The Glee Project (2011) s01e09 Episode Script


So here's what you missed on "the glee project" Last week, it was all about believability.
Alex had a genuine breakdown in vocals, Which inspired lindsay to turn on the waterworks.
- I'm fine.
- You are? But nikki wasn't buying it, And made her do a last chance performance.
Damian struggled to control his eyebrows But managed to avoid being sent to the bottom three For a fifth time.
I'm blown away.
Sam had to perform for ryan for the first time, But was able to show his softer side And his bitchin' jesus tats The back of my neck says "jesus christ," seriously.
Which kept him on the callback list.
In the end, it was a wrap for mc hannah, And she was sent home.
Now only four contenders remain as they compete For a seven-episode guest starring role on glee.
And that's all you need to know so far on Generosity You can lean on me Honestly, I don't know who on lean anymore I used to lean on Hanna and now the things are getting so close to the end.
I want this more than I can say.
- What do you think they're gonna want? Like-- - Maybe they want to see how we can complement As opposed to try and own something more, You know what I mean? There's a lot on the line, you know.
One person goes home this week, And then it's finals after that.
- How about you sing the song And we "generously" back you up? - Yeah.
We could take turns doing that.
I don't think there's a possible way to want this More than I do.
I just--it consumes me every single day How much I want this.
[laughter] - At the beginning, I didn't think I'd probably be winning this.
I didn't imagine myself, you know, being number one.
But now, yeah, I have really a fire in my belly.
- I'm really stoked to, like, still be, like, performing But--but be backing up, you know? - Yeah.
- It think it's awesome.
- Ryan told me last week That I need to stop being what other people want me to be And I need to be who I am.
It makes me take a step back and think, Well, who am I? I need to figure it out first.
[school bell rings] - Waiting for the guest, I have no idea who it's gonna be.
Possibly another new character from glee.
- Aah! - Oh! - [laughs] - hey.
How are you guys doing? - Yes! - What's up? - It's kevin! - As you can see, it's kevin mchale Who plays artie on glee.
- I think kevin is amazing.
His character artie Is one of my favorite characters by far, And I'm really stoked to see him.
- So the theme for this week is generosity.
I would actually say the most important thing To all of us as performers on glee Is that we're like a family in our support system, And you go through tough times, long days, And we kind of lean on each other to support each other.
- The winner of today's homework assignment Will win a featured moment in the group number And some valuable mentoring time with kevin.
And - My magic comb.
I get to br-- - [gasps] [laughter] - So let's kick it off.
Let's hear it.
- hum hum hum hum hum - mm-m sometimes in our lives we all have pain we all have sorrow but if we are wise we know that there's always tomorrow - lean on me when you're not strong and I'll be your friend I'll help you carry on for it won't be long till I'm gonna need somebody to lean on - just call on me brother when you need a hand 'cause we all need somebody to lean on I just might have a problem that you'll understand 'cause we all need somebody to lean on lean on me - lean on me - yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'm gonna need somebody to lean on - somebody to lean on - lean ahhhh - He went for it.
- [laughs] [applause] - whoo! - You guys were great.
Kevin, what'd you think? - All right, sam, I did think in the ensemble at first, You weren't connecting, but I think as it went on, You definitely picked that up.
Alex, if I had closed my eyes and listened to you sing, I can feel every single word, But it's not necessarily always portrayed physically.
Lindsay, you were completely into it.
You gave so much back on the appropriate lyrics And how you interpreted it was--was very soulful.
- Thank you.
- Damian, from the get-go, You were smiling and into it, And I thought it was great.
You were really connecting with whoer was singing.
- Thank you.
- Um, I would like to have a four-way tie, If that's possible.
- [laughs] - But I have to say, my winner for this challenge Is Lindsay.
I thought your voice was amazing, And I loved how you interpreted it, When you were smiling the whole time.
- It's my first win.
I'm really excited.
[laughs] - Congratulations.
You definitely deserve it And the magic comb.
- Aah! - [laughs] - I'm just so over the moon that I did something right.
I didn't try to be perfect, but it was.
- Great job, lindsay.
So that means you get some quality time with kevin To ask his advice and help In the big group number, which is - Sing by my chemical romance.
- [gasps] - yeah.
