The Protector (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [LEYLA] Hakan, what have you done? I told you.
He attacked me.
I just defended myself.
I'll tell you everything.
Save it for the police.
[DISTANT POLICE SIRENS] Leyla Look me in the eye.
I'm not lying to you.
[FAYSAL]This is my company.
I need to know what's going on.
[OFFICER] You don't understand.
I can't let you in.
We need to investigate.
-[FAYSAL] Yes.
-[OFFICER] CSI is on the way.
-[FAYSAL] Give me details.
- I can't.
Tell me what's going on for God's sake.
It's Hakan.
Hakan killed Mazhar.
What? What are you talking about? How? I don't know.
I can't believe it.
I mean I wouldn't believe it either.
But when I came in, Mazhar And Hakan was standing in front of him.
[HAKAN] He started it.
I'm innocent.
I just defended myself.
Let me go.
[HAKAN] Let me speak at least.
Don't cause any trouble.
[PHONE VIBRATES] - Hello, Leyla.
-[LEYLA] Zeynep.
I need to talk to you.
It's important.
Is there something wrong? -[LEYLA] It's Hakan.
- What happened? Haven't you guys still made up? - The police arrested Hakan for murder.
-[ZEYNEP] What? He killed Mazhar.
He killed Mazhar? [LEYLA] I was there.
Hakan kept saying he was innocent, but Zeynep, you know Hakan.
Maybe you know something.
[LEYLA] How and why would Hakan do this to somebody? [SIGHS] I want to believe him, but I can't.
Please, tell me something.
[ZEYNEP] Yes, I know him.
And I trust him more than you do.
If he couldn't convinced you, there's nothing I can do.
You know very little about Hakan and it will always be like that.
[ZEYNEP BREATHING HEAVILY ON THE PHONE] [SHUTTER CLICKING] How did it happen? He was stabbed in the carotid artery.
He bled to death.
[SIGHS] Could it be an accident by any chance? When I look at this room, I say it's not very likely.
How is Hakan? He looked all right as he was leaving.
He has no damage.
He's intact.
- He is? - Mm-hmm.
[KEMAL] The dagger is here.
It means that Mazhar wasn't the Immortal.
Who is the Immortal then? We focused on the wrong person all along.
Hakan's in prison.
The Immortal is out there and we don't know who he is.
This war is a lost cause.
Let's not bother.
Listen, there's nothing we can do for Hakan at the moment.
But we still have a chance to figure out who the Immortal is.
How can we do that? We don't have the ring stone.
There's a way.
However, I have to break my oath of loyalty in order to do that.
What do you mean? It means I'll talk to someone whom I'm not even allowed to see.
I'm innocent.
Mazhar was obsessed with me.
He kidnapped me.
Yeah, he kidnapped you and then? Then he tied me up.
He could have hurt me, so I defended myself.
Do you think I'm stupid? Huh? You said he tied you up and threw you into the glass table.
You don't even have a scratch! I Is this the guy who killed Mazhar? [DEPUTY] Yes, sir.
[CHIEF] What did he say? Same old stuff.
He blames Mazhar.
Put him in a cell and let him think there.
- Then we'll interrogate him again.
-[DEPUTY] Yes, sir.
-[DEPUTY] Get up.
- What you're doing is wrong.
I didn't do anything.
It was Mazhar.
At least let me make a phone call.
Whom will you call? Your lawyer? Yes, I will call my lawyer.
Don't I have the right to make a phone call? No, you fucking don't.
Take him.
-[DEPUTY] Come here.
- But sir Officer If you let me I'd love to say goodbye to him.
He was an old friend of mine.
[FAYSAL] Thank you.
So that's all, isn't it, Mazhar? You were different from all the mortals I know.
I've never seen anybody as devoted and determined as you were.
I knew I couldn't buy your loyalty.
You had to get rid of them.
[WOMAN CHOKES] So, you could be loyal to me forever.
[TOY BARKS] I couldn't keep my promise to you, Mazhar.
Help me! [FAYSAL] I know it stills hurts, Mazhar.
You need time.
Time will heal all your wounds.
