The Law According to Lidia Poet (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[faint chattering]
[soft footsteps]
[ethereal sampled female vocals playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[orchestral music playing over vocals]
Adele? Where is Adele?
Has anyone seen her?
This stuff again? Enough already!
Adele's not here today.
Well, then, you'll replace her.
Find a costume.
Everyone else, on stage, quick!
The storeroom key is missing.
The master key will open it.
- Return it promptly.
- Thank you.
Hurry. It's ending.
[music intensifies]
[man exclaims]
[alternative rock theme music playing]
[moaning heavily]
Well? What do you say?
Considerable commitment,
but there's room for improvement
in the execution.
Room for improvement, you think?
Well, we must put that right immediately.
[moaning continues]
[knocking on door]
- I don't believe it.
- [woman] Miss Poët!
- [Lidia] I have to open the door.
- No, no. I'm coming. Oh no!
- [whispering] It's the landlady!
- [man] Oh shit!
- I have to open [moaning]
- [knocking]
[landlady] I know you're in the bedroom.
Miss Poët!
- Yes, I'm coming!
- [landlady] Open up!
You don't happen
to have someone there with you?
No, no, madam!
You've clearly said it's not allowed.
I'm in Turin a while.
If you don't die, can I see you?
Andrea, I like you, but find a girl.
A girl who doesn't make you
jump from windows.
You deserve better.
Right, I'm here.
What's going on?
This lady would like
to have a word with you.
Are you Miss Lidia Poët, the lawyer?
Yes, that's me.
Erm, do I owe you some money?
No, no, no, no.
I was told that you are a lawyer,
and and that your fees are small.
I mean, less than a man's.
I'm sorry, madam, but if possible
we would need a little, er, privacy.
And I will still need the rent.
And the rent will come. Slowly, yes.
It will come.
[departing footsteps]
My son Pietro was arrested last night.
They came to get him from his house,
then locked him up in the jail
known as the Nuove.
[Pietro's mother]
They say that he killed a girl.
The prima ballerina
of the Theatre D'Angennes.
But he is innocent. I swear.
- [dramatic music playing]
- [horse neighing]
[guards chattering indistinctly]
Good morning.
I have to talk with a client.
A client?
And you want to meet him here? [chuckling]
His name is Pietro Baiocchi,
and I'm his lawyer.
[Lidia chuckles]
[guard] "Lidia Poët."
It's authentic.
It wouldn't be so worn out
if I didn't have to show it
every single time though.
[prisoner 1] You're so pretty. Come to me!
- [prisoner 2] Hey, darling!
- [prisoner 3] Beautiful!
[prisoners grunting]
- [prisoner 1] Hey, beauty!
- [whistling]
[rats squealing]
[chains rattling]
[prisoners chattering indistinctly]
[overlapping prisoner chatter]
[prisoner] Come on! Come over 'ere!
Come a little closer!
[guard] Baiocchi, your lawyer is here.
You have five minutes.
[Pietro coughing]
[Pietro breathing rapidly]
[Lidia] Good morning, Pietro.
My name is Lidia Poët.
I'm a lawyer hired by your mother.
[Pietro breathing rapidly]
You're a lawyer?
Yes. Graduated and duly registered
as a member of the Bar.
Please don't ask me
to show my papers though.
We really have no time.
If you go to trial,
you risk the death penalty.
[Pietro laughs softly]
Exactly how long was it
that you had known Adele Valery?
Did you know that she was about to marry
the Marquis of Clermont?
She would never
have married that that man.
Because I know she was in love with me.
Did she tell you this?
That she loved you? Are you sure?
According to police records,
you were stalking her, Pietro.
Adele asked the theatre director
many times to have you removed.
I'm willing to believe that she loved you.
But to convince
the judge you are innocent,
I need something more concrete.
Well, some things don't need to be spoken.
There are gestures, smiles.
She loved me.
Tell me the truth. Did you two ever speak?
Were you at the theatre
the night of November 2nd?
Have you ever been in love?
That has no relevance.
When I'm not with her, I felt a burning.
