing I should be talking about to you is another man.
HOWIE: Hey! Buenas flashes.
JAMES: That remains to be seen.
What the hell are you two doing here? Oh, well, the maître d' told us where to find Sabrina.
Yeah, once we got to know him, he turned out to be a real nice cell mate.
Cell mate? Don't worry.
The Mexican bail bonds authorities were real friendly.
You missed a great fight, but don't worry, we'll tell you all about it.
Jody, now is not the time.
I do not care to hear about it, okay? Sure, it's the time.
We could go out It's okay.
Go ahead.
I'll see you soon.
That's a promise I'm gonna hold you to.
Well, that's not like you, Sabrina.
Letting somebody get away.
Well, you didn't exactly help matters any, acting like you wish the man was dead.
Well, that man's trouble.
We don't need any more of that.
You heard what Sanchez told me.
Colt's a bounty hunter.
There are more things at stake than the price on Ross' head.
And from what I could find out, Colt doesn't have a glimmering of what it's all about.
Well, let's hope he doesn't, huh? Can you imagine? Can you imagine if he found out about the gold? We can't have another Greg Cominsky on our hands! Darling, I've been in this business a lifetime.
I do know what I'm doing.
I don't doubt that a minute.
But do you remember when we were in Rome? You know, you've got to have a little bit of faith in me as well.
If there's one thing in this world I have faith in, it's you.
Still, what are we going to do? Well, I suggest we get this thing over as quick as possible.
Then put the bottle away.
Yes, Mother.
HOWIE: Colt, don't be mad.
JODY: Yeah, we were busy working, while you were having a good time.
Just to set the record straight, that wasn't strictly pleasure.
Sabrina knows Ross.
She also knows more than she's saying.
You mean that? Why else would she be trying to get information from me when I was trying to get what I could out of her? What's so important that you two shanghaied me away, anyway? Oh, no particular reason.
- Just that we know where Ross is.
- What? Yeah.
George Gobel got hauled off to jail with us.
While we were waiting for bail, we showed him that picture.
He recognized both Ross and Cominsky from some millionaire's party.
They were so glad to meet him that they wanted to cut him in on their treasure deal.
- What treasure? - From a lost Spanish treasure trove.
Ross swore that he knew where the conquistadores hid the gold they looted from the Incas.
All he and Cominsky needed was a little more money to outfit their expedition.
Come on, that's the oldest con in the book.
Well, that's why Mr Gobel didn't go in on it.
But there were a lot of other people who were interested.
So, where does this put Ross now? Up in the mountains, Colt, at the conquistadores trove.
In other words, you're telling me all we got to do to get Ross is to look somewhere out there? I guess we could have pinpointed it a little bit better.
Eduard, Sam, I can't tell you both how much I was looking forward to this day.
Oh, we wouldn't miss it for the world, Sabrina.
Just think, a chance to see a treasure that has been unknown to men for over 500 years! You did bring the letters of credit? Of course.
Drawn on our Swiss bank.
- Miss Caldwell? - Yes, and this is Mr Firenze and Mr Billings.
- How do you do, sir? - How do you do? - How do you do? - I'm to take you to Mr Ross.
And I'm sure we'll have a very enjoyable trip.
- What is this? - My orders are principals only.
I don't think you quite understand.
I go wherever Miss Sabrina goes.
Colt, they are taking off.
Let's go.
How do we know they're heading for Ross? Only one way to find out.
Come on.
(JODY EXCLAIMING) You know, I thought you guys were crazy, but look at me! COLT".
Yeah, well, the one we all got to watch is Sabrina.
Keep her in sight.
Hey, Colt, what makes you think that Sabrina and her friends aren't out for a pleasure cruise? Well, don't worry.
They're not.
- How do you know that? - They took James, didn't they? JODY: 507 COLT".
I've met James.
Believe me, he's no pleasure.
ROSS: Miss Caldwell, gentlemen, I'm glad that we could finally get together.
Colt, I think I see something.
Down on the left.
Yeah, it Looks Like the helicopter's getting ready to Land.
That's Ross.
Okay, let's close the gap.