- In the music video, you're not only gonna be singing, But you're also gonna be playing musical instruments.
Actually, how many of you actually do play instruments? - Seriously? I'm the only person that's in the top four right now That plays an instrument, And I play drums, guitar, bass, and piano.
- Trust me, I don't either, and artie does.
And I kind of lied on my audition.
- [laughs] - And so if I was asking you again How many of you actually play instruments-- Yeah.
There you go.
- I think this week is gonna be crazy.
If I get the guitar, I'll be fine, 'cause it's pretty easy to fake it.
If I get drums, it's gonna be a shambles.
- So there's one final piece of this whole challenge.
Each of you, in the spirit of generosity, Will share your performance with a special guest.
- This is the last round before the final, So that means that three of you guys are gonna be in the final And unfortunately one of you will not.
- Pffft.
I don't like this.
[laughter] I couldn't compete like this.
- I want to end up in the final top three so badly, I will fight tooth and nail to get there, And if I don't get there, I'll be kicking something.
[school bell rings] - Oh, my god.
- We walk into the room And we see this massive pile of instruments, And it's kind of intimidating.
- So I'm gonna tell you what instruments you're gonna play, And I want to watch you Just to kind of see what direction you'd even go in.
Okay, keyboard.
- I'm the keyboard.
- Drums.
[laughter] - I'm not shocked at all.
They know that this has potential To be an absolute train crash.
It really does.
- I want to see what those fancy feet do.
Bass, alex.
- I have no idea what a bass guitar looks like.
- It's the red thing.
- Okay.
- So I'm guitar? - You're lead.
- I'm nervous, 'cause the guitar Is kind of a beast of a instrument, But at the same time, I'm kind of a beast of a performer, So I'll just have to smack it.
[laughs] - Ready? Entertain me! [sing by my chemical romance] - sing it out - I'm not playing drums.
I'm just hitting the bass drum and hitting a few other things.
Fake it through d make it, that is my plan.
- Oh, my god.
[laughter] - I didn't even know-- did you laugh? 'cause I laughed.
[laughter] - It was more painful than funny.
They're having a great time, Banging around on these instruments.
I do need them to start taking this A bit more seriously, though.
It is glee we're talking about.
Yeah, I need you to commit to it, And I want to believe it.
- I'm freaking out because I'm this close To being in the top three, And I'm not gonna let that bass guitar thing get to me.
I'm gonna go kill it.
I know that I have to.
- Oh, god.
[school bell rings] - We have some special music partners In store for you today.
Come on in, guys.
- [gasps] hi.
Oh, my goodness.
When they walk in, my jaw drops.
- Hello, final four.
As you know, we have some special music partners In store for you today.
- I'm thinking real hard.
We're either singing with a glee cast mate Or with a fallen contender Or some random person on the street.
- Come on in, guys.
- [gasps] - [laughs] - Hi, guys.
- Hello! - When they walk in, my jaw drops.
They're miniature versions of us.
- All four of these amazingly talented students Are part of a program Called education through music los angeles.
Schools have had to cut music from their curriculum, And these four students are from those disadvantaged schools.
You're each going to be paired up with one student For your performance.
Samuel, alexander.
- Come here, man.
Give me one of these.
What is up? - Okay, lindsay, you are with lily.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
- You are amazing.
- Okay, alex.
- Whoo! Come here, girl.
[laughter] - Damian, of course, you're with liam.
- How's it going, sir? - Good.
- Good to meet you.
- Okay, you guys, so take a moment And get to know one another And we'll be starting to record in just a second.
- So what's up, girl? - This is what we're all singing, From here till here till here.
- Whoa.
- I know.
It's a lot.
Meeting these kids definitely brings a new twist to, like, What generosity means.
You know, I've always wanted a little brother.
The best thing about music is, Is there's no way to be wrong.
You know how, like, certain things, It's like, oh, no, you-- that's the wrong answer.
Like, with music, it's about what you love.
- My way of liking music.
- Yeah.
- And other people's way of liking music.
- Exactly.
You've got this.
Give me another one.
That's awesome.
- So, what sort of music do you like? - Mostly rock, like, classic rock.
I play piano, guitar, and drums, and-- - You play drums? Good stuff.
Honestly, I'm just excited for working with liam.
I'm just blown away by this little guy.
