The Law According to Lidia Poet (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[wind whistling faintly]
[prosecutor] If you confess,
the prosecution will take it into account.
[inhales sharply]
And who do you think
it was that I killed, huh?
At least tell me a name.
A prostitute you used to
frequent on a regular basis.
Maya Cristallo.
[sombre music playing]
You were the last man to see her alive.
Dozens of witnesses say
that you went up to the room with her,
and you came out five minutes later,
just long enough to kill her.
That's not true.
I went up to the room with her, yes.
We just talked,
only for a few minutes, and then I left.
I didn't touch her.
So you don't want to confess, then.
I can't confess to something I didn't do.
That is for the judge to decide.
We only wanted to help you.
I imagine every prostitute killer
is questioned by the prosecutor in person.
You are a celebrity, Barberis.
I bet your lawyers are already at work.
[Lidia] He didn't do it.
- [Enrico] We don't know.
- He had no reason.
- Perhaps he did.
- No.
There are several witnesses
who saw him at the scene.
And if he wanted to see the girl,
he had a thousand ways of doing it.
Yet he chose to do it
where he could be seen by all. Hey?
[Teresa] Enrico.
Jacopo isn't stupid.
And you know it.
Try to anticipate the interview.
And meanwhile, I'll try to find out
what happened to that girl.
Would you lend me some money?
What do you need it for?
[Lidia] The doctor?
He'll be here in half an hour.
We have to hurry.
I never would have believed
Mr Barberis could do something like this.
And you shouldn't believe it, in fact.
At least until sentencing is finished.
But when I saw him, he was with her.
When he left, one of the girls knocked
on her door and Maya was already dead.
- How many minutes had passed?
- Ten, 15 at most.
[coroner] You see,
they strangled her with a wire.
Probably from behind.
[madam] As you can see, the police
have already searched the place.
[dramatic music playing]
[breathing shakily]
And how long had Maya been in Turin?
About two years. She had a local accent,
yet she always said
she didn't know anyone.
Excuse me, was this
always like this?
[madam] I have no idea.
Hm. I would think Maya would've told you
as soon as she felt cold.
[madam] Perhaps.
Although Maya wasn't one to talk much.
- [faint sound of hammering]
- [workers chattering]
[madam] The other girls opened up
to each other, but she never did.
She didn't make trouble,
and she didn't want any.
Which clients frequented?
Miss, you paid me to see the room,
not to chat.
[Lidia] Hm.
I told you. She went out with everyone.
She didn't make a fuss
like the other girls.
Did anyone maybe threaten her?
Did she have a problem with someone?
She worked for me six days out of seven
and never gave me any problems.
Six out of seven?
Yes, on Wednesday she used to hustle
at the Murazzi. I don't know why.
Maybe she had a client
who liked to do it in the open air.
[madam] Yeah.
[Lidia] She fought as long as she could.
What's this?
No, this is an old one, correct?
Yes. It's old.
She must have made it to erase a tattoo.
- You see? There are still traces of ink.
- [Lidia] Yes.
Goodbye, Maya.
[dramatic music swells]
[alternative rock theme music playing]
Do you realise
your Uncle Jacopo is in prison?
This is not the behaviour
of a mature girl.
- There. Talk about it with your aunt.
- What's happening?
Lorenzo and I want to get married.
[Enrico] Lorenzo, I'm very fond of you.
But you understand that this cannot be.
- You don't even have your own apartment.
- [Lorenzo] But I do.
I've rented an attic not far from here.
And the view is beautiful.
I know very well
you would prefer a better suitor.
But there's no one
who loves her more than me.
From the first moment I saw her,
all I could think about was her.
And I swear that I'll make her happy
in every way possible.
please grant me her hand.
We'll talk again
when my brother-in-law is home.
[Marianna] Thank you, Father.
[Enrico] I didn't say yes, Marianna.
