The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Summer Nights

Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!
Every birthday
I've ever had has been here,
in this house.
Cha, cha, cha, happy birthday
It's always the same.
Mom makes me Mickey Mouse pancakes.
Everyone gives me presents.
Dear Belly
It's the one day the boys
have to include me in everything.
It's my favorite day of the year.
- What is that?
- Infinity.
Do you know what that means?
It's really cool. I
learned it in math class.
So, you know how numbers keep
getting bigger and bigger?
A hundred, a thousand, a million.
To get to the biggest
number in the world,
you'd have to keep counting
because there's always a bigger number.
It's boundless.
I don't get it.
Imagine it's a racetrack.
You see how there's no
starting or ending point?
You could travel endlessly
around those curves.
Goes on forever.
That's infinity.
Golden brown and crisp.
That's how it's supposed to look.
How's it going over there?
- Look at these pancakes.
- It's ready.
Morning, everyone.
- Happy birthday.
- Hey!
There's the birthday girl,
looking like a vision in floral.
Happy birthday.
Happy sweet 16, Bells.
Now Belly Button's getting old finally.
- Happy birthday.
- Thanks, everyone.
- Happy birthday, sweetheart.
- Thanks, Mom.
Your Mickey Mouse pancakes are ready.
Actually, I'm not really, uh, hungry.
Shall we open gifts?
Oh, you're gonna love mine.
It's a first edition.
I got it from a rare book dealer.
Thanks, Mom.
Turn to the bookmarked page.
- It's your favorite poem.
- Oh, yeah.
I remember Susannah
teaching us to recite this.
"For whatever we lose
Like a you or a me
It's always ourselves we find
in the sea."
Thank you. I love it.
You're welcome.
Okay, open mine now, Belly.
Oh, wow.
They're gorgeous. Thank you, Susannah.
My mom gave me these pearls
for my sweet 16.
Radiant, isn't she?
They look great on you, sweetheart.
Oh, I'm next.
- Here.
- Thank you.
It's a good-luck charm to help
you pass your driving test.
Thank you.
- Think fast, Belly.
- What?
Wow, Steven, I can't
believe you actually
- spent money on me.
- Relax.
I just didn't want you stealing
mine next year when I get in.
I didn't know you were
still considering Princeton.
You know, I-I think I'm gonna
apply for some scholarships,
and Dad thinks I can
get some financial aid.
I-I don't know. I'll see if I get in.
Okay. Um
Conrad, uh, do you want
to give Belly your present?
Sorry, I forgot.
Uh, that's that's cool. Um
I wasn't really expecting
anything anyway, so
Oh, so I got to go.
Um, I promised Cleveland
that I'd show him
some knots today, so
Happy birthday, Belly.
Hey. Why don't we take my
car and practice driving
before we have to pick up
Taylor from the bus station.
Okay, slow and
steady. You're doing great.
Just keep going straight, okay?
You excited to see Taylor?
Yeah, uh, of course. So excited.
You sure?
Look, she's my best friend in the world,
but, um, I mean, you know how Taylor is.
She's like a hurricane.
Oh, yeah, yeah. Hurricane Taylor.
And I guess I always
feel like the supporting
character around her,
which, normally, I don't mind.
But it's your birthday,
and you're the main
character, Belly, not her.
Yeah. Thanks, Jere.
- Whoops.
- Bells?
We're gonna need a part two
to this driving lesson, okay?
And part three and part four.
All right, just picture
it like this, okay?
This standing line is the
tree, and all you have to do
is make a loop for the
rabbit hole, and the rabbit
comes out of the hole,
around the back of the
tree, back down the hole.
You got yourself a bowline knot.
That is one of the most
convoluted metaphors
I have ever encountered.
Yeah, I guess growing up around it,
I never really thought about
how weird it might sound, but
No, no, no.
So, um
They're doing this,
um, segment with me for
the Good Morning Massachusetts
show this afternoon.
Ha, ha. And, uh,
could you come early and help me prep?
You know, I do not want
to get canceled by
the sailing community.
Yeah, no, yeah, I'd be,
I'd be, I'd be happy to.
Great. I look forward to sounding like
I know what I'm talking about.
It's rabbits and trees, man.
All right, let's get back to it.
- Uh
- Right, man.
- Show me what you got.
- Tree.
- Rabbit.
- Yeah.
Thank you. Thank you.
Okay, so I know it's a little bit extra
to go all the way to New
York just for dress fittings,
but this designer, Olivia Lim,
I'm trying to work with, she's amazing.
