The Protector (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [indistinct footsteps] [man] Who the hell are you? [whimpers] Did you have to kill him? Come on.
[tense drumming music begins] [chirping] [Hakan] They might take action any minute.
And we have no idea about their plans.
We have to learn the details of the attack.
You have to tell us where you got that information.
Derya told me.
[Zeynep] But we needn't waste our time with her.
She only knows that they are planning a big attack which has something to do with the past.
How can you be so sure? Would you lie if your life was at stake? Zeynep? Yes.
I'm sorry but I couldn't let my father's killer live.
I hope this won't cause us any trouble later.
[Hakan] We have enough problems already.
Anyway, at least we know about this attack.
Now, it's my turn.
No way, Hakan.
The police are after you.
Let us do our job.
[Azra] Öykü is at the police station The Immortals may attack any minute, but you're still talking about your job.
Watch your mouth, Zeynep.
If your father was here Don't worry about him.
He can't hear us because he's dead.
And it's because of your silly rules.
If he had obeyed the rules and hadn't met a Fallen Loyal One, - he would be here right now.
- Enough! - [wall rumbling] - Do you want to fight? Then, save your energy for the Immortals.
The war has started, and I will certainly win this war.
I will kill the Immortals one by one, with or without you.
Leyla? Where were you? I was worried.
Hakan It's not right I mean, I shouldn't be here with you.
What are you talking about? You are one of us now.
I'm not.
I'm neither like you nor the others.
Hakan, listen - Wait a minute - Hakan, I You Listen, it doesn't matter that you are not a Loyal One.
I will never leave you.
Hakan, we need to talk.
I'll be right back.
[sighs] [intense fizzing sound] [drawer shuts] I understand how you feel.
However, you are not an ordinary man, Hakan.
Just say what you have to say already.
You have got to be careful about your choices.
The Protectors can only be with the Loyal Ones.
[Azra] Listen, Hakan.
As the Protector, you need to focus on finding the shirt, not on Leyla.
Look, I'm well aware that I'm the Protector.
I'm living with that fact every second.
However, you need to remember that you are only a Loyal One.
[indistinct sounds from TV] Don't interfere with my business anymore.
[reporter] We have breaking news.
BREAKING NEWS A BIZARRE MURDER What is that? [reporter] Reporting live from the Natural History Museum.
The motivation behind the murder is still unknown.
The police have no suspect.
You should see this.
[reporter] It is stated that only an extinct medieval species is missing from the museum inventory.
The police are considering the possibility that their motivation could be a personal matter, and that the offenders are making it look like a robbery.
It doesn't look like an ordinary robbery.
[Zeynep] The Immortals must have something to do with this.
Let's investigate this.
- We're on it.
- OK.
No, I'll go myself.
I'm coming with you.
My friend Metin works at the museum.
OK, fine.
Leyla, come on.
Take Can with you.
You will protect him at the cost of your own life.
Come on, Little Bird.
[birds chirping] [leaves gently rustling] [whimsical string music starts] [sighs of wind] Good morning.
Don't be scared.
It's me.
[chuckles] Good morning.
You looked so beautiful, I couldn't help myself.
[Rüya] It's so good to be alive.
We are not going to hide here forever, right? I don't think I would mind that.
I missed a lot of things, but all I can see is this house.
I don't think this is what life is about.
We need to stop the Protector first, the rest is a piece of cake.
Let's give Leyla a chance.
I wonder if you trust her too much.
I mean, she's just a little girl.
Yes, but I pull her strings.
Even so, love makes people untrustworthy.
All she sees is the Protector.
Have you seen the others? How are they? What are they up to? I have no idea.
I guess they are enjoying my fortune.
It's not like them to sit and wait.
They must be up to something.
When will we see them? Rüya, how about talking about these things later? Later.
Go and get ready now.
I have a surprise for you.
[Faysal chuckles] [police sirens] [indistinct chatter] The police are looking for you everywhere.
And we are walking into their nest.
Unbelievable! Don't worry.
[indistinct radio chatter] [beeping] Excuse me.