What the hell are those? JAMES: What are the bloody fools doing? They think they're in World War II? Why is Ross warning us away? It's not us he's worried about.
Well, Ross surely knows we're here now.
But the question is, what's he gonna do about it? Keep your fire low.
Keep them low.
And that's what he's gonna do about it.
He's playing for keeps.
HOWIE: Now what do we do? Evasive action.
- Colt! - You're hit! 1 can see that.
Both of you follow me down.
Hurry up, I'm losing altitude fast.
HOWIE: I'm coming as fast as I can.
JODY: Hurry.
He's going in.
Nice going, Howie.
That's one I owe you.
Get them, Reynolds.
- I hate these things.
- The only thing we should get is out of here.
There are some treasures a man can do without.
Howie, pull me out of here.
I'm trying, Colt.
BILLINGS: No! No, you'll kill him! You'll kill him! - My friends wanna leave! And so do I! - PILOT: I've got my orders.
I don't think you quite understand.
When the lady wants to leave, she leaves, right? Thank you, James.
The nice man will take us home now.
Yeah, okay.
COLT: He's fuming away.
That may be two I owe you.
HOWIE: Well, at least now we definitely know where Ross is.
JODY: Yeah, in a mountain stronghold, surrounded by guards.
Colt, how are we ever gonna get at them? I'll figure out something, but that's after I've worked out how to explain about that missing Ultralite.
- You.
- I hope you'll forgive the intrusion.
The lock was really no problem.
- Colt, I was so worried.
-Worried? You tried to kill me.
Save you, you mean.
And because Sabrina tried to save you, -we've botched the whole thing.
- Botched what? Oh, it's not as bad as all that, James.
I knew these people were trouble the moment I laid eyes on them.
Trouble? What do you mean trouble? I'm sorry, Colt.
We’re just trying to do our job.
Damn it, Sabrina, will you explain? just what the hell is your job? We're manhunters.
just like you.
You can check us out with Lieutenant Sanchez.
Not just like me.
You guys are living in a palace, and we're just under construction here.
We work for big companies, governments.
Anybody who wants someone or something tracked down.
And right now, it's the Mexican National Museum.
The Mexican National Museum? Why? It seems Cominsky and Ross got into a vault and made off with a fortune in Incan gold.
And the stolen goods are so recognizable that Ross can't really sell them on the open market.
So that's why he's using these things to salt his phony treasure trove.
You two are masquerading as investors to try and find out? Right.
Except that the museum doesn't have enough ready cash to make Ross' deal.
That's where those two fellows with us come in.
Firenze and Billings.
- You mean they were going to invest, too? - Yeah.
It's the only way we could get Ross to show us the site.
That way, if we saw all the gold, we could make our move.
But thanks to you, we can't get them to go near the place.
Sabrina, according to the reports, a woman was involved in Cominsky's death.
I was there, Colt.
But I didn't kill Greg.
In fact, I think he was gonna tell me the truth about what he and Ross were doing.
- Come on, why would he do that? - I played my part too well.
He fell in love with me.
He was shot before he could say anything.
- By Ross? - I think so.
I didn't stay around to find out.
Shoot-outs are so messy, don't you think? SABRINA: Listen, Colt.
If we keep locking horns, we'll get nowhere.
You want Ross.
We want the gold.
Why not work together? Sabrina, suppose your new friend wants the gold, too? Look, I'll play it as straight as you will.
How's that? That's all we can ask for.
Looks like one thing is clear.
We still have to figure out a way to get to Ross.
And we haven't got much time.
He's having a meeting of potential investors in just three days.
If we don't get the full amount by then, we're out.
Somebody's gotta get to work.
Getting two scared investors back into the fold.
Jody! So nice to see you.
What are you doing here? Sabrina.
Well, if I had known you were in Acapulco, I wouldn't have wasted time anywhere else.
Oh, well, who is this? You know, you don't find men like this in Palm Springs.
I know! SABRINA: Sam Billings, Eduard Firenze, this is Jody Banks.
FIRENZE: Nice to meet you.
BILLINGS: How do you do? And that's one thing you're right about, Jody.
You won't find men like these two anywhere else.
We'd better hurry, my dear.
We don't want to miss the first match.
No, that's true.