[light string music playing]
[laughs softly]
[Andrea] You think he was framed, then?
I don't know.
But often, innocent people
end up in jail because
they just happen to be in the wrong place.
[Andrea] Mm.
I don't understand
why Jacopo would want to kill her.
I saw them together.
They were friends, in their own way.
That's a rather strange concept
of friendship.
- So, you're friends with him too?
- [sighs]
Jealousy is ugly, eh?
[chuckles] I'm not jealous at all.
Come on. I couldn't afford it.
Soon I'll be in America.
[sombre ambient music playing]
[voices chattering in background]
When do you leave?
[Andrea] I leave for Genoa in a few days.
Then, mm, I'm off.
So, it's farewell?
That's up to you.
It sails after the hearing
for your appeal.
- And?
- If you win, throw it away.
- Lose, come with me.
- I won't lose.
You won't, I'm sure of that.
And I'd even be happier.
[laughs] You're such a phoney.
Why do you lie like this?
- Want the truth?
- Yes.
Well, you know what I think.
In America, you'd have possibilities.
But you're stubborn. So
You know, this tea is really good.
It's from India.
- One of my suppliers
- Say it.
That you love me.
Ah, so you want an excuse
to escape from me.
You don't love me.
What's all this about love, love, love?
Marianna must have put
Do you love me or not?
Put it this way.
If one day, I decided
to live in a pretty house
with a dog, two children,
and a wife
If that wife were you,
life would be much sweeter.
Two children, no less.
But since I respect you too much
to turn you into a wife,
I'd say go to America,
but not for me, for you.
To become everything you've always wanted.
We wouldn't even need to see each other.
Get lost in New York, and that's it.
Think about it.
[inhales, sighs]
I have to leave.
Bon voyage, mon ami.
Merci, mon amour.
I'll think about it.
[Lidia] Goodbye.
[indistinct chatter]
[voices chattering in background]
[man] I want two! I want two!
- Please, come on! Come on!
- [woman yelling]
[woman 1] Maya is dead?
- We've been waiting for her.
- [Lidia] I know.
Erm, why did she come here on Wednesdays?
- She never told me.
- Didn't she tell you about the general?
Maya was lucky.
The general only wanted her,
every single time.
Soldiers pay well,
but the general pays more.
[people cheering]
[woman 1] If you want, you can come along.
Maybe you'll be lucky,
and he'll take an interest in you.
- [woman 2] The soldiers are back in town!
- [woman 1] Hi, boys!
Do you want to have some fun tonight?
Oh, it's great! Great to see you boys!
Don't forget us!
[overlapping chatter]
[under breath] Stupid idea.
What am I thinking?
It's a bad idea.
[overlapping chatter]
[soldiers cheering and laughing]
[dramatic music playing]
[soldiers and women cheering]
[cheering continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[ominous music playing]
[soldiers chanting happily]
[soldiers chattering]
I haven't seen you before.
What's your name?
It really doesn't matter.
Would you rather I call you whore?
- Come.
- No, no, not there. Not there.
What is it? Are you ashamed?
[breathing rapidly]
No, you see?
I do things the other girls
shouldn't know about.
Things that make customers
come back to me, not them, you see?
The general's not attending
the party, then?
He's always working, even at this hour.
[officer sighs]
- [Lidia gasps]
- [officer sighs]
[Lidia gasps]
What the hell is wrong with you now?
Excuse me. I can't let you touch me.
- [officer groans]
- [sharp thud]
[man] Enter.
[ominous music swells]
Dr Poët.
[Lidia] General Valery.
[inhales shakily]
Thank you.
So, this is
is the army's dirty secret.
Orgies on Wednesday evenings.
Nothing that is not legal.
The boys need entertainment, hm?
I imagine you have heard
about the death of Maya Cristallo.
Sadly, yes.
She used to work for me.
I assume that you work for her killer.
No. [sighs]
Jacopo Barberis is innocent.
