The Law According to Lidia Poet (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[sombre music playing]
[faint birdsong]
[music intensifies]
[pulsing electronic drumbeat playing]
[flashbulb popping]
Sorry. Can we take another one?
- Marianna, closer to your father.
- [chuckles]
[Teresa] Straight ahead.
Don't bite your nails.
Want Elsa to say you're a savage?
You seem to have
an interesting boyfriend, you know?
- Why don't you introduce him to me?
- He's a friend. Understand, hm?
Well, with true friendship,
you need nothing else.
Lidia, a bit further forward.
- [Enrico] Don't touch the
- [Lidia] Ahem
Does your friend know
you're falling in love
with someone else, or not?
- No.
- [photographer] I'm ready.
If the young lady
could just look this way, if you would.
Again? What's so interesting out there?
[photographer] Three.
[horse hooves clopping]
[photographer] Two.
[ominous music playing]
[photographer] One.
[ominous music swells]
- [Marianna screaming]
- [flashbulb pops]
[Marianna breathing rapidly]
[Enrico] Goodness!
[Lidia] Oh God.
[Vittorio] Help me, Enrico.
I killed my father.
[alternative rock theme music playing]
[Lidia] Enrico, wait.
We were forgetting the stamp.
No, Lidia. I was forgetting the stamp.
Have a nice day.
- [Lidia] No, I want to come too.
- [Enrico] No.
I grew up with him and his brother.
Too bad you ran away from home
to avoid marrying his brother.
I didn't want to marry in general.
It wasn't about Alberto.
- I just want to be of help
- Lidia.
- There's a judicial writ.
- [scoffs]
I can't afford another complaint
because of you.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Au revoir.
Did I get that right?
You were going to be
the sister-in-law of a murderer?
Whether he killed remains to be seen. Hm?
Have a nice day.
[Lidia sighs]
It's robust, that bike?
Well, I'd say so. Why?
["Fleur de saison"
by Émilie Simon playing]
[music fades]
[woman] Alberto was in Nice on business.
That's why I stayed at his house.
My daughter-in-law is pregnant,
and the pregnancy is a bit complicated.
I can't believe Vittorio
did what you say he did.
It's impossible.
You know him. You know
he wouldn't ever think of hurting a fly.
Matilde, calm down.
Calm down. I know it's difficult.
But we have to do this in an orderly way.
Maybe someone came in from outside, right?
Madam, unfortunately,
there are no signs of unlawful entry.
It seems your son was alone.
Please keep on looking.
[Vittorio] That wouldn't do any good, Mum.
It was me.
[Matilde] Why are you saying that?
Vittorio smokes opium.
And when he smokes, he talks nonsense.
[Vittorio] Last night,
we had a fight, as usual.
And then I had a smoke
to calm myself down.
And when I woke up,
I had my razor next to me.
And there was blood everywhere.
Thank you for the ride.
I'll find a way to return to the house.
[Jacopo] Well, if you don't mind,
this case interests me.
[Matilde weeping]
[horse hooves clopping]
- [Lidia exhales]
- Shall I make the arrest, Advocate?
You object?
Er, no.
No, Mr Prosecutor. No objections.
[Jacopo] Look at this house.
I know. I grew up here.
[Jacopo] Really?
Why did you sell it?
[sombre music playing]
Not sure. A decision of my father.
[distant bird calling]
Here she is! My little princess!
[Lidia's father] Was this a surprise, eh?
[Jacopo] Lidia?
[eerie music playing]
[eerie music swells]
Look at that.
This wood is very porous.
So the smallest amount of sweat
will leave a trace.
And the trace comes
from there.
It's as if a body
was carried from one room to another.
Vittorio was definitely here.
It's possible
he could have been dragged up
to the study of his father
if he was unconscious or asleep.
[metallic implement clattering]
[ominous music swells]
[Jacopo] And this?
Ah, this is not Vittorio's. No.
