The Hills (2006) s01e08 Episode Script

You Can't Just Be with Me

I had a great Christmas with Jason.
She still, like, answers his phone calls.
Now he's mad at me.
Hey, why are you mad at me? But when I got a call from another guy on New Year's, we had our biggest fight yet.
Why is he yelling at you? Because some guy called me! We barely made up before midnight, but I finally got my New Year's kiss.
I wanted to put it all past us, because it was my 20th birthday.
Jason was planning a romantic night, and now my only problem was figuring out what to wear.
- Sunglass time.
- I know, right? Guys, I'm glad I'm skipping school for this day.
I love ditching.
It's, like, a thing I love.
She loves ditching so much, she permanently ditched school.
I did.
I have to find a pretty birthday dress.
Unless it's, like, a breathtaking shirt.
I feel like, LA, anything goes.
Hey, guys, let's go try on wedding dresses.
Oh, wow.
It's, like, a really nice store.
Are we all trying them on for real? - Isn't this a room? - Yes.
I feel like my boobs are too big for this.
- No, they're not! - Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, it actually looks beautiful.
- It is surprisingly pretty.
- Surprisingly? Oh, you look so beautiful! What did you do today? Nothing.
Nothing to do with wedding dresses, okay? Geplaatst door: Wendelina1987 - Lisa? Here you go.
- Hey.
- Hi.
How are you? - Hi.
Good, how are you? - Good, good.
- Should we sit down? Sure.
Next week, Lara Bonomo, who's our model booker, is coming to town, and she's gonna do a casting of models for a bathing suit story that we're working on.
It's called a go-see in our business.
You'll set up a casting.
What I'd like you to do is call as many agencies, go on as many websites Let's get as many pictures of boys that you think are right.
Is there a certain kind of look, like a surfer kind of look? You're gonna be looking for 17- to 20-year-old boys.
Bathing suit models.
- That's exciting.
- I was about to say that.
Behave accordingly.
- All right? - Okay.
Hey, Heidi.
Will you come in here? Please? So, will you shut the door? Okay, so, tonight we have our William Morris Grammy party.
You're gonna work at LAX, but none of us are gonna be there.
Jennifer's not there.
It's gonna be, like, you, Grace.
So it's almost like we're competing against ourselves, so we literally have to make sure that LAX is great tonight.
- Right.
- So So, what I was thinking is, maybe you should call some of your girlfriends, invite some people down that you know.
- To LAX.
- Now, Grace is calling extra people.
- So I think it's - Okay, so it's gonna be me and Grace.
You and Grace doing everything.
- All right.
- Is that it? Anything else? I think it's good.
- I want a full report tomorrow.
- You'll get one.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Thanks, Heidi.
Oh, okay, yeah.
Can you e-mail them? Awesome.
Thank you so much.
All right, bye.
Okay, so we have Ford, Wilhelmina.
Cards come in? Not yet, but we have some questions.
For the call sheet, do you already know what studio the go-see is? - It will be at Quixote Studios.
- It will be.
- Oh, that's where Audrina works.
- Okay? Cool.
Thank you.
So, that'll be fun.
She'll be there when we're there.
That's so cool.
Hey, Whitney, when you go on to see on L.
Models Let's look at the men.
Well, he's kind of cute.
This guy's hot.
- Enrique.
- Introducing Enrique.
He's cute, but - You don't like him? - No, I do.
I like all these guys.
Do you want me to leave you alone for a little bit? Hi.
Thanks for coming out and supporting me.
Okay, do you want to take them in? Bye, guys.
That's all I get to see of you the rest of the night.
All right.
All right.
You know the last two nights I have slept a total of six hours, about? Because that's your job.
You need to, like Do you ever nap in the day? No.
I work in the day.
- You're a full-time worker.
- I am.
Remember, I told you about the modelling call? No, you didn't tell me about it.
We're doing a modelling call for a bathing suit shoot.
- For guys or for girls? - So today we looked For both.
I told Jason it was only girls, too, and he's gonna get mad at me.
But why? They're, like, young guys.
- Are they kids? - They're not kids.
They're, like, guy models.
He's gonna get mad at you.
- Hi! - Hi! - You guys look cute.
- Thanks.
- So do you.
- Thank you.
- You working hard? - This is where I work.
Oh, my God.