She just graduated from
Central Saint Martins
in London last summer, and
she's just been blowing up.
Yeah. Yeah, no, I-I think
I've actually heard about her.
And, oh, my gosh, her studio
in Chinatown is so cool.
She hands you Pocky
and champagne in a can
the minute you walk in.
Whoa. Getting customers
buzzed on-on sugar and booze,
- that's the move.
- Yeah. That's what I'm saying.
And if you look at her Instagram,
she has some menswear options
that might go really nicely with
what I'm planning on wearing.
I mean, yeah. Yeah, no, I mean,
those look, those look great.
We, like, totally don't
have to coordinate outfits
- if you don't want to. It's fine.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
I-I want to.
Geez, I'm sorry.
No, I really, really want to.
I mean, honestly, you're, like,
the best-dressed girl in Cousins.
It's, um not that hard.
Look, um
I just really want to
look good next to you.
You will.
You do.
Twenty bucks she calls
you "Jeremy" again.
I don't I think she
learned from last time.
You think?
That's how she flirts with you.
Here she comes.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Belly, you little tart.
You finally took my advice.
This outfit is snatched.
Oh, my God, Taylor.
Isn't Belly looking like a snack?
Thank you.
Oh, uh, here, let me get your bag.
Thank you. You're such
a gentleman, Jeremy.
- Of course.
- Um
- It's Jeremiah, not Jeremy.
- I like "Jeremy" better.
Uh, should we, uh, head home?
Ooh, actually, can we make a stop first?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Mmm. I live.
I would literally eat
this every day if I could.
Me, too.
Open your present.
I think it'll look so hot on you.
Do you like it?
Okay, Belly would never wear that.
Actually, I really like it.
Thank you, Taylor.
You're welcome.
Okay, so, what's the plan for
tonight? Where's the party?
Well, Susannah always
plans a big lobster dinner.
Boring. No.
It's your 16th birthday.
We have to go out.
No, no, no. These dinners
are really, really fun.
And Susannah had the idea
to make it Midsommar themed,
so she got flower crowns
especially made for us and everything.
Don't you think you should be spending
your birthday with people your own age?
I am. You're here.
Hello? Am I invisible?
And I guess Steven.
And Cam's coming, too.
Yay, I'm so excited to meet
the guy who finally got you
to take your eyes off of you-know-who.
- Taylor.
- What?
I have an idea.
We can go to Nicole's big blowout
at her place tonight.
Maybe go after dinner?
Yes. Who's Nicole?
She's my big sister for the deb ball.
She's super nice and just
really cool and fun and
Ugh, I'm, like, melting right now.
Can we go back to the house?
I want to change into my
bikini and jump in the pool.
- I call shotgun.
- Come on, Bells.
Okay. Hold on.
I'm coming.
Oh, wow. Look who decided to be nice.
Conrad is going to lose
his mind when he sees
you in this bikini.
No, I doubt it. I honestly
think he couldn't care less.
- Come on, Belly.
- No, seriously.
He didn't even get me
a present this year.
- What?
- Yeah.
He claimed he forgot.
- Ugh, what a little bitch.
- Yeah.
I can't believe you went
against my very sound advice
and went and got booed up anyway.
I guess.
I mean, she's, like, the
hottest girl I've ever met.
We know you're gossiping
about us over there.
Yeah, you wish.
Let's play chicken.
- No. Not chicken.
- Yes.
I was like 12 the last time we played.
Oh, come on, it'll be hilarious.
Hey, I'm down. Come on, Steven.
Dibs on Jeremy.
Oh, great, that means
I'm stuck with Steven.
That isn't fair. Are you kidding me?
Taylor's so much lighter.
Oh, I'm sorry I'm so massive.
- Wh
- I wouldn't want to break
your delicate little shoulders.
No, you're just taller
than her is all. That's
Oh, come on.
You're such a complainer.
Let's just switch.
Fine. Fine.
- Let's take them down, Bell.
- Fine. Ugh.
You guys ready?
You're going down.
- Undefeated. Undefeated.
- Let's go. Let's go.
- Oh, my
- Go.
- No!
- Ugh, Steven.
Why are your shoulders so slippery?
Uh, maybe it's all that oil
you slathered on your legs.
Uh, maybe if you had
some hair on your chest,
I wouldn't be sliding
all over the place.
Okay. Let's just go. Let's just go.
- Uh, go.
- Come on, come on.
All right. Three, two, one, go.
