The Protector (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [distant sirens] [distant screams] [fire sizzling] [young Levent] Elvan! Sister! What happened to you? We have to go.
Elvan! Elvan, wake up! Elvan, wake up! [Levent] After the Immortal killed our parents, he came to the training camp to kill me and our sister, Elvan.
He wanted to destroy our whole family.
He killed Elvan first.
I wish you had known her, Hakan.
She loved her little brother.
After he killed Elvan, the Immortal came after me.
I ran as fast as I could.
But the Immortal wouldn't stop until he killed the Protector's children.
Luckily, he wasn't aware that he left you alive.
I didn't know it either.
If I had known, I would've died in peace, knowing you would be the next Protector.
I got tired in the end.
I couldn't run anymore.
I prayed that the Immortal would give up.
But my prayers were in vain.
Kiddo? Olly olly oxen free.
[Faysal] Come out! [twig crackles] [Faysal] I got you now.
[swish of a knife unsheathed] [young Levent sighs] [young Levent groans] Wow, look at this.
If you see your father in your afterlife, tell him this: "He said that it was for Rüya, Dad.
" [hounds howling] [distant shouts] [indistinct shouts] [man] We've found him! He's here! [Levent] He thought that I bled to death in the woods but I didn't.
I held on to life.
Until [Hakan] Until what? Until one day I saw my little brother on TV, being escorted from a court to an asylum.
[chuckles] [Levent] You were all over the news.
So how did you survive? Thanks to the Loyal Ones who found me lying in blood.
They took me under their wings.
They raised me.
They accepted me into their family.
They saw me as their own son, I'm grateful to them.
However, there was surely a problem.
What problem? I had to hide.
My foster parents were afraid that the Immortal would try to complete his mission.
So, we were always on the run.
We constantly changed residence like fugitives.
To run away from the Immortal was our goal.
Well, where are your foster parents now? They both passed away.
It was a car accident.
My condolences, son.
I'm sorry.
[Hakan] I'm sorry.
I still don't get it.
What did you think before you saw me on TV? Do you remember this? You took it with you everywhere, even to bed.
As soon as I recovered I went to that house.
I was just a six-year-old kid.
What I saw there that day I still remember it vividly.
For years, I thought everyone died in that house.
But I found it there that day.
I put it in my pocket.
I took it with me wherever I went.
I will kill Faysal.
I'm going to kill him one day, that's for sure.
But before I kill him, I'll make him pay for what he did to you.
Hakan It's more important to me than you think.
I mean it.
You saw me on TV and came here.
But the thing is, you couldn't have had better timing.
Why is that? Because Faysal isn't the only Immortal we have to defeat.
The others have come back.
What? But we're two, as well.
We will show those goddamn monsters what Murat's sons can do.
They'll see what we can do as two brothers.
Are you with me? I'm with you.
[Zeynep] Why did you hide this from us? - Zeynep - [Zeynep] The others need to hear this.
You have to tell everyone.
You'll tell everyone everything right now right here.
[Hakan] What's going on, Zeynep? Say it! Come on.
What's going on? I made a mistake.
Mistake? What are you talking about? What's going on? Tell us.
Now! Leyla? Do you remember? You said drinking Faysal's blood hasn't changed me? Yeah? But it has.
I've become a part of him now.
A part of him? What do you mean, Leyla? Faysal can control my mind now.
He can make me do things I don't want to do.
What? Don't skip the best part.
Tell him.
Leyla! Speak! [Leyla sobbing] Just like Faysal I can only be killed with the talismanic dagger or by an Immortal.
No way.
How can it be possible? - Listen to what you're saying! - [Leyla whimpers] - What's wrong? Leyla? - [Zeynep] Leave her! - Leyla! - [Zeynep] Leave her! - [Zeynep] Stop it, please! Hakan! - Snap out of it! Leyla! It's useless, stop it! - [Leyla groans] - Let go of her.
[tense pulsing music] It's for you.
Hakan, my dear, how are you? Faysal Yes, it's Faysal.
Admit it, you were thinking about me.
Tell me the truth.
You can't stop thinking about me.
You are the one who's obsessed with me! You came to the asylum to get my blood.
Yes, you're right.
You and I have collected a lot of memories to reminisce over.
[Hakan] You couldn't get it.
