The Fall Guy (1981) s02e13 Episode Script

The Further Adventures of Ozzie and Harold

(FINGERS SNAPPING) COLT: # Well, I'm hot the kind to kiss and tell But I've been seen with Farrah # I've never been with anything less than a nine, so fine! # I've been on fire with Sally Field Gone fast with a girl named Bo # But somehow they just don't end up as mine # It's a death-defying life I lead I take my chances # I die for a livin' in the movies and TV # But the hardest thing I ever do is watch my leading ladies # Kiss some other guy while I'm bandaging my knee # I might fall from a tall building I might roll a brand-new car # 'Cause I'm the unknown stuntman that made Redford such a star (FINGERS SNAPPING) # I've never spent much time in school But I taught ladies plenty # It's true I hire my body out for pay # Hey, hey # I've gotten burned over Cheryl Tiegs Blown up for Raquel Welch # But when I wind up in the hay It's only hay # Hey, hey # I might jump an open drawbridge Or Tarzan from a vine # 'Cause I'm the unknown stuntman that makes Eastwood look so fine # Hello! How's this, Harold? Well, it's like a napkin.
just No? Okay.
Look at this, Harold! Ain't that terrific? Perfect! What a day.
I'll tell you, Harold, I don't understand it.
Other guys seem to be getting ahead, but you and me, we ain't going nowhere.
That's a great idea! Night school.
I never thought about that.
I could take up Latin.
Yeah, there's not much call for Latin.
How about Greek? Here's your favorite arcade.
- Well, Ozzie! You're right on time today.
Well, you know how it is.
Me and Harold, we gotta make our rounds.
When you got a job or work to do, well, then, you better do it.
What's that? Oh, Harold wants me to thank you, because you're so nice and you don't run us off or chase us like some other people do.
Don't mention it.
Harold, we pinball fanciers have to stick together.
I like the ones with the flippers.
Harold likes them all.
Well, I better get back to work.
I already put the trash out back.
You're right, Harold, he's a terrific guy.
I mean Right off, Harold! A swell piece of wood.
(WHISTLES) Boy, oh, boy! Here's another good piece, too, isn't it? And the little nails in there? Terrific! Well, there he is, the man of the hour.
What are you two doing here? Just trying to make a living, Mr Crosby, just like you.
I already told you, I'm happy with the equipment I've got.
I don't need any more.
And we told you it's time to replace this junk, didn't we? With games from your company at inflated rentals.
The answer is still no! Now what do you think would happen to your business if your machines started breaking down? I mean, like this.
Hey! What are you doing? - And this! - No! (GLASS SHATTERING) MR CROSBY: Hey! Come on, that ain't right! (JUKE-BOX STOPS PLAYING) Mr Crosby, what's going on? Ozzie, get the police! Get him.
Come on, Harold, just keep going! I don't know where.
just go! (BOAT HORN BLARING) Take my hand, Harold.
SHEEN: What do you think? TOWLER: Don't worry about him.
He's just a derelict.
(WOMAN SCREAMING) Cut! Cut! Print it! Beautiful.
(CREW CHEERING) - Beautiful fall, Colt.
- Oh, thanks, Harlan.
Just hope I looked mean enough for you up there.
Don't worry about that.
That's up to the actors to double you stuntmen in the close-ups.
Okay, first team! You pack a mean punch, Colt.
You're supposed to let him miss you, Howie.
Well, I couldn't remember if it was 1, 2, punch, or 1, 2, 3, punch.
- Well, just call it an adjustment.
- Okay.
Colt! Yo, Colt! - Hi, Ozzie.
- Hey, don't forget to say hello to Harold.
Oh, yeah.
Hi, Harold.
Harold's here.
Hi, Harold.
Hey, that's a terrific suit, Colt.
How much did that cost? Hey, you know, Ozzie, if you're looking for a job, we can Oh, no, no! Me and Harold, we got our regular scavenger route.
You oughta see the swell stuff we got today.
Yeah, you're right, Harold.
We lost our whole cart and our bag, and I'm in terrible trouble.
Well, what kind of trouble are you in, Ozzie? Well, you know Mr Crosby? Two men broke up his pinball machines, and then they broke Mr Crosby! Ozzie, why didn't you call the police? That's what I was supposed to do! Call the police! - That's what Mr Crosby said! - COLT: Ozzie, calm down.
"Ozzie! Call the police!" I forgot! Why didn't you remind me? They're after us! We're in terrible trouble.
