The Protector (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES The Protector must always be on the alert.
And the Immortal must kill the Protector.
Without hesitation.
Who's hesitating? I thought you might have changed your mind.
The rules are not ours to change.
Our destinies are already written.
No talismanic shirt? Are you trying to make me worry, love? You can't wear the shirt all the time.
It tires you.
I don't want you to get tired.
But I'm still worried about you.
I'm anything but worried right now.
I know.
I know I told you that I liked you, but not wearing the shirt Bitch! But how? Your love for an Immortal has weakened the talismanic objects' power.
All I need is that shirt.
You'll never get it.
- Dad? - Run, son! Run! Don't hurt him.
I told you, didn't I? It's nothing personal.
It's our destiny.
Dad! Boy, come here! Hakan, can you just calm down, please? How can I calm down, Leyla? The Seven Immortals are free.
I've lost the talismanic shirt.
Zeynep is lying there, and you ask me to calm down.
You heard the doctor, she's stable.
We can't do anything for her right now.
I can't sit and wait.
I must do something.
Hakan! Calm down, please.
Zeynep is one of the strongest women that I know.
She will walk out of this hospital just fine, OK? I'm sure of that.
We are back with breaking news.
Eyewitnesses outside the Hagia Sophia claimed that they had heard something like a gas explosion before the event.
Finally, good news.
- Good news? - Yeah.
They don't suspect us, or anything strange.
They assumed it was an accident.
Most of the wounded were tourists.
They were taken to a hospital immediately.
Are you OK? Hakan, can we talk outside? Why am I not the one on that bed, Hakan? Faysal shot me, and I died.
But there is not a single wound or any surgical scars on my body.
What happened? Why don't we discuss this at all? After you died we fed you with Faysal's blood.
It worked.
It brought you back to life.
So, it's true? It's true.
If I'm alive thanks to an Immortal's blood what happens now? What if things go wrong? Do you feel different? Do you feel anything odd? Let me check.
There's something odd.
What? Your lips are sweeter than ever.
No matter how crazy the world gets we will have a happy ending.
How did you like the wine? It was 1552.
No, I don't think it's that old.
1552, that's the year you first proposed to me.
Yes, and you rejected it.
But you didn't give up.
After a few centuries, you proposed to me again.
And you kept rejecting me, on and on.
Until What's wrong? Nothing.
I don't want to ruin the night, never mind.
What is it? - The others are somewhere in Istanbul.
- Yes.
But we don't know where exactly.
Who cares? Listen Yes, it's water under the bridge, but they are still bitter with us.
If the worst case scenario becomes real, if it's two against five, who do you think will win? It depends on the two.
If it is the two of us, then we will win.
Don't worry.
What about the Protector? As long as he doesn't have this shirt, I don't think he can protect the city.
OK? I'll take care of him, don't worry.
How? Just leave that to me.
NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Is this it? Excuse me? - Yes? - Who are you? - Inventory controllers.
- Inventory controllers? Here is our permission paper.
What? These are brand new.
I don't want any bloodstains.
Here, enjoy.
Guys, the Hagia Sophia is one of the most precious jewels of Istanbul.
- Yes? - No one should attack it.
On the contrary, it should be treated with honor.
So, I believe that an act of disrespect against the Hagia Sophia is in fact disrespectful to the citizens of this city.
It's one of the greatest sins ever committed against Istanbul.
People of Istanbul will never approve of such a thing! Through you, I want to share something with the public.
The gas explosion in the Hagia Sophia was, unfortunately, not an accident.
The explosion was an inside job.
It was an act of sabotage by one of my employees.
With your help, I want to expose the assaulter to the public.
His name is Hakan Demir.
- Hakan Demir, I repeat - Fuck.
Can I take your order? - Thank you, that's all for now.
- Um Sir? - Nothing.
- Thank you.
I will not comment any further.
Hakan Demir.
The person you should be after is Hakan Demir.
