The Life and Movies of Erşan Kuneri (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Blue Box

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Go in! Shoot! God damn you! The field is too green to watch the match.
Can you believe this? What an improvement.
Look at those colors.
Oh, come on, so what? The grass is green.
 What's so surprising? Give me some cheese.
That'll give you a double chin.
Erşan, they say color television will be the end of cinema.
They've been saying that for 80 years.
"Cinema is dead.
" Who can kill cinema? Only we can kill it, and it'd be by accident.
Erşan, can it show black and white movies in color as well as color movies? Payro, we should keep up with technology.
There's something new every day.
This month, we'll start a new movie.
I'm begging you, don't make a big budget movie.
Faqbâdi did great in the Middle East.
It saved our asses, for a bit.
Please, don't.
I just talked to a kid from TRT.
He's bringing something called "Blue Box.
" Foreigners use it for flying and jumping.
Let's say, you shoot the movie in here, then add the pyramids, and you're in Egypt.
Say you shoot it in here, you add in the Eiffel Tower, and you're in Paris! Really? I want our movie to take place in Paris, please.
If the movie's gonna be in Paris, I can't come.
I'll be doing a crazy project with Tunç.
- What is it? - It's a superhero movie.
It'll be shot in three days.
I'll be bitten by a bug and turn into one.
I mean, I'll get its powers.
How ridiculous and disgusting is that! - What bug, huh? - It's classified.
They haven't told me yet, but I'll be wearing spandex.
- Spandex? - Spandex.
- That wraps the body? - Completely.
I'm working with a young screenwriter.
Some of you know him.
- Kurtuluş Soner.
- What? He's talking about Ahben.
I won't let that dickhead into the office.
- Oh, he's crazy.
- Wait a minute.
I don't know him.
Who is he? A young, open-minded, and bright movie maker.
Open-minded and bright.
That much is true, yeah.
Goal! Great job! That's amazing.
What the hell is that jerk talking about? Don't mind him.
He's talking about superheroes and all, but the Blue Box will blow his mind.
If not, I'll work with new faces.
- He can go and play.
- Exactly.
- Let me tell you, that Ahben - All right, for God's sake.
- Leave it to me.
- Fine.
He's talking about new faces.
Let's just do that thing I told you about.
Seriously? - Yes.
- That's just ridiculous.
- Whatever.
- If you're going to Melkan, count me in.
Oh, you pussy louse! No, not that.
It's another bug.
We weren't talking to you this time, brainiac.
- Hey, let me see.
- Sorry.
- Why do you want to come? - Just count me in.
Mami, don't pout, please.
I'm talking about Blue Box.
All right, Blue Box.
They scored? - Yes.
- Indeed.
They're ready for you, sir.
Excuse me, where can I put my gum? Put it in my mouth! - Hi, dear, what's up? - Altın? FIRMLY - So, you're in a summer mood already.
- Good luck.
Thanks, dear.
My dear brother, Erşan! Ahben, welcome, son.
Hello, Uncle.
My mom says hi.
Hasn't your mother disowned you, dickwad? Whoa, "dickwad"? Wow, you're in a summer mood already.
You look familiar.
I'm Payro.
I worked on Died While Making Love.
- You were an assistant.
- Yes.
If you're gonna work with this freak, I'm gonna go back to the island.
- Uncle! - Stop the family drama for now.
What's up? What have you got? Apexes.
Science fiction.
I hope it's not like Making Love on the Moon.
There's no lovemaking.
Well, since there's no sex, I'll take my leave.
Don't do anything stupid.
I'm watching you.
MIDWIFE'S HUN Ahben, come, son.
- What can I get you? Whiskey? - No, thanks.
I don't drink when I work.
I'll have a latte.
- We don't have lattes.
- Erşan.
I have this amazing project, and Enis Fosforoğlu is already on board.
But I'm not sure about Müjde Har.
- You can't have Müjde Ar, are you mad? - It's not Müjde Ar, it's Müjde Har.
The girl from your Hit as Much as You Can.
- Wasn't it Hit Me Without Mercy? - No.
She played in Stick 'Em Together.
- No, she was that girl - Şeyda.
- Yes.
- Şeyda played in Open Up and Hit Again.
That was Bang Us All.
All right.
I'm trying to forget those.
- What's your story? What's the plot? - Superheroes.
Superheroes? Oh, come on.
I expect something different from you.
You're young and bright.
