The Split (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 I'm sleeping with my divorce lawyer.
And she steals stuff, too.
She's gorgeous and I think I might be properly falling for her.
- You changed the locks? - You stripped the house.
If we take this to court, the judge might not rule in your favour.
Are you ready for that? I want to win this, Hannah.
Lawyers! You poke around in OUR lives! You take a look at your own.
You knew.
The one thing I told myself: "You will NEVER do what my father did.
" - I was lonely.
- You're a hypocrite.
The night before your wedding, we slept together! And I asked you to come away with me and you you said - That is unfair.
- You said yes.
- We need to sell.
- We're in trouble.
- It will be all right in the end.
- And if it's not? Then it's not the end.
I'm not a hypocrite.
No, you're just a coward.
Whatever this is, I'm done.
SEAGULL CRIES VOICES CHATTER - SASHA: Wait, should I be doing this? - LIV: Maybe not.
Don't fish your toast out with metal.
You'll electrocute yourself.
Sorry, Mrs Stern.
Hannah is fine.
So, you're back? I I slept on the sofa.
TOASTER CLICKS DOG BARKS OUTSIDE CUPBOARD SQUEAKS Where have you been? I tracked your phone.
You were down by the Thames.
What were you doing? Walking.
Until 6 am? What do you want from me? To talk.
Talk? How many nights have I got nothing from you? Barely a grunt or a nod.
Head down, buried in work.
And now you want to talk? SHE SIGHS I know that I've hurt you.
I know what I've done.
But I've done it.
So we need to work out where we go from here, how to fix it.
We? No, you.
Y you work it out.
This isn't just about me.
This isn't all of my making.
- I might have been a dick - No shit.
but we haven't been honest with one another for a very long time and I want to be honest.
I'm tired of the pretence, Hannah, and I'm not going to walk away from this mess, from us.
Don't do that! Don't block me out.
- I am NOT your dad.
- Aren't you? We're a family, Hannah.
- WATER RUNS - We have to sort this stuff out! Couldn't you just elope? I have a variety of people, many of whom I do not particularly know or like, descending on this house.
Between then and now, I have two prenups, one root canal procedure and a settlement to win.
Can't take the blame for the root canal.
You do know 45% of marriages end in divorce? No, she's happy, really.
This is her happy.
MEN CHATTER - See you soon.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Did you touch the Davaro files? - Sorry? - I have a final hearing and they've been moved from my desk.
Jeb Cohen and Dan Meckler are here.
- They're waiting for you in boardroom nine.
- Right.
The Chicago boys are still in town? Now we're just firming up details of the expansion.
ZANDER: Yep? The McKenzie FDR.
I've just lost Stanley, his case has overrun.
- And you go to court in 24 hours.
- Yeah, I need a replacement barrister.
- Tom Grey? - Already tried.
Malcolm Olsen's usually worth a call.
No, he's on the, uh, Charmin divorce.
They've just delayed on the Nelson case.
That would mean Nathan is free.
- Great.
- Uh You could always try Mark Brand.
I appreciate working with Nathan is - probably not ideal right now.
- WATER POURS That was a generous settlement you turned down from Davey McKenzie.
- Mm.
- Anything less than an increase in that offer will be interpreted as a loss.
So don't let me down.
I'll, uh, call Nathan's clerk.
Do not lose this.
I want McKenzie's head on the wall.
You're free.
Thanks, Larry.
Did you sleep with him? Hurts, doesn't it? Settle.
Take the money and let's just move on, eh? This isn't you.
You know, I don't know what's worse losing Davey or losing you.
Do you want to play this out tomorrow? Make him suffer more than he is? Well, you'll kill him.
WHISPERS: Here's hoping.
BOTH LAUGH KEYS RATTLE ON TABLE Oh! What am I to do with you? I wouldn't mind a boiled egg.
I didn't come all the way from New York to make you eggs.
- WATER RUNS FROM TAP - I came for a wedding.
HE SOFTLY GROANS Nathan's on his way up.
- Did he get everything? - Couriered it over to his chambers.
Twice in one day! People will talk.
You're late.
RUTH SCOFFS Hannah's clearly driving this to a final hearing.
Davey's already volatile since Mrs McKenzie turned down his offer.
The last thing we need is to make him any angrier by prolonging this.
Oh, and you had several calls.
Och! I passed JJ Johnson having a breakfast meeting this morning.
He was positively salivating, asking if we are for sale.
I told him, "Not without a fight.
" Though it would help considerably if the McKenzie FDR goes well for us.
