The Protector (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES PROTECTOR What did you give me, Doctor? Doctor just look at my face.
You can't get out of here unless you fill out this form.
Doctor, can you look at my face? Do you think that I look like a crazy man? Let's check.
You got mad at your boss, blew up the Hagia Sophia.
You are saying that Istanbul will be attacked by grasshoppers.
And you declare yourself the Protector of Istanbul.
Yeah, there's nothing wrong with you.
Doctor, listen.
You have to believe me.
Your life is in danger, too.
Everyone is in danger.
Listen, everybody is smart here.
However, the thing is, I don't like smart crazies.
I want to see this filled out when I come back, Protector.
But Doctor! I'm not crazy! Rüya.
How did you like my laboratory? See They constantly breed.
They don't diminish.
Do you see the grudge in their eyes? I have enough grudge in my own eyes, Okhan.
But I see that we can't wait.
No living thing will be left alive in Istanbul.
Including the stray cats and seagulls.
Faysal got the Protector locked in an asylum, but still, we're talking about 15 million people.
Are you sure? These grasshopper viruses are so infectious that even a single bite is enough.
It will spread all over Istanbul within 24 hours.
The Black Death.
It was 1347.
It was a wonderful evening, do you remember? Humanity was still believing the medieval bullshit.
In the meantime, the ancestors of these grasshoppers spread over Europe.
People suffered so much, and so many people died.
They asked the Church, "What is happening to us?" The Church answered, "This is the wrath of God.
" Actually, it was our wrath.
They stole our idea.
Listen, Rüya.
Our big attack will be successful.
And we will return to where we belong, to our home.
" Is that it? Have you become a "Human-loving Immortal" like your husband? No, Mergen.
I'm just an immortal who loves her husband.
And I want to return to my home in no time.
I'm on your side in this plan.
What about Faysal? I made my decision.
Listen, this is an asylum, not an ordinary hospital.
There are crazy people here, maniacs You should be on the alert.
Don't worry, I can take care of myself.
On my first day here, I met a patient who believed that he was a rabbit.
A rabbit! So, he kept quiet when I gave him a carrot.
But you are not so lucky The craziest person in the country is here.
Be careful, watch your back.
Shave your beard, as well.
They might just rip it.
OK, buddy? Come on.
What happened? Leyla How do you feel when you look at this necklace? Do you feel eternity? Huh? No.
No? Don't you worry.
You will feel like a real Immortal soon enough.
Look at you.
The Protector is locked away thanks to you.
Well done.
Well done.
What do you know about this big attack plan? Tell me about it.
I think you should ask Rüya.
What do you mean? Is Rüya on your side about this big attack plan? Or does she support the other Immortals? You have my blood in your veins right now.
And you are trying to torment me? Huh? Leyla, my wife is very sick.
Rüya couldn't get enough blood from Hakan in the Hagia Sophia.
She is suffering before my eyes.
And I need something to heal her.
That's the Protector's blood.
Why are you moody? We are saving a life here.
Now, you will go to the asylum and you will bring me Hakan's blood.
Why didn't you eat your food? I don't care about food.
I need to get out of here.
You seem like a good guy.
Brother, everybody is a good person compared to you.
TV is full of news that states what a bad guy you are.
And you believe those assholes, huh? Do you believe those liars? Listen, brother.
I'm not crazy.
I'm not a killer, either.
Yeah, I heard that you're the Protector.
People are laughing at your crap on the Internet.
Listen, brother.
This is not a joke.
Do you understand? I'm the Protector, really.
I mean it.
I must protect this city against the Immortals.
They are planning to destroy Istanbul.
I know you're confused, but I need you to help me get out of here.
You don't have to be the Protector to defend this city.
This city belongs to all of us.
I warned you.
Maybe a hundred times.
Every time you made a mistake, I told myself, "Zeynep is one of the best Loyal Ones, she'll make it up.
She is Kemal's daughter.
" I wish you had understood him better Don't interrupt me.
There is no place for emotions in this war.
We allowed ourselves only one emotion in this war against the Immortal.
And it's loyalty.
Immortals cannot die, so the Loyal Ones can't be disloyal.
My father has died! He is dead! I feel empty inside.
Do you understand? I would either burn some place to the ground or take my father's revenge.
So, you went and killed Derya.
You let Hakan fight against the Immortal without the talismanic shirt.
You broke every rule.
If you were my father's killer, I would kill you, too.
Now I will go and kill Leyla because she turned Hakan in.
Here is another dangerous emotion.
You are in love with Hakan all along, and you're jealous of Leyla.
What jealousy? What are you talking about? I told you, I saw her with my own eyes.
