The Law According to Lidia Poet (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[faint voices chattering]
[ethereal music playing]
[spectators whispering indistinctly]
Are you here?
Do not harm us.
[music intensifies]
Have you come to harm us?
- [rumbling]
- [spectators gasp]
[raspy female voice] I can see you.
Who are you?
Be careful.
- [loud clattering]
- [spectators gasping]
[worried chattering]
Soon you will die.
Who are you?!
[spectators screaming and shrieking]
Beware, Achille Castelnuovo.
[alternative rock theme music playing]
I found your weapons in the garden.
Are you planning to invade Austria?
- Lidia, what time is it?
- Jacopo, I want the truth.
Why don't you just take a bath
and then go to sleep?
What the fuck do you need
a rifle and three guns for?
I'm selling them.
I'm helping someone
who is close to my heart.
The woman you saw at the farmhouse.
There was no one
at the farmhouse last night though.
Did you go back?
You knew I would. That's why
you got your friend out of there.
Look, you wanted an explanation,
and I gave you one.
This person needs money,
and I'm helping her.
Ah, great. So in order to help her,
you endanger my family.
Your family is also mine.
So if there's no danger,
why not invite her for dinner instead
Why don't you mind your own business?
I've just woken up, I've got a bad head,
and I am not your client!
Don't yell.
I'll shout as much as I want.
Fuck, I didn't think you were so
[Jacopo sighs]
So what?
[water splashing]
Go on. So what?
So lonely that
you invent things that don't exist.
[sombre music playing]
[inhales sharply]
[keys jingling]
[prisoners clamouring]
[cell lock clicking]
You have five minutes.
[lock clicking]
Are you all right?
Yes, yes, everything's fine.
You wanted to speak?
I called you for her.
She needs you.
Her name's Azzurra.
Tell me, how can I help you?
They say I killed one of my clients.
But it's not true.
I was with him
the night he was found dead.
But when I left his house, he was fine.
It's just that
There's this thing I use
to make them sleep.
The Mickey Finn.
You're repulsive.
[man] Keep going.
[man moans]
You're You're disgusting.
If I'm lucky, they're asleep
before they take off their pants.
[Lidia] So you're saying
you were sleeping with him,
so you could rob him?
[Azzurra] I took a watch and 40 lire.
And some silverware.
They found it at my place.
That's why they think that I killed him.
Who was this client, then?
He was a rich man. A businessman.
I didn't know.
Achille Castelnuovo.
[under breath] Fuck.
If it's her who drugged him,
it's premeditated. Pass me the salt.
No, she swears she didn't have a motive
and didn't know the victim.
And all the other times
she put someone to sleep,
she just robbed them, so
[Enrico] Poor thing.
She merely drugged and robbed them.
Marianna, are you deaf? The salt.
It seems a little ironic.
He builds a synagogue,
wins a contract for the telephone company,
makes enemies all over Italy,
only to die killed by a prostitute.
[Enrico] You overestimate him, Lidia.
Construction of the synagogue has stopped.
He only took the contract because he was
in a consortium with Massimo Chiaia.
Who is Massimo Chiaia?
You really don't know?
Ask Jacopo.
Last year, he even bought the Gazette.
Plus, building sites in London,
hotels in Paris
Marianna, the salt?
[light string music playing]
[Enrico sighs]
- I'd like to talk to Massimo Chiaia.
- Yes.
And I'd like to talk
with His Majesty Umberto.
Actually, the easiest thing is
to ask someone who knows him
No, the logical thing is to leave
this case to a public defender
and focus on your appeal.
If we don't deliver on time,
we won't get a second chance.
The appeal is closed.
I didn't get a proxy.
You'll have to deliver it.
So I've left it on your desk. Thanks.
- I'll take care of it.
- Thanks.
Welcome. You keep wasting
your time with your thieving friend.
Oh, you're letting me take the case?
Does it change anything if I say no?
Before you do that,
you have to accompany me
and Marianna to the ball.
Have you chosen what bracelet
to wear yet, darling?
This behaviour of yours is unacceptable.
- [dishes clattering]
- [Marianna] Aunt? Aunt.
Tell my father the only thing unacceptable
is for him to kick out Lorenzo
without giving me time to say goodbye.
And you still think you're right, then?