In a week, I'll get my hands on some new technology.
Blue Box.
You have anything new? I can create.
I live in Cihangir.
I'm creative there.
- Great.
- Erşan.
If you'll excuse me, I have a project which takes place in the future.
In 2022.
2022? I can't wait that long.
I need it now.
Let me show you.
Very good.
- Whose drawings are these? - Mine, of course.
Where is this? That's Mecidiyeköy, but it's the black hole in the movie.
The decor looks expensive as fuck.
- As what? - Sorry, Erşan.
As what? And how much? I meant the decor is very expensive, like there's two movies in one A one-way trip to the future won't do.
It should be a round trip.
- It'd be more affordable.
- Erşan.
If we combined your brilliant brain and my creativity, we could achieve amazing things.
Listen, I would sell my bracelet for this project, if necessary.
A great sacrifice.
This is great.
And when I implement Blue Box into this, it'll be great.
- Let's meet around Wednesday.
- Would Tuesday work? Why? - Tuesday is almost Wednesday.
- Right.
Very good.
Round Trip to the Future.
Oh, you! Stand still.
Just a second.
Check it out now.
Well, there's no difference.
Of course there is.
I pulled this over here, and curled this up from the inside.
Do you see the difference now? Wait a second.
- Hello, Melkan Orsay Aesthetics.
- Seyyal, listen.
How much do you think we'll pay this man? He's pricey, dear.
He does nose jobs for princesses.
I already have a nose.
This is just ridiculous.
What the hell is this? Little touch-ups are good.
FEAR NO WE HAVE ALL SIZES Erşan's new project.
We could act with our new faces, rather than him looking for new faces, right? Türkan, Filiz, Hülya, they've all had work done by this guy.
The whole package.
He's phenomenal.
Kisses, Filiz.
That Filiz is really something.
- We're done with Alev.
- What? I still have the stitches.
They'll fall off.
Your turn.
- Whose? - Your turn.
- Mine? - Yes, your turn.
- But - Come closer.
Let's make your eyebrows like this.
They point downwards.
Upwards? But my They make you look sad.
We should also curve up your lips.
It looks great now.
Hey, I'd rather not get anything done.
Okay? Come on, Feride, it looks nice.
It looks great.
How about my double chin? We can remove it.
But I actually like it.
Then we can remove it, and keep it here in case you want it back.
Who wants some mint liqueur? - No, thanks.
- Hey! Who are you? Is he the driver? - Doctor.
- Yes? A moment, please.
I have a certain problem, but I don't want to lose face.
We do face jobs as well.
I'll take some from here for your chin, and a little from here for a nose job.
Yeah, sure, but I heard they do this in Switzerland.
I can't say it around the girls.
The penis How much is it to shorten it? - Whose penis? - Mine.
- Does it need shortening? - Absolutely.
Let me see it.
- Now? - Quickly take it out, then put it back in.
- Melkan, sir.
- Just to have a look.
- Doctor.
- Let's not make a big thing out of it.
Not bigger, make it smaller.
The penis.
How much? - I can make it invisible.
- I mean the fee.
Oh, the fee.
- 10,000 liras per centimeter.
- Per centimeter? So, that's around 134,000 liras.
What? Let me have a look.
- No, please.
- Let me.
- It's too pricey for me.
- Then learn to appreciate it.
Sir, what about the cheeks? - I'll just spread the cheeks, then.
- Which cheeks? - Which cheeks? - These cheeks.
Those are easy.
I'll take one of them here and do this, and clamp the other one here, and it's all done.
- Aren't you gonna show it? - Please.
- Not even a peek? - Hey, what's taking so long? - A small matter, nothing of importance.
- Hey! Didn't you listen to me? All right, cut it out.
Listen, I think I should free you from your manly look.
- Manly? - Yes.
Feride, let him free you.
Just let him.
All right, fine.
If it's manly, then okay.
What can I say? Fine.
Caner, there are two more sex scenes.
Fast-forward so we can redub those.
Welcome, Erşan.
Hello, Caner.
- Erşan.
- Dimitri, the sound of sex.
- Your guy hasn't showed up.
Have a seat.
- Sure.
How's it going? Bang, bang, bang.
Same old, Erşan.
We came up with this.
It's an egg bag.
It gets you pumped up.
It sounds amazing.
- Hello, Erşan.
- Oh, Agop, come.
- Is this the thing you talked about? - This is it.