At the theatre,
there was a dress rehearsal,
so I went to find her.
I had made her a portrait.
But she wasn't there.
Then they saw me, and they sent me away.
[guard] The time is up. You have to leave.
- [bell tolling]
- [indistinct chatter]
[man] Good morning, sirs.
- How are you?
- [vendor] Newspapers!
[Lidia exhales sharply]
[light orchestral music playing]
[Lidia sighs]
- Hello.
- Oh, hello.
When I saw you'd been called to the Bar,
I refused to believe it.
The world is changing fast.
It's been three months already, in fact.
And I also have an important case.
Yes. Fate leads the willing, you know.
- The D'Angennes murder case.
- Huh.
So you'll be starting
your career with a disaster.
- The prosecutor will batter you.
- Oh, Enrico.
Thank you. I missed you so much.
Oh, say hi to your wife and daughter.
If they haven't killed themselves yet.
[Enrico chuckles]
Anyway, if you need help, let me know.
You're still part of the Poët family.
We don't want to look bad, do we?
[Lidia] Mm.
Advocate Poët?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Poët, Lidia?
[man] The night of the 2nd of November,
General Valery filed a missing
person's report on his daughter Adele.
The following day at the theatre,
they realised the storeroom door
was locked, and the key was missing.
And there you have it.
When they opened the door
with the master key, they found this.
Mr Baiocchi has a dark mind,
prone to morbid fantasies.
He'd been infatuated
with the victim for months,
sending her flowers, poems, drawings.
- He'd stand outside
- [door creaks open]
Come in.
Mr Prosecutor.
This is, er, Advocate Poët.
- Acting for the defence for Baiocchi.
- [Lidia] Miss Lidia Poët, Esquire.
[judge] I was explaining that for months
Baiocchi had an unreciprocated obsession
with the victim until,
on the night of the 2nd of November,
he was able to meet her,
and upon rejection, he strangled her.
Thank you very much, Your Honour.
The elements gathered
by the prosecution are clear.
I imagine, though,
that you have gathered some evidence
as well in favour of the suspect.
Are you teaching me to suck eggs, Esquire?
No, no, absolutely
If I had found favourable evidence,
I would have said.
Of course.
Your Honour, indulge me if possible.
I was wondering if, by any chance,
you have ordered
that fingerprints be gathered
at the scene where the body was found?
[prosecutor chuckles]
No? It's a very simple procedure
and was written about by Dr Henry Faulds
in the Nature science journal
a few months ago.
Well, and I thought I'd heard it all,
but this is new.
And you call them fingerprints?
Yes, that is so.
With all due respect, Your Honour,
we're wasting time.
Even a murderer such as Mr Baiocchi
has the right to a real defence lawyer.
What is this travesty?
Would you perhaps be worried
about losing to a woman?
I only worry about the discredit
that will befall the profession,
should women ever be
allowed to deal with such things.
[judge] In any case,
we don't have the time
or indeed the means
to collect these fingerprints of yours,
whatever that means.
Then would you
at least let me see the cadaver?
Be quick. The body is about
to be returned to the family.
Certainly. And thank you, Your Honour.
Er, good work.
Both of you.
[judge] And also to you.
[man] The body had been closed
in that chest for over 18 hours.
She was smothered.
The killer was surely much bigger
and stronger than her.
Here, you see? He pressed here and here.
He pressed with his thumbs
until she was dead.
She was so very young.
[coroner] Seventeen years old.
If you want to work in this field,
you'll have to get used to this.
[ominous music playing]
Have you taken off her ring?
[coroner] When they brought her here,
she had no ring.
[Lidia] Hm.
Listen, I'll give you
another couple of minutes,
then I'll have you to send you out. Hm?
[Lidia, softly] Mm-hm
[humming softly]
[Andrea] Madam, I assure you
that amongst the emperor's court,
I've never seen a woman
as beautiful as you.
[landlady laughing]
You are pulling my leg!
On my honour, I'd never dare.
Here comes Lidia. Let's ask her.
I won't say another word. Lidia.
