The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e23 Episode Script

You Can't Take It with You

Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something strange
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something weird
And it don't look good ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
What? What? What?
The Containment Unit.
It sounds like a major break.
Everything reads normal.
They're all in there.
I don't like this.
Why would the alarm signal
on non-corporeal rupture,
if there wasn't one?
It's late, I'm tired, and I don't know.
So can we just forget it happened?
No, Peter.
Ray's right, Peter.
We've never experience
an Ecto surge like this.
Even the alarms
that were switched off rang.
We have to follow it up.
It could be dangerous.
In that case, I'd love to come.
Compensating for ozone balance.
We are ready to attempt transit, sir.
Dense intermittent readings, dead ahead.
Dead ahead is a building, Ray.
I got it.
-What do you think, Peter?
-I don't know.
We are ready. ButJust get on with it.
Stage one!
We did it.
We transmitted physical matter
into the ghost world.
Good, good!
Now, I'll be able to take
my fortune with me.
I won't leave a penny behind,
not one penny!
This is a natural impossibility.
The energy level is so high,
it's as if someone
had opened a direct passage
to the spirit world.
Long distance is the next best thing
to being there.
I don't know what kind of
party's going on up there,
but we've gotta shut it down.
The readings confirm it,
we have opened a hole in the Ecto barrier.
The gold is definitely on the other side.
Send over the next load.
But, sir, we have to check
to see if there's,
been any adverse effect
on the environment.
I'm not concerned about the environment.
But the ozone may have been
The devil with the ozone!
Mr. Tummell, we agreed,
that after the first
successful transmission,
there would be time for evaluation for
Lose him.
You can't do this, we had an agreement.
They're like children.
They'll believe in anything.
Morality, contracts, the law.
The Easter bunny.
With everything automated,
I can control the whole operation myself.
I didn't work 80 years to become rich,
just to leave it all to charity.
Did you see something come back down?
I wish I could say I didn't.
What's that howling sound?
The wail of hundreds of ghost.
The open door to the Spirit World,
swings both ways.
And the ghosts are coming out.
What could they be doing up there?
So, ghosts have been
able to cross back across the barrier.
Get away from me!
I thought something like this
might happen.
My Ecto Shield works.
Now the final touch.
Come on, beat it, you creeps!
And stay out!
Oh, boy!
Ray, wake up.
I think we better get up there.
Ready, men? Go get 'em, Tex.
What is this stuff?
Looks like cobwebs to me.
Not possible.
Cobwebs are actually spider webs.
A sticky secretion from the spinnerets
Can we hold on a science lesson, Egon?
I have a more pertinent question.
-Nobody hired us to do this.
We aren't getting paid, what's the point?
They're ghosts!
We're Ghostbusters.
They'll leave,
go bother someone else, they call us,
and we get the ghosts then,
and we get paid.
Why do it for free?
It's not that simple, Peter.
These ghosts are being brought
through by artificial means.
And their Ecto-molecular
intro-structure is unstable.
They could start breaking up
at any moment.
Saves us of trouble, let's go home.
Unfortunately each new fragment
will become a complete ghost.
Then the cycle will repeat.
And eventually
the world will be full of ghosts?
In about 15 hours, yes.
Well, hey, we can do
a freebie now and then.
Let's get up there.
I think we'd better take the stairs.
Are you crazy? It's 150 floors.
Uh, Peter.
On second thought,
maybe I could live
with millions of ghosts.
Wait, there is another way.
I've got an idea, come on!
Oh, good! Ray has an idea, I can't wait.
I didn't know you could fly
one of these, Ray?
Sure, I won one free lesson back in '76.
What's wrong?
We're fighting
the magnetic field of the vortex.
What do you mean, "Uh-oh"?
That last lightning bolt hit the magneto.
What happens now?
Don't ask.
-It doesn't work.
Wire it!
You used to be more articulate, Egon.
Now, this isn't very neat.
It's gonna get
a lot less neat in about 12 stories.
Nine, eight
That wasn't so bad, was it?
Yes, but thanks awfully for asking.
Solid steel, we can't blast it.
Well, will just have to go over the side.
Over the side?
Are you serious about this?
Ready? All together.
One, two, three!
Where's Ray?
You should have thought of that
before we left the fire house.
How did you get down here?
Picked the lock with a nail file.
Wow! Some joint.
This Tummell must be some rich guy.
Top of the fortune 500.
Maybe he'll be grateful
that we saved him.
We haven't saved him yet.
Maybe that's him.
Come one.
Thank you for saving us.
Mr. Tummell was going
to put us in that terrible machine.
He was sending his fortune
into the ghost world
and he was gonna send us too.
Very Egyptian.
It make sense in a sick way.
Why be rich,
if you haven't got a few poor people
to push around, huh?
Still think we need to rescue
this guy, Peter?
Let's go have a talk with Mr. Money Bags.
So, I have uninvited guests.
Now, this is a lab.
I bet he doesn't have to scrounge around
for positronic drone generators
or transtators or
Let's not forget
why we came here, all right?
All right.
Well, we're renegotiating
the research budget, when we get home?
Mr. Tummell?
Could we have a word with you?
but you can have a word with these!
Lasers! Take cover!
Look out!
Nice try, Egon,
but the more I see of this Tummell clown,
the less I like.
That should keep them busy.
The gold is across.
Now, for the money.
Wow! That is fantastic.
Fantastic we don't need.
How about an idea?
No problem, come on.
If we can get him
to overload his equipment,
it should close the gate.
How do we do that?
I don't know.
I do, stay put.
You may as well stop, Tummell.
You blown it.
What'd you mean?
You can send over your loot,
but you're leaving
you biggest asset behind.
This building.
I don't know where you think
you're gonna live over there,
but I doubt they have hotels.
He's right.
Why didn't I see that?
Well, don't worry.
When you're gone,
we'll give this place to the United Way.
Never! You'll see.
I'm taking it all with me.
OK, Egon,
he's over loading his equipment. What now?
It all shuts down,
or we all blow up, boom.
Nicely put, Egon, very succinct.
Mr. Tummell, look out.
His wheelchair is out of control.
The system is running wild!
Shoot the control!
It's too late. The system's on automatic!
Computerized death.
Don't you love progress?
Yes, we do.
Cover me!
Egon, come back!
Cover the man.
Move it. Run.
What did you do in there?
The Ghost Trap set up a feedback loop.
If it works,
the feedback will jam the transmissions,
pull back the ghosts Tummell released,
and close the hole.
And if it doesn't?
If it doesn't,
you can forget about
the five bucks you owe me!
Now let's get out of here.
Is there anyone else in the building?
No, Mr. Tummell send everyone else away.
Good! Let's get to the roof.
The roof?
Will you hurry up?
Look, it's working.
The ghosts are going back
through the gate.
So is this building in about 30 seconds,
or have you forgotten.
Holy Heisenberg! That's right!
Ghostbusters ♪
The building's molecular structure
is beginning to liquefy.
Grab on, quick, before it goes.
That was close, man.
I don't think I can hold them off
much longer, we're a target.
This should attract their fire.
Good thinking, Winston.
It's going.
Ray, get us out of here.
Look at that!
It's gone.
Tummell's over there,
but his money is over here.
Any thoughts, Egon?
Molecular instability, I guess.
His building displaced to loot
that he had already sent.
Which means he's over there alone,
with his empty building.
He ain't alone, he's got his ghosts.
And we have his money, don't we?
Well, I guess this proves two old sayings.
Uh"You can't take it with you."
And what's the other one?
"Easy come, easy go."
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