You didn't think we were that strong, did you? [Faysal] No, I didn't.
Let me ask you this.
The Protector and the Immortals are pulling towards each other.
Do you think it's a coincidence? Huh? You can't deny it, we're very much alike.
I'm not like you at all! Don't be ridiculous.
Don't you care about Leyla? You do.
And I care about my wife.
There are some things that we need.
And we can't get them from anyone else.
For example, my wife needs your blood.
And you need the old Leyla back, don't you? So Hakan, my dear we will meet.
We will make an exchange.
An exchange? What do you mean? [Faysal] Yes, an exchange.
You will come to the bridge in the Belgrad Forest tomorrow night.
You'll bring your own blood with you.
Then I will stop controlling Leyla's mind.
And since I'm a very sweet man This part is important, listen.
Since I'm a very sweet man, if you do what I say I'll give you the talismanic shirt.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
My fault Shh Calm down.
- Take it easy.
- I'm so sorry.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Look at me.
- But - Don't say "but", Leyla.
That son of a bitch shot you.
And I gave you his blood.
I'm responsible for this.
Leyla, let's put it this way.
This will soon be all over.
You'll settle down and have kids.
- You'll have crazy stories to tell them.
- [Leyla chuckles] Can! Are there still safe houses of the Loyal Ones? - Yes.
- Good.
We should take Leyla to one of them.
Well I'm not an expert on this mind control thing.
But if Faysal's seeing through Leyla's eyes - should we give her a blindfold? - No, don't be ridiculous.
No, it makes sense.
He's right.
Zeynep, do we really have to do that? Hakan.
They are right.
I don't know how it works.
He might be able to see.
Cover my eyes.
If that's necessary, tie my hands up, as well.
Are you sure? Don't cry.
This is for your own safety.
We have no other choice.
I'll come to you as soon as I can.
Hakan! I love you.
I love you, too.
[Serdar] Belgrad Forest.
Not a lot of ways in or out.
I say let's do this.
Excuse me, but who on earth are you? You have just joined us.
For God's sake.
Firstly, I'm older than 13, buddy.
Secondly, I know what it's like to lose the people I love.
I don't want my brother to live through this again.
OK? That location is not ideal.
There's not enough room to hide people behind the trees.
[Ceylan] Besides, how can you be sure? Do you think that Faysal will give up his control over Leyla so easily? What if he starts to control Leyla again as soon as he saves his wife? What happens then? [Hakan] We saved the lives of millions yesterday.
We can get an Immortal, too.
And this Immortal killed my family.
He screwed my brother's life up.
Now, the same guy is controlling my girlfriend's mind! There was a man who flew too close to the sun.
His story is narrated in mythology.
Do you know what happened to him? Zeynep, I'm the Protector.
I must protect the people I love.
We can find another way to get the shirt back.
We can save Leyla without risking our own lives.
You don't have to do this.
Listen, brother.
Is this a dangerous location? Yes.
Could this be a trap? It's possible.
But you're the Protector! You're the chosen one to save this city.
Of course you can do this! And as you have just said you have a brother now, buddy.
We are a united family.
We'll hunt them down one by one.
We are doing this.
Won't you even let us vote? We'll accept it.
We'll catch Faysal and stab his heart with the dagger.
We can't rush the decision.
We cannot act upon our feelings.
It's not how we run things here, Hakan.
Today, it's like this! Hakan, no matter what you do, you can't beat Faysal without the shirt.
Why won't you understand? I don't care, Zeynep.
Yes, you're right.
You are right.
Listen, I would never trust an Immortal or his words.
But Leyla can be free from his mind control only if he dies! This is our duty! We must kill the Immortals and protect Istanbul.
Faysal wanted to meet us.
So, we'll start with him.
He's probably the most dangerous one.
You know what? Dad used to say, "Location is the key to win a battle.
" Really? How will we succeed, then? Do you have an idea? Well, maybe there isn't a place big enough to hide the Loyal Ones on that bridge.
But there is plenty of room to set traps for the Immortal.
Honey? I'm home.
Rüya? Darling? After putting the sandbags here we're done.
[Levent sighs] Honey? Darling, I'm home.
Dar Damn it.
Damn it! [phone rings] What? [Hakan] Your offer.
I accept it.
Good decision.
You finally get it.
This is the only way to get back the woman you love.
