The Protector (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

Hey, what's wrong? I don't feel like how I used to feel, Hakan.
I know.
Everything will be OK.
I will get Faysal out of your mind.
Don't worry.
No, it's not that.
What has changed is my feelings for you.
What? What do you mean? People are dying because of you.
Everything we do comes with a price.
But the price is deadly when it comes to you.
OK, I made mistakes, but Levent stabbed you in the back Faysal's mind control I can count more if you want.
I will kill both Levent and Faysal.
You will fail again.
No, I'm not failing.
I just Hakan, everything is getting worse.
Zeynep? - Hakan, you let us down.
- What? - She says - What's going on? that you let us down.
- No! - Don't leave us, Hakan.
- No, I just - Don't leave us, Hakan.
No! Hakan Hakan, easy.
Calm down, it's OK.
It's OK, calm down.
You need to rest.
A bullet passed through your shoulder.
Where is everybody? I said where is everybody? Ceylan is gone.
So is Can.
What? Can, too? How come? Wasn't he at the safe house? What about Leyla? We don't know.
Faysal took the blood.
Levent took the shirt.
That's all we know.
This will not end well, Hakan.
I see your bet and raise you 10,000.
Gentlemen! Didn't your mother tell you that gambling is a bad thing? Huh? Didn't your mother tell you what you are holding is not a toy? My mother? Your mother.
She was killed before she got a chance to teach me anything.
Is that so? What do you want? Fill this.
Don't do it, son.
You look like a smart kid.
This is a dangerous place.
Thank you, but I don't have time for advice.
But you don't know who you are robbing.
Yeah, is that so? Who owns this place? Someone you would not want to rob.
Fuck! Fuck, really? I'm sorry, I interrupted your game.
Give me the bag.
Fuck, I was joking, idiot.
Fill the bag! You fucking son of a bitch! Who do you think you are messing with? Huh? What the fuck is this? Who wants one? You can't leave the table without tipping, right? So long.
You can't go anywhere.
- Hakan! - "No, Hakan.
Don't go, Hakan.
" You should be called the Whiny Ones, not the Loyal Ones.
Stop blaming us.
You are the one who risked everything just to save one guy.
I have to find Leyla.
But there's something else.
- What is it? - The Immortals will destroy Istanbul.
I can't just ignore that and go after Leyla.
It was a mistake to fight without the shirt.
I have to find Levent and get rid of him as soon as possible.
So, you are going to fight a man who wears the talismanic shirt? Hakan, we don't even know where Levent is.
Tramps like him don't hide in a place for a long time.
I will find him and finish him.
Then I will save Leyla.
- You can't go alone.
We're coming, too.
- No! Too many innocent people have died.
Today, only one person will die.
It's either Levent or me.
We are supposed to protect not only you, but also the Protector's lineage.
What if Levent uses the shirt for bad intentions? Huh? There won't be a lineage to protect.
It's hard to say this to you but she warned you.
Who did? Zeynep.
Serdar is right.
Zeynep sold us out.
She has no right to talk.
I won't stop screaming until you answer me! Who are you? Who are you? Faysal! It's you, isn't it? It's you, isn't it? Only you could do such a thing! Good guess, but you're wrong.
Whoever you are you can kill me if you want.
Don't hesitate.
As you wish.
Thank God.
Welcome back.
I took the Protector's blood.
We won't live with this fear anymore.
Did you kill him? Someone shot him, though, during the exchange.
What happened? - Who shot him? - I don't know.
Maybe Vezir did.
He does whatever he wants.
That's not all.
Hakan's older brother is alive, and unfortunately, he has the shirt.
Have you talked to the others? Have they made a new attack plan? Honey, please don't think about this.
We'll deal with that later.
I want you to rest now.
Maybe we'll talk at dinner, huh? I didn't know that death can make someone this hungry.
We'll eat, won't we? You have other plans.
I've been here for days, I have to check the office.