On the upside, their barrister's had to pull out.
He's on the Radcliffe case.
They've brought Nathan in to replace him.
SHE GASPS What is most important to Mrs McKenzie is that I keep my role as company secretary and place on the board.
I was there from the start.
I did the books.
I liaised with clients, traders.
This was all before the children.
I was instrumental in Davey's success.
If this goes to a final hearing, we can certainly argue that, but in terms of the FDR All we're looking for is a fair reflection of Mrs McKenzie's contribution to the company, plus the marriage broke down because he had an affair.
Well It's irrelevant, you know It can still sway a judge's opinion.
Certainly, it says something about a man's character.
A man who betrays a woman who has been wife, mother confidante, friend.
A man, WITH children, who has deceived his wife for God knows how long.
They may argue that he felt ignored.
And we can bat back the love and support she so obviously gave him.
Affairs are the symptom, not the cause, of a marriage breaking down.
We had sex the night before last if that's relevant.
- Not entirely, but - Good to know.
OK, moving on to point five Don't do that.
Don't attack me through a client.
Just It's fine, Nathan.
I'll I'll I'll find someone else.
- Mark Brand is free.
- Mark Brand, he's a Neanderthal.
Absolutely Oh, God, that's all I need.
Seriously? And what are you? You're dragging your knuckles across the floor like a silverback.
Fine, all right, let's finally call it.
I don't like Christie.
I've never liked him.
- He's too tall, too blond, too Danish.
- Dutch.
- He's Dutch.
- I don't give a shit what he is.
I give a shit that you want to screw him.
This this is unprofessional.
- Nathan - No I slept with a woman that I barely know and who I've no desire to see again, but you know what? It felt good to be with someone who seemed to actually want to be with me.
Don't call Mark Brand.
She'll lose with Mark Brand.
- Hey.
- Uh, troops are gathering.
Ah! My damned papers are all over the place.
Get Sean to do it.
Are you sure about this? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
Christie? I'm good, let's go.
Tomorrow, as most of you know, we have an important FDR.
The McKenzie divorce.
Wishing you luck, Hannah.
Any other news? I was out with a couple of guys from JJ Johnson last night.
They heard Defoe's are going under.
McCulvey were inquiring about the office space and they were told that the Defoe building might be coming up for sale.
They're fine.
Last time I spoke to everyone there, it's it's business as usual.
If we all went jumping on rumour, this place would have gone under twice by now.
Moving on As Noble & Hale continues to gather more international clients, we're expanding our US base.
We've needed someone to head up the new Chicago office and I'm delighted to announce that Mr Carmichael will be overseeing that expansion.
APPLAUSE He took some persuading, but he finally agreed this morning.
MAN: Congratulations.
MAN: Well done, man, dead pleased.
- Thanks.
- WOMAN: That's fantastic.
Max Lacey, he's found something on Davey McKenzie.
(HANNAH PANTS) Give me five minutes, OK? - Hannah.
- Just five minutes.
WATER RUNS NINA: Maya at the wedding? It's up to your sister.
It's Rose's wedding.
- When did she arrive? - Flew in this morning.
Moving on You're right, I have been burying my head in the sand for far too long.
I've just had a call from Reed McCulvey.
Oh, God, no! It's a smaller firm.
Still very reliable.
We will die! WHISPERS: He can't take all of us.
- Well, how many?! - I don't know yet.
All eyes are on the McKenzie case.
Right now, I'm trying to prep for tomorrow, fending off calls from every lawyer in town, and somewhere in that equation we have to get through a wedding! - No, Hannah won't let you sell to them.
- Hannah is not here any more.
RUTH SIGHS Aah! So, I hear our private investigator got something on the McKenzie case.
He did good.
I'm just working through it now.
It's not a rumour, is it? About Defoe's.
- Zander - Just do me a favour, don't let your mother be seduced by McCulvey.
SHE SCOFFS You didn't know.
Do now.
Thank you.
She's going to need the McKenzie case to go her way.
If you're asking will I go easy on her I left.
I left Defoe's.
CHATTER NEARBY A few of us are going out for a drink to celebrate Christie's departure.
Yeah, maybe later, cos I need to prep.
Don't work too late.
THEY LAUGH I can't not invite her.
You can and you won't.
OK, it's 36 hours until my wedding.
That is not enough time for me to set my face to meet the woman who stole our father.
Any time you want to interject.
It's her wedding.
SHE SIGHS So, it was just me hating her all this time, then? Aah! Look, I am under no Mary Poppins illusions, OK? You popped that bubble a long time ago.
