The Protector (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [bangs] [gun cocking] Hey, easy.
How dare you come back? I didn't come back by myself, Hakan brought me.
Oh! After your betrayal? You're lying.
Do you think I'm in a position to lie right now? Put the gun down, I'll tell everything.
You don't even deserve to breathe.
You're lucky that you're a descendant of the Protector lineage.
He's right.
I brought him here.
Hakan! He's a traitor! In any case, he killed a Loyal One who was just a kid.
How can you trust him? Everybody deserves a second chance.
No, it's not that easy.
We can't ignore what he did just because he's your brother.
You're right.
I made a mistake.
But I promised Hakan.
I have no other purpose than to protect him.
I will show you the real Levent.
[Azra chuckles] I have seen enough of you.
The evil in you will take action.
It's just a matter of time.
Why did he give me the shirt, then? Enough with the talking.
It's our turn to attack now.
I wish we knew where they are.
Do we have any news from Zeynep? We will need her.
She's gone abroad for a research project.
- Why didn't you stop her? - I tried.
She had already made her decision.
She didn't even listen to me.
Leyla? I was worried sick.
Are you all right? Huh? [Leyla sighs] [gun cocking] Bravo.
You didn't get rusty even after all these years.
Any news from the Protector? No, I couldn't get in touch with Hakan.
Piraye and Mergen took Leyla when we needed her the most.
Don't get angry with them.
You should have used the girl when you had the shirt.
Honey Leyla was my only weapon.
I didn't want to risk it.
Let's call the others.
We have to find the shirt before him.
But I made other plans for us You can make new plans.
Is there a problem? I don't know.
I mean, I don't understand you.
What is it? Why are you so hasty? Why don't you give yourself some time? Listen.
The Protector is nothing without that shirt.
Let's get this thing done before he reaches his brother.
Hakan is not like the other Protectors.
His power doesn't only come from the shirt.
He draws his strength from his pain.
That's why it's hard to predict his moves.
That's exactly why we have no time to waste.
[Leyla] I don't know what they want.
I was outside when I woke up.
They must have kidnapped you for a reason.
They must have a plan.
Maybe it was because of the feud between them.
I saw it myself when I was there.
[Hakan] Whatever.
The only thing that can save Leyla is Faysal's death.
Hakan, I know you don't want me to go.
However, it's not right that I stay with you.
[Hakan] It's alright.
You don't have to worry when I have the shirt on.
You can't hurt me.
It's dangerous that you are here though.
Actually, there's a place I know.
We can be safe there.
No, you Don't go out now.
I'll take care of everything.
Hakan, but is it right that you two are alone? You stay here with Azra.
We'll take care of ourselves.
Meanwhile, you can try to figure out where Faysal is.
I think I know where he is.
[distant call of prayer] [Hakan whispering] I can't handle this on my own.
I need you.
Do it for Istanbul and humanity, if not for me.
[birds chirping] [slow, ethereal music plays] [crashing waves] [Hakan chuckles] [waves washing] [Leyla sighs] [Hakan] So? Did you like it? [Leyla] I love it.
It's wonderful.
- Whose place is it? - [Hakan] It's mine.
- [Leyla] It's yours? - Yeah? I'm not so sure.
It's a little too much for a Grand Bazaar boy [Hakan sighs] - My house or an old friend's house, so? - I knew it.
- Miss Know-It-All.
- Hakan, no! Stop it! [chuckles] [chuckles] Hakan! Put me down! Oh! - [Leyla] I could [chuckles] - [Hakan sighs] I could fall! [Hakan] How do you like it? [Leyla] Beautiful! It's a little dirty, but we won't stay for too long anyway.
Are you crazy? I could spend my whole life here.
Look at the view! [Hakan] That's fine by me.
We could have a long and healthy life.
We would have kids and live in nature.
They'd fall from trees and get bitten by bears.
What a life it would be.
Yeah, sure.
A dream come true.
Did you hear what you just said? "Get bitten by bears" - Let me check what we have here.
- I can do that.
Is there a place where I can buy groceries? You shouldn't go out without me.
Tell me if you want something.
- Hello.
- Hello.
How can I help you? I have a reservation for the London flight tonight.
- Sure.
Your name, please? - Zeynep Erman.
Let's see.
Zeynep Erman.
Miss Erman, you came just in time.
Your reservation almost expired.
I was expecting a call, but I got none.
That means he doesn't need me.
So I decided to go.
I mean I have the right to settle down for a simple and peaceful life like everybody, right? So, will you buy the ticket? Hmm-mmm.
[mouse clicking] [printer humming] There you go.
Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to have a house with a sea view.
So I could go swimming whenever I wanted to.
Now I got it, but I can't even go out.
[Hakan] Be patient.
