The Protector (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES ATAK PHARMACY You say that you are on my side, is that so? What the fuck are you talking about? We are on the same side from now on.
This is definitely a trap.
- We're not buying this bullshit.
- I brought this with me so you can believe me.
Mergen has been working on this for weeks.
They're planning to destroy the world with this.
And you brought this to us, is that so? Are you trying to deceive us? I have just learned about this plan, as well.
Listen, this is only a sample.
There is only one substance that could make this formula work, and that's the Protector's blood.
The blood I took from you for Rüya, I added it to this.
So Mergen has more of this, huh? He has enough to destroy Istanbul? Enough to destroy the world? Yes.
Then, everything's fine as long as they don't get me.
Who says that they have your blood? It's not yours.
Someone from the Protector lineage.
Does it hurt? Did that hurt? - I think I can bear it.
- Careful.
Drink this so that your blood sugar stays at the right levels.
I don't want you to faint.
I need you.
Where did you learn to do such things? I was a nurse during the Crimean War.
It's a joke, right? Of course it's a joke.
I didn't do such a thing.
There are so many things we don't know about each other.
Wouldn't it be boring if we knew everything about each other? Besides we have all the time in the world to get to know each other.
Your brother cooperated with my wife.
They will destroy the world together.
Why are you telling us all this? I want to stop them.
Why? Why have you changed your mind? We, the mortals, have suddenly become very important to you.
Is that so? Our goal, I mean our duty, was to erase humanity from the face of the earth.
You son of a bitch.
But I fell in love with it.
I created myself a life in this world, and I don't want to lose it now.
That's not the reason.
You need me because you want me to get rid of Mergen.
So you can win Rüya back.
Even so, we still need each other.
You're not planning to face two Immortals on your own, right? If it hadn't been for you, they wouldn't be here.
And those two Immortals know that the talismanic objects don't work.
Oh! You're here.
We couldn't find out who the scientist is.
However, Serdar has an incredible idea.
He says that if Hakan.
- What's going on? - You killed my son, motherfucker! Hey! Hey! Hey! Enough! Faysal, that's enough! Serdar, pull yourself together.
He didn't kill your son, Mazhar did.
But he was this fucker's man.
We can't waste our time with this.
I don't know how you will convince them, but do what you have got to do quickly.
Convince us? Faysal is on our side.
I mean, for now.
- Absolutely not.
- No.
- No way.
- No, never.
It's not possible.
We can't work with an Immortal.
Hello? Hakan, it's me, Levent.
Levent, where the fuck are you? I can't say, I'm sorry.
What kind of a man are you, damn it? You are collaborating with the killers of our family.
Why? Hakan, there are things you don't know.
You wouldn't talk like this if you knew.
It would change the way you think about everything.
Then, tell me so I can know.
I can't on the phone.
Let's meet somewhere, then.
OK, I will call you.
Levent, don't hang up.
Wait, Levent! Hakan, calm down.
- You can't change his mind.
- Give me your phone.
I can't, Hakan.
Levent is a traitor.
He's selfish and narcissistic.
He's ready to give up everything just to be an Immortal, even his family.
She's right.
We have to focus on our plan right now, Hakan.
We have to find out where this formula is being held first.
Azra, Serdar.
We're on it.
Maybe you can find something here that could help us.
What about us? We'll try to find out how we can restore the talismanic objects' power.
We went to see the family who wove the talismanic shirt, but they didn't know how to restore its power.
How about we go to the Oracle? The Oracle? It may be our only chance.
The Oracle and her tribe consecrated these talismanic objects when they were created.
That is why the dagger and the shirt are so powerful.
If there is only one person who knows how to restore their power, it's the Oracle.
The Oracle, that's what we need.
When will the formula be ready? Soon.
Why don't you just play with your new toy instead of bugging me? Because he is resting.
We got what we wanted from him.
Why is he still here? We can just kill him.
Not yet.
If we let him live, he will eventually cause us trouble.
We can't afford any mistakes.
Mergen, I don't make mistakes.
Don't you see him? If I tell him to jump, he won't question.