Besides Life is full of miracles.
[MAZHAR SNIFFS] If you work for me, I'll prove it.
[FAYSAL] I couldn't possibly bring your family back.
Because I was the one who took them.
I thank you very much for your service.
DERYA OLD MATCH FACTORY [ZEYNEP] Who is Derya? How can she help us find the Immortal? Derya is a former Loyal One.
Actually, she's a Fallen Loyal One.
She was expelled.
I didn't know about her.
As you know, Neşet was supposed to guard the Protector and the shirt.
Burhan got the dagger and Ayşe got the ring.
Derya's duty was to collect information about the Immortals.
Hers was the most difficult one.
Yes, but it was like she got carried away with the investigation.
Eventually, she started to talk about them in admiration.
We gave her another duty to keep her from investigating.
She refused to follow the orders.
And she kept investigating.
That's why she was expelled.
In that case, she knows the Immortal better than anyone.
She probably learned more about them in the past years.
Yes, I hope so.
Yes, but doesn't that make her even more dangerous? [KEMAL] Listen You don't know Derya.
Going after her is at least as dangerous as going after the Immortal.
But we'll go after her anyway.
- I will go after her.
You'll stay.
- [ZEYNEP] Why is that? - You just do.
- No way.
I'm coming, too.
[FAYSAL] Are you OK? [LEYLA EXHALES] I'm not.
I'm going to the police station.
I'll see Hakan.
I'll get him out if I can.
- You'll get him out? - Yes.
What? Should I let him rot in there? Do you want to come along? Leyla? Don't you believe that Hakan is innocent? I wish I could.
[LEYLA] But I was there.
I saw them.
But he says he's innocent.
If he tells the truth, then he should have explained all that to me.
I could do my best for him.
[FAYSAL] Maybe he thought you wouldn't believe.
You need to know certain things, Leyla.
How old am I? Mr.
Erdem [FAYSAL] I'm very old, Leyla.
I'm even older than your great-great-grandfather.
Leyla, I've been alive for more than 1,000 years.
Just like this I live in this body among humans.
- Humans? - Humans.
I mean the mortals.
- Mr.
Erdem - Life is based on contrasts.
I'm as real as death, Leyla.
There were seven of us.
The Seven Immortals.
Rüya was one of us.
Your wife? Humans started to hunt us 500 years ago.
Just because we were different and they were afraid of us.
Rüya was the last victim.
Erdem, I'm sorry.
I mean I don't want to be disrespectful to you, but - You don't believe me, do you? - You seem to be telling a tale.
Like a tale.
-[LAUGHS] It sounds like a tale.
[LEYLA SIGHS] If I were you, I wouldn't believe it either.
[LAUGHING] [GASPS] Hakan was after me.
But he killed Mazhar.
He thought that Mazhar was the Immortal.
I have a weakness, and Hakan knows it very well.
So, Leyla I have an offer for you.
Don't you want to hug your mother again? Get me out of here! At least let me make a phone call! It's important! [WHISTLES] -[HAKAN] Hey! - You little [PRISONER] You gave me a fucking headache.
Shut up! Don't mess with me.
I won't get you out of here.
Keep that in mind.
You can't get out.
Do you understand? Is there anything I need There's nothing you need to learn about Derya.
I will see her alone.
Why is that? I didn't become a Loyal One just to be a driver.
I'm coming, too.
There will be a price for this meeting and I will pay for it, not you.
We won't be expelled for getting information about the Immortal.
Rules are rules.
This is my decision, no matter what.
So, you will stay out of it.
That's it.
[HAKAN] Answer me! Have you guys had enough? Okay, man.
Yes, it's enough.
Let us go - Good.
[GRUNTING] You're sneaky! Were you going to stab me in the back? [PRISONER] Let me go, douchebag! Should I stab you? Yeah? - Should I? -[OFFICER] What's going on here? [DEPUTY] What the fuck are you doing? Let go! [PRISONER] Sir, I press charges against this guy.
He attacked us.
Fuck you! He's lying, sir.
They sneaked a knife in.
They attacked me.
Take it.
Speak! Yes.
He didn't do anything.