- Hey, hold on.
- Oh, snap.
Oh, my God.
Come on.
- Yeah! Whoo!
- Yeah! Give me some.
- God, that was so your fault.
- That was completely your fault.
- What?
- Are you kidding me?
- Still the champs.
- Yeah.
- Still the champs.
- Hey, guys.
Hey, Nicole.
Hi. Happy birthday, Belly.
Are you guys playing chicken?
Um, yeah. It was, it was Taylor's idea.
Hey, I'm Taylor.
- Hi.
- She's my best friend from home.
Just visiting for the weekend.
- That's cute.
- Yeah.
You guys want to play a real game?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Sounds good.
Go, Jere. I'm sorry, Jere.
You're slipping, Steven.
- Yeah? Yeah?
- Yeah.
Okay. No, no, now it's on.
Got it.
- Oh, yours, yours, yours.
- Oh, nice.
Aw, we messed up.
Got it.
What you want, Belly? Belly.
- Oh!
- Steven, it-it's you.
- I don't think you're ready.
- Come on.
Oh, my God.
- Are you okay?
- I'm so sorry.
- I didn't
- Taylor.
It was an accident.
I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
Yeah, no, I'm-I'm-I'm totally fine.
Y-You guys keep playing.
Let me see it. Let's go inside.
I'll get you some ice.
Conrad, it's okay.
I'm so, so sorry again, Nicole.
- Feel better, okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Come on, Belly.
Conrad can take care of Nicole.
Let's go inside and look at ourselves
in the mirror some more.
Yeah, have fun with that.
Does it hurt?
Conrad, I told you I was fine.
I know. I just
Well, thank you for taking care of me.
Any time.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, God. Um, I'm sorry,
I got to, I got to go.
- Uh Okay.
- I'm late.
- That's cute.
- Mm-hmm.
What's happening at the bookstore?
I don't know. Should we rubberneck?
- Always.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me. Oh.
Am I crazy, or does Cleveland
Castillo look good?
No, it's the celibacy talking.
I think he might just be perfect
"sex after divorce" material.
- What?
- What? Didn't you say
you devoured his book
- in like a day?
- Yeah, but then
I read that essay in The
New Yorker about his ex.
He's gay.
I read that essay, too. He is not gay.
He's bi.
What? Does that make a difference?
- Of course not.
- Well then what's the harm
in a little summer fling?
I'd rather be here with you.
Darling, you already are.
Live a little.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
- Connie.
- Hey, sorry, I'm late.
Yeah, I would love
to talk about the book
that, uh, I'm about to write.
It's, uh, it's about sailing.
I don't know what to think
about you this summer.
What do you mean?
Suddenly, you care about clothes.
You have new friends.
You have a boyfriend.
Yeah, well, I told you this
summer would be different.
I know. I have to admit
I'm kind of freaked out by your glow-up.
Oh, don't you always say,
"Belly, don't be so afraid of change"?
No, I know, I know.
Can you just promise me one thing?
- Yeah, anything.
- We'll always be best friends?
That'll never change.
Best friends forever.
Come on.
I thought we were keeping dinner simple.
It's Belly's sweet 16.
Is Connie done shucking the corn?
Mm, not yet.
I can't believe he
forgot Belly's birthday.
What's up with that?
He's been shut down
like this since April.
When he and his girlfriend broke up?
Yeah, but he won't talk to me about it.
I just, I want to make sure he's okay.
Remember that time he broke
his arm and didn't tell anyone
because he didn't want to be a bother?
Classic Connie.
Do you think maybe
you could talk to him?
I mean, you-you've always had
a way of making him open up.
I'm on it.
'Sup, Laurel?
I just wanted to check in with you.
How have you been?
We used to talk.
- We still talk.
- Barely.
You're still my special guy, you know.
You're the first baby.
You can talk to me about anything.
Thank you.
You know
you don't have to hold
everything in all the time.
You don't always have to be strong.
I know.
I'm just
It's been a while since I was your age,
but I still remember what it
was like to have my heart broken.
Losing your first love, it hurts,
and it takes time to get over it.
Aubrey, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, no. That was brutal.
Wow. Cool.
- This is delicious.
- Yeah.
- Of course it is.
- So, Cam.
You mind if I call you Cam Cameron?
Mm-hmm. Yeah, man.
Feel free. That's funny.
- Cool.
- I'm glad
you're here, Cameron.
I know your mom, Denise, from the club.
I have heard a lot about you.
Thank you so much for
having me, Susannah.