Faysal said the same thing about Leyla, but it didn't end well.
I'm nothing like Faysal.
I know very well what needs to be done.
Do you understand? Besides, Levent is just a tool.
I will kill him myself when we're done.
Take this.
Don't break it this time.
What else do you know about this Oracle? Nothing other than what I told you already.
Why haven't we gone to the Oracle before? Because the Oracle shows up only when she is needed.
She contacted me.
Nobody knows who this girl is.
We have to be very careful.
Why is Faysal coming with us? Because we can't let him out of our sight.
I don't trust this guy.
I know you don't.
You already told me that a hundred times.
- What about you? Do you trust him? - Would I act like this if I trusted him? There is only one person that I trust.
And that's you.
Besides, I couldn't possibly leave him with Serdar and Azra.
Come on.
You wait here.
I will find her.
You have become a true leader.
Your people are loyal to you.
They listen to you.
You and Zeynep are a good duo.
You complete each other.
You look good together.
I'm not your friend.
I will never be your friend.
So, whatever you are trying, don't even bother.
It won't work.
She's waiting for us.
We've been waiting for you for a long time, Protector.
But you are too Am I too young? You were young, too, back then.
He took your family from you, but you survived somehow.
She wants the talismanic objects.
A long time ago, another Protector came to us with the same problem you have.
His father was in love with a beautiful young woman.
He didn't know that she was an Immortal.
Their love was real.
However, when she realized their love had weakened the power of the talismanic objects, she killed him on a cold winter's night.
If the child hadn't saved the talismanic objects, the Protector lineage would have ended right there.
What happened afterwards? Couldn't the Oracle restore the power of the talismanic objects? The death of the Protector restored the power of the talismanic objects.
And then his children took over his duty.
Levent has to die.
People fight for their families.
They die for their families.
However, the Protectors fight for humanity, even if their own blood is at stake.
So, isn't there anything you can do? You are the Oracle, couldn't you restore the talismanic objects' power? The objects don't sense the Protector's loyalty anymore.
Your connection with the objects must be restored.
But how? You feel guilty.
That feeling is eating you up inside.
It is crushing you.
And Leyla.
Your heart is overwhelmed by the fear of losing anyone else.
But the ultimate end is beyond your power, Protector.
You have to get over the fear or else the objects won't accept your will.
Hakan God damn it.
I really thought that she could help.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
And the people we have lost it was not your fault.
You have a question inside your mind since you came here.
Do you really know how all of this will end? Your efforts are in vain.
That woman will never come back to you again.
I think you are wrong about that.
Azra and Serdar couldn't find where they hide the formula.
I have an idea.
This wine is wonderful.
Faysal was right.
Aren't you worried that he disappeared all of a sudden? Yes, I'm worried.
But we have a mission.
That's why I'm here with you.
I don't think that you are interested in our mission, Rüya.
You're trying to deceive me.
You suddenly started to care about your duties now that everyone is dead.
I've always cared about you all.
But Faysal kept me away from you.
He kept saying that he had a plan and stalled me.
I know what you wanted all along.
Everybody knew, except for Faysal.
He was completely in love with you, and that made him blind.
What do you mean? You had him believing that your love was real.
But you were in love with something else all along.
And that's power.
And now, there's no one who can stand in your way, right? Congratulations.
This actually is nice.
Neşet used to take me to the fortress when I was a kid.
I know that place so well like the back of my hand.
If we meet there, I will have the upper hand.
What upper hand are you talking about? You know you have nothing that can protect you, right? You can't confront Levent like this.
He will not go by the book, Hakan, and you know that.
Zeynep, I can protect myself.
And remember that I have a good teacher.
She trained me very well.
He will try to kill you, that's for sure.
He's a traitor who came over once he saw he couldn't be a Protector.
Hakan is right, Zeynep.
Rüya and Mergen must have already found a hole to hide in.
Levent is our only chance to get a clue.
If I get Levent, we can also find out the place where they hide the formula.
What if you fail? - Oh come on! - Why don't you say something? We have no other choice, Zeynep.
OK, then.
I'm coming with you.
No, you are not coming.