You gotta help us.
Ozzie, we'll do what we can to help.
See, I told you he'll help us.
(PIANO MUSIC PLAYING ON STEREO) (PHONE RINGING) (MAN CHATTERING ON TV) - Hello? - Towler, what the hell is the matter with you? Mr Stanford? What's the matter? What's wrong? Why didn't you tell me what happened this morning? I didn't wanna bother you, sir.
Bother me? You are supposed to be spreading our merchandise, not eliminating its consumers.
It was an accident.
An accident? The newspaper says it was murder.
There were, I am sure, no witnesses? Oh, no, no, no.
just some burn who hangs around the pier.
No one the police would listen to.
Now, listen, you, that is not for you to decide.
Towler, I want you and Sheen to find this bum, and I want you to make certain that no one will ever listen to him again.
(PHONE CLICKS) (DIAL TONE) OZZIE: Colt, Harold wants you to know we're tired of being in your way.
We're not gonna stay here with you any more.
- Now we're gonna go away.
- Well, wait a minute, wait a minute.
The whole reason you stayed up here is so Colt could take you to the police today, remember that? Yes.
We need your help in that murder investigation, you remember? Now, you sit right down there, and don't you move.
You hear me? Now, just give me a couple of minutes to get dressed, okay? Colt, where do you want Harold to sit and not move? On the table's fine.
- Colt? - What? Harold has to move a little bit.
He has an itch on his left arm.
He has to scratch it.
Well, tell Harold to scratch wherever he has to, okay? - Colt? - What? Harold says, "Thank you.
" Yeah, well, tell him he's welcome.
You're welcome.
Where are you going? He said to sit here, not move.
You're right! We're grownups! We could do whatever we want! Come on, we'll catch a hitch down the road.
(SHEEN SIGHS) We can't sit here all day, Burt.
The guy knew Crosby.
If he hangs out here all the time, he'll come back.
Damned if you weren't right! Look! Well, thanks for the lift! Come on! I know it's dangerous, Harold, but we left some very good stuff behind Mr Gordon's place.
That sneaker did so fit me, almost.
- We wanna talk to you.
- Well, we don't wanna talk to you! - Hit him, Harold! - Harold? SHEEN: He's out cold.
TOWLER: Never mind.
Let's just pick him up and get out of here.
- What's going on? - Oh, not to worry, Officer.
Our buddy here just started drinking a little early.
Well, see that he gets home.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Okay, pal, take it easy.
That's it, you're under arrest.
OZZIE: You're making a serious mistake, Officer.
Come on.
- Thank you.
- Oh, this is excellent.
This is the best chocolate mousse I've had since Since the last chocolate mousse, I bet.
Stabbed right in my weakness for chocolate.
Carrie's just trying to be modest, Mr Stanford.
She made the dessert.
(EXCLAIMS) Well, you see, I keep telling you she's gonna make a very good wife.
That's what I love about you, Uncle Hugh, you're so subtle.
Oh, Carrie, none of this would mean anything if I didn't have a loving family around me.
Although sometimes, I do think about my father.
When my brother walked out on his family and on his business, he was telling us very clearly that he just wanted to forget about us.
- I suppose you're right.
- That's a good girl.
HOWIE: Colt, how'd he wind up in jail? COLT: I don't know.
Ozzie is Ozzie.
He'll never change.
Colt, we've been involved in some strange things.
This is the strangest.
Terri, there's nothing strange about Ozzie getting arrested.
It happens all the time.
He's acting very peculiar.
Nothing strange about that.
Ozzie acts peculiar all the time.
He had no idea where he was or how he got there.
Look, I hate to say it, but it still sounds like our little Ozzie.
Colt, does assaulting an officer with no reason sound like something Ozzie would do? - He did that? - He did that? You guys don't seem to understand! He is so out of it, that not only didn't he think to call you when they brought him in, he didn't even think to call me! - Well, how did you know he was here? - The police notified me.
I'm on Ozzie's record as kind of his permanent bondsman.
Terri, I know Ozzie's a little odd, but I can't believe he's gone as far off as you say.
Take your hands off me! I can assure you, I can find my way out by myself! I can further assure you, young man, I'll have your badge for this outrageous false arrest! Ozzie.
- Ozzie! - Ozzie! - Are you speaking to me? - He's certainly not talking to Harold.
Well, if he's speaking to Harold, he's speaking to me.
I'm Harold Stanford.