It was our fault.
Shut up! What are you doing? -[PRISONER] Let me go, sir.
- Move.
Move! Fuck off.
You're a pain in the ass.
[DEPUTY] Get out.
You'll stay in a solitary cell from now on.
I swear they attacked me.
I'll talk to you later.
Can I make a phone call? It's important.
Find a phone inside if you can! [HAKAN] Sir, it's really important.
- Commissioner.
- Hello, Mr.
-[FAYSAL] Hello.
- Good to see you.
I heard what happened.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
It's really upsetting.
We're carefully investigating it.
- I'm sure we'll clarify the situation.
- I know you will.
Um, how is Hakan? His interrogation is still going on.
He's giving us some trouble.
I can guess.
I'm actually here to help you with that.
We are very pleased.
- Can we talk elsewhere? - Sure.
This way, please.
Listen, I know both of them very well.
Um, I'm sure that I can help you solve the case.
Yes, let's talk then.
This way, please.
I'm coming, too.
I don't want any more fights, OK? It's my order as a senior.
You'll wait here.
It's not fair that you use your rank.
You won't listen otherwise.
Orders are above everything, my dear.
It's good to see you after all those years.
Good to see you, too, Derya.
Are you here to see how I am after I was expelled? I'll ask you some questions.
That's why I'm here.
Since you come here, you must be very desperate.
You will tell me who the Immortal is.
[CHUCKLES] Didn't you get me expelled because I was investigating the Immortals? I got you expelled because you did that investigation only for yourself.
You were admiring them.
And that made you an easy target.
It was a matter of time that the Immortal would approach you.
If you hadn't got me expelled he wouldn't have approached me.
Tell me Who is the Immortal? Now.
I don't know who he is.
I've never seen his face.
Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you anyway.
Zeynep? Who is she? Your new junior? I'm his daughter.
So you raised your daughter as a Loyal One, too? You're great at ruining the lives of the people around you.
Tell us what you know about the Immortal, and we'll go.
I won't tell you anything, and you are going nowhere.
[DERYA] Move! Come on! Come on, Hakan Demir.
- You get out.
-[HAKAN] I do? Yes.
We got an order from someone important.
You saved your ass.
Come with me.
Derya You want information about the Immortal, right? The Immortal wants the Protector's blood.
If he gets the Protector's blood using the dagger the Immortal who drinks that blood will come back to life.
It means that the Immortals can come back to life.
But you will carry this information to the grave.
[KEMAL] Derya! [KEMAL] Open the door! Derya! Open the door! -[POUNDING ON DOOR] - Turn on the gas.
[KEMAL] Derya! Open the door! Please, say goodbye to each other before the oxygen runs out in there.
[FAYSAL] It's good to see you.
[HAKAN] Why did you get me out? You were right next to me all along.
I was going to tell you the same thing.
[FAYSAL GROANING] I always looked up to you.
I wanted to be someone like you.
And it turns out you are my archenemy.
You are an Immortal.
So what? Are you offended? I've been looking for the Protector for years.
We've found each other, it's great! I'm very happy that I've found you.
- Is the shirt on? - There was no time to take it off.
[FAYSAL] Hold on.
You know you can't hurt me, right? You can't hurt me without the dagger.
[HAKAN] Don't worry.
We have plenty of time.
I have the dagger.
I'll kill you.
Why do you think I got you out? Huh? You'll be in my office with the dagger in an hour.
[LAUGHS] Is there anything else? Do you want anything else? Tell me! Anything else you want? Any other requests? If you don't, you won't see Leyla again.
[PANTING] I'll kill you if you hurt Leyla.
- Did you hear me? - It's up to you.
Be in my office with the dagger in an hour.
[SHOUTS] [HAKAN] I'll fucking kill you.
I'll kill you! [HAKAN SHOUTS] [ZEYNEP] We should tell Hakan what Derya told us.
I'm proud of you, my dear.
[KEMAL COUGHS] You still -[ZEYNEP COUGHS] - You still think of your duty.
Being a Loyal One requires sacrifice.
I wasn't ready for it until now.
- I used you as an excuse.