Blue Box.
You know İzzet Öz, the youngster who hosts the music show? - Yeah, Telescope İzzet.
- Yeah.
We got it from him.
Don't let him know.
If we got it from him, how's that possible? He stole it.
If you have the money, I'll leave it with you.
For God's sake, Agop.
- It was 5,000, right? - Yes.
Here, enjoy it.
Thanks, Erşan.
Hollywood is crazy about it, Erşan.
Crazy! Dimitri, you dubbed an ass in a movie.
How do you do that? Do it, please.
Fuck you! Good luck to you, Erşan.
- What's this? - The latest technology.
Blue Box.
I'm using it in my new movie that takes place in the future.
- İzzet uses this too.
- He always looks into the future.
You think we can record the sound here? We can talk about that, Dimitri.
You have a point.
Come through here.
- Through here.
- Stay here.
Hello, Dimitri.
Our lead will speak.
Can we do a sound check? - Tunç sends his regards.
- All right, sure.
He's supposed to be a superhero.
Welcome and good luck, man.
Look at him gloat, the bastard.
Let's start with the scene where you throw down the gauntlet.
The rest is up to you.
Dimitri, can we do a test run first? All right, sure.
Okay, no distortion.
Okay, recording.
You keep going.
Is he gonna do that in the movie? This is just an audition to see if he can do it.
A friend of mine was working on a superhero project too.
- I guess they're popular nowadays.
- Yes.
Louse, you should go hog wild now.
Go hog wild! Come on! What are the abilities of this superhero? I don't get it.
Erşan, let's just be done with this first.
Louse, come in here.
We're done.
Is it done? - Come.
- Well You told me to do this.
Was it good? It was perfect.
We tried it with the costume, and got what we imagined.
I want to ask you something.
What's the name of this movie? Louse Returns.
Louse Re Louse.
What are this hero's powers? Does he fly? Does he land? What is it? Our hero is a pussy louse.
- What? - What? What the hell? No one told me that.
- Dude, what did you discuss with Tunç? - He mentioned a superhero.
He said, "He gets bitten by a bug and gets its powers.
" It's because of copyright concerns.
Now that all the bugs are taken, he had to go with a pussy louse.
That's good.
- Erşan, hang on a second.
- What? - Man - This isn't a good time for this.
When will we talk? We're already at the studio! Wait a minute.
Take that mask off.
Take it off.
- Tumtum.
- İbo? Didn't you tell me that you'd be wearing spandex and that you'd be a superhero? You became a pussy louse? - I'm not doing it.
- You tell Tunç.
- I'm not doing it.
Enough is enough.
- What about the advance you got? Oh, shut up! I paid for the costume myself.
I don't have time for this.
What did you tell the tailor? Huh? I said spandex, Dimitri.
And nothing more? - Because it's exactly the same.
- Yeah.
- They cast the right man for it! - Do it again.
You did something like this.
Do that again.
My goodness! Wow.
Make the sound.
Exactly like a pussy louse.
It's perfect.
- I loved it! - Very good.
They'll help you out with the remaining packs, okay? - Hello.
- Yes? You're in a summer mood already.
I'm here for the presentation for the movie project.
- There are packs outside.
- Packs of what? Bears.
Would you please help the guys bring the packs inside? - How are you doing, Payro? - Good.
- Wow, that's a lot of preparation.
- Because I love Erşan that much.
I thought of everything down to the last detail.
The illustrations, the designs, the fabrics, they're all ready.
Payro, look.
I designed the phone for 2022.
What do you think? It's good.
Give me a glass of my favorite vodka.
Welcome, king! - You're early.
We said around 4 p.
- 3 p.
is around 4 p.
- Whoa, Tumtum? You're in a summer - We got it.
"You're in a summer mood already.
" Okay, we fucking got it.
Why is he angry? Tumtum is off today.
He's been through a big trauma.
Have you ever seen a pussy louse design its own costume? Well, I wouldn't know about those things.
This is the marvel I've been telling you about.
Blue Box.
That's plywood painted blue.
If you look at it that way, it is.
They don't see it that way.
They stretch out on it.
Like this.
They stretch out on it, and add a scene in the background.
See? What am I doing now? - You're flying.
- Exactly.
Sorry, I didn't look at it that way.
Then look at it that way.
Give me some wind.
Turn on the fan.
See? - This.
- But wait a minute.
I have to either hold this from below or at eye level.