I really am.
- You always go, tch tch tch tch.
Like that, right? - Yeah.
He's 11 years old, but this guy knows what he's doing.
[tapping in unison] [laughs] oh, I love you, liam.
- And that's all you would do.
- God sent you from heaven to help me.
- Okay, so lily, do you like musical theater at all? - Yeah, I have done plays and stuff, like, at my school.
I did peter pan.
- What'd you play in peter pan? - Wendy.
- [gasps] I was wendy in peter pan when I was Lily is very much like me in the sense That she's a very smart girl And she's really talented.
She's a mini me.
This girl is my soul mate.
This is my soul mate.
- Hmm.
What's your favorite color? - Purple and blue.
- Do you sing a lot? - Yeah, sometimes.
- Hmm.
What other things? Allegria is a little nervous.
She is very shy and very kept to herself.
What else? Ask me a question.
And that's just how I was when I was ten.
I would be shy for a couple minutes, But hopefully she can open up And be more confident.
[sighs] what else, what else, what else, what else? How about you sing now? [intro to sing] - sing it out girl, you've got to be what tomorrow needs - I like the tone you're getting.
Now I just want to get it more solid.
- Okay.
- you open up your mouth - Yes! - Yes! - You're becoming a rock god, damian.
- Happy days.
- I don't even know what to think about damian anymore.
I'm like, who is this person and where did he come from? - boy, you've got to see what tomorrow brings - Just a little less, um, careful and perfect on the end.
- Okay.
sing it for the boys - oh, stop! - sing it for the girls every time that you lose it - [groans] You're rushing in a couple spots.
Maybe not push so hard, 'cause I think that is also making you rush a little bit.
- sing it for the deaf, sing it for the blind - Close.
- Did I mess up The "singing for the deaf"? - Yep.
- Yeah, I went too low, huh? - Yep, you did.
Start over.
- uhh, oh sing it for the-- nope, mm-mm.
There's like nothing I can do.
- Come on, you're a rock star.
- I'm trying to hit these high notes and, you know, I don't really belt in front of people that often And I don't want to show any weakness.
No? - Close.
- sing - Yes! - If I can't do it, Mentally I just make myself do it.
- sing it from the heart sing it till you're nuts sing it out for the ones that'll hate your guts sing it for the world - Wow, you guys are awesome! [cheers and applause] Those kids wore me out.
[school bell rings] - What's up, guys? - Oh, hey, what's up, man? - What's up? So are you ready for today? Got, uh, some singing, some dancing, Some guitar holding.
- Some--yeah, some instrument playing.
- Okay, can't wait to see it.
- Oh, this is cool.
This is really cool.
- This is really cool.
- You just said that at the same time as me.
- You ready? - With the theme this week being generosity, We're looking for contenders Who will be able to help their little co-stars Perform the best they can.
Now it's their chance to see what it's like To be a mentor, and hopefully, They can pull it off.
- So the chords are [playing guitar] And then The fact that I won the homework assignment Meant I got to spend some one-on-one time with kevin.
- If you put your two fingers here, And then you'll switch to this.
One, two, three.
Then switch.
- [laughs] - I know, see? - How do you switch? - It's crazy.
So let's try it with the song.
- sing it for the girls I don't know how to play guitar - Yeah.
- Is this what you do on glee? - Yep.
[laughter] - Just basically fake it? - Yeah, and just have fun.
- This time with kevin was exactly what I needed.
It's just motivation to do even better Than I've ever done here.
I just want to be in top three.
- we've got to - see what tomorrow brings - She's missing a lot of her vocals and then, For a lot of her high notes, she's not even by them.
- see what tomorrow brings - She's forgetting to do, like, the basic, basic things.
- It's gonna take me a while to get the hang of the drums.
Liam is cking out.
- More loose, like, mmm.
- He's actually teaching me things.
You know, I'm out to be generous to him, But how can I be generous When this guy knows what he's doing? - He kind of does a little too much with his face, Which makes it look--you can tell it's lip-syncing.
- sing it for the world - He looks like he's in pain.
- [laughs] - Let me see you two together, how you look, singing.
Yeah, that's good.
- I'm nervous that this could potentially be My last big group number.
I could bomb this and ryan murphy could send me home, But I'm trying not to think about that.
