The Protector (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [DISTANT POLICE SIRENS] [FAYSAL] I promise I won't hurt either of you.
[LEYLA WHIMPERING] I have only one goal.
Hakan [LEYLA BREATHING HEAVILY] You don't have much time, Hakan.
Come on.
- I won't.
[LEYLA WHIMPERS] Give me the dagger.
Take it.
[FAYSAL] Give me its sheath, too.
[DOOR CLOSES] [GRUNTING] Leyla? Do you hear me, Leyla? Don't worry.
I'll save you.
Press here.
[HAKAN] Press firmly.
I'll get you out of here.
[LEYLA] What about the cameras? They'll see us.
Hang on.
I'll save you.
Come on.
We're almost out.
I'll get you out.
[HAKAN] Just hold on a minute.
Hold on, I'll save you.
I'll save you.
I'll save you.
Just hold on.
- We need to press down on the wound.
[CAR HORNS] [HAKAN] Don't wear yourself out.
Just breathe.
Don't wear yourself out.
We're almost there.
Hold on.
Where are we going? To a place where you'll be safe.
Zeynep will heal your wound.
Don't worry.
Trust me.
[HAKAN] Zeynep! Zeynep, help! Zeynep! [HAKAN BREATHING HEAVILY] [HAKAN] Zeynep! Zeynep! [SHOUTS ANGRILY] OK.
All right.
It's all right.
It's OK.
[HAKAN] All right, I'm here.
After Mazhar's death I'll tell you everything, all about this bullshit.
OK? We'll talk after you get better.
There's another way.
Yesterday, Faysal He came to me yesterday.
[BREATHES HEAVILY] One drop of an Immortal's blood can heal a human, Leyla.
It can even resurrect a dead person.
It's OK.
Don't wear yourself out.
Just breathe.
Don't wear yourself out.
He told me that he could heal my mother.
He could make her walk again.
The only thing I was supposed to do was to fool you and entrap you.
- I didn't do it.
- It's OK.
- I couldn't do it.
I didn't betray you.
-[HAKAN] It's OK.
- It's fine.
It doesn't matter anymore.
-[LEYLA] It does matter.
If I had done what he told me to do he would really have healed my mother.
If If his blood can really heal people I I can heal you then.
I can heal you.
All I need to do is to get his blood with the dagger.
The dagger? The dagger.
The talismanic dagger.
Only it can hurt the Immortal.
It's too late.
No No, don't say that.
Don't talk like that.
I'll heal you.
I won't leave you.
-[HAKAN] Did you hear me? - I lost too much blood.
I'll heal you.
Leyla, I'll heal you.
I'll heal you with Faysal's blood.
Can you hear me? OK? I'll heal you.
I'll heal you.
I love you, the boy from the Grand Bazaar.
Leyla [EXHALES] I love you, too.
I promise you, we'll be together again very soon.
Faysal! It's time for you to come back.
[SONG STARTS] [RÜYA] Is it the récolte of '47? [FAYSAL] What else could it be? - I just wanted to make sure.
-[FAYSAL] Hmm.
Do you have doubts about me now? [RÜYA] Never! There is no other love Like yours anymore [DOOR OPENS] Wait here.
A love like yours A heart like mine [FAYSAL] Oh! Welcome, Mergen.
Hasn't anybody told you about manners? [MERGEN] Piraye is dead.
What? - How? - How do you think she died? -[FAYSAL] Calm down.
- Calm down? Everyone's gone except the three of us.
I understand.
[MERGEN] Someone is trying to hunt us.
He can find us anytime! [RÜYA] Mergen, calm down.
Have a seat.
Being nervous is no good right now.
Everything is your fault.
What do you mean? Mergen Didn't you tell her? Piraye agreed with me.
What are you talking about? This relationship between you two [MERGEN] It has made all of us weak.
You look just like a human.
[RÜYA] That's not true.
Don't get that close to her ever again.
Did you hear me? You act just like a human.
As if she can't protect herself! Faysal.
[RÜYA] Faysal.
This love will be the end of all of us.
There is no other love Like yours anymore A love like yours A heart like mine Even in dreams they don't exist [PHONE VIBRATES] Where are you? What were you thinking when you locked me up? Zeynep, where the hell are you? Faysal was leaving when I came to the hotel.
[ZEYNEP] I thought you went there to kill him.
So, what happened? I guess things didn't go as you planned.
Where are you now? Send me the address.
I followed Faysal.
[ZEYNEP] He went into a house.
I'm waiting outside in the car.
Send me the address.
I'm coming! Why? Will you come and ruin this chance, too? Zeynep, I said please! Leyla died.
Listen, send me the address.
Wait for me, OK? [SIGHS] Of course, you can call me anytime.
But don't give my number to all your friends.
I don't want to deal with their calls all day, OK? -[FEMALE STUDENT] Sure.
Thank you.
- Goodbye.
Professor Akın, we are right on track.
Everything's all right.
The interior part is almost ready.
Lunch break has been taking too long recently.
- Talk to the team about that, please.
- OK.
I'll talk to them.
How are the tunnels? We'll do the final touches, that's all.
Then we can start with the rooms tomorrow.
You know we need Mr.
Erdem's approval to enter the rooms.
I'll enter the rooms tomorrow.
- But Mr.
Erdem said - Enough for today, please.
Thank you.
All right.
Where's the house? -[HAKAN] Huh? - Right there.
Is anyone with him? Guards? -[ZEYNEP] He's alone.
- Good.
[ZEYNEP] Wait a minute! You don't have the shirt or the dagger.
You can't kill him this way.