Hm. Your clients always are, right?
Am I correct?
In what sense did Maya work for you?
you know how grateful I am to you
for discovering the real killer
of my daughter Adele,
and you deserve to know the truth
about your client.
During the years he spent in Paris,
Jacopo Barberis was a member
of the French anarchists.
We began keeping an eye on him
after Maya reported about a meeting
with an anarchist activist from Turin,
a forger.
He did not tell you this, right?
Do you think you know him that well?
I don't know.
[Jacopo] I swear I didn't kill Maya.
I don't know why they're so convinced.
[Lidia] Because she screwed you, Jacopo.
Her real name was Giorgia Villa.
She was a spy.
Her task was to follow you
and to report all your movements
to military intelligence.
[Enrico] They could ask
for the death penalty, Jacopo.
You have to tell us what happened.
[prisoners chattering in background]
I went up to the room with her.
We chatted for a little while,
and soon after I left
without having touched her.
And you believe me?
And the woman that you were hiding?
She's also an anarchist?
[tense music playing]
She's called Nicole Greimas.
I met her in Paris.
I loved her.
With all my heart.
I was fascinated by her ideas and
I embraced them.
And everything was going fine
until she met Louis.
[inhales sharply]
He was the leader
of an anarchist group that preached
a violent revolution.
I wasn't in agreement with
with his ideas, but Nicole, er,
was totally seduced.
More and more.
More and more, until one night she
she took all her things
and ran away with him.
And I returned to Turin
basically in order to forget.
And you couldn't.
News kept arriving at the journal,
and then one day,
I found out that they had been arrested.
Then Nicole and Louis, they escaped?
And they hid here in Turin?
They looked for me.
They asked me for help.
They wanted to go to Uruguay.
And I provided them
with the forged transit letters
and the tickets for the ship.
You're a complete idiot!
If the prosecutor finds out,
you risk the death penalty, Jacopo.
So let's focus on the window at Maya's.
If it really was tampered with,
I can meet the judge
and ask for an expert opinion.
[sighs wearily] Let's go.
[Lidia] Better if you go alone.
I'll take a coach
and see you at the house.
All right.
[departing footsteps]
[knocking on cell door]
[keys jingling]
- [lock clicks]
- [cell door creaking]
[cell door clangs shut]
I should've told you
everything right away, I know.
I didn't because
it was to protect you.
I have no need to be protected, Jacopo.
I'm not Nicole.
- Of course.
- You lied to me.
And stupidly,
I'm still listening to your lies.
But I only helped her
so she could move on, Lidia.
- I don't love her
- Are they still in the city?
They're leaving tomorrow at ten
on a cargo train to Genoa.
I sold the weapons to get the money
to bribe a conductor.
[dramatic music playing]
If I hadn't been arrested,
I would've recovered the money for them,
together with the final instructions.
[horse neighing]
So, where did you hide
the money and the instructions?
Nizza Street.
The workshop of the forger
who gave me everything.
- Don't be thinking about going there.
- There's no other solution.
If the police find them,
it's over for you.
- You get it?
- And for you. What if they arrest you?
Limit yourself to proving my innocence.
Nothing more, I beg you.
[metal rattling in background]
[sombre music playing]
[music intensifies]
Nicole? [gasps]
[Lidia panting]
- Who are you?
- A friend of Jacopo's.
I have money from the sale of the weapons.
[Lidia panting]
[woman] C'est bon, Louis.
C'est elle.
[Louis speaking French]
[in English]
Jacopo has said much about you.
I did not enjoy the same privilege.
You have seen him?
He is well?
As much as one can be in prison, yes.
[Nicole] He's not a murderer.
They are making an error.
[Louis speaking French]
Did he at least give you instructions
on how we can escape?
There's a cargo train departing
tomorrow morning at ten
from Vanchiglia station.
Give the money to the conductor.
Jacopo has made arrangements.
Who is that? A comrade?