Please, wait.
I need to check on you.
- [Can] Hello.
- [security] Could you turn around? [Zeynep] We came here to see Metin.
He's a friend of mine.
OK, you may pass.
Thank you.
[Zeynep] We'll be right back, Can.
- [security] I need you to wait a bit.
- Thanks.
I told you, we shouldn't have come.
What if they find us? Let's hurry, then.
Hey, you! Oh! Zeynep? - [Zeynep] How are you? - Where have you been? Long time no see! I haven't seen you at school, either.
- Oh yeah, I'm kind of busy.
- I missed you.
I missed you, too.
So, Metin, these are my friends.
We came here to get information about the stolen pieces.
Do you know anything? Not pieces, only one insect was stolen.
- An insect? - [Metin] Hmm-mmm.
It seems that they know their business.
Would you like to see it? - That would be great.
- [Metin] This way.
It is a primitive ancestor of the Schistocerca gregaria.
A special species from the grasshopper family that lived underground.
Legend has it, they could hop so fast and so powerfully that their nests could cause quakes.
They became extinct hundreds of years ago.
Here it is.
[Metin] What you see here is different from the stolen specimen.
The stolen piece was preserved inside an amber, and it's probably the best preserved specimen in the world.
[indistinct whispers] Why would they steal it? [Metin] Maybe it's because this is one of the most harmful insects.
[Metin]they caused severe famines.
[Zeynep] So, this is what they want? [Hakan] They want to famish people.
Still, how long would a famine last? When it comes to this insect, things change.
[Metin] Insects only eat crops.
However, this one isn't picky.
[Faysal] Leyla [whispers continue] Carcasses, trees, plants, animals They eat everything.
[security] Isn't it that guy? [Metin] When they spread over an area, they annihilate all life forms there.
[sighs] Hakan, we should go.
Can they also make a city uninhabitable? It is known that they caused such a thing in the past.
I hope they won't be revived.
Hakan! [alarm goes off] - [Metin] What is it? - [Zeynep] Fuck.
Thank you.
- [Hakan] Where's Leyla? - We must go.
- [Hakan] Leyla! - [Zeynep] Run! - Leyla! - [Zeynep] Run! [Hakan] Leyla! - They're coming.
Go! - What about you? Go now.
I will hold them back.
I love you.
Be careful.
See you at the cistern! - [security] Where are they? - They went this way.
- Police! Don't move! - [alarm continues] [officer] Stay where you are! Hey, who is this Metin? Oh God! What are you talking about? He's just a friend.
Yeah, a friend.
And he missed you [exhales] Be quiet, they may hear us.
Why do you care anyway? He's just my friend.
You check there.
Do you think they are gone? They're gone.
Come on.
[sighs] Come on.
[Hakan] We can't leave Leyla here.
Cut the nonsense! The police are after you, not her.
Move! [indistinct whispers] Leyla [Faysal] Welcome again.
I didn't touch a single thing.
Everything is where it used to be.
[whimsical music from earlier starts] [birds chirping] We have a lot of memories in this house, don't we? The day I was killed, for example.
[hollow, agitated music] Rüya? [Faysal sighs] [angry screaming] Let's not remember the bad memories.
I wish you had thought about that.
Instead of taking me here, you should've burned it to the ground.
- I'm sorry.
I - [Rüya sighs] Rüya, I'm sorry.
[Faysal] I'm sorry, it's not It's not what I intended.
I'm sorry.
Your nose Your nose is bleeding, Rüya.
[Rüya sighs] Are you OK? This house makes me sick.
We're not mortals.
You can't have a nosebleed.
If it's not this house, then why? I don't know.
I don't know.
All I know is that we have to kill the Protector and complete our mission.
["Mesmerize" playing] It might be possible in the old days, but it is almost impossible to create a famine in today's world.
And this is too much of a long-term plan for the Immortals.
[Hakan] Pff.
Hakan, are you listening to me? Leyla isn't picking up.
Don't worry.
Her phone wouldn't get signal if she were in trouble.
I can't just wait here.