[prosecutor] Miss Poët.
Was I really not clear enough
the last time we met each other?
No. Absolutely. It was, erm
I don't know if Rico
Enrico told you, erm,
this used to be our home.
We hold it in much affection, and
and also, Mr Barberis must write
an article for his journal, erm, so
You are like those crooked trees
that not even a thousand poles
could begin to straighten.
And you, Dr Barberis, know very well
that the press is not allowed
at the scene of a crime.
Erm, the competition is ferocious.
But I am far more ferocious
than the competition.
Get out of here, both of you.
- [whispers sharply]
- He wanted to accompany me!
He insisted that he cannot leave!
Vittorio wasn't on his own that night.
Besides, he was never a violent man,
and that you know.
People change, Lidia.
If you slit someone's throat with a razor,
you have to be very close.
Say Vittorio had killed him.
Blood would have splattered all over him.
But there's very little blood
on him at all.
Fine. He didn't kill him,
but he woke up next to the body.
He could have been dragged here.
Lidia, Vittorio has turned himself in.
Either find me another confession,
or this talk is pointless.
[soft piano music playing]
Why did Father sell the villa
to the Muraros?
- I didn't think you were so attached.
- I'm not.
I just want to know why he sold it.
I had just got engaged.
You had left, and
Mother and Father were all alone
in a huge house.
- What else could he do?
- Ah.
How much did he get?
That doesn't concern you, Lidia.
You made your own choice
when you left here.
Talking about it
will only bring the mood down.
All right.
All right, then.
[departing footsteps]
[Lidia] If justice itself denies a woman
what it naturally grants men,
how can we call it justice?
[ethereal music playing]
[knocking on door]
- Who is it?
- [door opens]
[woman] Miss? Miss, excuse me.
Ah, Albertina.
[Albertina] This came
for you this afternoon,
but with today's hustle and bustle
It was indeed a complicated day for all.
Oh, well, I have to make the bed
for Miss Marianna, or she won't sleep.
- [laughs] Good night.
- Night.
Thank you.
[Andrea] Dear Lidia,
Constantinople is wonderful,
and the craftsmanship is remarkable.
The piece I'm sending you belonged
to Suleiman the Magnificent's
favourite court lady.
You know, when they met,
he too would climb
into her room from the window.
["Ça me vexe" by Mademoiselle K playing]
[Lidia] The vase in exchange
for this bicycle?
- Yeah, deal. Okay.
- Hm. Thank you.
["Ça me vexe" continues]
[Lidia sighs]
[Lidia scoffs]
[exhaling sharply]
[song fades out]
[entry bell jingles]
Anybody here?
[approaching footsteps]
[man] Lidia.
Hello, Alberto.
I'm sorry.
[Alberto] My brother
was always complicated.
But this story
goes beyond my imagination.
And so you also think
he could have done it?
Dad wanted him to quit opium.
He believed
it was only a matter of discipline.
And the result is that
they were fighting all the time.
Your mother said you were in Nice.
Yes. For this.
It's cashmere wool.
It comes from Mongolia.
I'm planning to start local production.
It's a business
that can be very lucrative here too.
I'm happy to see you've settled down.
I hear you're about to have a child.
[Lidia] Mm.
It feels like a lifetime since you and I
- Well
- [Alberto chuckles]
Each one of us has taken their own path.
What about you?
I know you think you can help Vittorio.
Actually, that's why I'm here.
I'm not certain, but
I believe there was a woman
with him that night.
He was seeing a laundrywoman,
one working down at the river Stura.
Her name is Beatrice.
I don't know her surname.
Vittorio invited her home to smoke.
Obviously, my parents
didn't know about that.
Lidia, I do not want to accuse anyone.
But this morning, we realised that
one of my mother's necklaces is missing.
[dramatic orchestral music playing]
[Beatrice] Who are you?
Mm. Sorry to bother you.
I believe you know Vittorio Muraro.