I'm over it! The evil whore face that shall not speak her name has been with Dad longer than Mum! Yeah, I looked at those.
They're sweet, funny, sad.
They're the past, Hannah.
I'm so over the past, I want some present.
I want some now.
Talking of which, are you doing a speech? Again? No.
But you always do the speeches.
I've run out of things to say.
I've asked him to sort music.
He's fixated on his wedding suit.
- MUSIC PLAYS UPSTAIRS - Trousers are too short.
I mean, who gets a growth spurt at 34? MUSIC CONTINUES: Because you're gorgeous I'd do anything for you ALL LAUGH I know you'll get me through You said my clothes were sexy OK.
I nearly didn't do this and now I am.
I just want to do this.
Can we just please do this? It's my bloody ball.
So smile, bitches, please! Fine, but she sits on the kids' table.
I take stuff because I can.
Because there's this moment when I'm waiting for someone to stop me.
And they never do.
And then I'm out the door.
And it's mine.
And no-one can take it from me.
That's wacko.
Your feet are cold.
Are you going to sleep in here every night? Don't know yet.
Dad's an arse.
But he's our arse.
Don't leave us, Mum.
Come here.
I'm here.
DOOR BANGS Oh, she's there.
Sorry! Sorry, traffic was rammed.
Let's get inside.
Give him five more minutes.
- For the last eight - Mm, nine years.
nine years, Davey has been maintaining expenditure, both within the company and his personal life, by fraudulently moving money between accounts.
Which accounts? Company pension fund.
Oh, my God.
We're setting the figure at around £18 million.
- Right.
- Which ultimately skews the value of the company and any financial settlement.
Some of our employees have been with us 30-odd years.
- But we can't use any of it.
- Why? If it confirms he's concealing information We used a PI who gained the information from an inside source.
We suspect a former employee with a gripe.
So, legally, we can't present it in court, but we can use it as ammunition to get a better deal.
So, now, we disclose what we've found to the other side.
A 70/30 split in your client's favour AND a seat on the board? Perhaps you'd like to talk once you've read it.
What is it? Clerk's calling us to go in.
Now! He's he's not here.
Oh, my God.
He's here.
- Bye.
- Good luck.
Mum! You didn't need to come! It's all right, love.
It's going to be all right.
Please don't do this, Mum.
Just settle.
Just look after your sister, OK? How could you?! You better win for me today.
Yes, well, then, perhaps you should have played straight with me from the start.
Today's Financial Dispute Resolution is exactly that the chance to resolve financial disputes.
It seems, based on current assessment, that what is being offered and what is being requested is somewhat far apart.
I would appreciate that we get this done as swiftly and as painlessly as possible.
My client is prepared to offer a 55/45 split.
And her role as company secretary and her seat on the board guaranteed? - It's a vanity title.
- Well, then, humour me.
She wishes to be more closely involved.
- You are in a corner.
- I've yet to see anything official.
And when you're in a corner, you hold up your hands, you do not turn your back.
Get Davey to settle this.
Unless you want me to inform the court.
WHISPERS: Give me a break, will you? This is bad for us.
It's bad for Defoe's.
Come back with a better deal.
We can pay it back and no-one will be the wiser.
I will be the wiser.
HE SIGHS So, what would you advise now? That you give her what she wants, and we walk away with a settlement today.
Start with both properties, as offered, plus an increase in her share offer.
The money is academic.
This isn't about money.
She wants to be let back in.
- To keep her place on the board.
- HE SIGHS - I can't let her see.
- See what? We all have to come out into the light one day, to know when to concede defeat, and I promise you I understand that.
So, I suggest you start talking right now.
They're taking their time.
Good sign.
They're working up to a better offer.
- Ruth, there is a protocol - To hell with protocol.
The transfers from the pension fund were made in your children's name.
Their signatures authorised it.
If you push this to a final hearing, it won't be just your husband you are exposing to criminal prosecution.
SHOUTS: Davey! No.
You didn't? - Michael! - We're sorry! We're sorry! We did it because we had to.
- We were going under.
- You bastard! Where do you think all the money came from all these years, Goldie? I'm very pleased that both parties have reached a settlement.
One could question why Mr McKenzie has made such a generous offer, but I won't stand in the way of your agreement.
MAN: Court rise! - Congratulations.
- Thank you.
35 million, both properties, and she keeps her role as company secretary and place on the board.
Nice work.
Goldie! Thank you.
I'll see you Monday.