- Look - If that's your direction.
I'm going this way, but think of a cape and İstanbul in the background.
- Oh, you have a cape, then.
- Look.
Hold it from below while I'm talking, not at my eye level.
Like this.
Let's use the small fan while you're talking so we can record.
If there's a cape, I should note that down.
- There'll be a cape.
- Like this.
- Think of a sky, nothing underneath.
- Yes.
Were you in an accident? Shut up.
Erşan, what's all this? - What happened to you? - And you? What are you doing? I'm flying.
There'll be scenery under me.
What did you do? Nothing.
We went to see Melkan Orsay.
Just a few small changes.
Where is Feride? He really didn't recognize you.
Feride is here, but she's the new Feride.
I'll start shooting in a month.
What did you do to your faces? - Altın, weren't you with the girls? - Erşan.
Can I have an advance of 134,000 liras for something personal? Payro, get me that ice scoop.
Don't make me cut down your dick.
For free? Erşan, so sorry to interrupt.
But I have to finish my presentation and leave around 6 p.
- You mean 5 p.
- Yes.
Let's start.
Round Trip to the Future is throwing down the gauntlet.
It's almost a slap in the face of Hollywood.
Stop exaggerating.
It's getting on my nerves.
When will they remove those bandages? Erşan, drop it already! Round Trip to the Future is a flower blooming in our humble cinema.
A piece of art created by the amazing vision of Erşan and my pencil.
Our movie will take place in İstanbul.
In the year 2022.
Location, Mecidiyeköy.
But the cars should be flying in 2022.
In my vision, the y are electric cars.
Electric cars? Tumtum's right! What's next? Cars with batteries? Make the cars fly! It's a minor detail.
I can do that, no worries.
The hero of our movie, Erman, is coming from far away.
He's from the year 2050 and travels to the year 2022.
That's 28 years.
Erman is in search of something.
Maybe even himself.
Does he get bitten by a bug and get its powers, maybe? What are you talking about? There's no bug.
Let me ask you this, where do you live? Cihangir.
- Okay, carry on.
- Moving on with the visuals, then.
Okay, honey, you can carry on with the visuals, but where am I? I can't see myself there.
That's because she isn't a looker.
Tactless broad.
I suggest we should close Mecidiyeköy and decorate it like it's 2022.
I placed SMs everywhere.
- SM? - Yes, Erşan.
S and M.
SM, "shopping mall.
" - You made this up? - All made up.
I envisioned SM and Mecidiyeköy in 2022.
So, nobody envisioned Mecidiyeköy, but you did? Dude, where am I in this movie? Am I Erman? If I may, I'm saying this as someone who works on set, but he has not worked on the story.
He's just sugarcoating it with visuals.
But I'm just saying this as a set designer.
Guys, listen.
I'm the writer of the great movie Apexes.
I put that amazing project on the shelf and came here.
I'm used to working professionally, Western style.
If you're not used to that, I can always go over it superficially for you.
The colors are ready, everything's ready.
Even the color chart is ready.
Oh, welcome, Uncle.
Fuck off! - How are you, Mami? - Fine.
What happened to the girls? They'll be fine.
We're watching Ahben's presentation.
Or "visuals," I should say.
I heard about it.
It'll cost 134 million liras.
134 million? 134,000 will do for me.
134 million? Are you out of your mind? Is it lira? Afyon dinar? What is it? Erşan, this is how I do business.
I can't work on cheap projects.
I paid 5,000 liras for this, and it still stings.
And this makes me fly! What the hell is 134? The Mecidiyeköy I had in mind has a budget of 7 million just for the wallboard.
Ahben, fuck you! Enough! I was going to buy a summer house in Şile with the chicken feed I'm earning here.
But I can't work with people who lack vision.
A summer house in Şile? I dedicated my life to cinema, but I'm living in a two-bedroom flat.
It's all about the vision, darling.
Don't think small, think big.
The house I want to buy in Şile is next to Zeki's.
When he pops his head out, he sees me.
Listen, when he pops his head out, tell him Erşan sends his regards.
- Get out of here! - Shame on you.
One day, when I finish making Apexes, you'll all be getting in line to kiss my hand.
When you finish making Apexes, I'll be the judge of where to kiss.
The reason Turkish cinema is in shambles is because of people who lack vision like yourselves.
Ahben, dear, move a little to your right.
A little more.
A bit more.