Levent won't show up if he senses that someone else is also there.
No! I won't let you go, Hakan.
This will be suicide.
- Zeynep, let me go! - Let him go.
We may be on the same side right now, but we are not allies.
You got it wrong.
Don't touch Zeynep ever again.
Where are you going? I have some things to do.
What things? Will you go to a barbershop? Will you go shopping? - What is it? - I'll be back shortly.
Levent, stay.
It's dangerous.
Whatever you'll do, it can wait.
- Are you worried about me? - Of course I'm worried.
I'll be back safe and sound, I promise.
OK? You won't leave him alone, will you? He won't like the fact that you are following him.
I'm telling you.
Mind your own business.
He's really important to you, isn't he, Zeynep? I mean, it's like there's a special bond between you two.
It's not like his bond with Leyla.
It's different, it's stronger.
I have always felt that about you two.
Especially after what he has just done, one must be blind not to see that.
It's a shame that you hide your feelings for him.
Shut up! Know the value of your love, Zeynep.
Cherish it.
One day, you might lose it, just like that.
Just like you lost Rüya, right? Yes.
I don't want you to make the same mistakes that I did.
You don't know shit.
Time is ruthless, Zeynep.
It doesn't like waiting.
Hakan may not come back.
He may even die.
Are you really so sure you'll have time to tell him the truth? Levent! You don't have a gun, right? Just like we talked about.
This is a strange meeting place.
I like it.
Dad used to bring us here, do you remember? These are the gates Mehmed the Conqueror came to first when he conquered this city.
He looked at the city from this point.
It was his first gaze of Istanbul.
This city and everything around you is our home, Levent.
If the Immortals start their plan, everything will come to an end.
And it's a good thing, isn't it? Isn't it for the best that this city is destroyed? Look around you, look at what we've turned this world into.
We put up walls and build barriers to protect the world from the evil.
But what good does it do? The evil is inside of us, buddy.
Do you know who is evil, Hakan? That son of a bitch who killed my mother and my father is evil.
A monster who beats his wife is evil, for example.
Humanity is the poison! You are speaking just like them.
Because this is the truth! The Immortals aren't the evil.
The evil is us! Levent.
We have a duty to this city, we have responsibility for Istanbul! Fuck that shit.
Do you know how many Protectors there have been so far? Twenty-nine Protectors.
Twenty-nine babies were born and raised.
They fought and got killed by the same Seven Immortals.
Help me, then.
We can end it together.
We can stop them together, Levent! Nah! I'm sick of always being on the losing side.
Aren't you, too? Will you do that? Will you really turn your back on all of us to become an Immortal? If you can't beat them, join them, brother.
However, I can save you if you want.
You are my brother after all.
You are a coward.
You are a bad seed! Don't make me do it, Levent! Don't make me do it! I will do whatever it takes to save humanity! Even if it means that I have to kill you! I'll do it! Thank God that our parents can't see what you have become.
I wonder if there are other Loyal Ones whom we can call and ask for help? We are doing what has to be done.
Just don't interfere with our business anymore.
Why do you even want to stop this attack? Why did you come over? You're not the only ones who have a lot to lose.
You vile prick! You are old, but you are a very brave woman.
Because if death is breathing down your neck just like this, it's really easy to be brave.
Isn't it? I think we all need to take a deep breath and calm down.
We have to focus on finding the location of the formula.
Every passing second is in favor of the Immortals.
And I assure you they don't waste time.
Hakan! Hakan! Hakan! Hakan! Hakan! Hakan, are you OK? Zeynep? I was so scared, I thought something happened to you.
Where is he? - I don't know.
- Oh He must have gone.
We have to go immediately.
Yeah? I have to tell you something.
Is it about Faysal? What's wrong? Zeynep, tell me.
I love you.
I have loved you since the moment I saw you.
We We Hakan - Zeynep, this is not the right time.
- Hakan, wait.
Oh! I can't believe it! Did the shirt really restore its power? It's weird.
Where is the dagger? I have it with me.
Take it out.
Are you sure? This is the only way we can make sure.
Ugh! Zeynep! Are you all right? Come here.