But I promise I will make it up to you tonight.
It's a deal, then.
I'm looking for Levent Topal.
Do you know him? I'm looking for Levent Topal.
- Do you know him? - No, we don't.
Hello, man.
I'm looking for Levent Topal.
Do you know him? He is known as Topal, and also as Osman.
Which one? Topal or Osman? Both.
He used both names.
Both Topal and Osman.
Two names I think this guy doesn't want to be found.
Call it what you want.
Don't find him, then.
Leave us alone.
We are busy here.
Sir? Yeah? I'm looking for Levent Topal.
You know him? He is also known as Osman and Topal.
- I know he lives around here.
- How do you know him? Let's say he's a relative.
We are blood relatives.
I have to find him immediately.
It's important.
What do you mean, important? Istanbul is in danger, sir.
It's funny, right? Goodbye, then.
Young man! - Yeah? - Do you have any money? They were killed in a car accident? That's what he told us.
Ask that boy what color the sky is, and he'll even lie about that, I'm sure.
So, you know Levent that well? Unfortunately, yes.
His family was very decent and honorable.
However, Levent was nothing like them.
He was the opposite.
He acted as if he was not their son.
He started to use drugs right away.
He got involved in the street gangs.
He was an incorrigible thief.
I'm not surprised.
And one day he messed with the wrong person.
The guy was a gang member, from the rival gang.
So, this rival gang decided to give him a lesson.
They threw a Molotov cocktail at their home in the middle of the night.
A Molotov cocktail.
The thing is, Levent was not home.
Only his family was home.
The house had burned down before the firefighters arrived.
They found Mustafa and Tülay in a closet holding each other.
I don't know where Levent is right now, but he will surely come to the neighborhood.
He'll come out eventually.
I don't have any time to waste, sir.
Then, find him.
Don't show him mercy just because he's your relative.
- Give him a lesson he'll never forget.
- Don't you worry about that.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Now, listen to me carefully.
I don't mean to hurt anyone.
I only want the money.
If you don't do anything stupid, you'll be OK.
Understood? Put the money in the bag.
You may collect overtime pay, but I don't.
So hurry the fuck up! Come on! What are you doing? Drop it! Drop your gun! Easy! Calm down! - I said drop it! - Easy now.
Yes! Give this boy a round of applause! Do it! Give him applause! Come here.
Come here.
Well done.
You did what every son should do.
You protected your mother.
Well done.
Is it ready? Where am I? Who are you? We ask the questions here, not a creature like you.
You You are the Immortals! Oh! She's beautiful and quick.
Now I see how she drew Faysal's attention.
What did you do to me? The thing is I have good news and bad news for you.
Good news is that you're free from Faysal's mind control.
Bad news is that you are under our control now.
To be more precise you are under my control.
Just for your information.
Bank robbery in Kadırga.
We interrupt our broadcast with news about an armed robbery.
Today around the noon hour, in Istanbul Azra I don't have time for a chat unless this is aboutwhere Levent is.
I don't know where he is right now, but I know where he was a few hours ago.
Where was he? The bank robbery in Kadırga.
Kadırga? That's close to where I am.
A young man took one of his guns and shot him.
However, the bullets had no impact on him.
Thanks to the shirt.
Do you know anything else? Unfortunately, no.
He might have already started to work with the Immortals.
Leyla might have been killed.
I can't do anything.
There is not a single trace of him.
Let's wait.
He may do something again.
That's what I'm worried about.
I have to find him before he hurts more innocent people.
Do you want us to come? No, we might draw attention.
Only one person can help me.
I want to ask you where we will meet.
Or rather, if we meet.
I don't know, maybe you are busy.
Anyway, bye.
We need to talk.
We can't talk, we're in a library.
- Zeynep, let's go outside, then.
- Hakan, shut up.
- We can't talk.
- Zeynep, please! Ceylan is dead.
Faysal and his men stabbed her, she died right there.
Levent took the shirt and disappeared.