My mom says hi.
- Mm.
- Cam, have you
ever had miyeok-guk before?
It's a Korean birthday tradition.
No. Looks so good. Thank you.
Belly told me you're vegetarian,
so I didn't put any meat in it.
Thank you, Laurel. Oh, geez.
Why don't you eat meat, Cam Cameron?
Uh, the meat industry
is, like, the number one
- contributor to global warming.
- Mm.
And I just, I like animals.
Just don't come for my leather jacket.
- I'm pretty sure you mean pleather.
- Ooh.
You know, uh, actually, Belly eats meat.
So, you let her kiss
you with those lips?
No, I don't judge
people for eating meat.
It's just, like, a personal
choice. I don't care.
So you don't mind if,
uh, like, her lips touch
a dead animal, and then
those dead animal lips
touch your lips, right? Ow.
I don't mind at all.
Um, in fact
All right.
All right, all right.
Belly's allowed to kiss,
but that's it.
Mom, please. No. You're so not funny.
- No more wine for you, okay?
- I'm sorry. I just
don't understand why anybody
would want to kiss somebody
who once fully shat in the bathtub.
I was like two years old.
- Two? More like six.
- Six.
- Shut up, Steven.
- Steven.
Aw, I remember that.
God, that feels like a lifetime ago.
I remember when I visited last summer,
and you and you dared him
to pee in the fireplace,
and you stunk up
the entire house for
days. Do you remember that?
I blamed the neighbor's cat.
We were drunk. We were drunk.
On like half a White Claw.
She got you there.
You know, um, I'm thinking
maybe we should go to Nicole's party.
Oh, my God. I love you. I'm so excited.
- Ow. Oh
- It goes on your lashes,
not in your eyeball.
Uh, yeah, that's what I'm trying to do.
Just let me do it.
Tonight is gonna be so much fun.
Yeah, I just hope it's not a disaster
like the last party I went to.
You went to one party
for like 20 minutes.
It barely even counts.
Yeah, and I embarrassed
myself in front of everyone.
No, you made people notice you.
Enjoy it. Don't spoil it.
I mean, I guess it was pretty badass
having a black eye for a day.
Zero clumps.
I'm a genius.
Oh, we should totally
wear these to the party.
Wh I mean, Susannah got
those as, like, a fun thing
for my birthday dinner.
Isn't it weird if we wear them
- out of the house?
- No.
It's hot.
Look at us.
We're hot-ass bitches.
You know I've dated your daughter.
Dude. That was awesome.
Belly, you came!
Hey, Nicole. You look so pretty.
Oh, me? Look at you. Oh, my goodness.
- Are those real flowers?
- Yes.
Incredible. Well, we have to show Gigi.
Yeah, yeah, totally.
- You want to come?
- You have fun over there.
- Okay. Okay.
- I'm gonna go find a drink.
You guys, look who's here.
Birthday girl.
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
Thank you. Thank you, guys.
Um, is this for me?
Who else would it be for, Belly?
Oh, my Thank you, guys.
These cakes are amazing, Nicole.
I never miss a chance to
have a Sofia Coppola moment.
Okay, well, Belly, make a wish.
Oh, Belly, where's Jeremiah?
Um, I think he's over
by the drinks table.
Who's thirsty?
You, clearly.
Yeah? Well, I'll give you some lessons.
I'm really good, actually.
- I'll hold you to that.
- Hey, all about it.
So, how come I've never
seen you at the pool?
My parents had one put in, so
Hmm. Does your parents'
pool have all this?
No, Luke, I'm just equal opportunity.
So, Nicole, you and
Conrad a thing or what?
I think "or what."
Wait, you live with him. You
should know what he's up to.
Has he been hanging out
with other girls this summer?
No, he-he's always off by himself.
Okay, well, new topic.
Have you asked Cam to the ball yet?
No, I was gonna, uh, do
it before dinner today,
but, um, everyone was there.
Do it right now. Just-just ask him.
What you're gonna do
is you're gonna take him
to an empty bedroom and ask him there.
No. Do not do that.
He'll get too excited.
- That's the point. He'll say yes.
- Gigi.
- That was my plan.
- I know.
That's bad advice.
No, it's a great plan, guys.
That was my plan for tonight.
I know. That is a terrible plan.
That looks fancy.
Personally, I'd rather be comfortable.
Yeah. Uh, well, fancy
isn't always better, so
I don't think Belly agrees.
She seems fully on board
with the fancy girls.