[Hakan] Exactly.
You finally get it, too.
It's your only chance to save your wife.
I accept all your conditions for the exchange, Faysal.
Tomorrow at midnight.
I'll see you on the bridge.
We need to talk.
[Can] This way.
[Can] Careful.
[door slams] [Can] This is the place.
- [Can] I would tell you where we are - [Leyla] You can't.
I can't know.
This is no different from a prison cell.
I know, but we have no choice.
Give me a shout if you want something to eat or drink.
Faysal! Faysal! [birds chirping] You arrogant asshole! Have you been hiding here all along? Wow! It's a complete vacation getaway.
I'm sure Okhan and Cevahir would love this place.
Oh! Wait.
They can't do anything anymore.
[grunts] [Faysal grunts] [Faysal grunts] [Mergen] You fool.
We wouldn't have failed if you had joined us before.
Why aren't you fighting back? [Mergen] I'm sorry.
[Faysal] She died because she didn't get enough blood.
In the Hagia Sophia, the day I brought you back to life I didn't have enough blood.
And I had to give some to all of you, so you could all come back to life.
But Rüya couldn't get enough blood to come back to life in a healthy way.
She was one of us.
We mourn for our own.
Thank you.
I called you for Rüya.
There's a way to bring her back.
Why not? Let's solve our problem first, then we'll see.
[Faysal] What is it? The creature.
- The creature? - Leyla.
I think creature sounds better though She betrayed us during the attack.
She has to leave for good.
- But if you try to stop us - I won't.
I think I'm starting to really love this melancholic Faysal, who's full of depressed thoughts! So, you agree with us? Leyla should pay for her sins.
Leyla came back to life because of me.
She's mine.
And now I'm telling you to do whatever you want with her.
However, only if you help me in return of course.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I don't know about you, but I think I want to strangle this jerk till he dies.
[tsking] I think I miss my home, our home.
And we have to destroy Istanbul to return to our home.
Maybe the answer we've been looking for all along is in front of our eyes.
The creature.
Yes! The nasty sweet creature.
[action music starts] [Hakan grunts] [Hakan grunts] [Hakan] The Loyal Ones say that when Faysal attacked them, our father ran so fast that he forgot the shirt.
[sighs] You're asking, "Did he do his best to save himself and our mother?" I have no doubt, brother.
Our father was the bravest man I've ever known.
After twenty years, I still haven't met anyone quite like him.
I wish we knew someone like him.
At least we could learn from them.
[Hakan grunts] [Hakan groaning] [cries] That was our father's move.
He taught it to me.
- Now you know it, too.
- [Hakan coughs] Yeah, so you're ready to defeat an old man who cannot die, right? [Hakan exhales] Zeynep, can we talk? [Zeynep] Yeah? [Hakan] There's only Can in the safe house.
I'm worried.
So? I don't think it's necessary, but if it makes you feel better, you can send your brother.
My brother? [sighs] I need you in the safe house, Zeynep.
Me? I'm the most talented Loyal One, and you're dismissing me from the mission? No, of course I'm not dismissing you.
However, Leyla's situation is as important to me as the exchange.
Hakan, one of the tasks is to investigate the location of this important exchange, and the other is to stay with Leyla.
They're not equally important.
Zeynep, I'll meet the Immortal tomorrow without the shirt on.
- If it goes wrong - Hakan! Just listen, if something happens to me I need to know that Leyla will be safe.
I have no one else to trust but you.
Alright, whatever.
I appreciate it.
I really do.
[Levent] Such a cliché.
What is it? Are you in love with your best friend? [wall rumbling] I got a text from Serdar.
He will meet an old friend, and try to reach out to other Loyal Ones in Istanbul.
We'll try to hide them on the bridge and have more men for tomorrow night.
The plan is simple.
This meeting is an opportunity for us.
We'll ambush him and kill him.
So, we will be one step closer to saving Istanbul.
Listen I know how hard this is for you.
You can't control your own mind.
[indistinct whispers] [Can] I can't even comprehend how it feels like.
I told you I don't know.
Excuse me? I told you I don't know where Hakan is.
Fuck! Is he controlling you now? [Can grunts] [distant shouts] - [Can grunts] - Leyla, stop! [Leyla shouts] [Leyla shouts] [sighs] OK.
[Hakan] Let's split up to act faster.