It has never been this powerful.
- Is this where those old buildings are? - Yes, right.
So, it must be there.
It must be in a basement or something.
Give me an update.
Where is he? Where is Levent? He escaped.
How come? You were supposed to capture him.
That was only the plan I told you.
- What? - I changed my mind.
Remember, Faysal, I don't trust you.
What are you talking about? I provoked Levent so that he could start a fight.
When I got close enough I put one of these in his pocket.
All we have to do now is follow Levent to Rüya's laboratory.
You never told me about that plan.
I wasn't sure if my plan would work out.
That's why I didn't want you to come.
I had to make sure Levent wouldn't see you and get panicked.
I told you that I would do whatever I had to do.
And you did.
As always.
That doesn't mean anything.
The dagger still has no power to kill the Immortals.
Who knows? Maybe the talismanic objects got their power back.
This location is fixed.
There's no signal for a long time.
Let me see.
The Immortals keep the formula there.
Let's go.
No, we can't just go like that.
We need a plan.
Levent said they would attack tonight.
We have to go immediately.
Come on! Rüya I promise you, I will get the Protector.
I will bring Hakan to you.
Rüya, talk to me, please.
Don't make promises you can't keep, Levent.
I don't like empty words.
- No, it's not like that, I - Listen.
Do you know why I left Faysal? Because he always fails, he never wins.
And I don't waste my time with losers.
I'm nothing like Faysal.
Prove it, then.
Listen, Levent Listen.
When we are done and the other Immortals come back I will be the leader.
I need someone strong beside me.
- I just want that person to be you.
- I want that, too.
Then, do something for that purpose.
I promise you, I won't disappoint you.
That's it.
- We're here.
- Good.
Serdar, Azra, Zeynep, you go that way.
- Faysal and I will go this way.
- Wait a minute! I Zeynep, can you trust me just once? Please.
Come on.
There must be guards everywhere.
Mergen is paranoid, he doesn't trust humans.
Let's start.
Be careful.
Come on.
Listen to me, you will only kill Mergen.
Don't touch Rüya.
That's our deal.
- She's the mastermind of the plan.
- Mergen's the mastermind.
How do we know that she won't sell us out? Because I say there won't be such a thing.
I won't let her.
I don't care about the war or the hostility.
I only want to live here with Rüya.
Like you said, we are not friends.
If Rüya gets hurt, I will kill all of you.
Come on.
Check this floor.
I'll go and check the other side.
- Rüya! - Faysal.
What are you doing here? I came here to take you.
Are you with the Protector? Rüya I won't let you do this.
Mergen's plan won't work.
It's not Mergen's plan, it's mine.
Yours? Rüya, Hakan is here.
He is stronger than ever.
You are not going to make it.
He will kill all of you.
Come with me! I can't! Don't you understand? I want the others to come back.
When the other Immortals come, no one can beat us! Do you think this world is worth saving? That's my duty.
Then, I'm sorry for you.
This is your end.
Where is Faysal? You'll come with me! Come with me! Faysal! Don't forget that we have a deal.
You won't let them go, will you? Hakan it's one Protector versus two Immortals.
I don't think you have a chance.
He's not alone, you douchebag! I guess you're right.
I told you! Zeynep.
Zeynep! No! Fuck.
Zeynep, breathe.
Zeynep, stay with me.
Hang on.
Go after them.
Hakan, go! Go after them, leave me here.
I can't leave you.
Just breathe, you will be fine.
You will be fine, breathe.
Stay strong, Zeynep.
You said that you would do anything to stop them.
Zeynep, listen, we stopped their attack.
They will try again.
Don't wear yourself out.
You will be fine.
- Hang on.
- You can end it once and for all.
You can end it today.
Zeynep! - Zeynep, no! Zeynep! - Hakan Zeynep, no! Zeynep! Zeynep! Open your eyes, Zeynep! Zeynep, you can't leave me! Zeynep! Zeynep, no! No! ATTENTION, IT'S DANGEROUS AND FORBIDDEN TO ENTER THE AREA Subtitle translation by: Burak Patan