Now get the fuck out of our lives! Shame on you.
Shame on you! He's crazy.
No, not crazy.
He's bipolar.
Well, they're both shitty.
"I envisioned Mecidiyeköy," he says! Why the hell would you do that? You're in a summer mood already.
What are you talking about, dickwad? It's almost July.
İsa, give us two - Dear God.
- Who was that dickhead? - Which one? - There are so many! - The one who did this to the girls.
- Melkan Orsay.
- Money-grubbing asshole.
- I have a score to settle with him.
I'll make him pay for what he did to my actresses.
Wow, this is surprising.
Your appointment was for next week.
Mint liqueur, anyone? Do you know who I am, kid? - You don't look familiar.
- Do you want us to get familiar? How inappropriate this is, Seyyal.
I'm gonna ask you this just to lighten the mood.
- Are you a natural blonde? - No, I'm not.
Is Melkan Orsay your real name? It's Cemal.
- Cemal? - Yes.
Look, let's have a nice chat, Cemal.
- Erşan, you gave your word.
- Wait, Alev.
Cemal, remove Feride's bandages at once, and restore the girls to how they were.
After I see the results, I will decide what kind of treatment I will give you.
- Come on, Cemal.
- I can remove them.
It's no problem.
I don't think it hurts that much.
That's a bit too much bandage.
Girls, what's going on? I can't feel my face at all.
Since it's swollen, I can't really say much.
Right, Erşan? God give me patience, please.
Erşan, it's nothing to worry about.
It's just a scab.
It'll fall off.
It's a scab, Erşan, it will fall off.
I'll give you a month to restore Feride back to her old self.
Or I'll make your ears shutters for your eyes.
Fine, but there's no need for shutters.
See? The nose is in its place.
If there was something wrong, the nose would fall off.
This scab will fall off.
Don't worry.
There's no need for shutters.
It's a scab, Erşan, it will fall off.
- Is this a scab now? - Yes.
- Yes.
- Erşan.
- You're the girl's boyfriend, Eray.
- Which girl? - Does it matter? - It does not.
- Alev, dear.
Songül, Erman's wife.
- All right.
- Married, right? - Yes, of course.
Journalist Lale.
Seyyal, dear.
You're on the planet Kruton.
You're Erman's father.
- Over here.
- Where? The planet.
Just wait for us there.
- Payro.
Orhan, Songül's big brother.
- Thanks.
Where is Feride? - Here I am.
- Look at you, dear.
See? Look how pretty you are.
- Are you okay now? - Yes.
You're beautiful as you are.
Guys, you're all pretty as you are.
Don't do stuff like that again.
This is your greatest treasure.
A hundred eyes should glint in your eyes.
A thousand lips should talk with your lips.
Don't do it again.
Is that it? You think that's beauty? Don't ever meddle with your faces.
Please! - Here you go.
- Thank you.
Why are you staring like a madman? Erşan, you've just enlightened me.
You know what? You're like a real father.
I've changed my mind about having an operation.
I've just saved 134,000 liras.
Can I give you a hug? Let me hug you, my dear Erşan.
- Don't make a big thing out of it.
- Never.
Commissioner Aytaç.
You're in charge of public safety in the city.
- Okay.
- All right.
Guys, the name of our movie is Erman.
It takes place in the present.
Oh, that's good.
I play Erman, the superhero.
He's from another planet.
Please give your best.
This is a rather expensive movie.
Where does he get his powers? Does he get bitten by a bug, by any chance? No, no such thing.
But society will bite him, bit by bit, and we'll see what happens.
You're flying high again.
Of course.
In fact, we'll fly as high as we can.
Kuneri Film proudly presents Erman, the last hero of a patriarchal world.
You brought Erşan here, and Erşan Kuneri brings you Erman.
PRODUCED BY GIANT COMPUTERS A true man who struggles with the world in standard spandex and a cape.
Erman, the superhuman.
WITH REAL 3D SPACE IMAGES He is troubled by the troubles of the masses.
His righteous power can bend iron but couldn't even hurt a fly.
Erman, Turkey's first-ever production shot using the Blue Box system and ultraviolet lights.
Erman is this season's highest-budget production.
A power that is lost between the peaks of physical strength and the depth of balance.
Hurry! Get your tickets and fill the movie theaters.
Kuneri Film is taking you to the planet Kruton.
Erman! - So, it is time.
- The future of Kruton is in your hands.