You want it tighter? - No.
- You sure? Too heavy? - No.
- Alex, he's maybe not as comfortable With working with kids as the rest of them are.
He did not try to work out some sort of moves.
- Were you gonna lift me up and I'm gonna, like, End up like this? - I'm just gonna grab him, all slow motion, And he's gonna fall.
- [laughs] - I feel really good about this shoot Because it's not really about us.
It's just about these kids and making sure That their one moment on camera is just a good one.
- His mannerisms are great, but right now, It just looks like a paw, like when a dog wants a treat.
- sing it out for the world - Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding.
Remember that you've got to play in time.
- Oh, okay.
See, I'd be a sucky keyboard player for a band, 'cause I'd just be like, so--so, oh! Mmm! That was it.
- You guys, we're gonna do a little playback.
- Yeah.
You ready.
- sing it for the boys - I think one big question to be answered in this video is, What does generosity mean to these contenders? This music video Is bringing some interesting things to light.
We're gonna learn a lot about each one.
[scene board clacks] - Here we go.
And cue playback, please.
[beeps] [intro to sing] - sing it out boy, you've got to see what tomorrow brings - sing it out - sing it out girl, you've got to be what tomorrow needs - sing it out - for every time that they want to count you out - sing it out - use your voice every single time you Both: open up your mouth - sing it for the boys sing it for the girls every time that you lose it sing it for the world sing it from the heart sing it till you're nuts sing it out for the ones that'll hate your guts sing it for the deaf sing it for the blind sing about everyone that you left behind sing it for the world sing it for the world cleaned-up corporation progress dying in the process buy yourself the motivation generation nothing nothing but a dead scene product of a white dream I am not the singer that you wanted but a dancer I refuse to answer talk about the past, sir wrote it for the ones who want to get away Keep running! - sing it for the boys sing it for the girls every time that you lose it sing it for the world sing it from the heart sing it till you're nuts sing it out for the ones that'll hate your guts sing it for the deaf sing it for the blind sing about everyone that you left behind sing it for the world sing it for the world - we've got to see what tomorrow brings - sing it for the world sing it for the world - yeah, you've got to be what tomorrow needs - sing it for the world sing it for the world - All right, everybody.
That's a wrap.
[cheers and applause] Great job.
[all chanting] All: Whoo! [school bell rings] - We got a phone call from ryan.
- Wow.
- It's a game changer.
- Oh, my gosh.
- This is a huge deal, guys.
- This is the last elimination.
- I just really want to experience next week.
- I hope I just make it through.
I hope I'm just safe for the bottom three, But at the same time, shoot.
I'd be really relieved if I was saved, Just to know that I made it to the top three.
Honestly, I think it's just the littlest thing That'll make them keep you away from that bottom three.
- All I know is that if I'm in the bottom three, I'm gonna go in and give the performance of my life.
Of my life.
[suspenseful music] - Hello.
- Hello.
- This week, we had to decide Who we were going to guarantee a spot In the final three.
Lindsay, you were concentrating so hard On playing the guitar that you didn't always Lip-sync correctly, especially on the higher notes.
- Okay.
- Damian.
Sometimes, damian, when you get really excited Or are doing something big, You force a little bit on your face, Which makes the lip-syncing not look as real.
- Sure.
- Samuel, in the recording studio, Nikki was trying to push you a little bit Outside of your comfort zone this week, And she said you struggled a little bit With the harmonies.
- Alex, you were the only contender That really didn't work out some fun bits With your partner.
I just think you could have maybe stepped up A little bit more as a mentor.
- I want you to know we spent a long time Deciding who we would put through to the final three, But just when we had finally reached a decision, We got a phone call from ryan.
- Instead of watching tonight's last-chance performances With robert and I, Ryan has invited a special guest tonight Who, when it comes to glee, His opinion is crucial.
He is one of the co-creators and one of our writers, Ian brennan.
- Wow.
- This is a huge deal, guys.
- Ian's never seen me before, And if I'm in the bottom three, He's gonna be judging me on this final performance.
- Ryan decided that he needed ian's feedback To decide who they should write a part for.
- And since ian has never seen any of you before, Ryan has asked That all four of you perform tonight.
- Wow.
- It's scary.
- Oh, my gosh.
