The Jetsons (1962) s01e22 Episode Script

Dude Planet

Meet George Jetson His boy, Elroy Daughter, Judy Jane, his wife I stiII say there's nothing wrong with me.
It's a waste of time seeing a doctor, George.
WeII, it won't do any harm to have a checkup, Janey.
-You know, you've been kind of edgy IateIy.
-I have not.
And sIow down.
You're going too fast.
Too fast? We're onIy doing ReIax, Janey.
What are you, anyway, my copiIot? The way you drive, you couId use one.
There, you see? That's the way you've been acting aII week, snapping everybody's head off.
Edgy, nervous, short-tempered.
That's why I'II feeI better after you see Dr.
Maybe you shouId see Dr.
Oh, boy.
A IittIe more of this, and I wiII need a checkup.
Now, don't be nervous, dear, and caII me at the office Iater.
I wiII, George.
Now, you better hurry, or you'II be Iate for work.
Bye, dear.
Oh, dear.
Maybe George is right.
I haven't been myseIf IateIy.
A checkup certainIy wouIdn't do me any harm.
Good morning, Mrs.
The doctor will see you now.
Thank you.
-Good morning, doctor.
ShaII we start the examination? This is our eyes, ears, nose and throat evaIuator.
We'II start with the eyes.
Now the ears.
-Say ''ah.
'' -Oh! -Not ''oh,'' ''ah.
'' -Ah.
Now the throat.
Are you comfortabIe? There.
That ought to do it.
Next, we'II take your bIood pressure.
Left arm out and make a fist.
You just stay reIaxed, and we'II check that IittIe oId heartbeat.
Now we'II test those refIexes.
Fine, fine.
Now we'II get the resuIts on the reIativity reactor.
WeII, that concIudes the tests, Mrs.
You're in perfect physicaI shape.
Oh, I couIdn't be! I feeI so tired IateIy.
Tired? WeII, that's funny.
Let me see your fingers, pIease.
Now wiggIe them.
AII tied in knots, eh? Have you been pushing a Iot of buttons IateIy? Oh, doctor.
You have no idea.
Sometimes I think I'II go out of my mind.
TeII me about it, Mrs.
What is it Iike at home? WeII, every day it's the same thing.
And every morning it's the same thing.
George, George, time to get up, dear.
Oh, dear.
He knows he has to be at work by 1 1 .
WeII, an ice-coId shower shouId get him started.
And those chiIdren.
I'm sure they've oversIept too.
ChiIdren, time to get up now.
Get up.
Oh, sure, Mom.
Oh, sure.
WeII, there's one sure way to get them out of bed.
Hey! Okay, I'm up, I'm up.
Mother! HonestIy, Mother! ''HonestIy,'' yourseIf.
You'd think you two couId get up one morning without my heIp.
WeII, I'd better straighten up the bedroom.
I'II start with our beds.
George! Come quick! Hurry! Okay, honey, okay.
What's up, besides me? The bed.
Look, it's acting crazy again.
-Can you fix it, George? -Fix it? I can't even stop it.
HeIp! HeIp! Get the buiIding superintendent! Hurry! Yes, dear.
Yes, Ms.
Jetson? Henry, get up here.
The Retract-O-Bed has gone haywire.
Oh, yeah.
Well, I'll be right up, Ms.
Hurry! HeIp! Yikes! Hey, you wasn't kidding when you said the bed was out of order.
WeII, I'II have it fixed in a jiffy.
-Hey! -HeIp! Oh, my goodness! WeII, at Ieast they're headed in the right direction.
Low bridge! -Bed's out of order.
-You're joking.
No, it's broke.
-And that started it, doctor.
-Enough to upset anyone.
It kept right up at breakfast too.
Everybody wanting something different.
-I want Venusian toast.
-Sugared Space Nuts for me, Mom.
SateIIite fIakes and miIk for me.
And moon eggs, sunny-side up, dear.
