The Protector (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [distant city sounds.]
[fire crackling.]
Your necklace is so pretty.
Just like you.
No matter how crazy the world gets we will have a happy ending.
I will never leave you.
I couldn't protect you.
I'm sorry.
I can't protect anyone! ["Dynamite" playing.]
I'm putting bodies on the floor Like you've never seen before Can I get a pint, man? What do you think you're doing? Huh? What are you looking at? And you're smiling? I'm talking to you! Excuse me? Enough! That's it! Why can't a woman go out by herself at night? You stare at me like a creep! Why would I stare at you? Just man up and own your shit.
Everyone saw how you harassed me.
Come on, didn't you all see it? Didn't you see? You saw, right? [tsking.]
Go now.
Get out or else I'll tell them to throw you out.
What's wrong with you? - You get out! - Why should I? You're the one who stared! - [Rüya.]
You're the harasser! - Is that so? Piss off! - You're coming at me.
- [man.]
Get off! Just come here, man! - What's it to you? Huh? - [Rüya.]
Oh my God! - [Levent.]
I'll fucking end you! - End me? - [man 2.]
Hey! What's going on? - [people screaming.]
[woman screaming.]
[song ends.]
[Levent exhales.]
That was ridiculous! [Levent sighs.]
My name is Deniz.
And I'm Levent, glad to meet you.
Are you sure you're glad? Just a minute ago, I was about to get you in big trouble.
So what? Anytime! I don't mind.
- Listen.
- Yeah? Are you sleepy? I don't think so.
So? Did you find Hakan? Do you think I did? He's gone.
I can't find him anywhere.
He's disappeared into thin air.
I'm about to lose it! It's been two days! Two days! [indistinct sounds from TV.]
He will eventually show up.
Just calm down.
He won't.
He will never come back.
Hakan will never forgive me.
It's not your fault.
You are a Loyal One.
You did what you had to do.
Sooner or later, Hakan will get that.
Then, where is he? Where? Why hasn't he showed up? He's not coming back.
Rüya Erdem became the new CEO of the Cavidan Holding.
She took over the company from Faysal Erdem, one of Turkey's most successful businessman.
Rüya Erdem stated that they would set different goals and expand their vision as a company.
The Cavidan Holding is stepping into the healthcare industry now.
We'll make an assertive appearance in the field with a huge investment.
Tomorrow, we will receive the formula which has been created by a very successful scientist.
This formula is a breakthrough for the whole world.
I'd even say that it could change the world.
So it's today! They are definitely up to something.
I will try to find this scientist of theirs.
Let's find out what they're up to as soon as possible.
We have to find Hakan.
[Azra sighs.]
The Protector is not with us.
We have no idea what to do.
We're back to square one.
Of course! The Grand Bazaar! The terrace! Really.
- No way! - I'm serious.
You must be joking.
You didn't, right? You didn't steal the candy from a child's hand.
I really did because I wanted it so bad.
So I have to go.
Give me your phone.
DENÄ°Z CALLING MOBILE I will call you.
When? Tomorrow.
- Maybe sooner.
- [Levent chuckles.]
I'll wait for your call.
We were all worried about you.
I was scared that you'd taken off.
What you've been through is hard.
It's too painful.
Trust me, I know how you feel.
I feel you.
You know nothing.
Hakan, listen.
I know you are furious, but my job is to protect you.
I had to do it.
You didn't have to kill Leyla.
She was about to kill you.
How could I let her? What if she killed you? Have you thought about that at all? You can say whatever you want.
You can get mad at me, scold me.
Still, I will never let that happen.
Don't protect me! I don't want it! I don't want any of you! Get out of my life! Some things are beyond our control.
We don't get to choose, Hakan.
Do it, then! Come on! Kill me! Kill me! Take Leyla's revenge! If you don't want me to be loyal, you have to kill me.
Come on.
[Hakan shouts.]
You're the Protector.
You can't just walk away from your duty.
You can't do that, Hakan.
I can't do it anyway, Zeynep.
I can't! What do you mean you can't? Did all those people die for nothing? My father, Neşet Ceylan, Emir Leyla.
I failed.
I couldn't protect any of them.
I couldn't protect them.
Maybe I'm not the right one.
Maybe I'm not the real Protector.
Maybe it's my brother.
You're talking nonsense.
We all know that he's not the right one.
Don't you care about these people, about this city at all? I do care, Zeynep.
That's why I'm telling you this.
You need someone who can actually protect this city.
- And it's not me.