- This is a game changer.
- No one is safe, and I feel like I have to fight extra hard.
- These songs have been approved by ryan personally.
Lindsay, he would like to hear you perform defying gravity.
- Okay.
All right.
- Alex, you're going to perform The gospel standard, His eye is on the sparrow.
- Hallelujah.
People sing it at funerals a lot, But I'm ready.
- Damian, you're going to do The sammy davis jr.
Swing tune, I gotta be me.
- Hop it is.
Sounds good.
- Samuel, he would like you to do the old classic, My funny valentine.
- [mouthing words] [laughter] Okay.
- He's looking for you to fall Outside your comfort zone other than the rock and roll.
- Totally.
- Ryan will be making his decision with ian tonight.
Neither zach or I will be with him To speak up for you.
- The fact that we will not have robert and zach Fighting for us Is a little frightening.
Now we're on our own.
- You've got to let them see What we've seen this entire time.
Okay, guys.
Break a leg.
- [groans] A few weeks ago, after cameron left, you know, I was in a slump.
I was thinking, you know, obviously The judges don't like me that much.
They were willing to send me home.
One, two, three, four, five.
There's no turning back now, you know.
I have nothing to lose.
I'm gonna go for this.
- why should I feel discouraged This song, his eye is on the sparrow, Was sung at my father's funeral.
- Hi.
- How are you? - I'm good.
How are you? - I'm okay.
- Yes? Good.
I'm so excited forou to sing this song.
- Oh, I am too.
I hate this song.
- Wow.
Why? - I don't know.
I just-- It was sung at my dad's funeral, but-- - No way.
- Yeah.
It was sung at such a bad moment of my life, And to just think about my dad Is just opening up so many different emotions.
- To me, the song has a joy.
- Joyful? - Yeah, has a joy, and that's a good way To look at where your dad is now.
[both laugh] No, you got it.
I am not worried about you.
You're gonna be great.
- I've never heard this song in my entire life.
I get the song, my funny valentine.
I have no idea what to expect from this tune.
- little valen-- nope.
That was not gonna be it.
The way I want to sing the song is really heavy On my vocal chords, so it makes it hard To kind of belt out the high notes that it requires.
[bleep] high note.
stay I can totally hit it.
- [sighs] The last time ryan and I met Was a train wreck.
Ryan needs to know who I am, And I couldn't answer that question last week.
My song is defying gravity, and I love that song.
I'm pretty ready to just give it everything And show ryan that he was completely wrong about me In that I am easily accessible as a person To write a character about.
- Do you feel confident? Do you feel comfortable with the song? - The song itself is so meaningful, Especially with this competition and, like, Everyone has told me that they just don't know me yet.
I understand why, but at the same time, My kind of go-to is to always be in a good mood And though that is--it's just kind of how I've been raised, I'm kind of done because I don't have much left to give.
So, I'm just-- - that's good.
I ink-- - I'm just done.
- Yeah, that's an amazing place to get to And needed for this point in the competition.
- I should have given that up in vulnerability week, And I just picked it right back up.
Within two weeks, I just was-- Went right back to who I was, And that's not who I am, and I'm done.
- You're gonna be amazing.
Thank you.
- smile with Frickin' what? [school bell rings] - You have the hardest road of the four, But I think that you know that.
Like, when is the last time you cried? - Bhhhh.
- The other three seem so authentic.
- This is the camera.
- Hi, camera.
- I'm just trying to get him-- He's nervous of cameras.
We're gonna get him over it.
This is a camera.
- Camera.
- They can't hurt you.
- I know.
- They make you look good, actually.
- Oh, they do? - Yeah, they do.
- Hello.
- It's weird.
Like, we look better on camera Than we do in real life.
- Yeah.
- Tomorrow, when we do-- We're gonna be shooting for hours, And they're gonna edit the whole thing Into 2 1/2 minutes And it's gonna look really good, 'cause they're only gonna take when we look the best.
- Oh.
- And put it into a whole video.
You know what I mean? - I'm not nervous now.
- Yeah.
- Hello.
- You're gonna be on tv.
- Oh, my god.
- Yes! - So, here we are.
Alex is incredibly talented.
He's sort of fascinated with playing female roles And I thought that he was-- would be sort of fun, You know, to write as the love child of kurt and mercedes.