Ceylan, you're with me.
We'll set up barricades.
Azra, you scout around the area.
Find a place to deploy the Loyal Ones.
Levent, can you unload the equipment, brother? - [Levent] Yes.
- [Hakan] OK.
[Ceylan] I see why the Immortals wanted to meet here.
Why did you spit? I'm measuring the height.
It falls in five seconds.
[Hakan grunts] [Hakan] Wait, I got it.
[distant car sound] [sudden halt] [Levent shouts] [car moves away] Hakan! [Azra] Hakan! Come here! Hakan! Hakan! - What's wrong? - [Azra] Come here! Quick! [Hakan] Where is Levent? [stutters] I heard the noise and ran here.
Levent's gone! Levent! [car driving away] Levent! [shouts] [phone rings] Yes? It's done.
Didn't you see anything? A shadow or something? Maybe Levent messed with the wrong people.
In my neighborhood, you can get killed for that.
They might break your limbs.
[phone rings] [sighs] It's Faysal.
It's a video call.
Hakan, have you lost something? Or should I say someone? - Asshole! - Shut up! You son of a bitch! [Hakan] You asshole! Listen to me now.
If you don't want to pick up this guy's dead body from the Bosphorus, you will be on that bridge in Belgrad Forest - in half an hour.
OK? - Hakan, don't come here [grunts] [Faysal] I warn you.
Don't you dare bring that dagger with you.
Is that clear? Don't even think about it.
If you bring it [Levent] No! Faysal, don't touch him! Faysal, I'll fucking kill you! I'll do it.
I hope you'll bring me your blood.
And don't you even try to fool me! If I sense any trick, you'll never see this guy or that talismanic shirt ever again! Selfie time! Faysal! [Hakan breathing heavily] Are you OK? [Leyla] Leave me alone! [door unlocking] Come on, get up.
Don't you get it? I'm dangerous for everyone.
Stay away from me.
Drink some, then we'll talk.
There you go.
[Zeynep gulps] It's like water.
- Do you have something stronger? - [Zeynep chuckles] You should just take the bottle.
[Zeynep sighs] You're upset.
Is there something wrong? We've become friends a little too fast, huh? It seems like you asked for it.
Is it about Hakan's brother? Levent Well It's not that I'm upset.
However, Hakan had never met someone from his own blood.
This world is not familiar to him.
I'll pretend to believe you.
Can I tell you a secret? I can feel it deep inside.
This will not end well for me.
Hakan and I We won't have a happy ending.
Don't say that.
Just look at me, that's what will happen.
[Leyla sniffs] Listen.
Hakan is trying to save you now.
He'll manage it.
Don't worry.
Can he really do it? I mean, can I have a life? Of course.
A good life.
[Zeynep] With Hakan.
You'll have everything.
[Leyla] Thank you.
You are the strongest woman I've ever known.
Do I really give that impression? You are strong.
You don't need anybody.
You don't need someone to lift you up when you fall.
You don't even need a man's support.
Give me a minute Zeynep, what's wrong? I can't stay here any longer.
Did I do something? - I'm leaving.
- Zeynep! You're dangerous, and you know it.
Turn around.
Zeynep, what are you doing? I'm sorry.
[Serdar] We can't abandon Levent.
He's the Protector's son.
We have to save him.
[Azra] Yes.
You're right.
You're right, Serdar, but But? [sighs] But you acted very carelessly today, Hakan.
What do you mean? - Was it my fault? - [Azra] No.
But you acted upon your feelings.
You were not reasonable.
You didn't let us say a single word.
And here we are now! [Hakan] Zeynep? Why are you here? I'm here to tell everybody one thing.
I'm not a babysitter.
I'm a warrior.
I won't listen to you.
I'm coming tomorrow night.
Zeynep, that plan has already been canceled.
Faysal has Levent now.
What do you mean? Faysal's got Levent locked up somewhere.
He kidnapped my brother.
We'll give Faysal what he wants.
We're going to meet Faysal right away.
Did you at least set any traps or something on the bridge? Yeah, but who knows if it will work.
It's impossible to set a trap in just 30 minutes.
You were in this plan.
Hakan, you know that it's impossible.
Besides, he has Levent.
[Serdar] What if he confesses we set traps? Levent may also get hurt.