No, no, no, no. Look,
she's just trying it out.
Look, girls like that, they're
cool in theory, all right,
but Belly's never gonna feel
fully comfortable around them.
Come on, look
she's always gonna need you.
All right? You're, like, her number one.
Come on.
This line hasn't budged.
Do you want to go upstairs
and see if there are other bathrooms?
Yeah, sure.
So, what are you
guys doing after the party?
- I have plans, but I think
- Oh, you're busy?
- he's free, right?
- That's a shame.
Yeah, I'll be right back.
Testing, testing, one, two, three.
Checking out, checking out.
All right.
This one goes out to Cam Cameron
and our favorite little Belly Button.
Oh, Jesus.
Summer loving, had me a blast ♪
No, please no.
Oh, come on.
I met a girl crazy for me ♪
I met a boy as cute as can be ♪
Summer days drifting away ♪
To, oh, oh, the summer nights ♪
Oh, well-a, well-a, well-a ♪
Tell me more, tell me more ♪
Did you get very far? ♪
Tell me more, tell me more ♪
Like, does he have a car? ♪
Uh-huh, do, do, uh-huh, do, do ♪
Uh-huh, do, do, do, do, do ♪
Uh-huh, do, do, uh-huh, do, do ♪
Uh-huh, do, do, do, do, do ♪
She swam by me, she got a cramp ♪
- Taylor?
- He ran by me, got my suit damp ♪
I saved her life,
she nearly drowned
Driving home ♪
Under the influence ♪
You scared me to death
Taylor? Are you in here?
Yo, close that door!
Sorry, sorry.
I don't relate to you
'Cause I'd never
treat me this shitty ♪
You made me hate this city ♪
And I don't talk shit about you
- Oh, my God.
- Hmm?
- Belly?
- Oh, my God. Uh
- Jesus.
- Steven
Oh, my
You're hooking up with my brother?
I swear it just happened.
Well, what, you got bored?
H-He's dating someone, you know.
Someone he actually likes.
You saying he couldn't
like someone like me?
No. No, no, no. That's
not what I'm saying.
This could get really messed up.
I mean, he's taking her to the deb ball.
And all those girls are her friends.
Oh, my God, I'm so sick
of hearing about this fucking deb ball.
I don't even know who you are anymore.
Oh, why? Because I'm
not just going along
with everything you want to do?
Is that why you threw
yourself at my brother?
So that you could get back at me?
You know, you act so innocent, Belly,
like you're the victim.
- Victim? How do I I'm sorry.
- Yeah, but
I think you're the
self-absorbed one, Belly.
How do you not know that I've
had a crush on Steven for years?
If you weren't so
obsessed with Conrad
What is wrong with you?
People are going to hear.
Who cares? There's more than
one story happening here,
but you seem to only care about the one
where you're the main character.
I I can't deal with this right now.
I got to go.
Just fuckin' leave me alone
You're not gonna make
it. You got nothing.
- So much shit you talk
- Try.
Really? Not even close.
Wait, Cam, have you started
the waltz lessons yet?
Ms. Covington's a real sadist.
Who you talking about?
The-the dance teacher. For the ball.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Belly hasn't really asked me yet.
Oh, dude, I'm sure she will.
- Trust me.
- Yeah.
- Seriously.
- If you say so.
- Oh!
- Psych.
Oh, that was close.
All right, that was close. Ready?
All right, ready?
Go ahead, man.
- Don't mess up.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Belly.
Where have you been?
Yeah. Um, I-I thought you didn't drink.
Oh, it's water. It's water.
Jeremiah's been drinking for me.
Mm-hmm. I love this kid so much.
- So fun.
- Um, hey, can we leave? Like, now?
Yeah, um, yeah. Sure, that's cool.
- Oh.
- Uh, I'll see you later.
- Yeah, have fun.
- Good luck, good luck.
Two v. one, all right?
You guys are going down. Ready?
- Yeah, right.
- Oh!
Nice shot.
You owe me five bucks. I told you
So, can I ask you something?
Are you, um
Are you into Jeremiah?
You mean Conrad?
What? Con
No. No, no. J-Jeremiah.
I just kind of got a vibe from you guys.
No, no, no. That's, that's just Jere.
He flirts with everyone.
Susannah likes to joke that
he's like a-a golden retriever.
Personally, I think he exudes
a little more border collie.
Yeah, I can see that, too. Yeah.
Um, thanks for coming tonight.
No problem, Flavia.
Hey, I-I
I've been meaning to ask you something.