Like the little brother they take under his wing And encourage him to sort of be in their club.
So he's really sweet and charming and he, um, Has a confidence problem sometimes, But his voice, of all of them, I think, is the best.
- Hi.
I'm alex.
I'm singing his eye is on the sparrow.
- Tell me about the song.
- It was sung at my father's funeral.
But, um, I've come to a realization That it's not a song that I should hate.
I kind of love it now.
[intro to his eye is on the sparrow] why should I feel discouraged? and why should the shadows come? and why should my heart feel lonely and long for heaven, my home? when jesus is my portion a constant friend is he his eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches over me oh his eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me - Well, I think your dad would be proud of you for doing that.
I thought you did great.
- I'm curious to know, like, What is high school like for you? - It's been hard because, um, I walked in And boys would pick on me because I talked funny, I dressed funny.
I have more girl friends than I have of guy friends, And I guess I relate more to girls than I do to boys.
- You're fascinating to watch.
You're so interesting and very much our show.
- Well, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- You did great.
- Seriously, he's really, really fascinating.
- Okay, damian.
Damian is, by far, I think, mr.
Personality of this competition.
He, oddly enough, has been in the bottom three The most during this competition.
He's unformed, but you can tell that every week, He's gotten better and better and better.
He's the one that you root for the most.
- Hello.
- Ian, meet damian.
- Hi.
- Ian, nice to meet you.
A pleasure.
- Yeah, you too.
- I'm damian mcginty, And I'm gonna sing I've gotta be me.
[intro to I've gotta be me] whether I'm right or whether I'm wrong whether I find someone in this world or never belong I've gotta be me I've gotta be me daring to try do it or die I'm gonna be me I'll go it alone that's how it must be if I can't be right for somebody else I'm not gonna be right for me I've gotta be free I've gotta be free learning to try do it or die I've gotta be me oh [laughter] - That was a good punk rock move at the end there.
- I enjoyed that.
- Did you? - [laughs] - I think, vocally, You have the hardest road of the four, But I think that you know that.
- Well, the way I'm looking at it, I've learned so, so much in this competition About myself, about me as a person by performing.
- Did you grow up, you wanted to be a singer? Do you want to be an actor? - I want to be a singer, I want to be an actor, I want to be everything.
You know, I just-- I just want to perform, and that's the truth.
You know, I just-- I love it.
I get such a buzz off it.
It's--I wake up in the morning and I think performing.
I go to bed at night and I think performing, you know? - You did great, as always.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- See you.
- He's great.
I mean, he--he would be, Like, a good freshman to bring in.
Brittany would eat him alive Or she would just never understand.
Brittany would never understand him.
She'd be like, "what? What are you saying?" - It writes itself.
- Yep.
- I think lindsay is next.
- Okay.
- I always am trying to pierce who she kind of is, you know, And she resists it and then she gets upset And she feels attacked and-- - oh.
- Hello.
- Hi, lindsay.
- I'm lindsay.
I obviously know ryan.
And I will be singing defying gravity.
[intro to defying gravity] something has changed within me something is not the same I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game too late for second-guessing too late to go back to sleep it's time to trust my instincts close my eyes and leap it's time to try defying gravity I think I'll try defying gravity kiss me good-bye I'm defying gravity and you won't bring me down I'm through accepting limits 'cause someone says they're so some things I cannot change but till I try, I'll never know too long I've been afraid of losing love I guess I've lost well, if that's love it comes at much too high a cost I'd sooner buy defying gravity I think I'll try defying gravity and you won't bring me down bring me down oh oh oh - Good finish.
- [laughs] yeah.
- It was beautiful.
- You did good.
- That style seemed to fit you very well.
I guess my question would be, like, Can you rock out as well? - [laughs] a little bit, yeah.
- You've told me that you feel Such a need to be perfect at all times.
- My entire life, I've tried to be good And I've always tried to be right and on And always doing well when it's human to not.
And I'm kind of just, I'm done trying to be that person, 'cause it's really not me and I've kind of lost myself Along the way somewhere, and I'm trying To pick the pieces back up.
- Well, you did great.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- I've always kind of wanted to cut her, But I never can.
- Uh-huh.
- Because we need her.