She turned Hakan in! You don't know a fucking thing! You just sit there judging other people's loyalty! There will be a big attack, and we have so little time! The Protector is in an asylum! And here we are, discussing whether I'm jealous of Leyla or not! - Fuck your loyalty! - Get out of here! You are a Fallen Loyal One now.
You can't come here again.
Did you bring me here just to stare at me? Huh? You are so beautiful.
What can I do? Should I not look at you? Do look at me, always look at me like this.
Believe me, everything will be fine.
I know it hurts to talk about the past, but I will give you the future.
I will give you love.
And I will give you eternity.
It's beautiful.
May I? Let me see.
You've always been a gentleman.
Thank you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
I love you so much.
Look at Istanbul.
Look at this beauty.
It all will be ours.
This is a never-ending dream for us.
Since you have such big dreams about Istanbul, you must think the big attack won't be carried out.
Have you talked to the others? No.
Can I be honest? I don't care about them.
Not a bit.
I don't care about them or their big attack.
Not even a bit.
Maybe this plan is not a bad idea, Faysal? Are you in touch with them? Does it matter? Don't forget that I'm an Immortal, too.
OK? Istanbul is not our home.
Someday, I want to return to where we belong.
No matter what.
What is it? Are you all right? I don't feel well.
Can we go? Sure.
Do you have an appointment? - I came to see a patient.
- No visits are allowed today.
But how come? I came all the way to see someone.
There is a big criminal here.
Don't cause us trouble, come on.
- Criminal? - Come on.
I can't even Hey.
I can't hold it anymore.
I need to go to the toilet.
Come on.
Come on! Make it quick, OK? - Would you come and help me, then? - Come on.
Move, do what you need to do.
Haven't you finished already? Fuck! He's gone! He's gone! Quick! Tell everybody! He's gone! - Fuck.
- Stay there! Don't move! I told you to stay there! Stay where you are! - Let go of me! Let me go! - Stop! - Let go of me! - Do you want us to let you jump? Let go of me! It won't end well.
- Let me go! - You motherfucker! You really came here after what you did? How bold! First, you turned him in.
Now you came to kill him? Zeynep, please listen.
- Why would I listen to you? Why would I? - I'm not the one who turned Hakan in.
How could you do that? How could you? I will make you pay for this.
Faysal is controlling my mind.
He made me do that, OK? He made me do all those things.
Oh, go and fuck yourself! Zeynep! What? You are an Immortal! You have become one of them.
I didn't choose to be one of them.
You know that.
Listen, I want to help you stop the Immortals.
But please, you have to help me, too.
He can control my mind any minute.
I'm going crazy.
Zeynep, please.
Please help me.
- Let me go! - Lie down! Let go of me! Let me go! Let me go! If you try to run ever again, I will beat you! - Do you understand, Protector? - They may attack any minute.
- Any minute! - Cut it out! - Shut his mouth! - Leave Istanbul! - Tell everyone to leave Istanbul! - Enough! Just close his mouth.
Everybody knows what I know.
What do you know about this plan? Tell me everything.
They want to breed the grasshoppers that they stole from the museum.
They want enough of them to destroy Istanbul in one night.
God! What are we going to do? I'm losing my mind! Should we call the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the police? What should we do? It wouldn't matter if we did.
Everybody thinks Hakan is crazy.
They won't believe us either.
I read that these insects can only breed underground.
Do you know if Faysal has anywhere that fits this description? Like a storage or something? No, I don't know such a place.
At the museum, Metin told us about how powerful their hops can be.
They even caused small quakes when they spread over the city in the time of the Black Death.
Do you mean like an earthquake? I don't think it was as powerful as an earthquake.
But if there's been a quake that's powerful enough, we may easily find where they keep them.
Leyla We have to talk to a seismologist.
Let's go to the Kandilli Observatory.
They may show us their records.
We may find something.
I don't know.
Leyla, what are you doing? Leyla! Leyla, snap out of it! Leyla, Faysal is controlling your mind right now! Stop! Leyla! Where are you? Leyla Faysal.
My love.
Faysal, let's go home.
Let's go home, please.
We don't have to go home, dear.
You will be fine.
We don't have to go home, I promise.
We just need the Protector's blood.
I'll feed it to you with my own hands.
Just hang on.
Wait for me.
The big game is hours away.
This is a big match for our national team.
The tickets are sold out.
Over 70,000 people will be at the stadium at 8:00 p.
We won't start the attack until the match begins.
The ref will blow his whistle.
Then the whole city will focus on the match.
And we will press the button.
Okhan? All the grasshoppers are infected, but we need to test it on a subject, just to be sure.
Piraye? We connected the system to the ventilation of the stadium.