Please inform my parents
that until they let him back,
I'm not going to talk to them.
[Enrico] Marianna, dear.
I admire the way
that you hold your ground,
but you must understand
That your strategy is completely wrong.
If you continue to remain silent,
you will only increase
your suitor's curiosity.
The best way to lose them
is to express an opinion.
My opinion is
that this family makes me vomit.
[departing footsteps]
[inhales sharply]
I really don't know what to do.
Maybe you, Lidia, can make her understand
that we're only trying to protect her.
She listens to you.
She sees a role model in you.
And I really need you to be on my side.
[Lidia clears throat]
Anyway, back to the point.
Three years ago,
Castelnuovo's sister-in-law,
Giuditta Ancelli, tried to kill him.
She held him responsible
for the death of her sister.
Then, after the attempted murder,
she was interned at the Certosa.
[woman yelling in background]
[dramatic music playing]
[woman chuckles]
Hello. May we speak?
[Giuditta] Who are you?
Oh, don't worry. I'm a lawyer.
My name is Lidia Poët.
[sniffles] Everyone is crazy here,
but I've never seen
a crazy woman like you before!
A lawyer?!
[Lidia] Yes, you're right.
Maybe I am crazy.
[whispers] Shh! Don't say it.
Because they'll believe it,
and they'll lock you up in here
like they did to me.
I only wanted justice.
And eventually I got it.
Are you talking about Achille Castelnuovo?
That bastard! Yes.
[hissing] He deserved to die much earlier.
How do you know he's dead?
Because I killed him.
That's why I know.
[breathing shakily]
Giuditta, you're
locked in here. You couldn't have done it.
You see that handsome young man behind me?
He has a soft spot for me.
And if I'm nice to him
And do certain things to him
[squeals, chuckles]
he lets me out at night.
And I always walk
to the house of that bastard.
You whore!
[Lidia clears throat]
Giuditta, listen, tell me something. If
If it's true you
always walk to his house,
how come you've only killed him now?
[Giuditta] Eh? What?
Are you stupid, or what?
Eh? Eh?
Does it look like
I could kill someone? Does it?
[laughs] Me, in here?
But I know who did it though.
I was there.
And I saw everything.
[Lidia] What did you see?
And I tell you, why?
You won't believe it.
You know what the best thing
about being in here is?
It's that whatever I say,
no one believes me.
No one believes me!
No one believes me.
No one believes me ♪
No one believes me ♪
[sniffles loudly]
No one believes me ♪
No one believes me [laughing]
No one believes me! ♪
My mother decides everything,
and no one knows what Father thinks.
They always solve everything with force,
and they always think they're right.
They forbid me from seeing Lorenzo,
and they even fired him.
Marianna, try to put yourself
in their shoes.
Why should I? I'm going to make them pay.
In what sense?
They'll pay. Don't know how.
Marianna, stop.
Calm down.
Everything's fine.
I know you are upset,
but don't say something you'll regret. Hm?
Are you calm?
[sniffles] Yes.
[Lidia murmurs]
Who's that gorgeous man
who's waving at you?
I'll introduce you.
[Andrea] You're very lucky.
Tonight Massimo Chiaia
is throwing a party.
- [Lidia] Is that so?
- Yes. Yes, yes.
He's known for holding
some pretty bizarre parties.
Lots of people, but if you go with me,
he won't leave us out. [chuckles]
[Lidia] Very modest, as usual.
Seriously, he's always
like that, you know.
He likes to make
people feel important. That's all.
Do you know what kind of relationship
he had with his partner?
Oh, you ask too much. I'm the trader.
The journalist's the other one, right?
- [Lidia gasps]
- Ah!
- I see this is a sensitive topic.
- You're insufferable.
[Andrea chuckles]
- See you at the party?
- Can I come too?
- Of course!
- Of course.
- Just to spite my mother.
- Let's go. Bye.
- [Marianna] Bye.
- Bye.
Marianna, go to the house.
Apologise to your mother
for what you said.
No, don't roll your eyes.
If you do as I say,
you'll have your freedom.
["Preface" by FKA twigs playing]
[coachman] Whoa!