You never gave me the chance to live.
I'll talk to my dad and deal with it.
Old man, stop with those half-hearted words of yours.
"Oh, Kruton's future lies with you.
" "Oh, you can do this.
" Enough.
You're both nothing but a nuisance.
What can you expect from someone wearing a hood and burning incense? What good can come out of this? Father! Here.
Yeah, that's my dad.
The daredevil of the planet Kruton.
Erman, my son.
Yes, Father.
Have you checked the latest population statistics for Kruton? - I have, Father.
- Our numbers are slowly dwindling, Erman.
As the last super being of this generation, there is not a single person in this universe for you to be with and reproduce.
Kruton is dying.
Though sexist, you're right, Father.
Erman, I was meaning to tell you something, but what was it? - Let me reboot, huh? - Okay.
The council has convened.
We also received good news from the Vorunkas and Shaberaans.
Guided by light and love, Kruton's wise power got the parliament to agree that your peer is not to be found in this universe.
- How about the Veermans and the Juşkas? - Fuck those motherfuckers, Erman! No offense, but I don't have time to deal with them.
There was this son of Patarisas.
They had a council or something.
His son.
That bastard! Leading everyone around by the nose.
They're such a cunning bunch! Tell you what, these are all their people.
They're like a gang over there.
They've become a gang.
But what did I tell them, huh? What did I tell them, Erman? I said, "Hey, bastards!" Do you hear me, Erman? Are you listening to me, son? That bastard is still not in the council, he has this Father! Father, what the hell are you doing? Come and talk face-to-face.
Just wait, Erman.
This is how it works.
Go inside, come on.
- Did they tell you where, then? - Go inside! To be honest, son, it's the Milky Way.
I tried to pull a lot of strings, but it's the Milky Way.
You're going to Earth.
Oh, fuck! Why Earth, dammit? Of all the billions of other planets! Take your leave.
They're judgmental and filthy.
Science, art, and morals are all entangled.
It's like the least wanted mandatory assignment.
Erman, the next generation on Kruton will prosper with you finding your peer on Earth.
Listen, I'm saying yes, but only because you're my father.
We're not tasking you with fixing Earth.
Just go there, find your peer and reproduce.
That's all.
The future of Kruton is in your hands.
May light, love, longing, devotion, joy, and the force be with you.
You think these dad jokes are funny? All right, Father.
I'll go to Earth.
And I'll start a new world in that world.
Even though I'd like to stay here and help you reproduce, I'll go to Earth.
Remember, Erman, you represent your planet there.
Don't ever stoop to their level.
If anyone speaks badly to you, don't think that you can't take it.
Endure it.
Don't trust people, Erman.
Don't get caught in a traumatic bond.
Never forget that.
Don't get involved in financial matters, Erman.
You'll lose friends.
The poor give from the heart, the wealthy give from the account.
Don't confuse generosity with being gullible, Erman.
- Heard you're heading to Earth, bro.
- I am.
May God save you.
You big old Earth.
We'll see who comes out on top.
We'll see.
Bravo! Whose kid is this? Ferit, my baby! God bless you.
Of course.
It's my job.
Coming through, please.
That was a close one.
 Any comment? I'm Erman.
I come from the planet Kruton.
- A photo with you and the kid, please? - Good job! You're a hero! And he's very handsome.
Stop it, girl, look at his cape! Excuse me.
Let me through.
Welcome to our world.
I'm Lale Komar from the Gündemci newspaper.
Erman, from the planet Kruton.
Would you like to tell us how you came to Earth and what is it that you hope to achieve? He needs to hold a press conference.
- Yes.
- Hold a press conference.
Make way, coming through.
Press should step aside as well, please.
Hello, young man.
I'm Commissioner Aytaç, Public Safety.
Erman, from the planet Kruton.
I need to take your statement.
I'm guessing you're not from this world.
I'm not.
 But I came to this world to be with you.
What was that? To be with you all.
I'm here to serve you all.
Commissioner Aytaç, can we have a press conference so we can all get some information? And I want to have a private interview.
- Lale.
- I see that you're acting fast.
Faster than sound, a little slower than light.
And what about darkness? Are you faster than the dark? - Goodbye.
- See you around.
You should cough.
Cough, please.
SUPER-MAN ERMAN SAVES KID FROM BEING RUN OVER To be continued TO BE CONTINUED Subtitle translation by: Diana Renker, Marc Seyers
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