That's it.
- Sir? - Excuse me, please wait.
Watch your step! I'm so sorry.
It was my fault.
You were Zeynep Arman's nurse last night, right? Yes, how can I help? Do you remember my friend? Tall, brown hair.
Have you seen him? Isn't that him? THE HAGIA SOPHIA ASSAULTER IDENTIFIED Hakan What the hell? Who are you? What's this? A Loyal Ones' meeting? Serdar? Ceylan? What's going on? Did you kidnap me? We're sorry, Hakan.
See, I told you.
We're trying to protect you! The police are after you.
Is it true that the Seven Immortals are back? Yes.
It's the end of the world! We have to do something! That's right.
I can't waste my time here right now! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Your shirt is gone, Protector.
Where will you go? Get out of my way, Little Bird.
Your shirt is gone.
You can't go like this.
I said, get out of my way! Enough! It's you, I can tell.
You are just as self-confident as your father and your grandfather.
And who are you? I'm Azra.
So, you are that glorious Master.
The Senior Loyal One.
Tell your men to get out of my way.
You are not imprisoned here, Hakan.
Go on and leave.
But don't forget, the whole country will be after you.
And the Seven Immortals have revived, running around Istanbul.
Once you are out of here, try your best not to get arrested, Hakan.
Because without the Protector, Istanbul has no chance against the Seven Immortals.
Now tell us everything.
We have to know.
How could Zeynep screw things up so badly? Dad? Your father didn't leave us alone! Hakan? Leyla Hello? Ouch Zeynep was supposed to protect you and the talismanic objects.
But here we are, the police are after you, and the talismanic shirt is gone.
Zeynep has stood by me all along.
Zeynep taught me everything.
She taught me to fight, she trained me.
She never left my side.
As a Loyal One, Zeynep did a thousand times more than her duties.
That's why she's fighting for her life in a hospital bed right now.
To clarify things, we should see Zeynep, right? Can, Öykü.
Go to the hospital and bring Zeynep here.
Zeynep? - Who are you? - Öykü, catch her! CLOSED Are you out of your minds? Who are you? The Council is waiting for you, especially Azra.
She looks forward to meeting the girl who fucked up the Protector's duty.
ATAK PHARMACY Hakan? Zeynep! Wait a second, dear.
These were all piled up.
You should be careful about identity theft.
Just throw them away.
But why? Because I'm leaving.
Why? Where are you going? Anywhere but here.
Derya! Turn on the gas.
Being a Loyal One requires sacrifice.
Dad? Dad! No No! Oh, no! Dad, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it.
I'm sorry.
Is it really what you wanted? I did everything you told me.
I did everything you taught me, exactly as you taught me.
Look at us now.
Are you going somewhere, Hakan? You've been discussing for hours.
Will you come to a conclusion? I think Zeynep is a traitor who betrayed our goal.
I am the Protector.
It's me who disappointed you.
I disappointed everyone.
We had her.
She could have come and defended herself.
She chose to run away.
Who would run away? A guilty person.
A guilty person.
Stop blaming an innocent woman! Hakan will stay protected in the cistern.
We will find Zeynep and hand her to the justice of the Council.
Dear God! I can't take this bullshit anymore.
I'm out of here! Let go! Let go of me! You can't do this to me! I'm the Protector! Let go! We can do it, indeed, to protect you from yourself.
It's all for your own safety, Hakan.
This delivery should be handled in no time.
Come on, hurry! Quick, quick, quick! Hurry up! You stupid girl Come on! Go ahead! Call me a stupid girl again! Come on! Say it! I'll give you one guess.
Why do you think I'm here? TO MY DEAR DAUGHTER To get your father's revenge, I guess.
Listen, Zeynep.
I make deals, OK? I have a deal for you, too.
Why would I make a deal with my father's killer? You will spare my life, and I will give you information.
What information? Come on.
Oh! Welcome! Welcome, Leyla.