I love another ♪
And thus I hate myself ♪
I love another ♪
And thus I hate myself ♪
I love another ♪
And thus I hate myself ♪
I love another ♪
And thus I hate myself ♪
And thus I hate myself ♪
[discordant electronic drumbeat playing]
Shit I got from around the corner
Just keep you keep calling back like ♪
Shit I got from around the corner
Just keep you keep calling back like ♪
I love another ♪
And thus I hate myself ♪
I love another ♪
And thus I hate myself ♪
["Preface" continues playing]
- [song fades out]
- [laughter]
[man] The acclaimed Miss Poët,
if I'm not mistaken.
No, don't be surprised.
Your face appears
in every publication in the land.
I hope you're not bored.
Not at all.
No, I was
thinking about the personality
of our host.
I would really love to meet him.
The pleasure is mine.
I assure you.
To what do I owe all this attention?
Vested interest.
I am very dissatisfied
with my legal advisers.
Ah. If you know me, you know
I'm not allowed to argue in the courtroom.
The world is not ready
for what you are doing, my dear.
But, like you,
I belong to the 20th century.
Indeed. It's impressive
what you promise to construct.
The telephone building is extraordinary.
All this curiosity
is not mere love of progress, I'd wager.
You're defending the girl
who killed Mr Castelnuovo.
And you were his partner,
so you knew him well.
In a business function,
knowing someone is different.
You weren't friends?
He was always fair with me.
And his death is a big problem for me.
But can I be honest?
I come from the street.
To Achille, I reeked of misery.
He felt superior.
He didn't understand, in reality,
I had the advantage.
Knowing hunger.
The desire to take
everything I was denied as a child.
[Andrea] While you were mixing,
I found myself at a loose end,
so I did some research
and found some guests who told me
about a certain Madame Crespal.
Who is this Madame Crespal?
Madame Crespal is a dear friend of Chiaia.
Often frequents his parties.
And is originally, erm Hungarian?
- Was it German? No.
- Right, so?
- Does it bother you that I know her?
- It's not important where she comes from.
And she claims that she's able
to speak with the spirits.
Last week, at Chiaia's party,
she had a séance.
She invoked the spirits,
then went into a trance
and everyone heard a voice.
Whose voice was it?
The wife of Castelnuovo?
Yes! Very good.
And shouted.
She said,
"If you don't change your behaviour,
you're going to regret it."
Well, you know, more or less.
Oh, well, you say it
like it was totally impossible.
What? You don't believe it?
Hm. Maybe.
[dramatic string music swells]
That man's death wasn't a surprise to me.
There was a shadow of pain
looming over him.
[cat meowing]
[Lidia murmurs]
Do you recall something in particular
from that session, Madame?
[cat meowing]
You think there could be something
that might be of help to you?
You tell me.
People often seem
to misunderstand what it is that I do.
I do not summon the spirits.
It is they who choose me.
They channel through me.
I felt an abhorrence, rancour.
That woman wanted revenge.
I could feel it.
You felt she could take revenge?
You do not believe it possible?
No. I don't know.
The spirits do not kill.
But hatred is a current. It is infectious.
And in the end, one dies of it too.
Would you be able to once again
summon the spirit of Castelnuovo?
A girl has already been accused
of the murder
because she was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
I don't want to leave
any path unexplored. Understood?
[cat meowing]
At five tonight, come back.
But it will not be easy, believe me.
Thank you.
[Enrico] As far as I'm concerned, Lidia,
Madame Crespal did her show,
and ten days later Mr Castelnuovo died.
There is absolutely no connection.
Or perhaps she knew
someone that wanted to kill Castelnuovo,
and she tried to warn him
by making up a spirit.
- That's also possible, right?
- [Jacopo] It could be one of
Third possibility.
Madame talks to the spirits,
and she really predicted
the death of Castelnuovo.
[Enrico] Sometimes I don't know
if you're joking
- Or if you're being serious.
- Look, it's not just my opinion.
Some of the most brilliant minds
of our century
claim that these things are possible.
- Richet, Lombroso, Schopenhauer
- [Jacopo] Edison.
Edison once recorded voices
that filled the space.
Thanks. I was getting to that.
Well, they are doctors,
writers, scientists, scholars
investigating the way
the spirit interacts with matter.
- Enrico, he wants to go back to her.
- Not at all.
We have an appointment for this evening.
Why are you saying "we have"?