Yeah, um
Does it ever feel weird being
the only one who's not drinking?
Uh, no. No, it's cool.
Is that it?
Yeah. That's it.
- Morning.
- Good morning, Bells.
Mmm. Want one?
I take it you and Tay-Tay
haven't made up yet?
We haven't talked since last night.
Mm. Here.
Well, when does she leave?
Uh, in a couple hours.
- She's upstairs packing now.
- Mm.
Hey, do you want to go on a muffin run?
I-I have to get out of the house.
I'm always down for a muffin run.
Uh, I'm gonna make a to-go cup.
Do you mind grabbing the
keys from Conrad's room?
Yeah, sure. Uh, is he home?
No, he spent the night at Nicole's.
Oh. Um
Do you know where he keeps the keys?
Uh, th-they should be in his desk.
At least he remembered infinity.
Doesn't he know, for him,
I would've traveled
endlessly around those curves?
You good?
I just, I don't get Conrad this summer.
Why? Is it because he
forgot your birthday?
No. It's because he's been acting weird
since the first day that I got here.
Yeah, trust me, he's
been weird for months.
Just forget him.
Look, I-I'm happy you
invited Cam last night.
He's really cool.
Have you asked him to the deb ball yet?
Look, I-I know Steven and
I were giving him some shit,
- but
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
But I think he's really cool.
- And I think you should
- Nicole really likes Conrad.
And if he's not into her,
that's just messed up.
It's just, last night, you
were all about Cam Cameron,
and-and today you can't
stop obsessing over Conrad.
Why are you so grumpy, huh?
Did things not go well
with Luke last night?
Actually, things went really well.
Want to hear details?
- You sure?
- Oh, shut up.
You're early.
So, what knot are you gonna
torture me with today, hmm?
You gonna tell me I fucked up?
That's more the role of a parent,
and, uh
you know, I'm not one for a reason.
So I'm not, like, fired?
Look, you were supposed to help me prep.
Is it the end of the world
that you showed up late
and I made up some shit
about sailing on national television?
Not really.
Well, thanks for not being pissed.
So, be real with me.
Why were you late?
I was with a girl.
We lost track of time.
Oh, man, to be 17 again.
No, it wasn't like that.
Sure, if you say so.
Well, good for you, man.
Just be on time from now on. Cool?
You've been practicing your bowline?
- Hours
- Yeah?
and hours of practice,
so that I can do that.
That's what I call a
bowline. It's a nice one, too.
I think I'm ready for the America's Cup.
You're not going to say goodbye?
I don't feel like it.
She's your best friend.
And she came out here on your birthday
because she loves you.
Call me when you get there.
Have a safe trip.
- Okay.
- Uh, and about last night,
you'll be happy to know that
it'll never happen again.
Steven said that it was a mistake
and we never should
have gone there, so
you know, it's whatever.
Look, I'm not mad. I
I'm just kind of weirded out.
I need a minute to take it all in.
I better get going.
You know, boys might come and go,
but a best friend is once in a lifetime.
We have to hold tight
to our friendships.
Because we never know
what the future will hold.
What, did Taylor leave?
Why? Do you want to go
make out with her some more?
Belly, don't give me shit.
All right? I feel bad enough.
You should. She's my best friend.
- And not to mention traumatizing me
- Oh, my God.
- I mean, my eyes. I
- Stop being so immature.
She really likes you.
Yeah, I know.
Look, just
Can you please
please not tell anyone?
You mean Shayla?
Not that you deserve this right now
She seems really into you.
I don't
I don't know, I just feel like
she's used to being with, like
you know, like, the kind of guys
who were at Nicole's party last night.
Yeah, but weren't you a guy
at Nicole's party last night?
I guess I mean she's used to
guys who treat her like a queen.
You know? And I don't got it like that.
So, you were feeling insecure,
and that's why you hooked
up with my best friend?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I guess.
I've wished for
Conrad on every birthday,
every shooting star,
every penny in a fountain.
What if now I have the power
to make my wish come true?
Is Conrad still my wish?
I know.
Um, I was doing some
research last night.
For your next book?
I was looking into
alternative therapies.
Apparently, a lot has changed
in the last three years.
Have you been speaking to Adam?
I know you said you didn't
want to do chemo, but
I'm not putting myself
through treatment again.
I know how much time I have left.
No, it's okay.
I'm at peace with it.
I'm gonna tell the kids
when we get back to Boston.
I just want one last
perfect summer at Cousins.
That's all I want.
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