Doesn't this lady have the elegance
and the posture of an Oriental dame?
[landlady laughs heartily]
And what are you doing here?
Oh, your most wonderful fiancé
has offered to pay off all your arrears.
No. He's not my fiancé.
I'm not her fiancé.
But I can still lend you the money.
No, thank you. And you should not be here
without telling me in advance.
The thing is she's very proud
and doesn't want to be indebted.
No, Andrea, I'm like this because
I don't need a man to pay my bills for me.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm tired. I have things to do,
and I'm not allowed
to have guests in here, correct?
But no, no!
If the young man wishes to stay
Absolutely not, madam.
Rules are rules, aren't they?
Rules are rules, so I shall take my leave.
I'll say goodbye. I'll get my stuff.
Madam, keep it, please.
Consider it a present.
- [chuckles] Thanks.
- A sign of my devotion.
[Andrea] Mademoiselle,
if you happen to change your mind,
you know just where to find me.
Bonne nuit.
I'm sorry, madam.
Tomorrow I guarantee
you'll have everything I owe you.
I hope so for your sake,
or else you'll have to give me
the keys back.
There's a letter here for you.
It's from the court.
Thank you.
[landlady] I hope it's not bad news.
[paper crumpling]
[chair thudding]
Oh fuck!
[breathing rapidly]
[sniffling, crying softly]
[judge] The court upholds the appeal
against Miss Poët, Lidia.
It declares null and void
her registration to the Bar Association
of the Order of Lawyers
of the city of Turin.
It is clear to the court
that the Bar Association
is an office in which women
are not supposed to meddle.
In fact, it would be unseemly and ugly
to see women
getting involved in discussions
beyond the limits
that the gentler sex should observe.
We do not need to mention
the risk to the credibility of sentences,
if one were to see a lawyer's toga
covered in strange and bizarre clothing,
as often imposed to women by fashion.
And therefore, a woman
must not be called to carry out duties
for which she is not suitable
by organic design,
or which prevent her from performing
and carrying out other tasks
more suited to a woman,
especially within her family role.
[Lidia] This is outrageous, Your Honour!
What do you expect me to tell
the clients I'm representing?
[judge] To find themselves
a good lawyer, Miss Poët!
[courtroom erupts in laughter]
Stop here, please.
- [loud thud]
- I said stop!
[soft orchestral music playing]
- [coachman exclaims]
- [horse neighs]
Hello, Enrico.
They have cancelled my licence to the Bar.
I'm totally broke.
And I have nowhere to live.
[sighing] But also, I was following
the D'Angennes case,
and I don't want to lose my defence
of Pietro Baiocchi.
Do you think I could stop
humiliating myself and come in?
You really should hear their reasons.
They're the most arrogant
and pedantic, bigoted
Lidia, the court is right.
Females should not be involved
in legal matters.
Enrico, I beg you, please stop.
After all, Papa used to say
the same thing.
Papa? Don't you mention his name.
I'll kill you!
Let's moderate the language.
How long do you think
you'll be staying, Aunt?
Marianna, don't ask silly questions.
It depends on your parents, you see.
I've been kicked out by my landlady.
Actually, I could guess from the luggage
that something was up.
The house is big,
but my brother Jacopo lives here too, so
Perhaps she could stay
in the green room until she finds
The green room?
- It's ugly.
- And cold.
- The chimney doesn't work.
- No, that'll be fine. Thank you.
But under no circumstances
will I defend Baiocchi. It's hopeless.
I'll do everything.
I'll verify the prosecutor's evidence,
write the memos and everything.
All you have to do is debate in court,
say what I tell you to
Lidia, the court ruling's very clear.
You are forbidden to work on cases.
I know! For that reason,
I'm proposing I'd be your assistant.
If you help me with this case,
I'll help you with yours.
Great idea. Now she's helping me.
No. It's not happening.
Enrico, please, I'm desperate.
That man risks a death sentence.
Let's do this.
If I defend Mr Baiocchi,
will you stop this silly pretence
to be a lawyer?
You said it yourself.
- The ruling is clear.