- Hakan You are being emotional.
Try to be reasonable.
I wonder if you'll tell me you can't do it after you watch this.
The Cavidan Holding is stepping into the healthcare industry now.
Tomorrow, we will receive the formula which has been created by a very successful scientist.
I'd even say that it could change the world.
[Zeynep exhales.]
They are onto something.
That woman taking over Faysal's place, these statements Whatever this formula is, it will be the end of us.
We have to stop this, Hakan.
I thought you would pack this place with security guards.
It was a surprise that I could come in that easily.
Don't confuse me with yourself, Faysal.
I'm not scared neither of you nor anyone else.
I've waited for you all night long.
To be honest, I didn't know you were that into nightlife.
I've always been into it.
You apparently failed to notice.
You're right.
It seems there are a lot of things that I failed to notice.
I didn't know that you were so eager to run a company, for example.
That you could give up on me just like that.
It's a bit unfair to say that I gave up on you.
I just think that you forgot your main goal.
I didn't forget about anything.
But you apparently did.
Let me remind you.
[Faysal inhales.]
The fact that you are here with me now and that I get to smell you [inhales.]
It's all thanks to my love for you.
And about our mission.
You can't blame me for not rushing things along like you do.
I'm just telling you what's there.
Oh! You've probably heard the news.
Leyla is dead.
Just as I expected.
How come you are so sad after a mortal - and still say you are an Immortal - Don't you lecture me about who I am.
If I hadn't found the Protector, how do you think you would be fighting this war? My love.
I want a happily-ever-after with you, just like you do.
However the Protector will not let us have that.
We have to get rid of him so that we can breathe again.
Am I right? Yes.
[Faysal sighs.]
Soon, the Protector will no longer be a threat for us.
But I don't want you to do anything.
Because I don't want you to get hurt.
You understand? [Faysal sighs.]
[door closes.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[dramatic music plays.]
Memo! [Zeynep.]
Hakan! Did you talk to Faysal? I was with him just a minute ago.
You were with him? I don't understand you, Rüya.
Do you still trust him after everything? Of course I don't.
I'm just stalling him.
I have no idea what you are up to, but I won't let you ruin this plan.
I didn't get into this so that you could ruin it all out of your stupid love for Faysal.
Mergen, we're on the same side.
If I say Faysal is out of the question, then he is.
He wants to live happily with humans, but I have no intention to do so.
I have only one goal, and it's the same as yours.
To destroy humanity.
Do you think the Protector will just sit and mourn for Leyla now that she's gone? What will we do, then? I thought about that, too.
I have a plan.
We will soon get rid of the Protector and his powers.
Come on now.
Yes, I see.
Yeah, sure.
I will get back to you.
So? Have you found Hakan? [exhales.]
Yes, I have.
I've found him, but it's no use.
Do you know what he says? That he's quit being the Protector.
He's so sad that he doesn't know what he saying.
He says that the true Protector is his brother.
Where is he? I'll talk to him.
I don't know.
He just walked off.
Do you know what this symbol means? Is this normal? What is it? [Azra.]
It's really shiny.
It's strange.
Let's check what this means.
Let's see.
So It says that this is about one of the Protectors.
The Seventh Protector.
He was killed with his talismanic shirt on and the dagger in his hands.
It's the only such occurrence in the history.
But how could that happen? I don't get it.
There is only one descendant left of the craftsman who made the talismanic shirt.
We can ask him.
He may give us information.
Alright then.
- Let's not waste our time.
Let's go.
- Yes, OK.
Yeah Hmm.
They are gone! [Zeynep.]
Everything's gone! But how? Phew! I'd appreciate it if you didn't sneak in like a thief next time.
I got scared! [Hakan.]
So, are they going to receive the formula tonight? Hmm-mmm.
Yeah, today.
It means we have to hurry.
Serdar was supposed to find who the scientist is.
I will call him.
No need.
They won't even get to talk to the scientist.
I will start with what Faysal holds the dearest.
Faysal and Rüya may be at odds with each other.
Just the other day, when Leyla Faysal told me that Rüya had been controlling Leyla's mind.
I don't know why, but Wait a second.
I will grab my jacket and come with you.
You're not coming anywhere.
No one is coming.
- Don't be ridiculous, I'm coming.
- Zeynep, I said no! No one will get hurt because of me anymore.
If I mean anything to you, don't come with me.
I didn't mean to hurt her.
I'm sorry.
No matter what, she lived a happy life.
A life full of love.
She was very lucky.