Harold Stanford? Come on! You know me, Colt Seavers.
Colt? Sounds like some sort of a gun.
Miss Michaels, thank you very much for putting up my bail, although I have no idea what happened.
Well, do you remember anything? Well, I remember being in my own office.
I remember being in a struggle.
I remember being hit! And the next thing I knew, I was outdoors and being manhandled by two men and the police came and helped them! If it hadn't been for my reflexes, I never would have fought them off.
What about the murder you saw? Down on the pier? A murder on a pier? Miss Michaels, if this young man is a friend of yours, I suggest you get him some professional help.
As for me, I have no time.
I must get home.
- Do you know where home is? - Of course.
Beverly Hills.
Mr Stanford, as Miss Michaels' associates, we'd be happy to give you a ride home.
Thank you.
- The truck right there.
- Truck? He can destroy me! He can destroy my business! Since I took over Stanford Games from my brother five years ago, business here has improved 500%! One guy.
That's all that's messing things up.
just one guy.
Who would've thought that little guy could've been so tough? Did you at least discover who he is? Yeah.
We did some checking with the police.
Here's a picture.
The only name they got on the guy is Ozzie.
When we got to the station, they were waiting for his bail to come through any minute.
This can't be.
You know this guy? Yeah.
I Yes, I've seen him.
The last time I saw him was five years ago.
TOWLER: Mr Stanford, are you all right? (CLEARS THROAT) Mr Stanford? Now listen, from now on, you two are going to stay very close to me because we've gotta be prepared for This man is dead.
He's got to be.
OZZIE: Mr Seavers, I've been in many exotic cars, but I must admit, I've never seen one like this before.
Sure you have, Ozzie, lots of times.
How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not Ozzie! Kid, he's Harold, now, remember? Thank you.
What I was trying to say before I was interrupted was Why, this truck has all the amenities of a car.
Well, that's the way they make them these days.
I didn't know that.
Why, Last month, I was off-reading with Paul Newman in his new '78.
He didn't have any of this.
New '78? That was five years ago! Five years? Five years, Mr Seavers.
Mr Seavers, your friend is in need of a good doctor, -and I don't mean for his body.
- Colt! Harold, you're telling me that you really believe it's 1978? And that you've been off-road racing with Paul Newman? And why wouldn't I? I know many people in show business.
Many of them come to me for financial advice.
That's it, Colt.
This is the one who needs the doctor, not me! Now hold on, kid.
Harold, this business advice, these guys come to you for it because you're so successful? Why, of course.
I have a huge company.
We manufacture pinball machines and slot machines and things like that.
Pull right in here.
Everybody at The Palm knows Harold Stanford.
Yeah, well, I guess we could all use some lunch.
Colt, this is crazy.
Ozzie's gone so far off the deep end, he's never gonna come back.
Well, I don't know, kid.
I didn't meet him till '79.
And nobody else knew Ozzie for very long then, either.
Something's going on, and I want to get to the bottom of it.
We'll get to the bottom, all right.
Our bottoms, when they toss us out of this place.
Well, let's give it a try.
- Yes? - My usual table, Frank.
I beg your pardon, sir? Mr Stanford? Is that really you? - Well, who else would I be, Frank? - Those clothes Yes, I don't know where they came from.
And this ridiculous baseball cap.
I'll have a table for you and your friends right away, sir.
- Thank you very much.
- Excuse me.
You know this man? Of course.
Mr Stanford used to eat in here all the time.
In fact, I don't know why he stopped.
Stopped? Frank, I had dinner here three nights ago.
I beg your pardon, sir.
It's been years, not days, since we've seen you.
You mean like, say, five years? As a matter of fact, that sounds just about right.
Toni! Five years? Have I lost five years? Ozzie, it must have been that struggle you told us about.
- You said you were hit on the head.
- It's all so hazy.
I don't remember who it was with or what it was about.
Well, you gotta keep trying.
I mean, if somebody's after you, you won't be safe until you know who.
It was someone I trusted, someone I was very close to, and they betrayed me and I confronted him, alone.
Yeah, but according to your arrest report, you can take care of yourself pretty well.
Well, I was a Golden Gloves champion, a hundred pounds ago.
Well, if you and this guy were close, he would have known that.
Well, of course he would have known that, and that's why he attacked me from behind.
Colt, I have a daughter that hasn't seen me in five years! I've gotta get home! - Mr Stanford, your table's ready.
- He lost his appetite.