We will press the button, and they will invade the stadium.
Everybody will die.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will be the winners of tonight's game.
- Is he in there? - Yes.
Welcome, sir.
Don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
You are scared because you think I will kill you, right? Don't be.
I didn't come here to kill you.
I came to save you.
Don't be scared.
Love is a strange thing, isn't it? You just You can take any risk.
You don't think about the results.
You don't care about anything.
Not even immortality.
If another Immortal were in my shoes right now, they would just cut your throat.
They would kill the Protector.
However, I don't care about this kind of thing.
I did what I did just to bring Rüya back to life.
Hakan, Rüya is very sick.
I need your blood.
And your fucking blood is useless unless it is taken by the talismanic dagger.
Now I want you to help me.
If you help me, I promise I will help you, too.
You have my word.
I will take this out of your mouth now.
Then you will tell me where the dagger is.
You know that dagger? I'll stick it up your fucking ass! Did you hear me? Did you hear me? I'll stick it up your ass! - Step back! - What's going on? - We must get out! - What's wrong? We have to get out now! Now! Let go of me! Let me go! Get inside! What's going on? AMBULANCE Look.
These are the earth movements that occurred within the last 24 hours.
These 14 locations are the ones that are relatively powerful.
And 12 of them are from construction sites.
The others have insignificant rates.
Has anything occurred recently, any quakes that caught your attention? Let me check.
There are unusual movements around Ä°kitelli.
Isn't that near the stadium? It's exactly there.
There's a match of the national team tonight.
They will attack during the game.
- Check the back.
Come on, quick.
- Come on! Where is he? He escaped with the new janitor, sir.
Find him immediately, OK? Find him now! Come on! Find him! Rüya? You were right, dear.
I promise you, we will return to our home.
As soon as possible, I promise you.
Who are you? Why did you save me? Huh? Does it matter, brother? You say that they'll attack Istanbul.
Let's get down to business, then.
We need to hurry things up.
Give me your phone.
Here you go.
Pick up the phone.
Who is calling now? Hello? Hello, Zeynep! - Hakan! - I'm out of the asylum.
Where are you? Hakan, we found out where the big attack will happen.
They'll attack the stadium.
The grasshoppers are somewhere under the stadium.
What? When is the match? It's at 8:00 p.
Fuck! We have less than an hour.
What about the dagger? Don't worry, I got it.
OK, I'll see you there.
Quick! They will attack the stadium.
- They'll release the grasshoppers there.
- Fuck! At least 70,000 people will be there, man.
Put the sirens on! Do something, come on! Faster! Good evening, everybody.
Welcome to one of the most important games in Turkish football history.
Turkey! I want a flag, too! Hey.
Nine minutes left till the match starts.
Where will they attack from? Fuck! Police! Turkey! There's not a fucking thing here, brother.
We have five minutes left, and Zeynep isn't around.
I don't have a signal, we are underground.
Come on, Zeynep, bring the dagger.
DANGER! KEEP OU An Immortal Get out of the way! Get out! Fuck! Hakan! Fuck! - Where is he? Did he pick up the phone? - No.
He probably has no signal.
- He may have gotten on the train.
- Come on, quick.
I'm on my way.
I'll be there in two minutes.
Hakan! Hakan! Hakan! - Where is he? He's not here, either - Zeynep? Zeynep! - Are you Zeynep? - Yes.
- You're looking for Hakan? - Who are you? Never mind who I am.
Hakan just went through that door.
- I'll take you to him, come with me.
- Who is this guy? What's going on? Who is he? Wait, wait, wait.
There's a security guy.
I'll distract him.
Go now.
I guess he found where they are.
We must give him the dagger.
The game is about to start.
There is no time left, come on! He's jumping, really.
Come and look.
Come on.
Zeynep, wait! Listen, it's dangerous.
I can take the dagger to him.
No way, I'll take it to him myself.
- They can kill you.
It's dangerous.
- They can kill you, too! Hakan can kill you, too, if he gets the dagger.
Zeynep, wait! DANGER! KEEP OUT! What is this place? Where has he gone? It's there.
Turkey! The clock Protector is here, we should hurry.
Fuck! The teams have taken their place.
The ref is looking at his watch.
There is less than one minute till the game starts.
Yes, we see the audience.
I haven't killed a Protector for so long.
Finally! Zeynep! This is the end of you and Istanbul, Protector.
Hakan! The talismanic dagger! You can't touch this city as long as I live! I was so scared that I didn't know what to do! QUARANTINE VEHICLE Thanks, brother.
I might not have stopped this attack if it wasn't for you.
Thank you.
No problem.
You would do the same thing if your own brother was in danger, right? Subtitle translation by: Burak Patan