Brother! Where were you? We've been looking for you for days.
We were worried.
I bet you were.
Let me ask you this.
When you were double-crossing your brother on the bridge, were you also worried? Let me tell you OK, enough.
Pour some water after him.
Maybe he'll return quickly.
Listen up, dear.
Hakan may pity you.
He may even have forgiven you, but I will never forgive you.
You're a disgrace to the Protector lineage.
[phone rings.]
I know exactly what I would do if you weren't their descendant INCOMING CALL DENÄ°Z - But I have to keep calm.
- Zeynep, that's enough.
Save your breath since you can't do anything.
Hello? I didn't expect you to call that soon.
Of course I'm glad that you called.
OK, I will be there in an hour.
[phone vibrates.]
What do you want? I guess you sensed what was coming to you, huh? We have to talk immediately.
We will talk.
Don't you worry about that.
We will talk real soon, Faysal.
Hakan, I need to see you before everything gets even more messed up.
Listen, I'm really sorry.
I didn't know Leyla Don't say her name, you son of a bitch! There was nothing I could do! I swear! I'm so sorry.
You know I have nothing against you.
Hakan They will do terrible things to you and to the people you love.
Hakan, you have to believe me.
Hello? Hello, Hakan? Hello? Hakan, are you there? Hakan, are you still there? Hello? Hello? - [Hakan screams.]
- Hakan? Hakan, are you there? Where the fuck are you? Huh? [librarian.]
No Loyal One has come here for years.
So I just gave up waiting for the Protector to show up.
But he did.
He will save us from this mess.
We'll see about that.
Which one was the symbol you saw? [Zeynep.]
Um, this one.
It's not in this one.
It must be here somewhere.
Is something wrong? Um, I will see if there is.
The Immortals and the Protectors have always gravitated towards each other.
However, this is so they can fight against one another.
Sometimes, the opposite happens.
And no good comes out of it.
Just like the death of the Seventh Protector.
The Protectors' power lies in their blood and ancestry.
So does the talismanic objects' power.
If a Protector or someone from their lineage gets involved with an Immortal, all the talismanic objects lose their power.
So, in short, if an Immortal steals the heart of a person from the Protector's blood, they steal the power of the objects, as well.
Does this symbol refer to a relationship between a Protector and an Immortal? [librarian.]
It's a warning.
It signals the loss of all the talisman and the danger ahead.
[Hakan whistles.]
Please, come in.
Have a seat.
There is no one else here, Hakan.
You don't have to worry.
Just the two of us.
I have nothing on me.
You seem to have forgotten.
I'm the Protector.
You should be worried, not me.
Yes, and I'm worried.
You're right.
However, I won't have to be worried after you hear me out.
You will tell me something, and I'll be convinced not to kill you, is that so? What will you tell me? Man, it was too easy.
I told you I wouldn't have to be worried.
Son of a bitch.
You're going fast.
Don't get wasted.
I don't think I need any drinks to get wasted right now.
- Can I confess something? - Hmm-mmm.
I like you a lot.
- And can I confess something? - Hmm-mmm.
Come closer.
I think I fell for you.
Tell me, how deep did you fall for me? Too deep.
Too deep? Let's go up to the roof, huh? For some fresh air.
[Hakan kicks the bars.]
[Hakan exhales.]
[Faysal laughs.]
What is it that a hunter should never do? Underestimate the prey.
- I will fucking kill you! - [Faysal laughs.]
Woof! Some people think highly of themselves.
Just like you.
They have weapons.
They have powers.
However, they shouldn't forget this one thing: [Hakan bangs on the bars.]
A wounded prey can be really dangerous.
Cut the metaphors! What are you going to do, huh? Kill me? If you have the balls, just lose this cage and face me! - Woof, woof! No! No, I won't kill you! - Come on! I will make you suffer.
I can keep you here until the end of time if I want to.
No one will ever be able to save you.
You know why? [Hakan bangs on the bars.]
Because your friends will already be dead.
[Faysal shouts.]
[Hakan grunts.]
Even if I try to stop it, Rüya will take care of them.
- By the way, Rüya has an interesting plan.
- [Hakan bangs on the bars.]
[Hakan grunts.]
I'm sorry, Hakan.
I know you want to take Leyla's revenge out on me, but what can I do? I'm not like you.
I would do anything for the woman I love.
Oh, fuck.
[Hakan exhales.]
[Faysal grunts.]
[Hakan groans.]
But how? Rüya [Zeynep.]
A relationship between the Protector and an Immortal.
