The Incredible Hulk (1978) s02e01 Episode Script


David Banner, physician, scientist.
Searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have.
Then, an accidental overdose of gamma radiation alters his body chemistry.
And now, when David Banner grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs.
(ROARS) The creature is driven by rage and pursued by an investigative reporter.
McGee, don't make me angry.
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
The creature is wanted for a murder he didn't commit.
David Banner is believed to be dead.
And he must let the world think that he is dead until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.
(ROARS) Neuropsychiatric Institute.
One moment.
Good morning.
I'd like to talk to Dr.
Carolyn Fields.
Were you a patient of hers? Not yet, no.
Well I'm sorry, sir, Dr.
Fields isn't seeing any patients at all now.
Well, I only need to talk to her for a few minutes.
It's really impossible.
She's leaving the Institute today for an extended sabbatical.
But I thought that she was the head of the Institute.
Yes, but Dr.
Maxwell is taking over temporarily.
Can I make an appointment with Dr.
Maxwell for you, sir? No, no DR.
MAXWELL: Carolyn.
Carolyn, are you sure there's nothing else we can get for you out there? No, Max.
The University outfitted a terrific lab for me and I've got to do the rest alone.
Fields? Yes.
But, sir Sir.
Doctor? Dr.
Fields? Yes? Hi.
I'm David Benton.
I know that you're not taking any more patients right now, but I really do need your help.
You see, I have a highly unusual neurosynaptic dysfunction which renders me subject to violent outbursts of anger.
Now I've tried radical radiological and chemotherapeutic treatments, but nothing seems to help.
And I came to you because Well, not only your reputation as a psychiatrist, but also, from what I've been reading about your new use of hypnosis in therapy, I really think you could be the answer to my problem.
Well, I'm sure the Institute can arrange for you to meet someone on our staff.
If you'll just leave your Really, please, Doctor, that would be like going to Michelangelo and then ending up with one of his apprentices.
Some of our apprentices are really quite good.
But they're not you.
And I really do need the best.
Would it help if I inform you that I'm a physician? Mr.
Benton Dr.
Benton, I've turned over my entire caseload of patients to my associates.
I am leaving the Institute for quite a while.
Doctor If you have a severe personal problem, then surely you can appreciate it when someone else has one.
Doctor, if you only knew how hard it was for me to get to Hawaii to see you.
You swim? Almost.
I'm sorry.
Look, I'll talk to Dr.
Maxwell myself.
He'll be expecting you.
Doctor, please.
If you could just take a little time to understand my problem.
Time is the one thing I don't have.
I'm really very sorry.
DAVID: Doctor? Dr.
Fields? Doctor? CAROLYN: All right.
Now I'm going to keep looking up.
Keep looking up as I let go.
(EXHALES) And now, relax.
Now I'm feeling very relaxed.
Very relaxed and comfortable as I slowly drift deeper and deeper under hypnosis.
Letting the chair support me, I can relax further and further so that soon I can begin the work.
Now my entire body, relaxed slowly.
Now we begin to move inside.
Through the epidermis, dermis, into the tissue within, into the bone, into the arteries (HEART BEATING) As my blood courses through, giving life and nourishment to the cell tissue.
(BELL DINGING) My head is growing numb.
The pain is subsiding.
Now, that's better.
My breathing is easier.
The air goes easily down the trachea into my lungs, feeding the blood to nourish the cell tissues, to protect them, to make them stronger against the force that is attacking them from within me.
I will conquer this thing that is trying to destroy me.
It will be a difficult struggle, but I will win.
With my brain and my arteries, and my veins and lungs and my heart, I won't let it destroy me.
I will win out.
(GROANING) (DOORKNOB RATTLING) (GASPING) (CAROLYN COUGHING) What are you doing here? Trying to help.
Sorry about your glass door.
Isn't it a little dangerous, your living here alone when you're subject to grand mal seizures? This last one was the most severe.
They're escalating? Mmm-hmm.
Then it isn't epilepsy? No, it's not.