Police already
questioned me for four hours.
I told them everything I know.
Of course. If you don't mind
to repeat it to me too.
My name is Lidia Poët,
and I'm defending Vittorio.
I wasn't aware
that women could do such jobs.
Hmm. You're not alone.
I've looked at the case,
and I'm not terribly convinced
that Vittorio killed his father.
But that's exactly what happened.
I was with him that night.
Would you explain it to me?
We had smoked some opium.
A lot.
More than usual.
Vittorio was nervous.
He kept saying he hated his father,
that he couldn't live with him anymore.
Then I fell asleep and
and when I woke up,
Vittorio wasn't in bed anymore.
So I got up to look for him, you know,
but when I saw
what was going on in the study,
I was frozen to the spot right there.
[dramatic music swells]
Vittorio was there with a razor
in his hand, beating his father,
who fell to the ground and didn't move.
And the necklace?
What necklace?
It was Matilde Muraro's
and disappeared from the villa.
You know anything?
I didn't take any necklace.
If you don't believe me,
come to my house. I'll prove it.
No, no, not necessary.
I just wondered.
And I answered you.
I have to get back to work.
Thank you.
Good evening, Teresa.
[Lidia panting]
[Lidia chuckles]
I'm learn I'm learning!
Oh, oh! Ooh.
[bicycle tumbles over]
[Lidia laughing]
[Lidia] Oh!
Stop! Stop! Stop where you are!
Have you completely lost your mind?
Oh, but Auntie, we were only kissing.
I'm not interested. Your mother's outside.
She can come in any moment.
Try to find a more suitable place
- Yes, it's just that
- Hey!
I'm on shift all day long,
and the lady asked me to stop after hours.
Sure, you respect the work shifts. Bravo.
No, Aunt. It's my fault.
I convinced him to have a break.
If your mother were to find out
what I'm about to propose, she'd kill me.
So please listen carefully
and do everything I tell you.
Go to my bedroom.
But make sure no one sees you.
Then you must lock the door.
If someone knocks,
do not answer for any reason.
Any case, I'll make something up.
You present punctually for dinner.
You two may never be seen together.
Promise to me that in that room,
you will behave
[soft moan] with morals.
And don't make me regret
what I've said to you.
Thank you, Aunt.
[Lidia] Right. Go.
Thank you.
[Jacopo] So, you like my bicycle,
it would seem.
News travels fast.
The neighbours, they talk of nothing else.
[Lidia] I can imagine.
Will you spare me your comments though?
I'm not in the mood.
- Found anything out?
- Thank you.
Vittorio and his girlfriend smoke opium.
On the night of the murder,
she was there, and she told the police
she saw Vittorio stab his father.
So the case is closed.
Matilde Muraro says
one of her necklaces is missing.
So I think that the girl
might have tried to steal it.
But Mr Muraro saw her.
She got scared, and she killed him.
And to avoid being a suspect,
she dragged Vittorio's body to the
And there we have a problem.
Because Vittorio is slim,
but still weighs around 70 kilos.
And you don't think
the girl is strong enough.
No, I hate it when I have an idea,
and I love that idea,
and I bend the facts
so others agree with me.
I can be incredibly obstinate at times
that I become dull.
- You know?
- [chuckles]
[sombre music playing]
I'm sorry I'm not good company tonight.
We'll have another chance.
I'm sure of that.
Good night, Lidia.
Good night.
[horse neighing]
[inhales sharply] Ow!
["Fleur de saison"
by Émilie Simon playing]
[upbeat rock music playing]
[door opens]
[music fades out]
Yes, I kept it.
[Jacopo] Hold on a moment.
What are we looking for, exactly?
I have no idea, but I'm sure
we have to start with this room.
Here's something interesting, I think.
[Lidia breathing rapidly]
The blood could not
have reached up to here.
[mechanism clicking]
[hinge creaking]
[sombre music playing]
It's not true.