It can't be Leyla and Hakan because while they were together, the talismanic objects were OK.
Leyla wasn't a true Immortal, anyway.
Then, what? Is Hakan seeing another Immortal? It's obviously impossible.
I don't think that's the case.
- Why would Hakan do such a thing? - Yes! Exactly.
That's what I'm saying.
It's not possible, no way.
He didn't actually say "the Protector".
He said, "the Protector or someone from their blood".
It's Levent.
That's right.
Oh But, who's the Immortal? It's Rüya.
Rüya and Levent.
Is this your workplace? [chuckles.]
No, I have a meeting with a client here.
That's why I'm here.
It was a nice boost before the meeting.
Will I see you tonight? I have some stuff to do, I'll call you later.
[elevator dings.]
GOODS ENTRANCE Are we celebrating something? Oh! Did you do what you said and kill Hakan? Would you like some? It's your favorite.
Smells like betrayal.
Do you remember the time when we learned what this means? I do, Faysal.
I remember it perfectly.
And I remember what I promised you.
That I wouldn't do what Piraye did.
That I wouldn't approach someone from the Protector's blood just to defeat him.
That I wouldn't betray our love.
So you have a strong memory, how very nice! I did what my duty required me to do.
What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to sit and wait for you to kill Hakan someday maybe? You know what humans say.
"Love is blind.
" I failed to see that you wrapped me around your finger and toyed with me until now.
I was, in fact, serious about killing Hakan.
I was ready to do anything to make you happy.
If you want to make me happy, you should share the same dreams as me.
You should have the same goals.
Then everything would be better.
But it's too late now.
I can't trust you anymore.
I expected so much better from you, actually.
You distracted me with Hakan, while you were sleeping with his brother, huh? This [sighs.]
Isn't this kind of miserable and shallow, don't you think? I think the end justifies the means.
What's your plan? I'm planning to do the things you've been avoiding, Faysal.
Now I have a meeting if you'd allow me.
Faysal Don't make me call the security, please.
At least taste it, it's really good.
Accompany him.
We played soccer with Turgut the other day.
You should've seen it.
- Let me go! - Mr.
Erdem Let go of me! Get off! I know the way out! Get off me! They are here, heading upstairs.
Let's see them.
This thing is finally about to end.
I can't wait to watch this fucking world burn to ashes.
I'll go and meet them.
We may not say goodbye that soon, dear Mergen.
- [x-ray machine beeps.]
- Wait, madam.
[security 2.]
Ough! After you.
Don't let anyone upstairs.
[keys clinking.]
Thank you again.
Let's celebrate this, right? This way.
Where is everyone? Where is Hasan? Who the hell are you? How did you come up here? Where is your ID badge? It's here somewhere.
Yakup? Yakup! [tense music builds.]
So, we have a visitor here.
[Zeynep grunting.]
[Zeynep panting.]
Stay there or else I'll cut her throat.
Let her go.
You want me, not her.
Hakan! Hakan, run! Just leave me.
- Let her go.
- Hakan, don't come closer.
He can hurt you.
The shirt and the dagger have no power.
[Zeynep sighs.]
[Mergen grunts.]
Your toys are not working, huh? [Hakan.]
[Hakan groans.]
Don't be scared, there will be no pain.
You won't feel a thing.
[Hakan grunts.]
Go! - [Hakan.]
The dagger! I'll get it.
- [Zeynep.]
Run! [Hakan panting.]
Hurry! We can get the formula another time.
OK, it's fine Ouch.
Oh! I was really afraid that something would happen to you.
Nothing happened though.
I'm right here, in one piece.
- You saved my life.
- [Hakan sighs.]
But you won't put yourself in danger for me again, OK? I couldn't risk losing you, Zeynep.
I wish we had killed that guy right there.
If the dagger still had its talisman we would be able to do so.
I don't get it! How could Levent do such a thing? We shouldn't have trusted him in the first place, Hakan.
You shouldn't have brought him here.
I don't think he is even aware of what he's causing.
I mean, we've learned what the symbol means only recently.
He is probably clueless about the situation.
Clueless or not - [Hakan sighs.]
- Levent is a bad seed, Hakan.
He will only do harm to you.
We were so close, so damn close! To getting rid of them and to getting the formula.
For what it's worth, I will get that thing.
I won't give them the pleasure.
Wake up! What the hell are you doing? I brought you the thing you've been looking for.
Hey, easy! From now on, we're on the same side in this war.
Subtitle translation by: Ece Nihal Karluk