Aneurysm in the medula oblongata? No.
It's a disease similar to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Lou Gehrig's disease, huh? Similar.
The lack of color on your nails would indicate a circulatory malfunction as well.
In your case, would you say that there's a major failure of the cell tissue to regenerate itself? Yes.
Excuse me.
How do you I I was involved with advanced genetic research on related diseases at the Culver Institute in California.
At Culver? Did you work with David Banner? Quite closely.
Why did he suddenly abandon his research on diseases such as mine? His wife died, and after that, his work took on other priorities.
What a shame.
His work in the area of my disease was brilliant.
It was pioneering.
Thank you.
David Banner was killed in a lab fire.
Why haven't you told people you're alive? Have you read much of Robert Louis Stevenson? Treasure Island.
Jekyll and Mr.
Hyde? Oh, my God.
I've come to you because of your pioneering work in using hypnosis to help physical ailments.
I think that hypnotherapy could help me control that.
I can't help you, David.
Not that my hypnotherapy couldn't help you.
It might.
The disease I have is terminal.
The latest test results give me six to eight weeks to live.
That's all.
I have to devote my entire energy to try to arrest the progression of this disease.
I'm using my own hypnosis on myself to try to consciously control my own physiognomy.
That's why I left the Institute, my patients, why I was under hypnosis tonight, why I have to spend every moment concentrating on me.
Sounds pretty selfish, doesn't it? But it's It's my life.
Would you like some help? From David Banner? Of course I would.
It doesn't seem quite fair.
Well, maybe if we can make more time for you, there'll be time for me.
DAVID: Do you see them clearly? CAROLYN: Yes.
Those are the mitochondria.
DAVID: Mmm-hmm.
Your mitochondria from your cells.
The staff at the Institute were still trying to isolate them after a week.
You've done it in two days.
That was the direction my work was taking.
And you still think that they're the key to my disease? Well, as you know, the mitochondria are the little dynamos of the cell, converting fat and sugar derivatives into energy.
Now, in the case of your disease, your cells are not regenerating themselves.
They're not getting enough energy, and I think part of the problem lies in the mitochondria.
At least we'll see.
What time is it? Hmm? Boy, did I sleep.
Have you been up all night? Mmm.
I think I'm having a conversation with a hummingbird.
Hmm? See what I mean? Look at this.
It's the mitochondria again.
What's that substance around them? Ah.
CAROLYN: All right, so this is the mitochondria.
DAVID: Right.
And this is the substance around it that showed up with that special stain you prepared.
And it's this substance that's preventing the mitochondria from functioning properly.
I think so.
Where does it come from, David? What causes it? Well, at least we have something to work with and I have a clear visual image for my hypnotherapy.
Now how do you do that? It works on a very simple level of imagery such as thinking about parts of the mitochondria as cowboys and the bad substance as renegade Indians.
I see.
It's sort of like a wagon train with the Indians surrounding and attacking.
Wagon train.
I hadn't thought about that.
It's perfect.
(IMITATING JOHN WAYNE) Well, you bring out the John Wayne in me, little lady.
Anyway, once the patient, or me in this case, has that image solidly in my mind, I just envision the cowboys winning the battle and wiping out the enemy.
And it really helps? Well, it's no miracle cure, but at least it gives the patients an active involvement in trying to help themselves get well.
Part of the problem I've had in using the hypnosis on myself is that I've never had a clear-cut idea of the physical characteristics of my disease.
And now I have.
Now that I understand how your theory works, I'm not sure it would really help me.
Well, this is just one technique.
There are many others.
Let me hypnotize you, David.
Let's see what happens.
Now I know what I said before, but you've helped me so much.
You've saved me so much time.
I'd really like to.
You don't look exactly relaxed.
Carolyn, there's a very real potential danger here.
I don't know what might happen.
I understand that, and don't worry.
Now I want you to take a deep, cleansing breath.
(INHALING DEEPLY) And we'll begin.
CAROLYN: All right.