What about the Loyal Ones? Can we deploy them on the bridge? I'll try.
It's our last hope.
Hakan, please calm down.
How can I calm down, Zeynep? He's my brother.
I was about to leave for good! Did you know that? When? When I opened my eyes alone in that hospital.
My dad wasn't there because he was dead.
You weren't there either.
I didn't know where you were.
That was when I said: "Fuck it! Fuck this loyalty thing and the order!" - Zeynep! - But I didn't go, Hakan.
Do you know why? Because I'm a Loyal One.
There is nothing else I know in my life.
I've dedicated myself to that.
There's only one thing I know.
The Loyal Ones defend the Protector until they die.
That's why you have to make a choice.
- A choice? - Yeah.
Either you refuse to listen to me, or we'll sit and work together just like the old days.
We'll make a plan together to save your brother.
I can't, Zeynep.
I can't turn my back on him.
He's my family.
And I'm not.
Leyla is your family, Levent is your family, but I'm not.
- Zeynep, I didn't mean that.
- No, I get it.
Where are you going? Wait! Zeynep! Zeynep! I hope everything goes well on the bridge.
[Hakan] Zeynep! I don't want to be that know-it-all person now, but if we're doing this, we need a new plan for the bridge.
No, the plan stays on as is.
We'll kill Faysal.
This way, we will save both Leyla and Levent.
I don't care what Faysal says.
I'll bring the dagger with me.
We're the good ones here, aren't we? The Loyal Ones, we are the Protectors of Istanbul.
Will you really do it with a trick, especially when he has one of us? [Hakan] Ceylan.
Sometimes, the end justifies the means.
[Serdar] Do not despise her.
She's young, but she's very smart.
One day, Ceylan could even be the head of this order.
Listen, we have no other choice.
If we don't kill Faysal today, we'll wake up tomorrow with the same nightmare.
And he will continue to destroy, to kill, to take the lives of the people we love! Here is the plan: I'll bring my blood to Faysal.
When he comes to get the blood I'll attack him with the dagger.
I will finish him right there.
Done! [indistinct whispers] Wow! [Faysal] They built trenches, Mergen.
[Azra] Relax.
This will end in the blink of an eye.
[Faysal] Long time no see! I can't say that I miss you.
[Faysal] Same here.
[Levent breathes heavily] [Faysal] Take off your jacket and your T-shirt.
I'll see if you've brought the dagger.
The blood? Nice.
Now, bring that bottle slowly to me.
Stop, wait! [Faysal] Don't come closer! Should I get a carrier pigeon to bring you the blood? I've never trusted adults.
You humans become unreliable as you age.
I want that little girl to bring the bottle.
What? No way! It's not what we agreed on.
I'll bring it.
Do what I say! I'm sorry.
You already said you were sorry.
[door closes from a distance] Did you hear it? - Hear what? - That sound! - It may be a sound that is in your head.
- No, I really heard it! Are you scared? [Ceylan] I'm not scared of them.
I'm sure that Faysal couldn't survive even a day in my neighborhood.
I got this.
Listen, you will be fine.
- OK? - [Ceylan sighs] Come on.
I'm right behind you.
[Faysal] Come here.
What's your name? - Ceylan.
- [Faysal] Ceylan.
Give me the bottle now, Ceylan.
Good job.
Very good, well done, Ceylan.
Let him go now.
- You got what you wanted, let him go.
- OK, sure.
As you wish.
I'm sorry, Hakan.
Unlike you, I don't have empty dreams.
I don't waste my time waiting for the Immortals to die on a bridge.
[Faysal] So you are saying that you're a Fallen Loyal One, right? They say so.
Levent, what are you doing? Come here.
Levent, don't be stupid.
Come here! - Let it go.
- [Ceylan] Uh-uh.
Ceylan, let it go.
Ceylan, let it go! - Uh-uh! - Ceylan, stop it.
Ceylan, let it go! [knife clinks] Ceylan! [gun cocking] Faysal! Do you remember me? Asshole! [children screaming] - Can! - What the fuck? [Can grunts] Can! No! [Leyla] No! [cries] No! [inaudible shouts] Ceylan! Ceylan! [Leyla] Can! [cries] [Serdar] Hakan got shot! [Azra] Get to the car! Bring the car! Now! [indistinct screams] Subtitle translation by: Esin Gürgür