- I know that.
- So? I'll catch him.
- He won't resurrect the others.
- Hakan! Then what will you do? Will you keep him in a cage like a parakeet forever? I'll think about it later.
You always say we should go after the Immortal.
What changed? I don't want you to die, stupid head.
Listen, we need to catch Faysal before he resurrects the other Immortals.
I risk my stupid head to die.
Come here for a second.
- What are you doing? -[ZEYNEP] We need to take measures.
Just in case.
What's this? Are you kidding me? Hakan, move.
-[BANU] Hello? Mr.
Erdem? Can you hear me? Mr.
Erdem, I am in front of Miss Sancak's I'm in front of the door right now and Calm down.
[BANU] I mean, I don't know what to do Calm down a little! Just calm down! [BANU] I'm in front of Miss Sancak's office at the moment.
The door is open.
There are two dead men in there.
I'm very scared.
Um I see another body now.
Is Leyla all right? [BANU] Miss Sancak isn't here right now.
I mean, I can't see her.
- Is Hakan there? -[BANU] He isn't here, either.
I guess they're not here.
Where the hell is this guy, huh? I don't know.
I swear I saw him entering here.
Where is he then? I said I don't know! Why are you yelling at me? Hakan What's up with you? Are you hiding something? I brought Leyla with me.
Isn't she dead? She is dead.
As it turns out, we can resurrect her with Faysal's blood.
Is it why you're after Faysal? You want his blood.
Zeynep, I'm so sick of losing everyone in my life.
Hakan, we don't know whether it will work or not.
Isn't it worth trying, though, even if it's a small possibility? We can't give her an Immortal's blood and see what happens.
- Unexpected things might happen.
- I'm ready to take that risk! No, Hakan.
You can't change my mind.
Do you want me to kill the Immortal and prevent the other Immortals' revival? Yes, but Then the conversation is over, Zeynep! Will you help me? What are we going to do? We'll keep searching.
Until we find a clue.
I don't know what those drawings are.
These are angel wings.
Byzantine style.
Like the ones in Hagia Sophia? Exactly.
"I loved her and she loved Hagia Sophia.
" What does it mean? What's the most important thing for Faysal? His wife.
Right, but there's also Hagia Sophia.
Leyla said it's odd that Faysal invests in a project that wouldn't bring any profit.
Remember the Hagia Sophia painting in Faysal's office? The unfinished one? I always thought this project is something sentimental to Faysal.
It's as if he was completing an unfinished business from the past.
What do you think now? Hagia Sophia is way more important to Faysal than we think.
All he wants is to be able to go there easily.
Because his wife's tomb is there.
So are the other Immortals' tombs.
Come on.
You wish, Hakan.
- I'm coming with you.
- Zeynep! Hakan! Faysal has been alive for centuries.
He knows people better than you do.
He knows very well what you can do and how you fight.
He's ahead of you.
You can't beat him one-on-one.
I am the Protector.
I was born for this.
You've been the Protector for a few weeks! But I've been getting trained for this since I was born.
I just don't want you to get hurt.
Listen Do you want to bring Leyla back? Of course I do.
Then you do need help.
You said you needed my help.
Let me help you.
I have a plan.
[INDISTINCT WHISPERING VOICES] [CREATURES SQUEALING] [HAKAN] Faysal! [HAKAN'S VOICE ECHOES] [FAYSAL CHUCKLES] [FAYSAL] Don't you know? You can't hurt me with that thing in your hand.
I know very well what will hurt you.
- You shouldn't have done that.
- I won't let you resurrect the others.
I don't give a shit about the others! I just want Rüya back! You know what I mean.
I know you're in love with Leyla.
I saw the pain on your face when I shot her.
[HAKAN SHOUTS] [HAKAN] Oh! [HAKAN GRUNTS] [FAYSAL SHOUTS] [HAKAN GROANS] You're so stubborn! Even more stubborn than your father! -[HAKAN COUGHS] - But your father was a better fighter.
I admit it.
[FAYSAL] At least he was able to come close enough to hit me once.
[HAKAN] Oh [HAKAN COUGHS] [FAYSAL] You need to learn how to control your feelings.
I wish we could have stayed friends forever.
What friendship are you talking about? You fucking took all my loved ones from me.
You fucking killed my parents! Your father took Rüya from me! He could have left us alone.
But he didn't! He didn't! Your father started everything.
All you do is cause pain.
You've been spreading the evil throughout the world for centuries.
Humans are the reason for the evil in this world.
Look what you humans have done with hatred, anger, and greed.
It's enough to look at what people have done to Hagia Sophia! It was burned down and plundered.
Believe it or not, we just initiated things.
It was always humans who started the fire and made it even worse.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [GRUNTS] You won't ever give up, will you? I won't give up until you are finished! [HAKAN GRUNTS] [HAKAN COUGHS] I've always liked helpless but brave people.
[ZEYNEP] Leyla Come on! Come on, wake up! Leyla.
Is that it? Is that all you can do? Do you want to die? [RÜYA] Faysal.
[HAKAN COUGHS] [SIGHS] Rüya! [FAYSAL] Is this real? Yes, I'm back.
Leyla I gave her the blood.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [FAYSAL CRYING] Faysal! We're not done yet! I'm not done with you yet.
No, not yet.
[ZEYNEP] We need to get out! Get out of the way! Faysal.
[RÜYA] They are waking up.
Let's go.
[HAKAN] I told you before.
This is not a fairy tale.
[HIGH-PITCHED TONE SOUNDS] [GASPS] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Subtitle translation by Esin Gürgür