Thank you! Hey, wait a minute! You can't take that car! COLT: Well, he hasn't forgotten how to drive.
That son of a gun could race with Newman.
- Now what? - I think we'd better just sit tight.
Suppose this house really is Ozzie's? I mean, Harold's? The way this day is shaping up, it sure could be.
- Yes? - Carrie? Dad? - Oh, my baby.
Oh, my baby.
- Oh, Dad! Baby? Baby! Baby.
Oh, my sweetheart.
It's okay, just stay here.
Sweetheart, you're so beautiful.
You're so beautiful.
Your daddy's so happy to see you.
Come on, sweetheart.
You're fine, you're fine, angel.
What's going on here? Harold! Oh, Hugh, I'm so glad to see you.
My baby fainted.
Mr Stanford, it's him.
It's the guy we've been looking for.
Hugh? You're the one hit me.
You're the one did it.
You tried to kill me! I thought I'd succeeded.
I'm very sorry, Harold, but I'm not ready to give up all of this yet.
You're gonna have to disappear again, my dear brother, permanently! Come on! Oh, no, pal.
You're not getting a chance to clobber us again.
How do you like that? Back for five minutes, and already he's being chauffeured around.
The only thing is, that's not what Harold came for.
He wanted to be home.
Damn! We're being followed.
Hang on, kid.
SHEEN: What's the matter with that nut? TOWLER: Maybe it's just a coincidence.
SHEEN: That's no coincidence.
OZZIE: That nut is my friend! SHEEN: Look out! I can't hold it! Colt! Colt! OZZIE: He tried to kill me, Mr Seavers! My own brother! Okay, okay.
Let me get this straight.
Five years ago, you were the head of Stanford Games, which is an outfit that makes slot machines and pinball machines, things like that, right? And Hugh worked for me, and I trusted him.
I was going over the books one night, and I discovered he'd been embezzling from the company.
That's the same night you went to him about it? That's right.
I had a small game on my desk.
It was an antique.
We had a struggle, and he must have hit me with it.
He must have thought you were dead and stashed the body somewhere.
Yeah, the authorities were only told that you were psychologically upset and that you had disappeared.
That way, if they found the body, Stanford would be off the hook.
Only, instead of dying, you pulled through, as Ozzie.
I studied that, at Yale.
Psych 21.
See, the mind represses pain by forgetting it and becoming somebody else.
Yeah, and that would have been that, except for as Ozzie, you saw the two men kill your friend on the pier.
Same two men who have been after you ever since.
And they work for your brother.
Embezzlement, murder and extortion.
Sounds like a nice guy.
Now that Harold's mind is back, all he has to do is tell the police everything, right? It doesn't work that way, Howie.
Ozzie was a How shall I put it? An eccentric individual.
Between that and the story your brother gave out, your sanity would definitely be called into question.
Young lady, I'm as sane as anyone in this room! I see what you mean.
There's no reason for anyone to believe my story, not unless we had the evidence.
Well, what we need is evidence that your brother was embezzling.
And of his strong-arm tactics.
Well, the company records are the only answer.
Five years ago, they were already filled with improprieties.
So they must be a real wreck by now.
They'd be impossible to obtain.
Hugh would never turn them over.
He wouldn't really have to turn them over, if you knew where they were kept.
(TELEPHONE RINGING) - Yeah? -It's Towler.
Where are you? Well, Sheen and I are at my place.
We just got here.
Well, have you learnt anything new? Well, according to the Santa Monica Police, Harold Stanford's bail was posted by Give me that piece of paper.
Hold on a second.
Was posted by Terri Michaels, a professional bondswoman.
Well, what about the two men with the truck? Well, the woman's name is public record.
Now, those two guys They're something else again.
Those two guys have Harold with them, Towler.
Now, you can wager on that with any one of those bookmakers you're so fond of.
Well, look, we got their license number, so as soon as the DMV opens in the morning, we'll be there to check it out.
Yes, you do that.
And then, you take whatever steps are necessary.
- Is that very clear? - Very clear.
- Uncle Hugh, can I talk to you? - Of course, darling.
Carrie's very upset, Mr Stanford.
About her father.
Well, frankly, Richard, she isn't the only one.
This has been a very trying day.
I just don't know what to make of it.
Dad was here.
He was right outside the door.
And he hugged me, just like when I was a little girl.
And then he ran off! That's a hell of a homecoming, don't you think? Carrie I haven't wanted to say anything about this, but Sit down.