- I'll show you where your stage is.
- Okay.
You guys are in here.
I know, it's right next to me.
Yeah, it's so trippy.
- How far back - How far back? Like a model.
My name's Whitney.
And tell me a little bit about yourself.
- My name is Whitney, and I'm from - Yeah, it still doesn't work.
- It doesn't work? - No.
Oh, and then you put this You're a genius.
I'm so bad with this stuff.
- Does that work? - Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi, Blaine.
- How you guys doing? - Good.
- Good.
- Setup looks good.
Looks great.
- Yeah, it looks excellent.
This is a pretty intense casting setup.
I like it.
Good work.
Are you here for the Teen Vogue casting? - Yes, I am.
- It's right in this room.
- Okay.
- You're welcome.
Okay, I'm going to do a head shot.
I would take off your shirt.
- Want to take your shirt off? - Hell, yeah.
God, you're such a perv, Whitney.
I'm sorry! Okay, look at me straight on, straight on.
And smile.
How long you been in LA? About six months or so.
- You like it? - Yeah, it's cool.
Come out here to act, model, the whole deal? Yeah, pretty much.
That and music.
What are you guys all doing tonight? I don't know.
We're not so sure.
It's Friday night.
We're all going to Bella like, around 8:00, 8:30.
Well, if you give me your number If you give me the right number, I'II - I'll give you the reject number.
- Yeah.
- It was nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you.
See you.
Bye, girls.
He's hot.
- Perfect.
Thanks, dude.
- You are good, Austin.
Thank you.
- Thanks for coming in.
- Nice meeting you.
He was really cute.
How's it going in there? Are there people waiting? Yeah, a lot.
How long have you been doing this internship? Since, like, September.
I don't know.
Where's your party at tonight? - We're done.
- Hello.
We're finished.
- That's it? - Yeah.
Good work today.
- Okay.
- You girls are done? Yes.
- We'll see you tonight? - Yeah.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Tell me about the boys in the model scout.
One of the models It was really funny 'cause he was leaving, and I was like, "You can't leave yet.
" And you came in, and I was, like, "This is Audrina.
" 'Cause she pointed him out.
She's like, "The one in the white shirt.
" So I wrote a note to Lauren.
It was cute, though, 'cause they just clicked.
- They started, like, talking.
- He might come tonight.
I don't know.
He was really cute.
So, we'll see.
Whitney was, like All the models, she's like, "Yeah, take off your shirt, baby.
" - I did not say it like that.
- She's like, "He's my favourite.
"I'll take down his number.
" Your job is way better than mine.
That is delicious.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
I don't know.
Like, the pretty boys are nice to hang out with or whatever, but they're just so boring.
That's why I like I like that mysterious, like I think that's why I always go for the bad boys.
You do, too.
Jason's not a bad boy.
I like I like how he's a little more rough around the edges.
You know what I mean? You all went to get the food? Do you see him? Yeah.
I'm gonna go say hi.
Do you want to come with, or no? No, you're all over this.
We'll wait right here, though.
- Bring him back.
- Lauren, do you want to meet him? - Or I'll bring him back.
- Bring him back.
- Hi.
How are you? - How you doing? Good.
- Come on, move, man.
- What is his friend wearing? Remember Lauren? Come over here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Lauren.
- Scoot.
So, what are you doing out here? Well, I moved up here to pursue modelling and acting more.
All right.
- So, where are you all going after this? - We'll see.
Would you fix me a glass? Oh, I have an idea.
I'm gonna mix orange Gatorade with orange soda.
Sometimes with Jordan, you gotta make things kind of girlie in life.
First thing he does is put more Gatorade in it.
Guys, guys.
Got a body like me, got to, you know - Oh, my God.
- Turn it down a little bit.
We were joking around.
Audrina's got like, more She's always got a new guy or a new date.
Just random guys.
I mean Like, I don't do that.
It's one extreme to the other extreme.
There was a Teen Vogue casting for a bunch of male models.
When and where was this? Quixote Studios, where Audrina works.
- There were all these guys.
- What kind of guys were they? I don't know.
I just find it funny when people are, like, "I'm a model.
" - I don't know.
- Come on, it's pretty hard to be a model.
Even when we were in New York City doing that a lot, I'd never say that.
I didn't even say I was an actor for, like, my first Did you say something to Jason about there being guys at the Teen Vogue model scout or something? - Yes.