Now, we have passed through the preliminary stages and you're deeply asleep.
You're very relaxed and comfortable.
And while you rest there, I want you, without feeling any emotion at all I want you to try to recall the events that led up to the first metamorphosis.
But you will be an objective observer, totally uninvolved and unemotional.
That's better.
Now tell me what you remember.
It was after I used the gamma radiation unit to try and tap the hidden sources of strength.
I was unsuccessful.
I was frustrated.
I was driving in the rain.
I hit something.
(TIRES SCREECHING) I don't No, I got a flat tire.
I jacked up the car.
The rain made everything worse, and I was angry.
I was using the lug wrench.
I was trying to free one of the lug bolts.
(GROANS) I smashed my hand on the pavement.
I was angry.
But you're not angry now.
Stay objective.
You're an unemotional observer.
My hand was throbbing with pain, bleeding.
I picked up the lug wrench again.
I strained with all my might against it and it slipped again.
(SCREAMING) I shouted with pain and anger.
I felt a chill rushing through my body.
Something was happening.
I had a feeling inside me.
Like a hundred people shouting all at once.
Like a locomotive beginning to roll.
I felt a surging infusion of strength, my muscles vibrating with a strange life of their own.
I could feel a force welling up inside me.
And then I blacked out.
All right.
Now, you're doing very well.
Now, what we're going to do now is try to bring you into a conscious awareness of what happened next.
This is the first step toward trying to help you to control the creature.
Now, I want you to remain calm, to open up your mind to the last few moments of consciousness.
I want you to freeze that in your mind.
(SNARLING) Now we're going to go forward, moment by moment, very slowly, and as we do, you'll let your mind open up more than ever before.
DAVID: I remember standing up.
There was lightning.
I was angry.
I smashed the top of the car, I think.
Something else.
I can't see it.
The car turned over.
I remember fire.
Nothing more.
That was excellent, David.
Very, very good.
Don't strain.
Now, I want you to recall the second time the transformation occurred.
What were the circumstances? I was asleep.
Asleep? Yes.
And dreaming.
Tell me about it.
I was in the hyperbaric chamber of the Southwest Lab.
I was dreaming about Laura, my wife.
How pretty she was.
What a good life we had.
How we laughed together.
But then my dream became a nightmare.
Stay objective now.
Be calm.
My recurrent nightmare.
The memory of driving with her and how she made me feel.
And suddenly the tire blew out and the car was rolling over and over.
It was terrible.
I thought it would never stop.
I was thrown clear somehow.
When I looked up, there was fire.
You must remain objective and free of emotion.
The car was on fire.
Laura was inside.
I couldn't believe it was happening.
I rushed to the car.
I could see her unconscious inside.
Control your emotions.
I kicked at the window.
I kicked at it.
The flames were spreading.
Easy, David.
I knew.
I knew if I didn't get her out she was going to die.
But the door was jammed.
I couldn't get her out.
I tried and tried to lift the car.
I couldn't get her out.
It was the most incredible thing I've ever witnessed.
David, your arm is almost healed.
Show me your left arm.
It got cut when you crashed through the door.
It's half-healed.
I know.
That's one of the characteristics of my metamorphoses.
My body metabolism works at an incredible rate.
With your cells regenerating themselves far more quickly than normal? David, my disease is one of cellular degeneration.
If we were somehow able to take some of the highly active muscle from the creature and incubate a culture, I might be able to use it to stimulate my own cellular system and retard the growth of my disease.
Well I think it could work, David! It's worth a try! If I could help you to control the creature, I might be able to get a tissue sample.
Maybe we'd both win.
Aren't you forgetting how hazardous it could be if you do try? Dying is pretty hazardous.
Okay, let's try.
CAROLYN: Can you see yourself yet? DAVID: Yes.
Now I can.
CAROLYN: Now begin to look for the creature.
DAVID: I (STAMMERING) I don't see him anywhere.
I I can see him now.
Now just stay calm and let him get closer.
DAVID: He's getting closer.
CAROLYN: That's what we want him to do.