[inhales sharply]
[light string music playing]
[breathing slowly]
[music fades]
[Crespal] Are you here with us?
Do you wish to talk?
Are you Achille Castelnuovo?
[wind blowing]
- [horse neighing in background]
- [eerie music playing]
[glass rattling]
Are we kidding?
Will you tell us your name?
[glass rattling]
Please, no, Lidia.
[eerie music intensifies]
What does it mean?
[shivering breaths]
[whispering] What the fuck just happened?
[eerie male voice] It's me, Lidia.
Do not be afraid.
Forgive me if I hurt you.
[Enrico] Who the fuck's talking?
- [breathing rapidly]
- [sombre music playing]
[Lidia whispers] Papa.
[breathing rapidly]
Enough! Stop. Please stop.
He has left us.
[Lidia panting]
[sighs, sniffles]
[dramatic music swells]
I don't know. You seem a bit off.
What's your plan now?
[Andrea] What do you want me to say?
I'm serious. Why am I still here?
At 20, I'd never have done this.
[man] You'd never have fallen
in love at 20?
"In love", you say. Yes.
Even if I were in love
with this wonderful woman, my friend,
I'd love her in a way that you'd never
ever be able to comprehend.
Trust me. Never.
Anyway, in ten days,
I take a boat from Genoa to America, so
[man] And you didn't tell your friend?
Not yet, but soon I will.
Please, let's stop talking about her.
I feel stupid as it is.
- Okay, okay.
- Thank you.
Forgive me.
There's a young lady for you at reception.
See? [chuckles]
[Andrea] Forgive me.
It couldn't have been Papa.
Do you think Papa
would have said those things?
That he would have changed
his mind about me?
So, Madame
must clearly be a liar.
That voice. There's no explanation.
No one else was in the room.
It says here there was a French puppeteer
by the name of Sangilles
was most famous for making
his puppet talk without moving his lips.
It's called ventriloquism.
So she could've faked the voice of Papa.
And the same with the wife of Castelnuovo.
[Teresa] We're late for the ball!
The carriage has arrived!
Well, then
If there's no spirit,
Madame had an objective of her own.
Or could it possibly
have been used by someone who
- [Teresa] Marianna?
- wanted to scare Castelnuovo?
Maybe someone who wanted
to divert him from a big deal.
[approaching footsteps]
- [Albertina] Lawyer.
- Hm?
Marianna is nowhere to be found.
[tense music playing]
I say first we'd look for Lorenzo.
Because if she's not with him,
she at least talked to him, huh?
She also spoke with Lidia.
Yes. Yes, she
Erm, she told me that
she wanted to make you pay for it,
to teach you a lesson
She wanted to teach me a lesson?
Yes, but I talked her out of it.
I thought that
You thought?
You had to tell me immediately, Lidia.
I shouldn't have trusted you.
- I'm going to look for her.
- [Enrico] Where?
- [Teresa] I don't know.
- I'm coming with you.
[hurried footsteps]
[sniffles, sighs]
Excuse me. There's a gentleman
who would like to speak to you.
Andrea, what are you doing here?
- Marianna's at the Maison d'Or.
- [sighs]
She was looking for Lorenzo and got lost.
Luckily, she remembered where I lived.
Oh, thank you!
She's fine. She's waiting
and wants to talk to you. Hm?
Let's go.
Will you talk to Teresa and Enrico?
Thank you.
[departing footsteps]
[bird calling]
It wasn't a decision I made on impulse.
I thought about it for the whole day.
But I'm not as brave as you are.
I went out looking for Lorenzo.
Then I got lost.
And I got scared.
Why do you think I'm brave, Marianna?
Oh, Aunt.
You left a note to your parents,
swearing you would never go back.
[murmurs, inhales]
Yes, nice story, that one.
The real one's a touch different.
Not very heroic.
I never wanted to write that note.
I didn't want to leave.
My father forced me to.
If I didn't get married
the way he wanted me to,
I wasn't worthy of his love.
Or affection. [sniffles]
[sombre music playing]
I wanted to be
his daughter.
I wanted to be accepted for what I was.
But it wasn't enough.
You don't know
how many times I looked back,
hoping for someone to tell me not to go.
To turn around.
It didn't happen.
I saw my mother crying at the window
drinking tea with my father
and then they turned off the lights.