- Why'd you do that? Why would I not say that? Their relationship sucks.
Lying about a guy being at a casting, that's just retarded.
- Guys.
- They're both insecure, immature.
Just They're not even ready to be in a relationship.
So sad if you're stuck in that.
- Well, no, no, no.
- Like, New Year's eve, that was terrible.
What do you mean, stuck in it? When you're stuck in a relationship like that.
How are you stuck in a relationship? Because if you love someone so much, but it's just, like No.
I don't even No, no, no.
- They don't love each other.
- Yes.
If you fought with me all the time How can somebody love somebody - See, we're fighting right now.
- Oh, whatever.
- I'm just so annoyed.
- Why? What's wrong? Right on Lauren's birthday, Jordan has to be, like, "Oh, by the way, did you know that there were boys at the photo shoot?" - Jordan told Jason that? - Yeah.
So Jason got pissed off, or what? Yeah, so now Jason's mad, and it's, like If he's mean to her at her birthday But it's, like, this is her day, you know what I mean? You have to know when you say something like that.
And Jason gets pissed off easily.
Good job, Jordan.
Yeah, really freaking good job.
Just push it.
And then maybe these will fold, and then lay back.
This is so Is everything okay? Jordan just told Jason there was guys at that stupid model thing, and I hadn't told him yet.
When we went to that club that night, he asked me He's, like, "Are there gonna be guys at that model casting?" And I was, like, "No.
" I just never told him, and I was gonna tell him, and I forgot.
I just Oh, it makes me so mad.
And it wasn't that I was hiding it.
It wasn't It was just, like Jason's just sensitive, so I can't just be, like, "Oh, and there was guys there, so don't get mad," - because he'll get mad.
- Right, right.
Can't you just call him and be, like, "Dude, it's my birthday"? No, because I don't feel like arguing with him.
I'm just gonna tell him, like, "Be mad at me.
"I'm not even gonna argue with you.
" He needs to get over this little trust ish.
Why do you think he's so sensitive? It's just, like, whenever we all plan a night out, something goes wrong at the end of the day, always.
- Yeah? - It never fails.
Hello? Hey.
Hey, there were boys at your photo shoot, you liar.
Please don't fight with me right now.
I wasn't mad that there was guys there.
It was the fact that you'd lie about it.
I am really sorry, baby.
Baby, I don't care.
I could care less who's there.
Just tell me who's there.
- I'm sorry.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
- Okay, bye.
- He handled that well.
- That was okay.
He didn't even get mad at me.
Who is it? I thought it was someone else.
Come in.
- Are you Lauren? - No, this is Lauren.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Happy-birthday flowers.
"Be ready at 5:00.
A car will be waiting.
"Be sure to pack a bag for school.
Love, Jason.
" "Pack a bag for school"? What does that mean? It means I won't be coming back here.
Happy birthday, baby.
- Got you a little rose.
- Thank you.
Surprise, surprise.
It's so pretty.
- I'm so hungry.
I ordered it for us.
- Oh, did you? - Here you go.
- Thank you.
I don't know what you want.
I just knew you like calamari and stuff, so - Thank you.
- Of course.
So, what do you want to do the rest of the night? Whatever you want.
Would you want to go out tonight, or you just want to hang here? I want to hang out here.
Brian's doing that thing at Nacional.
- Who is? - Brian.
If you want to go to Nacional, that's fine.
I just thought you'd want to spend my birthday with me.
I do.
Do you want to go meet up with Heidi and Jordan later, or It's up to you.
I don't care.
I'll do whatever.
- You okay? What's bothering you? - I'm just looking around.
It's kind of different.
I never thought I would do something like this.
- Just kidding.
- No, it's sweet.
I never had anyone do anything like this for me.
Saying you just want to chill here, and then we can hang out? Do you really want to go out? I'd rather just spend the night with you.
No, I just want to hang out with you.
I don't care.
What do you want to do? - Just hang out here.
- What's up? Jason, look at me.
I've told you I would rather stay here and - Okay, we can stay here.
- Okay.
I don't understand what you want to do, though.
You want to watch a movie? You want to do something else? - I mean - I'll do whatever.
I don't care.
- You can't just be with me? - I can.
That's all I want.
You just want to watch a movie, then?