[hinge creaking]
[loud clunk]
[floorboards creaking]
[metal rattles]
[faint creaking]
Do you hear that?
[boy] It's all in your head, Lidia.
Ghosts don't exist.
[Lidia] These are some
of my father's things.
[Jacopo] Found something?
[Lidia] An old letter from my father.
I'm fine. Thank you.
[Lidia sniffles]
- So, someone was surely here.
- [Lidia] Hm.
[Jacopo] And used that pipe there.
It looks like fresh tobacco.
[Lidia blows]
[dramatic music playing]
[Lidia] Enrico.
[cursing under breath]
Marianna, where's your father?
He went out ten minutes ago.
He said his client, Vittorio,
hanged himself in prison.
[hinge creaking]
[Lidia sighs]
How is he?
[Enrico] He's unconscious.
The doctor says the worst has passed.
If he'd died,
how could we forgive ourselves, Enrico?
What could we do?
He couldn't bear the guilt.
No. Guilt has nothing to do with it.
[exhales sharply]
Do you recall when I was a child,
and I said the study had ghosts in it?
Yes. You were obsessed with ghosts.
You would say
Yes, whatever.
Obviously, there were no ghosts.
It was Papa.
What are you saying?
Behind his study,
there is this secret room.
It's absurd.
And inside,
it's still full of Father's things.
There are books, photos
secret papers.
- Impossible.
- I swear to you, it was there.
And a ticket from Collegno to Turin.
But it isn't Father's.
It's the same date as the murder.
And you know what I think?
The murderer knows about the secret room.
Without being seen,
he sneaks inside just when Matilde
is out seeing her daughter-in-law.
When everyone is sleeping,
he comes out, kills Antonio,
and then he goes to Vittorio's room
who's high on opium
and drags him to the study.
Puts a razor in his hand [sharp inhale]
And the rest you know.
Only one person
could've done what you're saying.
He did it, Enrico.
[Enrico] Lidia! Lidia! Lidia!
Will you stop one second, please?
Let's think about this!
[Lidia] About what, exactly? Huh?
- Lidia!
- There's no time, Enrico.
Good morning.
Er, the lawyer, Mr Poët,
has an appointment with the judge.
Would you mind announcing his arrival?
Forgive me, please, but I doubt
the judge has made appointments.
[laughs] Did you hear?
The gentleman doubts.
Look, there must be
a misunderstanding, Mr Lawyer.
Ah, perhaps. Well
No, tell him what the judge said.
Look, the judge said He said that, er
He strongly insisted that he needed
to receive these documents before lunch,
as he considers them vitally important.
You sure that's what the judge said?
Look, I don't remember,
erm, his exact words, but
You see, the judge
is about to make a decision
that could destroy a man's life.
When he comes out
and realises that you didn't let us in,
I can't even imagine
what could possibly happen to you.
You'll find out soon.
We'll be waiting.
- [door opens]
- Who is it?
Forgive me, Your Honour.
It seems the Advocate Poët
Good day, everyone. Pardon.
Sorry for interrupting.
Advocate, what is this all about?
You had asked me to bring the floor plan
of Villa Muraro by nine o'clock.
because of my assistant,
I was late, I know, but we're here now.
I can also confirm your doubts
are very well-founded.
I assure you,
I have no idea what he's talking about.
Alberto Muraro claims
that he spent the day of the murder
on a business journey to Nice,
and that he only came back
the following day.
And that he only gave his outbound ticket
to the police. So, why?
Mr Muraro says he lost it.
I have found it.
Regarding Alberto Muraro and Nice,
he never arrived.
My best guess
is that Alberto Muraro
faked his departure for Nice
in order to construct an alibi.
He then alighted at the first station
to return to Turin without telling anyone.
Subsequently returning
to the house of his mother.
And he hid,
if I may,
precisely in here.
There is a room in the cavity,
between the office
and the external wall of the villa.