Just concentrate on staying calm and doing what we planned.
When he gets close enough DAVID: Now.
CAROLYN: Go ahead.
(WHIRRING) DAVID: I've got the net on him.
Now, the more he struggles, the more entangled he'll become.
The ropes are very, very strong.
These are the strongest ropes that can be made.
(GROWLING) DAVID: He's breaking the ropes.
He's He's gotten free.
CAROLYN: That's all right.
He's going to go away now.
The next time you try, you'll be more successful and keep him contained longer until very soon we finally find a cage that will allow you to control him permanently.
Now, I'm going to count backwards from five to one, and you're going to slowly awaken refreshed and relaxed.
You know, I said I was going to fix dinner.
That doesn't look like enough for two, anyway.
This is the medium to grow the tissue culture in.
If we ever get it.
We will.
We will.
What've you got? (IN CHINESE ACCENT) Oh.
I got pineapple, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, chicken.
Mama-san's taste bud's gonna jump for joy.
What's that? Funny you should ask.
Wok? Mmm-hmm.
I though a wok was something you twow at a wabbit.
Mama-san make tewiffic impwession of Elmer Fudd.
Wait, wait! No, no, no.
Need spices for this dish.
Let's see.
Some of this, some of that.
Get out.
(GLASS SHATTERS) I'm all right.
Got to get this mess cleaned up.
I'll get it.
Fields? Yes.
I'm Jack McGee from the National Register.
I'm checking some stories that a huge, hulking creature was seen in this area.
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
My paper is now offering $10,000 for any information leading to its capture.
I can't help you.
Well, in case you should catch a glimpse of it, that's where you can reach me.
(ROARING) CAROLYN: The straps of steel are the strongest that can be made.
They're 10-gauge carbon steel.
DAVID: He's trying to bend it.
CAROLYN: It should be too hard for even him.
Use the gas tranquilizer.
(CAGE RATTLING) DAVID: I've done it.
DAVID: The gas is all around him.
CAROLYN: The gas is sapping some of his strength.
The task is much more difficult for him now.
Much more difficult than with the rope net.
DAVID: He's doing it.
He's doing it.
CAROLYN: But only with great effort.
DAVID: He's free! (ROARING) It's going well.
How can you say that? He's too damn strong to be caged even in my imagination.
David, we're going to have to build up slowly until we reach an image that's strong enough for you to hold onto.
We'll find it.
Your turn.
CAROLYN: I am moving down deeper and deeper inside my body.
Through the blood vessels and arteries, through my lungs and into my heart.
And now smaller and deeper, to the cells themselves, into the mitochondria within the cells.
The mitochondria that are surrounded by a foreign substance, like a wagon train surrounded by renegade Indians.
(GUNS FIRING) The pioneers are holding their own, then one by one, the attackers are vanquished.
The attackers are vanquished.
MAN: The Institute sent me to pick up your latest biopsy.
CAROLYN: Yes, right this way.
Take this to pathology.
They're expecting it.
Right away.
The pathology report is going to turn out, David.
I really feel it.
I have a good feeling about what's going on inside of me.
Well, that is a very healthy attitude.
Every day in every way, I'm getting better and better.
I'm getting better and better.
Sounds like we had the same father.
(GROWLING) Gee, I miss not having kids.
Were you married before, Carolyn? Almost.
Didn't work out.
Part of the reason was that I wanted to wait before we had children.
I thought I had all the time in the world.
So we went our separate ways.
Where is he now? He's in Europe somewhere.
He got married, has a couple of children.
A boy and a girl, I think.
Now I really miss never having married, sharing all that.
Especially now.
That's not unusual.
No, I suppose you're right.
I was one of the millions of people who go about their daily lives as if they'll go on forever.
What a shame that most people don't take the time to appreciate life until they're closest to death.
(LAUGHING) What? I was I was just thinking.
When I was a boy, about his age, I was studying the human body in school.
So I knew that if you had a fever eight, nine degrees above normal, you had had it.