- I know you want to do the presentation.
- Because I can win this.
- You'll never win.
- You're such a pessimistic arsehole!
- I'm not a pessimist.
I'm a fortune teller.
I foresee trouble, and I prepare for it.
Then what would you have me do? Tell me.
You have a teaching diploma. Teach.
marry, like all the normal girls.
This family is a big fan of marriage.
Mother's already arranging mine.
It's just a dance night, Marianna.
There we have it.
If you help me with Baiocchi,
I'll not appeal.
Also, because, dear Lidia Sorry, darling.
If God had wanted you to be a lawyer,
he wouldn't have made you a woman.
It's true. Thank you, my dear.
That's it. Good. Pray.
[sombre string music playing]
- [sighs]
- [stopper pops]
[reacts in disgust]
[music intensifies]
[Lidia] Papa, erm, it's nothing.
It's for Enrico's penal procedure exam.
I was copying
the most important articles for him.
[Lidia's father]
Your mother's looking for you.
She needs help with tonight's dinner.
Don't make her wait.
- [man yelling]
- [screaming]
- [gasps]
- Who Who are you?
I'm Jacopo Barberis.
My sister er, is married
to the son of that man.
- And who are you? Excuse me.
- Lidia.
- The daughter of that man there.
- Oh!
- You're the sister who's mad!
- Ah.
We must toast to this encounter.
Er, with a whisky.
I think you may have
already had enough tonight.
You know you look
nothing at all like your brother?
No, well We do have
the same nose, unfortunately.
- He would like that.
- And we do the same job.
And you would like that.
The appeal court
has withdrawn your licence.
Actually, I wrote an article about it
in the Piedmont Gazette.
You can write that I will appeal
the ruling in the Gazette.
Actually, no, don't say anything.
It's a secret.
Trust me. You're wasting your time.
The Statute of Albertine
doesn't really prohibit specifically.
- A judge would be forced to
- And was the judge a man?
I have no further questions.
Allow me to offer you some whisky.
No. No, no.
I have an early start tomorrow.
I have very important things
to think about.
What's more important
than to drink in good company?
My brother and I will prepare
the defence of Baiocchi.
The D'Angennes murder case.
And did he do it?
And you think I'd tell a journalist?
No idea, hey?
Do you think he's guilty?
Er not guilty?
Not guilty?
Let's just say that when people
think someone's guilty, I have doubts.
- Hm.
- [Lidia] Yes.
And in case like this,
how do you proceed? Mm?
Have you ever
burdened yourself with philology?
Philology? It's bad?
When a book is written
in several different versions,
the simplest one
is often the most improbable.
So I leave that aside
and concentrate on the others.
- Voilà.
- Voilà.
[murmurs, sniffles]
So, I'll see you tomorrow
at the Monumental?
At the cemetery?
At ten, there's a funeral
for Adele Valery.
- Don't tell me you didn't know.
- Of course. I was fully aware of it.
Anyway, I don't need your help. Thanks.
I imagine you didn't need
Enrico's help earlier either.
Good health.
[church bell tolling]
[priest] We are gathered here today
to mark the passing
[Jacopo] So, the one in full dress uniform
is the General Ruggero Valery.
- Her father, with his wife.
- [woman sobbing]
[Jacopo] Next to him, her fiancé,
the Marquis Carlo of Clermont.
And with the moustache, his father,
the Marquis Ludovico, with his wife.
[Lidia] There is also
the D'Angennes dance troupe.
[Jacopo] Adele Valery
was a prima ballerina.
The opposite would be strange,
would it not?
[priest] that a parent
should outlive their child.
But what God creates
[Jacopo] Where are you going?
I'm going to talk to them.
I'm not sure they'll be happy talking
with the defence lawyer of the offender.
[laughs] A lawyer who's also female?
That would be stupid.
Everything's fine.
[woman sobbing]
[priest] Hallelujah, hallelujah.
May I offer my condolences?
Thank you.
Thank you, miss.
Are you Are you a friend?
[Lidia] She was my best pupil.
At the Rousseau.
She was very special.