Hey! Hey, where are you going? Hakan, what are you doing? Do you want to get arrested? Everybody is after you.
Plus, it isn't the first time Leyla has disappeared.
She didn't answer your calls last night, either.
When the alarm went off, she was not there.
Then she suddenly appeared.
I think she's acting a little weird.
Don't you think so? Why do you give her such a hard time? You are just an overprotective boyfriend.
I just called her.
What's the big deal? Hakan, that's not the problem.
I just don't trust her, OK? I don't like her being around all the time.
Do you know what I think? I think you are jealous of Leyla.
This is what you think after everything I've done for you? Fuck this shit! Zeynep, wait.
Where are you going? You are not listening to me, so I'm going my own way.
Zeynep, where are you going? Wait a minute.
[wall rumbling] It's OK.
[whispers] She slapped him so hard.
It must have hurt.
[indistinct whispers] [whispers end] Hello.
Don't do that to me ever again! You can't control me for the rest of my life.
I will not control you, Leyla.
You will just accept this situation.
You can't change what you have become, OK? But you are right.
It is hard to accept this situation initially.
I wish I was dead.
It only hurts me to be in this situation.
God damn you and all your schemes! [indistinct whispers] Don't resist anymore.
You are mine.
It's all better now.
Face to face and on the same side, right? And now, tell me all about these plans.
Why do you ask me? You have already taken action, that's all I know.
- We have taken action? - Didn't you know that? So, the time has come for a meeting.
All right, we are going.
You are coming with me, too.
You see, the Immortals have never done such an attack before.
Like Zeynep said.
Starving people to death, that's not their style.
Does anybody have another idea? Don't we have any evidence? We have found an entomologist who researched this insect.
Maybe he could give us an idea about the Immortals' plan.
Good, where can I find this guy? I can't let you go alone.
I'm coming, too.
OK, let's go.
Can I come? Stay here and keep an eye on the cistern.
- OK.
- [Hakan] See you.
[sighs] Watch out for the police, Protector! You are a fugitive! I will.
Zeynep! Where have you been all this time? What? Is there a problem? Tsk.
There is no problem, but an opportunity.
That history department in London that you can't stop talking about, they're initializing a research project.
They asked us to give them a recommendation.
And I thought of you.
What's wrong? You're not interested? No.
Unfortunately, I can't go.
Just take your time to make your decision.
No, it's certain.
I need to stay here, there are people who need me.
I'm not sure if they deserve my support though.
OK, fine.
Whatever you say.
Hey, wait.
You forgot this.
Keep it.
You may change your mind.
Did anyone hear from Vezir? He's not been around for days.
We'll find out soon.
[Piraye] How long will we be waiting? I don't know.
Once Faysal arrives, we will figure out what this is about.
[door closes] There he is.
I'm sorry for being late.
Our newcomer took her time to get ready.
Leyla, we're happy to see you among us.
Come, don't be shy.
Come here.
I'd like to introduce you.
This is Leyla.
[Mergen] What nonsense is this? No ordinary mortal has joined us before.
[Faysal] I revived Leyla.
She has my blood in her veins.
Don't worry.
Is blood all that matters? She will do what we say.
No worries.
[Mergen] You're so attached to the mortal world.
I say we can't trust you, either.
Half human, half immortal.
I love mixed-blood.
I have nothing to do with the ugly ones.
She's right, my friends.
[Leyla exhales] [Cevahir grunts] - I got you out of your graves.
- [Cevahir groaning] Right? I gave you a new life.
And what did you do? Huh? [Faysal] What did you do? - Did you go behind my back? Huh? - [Cevahir breathing heavily] Did you make secret plans? Now listen to me, everybody.
No one will lay a finger on Leyla.
[distorted] I said no one! Did you understand me? OK, Faysal.
That's enough.
- [Cevahir grunts] - I'm sorry.
Don't do that.
I'm sorry.
[grunting] [bones cracking] [Faysal] I'm so sorry, honey.
I think I made myself pretty clear.
You're not going anywhere! Now, let's get to the point.