Colt, Jody's really hamming it up.
She called me Jeeves all the way here.
Yeah, well, cheer up.
Sabrina keeps telling me to polish the car.
Think they'll be able to get those guys to come around? Well, if they don't, our two rich friends there sure are blind.
It's not bad uniforms, you know? You could get used to it.
The best thing about my country is the climate.
But I recommend Switzerland for its taxes.
My problem is I want more than that.
I want my little nest egg to grow.
Now, Sabrina, if you're talking about Don Ross' venture again It's a viable one, Eduard.
He has found old Incan gold.
Yes, but his concern with security has gone too far.
Not only were those pilots behind us endangered, but we could have been killed.
JAMES: After all my years with British Intelligence, I'm rather suspicious.
I like to know what's what.
- And then Sabrina moves in for the catch.
- Why not? She's learnt everything I've taught her, and then some.
We should at least give the man a chance.
You just go and listen to him tomorrow.
I - I don't know.
- Oh, Sam, please.
Let's just see what Ross found.
I mean, the idea of Lost treasure is just so Romantic.
It's still a risk.
Some things are worth the risk, don't you think? You know, Sabrina, lost treasure is romantic indeed.
- You see what I mean? - Yeah, I see what you mean.
If she wants something, I've never known any man to say no.
- Does that include you? - Yes, especially me.
Sabrina likes you.
In fact, she even trusts you.
- Well, what's wrong with that? - Well, I know that young lady.
If she's got a job to do, she doesn't want any distractions.
Those two men, they're not right.
HOWIE: What do you mean? COLT: It's Billings' cigars.
I've got a lot of good whiffs of them lately.
JAMES: No, they're not exactly Cuba's best, are they? COLT: Yeah, well, that's the point.
Here we are in a country where anybody can buy a hand-rolled Havana.
Now, why would a millionaire smoke two-for-a-dimes? Well, do you want the good news first, or the bad news? - Well, I could use some good.
- I love working with an optimist.
Firenze and Billings are ready to meet Ross.
But just the two of us.
There's no excuse for you to go.
That was the good news? I must tell you, Sabrina, if I hear one gunshot We're not in the mountains now, Eduard.
Ross has much more conventional ways of protecting himself here.
I certainly hope so.
Did he have to take a place so far out? Well, maybe he likes dust.
SABRINA: I hope we can pin Ross down with our offer.
FIRENZE: We'll make the best offer, Sabrina.
Don't worry about that.
Too bad they don't make these things with stereo, huh? - As long as we can hear them, kid.
- Oh, you'll hear it all right.
This is the finest equipment available from my old friends at British Intelligence.
Just so nothing goes wrong, James, you understand? My dear chap, I personally liberated this from MI5, or was it M16? Anyway, nothing to worry about.
FIRENZE: Perhaps we can get some music.
SABRINA: (ECHOING OVER RADIO) No, I don't think we need that.
It's coming from the speaker.
She's bugged.
It's transmitting on FM.
FIRENZE: They're on to us! What are we on to? (SHUSHING) Sabrina's in trouble.
- Rip that thing out.
Get it out! - Who's Listening to us? Who? JODY: Oh, listen, it's all a mistake.
We can explain.
Why are you doing this? Because they are not what they seem to be, Jody.
They can't be.
Considering this, we've got that in common.
Remember the little statue you had? The appraiser's a friend of ours.
Once we learnt it was real, we set up the rest.
- Your bug just went bust.
- Oh, bloody British equipment.
- I knew I should've swiped it from the Japanese.
- Let's get going.
You don't think I'd let anything happen to her, do you? Hold on.
This baby's supercharged.
Sabrina's car is following us.
James, maybe I should drive.
It's what I do.
And this, old chap, is what I do.
Where I come from, we consider James Bond a sissy.
HOWIE: Colt, I thought you drove crazy.
COLT: Me, too.
What happened? No more.
Don't hit me! It may not have gone the way we figured, Colt, but I'm sure glad you're here.
Me, too.
HOWIE: Colt, do you think they'll buy us as millionaires in place of those two clowns? COLT: Why not? You spend my money like I'm a millionaire.