[sniffles] She was
incapable of being bad.
Her sweet and elegant nature
was out of the ordinary.
For the love of Carlo,
she would have renounced dance.
For the whole of the night,
we had kept hope alive.
Instead, she lay in the theatre dead,
and no one knew she was in that place.
They even had to knock the damn door down.
- [woman] Stop it, please.
- [Ludovico] I'm sorry.
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
[Ludovico] Forgive us, please, miss.
[departing footsteps]
[mourner] Not now.
[ominous music playing]
Did you discover anything?
The day is still young.
[rock drumbeat playing]
["Some Mutts (Can't Be Muzzled)" playing]
[Jacopo] We certainly live
in a time most progressive.
Yet women are still barred from
participating in most professions.
One might wonder if it makes
more sense for a modern woman
to pursue her happiness
in a foreign, more civilised country,
rather than wasting her whole life
in a Don Quixote fight
against the windmills
of the Quirinal Palace,
Montecitorio Palace,
of Palazzo Madama and the Vatican.
I've met a woman
who has chosen the latter path.
I talked to her and looked into her eyes.
What I saw was an untamed rage.
A rage, however, that is only a veil.
And not one sufficient
to hide the despair, the emptiness.
- Oh [pained breathing]
- [music fades out]
[sharp exhale]
[pained breathing]
[Lidia] If you keep this up,
you won't make it to the end.
And you are?
Lidia Poët. Legal assistant
to the lawyer Enrico Poët.
We're trying to understand
what happened to your friend Adele,
if you want.
I have nothing to do with Adele's death.
I wasn't even in the theatre
when she was killed.
Mm. But now
you have replaced her, correct?
And so you think
that I killed her to take her place?
You weren't
the best of friends. Apparently.
Judging by the way
Carlo treated you at the funeral.
Listen. You're right.
I didn't like Adele at all.
I wanted her place,
and she thought she was the best.
But I'd have had that part
sooner or later.
Because you're much better than her?
[scoffing laughter]
This was meant to be her last show.
If you marry the Marquis of Clermont,
you know you won't be a ballerina forever.
You see? I had no reason to kill her.
Maybe not.
Did she ever mention Pietro Baiocchi?
Yeah. The one who sent her the flowers?
Once she took one and put it in her hair.
She knew he would notice it
when she was on stage.
She pretended otherwise,
but actually she liked it.
[orchestral music
with sampled vocals playing]
[Jacopo] Easy, easy.
I demand an explanation, immediately.
- Oh, oh!
- You have no right to write those
[Jacopo] Er, good morning, Lidia.
May I present Maya?
Darling, what's your surname?
[Maya] Cristallo, my love.
Cristallo, Maya is a professional.
How do you dare to write
such nonsense about me?
You didn't give me
any inside story on Baiocchi.
I had to write something.
My eyes have in them
absolutely no emptiness.
No, no, no, no, no!
Look, I'm sorry if my piece bothered you.
It was in your defence.
You are a very little, pathetic man,
and you use people.
- You know nothing about me at all.
- [bell rings]
But But you don't know me either.
[bell ringing]
But we could get to know each other, no?
- [hurried footsteps]
- [bell ringing]
What did I do wrong?
I think she likes you.
Aren't you jealous?
Well, I am a professional.
Enrico, I have a confession to make.
I really don't like being called
with this fucking bell, so please stop.
Moderate your language and sit.
The court has sent me the evidence
delivered by the prosecutor.
[Lidia] Mm.
I don't even know what to call them.
Baiocchi made them.
[ominous music playing]
They are drawings.
We're not defending Caravaggio, Lidia.
No, in fact,
Caravaggio was guilty, wasn't he?
This is pornography.
And I have no intention to link the name
of my office to the defence of a pervert.
I'll give you authorisation
to enter prison.
- Calm down. Calm down.
- Go.
Apologise to Baiocchi
for giving him false hope,
and tell him to find another lawyer.
Can I at least try
to make you change your mind?
Adele's killer hid the body
in a chest, right?
He locked the door and then he left.