Well, there was one small problem.
You see, I had misinterpreted what normal temperature was.
Instead of 98.
6, I thought it was 68.
Yes, yes.
So when my mother told me I had a temperature of 102 degrees You were 30 degrees 33 degrees.
33 degrees.
Yeah, and it was (LAUGHING) Well, my family acted absolutely normally, as if everything were perfect.
So I figured that they knew I was a goner and they simply didn't want to let me in on it.
Now, there is a point to all this.
When I woke up the next morning and I saw that sunrise, I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced.
So ever since then, I've tried to take the time to smell the flowers.
Left honorable grocery shopping list at home.
Oh! Could you tell me please.
What is last item on lemon chicken recipe? (IN CHINESE ACCENT) Last item? Chicken.
How about next-to-last item? Water chestnut flower.
Ah, very exotic, not unlike yourself.
(IN NORMAL ACCENT) How're you feeling? (IN NORMAL ACCENT) I feel good.
There's someone at the door.
Well, if it's Attila the Hun, tell him you gave at the office.
What? I don't know.
It's a Chinese border joke.
All right, I'll see you soon.
Yes? A lot of why I'm feeling better is because you're around, you know.
Well, I'm not around, I'm in a phone booth.
Well, get back here and be around, okay? Okay.
Fields? Yes.
This is your report back from the pathology lab.
Thank you.
Oh, Max.
Yeah, thanks for processing the pathology reports so quickly.
No, I'm just looking at my copies now.
I couldn't find the water chestnut flower so I brought daisies instead.
Maxwell, please.
Oh, Doctor.
I'm a friend of Carolyn Fields.
I was just looking at her pathology report, at the electromyograph you did.
The nerve conduction velocities would indicate to me that the disease has moved into a very advanced level.
Would you Would you agree with that? Then her life expectancy would be Two to three weeks.
No, Doctor, she's not here right now.
Yes, I'll tell her.
Thank you very much.
Carol? Carol? You looking for the lady? Yes.
She drove off a few minutes ago headed in that direction.
She burned a lot of rubber.
Screeched off, just like in the cop shows.
Thank you.
What can I get you? I'll have a double something.
We make a delicious mai tai.
Can I get you another round? Yeah.
No, wait a minute.
I'm making a collection.
I'm Brad.
Oh, yes, you probably are.
Excuse me, I'm looking for a girl.
She's about 5'7"or 8", sandy blonde hair.
She was wearing a white blouse with a mandarin collar.
Yeah, yeah, she left with a guy and another couple a few minutes ago.
Do you know where they went? No, I don't.
But I'll tell you one thing.
They sure were laughing a lot.
Particularly your friend.
Is there anybody here who might know where they went? Hmm.
Isn't this place a trip? The very word I would've used.
Never fear, ladies.
We always have Dom Perignon on ice.
Well, you better get him out before he freezes.
Aren't they gorgeous? Yes, and their chests are so neatly brushed.
Dig the sound? Yes.
It's quad.
Good sound.
Good quad sound.
Terrific woofers.
Yes, you have very nice woofers yourself.
(WOMEN LAUGHING) How come I can't ever get my hair to look like that? I don't know.
I'm just lucky, I guess.
(WOMEN LAUGHING) I want to see if you guys really do have a hot tub.
Carolyn? Sure.
I may drown.
(GIGGLING) You better get another one.
I think we can get out the cheap stuff now.
I can dig it.
I'm looking for a friend of mine.
Carolyn Fields.
What for? Well, it's just rather important that I talk with her, that's all.
She's kinda busy right now, you know.
MARK: What's going down? I have to see Carolyn.
Who? Carolyn.
The blonde.
There you go.
Now you've seen her, okay? Look, she's really very sick.
I have to take her home, okay? There's nothing wrong with her and she's having a good time.
Excuse me.
(GROANS) Hey! Look out, man! BRAD: Hey, man! Too much champagne.
We don't like party crashers.
Let me go, damn it! DAVID: Let me go! (GRUNTING) Far out! Go down and show our guest out.