I can't find him.
You were right all along.
Zeynep, I need you to help me find Levent.
She was so young.
She was devoted to her duty.
She was too devoted.
She believed in her mission.
She didn't question it.
I don't even remember what it was like to have faith.
- I don't believe that.
- Still, it's true.
Why don't you care anymore? And why do you care so much? What do you mean, why? Yes, why? Why these emotions, why this rage? Do these things keep you alive? So many people died because of the mistakes you made! So many lives were wasted! Why did all of this happen? Tell me why! Forgive me.
- No need for apologies.
- No, really.
You are right, really.
You're right.
That's what keeps me going, since the day we met.
My urge to take Neşet's revenge.
My urge to take Memo's revenge.
That gives me strength, Zeynep.
I tell myself that it's for my family.
That it's for Doctor.
But now Now the rage made me blind, Zeynep.
Your life took a nosedive.
And yours didn't? I've been a Loyal One all my life, that's all I am.
Now that my father is gone, I don't know what it means to me to defend the Protector.
Thank you very much.
- I didn't mean that.
- It's OK, really.
No, here is what I mean: Both of us went through horrible things.
But of course I won't blame you for all them.
But I blame myself.
But it's enough.
I need to be more careful now.
The wisest thing I can do is to ask your help.
- Hakan, listen - Zeynep, listen.
I respect you.
I mean it.
You seem to have forgotten more than I know.
I beg you.
Help me.
Do it for Istanbul and for humanity, if not for me.
Where was Levent last seen? He robbed a small bank in Kadırga.
I was taught Occam's razor theory when I got my education to be a researcher.
Sorry, I got no higher education.
What's Occam's razor? It's a principle in problem solving.
It means that simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones.
I still don't understand.
Think about it.
Levent could have robbed any bank.
He could have even robbed a mint.
He could have done anything.
However, he went and robbed a small bank in Kadırga.
He grew up there.
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
It means something to him.
- So, there's a connection.
- Yes.
All we have to do now is find the connection.
Come here.
What's wrong? Nothing.
You're back, the rest is not important.
Who says I'm back? Zeynep Look, I'm sorry.
But that's it for me, I mean it.
It was nice talking to you.
Oh, come on, Zeynep! Let go of my arm, please.
I'm serious about this.
I have other plans now.
What other plans? I'm going to Oxford for a research project.
I declined it at first.
When they offered it again, I saw it as a sign.
You are serious.
I admit that it is bad to act on your emotions and deprive yourself.
But burying them deep inside won't make you happy, either.
Have fun in your new life.
INCOMING CALL FAYSAL Where are you? Pick up the phone, come on.
That's it.
What? That smile on your face.
You know what? I've been trying to make you smile for the last 30 minutes.
Who are you to decide when I smile? I came to you because I think someone stood you up.
I didn't get stood up.
He didn't even want to come.
- Wow.
- Sir, would you like some? How could a man be that stupid? I'd like to talk to him, really.
How old are you? I'm 28.
How old are you? Older than you assume.
I don't believe it.
Because you look magnificent.
- I guess you drank too much tonight? - No.
No, never.
I can't be the first man to say this.
Thank you.
Then, why did you go out tonight? I came here tonight because You see back there? My husband and I had a very romantic night so many years ago.
I wanted to feel alive again, that's all.
So many years ago? Almost a hundred years ago.
"Almost a hundred years ago.
" Nice one.
Nice one.
You know what? Let's get out of here.
Let's go somewhere else, what do you say? Let's go somewhere away from the memories.
We'll have so much fun, I promise.
Maybe another time.
At least give me your number.
I'll call you.
You are tougher than I thought.
Your resistance is in vain.
Fuck you, bitch! I can kill you again and not revive you this time.
You know that, right? Huh? Huh? Don't make me do that.
The owner of the bank is Ahmet Öztürk.
We looked him up, he gives free dinner at Ramadan.