Have you really never wondered
what happened to that key, then?
Keep going.
Imagine a person
who has just killed a young girl.
He's shocked. So he mechanically
puts the key in his pocket
and then forgets he's taken it.
At the house of Baiocchi,
they didn't find any key, Enrico.
They only found these drawings,
which prove absolutely nothing.
Do you know where this key is?
- No.
- Then you don't have me convinced.
Go to Baiocchi,
tell him to find another lawyer.
End of the discussion.
If you don't agree, you can always go
and complain to Judge Genovesi.
You can't.
Au revoir.
You're such a piece of shit, you know.
[faint chattering]
[pages rustling]
[soft piano music playing]
[Lidia] I'm sorry.
Without my brother,
I can't work on your case.
And he also thinks I'm guilty?
Pietro, unfortunately, during a trial,
opinions don't matter,
and appearances do, so
Of course.
Like always.
Like Adele.
With her wedding to the marquis.
All fake.
All about appearances!
[Pietro breathing rapidly]
[Lidia] Tell me something.
Did Adele wear this ring all the time?
Yes, since I first met her.
But lately she'd taken it off.
I think you were right.
She wouldn't have married him, in the end.
But what good is being right? Huh?
[guard] Miss, the time is up.
It's time to stop fighting windmills.
- What are you saying?
- It's written here.
It says you're fighting windmills.
So you repeat everything you read
in the journals?
I believe in the journals.
Of course you do.
[lively orchestral music playing]
You're a genius.
You pullin' my leg?
Pietro, hold on in there.
I know what should happen.
- Miss Poët!
- Hello there.
I thought I'd upset you.
No, in fact,
I've been a little bit impulsive.
And rereading your piece,
I think you did a good service
to all women, me included.
For that I thank you.
But it was insensitive of me.
You're right.
Miss Poët, may I? Attila Brusaferro.
If this oaf mistreats you, remember me.
My pleasure.
I have a feeling you haven't come here
to say your mood has changed.
Touché. I need to know
the location of the residence
of the Marquis of Claremont.
[inhales sharply]
In the Piazza San Carlo.
In front of the bronze horse.
Why the interest?
If I tell you a secret,
will you promise me
you'll protect its source?
Well, if it's worthy of a front page, yes.
Only you can say.
[dramatic music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[bell clanging]
- [horse neighing]
- [whip cracking]
[under breath] Right. Come on.
- Did you say something, miss?
- Nothing.
- Hello.
- Good morning.
You're Adele's teacher, correct?
No. It's best to be honest. Lidia Poët.
My brother Enrico
is Mr Baiocchi's defence lawyer.
- But you had said
- I'm sorry.
Erm, I just need to ask you
a few questions.
If you loved Miss Valery,
I think you'll want
the true murderer to be arrested.
The real killer is already in prison.
- I'll have you accompanied to the door.
- [ringing]
One second, one second. Please.
I'd really just like to know
what happened to the ring,
the one you gave Adele
for her engagement to you.
[ominous music playing]
I don't see how this is important.
- Your client must have taken it.
- [Lidia] No, it seems not.
What's happening? Carlo?
She claims to be Mr Baiocchi's lawyer.
Can I ask, Marquis,
did you know that Adele Valery
had broken the engagement with your son
a few days before losing her life?
Miss, I do not quite understand
who you are or what you want from us,
but I'm sure
you're not supposed to be here right now.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
[Lidia] Do you see?
Hm! [swallows]
Every one of us leaves marks that are
Without even realising.
These are specifically
called fingerprints.
Now, the judge in charge
of the investigation
has ordered the fingerprints
left on the chest,
where Adele's body was found,
to be collected.
Tomorrow at dawn,
the process will have concluded.
So we'll know who the real killer is.
And there will be no doubt
to the innocence of Pietro Baiocchi.
[Ludovico] Very well. Thank you.
Giuseppe, please, would you show
the young lady out?
I know the way. Excuse me.
[rock drumbeat playing]
[whispers] Putain!
[rock music playing]
Newspapers! Newspapers!
Piedmont Gazette! Morning edition!