[Lidia sighs]
[Marianna] No.
- Not at all.
- [Lidia chuckles, sniffles]
Is Lorenzo really so important for you?
I'd die for him.
Do you think it's silly of me to love him?
No, actually, it's very brave.
[soft piano music playing]
All right, you must take
the matter into your hands
and talk to your father.
I know he has is full of flaws.
I know him well.
But he loves you.
Not like my papa.
[sighs] Come here.
[Marianna crying softly]
Let's go home.
Can we wait until tomorrow?
If we go now, I'd have to go to the ball.
[Lidia] Mm.
[inhales sharply]
And that dress really is ugly.
[Jacopo sighs]
What's wrong?
I shouldn't be here.
[inhales sharply] No, don't.
Forgive me. [sighs]
Being in love is like
having two souls at the same time.
One here, and one there.
Neither one is happy.
Words of wisdom.
Words of wisdom.
You can stay.
[Jacopo sighs]
You can think of her if you want.
You're so sweet, Maya.
But it's not the same thing.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[departing footsteps]
[dogs barking in background]
[Marianna] There's one thing
I don't understand.
[Lidia] Tell me.
Why did Grandma believe
that note of yours?
Because she trusted my father.
Plus, she knew she'd got it wrong with me.
She felt guilty.
Yes, I see that. But still, it's absurd.
I mean, one tells you one thing,
and you just believe it,
no questions asked.
No, wait. What did you say?
Not sure. What did I say?
Now, you go to the house.
- There's something I need to do.
- What?
I know how to convince
your father that I'm right.
- About me?
- No. Get him to take you home.
- Go, go, go.
- [coachman exclaims]
[Lidia breathing rapidly]
[approaching footsteps]
If you want to contact your father again,
you will have to wait.
No, no, I'm good for contacts. Thank you.
Erm, I wanted to ask you
about a Parisian puppeteer.
I know you have a lot in common.
Teresa, you may go. Thank you.
May I, Madame?
I'll take a seat.
[Lidia clears throat]
I am no ventriloquist.
I know not what you speak of.
It was Massimo Chiaia
who asked you to threaten Mr Castelnuovo.
That is nonsensical.
Chiaia didn't want to share
his profits with him.
Unable to threaten him openly,
he asked you to frighten him
with one of your little tricks, yes?
Maybe he didn't even tell
you the real reason.
Maybe he just said it was a prank.
A prank, you say?
The spirits do not play pranks.
Madame, stop it.
When Massimo Chiaia
stands in the dock charged with murder,
everyone will know
what kind of fraud you are.
- How dare you come here
- That would be the least serious thing.
As if you are an accomplice to a murder,
it's a different story, you see.
How can you say that Mr Chiaia
was the one who killed that man?
Giuditta Ancelli.
Castelnuovo's sister-in-law.
She's interned at the Certosa,
but at night,
she'd go out with the help
of a nurse and spy on him.
[tense music playing]
I know nothing of what you speak,
but now I must ask you
to leave this house.
[woman] Come on!
[indistinct chatter in background]
[footsteps approaching]
Hello, Giuditta.
How are you?
Do you recognise me?
She doesn't recognise
anyone any more. I'm sorry.
[woman screaming]
[screaming continues]
[screaming continues]
[ominous music playing]
[woman screaming distantly]
[indistinct yelling]
[distant screaming continues]
Oh, so excited to see me again, Mr Chiaia?
It's almost touching.
Miss Poët? [chuckles]
You're also visiting Mrs Ancelli?
No, no. I'm here for you.
When someone is guilty,
they're afraid to be exposed.
No one believes you.
Even a woman
who's being kept in a lunatic asylum
can testify to a murder.
Well done.
You lured me here under false pretences,
but I don't know
what you're trying to prove.
I know that it was you
who killed Castelnuovo.
Madame's threats didn't help.
So you went to his house.
Castelnuovo was asleep.
And with only a little gesture,
you were able to take back
all you'd been denied as a child.
You really think they'll believe you?
Oh, I don't want to be believed.
No one knows you're here, apart from me.
So, what do you want?
The job that you offered.
With compensation appropriate
to current circumstances.
I liked you from the first moment
I set eyes on you, you know?
We are the same.
We could have done great things together.