Easy now.
Easy, calm down.
Good to see you.
- Easy - Where am I? Answer me! You are with us, calm down.
You are with us, easy.
Calm down, it's me.
Just calm down.
Calm down.
Calm down.
You But you were dead.
I can't believe it.
Would you like to meet my wife? This is Rüya.
No Tell me! Tell me what is happening to me! Leyla, don't you feel it? You have my blood in your veins.
You are mine now.
Calm down.
Come with me.
OK, spill it.
I don't know all the details.
But something's coming.
There will be a huge attack.
An attack? An attack that will have a great impact.
I heard that it has something to do with the past.
The Immortals Yeah, the Immortals.
I did my part of the deal.
Now it's your turn.
Give me the knife.
You, the Loyal Ones you just keep nagging about your cause, no matter what.
It's bullshit, and your dad died for nothing because of that, right? Thank you for reminding me.
Now you die for nothing, not my father.
Because I'm not a Loyal One anymore.
I will not lose it I will not lose it I will not lose it We interrupt this program to share some breaking news with you.
Hakan Demir, the suspect of the gas explosion, is wanted all over the country.
Chief of Police announced a nation-wide search for Demir.
We're back with our program now.
Damn it! Where did they find this photo? I don't know, but if you ask me, I think we should Didn't you run away? Why are you here? If I ran away, nobody would know about the Immortals' attack plan, right? What attack plan? How about we spread fake news, and tell people that the news broadcast was a bit exaggerated? Zeynep? Zeynep, run! Run now! Let go of her! Let go of her! You're hurting her! Let her go! Leave her alone! Stop! That's enough! What's wrong with you? Stop it! Is this what you want? Is that it? A Loyal One against the other There are rules, Hakan! Rules? If we keep fighting with each other, those rules will soon mean nothing! Hakan! I'm older than you.
You can't even imagine the things I've seen.
Just look around you.
Look at us! Are you planning to wage war with a divided army? How will you win if your soldiers don't trust each other? Are you OK? Zeynep, can you tell us what you know about the Immortals' big plan? What do you want from me? Leyla, did you really think that I would hurt you? You shot me.
You pulled the trigger and shot me.
True, but I had no bad intentions.
I had to do it to achieve what I wanted.
What's wrong with me? What is happening to me? You have my blood in your veins now.
So? So, you belong to me.
So, you are a part of me now.
You're lying.
You're lying.
You two are lying.
This is This is a setup by you two.
This is a trap.
It's a trap, right? Did you really bring that from home? God, I love you.
Do it.
Stay strong.
No How come? How Has she always been that slow? Well, sort of.
How? You have Faysal's blood in your veins, which means he can control your mind.
It will only grow stronger in time.
You are just like us now.
You can only be killed by the talismanic dagger.
This is actually a great thing.
Oh, and of course, the Immortals can kill you if you misbehave.
Go now.
Relax and do some thinking.
Go on.
She's really confused.
But you'll see, she will bring Hakan to us herself.
Let's not forget the corkscrew.
They are planning a huge attack.
It has something to do with the past.
That's what I heard.
How do you know this? I have my sources.
OK? Why are you smiling? This Zeynep! Zeynep, wait! Just calm down.
I'm not laughing at the things we went through.
I'm smiling at you.
At me? Yes.
Look I've never doubted you.
I've never doubted you or your commitment as a Loyal One.
Hakan, I have to tell you something.
I have something to tell you, too.
These damn Seven Immortals and their attack plan I can't handle this on my own.
I need you.
I'm here.
I'm always by your side.
Thank you.
You have something to say? No.
It's nothing important.
Listen up, everyone.
From now on, you will follow my orders.
I'm the Protector.
I'm supposed to stop the Immortals from taking over Istanbul and kill them.
From now on, you will follow my lead.
What if we won't agree with you? Then you will get out of my way.
Any objections? Good.
Subtitle translation by: Ece Nihal Karluk