We need-- - yeah.
- We need this kind of girl in the group.
The last one, sam, he has the word "jesus" And some bible quotes tattooed on his body.
- I hope they're not boring quotes, Like, from leviticus.
"thou shall not eat rock badger.
" - [laughs] Hey.
- Hello.
My name is samuel larsen.
I'm singing my funny valentine.
- Great.
- Cool.
- [exhales] [intro to my funny valentine] - my funny valentine sweet comic valentine you make me smile with my heart your looks are laughable unphotographable yet you're my favorite work of art don't change your hair for me not if you care for me stay little valentine stay each day is valentine's day each day is valentine's day - Very good.
- Nice.
- Thank you.
- You did very well.
My thing that I was telling ian before you came out, I like that you have bible phrases on your body, Tattooed, I actually do, Just because we have talked for a year now About writing a character Who's a different sort of christian guy or girl, And I think you are that.
- It's always been a dream of mine to be on glee, Like, since I-- since I saw it, But, like, to be that character on glee Is a dream I didn't even know existed.
- The one thing I think that's hurting you In this competition for me is, you know, Like, well, I've seen all those other three kids Have their moments where they break down.
They've given up hope and yet they pick themselves up By the bootstraps, And that is the quality of the show.
That is why I think the show has worked.
That's why people love the show-- Because it's about the underdog, And I think the thing that might hurt you is, You're not the underdog.
I think, in this competition, You've never been the underdog for even a week.
Like, when is the last time you cried? - Yesterday.
- Why? - 'cause I was thinking about this, Facing the reality that what I want in life Might not be what god wants me to have in life, And just being thankful for the fact That I'm here right now Means at least he wants me here now, so-- - Okay, great.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
He's confusing.
He's really hard to pin down.
He's the one I'm actually the most-- - You're the most on the fence about him.
- The other three seem so authentic.
- I feel like this is my first time, like, legit, In the bottom three.
This is the first time it's ever been real.
- Well, let me see here.
- They're all great.
Any one of them and we'd be blessed to have them, So I don't know how we're gonna decide.
- I can't believe I'm here, Thinking I wish I would have been In the bottom three, like, every week.
Like, I just found out that ryan wants me to be vulnerable.
- I had no idea how hard this decision would be.
I just don't know how we're gonna be able to cut anyone.
- Honestly, it's a massive blur right now.
It really is.
It was a miracle I remembered the words.
- Even if I am the one to go home, I'm glad that I made it this far.
- We've made it through the entire competition.
- Yeah.
- The only thing that we wouldn't be through Is the finals.
- Here's what I think.
- Yep.
- Okay.
- Hey, guys.
We're getting close to the end.
The list is up, so go take a look.
- Good luck.
- Yep.
I love you all.
- I just want to be in the top three More than anything that I've ever wanted in my life.
- I'm afraid of what I'm gonna see.
I know that my heart's going to break If I go home.
- Regardless if I come fourth, third, Second, first, I'm going home a better person.
- I just want to be on glee so much And just to hear that simple word "no" Just would kill me.
- [exhales] [laughs] Okay.
- Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Come on! - [crying] Yes! - Thank you, jesus! Uhh! It's a fal four.
There is no final three.
It's us four.
We all get to stay.
- Congratulations.
- Finding out that I have been called back Makes me feel amazing.
Like I can still fight, Like I can still win this thing.
- [laughs] - Dude, can we just-- - yes! Oh! - Oh! - Top four! - Oh, my god.
- Oh, I'm freaking out right now.
- I think it's a blessing that we're all here And it's absolutely amazing.
- buh buh buh - buh buh buh - oh oh - there's nothing you can say there's nothing you can do - We've been together since day one And now we're together for the last week.
- so keep holding on 'cause you know we'll make it through - Finally! - Did you guys work on choreography or anything? It just seems flat.
- Oh, for god's sake.
This is a nightmare.
- Everything is going to come down To your very last-chance performances tonight.
- I'm nervous as hell.
It all comes down to right now, right here.
- I'm ready to show why I'm here And why I'm the only girl.
- I know my life could change in a matter of minutes.
- I'm not fighting to save myself anymore.
I'm fighting to win this.
- You have won the glee project.
[cheers and applause] - For more information on the glee project, Go to oxygen.