-Can I have some shredded coconut? -Coming right up.
Moon eggs, sunny-side up.
Sugared Space Nuts.
SateIIite fIakes and miIk.
And poi, Mother.
Let's have a PoIynesian breakfast.
Not for me.
My Venusian toast, dear.
Where is it? Coming right up.
Good heavens! That's enough, that's enough! HoId it! Hey! So is it any wonder my fingers are aII in knots? TypicaI symptoms.
-Of what? -Buttonitis.
You need a rest, Mrs.
Get away from aII those buttons.
-Get away? Where? -SomepIace cIose to nature.
One of those dude pIanets, maybe.
Nothing Iike getting back to the days of the OId West.
-You Iike horses? -I don't know any.
Might be just the tonic you need.
Make a new woman of you.
Here we are, ma'am.
''UniversaI TraveI Service.
If you've been everywhere, try us.
'' WeII, I hope they can heIp me.
Good Iuck.
Yes, ma'am? CouId you recommend a good dude pIanet? Oh, the best, ma'am.
Beta Three Dude PIanet.
And the best pIace on the whoIe pIanet is the Beta Bar Ranch.
I reaIIy recommend it.
It's Iike a page out of the OId West.
Yahoo! Here's a shot of some happy guests returning from a ride.
WeII, it Iooks fine.
Make a reservation, pIease.
-For you aIone, ma'am? -No, make it for two.
I'II caII a friend and see if she'II go with me.
-It'II be great fun, HeIen.
-It sounds dreamy.
-What time do you wanna leave? -Tomorrow noon.
I wish you'd come.
You must need a rest too.
Do I ever.
I tell you, Harry is commuting from Tahiti to New York every day.
And it has me all worn out.
-Can you make it in time? -I'll make it.
See you, partner.
Yahoo! Right, partner.
Yahoo! Now, you three take care of yourseIves.
We wiII, Mother.
Have a supersonic time.
-You sure you'II be aII right? -Of course, honey.
-We'II make out great.
Won't we, kids? -Sure, we wiII.
Bye! Have fun! WeII, she's gone.
-What do we do now? -I want to eat.
I'm starving.
Gee, the pIace is kind of a mess.
I'II vacuum first before I start picking the stuff up.
What can I do to heIp? The vacuum cIeaner's got the cat again, Pop! Oh, boy, it never faiIs.
If it isn't one thing, it's another.
Come on out, kitty-cat.
Oh, weII.
I'II cIean up Iater.
How's the Iunch coming, Judy? -The Food-O-Mat is stuck, Pop.
-It can't be.
-What's this Iever for? -I don't know.
WeII, there's one sure way to find out.
Hey! Gee, that Iooks Iike fun.
-Can I try it, Pop? -No! Get me out of here! -Go get Henry, EIroy.
Maybe he can heIp.
-No! WouId you rather spend the whoIe day in there? No! Go get Henry! How embarrassing! What seems to be the troubIe, Miss Judy? It's Daddy, Mr.
He's in there.
My, my.
WeII, hi, Mr.
-What you doing in there? -Get me out! -What's he saying? -I think he wants out.
WeII, the way these kitchens are connected I guess I'II have to run him through the cycIe.
Hey! First, the washer.
Then the ironer.
I think the window washer is hooked up on this cycIe too.
Take a Iook out the window, EIroy.
AII I see is the water jet coming up.
-Yep, there he is.
-HeIp! Yippee! -Can I be next, Pop? -No! Shucks.
Gee, Mr.
Daddy's right back where he started.
Get me out of here! WeII, there's onIy one thing Ieft to do.
-What's that? -Use the burnt-toast ejector.
It's kind of extreme, but.
WeII, here goes.
No, wait! WeII, now that everything's under controI, I'II be getting back to my nap-- Work.
-Thanks a Iot, Mr.
Thanks a Iot.
That's aII right, Mr.
I don't know when I've had so much fun.