He stayed there until late at night,
waiting until his brother was unconscious.
Then he came out,
and slit the throat of his father.
[dramatic music playing]
[prison door clangs shut]
[Lidia] Thinking of Matilde?
[Enrico] And Alberto.
- You could've married him.
- No.
No, I don't think that would happen.
But yes, I agree, it's quite incredible
that he did something like this.
His father had denied him a loan.
And he needed money
to start a new business.
It was sheep farm, I believe.
[liquid pouring]
Goats and cashmere.
[Enrico] You knew that?
And the laundrywoman?
You were right.
Alberto paid her
to falsely testify against his brother.
And she stole Matilde's necklace, as well.
[laughs softly]
There's something
I want to ask you.
But be honest.
Did you know that Father was in debt?
I knew that he had made
a bad investment and
had lost almost all his assets,
and that's why he sold the house.
And you wouldn't have said because
it was none of my business?
I was afraid of making Father
look even more unpleasant to you, Lidia.
Anyway, it's not
about a bad investment, Enrico.
Father had gambling debts
with Antonio Muraro.
- [Enrico] He often had.
- No, no, the debt was huge.
He had to sell it all.
Even the villa?
Er, a little later, yes.
But the first proposal to Muraro,
it was, erm
[exhales sharply]
Had I married Alberto,
he would have written off the debt.
What are you saying?
[paper crinkling]
I found this in the secret room.
[soft gasp]
Lidia, I
I swear, it's the first time
I've heard about this.
I don't [sighs]
I thought Father did it for you. I
I thought you were just being stubborn.
But this, it's like a cattle market.
- If I'd known about this
- I know.
- Lidia, I swear
- Listen, I know.
[sombre music playing]
[chuckles softly]
The past is the past.
Yes, but there's still
something we can do.
Because a royal decree issued
by the prosecutor can always be impugned.
And you will again be my assistant.
You know I never stopped.
We will challenge the sentence
of the court of appeal.
And I'll have you readmitted to the order.
[chuckles softly]
Good thing I already began.
[laughs softly]
Thank you.
[both chuckling]
[horse hooves clopping in background]
- [Lidia] Hello.
- Is this how we meet now?
- All clandestine?
- Yes.
- Can I not come in?
- I'm not allowed guests.
I wanted to meet all your family.
It would've been my pleasure.
- That's scary.
- Just kidding.
Listen, I wanted to invite you
for dinner on Friday.
- Mm-hm?
- In order to say sorry.
What for?
Don't be upset.
- Your gift to me, the vase.
- [Andrea chuckles]
I swapped for a bike.
- A bicycle?
- Mm-hm.
- Well, a bike costs what? Twenty lire?
- It was broken.
- Fifteen, then. No, not a good deal.
- I'm happy though.
- Well, in that case, fine.
- [Lidia laughs]
It was unique, a work of art,
but it's fine with me. [chuckles]
Let me say sorry.
How about now?
I have to go.
This is torture! Well, see you on Friday?
[Lidia] Mm-hm.
[people in background chattering]
[sombre music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[suspenseful music playing]
I should really
mind my own business. That's all.
[man yelling indistinctly]
[sampled vocals
play over suspenseful music]
[crickets chirping]
[suspenseful music intensifies]
["Misfit" by Riival playing]
I'm a misfit, I'm a misfit ♪
Yeah, I'm different, different ♪
You don't wanna miss this ♪
You're gonna wanna witness ♪
Whoa! ♪
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone ♪
But you can't have all the fun ♪
Gotta give everyone a taste ♪
Can't let my greatness go to waste ♪
So I'm flying state to state ♪
And they patiently await ♪
Everybody needs something to believe ♪
And that something might be me ♪
I'm a misfit ♪
Yeah, I'm different ♪
You don't wanna miss this ♪
You're gonna wanna witness ♪
Whoa! ♪
I'm a misfit ♪
[orchestral theme music playing]
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