We'll enjoy this house together.
I'll end this tonight.
[Levent] Tea? No.
[Levent] Suit yourself.
I just wanted to be nice.
Won't you ask me why I did it? If you hear me out, you may understand.
No matter how long I listen to you, I still can't suppress your rage.
You couldn't protect me.
All I had were those two Loyal Ones that I saw as my family.
Then I lost them, too.
I was alone, I grew up on the streets.
I got beaten, so I learned how to beat.
But you know what? I still remember that pain.
You couldn't take my real family's revenge, but at least I took theirs.
So, stop blaming me.
You can't forgive yourself by blaming me.
[bangs on the table] Save your breath.
Do you know what your problem is? It's yourself.
You collaborated with your father's murderer.
You put all of us in danger.
We are not the reason for your rage.
It's your existence! Maybe your brother hasn't given up on you, but I know the truth! You're a bad seed! You're nothing! I'm leaving.
Don't you leave here and get us into more trouble.
[sighs] [Hakan] Faysal? You know what? I've been waiting for this since the moment I found out that I was the Protector.
You have my entire family's blood on your hands.
Do you think everything will come to an end when you kill me? Maybe it won't.
Maybe it won't be over, but at least Leyla will be free from your control.
You came to the wrong person.
I don't control her mind anymore.
[chuckles] Do you think I believe that, Faysal? Why do you think they kidnapped Leyla? I just wanted to protect Rüya.
But believe me, they are not as naive as I am.
Tell me where they are.
Believe me, I don't know.
Find them on your own.
And if I were you, I would go and save the woman I love instead of wasting my time here.
What? Do you think I'll forgive you for a small hint? Ough! [grunts] Get to the car! Now! [Hakan sighs] Faysal! Run! [Hakan] You can't run away from me! [thunder] [screaming mingled with thunder] Rüya, listen to me.
- I don't want to talk.
- We will talk! Then you'll understand.
I had to give the shirt, otherwise, we would be separated again! I'm sick of these words.
You use love as a shield.
Are you that scared to attack? - I'm not! I'm trying to protect you! - [thunder] Is this how you protect me? The Protector could have killed us just because you gave the shirt to them! - I am a way better leader than you are! - Rüya! - I - Don't interrupt me! We have to be always one step ahead of him if we want to stay alive! For what? Tell me! For the plans? For the mission? Fuck them all! Which one is more important? Is it me or them? You don't care about anything, do you? I care about you.
How did you change so much? Mergen was right.
This relationship weakens both of us.
Just go.
Leave me.
Go and live with your beloved mortals now! - [Rüya slams the door] - Rüya? [Leyla] Why didn't you wake me up? [Hakan] I didn't want to.
Is there something wrong? They ran away at the last minute.
And Faysal told me that you're not under his mind control anymore.
What? He blames your kidnappers.
How so? Why did you hide it from us, Leyla? Hide it? I don't remember anything.
I I'm not even aware of it.
[Hakan] Is there anything else? Anything I should know? Hakan, I can't hide anything from you.
Listen I know how difficult it is for you to be in this situation.
You hid something before, Leyla.
- If it wasn't for Zeynep - It was different.
I didn't know what I was experiencing or who could help me.
I was afraid that you wouldn't want me.
Everything has changed now.
What has changed? You protected me.
You stood by me while everyone was coming for me.
You took my hand.
Of course I did.
I love you.
I know that.
You don't have to say it because I feel it.
When you held me in your arms today I felt alive for the first time in days.
[Hakan sighs] You reminded me how great life is.
Hakan Hakan, you are my only hope.
I would rather die than hurt you.
- [Hakan sighs] - I wish I could remember.
I wish I could remember, so I could help us out.
We'll be fine.
We'll figure it out somehow.
I won't let anyone stop us.
Is the formula ready? It will be, but I need more time.
Let's try to get the missing ingredient first.
God knows how We'll ask for help.
Any news from Leyla? Nothing yet.
She can't resist for long though.
Worst case scenario, her strings are in my hands.
I can pull them and finish it.
[crickets chirping] [thunder] [slow music plays] [thunder] [indistinct chatter] [clinking] I hope you didn't come to say goodbye because I don't like goodbyes.
I'm not saying goodbye because I came to stop you from leaving.
Here you are, Miss Sancak.
[Hakan sighs] Hakan, I can't remember no matter how hard I try.
They didn't let me see anything on the way there or on the way back.
Well, we'll find a way.
[Azra] I know we've never gotten along well.
I gave you such a hard time as I was trying to defend the rules.
It was a mistake.
But if it hadn't been for you, we couldn't have prevented that big attack plan.
We couldn't have reached Levent, either.
Put your pride aside.
Stay with us.
Hakan needs you.