But you have yet to learn to
- wait!
- [Lidia gasps, whimpers]
For the right opportunity!
[Lidia whimpering]
Drop the knife.
Drop that knife right now.
[suspenseful music swells, fades]
[knife clatters]
[man] Don't move!
[Lidia breathing rapidly]
Could you have waited a little longer?!
You told me to catch him in the act.
I had no choice but to wait.
Ladies and gentlemen, my brother!
- [Lidia scoffs]
- [Enrico grunts]
Are you all right?
Read it.
It's from Madame Crespal.
"It is indeed me, princess."
"I know I hurt you. Forgive me."
How does she know
Father used to call you princess?
I don't know.
You tell me.
So it's true that the woman has powers.
No. No.
It's absurd.
But it's possible. You said it yourself.
Edison and Schopenhauer?
You don't know how many times I dreamt of
Papa apologising to me.
He had years to do it.
It's too late now.
[Lidia sighs]
[Enrico] It's late.
- I know. I just said that.
- No, it's late for the appeal.
- I have to submit it this morning.
- Did you forget?
- No
- I can't believe you forgot my appeal!
No! Let's not panic!
There. I'll make it, you'll see.
[running footsteps]
[lock clicking]
Ah, Mr Poët.
Er, I was expecting you earlier.
Yes, I know. Maybe you didn't quite close?
No, actually,
I have just closed. I'm sorry.
Chancellor. [panting]
You know my sister, correct?
If I tell her I didn't sign it,
she'll say I did it on purpose,
that I hate women and and that
that I don't want her to be a lawyer.
If I say it was your fault,
she'll just think you're like that too.
And yet, excuse me, do you hate women?
I don't. [chuckles]
Nor do I. Well, then.
Let's not give her the satisfaction.
I understand you, sir.
But please, you should understand me.
[light string music playing]
Thank you, Chancellor.
We understand each other, us men.
Get down from there immediately.
[sighs] Don't worry.
I'm not trying to kill myself.
But I'm scared of heights,
and I can't look at you there.
Please, just get down.
Lidia, do me a favour.
[Lidia sighs]
- Better?
- Yes. Thank you.
What do you want?
Lidia, I'm sorry.
- Really, I'm sorry
- Jacopo.
I do not ever
want to feel this way
ever again.
["Hearing Damage" by Thom Yorke playing]
So, please go. Leave me alone.
Lidia, you are the most incredible person
I've ever met.
And I don't want us to have secrets.
[Jacopo] The woman you saw,
I met her in Paris.
And she's been the great love of my life.
- Nicole?
- Yes.
I said she was dead
as I didn't want to think of her any more.
She met someone else,
and I returned to Turin.
Is she here now?
Passing through.
The weapons you found were all she had.
And she asked me to sell them
to make as much money as possible.
And did you help her?
I'm not as cynical as I'd like to be.
Lidia, I've done so many things I regret.
But this is the last, I swear.
You can do no wrong ♪
In my eyes ♪
What does she need the money for?
A drunken salesman
Your hearing damage ♪
Your mind is restless ♪
They say you're getting better ♪
But you don't feel any better ♪
[Albertina] Mr Jacopo!
- Ah, they're calling you!
- [Jacopo] I'm not interested.
- [Albertina] Mr Jacopo, it's urgent!
- He's coming!
[whispers] Go.
You can do no wrong ♪
[keys jingling]
[man] Mr Jacopo Barberis?
In the name of the king,
I declare you under arrest for murder.
[handcuffs clicking]
[officer] Come with us, please.
You can do no wrong ♪
[rapid electronic drumbeat playing]
["Misfit" by Riival playing]
I'm a misfit, I'm a misfit ♪
Yeah, I'm different, different ♪
You don't wanna miss this ♪
You're gonna wanna witness ♪
Whoa! ♪
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone ♪
But you can't have all the fun ♪
Gotta give everyone a taste ♪
Can't let my greatness go to waste ♪
So I'm flying state to state ♪
And they patiently await ♪
Everybody needs something to believe ♪
And that something might be me ♪
I'm a misfit ♪
Yeah, I'm different ♪
You don't wanna miss this ♪
You're gonna wanna witness ♪
Whoa! ♪
I'm a misfit ♪
[orchestral theme music playing]
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