- Darling, I know why he ran away this time.
- You do? It's because he saw me.
Your father is not the same man he was, darling.
He has delusions.
Delusions? Uncle Hugh, you can't mean that.
Oh, I'm afraid I do.
He was raving, he was ranting at me.
He actually accused me of trying to kill him.
But What How could he have felt this way? I mean, what could've made him be this way? He was always high-strung, Carrie, always.
That's one of the reasons why we could never agree on how to run the business.
Are you saying that the reason he disappeared to begin with was because it got to him? No, darling, I'm saying he needs help.
That's why we've gotta do everything in our power to contact him, so that I can do whatever is best for him to get treatment.
You're talking about doctors, aren't you? About putting him in an institution? - Richard, that's my father.
- But, Carrie, it's the only way.
That's why I'm asking you, please, if he gets in touch with you again, let me know, so that I can do whatever I can to help him.
It's for his own good.
When I was in charge, alarms covered all the windows, but the roof was clear.
Your brother may have beefed up the security.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
Come on.
- Harold, this'll give you a little security.
- Thank you.
Bet you never expected to play Spider-Man, did you? - Beg your pardon? - Spider-Man.
You know The guy in the red and blue long johns? Never mind, kid.
That was after Harold's time.
Come on.
What's wrong, Harold? This is not a very dignified way to re-enter my business! Well, we'd like it better if you had a key.
Come on.
Okay, take it easy! just take it easy! (ALARM RINGING) HOWIE: Terrific.
It sounds like brother Hugh has added to security.
My office is down here.
In the past, it's taken the security service company at least five minutes to get here.
How long to get to the company records? Less than that, I hope.
- It's locked.
- Well, of course.
But I assume someone such as yourself would have a proficiency with locks.
Well, I'll take that as a compliment.
Can't be more than a couple of minutes left.
Not these.
Nor these.
- Nor these - That's it.
We gotta be out of time.
Harold I don't understand it, Mr Seavers.
They're not here.
The true records of the company are not here.
They must be at the house.
Where at the house? It's mighty big place.
There's one natural place where they would be.
I'm sure of it.
They've gotta be there.
(ALARM STOPS) - Listen.
- What happened to the alarm? (HUSHING) (WHISPERING) Somebody's coming.
Hey, close it up, Harold.
HOWIE: I thought they had us for sure.
We'll give them time to get to the next floor, and then we'll get out of here.
You need some help, Harold? Did you see me climb up here? I'm a naturally athletic person.
(SCREAMS) - He's knocked himself out.
- Yeah.
Let's get him out of here.
HOWIE: Boy, am I glad to get out of there! Well, I don't know if we could be arrested for helping Harold break into his own company, but I sure didn't wanna find out.
Colt, what're you doing here? What happened to them guys? "Guys"? Colt, I've got a funny feeling about this.
I got a funny feeling Harold must be too heavy in his lap.
- Harold? I knew it.
He's forgotten everything! - Go fast, Colt! It looks like our Ozzie's back with us.
I'm not gonna make any noise.
I'm gonna get out of here as fast as I can and not be a burden to Colt and Howie.
I am not chicken! You was the one who wanted to run away the last time, remember? - What do you mean, "That was different"? - Ozzie, what're you doing out here? Hi, Colt.
Hi, Howie.
Where were you going? There was a big noise in the house.
An eagle dropped a rock on the roof! Harold got so scared.
Then he got all cramped from being scared.
Then he said, "Let's go for a walk.
" He gets cramps.
He's got bad feet.
- All right, I'll tell them.
- Tell us what? Me and Harold, we been around for a long time, and we know we ain't good for nothing, especially now.
Ozzie, that's not how it is.
You're our friend, both of you.
We feel Like two jerks! We has been up all night Long! We were pressing our brains together, trying to think about what you told us about that man, Hugh Stanford, and how Where're his hidden business records! What's business records? What about Harold? Does he know anything? For a while there, he thought so, but then things got fuzzier and fuzzier.
What? Yes, now it's all gone! And that's what we should be, gone! Ozzie! Now, look, don't you understand that you guys can't go anywhere and be safe until we do something about this Hugh Stanford? But what can we do? Well, that's what Colt and I have been pressing our brains about all night.
You got a plan.
You hear that, Harold? Colt and Howie got a swell plan! What? Ozzie, a lot of this plan depends on you, and Harold.