Thank you, sir.
Newspapers! Newspapers!
Newspapers! Newspapers! Morning edition!
[Enrico's wife] "According to the sources
near the prosecutor's office,
the police are waiting
for the judges' authorisation
to collect fingerprints
at the crime scene."
[judge] "This procedure is still unknown
to the general public,
but we can speculate"
"but we can speculate that soon
it will be impossible to carry out
an investigation without their use."
[chuckles] He writes well, your uncle.
Have you read this at all?
"She's been disbarred from the law society
because she's a woman."
"The story of Lidia Poët."
You're getting famous.
Oh, well. Infamous, more like it.
Niece, tell me something.
The gardener, Lorenzo, he's handsome, no?
Marianna, as your lawyer,
I can offer the right of confidentiality.
You're no longer a lawyer though.
A little bitchy. But if you like Lorenzo,
there's nothing wrong with it. That's all.
Neither if you like Uncle Jacopo.
Such a fertile imagination you have.
Seriously, Uncle Jacopo?
You're lying.
Did you know he's lived
ten years in Paris?
And there he met this woman
by the name of Nicole.
They ended up together.
How did it, er, end with this Nicole?
Mm, well, she died.
Many years ago, unfortunately.
- Good morning, sweetheart.
- [both] Good morning.
- Have you already read the Gazette?
- Yes. Have you seen?
- The judge must have changed his mind.
- Good morning.
Hardly. That idiot Jacopo.
Just to sell a few copies,
he'd be willing to invent anything.
[Lidia] Hm?
Luckily, we don't have to deal
with this nasty story any more.
[Lidia chuckles]
By the way, I wanted to say sorry.
I was a little bit pushy there.
I know that now.
Don't worry.
- All is good now.
- No, I'm serious.
To make up for it, I took the liberty
to purchase tickets for Giselle.
Yes, Papa. It's beautiful.
[Lidia] We can go together.
[soft chuckle]
[indistinct chatter]
The tip-off you gave about
the fingerprints was false, you know.
- I know.
- Mm-hm.
The prosecutor asked us
to retract it in tomorrow's issue.
Well, I'm sorry.
Mm. Not so sure about that.
You took your revenge for the article.
You made me publish those lies.
You used me.
Yes, it would seem so,
but just for a cause, I assure you.
Lidia. Here we are.
Why are you here?
I could ask you the same thing.
I didn't know
you were a fan of the ballet, you know?
There's a lot you don't know.
That's why you write nonsense
on that wrapping paper you call a journal.
Enrico, have you noticed
that the investigating judge
is sitting in the stalls? Mm?
- No.
- There he is. I gave him a ticket too.
That's an excellent idea.
Because it is essential in this profession
to keep good relations with people.
In the interval, could you do me a favour
and bring him to the storeroom
where they found the body of Adele?
Maybe with a couple
of policemen, if you can. Thanks.
What are you saying, Lidia?
We've given up the defence.
We haven't given it up, have we?
And the fake story?
- You're in cahoots with her, huh?
- No. Look, she also tricked me.
Enrico, listen to me.
You have to put your faith in me.
You're the one who told me
I had to find that key
to convince you that Pietro is innocent.
With a bit of luck,
tonight we'll convince the judge as well.
I'm off. Thanks very much.
[whispering] Enrico, I'm waiting!
Why are you still here? Go with her!
If she's killed, you can write a piece
and earn some money!
- Get out of here! Go!
- Right.
[musicians tuning instruments]
[whispering] Wait for me.
What is it you want?
- Enrico asked me to protect you.
- Shh! Just be quiet.
- Where are you going?
- Hurry up.
[tense music playing]
[door handle rattling]
Is it locked?
Yes. Perfect.
Come on, come on. Come on.
- Hey, will you get in?
- Where are we going?
[Jacopo] Can you tell me now?
Who killed Adele Valery?
Adele was going to get married, right?
[Jacopo] Mm-hm.
But she certainly wasn't in love.
[soft gasp] Or she loved dancing
more than him.
The killer erasing his fingerprints.