Someone we can trust?
- I don't know.
- [Louis] You don't know.
[Nicole] And you?
Are you trustworthy?
You don't have a choice.
Bien joué.
Thank you for everything.
[coroner] She must have made it
to erase a tattoo.
- You see? There are still traces of ink.
- [Lidia] Yes.
[dramatic music playing]
[Nicole] Lidia?
Promise me you'll save Jacopo.
I love him also.
[insects chirping]
[tense music playing]
[Lidia sighs]
"We thank you for your valuable services
to the French Republic."
"Miss Giorgia Villa is authorised
to leave the French territory of Paris
in order to guarantee her security."
[breathing rapidly]
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
[Lorenzo] I know, it's tiny.
But the view is very good.
Would you like to see?
That's not what we came here for, Lorenzo.
[Lorenzo] Yes.
[Teresa clears throat]
I must admit, I was very impressed
with the way you behaved
the other day with Enrico.
You are clearly an honest person.
You are much more grounded
and responsible than Marianna.
Thank you, madam, your
Your words are important.
- With your blessing, I'm sure
- I cannot give you my blessing, Lorenzo.
But Marianna and I are in love.
This may seem important to you now.
But I know my daughter.
For the first few months,
she'll be in love
with the breathtaking view.
But as soon as she realises
it's the only thing you can offer,
she'll start lying to you
about her whereabouts.
She won't tell you she has fallen in love
with someone much richer.
Someone who will take
her away from this dump.
She loves you,
but not as much as she loves herself.
She will break your heart, Lorenzo.
Because it's in her nature.
And you know that.
[Lorenzo] No.
No. I have big plans.
And I can help you achieve them.
This is yours.
The foundations to become
everything you desire.
Tell her you can never be
the right person for her.
And that you love her too much
to ruin her life.
Which, after all,
is nothing but the truth.
[tense music swells]
[Lidia] Maya was an anarchist.
She was in the same group
with Louis and Nicole,
but she betrayed them.
She reported them to the police.
The Paris prefect let her run away.
She came back to Turin.
She started prostituting.
And since her life was shit,
she went back to being a spy.
This time for General Valery.
- But why did Jacopo not recognise her?
- Jacopo wasn't in the group.
He'd already left.
Unlike Louis and Nicole.
They could have gone anywhere,
but chose to come to Turin.
Right. Because they knew
Jacopo was here to help them escape.
Because the bastard
who had betrayed them was here.
Nicole was sure
she could manipulate Jacopo,
and then while she was asking him
to arrange their escape,
Louis had all the time in the world
to find Maya and take revenge.
So, you're saying that
Jacopo was framed by his friends, then?
Jacopo wasn't framed.
He wasn't supposed to be in that brothel.
He only had to help them escape,
but he was arrested first.
But how can I bring
all these theories to court?
It's important
that we bring them to court.
They're here.
They plan to leave this morning
on a goods train at ten for Genoa.
We need to stop them
and make them confess.
- No.
- Yes.
- No. We don't have to do any of that now.
- Yes.
We'll go to the Genovese
investigating judge. We'll
Enrico, should they escape from Turin
for Jacopo, it's the end.
[Enrico sighing]
Where did you find this?
Can you use it?
Lidia, this is ridiculous.
You know that, yeah?
[train whistle blowing]
Stop here! Stop! Stop! Stop!
[suspenseful music playing]
No. Wait!
Hurry up, Enrico!
[Enrico] Just wait!
Will you slow down!
[Enrico grunting]
Aah! Ow! Fuck!
Enrico! Shit!
- Get up!
- I can't!
Get up! Get up, Enrico!
[Enrico] God! [groaning]
Call the Moncalieri police.
The train will pass by there.
- No! You can't go alone.
- I really can't carry you, Enrico!
[train whistle blowing]
[suspenseful music continues]
[train whistle blowing]
[Nicole] Lidia?