Should we ask for Zeynep's help? Zeynep [Hakan sighs] Zeynep has gone.
She has gone to the UK.
She will work in a research project there.
[Zeynep] Did he send you here? See? I'm not as important to him as you think.
Hakan is very sensitive.
He brought Leyla first, and now we have to deal with Levent.
What do you mean? Is Levent back? [Azra chuckles] Hakan has forgiven him.
He lives in the cistern now.
[Hakan] After her father's death, she had hard times.
But I know she won't leave me alone.
She'll return when she feels better.
Isn't it possible that she's angry with you? I mean, she's a woman after all.
Maybe she needed your support.
Hakan does not listen to anyone.
He doesn't listen to me at all.
You're the only one who can change his mind.
I'm sorry.
I'm not in this anymore.
Remember, Zeynep.
You might want to get out of here.
However, you can't quit being a Loyal One.
You might leave, but it will chase you.
- It won't leave your conscience alone.
- [driver] All aboard! Then one day, you'll come back but it may be too late.
Remember this.
You're the best Loyal One among us.
You should stay here and be our leader.
Your father raised you for this.
[indistinct chatter] We had a dream of opening a shop.
Not a big one.
You know, a simple souvenir shop.
Maybe I can help you there.
You'll be a stay-at-home mom.
Oh God! When did we switch to this Grand Bazaar boy? - "You'll be a stay-at-home mom.
" - Yeah.
How quickly have you forgotten the days you begged me for a job? - Good heavens! [chuckles] - Yeah.
Then, I'll get a job at a holding and work there.
- Great! - No, I can't let you do that.
Why is that? Because one day, a security guy may come and hit on you.
What a big trouble! I can't deal with it.
Is he cute? He's OK.
- Oh! He's a little stuck-up, then.
- Well, he deserves to be.
I'll tell you what.
What? Tell me more.
Maybe I know him.
His name is Hakan.
Maybe it'll help you remember.
- I love this name.
- So, you remember? [both chuckling] [slow music plays] [Leyla sighs] [fire roars] [seagulls cawing] [phone vibrates] [Piraye] You haven't completed your mission yet.
Do you think it's easy? Oh! Poor you! Is it hard for you to kill your lover? Either you complete your mission, or I'll make you do it.
You're asking too much from me.
I'm so sorry! The decision is already made.
Alright, hang on.
Where are you? Let's talk.
[Piraye] Well, I'm here.
You can come if you want.
Come and see what it means to blow off your mission.
I'll teach you a lesson.
[Faysal] Where is Rüya? Since you came here, you must be really desperate.
What happened? Did she leave you? I've been trying to find her for hours.
You're running from me, all of you.
I'm asking you, so tell me if you know.
I need to talk to her.
Where is Rüya? [Piraye] Hmm.
Let me think.
Rüya I don't know.
But if I were in your shoes, I would look ahead.
It's obvious that she doesn't want a quitter like you.
You took Leyla from me.
You convinced Rüya.
Still, it's too early to celebrate.
I'm not done yet.
I'm so scared.
I would be scared, too, if I were you.
[wall rumbling] Where were you? OK, don't get mad.
I can leave if you want me to.
So, you're back.
I thought you were Levent for a second.
It's horrible even to think about it.
Where is he? He left yesterday when I wasn't here.
He hasn't showed up yet.
I'm not even surprised.
Who knows what he's after? We have to chase him now as if we don't have other problems.
[wall rumbling] You haven't been around.
We were worried.
Don't you worry about me.
Be careful as my eyes are on you.
Why did you disappear? [Levent] OK, I get it.
You're a tough woman.
Before you beat me up, just listen to me.
I didn't go out for fun.
[Zeynep] What were you after this time? I was after the Immortals.
I found their address.
I brought some pastry on my way back.
He's still talking about the Immortals.
Believe it or not, I'm telling the truth.
Here's the address.
Why should we believe you? [Levent chuckles] I'm a descendant of the Protector.
OK, I acted upon my anger.
I used the shirt to take my revenge.
But I want to help Hakan, too.
I have it in my blood.
How did you get this? The pastry? Oh! I heard it when I was with the Immortals.
It wasn't hard to find after some investigation.
I must say I'm kind of good at it.
[sighs] No wonder! I can't deal with this! I won't try to convince you anymore.
I kept my promise to Hakan.
I can go by myself if I need to.
We should let Hakan know about it.
Wait a minute.
Let me go and check first.
We can't afford to get in one more trap.
Zeynep! Let me finish this, and we'll go together.
You're not going anywhere.
[grunts] [flies buzzing] What is that important thing you want to talk about? The thing you asked me to do.
You know you're late, right? I'm in love with him, I can't hurt him at all.
You're asking for help from the wrong person.
Please, let me go.
This is disobedience.