He doesn't seem like he would know Levent.
Maybe it was not about Ahmet, either.
Maybe it was someone else in the bank.
They broadcast the images of the robbery in the news.
This is Levent for sure.
He only talks to this boy who tries to act like a hero.
I will talk to the owner of this bank.
He may give me an idea.
I don't expect much, but we're sending you the address.
Thank you.
Are you OK? I'm just tired.
I was worried about you, actually.
I called you several times.
I thought you got kidnapped.
Fortunately, you don't look like you got kidnapped.
You don't have to worry about me.
What do you mean, I don't have to? Faysal I'm not a kid.
I'm not going to fall and break.
Honey the Protector may be anywhere out there, so are the others.
Any one of them might kidnap you.
- Might even kill you.
- But they didn't! - This time, they didn't! - Listen! Please, just listen to me.
You brought me back, not just once, but twice.
I'm grateful for that.
But if my life If our lives Yes? If it means being locked up in this house, I prefer death.
Rüya? I thought about the past tonight.
I remembered the days when we had a purpose instead of sitting here.
I miss those days.
Yes I love the way we are right now.
However, I feel like I should fight for our cause.
I'm sorry.
I have to sleep.
Good night.
Excuse me? Fuck! The reckoning time has finally come! Enough! Enough! Stop! You did it for these? Huh? Did you do that for these? For these? Answer me! You fucking did it for these! I came to help.
Levent! Hakan? It's so good to see you.
Come here.
Let me introduce Ahmet Öztürk.
Do you know who this asshole is? The owner of that bank.
You're right.
You're right, but that's not all.
That's not the only business Ahmet runs.
Would you like to tell Hakan? I I only help the people of this neighborhood.
True! True.
But he also has other hobbies.
For example, prostitution.
No! - Drug trafficking.
- No! Yeah? Gambling.
And also he doesn't hesitate to kill innocent people just for money.
No! He killed the family that raised you.
I know.
He slaughtered them.
I've been striving to find this motherfucker for years.
There were security men, armor-plated vehicles, hired guns.
When I got the shirt, I knew that I could reach him.
That I was ready.
Right? Huh? Levent, I understand you.
No, you don't! I do! It's hard to lose the people who raised you.
I know that.
Right now, your rage is controlling you.
But believe me when I say it will not end well.
I'm telling you, it won't end well for him.
Levent, drop that knife.
Fuck you! Drop that knife, brother! Brother? Don't call me that.
I'm not your fucking brother.
No, you are.
We are both the Protectors.
No, I'm not.
We both are, whether you like it or not.
Levent, our enemies are the Immortals, not humans.
Believe me.
I made the same mistakes.
I killed someone who did wrong to me.
I couldn't get over the thing I did for days.
You know that I have the shirt on, right? I know.
But I can shoot him, too.
There won't be a revenge for you to take, then.
You don't have to do that anyway.
Levent! Levent, Leave it! - Leave it! - Let me go, Hakan! Hakan, let go of me! Hakan, let go of me! Hakan! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go, damn it! I will fuck him, let me go! - No! - Let me go! Hakan, let me go! Hakan, let me go! - No! - Let me go! - No! - Let me go! Let me go, for God's sake! - Please, Hakan, let me go.
- No.
- Let me go - No, calm down.
Calm down.
Let me go.
It's OK.
It's over.
Just calm down.
Let me go.
Let me go The grudge I held against him made me blind.
I was ready to do anything to stop him.
I'm sorry.
Where are we going? To the cistern.
They must hate me after what happened on the bridge.
We will find Faysal, and we will save Leyla.
That's the plan.
Leyla is really important to you? Yes.
She is.
What can I do for you? That's it.
She's still just a creature to me.
And I don't like this situation.
But right now, she's our creature.
Your duty is quite simple.
You will first kill Hakan, the Protector.
Then you will kill Faysal.
Can you do that? Yes.
Subtitle translation by: Burak Patan