What are you doing here?
Now, you two, come with me.
I know it was you who killed Maya.
[Nicole] Giorgia sold us out.
She deserved to die.
When we heard
that Jacopo had been arrested,
there was nothing we could do.
You let him take
the fall for you, but now
What should we have done?
Turned ourselves in?
No. You're too much of a coward.
[Louis yelling]
- [Lidia straining]
- [Louis and Nicole yelling in French]
[Lidia] Let go of me!
- [Lidia gasps]
- Louis!
[Lidia screaming]
Stop! [yelling in French]
[Louis grunting]
[Lidia struggling] Get off me! Get off!
[Lidia and Louis grunting]
[Nicole yelling in French]
[Louis yelling]
[Nicole yelling in French]
- [Louis struggling]
- [hinge creaking]
[Nicole yelling in French]
You have to come with me, Nicole.
To the prosecutor.
And confess!
If you love Jacopo,
save him.
[tense music playing]
- [guard 1] Custody notes.
- [guard 2] Here.
[guard 3] Move.
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music swells]
[music fades]
[tapping on glass continues]
Are you ready?
- [Lidia murmurs]
- Hm.
- You?
- Yes.
There will be many journalists.
And also women who have come
from all over Italy to support you.
[Teresa] Good luck, Lidia.
God knows we women need luck,
even in matters that would
normally only require common sense.
Thank you, Teresa.
I don't understand
who's making you do this.
- But if that's what you want
- Ah.
And now I recognise you.
Let's go.
Darling, what's the matter?
He left me.
[Marianna sniffling]
I think you were right.
[bell ringing]
Order! Gentlemen, order!
[court spectators clamouring]
In the name of His Majesty Umberto I,
King of Italy,
this high court hereby rejects
[crowd clamouring]
the appeal presented by Miss Lidia Poët.
- Order!
- [bell ringing]
[judge] And confirms the ruling
of the court of appeal
declaring the registration null and void.
[spectators chattering angrily]
- [judge] Order!
- [bell ringing]
And declares null and void
the registration
of the aforementioned Miss Poët
to the Turin Bar Association.
[woman in crowd]
It's a scandal! It's a scandal!
[bell ringing]
[sombre music playing]
[Lidia] My dear Enrico, Teresa, Marianna,
Albertina, Jacopo.
I am sorry I left without saying goodbye.
For you are the best thing
that has happened to me in these months.
[luggage thudding]
[Jacopo] I'm sorry about
the outcome today.
[Lidia] You knew it would end
like this from the start.
You're such a stubborn woman, Lidia.
You don't listen.
You can't stay in your place.
["King" by Florence + the Machine playing]
You make rash decisions all the time.
You're a dangerous woman, Lidia.
[Lidia laughing]
You know, if you're trying to say
you're grateful for me saving your life,
you're not doing a great job.
Anyway, for everything, I have to say
thank you.
Well. We'll be waiting downstairs.
- When you want.
- [Lidia] All right.
I am no mother ♪
I am no bride ♪
I am king ♪
I am no mother ♪
I am no bride ♪
I am king ♪
I need my golden crown of sorrow ♪
My bloody sword to swing ♪
I need my empty halls to echo
With grand self-mythology ♪
'Cause I am no mother ♪
I am no bride ♪
I am king ♪
I am no mother ♪
I am no bride ♪
I am king ♪
I am no mother ♪
- I am no bride ♪
- [crowd cheering]
I am king ♪
[cheering continues]
[woman] Bravo, Lidia!
[overlapping chatter]
[cheering continues]
["King" continues playing]
[cheering continues]
[cheering fades out]
Did you want to leave
without saying goodbye?
I was never as good
As I always thought I was ♪
But I knew how to dress it up ♪
I was never satisfied ♪
It never let me go ♪
Just dragged me by my hair ♪
And back on with the show ♪
["King" continues playing]
[orchestral theme music playing]
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