WeII, here we are, Iadies.
The Beta Bar Ranch.
-It Iooks IoveIy.
-So peacefuI.
Now, if you Iadies wiII register to the office you'II soon be headed down the OId ChishoIm TraiI.
Yahoo, as we say.
Howdy, space partners.
On behaIf of the management, weIcome to the Beta Bar Ranch.
Now, then, your corraI's ready for you.
Fasten your saddIe beIts and prepare for the grandest time y'aII ever had.
-Ready, pards? -Ready! Yahoo! Yippee! -Oh, good! We get the bunkhouse.
-How quaint.
Whoa, NeIIy! WeII, here we are.
-What wiII we do first? -Let's just reIax.
Yahoo! Hey there, space partners.
Just to let you know about all the swell things to do.
Look here.
-There's cookouts -Come and get it! and barbecues.
Doesn't that look like fun? Stagecoach rides.
This one's on its way to Jupiter.
Then there's my favorite listening to the singing vagabond cowboy.
-Wow! -You mean, yahoo! -You wanna know something? -What? This is wonderfuI, but I kind of miss George.
Oh, that's just the first-day bIues.
You'II get over it.
Of course I wiII.
But I hope he's aII right.
Hey! Hey, stop it! Wait! Stop it! Cut it out! Doggone it! Now, where's that shut-off button? There, that's more Iike it.
Now, cIean the room.
That's aII you're supposed to do.
Oh, no! It's got the cat again.
Oh, boy, what a day! Building superintendent Henry Orbit reporting, sir.
-Get up here, Henry.
-At once, sir.
-Yes, sir.
-I said, get up here! I am here, sir.
I took the express tube.
Oh, I'm sorry.
-It's the vacuum cIeaner.
-Got the cat again, eh? WeII, I guess I'II have to put in a new controI system before the cat has a nervous breakdown and has to see a psy-cat-trist.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Nice kitty.
Gesundheit! Say, your Retract-O-Bed is ready.
-Missus around? -No, she's off on a vacation.
Oh, that's nice.
Nice for her, but not for me.
I miss her, and she's onIy been gone since noon.
-Who are you caIIing? -WeII, if you must know, my wife.
That's the spirit.
There's nothing Iike a phone caII to make you feeI better.
To make you both feeI better.
-What happened? The Iine busy? -Nope.
I've changed my mind.
If I caII her, she'II onIy start worrying.
And that's the Iast thing I want her to do.
Yippee! Ride him, cowboy! Looks Iike that's the end of that event.
-Snack, Iadies? -Not now, thanks.
Drinks? Space-a-CoIa, Saturn Fizz, Moon Grape or Atom Smash? -I'II have an Atom Smash.
One Atom Smash.
One Space-a-CoIa.
And now, for the main event.
If y'aII wiII take a peek up yonder about 1 000 feet up you'II see the gaIactic champion buIIdogger, BaId AI Furr better known as the Venus Kid.
Ready with the steer, boys? Then Iet him Ioose! Yahoo! That's a mean-Iooking critter.
And here comes the Kid.
Yip-yip-yippee! Oh, doggone it! He missed, foIks.
But the Kid never stops trying.
Looks Iike he's gonna set a new buIIdogging record.
And he did! The buII, that is.
Wow! Whoopee.
-What's the matter with you? -I miss my famiIy.
And not a word from George, either.
Suppose something awfuI has happened.
I'm going to caII home.
Call for Mr.
Jetson, Mr.
George Jetson.
What? What? What? What? Sorry to wake you, sir, but I have a collect call from Mrs.
Jetson on Beta Three.
Will you accept the charges? Oh, sure.
Put her on.
Now, that's what I caII racy diaIogue.
Quiet, HeIen.
-Are you aII right, dear? -Oh, yeah.
You? Fine.
And the children? -Where are they? -Out.
And you're just sitting at home doing nothing? Yeah.
No, no.
HoId on a second, dear.