HOWIE: What's the worst that can happen if they don't? COLT: Well, they shoot us.
HOWIE: I had to ask.
According to old Spanish records, a group of Coronado's men broke off from the main body in 1540.
And convinced that the Incans had more gold than was claimed, these conquistadores, they went searching for where they thought it was hidden.
What the record doesn't tell us about is what they found.
Now, these are just some samples of what's in that cave.
There are more chests, each filled with Incan treasure.
All I need is the heavy equipment to shore up the walls and bring it out.
Just how much money are we talking about for all this equipment? Excuse me, you're Mr Senor Firenze.
Oh, yes.
Mr Firenze.
I'm sorry about the other day.
That was a terrible thing.
We were talking, were we not, about the salvage? Well, you're not just paying for salvage, you're investing in the gold.
And how much is that worth, would you say? It's priceless, Mr Billings.
It is a cultural find beyond compare.
On Seventh Avenue, where I made my money, ladies' ready-to-wear, culture is something that you see on Sunday-morning TV.
What my associate means, Mr Ross, is that, while culture is indeed a wonderful thing, there's a natural concern for what we may say the - Bottom line? - Millions of dollars are involved here, Mr Firenze.
That is why that I'm willing to give all of you this chance to climb on board.
I'd like in.
For half a million.
JODY: You'd better include another 250,000 for me.
Excuse me, Don.
Mr Firenze and Mr Billings and I are still not interested in sharing what you've found.
Yes, Mr Ross.
We would like it all.
You heard some of the offers for just a piece of this.
The amount of money that we're talking about is astronomical.
Why do you think Mr Firenze banks in Switzerland? Ten thousand barrels of oil per day can produce quite a cash flow.
Well, I'd have to see some proof of that.
I'm sure this will do.
(GASPS) Well, your bank certainly has a lot of faith in you, Mr Firenze.
I hope we can Learn to trust each other just as well.
We all will, after we've seen the treasure.
ROSS: You gentlemen relax for a while.
This is where the first chest was.
The others are right in there.
HOWIE: Look at that.
Yeah, he was right.
There's really a fortune in there.
We know what we've been after, Jody.
- Everything you see is the genuine article.
- It sure looks genuine enough.
I'm quite sure all of the stuff is 16th century, but I doubt if it's been in the cave more than two or three months.
What are you talking about? What he's saying, Mr Ross, is your little charade is over.
So is ours.
These pieces are from the National Museum.
They're what you and Cominsky stole.
That Greg couldn't have told you.
I made sure of that.
You mean the night you shot him.
Now, what the hell difference would that make to you? The gun.
Let's see it hit the ground.
I can think of a much better place for it to hit, but some other time, huh? Well, maybe Greg was right.
Maybe we should've just melted everything down and gotten out.
You, over there by the cave.
Stay there.
Move! Move.
Come on, let's go.
Go! Move! Come on, let's go.
You get on the radio, try to raise the police.
I'm going after them on the motorcycle.
I'll follow you in the truck.
COLT: Jody, grab the wheel.
JODY: What will I do with him? COLT: He's gonna be busy.
- You do good work, Seavers.
- Well, you weren't so bad yourself, ma'am.
- Of course, I did have some excellent help.
- Right.
Here's something we and the Mexican National Museum have absolutely no interest in.
Well, you've got the court record.
Your job's done.
And you've got the Incan gold.
That takes care of yours.
Yeah, it'll take a week or so before we bring everything up and Well, James and I go off to London.
They want us to solve some kind of a train robbery.
I wish you'd come with us, Colt.
You're the woman no man can say no to.
I mean everything I say to you.
(SIGHS) I wish I could go with you.
But I got a career to get back to.
Besides, you wouldn't be happy on a half-acre, or a back lot.
James was right about you, Sabrina.
You've got to be free.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you, too.
(JAMES CLEARING THROAT) (CLEARS THROAT) Hmm? - Well, James, goodbye and thank you.
- Goodbye, Colt.
- Let's go, troops.
- Bye, James.
Bye, Sabrina.
Thanks a lot.
Boy, you sure made him jealous, Colt.
What do you think their relationship is, anyway? It's better this way, darling.
I know, Dad.
I know.