Now, what we're gonna do is take you to the studio, -get you all dressed up in some nice clothes.
- Very nice And then you, with Harold's help, are gonna pretend to be him.
Me? To be Harold? He talks all funny! Well, Ozzie, you've got to talk the same way.
Can you do that? Hey, Colt, is this a real bathtub where the hot water comes in and everything? Ozzie! Harold says try it, so we'll try it.
Kid, get on the phone with the studio and tell Jack in wardrobe we're coming over.
Tell Jack in wardrobe that Harold likes to wear cowboy clothes! Giddyap! Giddiyap! Giddiyap! (PHONE RINGING) Hello? Yes.
It's for you.
Mr Towler? - Yes.
Excuse me, darling.
- Certainly.
Yeah, what is it? - MAN: Yes? - Miss Banks to see Mr Stanford.
Okay» Now, don't forget.
Make Stanford go for the records.
We'll do the rest.
- Gotcha.
- Gotcha.
Hey, Ozzie, you're Harold now.
- Good show.
- Okay.
All right, kid, let's go.
Well, you ready? Yeah, I'm ready.
But I would rather be out with my cart and my bag.
Now cut that out! You're supposed to be Harold, remember? I remember! Come on, Harold, don't let me forget.
If the truck is registered to Colt Seavers, then Seavers is the one who's protecting my brother.
- Now, do you know where to find him? - Yep.
Got the address right here.
Well, good.
Then you know what to do.
Uncle Hugh! Dad's here, and he wants to talk to you.
Towler, listen, forget everything I just said and simply get here as quickly as you can.
My, what a lovely room.
Dad, it's just like you left it.
Uncle Hugh and I like it that way.
Harold, what in the hell are you doing here? That's a very nice tie, Hughie.
Did you buy that new? Harold, remember your position.
This is your house.
Harold, I think you and I ought to talk alone.
There'll be no need for that.
As a matter of fact, the reason we came was to get everything out in the open.
- Who are you? - My name is Jody Banks.
I've been hired by Mr Stanford here as his representative.
- What are you, an attorney? - I'm an investigator.
And thanks to my client here, I now have enough information to bring charges against you.
What're you talking about? Dad? I'm talking about embezzlement, Miss Stanford.
And murder.
We came here to let you do the honorable thing and give yourself up.
Harold, you're insane! Carrie, I keep telling you he needs help.
He keeps making these ridiculous accusations.
- We have proof.
- Proof? What Oh! Oh, you're the people who broke into my plant last night.
Well, not even my perfect brother can find something that isn't there.
We broke into this house, too, and we found what we wanted.
And you know the place I mean.
I know where the papers are.
After all, this is my house.
You can't have broken in here.
Thanks a lot, Mr Stanford.
Let's go! - Harold, did you see that? He's like a real hero! - Never mind! Come on! CARRIE: So, it is true.
Get in the front seat! - How about Harold? - Him, too! In the front seat, Harold! Colt, you got it! Come on! All right, after them! (HORN HONKING) Jody, how fast could this car go? Fast enough, Ozzie, I hope.
OZZIE: We love when you go fast.
(GUNSHOTS) - We're not gonna be able to outrun them.
- What are we gonna do? Ever wonder how good our suspension really is? Colt, you wouldn't.
That's the only way, kid.
What we need is a freeway.
- Colt, there's no on-ramp around here.
- There will be in a minute! Think we're gonna need a new suspension, Colt.
Yeah, well, it's worth it, kid.
It's definitely worth it.
(BOTH LAUGHING) TERRI: Carrie, your uncle and his men were arraigned today.
With all the evidence the police have, they'll be put away for a long time.
I just can't believe my Uncle Hugh would do something like that.
I know.
Well, he probably lived his whole life in the shadow of your father.
He wanted more.
Corning home really builds up an appetite, doesn't it, Ozzie? Hey, Ozzie, take it easy.
We still got dessert, yet.
Aren't these swell things, Colt? Boy, you don't find these swell fellows like this just in any old alley.
Harold and me, we know! Harold says, "You know them black dots that we ate before? That's caviar!" He used to have it all the time.
Ozzie Ozzie, does he remember where he had it? Harold said that he made a mistake, and he used to have oysters.
I'm sorry, Carrie.
That's the way Ozzie is.
It's okay, Colt.
I'll wait.
Miss Stanford? Harold wanted me to tell you something.
He said that he loves you, Miss Stanford.
Well, you tell him that I love him, too.