-[ZEYNEP COUGHS] I always said to myself that you needed me.
You're my father.
Of course, I'll need you.
My baby daughter.
[ZEYNEP COUGHS] The ventilation Wait [ZEYNEP GRUNTS] [PANTING] [ZEYNEP] We can get out this way.
- Come on.
-[ZEYNEP] What about you? [KEMAL] You'll get out, then you'll open the door.
Will you hold on? [KEMAL] Remember! You have only one duty: You have to take care of the Protector.
[KEMAL] You'll always be with him.
Promise me.
[KEMAL COUGHS] [GRUNTING] Oh! Untie me at once or else you'll be in big trouble.
Let me go! [COUGHS] Doctor! Zeynep! I found the Immortal! [BREATHING HEAVILY] [PANTING] [COUGHS] Dad! [BREATHING HEAVILY] Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! [SOBS] Dad! Dad, wake up! [SOBBING] [THUNDER RUMBLING] [ZEYNEP SOBBING] [HAKAN] Zeynep? Hakan.
[HAKAN] What's going on? [HAKAN] Come here.
Have a seat.
What happened? My dad What happened? Is Doctor OK? He saved me, but he knew he couldn't make it.
What are you talking about? Hakan, my dad died.
What? He sacrificed himself.
[ZEYNEP] We learned that the Immortals can revive with your blood.
[CHUCKLES] But we still don't know who the last Immortal is.
I know who he is.
What? Who is he? Faysal Erdem.
- What? -[HAKAN] Yes, that's why he got me out.
He has Leyla now.
He will kill her if I don't go there.
That's why he got me out.
He wants me.
You surely won't go, right? - Of course, I will.
I have to.
- Hakan, stop the nonsense.
You can't put neither yourself nor the whole Istanbul in danger for Leyla.
I told you what the Immortal wants.
I have the shirt on, OK? I have the dagger, too.
He can't do anything.
He can't take my blood.
Understand? Hakan.
Stop it.
You can't go there.
-[ZEYNEP] It's a trap.
- Zeynep I can't let someone innocent die, understand? Why am I the Protector then? Then why did my father die? Answer me.
Was it for nothing? Please, put the dagger back.
All right.
[HAKAN] Doctor wasn't just a Loyal One to me.
He was like a brother.
[HAKAN] I'm going out.
Where are you going? I'll get some fresh air.
I'm coming, too.
[ZEYNEP] Hakan, it's not opening.
I can't push the button.
I'm sorry, Zeynep.
I have to do this.
Hakan, stop it.
I can't lose anyone anymore.
Hakan Hakan, don't do anything stupid! Open it! Please! Open it! You can't leave me here! You barely made it.
Leyla, are you OK? [LEYLA SHIVERS] Let her go.
[HAKAN] Let's do this between us.
Just you and me.
- In a fair way.
-[FAYSAL] Yeah? Do you really think that it's fair since you have the shirt and the dagger? [FAYSAL] I waited for you to show up for years.
I let you come up to me.
[HAKAN] You did.
Because you want to resurrect the other Immortals with my blood.
I want to bring only one Immortal back.
Trust me, I don't care about the others.
I only want my wife to come back.
It doesn't matter if it's only one.
I won't let it happen.
Hakan I only want you to take that shirt off and bleed yourself a few drops using the dagger.
You want my blood, then come and get it.
Come on.
[HAKAN] What are you waiting for? Come on.
How did you get the information about your blood? Who told you that? That doesn't concern you.
The Protector's blood can bring Immortals back.
So? Is that it? Is that all you know? Let me teach you one last lesson.
[FAYSAL] Knowing nothing is better than knowing a little.
[LEYLA SCREAMS] No! Leyla! No! [LEYLA] Hakan Don't you dare! I'll kill her if you take one more step.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] You're done! I'll kill you! I'll make you pay for what you did, Faysal! [HAKAN] You'll pay for everything! Stop wasting time on useless threats! [FAYSAL] You have time to save Leyla's life! Take that shirt off! [WHIMPERING] [LEYLA CRYING] Hakan [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Subtitle translation by Esin Gürgür