And you're sure of this?
Shall we bet on it?
If I lose,
I'll buy you a bottle of cognac.
And if you win, I'll buy you dinner.
Shh! Someone's coming.
[footsteps descending staircase]
[Lidia] Horrible Shameful
[lock clicking]
Good evening, Marquis.
What are you doing here?
You really could not stand the idea
that Adele had cancelled
your son's wedding.
After all, it was an opportunity
for you to unite your family
to that of General Valery, correct?
Miss, I know not what you speak of.
I was just looking for the exit.
But how strange
you should look for it behind the stage.
Not so strange, in fact.
The marquis knows
there's a door at the back.
The same door he used
on the night of the 2nd of November.
He came here
to convince Adele to marry his son,
but when he realised
she wouldn't change her mind,
he lost control.
He strangled her,
then put the body in the chest
and locked the door.
Perhaps at the time,
he didn't even realise
that he'd taken the key with him,
but then he remembered.
And you were convinced
that the door had been knocked down.
Do you recall? You told me yourself
at the funeral of Adele.
"They had to knock the door down."
Well, miss,
I am truly fascinated
by your flights of fancy.
Most feminine, huh?
Without imagination,
I wouldn't have been able
to lure you here.
As you'll read tomorrow in the Gazette,
no one will come to collect fingerprints.
Ah. And you think
you can bring this before the court?
I don't think so.
Because I'll kill you first!
Please explain how
you came in possession of that key.
You cannot ignore what we have just heard.
Your Honour, allow me to explain.
It is merely a big misunderstanding.
You'll certainly have a chance
to explain yourself in court, Marquis,
but in the meantime, you are under arrest.
For the murder of Adele Valery.
- Take him away.
- [sighs]
This is a scandal, Your Honour,
I think you'll find. And you, miss!
You will bitterly regret this!
Miss, I hope you realise your actions were
hardly within the boundaries of the law.
However, in the morning I shall present
to the prosecutor's office a release order
for Pietro Baiocchi.
And now, if you would excuse me
- I'll accompany you.
- [judge] Thank you.
Well, I'd say I won our bet, wouldn't you?
And we're still alive.
Rarely, have I been happier to lose a bet.
I need some cognac. Cognac.
[rock music playing]
[inhales sharply]
Come forward.
[Enrico] You were right.
It wasn't such a hopeless case.
Could it be argued
my way was right, perhaps?
Did I say that?
- No, but I mean
- Don't backtrack.
You were fortunate.
So you haven't changed your mind
about me being your assistant?
Forget it.
[Pietro's mother sobbing]
[soft instrumental music playing]
You can perhaps copy letters.
And you can stay at the house
until you find a job.
[Lidia] Hm.
What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- Lidia.
There are clients here.
[patrons chattering]
[faint bird calls]
[ominous music playing]
- Are you Lidia Poët?
- Yes.
- I was told I need to give you this.
- Thank you.
[Jacopo] "I am terribly sorry.
I will not be able to join you."
"An emergency at the newspaper. Jacopo."
- What do you know?
- No idea.
[Lidia] Good evening. A cognac.
Good evening.
What? Have you ever seen a woman?
Er Well, not alone.
Well, there's always a first time.
[cork pops]
[exhales sharply]
[ominous music intensifies]
Are you here?
["Misfit" by Riival playing]
[Lidia, slurring] "Appeal
of Miss Lidia Poët."
"Graduated in law."
I'm a misfit, I'm a misfit ♪
Yeah, I'm different, different ♪
You don't wanna miss this ♪
You're gonna wanna witness ♪
Whoa! ♪
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone ♪
But you can't have all the fun ♪
Gotta give everyone a taste ♪
Can't let my greatness go to waste ♪
So I'm flying state to state ♪
And they patiently await ♪
Everybody needs something to believe ♪
And that something might be me ♪
I'm a misfit ♪
Yeah, I'm different ♪
You don't wanna miss this ♪
You're gonna wanna witness ♪
Whoa! ♪
I'm a misfit ♪
[orchestral theme music playing]
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