That attack plan you made behind my back It won't be carried out.
[Faysal] Understood? Leyla will bring the Protector to us.
[Leyla sobbing] Right, Leyla? Yes, you will.
And that way, we will get rid of our executioner.
OK? We will talk about all the requirements of our mission.
You are talking nonsense.
Our goal is to destroy this city and then the whole of humanity.
[Mergen] Keep the Protector away from us.
That'll do.
You have always been impatient.
Always impatient! You don't know how to be patient.
That's why the Protector killed you in the end.
Just be patient this time, just a little! Why would I? So you could spend some quality time with Rüya? [Faysal] What? OK.
OK, that's enough.
All these fights of yours make us lose our power.
Tell that to the guy next to you, not to me.
It seems he got confused in our absence.
He might just ask for peace any minute.
Just thank God he revived us.
By the way, our plan stays on with or without you.
[door slamming] I need to find Hakan.
[Faysal] Come with me.
[phone ringing] Leyla, why didn't you answer any of my calls? We need to talk.
I'm going to Zeynep's university to see someone.
[Hakan] Let's meet there, OK? - I'm on my way.
- [Hakan] OK.
Excuse me, do you know where the entomology department is? - [student] The first floor.
- [Can] Thanks.
[indistinct whispers] [students chattering indistinctly] [door opens] Faysal? Haven't you left already? I couldn't miss the opportunity of talking to you.
Apparently, you can't spare time for us as you're busy enjoying your fortune.
I guess you have no intention of leaving this shithole.
Faysal told me that you are also enjoying luxurious lives.
I don't care about money or luxury.
I'm here for a mission.
All I want is to finish it right away, so I can go home.
We all want the same thing.
Does Faysal want the same thing, too? Is that why he killed one of us for the sake of Leyla? This will go on like this unless we do something.
We need to get rid of that girl.
And I need your support to do that.
I trust Faysal.
I think you should trust him, too.
Listen, we have just come here.
We need to work together.
In spite of that stranger among us? It's obvious that you and Faysal love each other.
I'm afraid you are on the wrong side though.
Mergen? You seem to have forgotten who I am.
I don't take sides.
[students chattering] The suspect is inside the building.
- See you next Tuesday, everybody.
- [student] Thank you, sir.
Ersan Yılmaz? [Ersan] Yes.
We are investigating the robbery at the museum.
I heard you did some research into this stolen grasshopper specimen.
Maybe you can help us.
Yes, I wrote an article about that species.
Are you police? Yes.
Do you have an idea about the purpose of this robbery? Actually, I don't.
I mean, why would someone want such a creature? Maybe they want to start a famine.
I hope that's the only reason.
Have you ever heard about the Black Death? Let me explain.
So This is Europe.
Everything started with one ship sailing from Egypt to Italy.
The grasshoppers that came on that ship brought a lethal virus to Europe.
First Italy, then the whole Mediterranean Riviera got infected.
Then in a few months, the whole of Europe got infected.
The virus caused wounds on the infected people's bodies.
It caused a painful and bloody death.
A third of the European population died because of this virus.
Historians say even the sun darkened in those times.
[phone ringing] That's why it's called the Black Death.
It's all because of this stolen insect.
Fortunately, the virus vanished after the extinction of this insect.
What if it comes back? That's not possible.
Let's just say it did.
Today, the world is more populous.
Everything is faster.
Istanbul would become uninhabitable in a short time, that's for sure.
Considering the fact that this virus is very infectious, it could be the end of humanity as we know it.
[indistinct police radio] The Police [officer] Don't move! [officer coughing] [officer] Come here! Stop! Don't run! Stay there or else I'll shoot! [people screaming] [officer] Quick! [people screaming] [officer] He went downstairs! [girl] What's going on? [officer] Come here! Get him! [officer] Kneel! Hands up! Put them on your head! Kneel! Listen, this is a mistake.
I'm innocent.
I didn't do anything.
[officer] Sir, we got the Hagia Sophia assaulter.
[grasshopper chirping] Subtitle translation by: Burak Patan