(SHRIEKS) BRAD: Get me off of this thing.
Get me off of this thing.
We're really a pair, aren't we? Mmm-hmm.
Carol? Carolyn? Carolyn! Carolyn! Carolyn? (SIGHS) Whoa.
All right.
Got it! I got it! Okay, it's your turn.
Come on.
(LAUGHING) Get it! Get it.
Marry me.
You trying to make an honest woman out of me? Marry me.
What a touching gesture.
It's not a gesture.
But it doesn't make sense.
It'd make me happy.
For how long? For however long there is.
Why? I once heard a story about a man being chased by a tiger.
He came to a cliff, he fell, but he grabbed a branch and he just hung there, just out of reach of the tiger.
And he looked down, and you know what he saw? No.
Another tiger waiting for him to drop.
And then he felt that the branch he was clinging to was coming out of the cliff by the roots.
Now, while all this was happening, he noticed something.
He noticed, growing in the cliff beside him, a single wild strawberry.
And with his free hand, he reached out and picked it.
And he ate it.
And he thought to himself, "What a wonderful strawberry.
" Oh, God.
I love you, David.
I love you, Carol.
(INAUDIBLE) I, David, take thee, Carolyn, to be my wedded wife.
To have and to hold from this day forward.
For richer or for poorer.
In sickness and in health.
With grace and with humor.
For as long as we both shall live.
With this ring, I thee wed.
With this ring, I thee wed.
So what does that make me officially now, Dr.
Carolyn Banner, Mrs.
Carolyn What about Drs.
David and Carolyn Banner? How come you get top billing? Alternate days.
You're really very special, do you know that? Oh, yes.
I certainly am.
Come on, you know what I mean.
You make me so happy.
To, uh, work? To, uh, work.
(POUNDING) CAROLYN: The vault is holding in spite of his best efforts.
You can hear him pounding furiously on the inside of the vault, but he can't get out.
He can't get out.
We're going to contain him within your mind and then only allow the metamorphosis to occur under controlled circumstances so that we can get the tissue sample we need.
We are going to contain him.
DAVID: I think he's going to the door.
CAROLYN: But it's holding.
It's still holding.
No, he's gotten out.
(GROWLING) He's free.
But it took him much longer to get freed this time, David.
Believe me, we're making real progress.
(MO ZART S YMPHONY PLAYING) I thought you'd like a little Mozart.
CAROLYN: Look at that.
Isn't that beautiful? What a magnificent planet we live on.
I'll take all the strawberries you want to give me.
Okay, fine.
Why don't you chase it down with this? What's that? It's a little chemotherapy that I worked up this morning.
It may be the onslaught to your disease.
I could use a good onslaught.
CAROLYN: The mitochondria are still fighting just like the pioneers in their wagon train.
They're fighting against the attackers.
But now there's help on the way.
A new drug is coming to help.
(BUGLE BLOWING) DAVID: (IMITATING JOHN WAYNE) Well, that it sounds like a good idea to me, little lady.
We're gonna push those renegades all the way back to the Oregon territory.
You tell 'em, Duke.
Aw, shucks, ma'am.
David, I'm feeling better.
Your medicine along with the hypnotherapy is working.
I know it is.
Well, I certainly hope so.
Your hypnotherapy works for your patients.
Why shouldn't it work for you? "Physician, heal thyself.
" (IMITATING JOHN WAYNE) Spoken like a true American.
CAROLYN: David! David! He must've been flipped over by a wave.
He's got a heartbeat.
Go ahead.
I'll call the paramedics.
Well, here you go, my dear.
Banner's patented hot toddy.
It's good for chills, dizziness, hernia, hypoglycemia, poison ivy, and the heartbreak of psoriasis.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
How is he? He's fine.
He's fine.
He's out of the hospital vowing never to go out in the surf so far again.
His parents didn't know how to thank you.
Really if it hadn't been for you, you know, he would've drowned.
But I'm not so sure it was very good for you.