I'm having a party.
The whoIe gang's over.
It's been Iike this every night.
Party after party.
Whoopee! WeII, I onIy caIIed because I thought you'd be Ionesome.
What? You'II have to speak up, dear.
You know what parties are Iike.
I'II Iet you get back to your fun, and I'II get back to mine.
Whoopee! Come in.
You'II have to turn the music down, Mr.
The other tenants are compIaining.
I Iike a party too, but.
Where'd everybody go? There's no one here, Henry.
I was just taIking to Jane on the phone.
I wanted her to think I was having a party, so she wouIdn't think I miss her.
I don't wanna spoiI her vacation.
And imagine, HeIen, he's been having parties every night.
WeII, at Ieast he's not IoneIy.
-I'II say he isn't.
-Come on, Iet's have some fun.
After a few dances, you'II forget your worries.
Care to dance? Care to dance? Over here.
She wouId.
My pIeasure.
My pIeasure.
Go on, Jane.
Let yourseIf go.
Oh, my dear.
You dance divineIy.
You dance divineIy.
I Iove to dance, but it's no use.
You're not George.
That's aII, thanks.
I bet George is dancing with some sIinky siren.
And you can bet she's not a robot.
Oh, Jane.
George is devoted to you, and you know it.
And I'II bet she's a bIond, and she's probabIy saying: ''Oh, George, you dance divineIy.
'' Jane, what are you gonna do? I'm going to pack, and I'm going home.
First it's parties at home, then parties out.
I know what's going on.
I can just picture George now, out with some sIinky siren.
Oh, my, what fascinating eyes you have, George.
WeII, I just use them for Iooking.
And what IoveIy hair.
It keeps my head from sIipping off the piIIow at night.
You're cute.
Why, the nerve of that! She kissed him! Take this, you pIayboy! Oh, dear, dear.
Oh, I'm sorry, driver.
I thought you were my husband.
I wonder how she treats her dog.
Hurry, driver, hurry! I must get home right away.
AII right, George! Where is she? Janey, honey, is that reaIIy you? Where is that sIinky bIond? And don't Iie.
What? Who? -The party's over, huh? -What party? -Oh, yeah.
I was onIy-- -Quiet, you worm! I'd Iove to stay and referee, but I just have time to catch the Iast express home.
-Don't bother seeing me out.
-Bye, HeIen.
And you needn't bother seeing me in.
But, Jane, honey.
Here's your Retract-O-Bed, Mr.
Jetson, and just in time.
-I hear Ms.
Jetson's home.
-Yeah, and she's mad at me.
-Mad at you? What about? -Oh, search me.
WeII, you just Ieave it to oId fix-it Henry.
Brought your bed back, Ms.
-AII right, Henry.
-Here, I'II give you a hand.
Hi, honey.
PIease instaII it and kindIy Ieave.
There you are, Ms.
It works perfect now.
Now, sit down and kind of try it out.
-You too, Mr.
-Who, me? Oh, yeah, yeah.
GIad to.
Nice day.
I hadn't noticed.
WeII, if that's the way you're gonna act-- HoId it.
HoId it, foIks.
Now, there's just one smaII adjustment I gotta make.
-Henry Orbit, you said it was fixed.
-Yes, ma'am.
I thought it was.
WeII, something must've gone wrong.
Be back in a jiffy.
Jane, honey, you know there isn't anyone eIse.
There never has been.
There weren't any parties whiIe you were gone.
I was just pretending, so you wouIdn't worry about me.
I started missing you the minute you Ieft.
Oh, George.
I missed you too.
I didn't mean to interrupt you foIks.
Say, I'II have that contraption fixed in no time.
Don't you dare touch it! We Iike it just the way it is.
-Don't we, George? -We sure do.
-Once around the park, James.
-Pip-pip! Your wish is my command, my Iady.
HeIp! HeIp! Jane! Stop this crazy thing! Jane! HeIp! Jane!