If you ever use our children to bail you out again Well, then you can fire me.
Kids, I'll see you both on Monday.
You tell yourself, "Just stay in it a bit longer, hang on in there a bit longer, do it for the kids.
" Then the kids grow up, and what have you taught them? How to lie.
WHISPERS: Thank you.
MICHAEL: Mum? Nicely played.
They have views in Chicago.
I've been with Nathan for ever.
- I can't - But it's OK for him to have an affair? No.
But we've grown into one another.
I don't think I can do that again.
With anyone.
I grind my teeth at night.
It drives Nathan crazy.
I hate holidays.
We go on holidays, I ruin holidays.
- Can never leave my work behind.
- What are you doing? It'd drive you crazy, too.
We'd get bored with one another.
We'd hate one another.
It's marriage, Christie.
Maybe it's just being with someone.
Maybe I want to be bored by you.
Maybe I want to be bored and irritated and driven mad by you every day.
But I will never know if you don't try.
I'm sorry.
Me, too.
In another life Oh, yeah.
(HE CHUCKLES) HE SIGHS In another life.
Goodbye, Hannah.
Still here? You OK? Um I thought if I changed my name it would be easier.
It would be OK to leave Defoe's.
But it isn't, and I can't just stand by and watch the company being destroyed.
The name erased.
I really wanted to come here.
I really love working at Noble & Hale - Don't say it.
- but I'm a Defoe.
To my core.
I am Hannah Defoe.
POP MUSIC PLAYS, HE LAUGHS OVER SOUND SYSTEM: I need to know now Know now Can you love me again? - I just wanted to see everything was OK.
12 hours to go.
- So, we're all good? - Yeah.
- You were right, it's not the end until it's the end.
- Right.
12 hours.
And counting.
VICAR CHUCKLES 12 is a good number.
12 sons of Jacob, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples.
According to the Book Of Revelation, the Kingdom of God has 12 gates guarded by 12 angels.
- 12 symbolises completeness.
- Jack, can you, um ? The Jesus Jedi mind stuff, don't bother trying any of that on Rose.
That other thing I'm going to try and get that out of my mind and enjoy my wedding, but if it happens again I will kill you.
I know you need to clean in here Will you just admit you need new glasses? RUTH SCOFFS I've just come back from a root canal.
You can't go with Reed McCulvey.
Is nothing no-one's business any more?! I talked to Zander.
Noble & Hale will buy you out.
SHE GASPS We can absorb most of the stuff.
How many will you take? I will need at least a floor.
We can rationalise a large percentage of the staff into the company.
He'll take Nina, but as a partner.
HANNAH SIGHS And you have to step down.
It will, uh keep the Defoe name.
Noble, Hale And Defoe? That means something.
But it's down to you.
You're still putting me out to grass.
Think about it.
Take your time.
I don't need to.
Are you sure? Life is all about losses and gains, Hannah.
It's all about working out the losses and the gains.
DOOR OPENS You didn't want to go out celebrating? He's leaving.
Christie's leaving.
He's going to help set up the Chicago office.
So you don't need to worry any more.
- When? - Sunday.
I thought you'd be happy.
I'm just tired.
It's been a long day.
I'm I'm sorry.
I'm I'm so sorry.
Till the day I die, I'll regret what I did.
So be angry with me and hate me and take as long as you need, but tonight Can we please just be together tonight? Because it isn't love.
Whatever you think it is with him, it's not Love is this.
What we're doing now.
All of this.
Love is this.
ALARM PLAYS UPBEAT MUSIC L is for the way you look at me O is for the only one I see It's rubbing my neck.
Wear it for now and then you can put it in your pocket later.
V is very, very extraordinary James.
James! Your Auntie Malin wants to sit in the front row.
Oh It's not the theatre.
Just take one of those.
GENTLE CHATTER I might bar him.
Is that all right? Game for two Two in love can make it Take my heart and please don't break it Mr Pope.
- Mrs Stern.
- Smile and wave.
- Hello, hello, hello.
Please, go in.
- Hello.
Ruth! How lovely! You're wearing red.
So I am.
The proverbial right of the bride.
You should go in.
Vinnie's taking his tie off.
Can you talk to him? Yes.
OK, everyone, best behaviour.
MAYA: Hello, Ruth.
Hello, Hannah.
Nathan saved you seats.
- Well, your father should wait outside.
- I'm sure I can find it.
Extraordinary E is even more than You look beautiful, Ruth.
Thank you.
Sorry! Sorry, I left my bouquet in the car.
- You - Too much? So, you and Dad should go in.