I mean, the physical exertion and the chills Don't be a doctor.
Now wait, Carol.
Now, wait a minute.
Listen to me.
Don't be a doctor.
Be a husband instead.
It's a lot more fun.
DAVID: Hey! Hey! CAROLYN: Guess what? What? I have a strawberry for you.
You do, huh? What are you doing? I'm playing doctor.
Ho ho! (BOTH GIGGLING) Wait, wait, wait.
The light.
(GROWLING) David, no.
No, don't.
(GROWLING) (STAMMERING) David, it's me.
It's Carol.
It's all right.
Now let me get closer to you.
Let me get closer.
It's a dermatome.
I have to get a tissue sample.
(GROWLS) It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right, David.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I hurt you.
David? (WIND HOWLING) How're you feeling? David, come here.
I want to show you something.
You're not going to believe it.
Carol, where did you get this? Oh, my God.
David, you didn't mean to.
It was reflexive.
Look, we haven't found a way to control it yet, but we're on our way.
We got the tissue sample, David.
We got it.
Come and see.
What? The cellular growth rate is phenomenal.
The metabolism is at least six times what would normally be expected.
Six times.
All right.
All right.
Now we have to start experimenting quickly to find the proper method of combining that cell tissue with yours.
I've (MUMBLING) Already prepared several different media for it to grow in.
It should prosper in one of them.
(WIND HOWLING) (BEEPING) MAN: This is Hurricane Weather Center Honolulu to Air Force 697.
Does it look as bad out there as it does here? PILO T: That's affirmative, Honolulu.
Mauna Loa is reporting winds southwest at 30 knots and building.
REPORTER 1: This is a bulletin from KAUI newsroom.
We have just received word from the National Weather Service in Honolulu.
REPORTER 2:that Hurricane Kevin is turning inland and is expected to reach our area by 4:00 this afternoon.
REPORTER 3: All local communities are instructed to be prepared for heavy rain and winds of gale force.
To repeat, this bulletin (RADIO CRACKLING) turning inland is expected to by 4:00 this afternoon (RADIO CRACKLING) DAVID: Anything? No.
Both the radio and the TV were broken.
Boy, the wind is really whipping up.
You look pale.
My mother used to say that was very feminine.
Your symptoms have been accelerating ever since you exerted yourself trying to save the boy.
Well, what the hell did you expect me to do, let him drown? Hey.
Well, where do we stand? Well, the cell tissue that I got from you seems to be responding very positively when in cohabitation with mine.
Just like you and me, huh? Yeah.
I think, stimulated properly in a sterilized environment like a hospital, we can win the battle against this disease.
What? I think we'd better hurry.
DAVID: I've called the hospital.
They're expecting us.
REPORTER: On Route 930 to the north of Makaha, the road is flooded out and all travel in that direction has been rerouted inland.
Unless you are evacuating, police urge you to stay off the streets entirely.
Power lines are down in too many locations to count, but some phone service is still operable.
The leading edge of Hurricane Kevin has already begun battering the coastline It's a hurricane? from Kaena Point to Makapuu and the National Weather Service estimates that the full force of the storm has not yet been felt.
(GROANING) It's not far now.
(GROANING) Oh, David.
It's only a few more blocks.
David! David! Carol! (WIND ROARING) Carol! Carol! Carol! (GROANING) Carol, stop! (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) (EXCLAIMS) Carol! Help me! Carol! Carol! Carol! (GROWLING) (GROANING) David! David! (MOANING) (MOANING) David! (ROARING) At least we never gave up trying.
I'll miss you, David.
(MOANS) It's really wrecked.
Is your wife here? No.
She died.
Was it the storm? She had been very sick.
She was a doctor, wasn't she? Yes, she was.
I want to be a doctor, too, when I grow up.
Maybe I can find a cure for whatever made her sick.
I wouldn't even be around to try if she hadn't saved my life.
You weren't married very long, huh? It never would've been long enough.
My grandmother always says, "People never die as long as somebody remembers them.