We have no tolerance for such behavior.
I mean, we just don't I took my chances.
Are you relying on your lover's blood? It won't work on a fake Immortal like you.
[sighs] But I have another offer for you.
Do what I told you, and I'll leave you alone.
Then you can have a happy life as you wish.
How about this? Kill me right here right now, and I'll peacefully lay in my grave.
[Piraye sighs] Oh wow.
What a great love! Will you sacrifice your life for him? Is it really worth it for a guy? Well, if you don't want to do it then I'll force you.
[grunting] [grunting] - [Hakan grunts] - [Leyla] Hakan! [Piraye] This is in vain! You are nothing without the dagger! [grunts] Hakan! [Piraye exhales] [Leyla shouts] Who's laughing now, creature? [Piraye grunts] [Piraye moans] [Piraye groaning] Goodbye, creature! Thank you.
[Hakan exhales] No, thank you.
It was hard to convince me.
But I admit it.
This trap was a good idea.
You are free now.
[Faysal] I don't understand.
What do you mean? You can't reach my accounts, is that so? Why can't you reach my accounts? Do you hear what you're saying? Are you high or something? You should have called the general manager of the bank, not me.
There's something I want you to take care of.
I don't know if you do this by yourself or work with the police.
I want you to find my wife.
Sir, I'm sorry.
I got an order to get you out of the building.
Who ordered you to do that? The new management.
The new What does that mean? Our new board chairwoman is Rüya Erdem.
She came here herself and ordered us.
She asked us to call the police if you cause any trouble.
Please, let me accompany you out now.
[exhales] I can go out myself.
[Faysal] Fuck! Rüya.
We have a huge company now, and we have enough money to make every single move we planned.
However, we are the only ones left.
[Rüya sighs] - As usual, you're very pessimistic.
- [Mergen] Hmm.
[Rüya] And don't forget about Vezir.
Who knows, maybe we can find new partners.
Is there any improvement in the formula? Only the special ingredient is missing.
We'll take care of it later.
Let's get rid of the Protector first.
You don't have to run away.
[sighs] I won't hurt you.
[sighs] Whiskey? Whiskey? Of course not.
[Faysal] Suit yourself.
Have a seat.
Have a seat! [Faysal sighs] Have you heard from Leyla? You've been using her all this time.
- And now you care about her? - I didn't make her do a single bad thing.
I just wanted to have the Protector in the palm of my hand.
And of course I wanted to protect my wife of course.
Like Hakan.
Rüya is a lucky woman.
She must be proud of you.
[chuckles] Do you think so? That's what I had thought, too.
But apparently, that's not the case.
Why? I have lived only for Rüya, did you know that? But it turns out that she has lived for power.
And she took the first round.
She took everything.
Everything! She took my life away.
She took my company away.
She even took Leyla away from me.
What do you mean? - Isn't Leyla under your control now? - [Faysal] Uh-uh.
Rüya always has a backup plan.
In the least expected moment, she knocks her enemy out with one blow.
- So? - So, baby She will surely attack Hakan very soon.
Just for your information.
[Faysal sniffs] What the hell is this now? Is this your new plan? It's not my new plan.
It's the world's most beautiful and most dangerous woman's plan now.
She will wait for Hakan's weakest moment.
And she will not hold back.
Believe me or not.
[Azra] Hello? Hakan is not picking up his phone.
Tell me where he is, now.
What's wrong? Why are you asking? [Zeynep] Levent was right.
I've found Faysal.
Something is happening.
I should warn Hakan immediately.
I'm texting you his location.
[tires screeching] [sighs] Do you think this is the right time? We'll see.
[indistinct whispers] Leyla, stop! What are you doing? - [Leyla grunts] - Leyla, snap out of it! Leyla, this is not you.
Leyla, someone else is controlling your mind right now.
Leyla! It's me, Hakan! Hakan, where are you? Hakan? Hakan? Fuck! Come to your senses, Leyla.
[Leyla grunts] Leyla.
I'm your boyfriend.
Leyla! [Leyla shouts] [grunting] [shouting] [groaning] [Zeynep shouts] - Leyla, stop! - [Leyla panting] [echoes] Stop it! It's me.
Leyla, you've experienced it before.
Someone is controlling your mind.
Snap out of it.
Leyla! Save me.
[Leyla whimpering] Leyla! [Hakan] Leyla! [Leyla groaning] Leyla! Leyla! Leyla, no! Leyla! Leyla, don't leave me.
Leyla! Leyla, open your eyes! Leyla! Leyla, no! No, Leyla, no! Zeynep, what did you do? Leyla! No, Leyla, please don't die.
Leyla, don't leave me.
Leyla, no.
No! [undulating guitar music plays] Subtitle translation by: Esin Gürgür