Oh, I want Mum to walk me in.
If that's OK.
- I thought you and Hannah could - Perfect.
ORGAN PLAYS "Bridal Chorus" SHE MOUTHS Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today CHEERING AND APPLAUSE BELLS RING OU Rose, we love you very much.
I'm sorry.
One, two, three, four.
When I met you at the restaurant CHEERING You could tell I was no debutante Surreal.
Definitely surreal.
Hannah and Nina? Photo! I'll have a cup of tea And tell you of my dreaming Dreaming is free Dreaming Dreaming is free I don't want to live on charity Pleasure's real or is it fantasy? Reel to reel is living rarity People stop and stare at me We just walk on by We just keep on dreaming Mother! Dreaming is free Do you want to see it again? Dreaming - Dreaming is free - Ready? Feet, feet, walking a two mile Meet me, meet me at the turnstile I never met you I'll never forget him Dream, dream, even for a little while Dream, dream, filling up an idle hour La-la-la-la I sit by and watch the river flow Love you.
I sit by and watch the traffic go Imagine something of your very own Something you can have and hold I'll build a road of gold Just to have some dreaming Dreaming is free Dreaming Whoo! CHATTER NEARBY I'd forgotten how much I hate wearing these things.
Hannah, Hannah.
What's going on with Hannah, hm? CHEERING OUTSIDE - RUTH: Oh, no.
- Yes.
Yes! CHEERING My job is to listen.
REALLY listen.
To read between the lines.
People think it's sad work, but I find it utterly fascinating and humbling to be there at the end.
LAUGHTER Now, I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking, "What is this crazy lady doing, talking about divorce at a wedding?" But I have found through life that love and hate are so often intertwined.
Or perhaps I should say the love that's there at the start is still there at the end and so often behind the hate.
Otherwise, why would people care so much? I listen to my clients the way I listen to my children.
I listen out for what they're really saying, trying to work out if this is really where this marriage should end.
And what I heard when Rose spoke of James was love.
GUESTS: Aw Real love.
Real care.
Real fascination.
And if I hear that in a client, EVEN when they're often trying to destroy the other person, I also hear that perhaps this is a marriage that is not yet ready to end, that this is a marriage that can, will sustain.
And so I try and guide them, as I have done with all my children along the way.
You're the cream in my coffee You're the milk in my tea You're - CHEERING - No! No! Words.
I listen to words all day, but love that's what I want for my children.
That's what I look out for every time.
That's what always hits me square in the eye.
So, to love GUESTS: To love! And to Rose and James! GUESTS: Rose and James! Long may it sustain! CHEERING MUSIC PLAYS Don't any of them want to sleep? Some of us have to get up in the morning.
Great speech.
Thank you.
Decidedly average.
- Made better by the company - Why did you stop me? Why did you stop me the morning of my wedding? You've drunk too much.
I was going to do it.
I was going to, then suddenly pfft! - You were there.
- I don't recall.
You made me breakfast.
- You never made me breakfast.
- It was your wedding.
You told me to sit down and eat breakfast.
SHE GASPS You knew.
- How did you ? - Wonderwall is a terrible song.
- You you know everything.
- Not everything.
Other than YOU are playing a dangerous game.
I'm not like Dad.
I won't break up my family.
Who said anything about breaking up family? It's called an affair.
The trick is to ensure it doesn't become something more.
CHEERING RUTH SIGHS Your father looks exhausted.
He should stay here tonight.
- Why don't you stay here tonight? It's fine.
- Really? NINA: Hannah Come and sit with the feet.
27 years.
Not bad.
As far as affairs go.
That's interesting.
- A real boyfriend.
- Yeah! - Look, no strings.
- ROSE LAUGHS Night! Thank you.
Come on.
Liv's a little drunk.
- Aw - I love you, Mum.
- I love you, darling.
- THEY KISS Come on.
How good were you guys today? I'm going to hang out here, help clear up.
I was thinking today, we've been together our entire adult life.
That means something.
Hold on to that.
I love you, Hannah Defoe.
Whatever it is you're going through right now whatever you're on the edge of just When you've worked it out please just come back.
Daddy! Oh! Hang on.
MUFFLED: Hang on.
Hang on.
I've got to undo it.
I've got to Darling Darling.
- I can't undo the buttons! - Shut up! - Shh! Shh! - Oh, sorry.
- SHE MOUTHS - Whoa! - Oh, get me shoes off.
Hannah It's Dad.
Whatever I can do, I Don't go to Chicago.

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