The Time of Our Lives (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Hi, Maddie.
How you going? I'm Georgie's dad.
What is that?! What's going on? Georgie's posted a picture of herself looking like a stripper! 'Ten reasons we hate Georgina'? Who wrote this? Maddie says it's all my fault that the school found out about the Facebook pictures.
You did it! You got your own room! One night a week, two or three comics doing stand-up.
Give me a set? You can have a go this week.
Really? Mm-hm.
I caught public transport here tonight.
At those prices, it should be called private transport.
Yeah, it's bad.
Very, very bad.
Did you like my stuff? I would like you to hone it a bit.
I'm moving out tomorrow.
See you later.
He's not coming, he's changed his mind.
Like, I want to talk to him to find out what he was thinking.
He's a gutless prick that didn't want to marry you, what else is there to find out? Chin-chin.
That's 12 each.
Told you they'd come.
Mate, score getting Garrick to headline.
Thank you.
Yeah, he jumped at the chance.
Think he's got some new material he wants to try out.
Bring it on.
You know that bloke? 12 bucks.
Ah, yeah.
He's the act I had to bump to make room for Garrick.
Seems OK about it.
Haven't told him yet.
Good luck.
12, thanks.
That's $14, thanks.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Change? Hey, where are you? You're going to miss the show.
Ah, yeah, I don't think we're going to make it.
Why not? Where are you? You don't want to know.
Um, I'd better go, hon.
Love you.
OK, so we've severely restricted Joel's winter surfing options.
I don't want to go to the club.
What will you do? I'm going to wait for Joel.
I saw him at that bar and I was so stunned, I couldn't move.
He walked out and I didn't follow him.
I felt like I was frozen.
Well, how long are you going to wait for? He could be gone all night.
You don't know where he is.
Look, just go to the club.
I'll be OK.
I'm not leaving you here.
This is crazy.
Say he does turn up, what do you hope to get from him? An explanation.
I need to hear it from him.
I need him to tell me what was going through his head.
You and Joel, do you think you wanted the same things? I don't know.
I think he would have changed.
Did Joel want kids? He said he wasn't sure.
That's a pretty fundamental difference.
But knowing that doesn't stop the hurt, does it? Don't think I'll go to the club.
Think I'll just go home.
Come on, it'll be fun.
Garrick Graham is headlining.
I can't face the world right now.
Apologise to Herb and Luce for me? - Look out, here he comes.
- Hey! Keep yourselves tidy, girls! Oh, you're kidding me.
Come on, my entire family is here.
That's my mum, my dad.
My little bro drove all the way from Geelong.
What am I s'posed to tell them? Oh, mate, I'm sorry I didn't get on to you sooner That's not your family, is it? No.
That's good.
That's funny.
So give me a spot.
Mate, another night, I promise.
Here's trouble! Look out! It's Doctor Who! Hello, mate, how are ya? Hey, mate.
Thanks for coming.
Great to see ya.
You've met? Yeah, yeah.
So you still doing plenty of stand-up or what? Yeah.
Not as much as I'd like.
Ah, you're up last.
You're on at nine.
How long you need? Yeah, 20, 25.
Yep, sweet.
I'll be at the bar.
Hey, hey, mate! What are we paying him? Sexual favours.
With you.
Oh, so going cheap, then.
Oh, yeah.
You are back.
I wasn't imagining it.
How are ya? What kind of question is that? I'm sorry.
I'm I'm really sorry about how I handled things.
You have no idea.
What happened to you, Joel? Look, if you had second thoughts, you should have said something.
Yeah, I-I came around to tell you that in the morning that I wanted to tell you then.
But then when I saw you, Chai Li, you just looked so beautiful and you looked so happy and I couldn't do it.
Because you're gutless, Joel.
No, hey You rally against cowards all the time.
It's everything you hate about other people.
But what you did that day, leaving me standing there in my dress in front of my whole family? That was shitty and cowardly and gutless and cruel.
I just couldn't believe that the man I loved would do that to me.
I-I just felt that It was better for us not to go through with it if I didn't want to get married.
Bye, Joel.
No, Chai Joel came to see me.
Oh, darling.
Oh, someone's sitting here.
Oh, didn't think I was going to get served.
It's really good to see you out.
If I share, I feel less desperate.
Are you drunk? No.
Just a tiny bit.
I can't believe you showed up drunk.
I'm not drunk, I'm just lubricated in a fashionable way.
I had to do something.
I just can't bear watching stand-up.
Hi, Caroline.
How're you going? Oh, looking forward to tonight.
Do you want a wine? No.
No, I'm fine.
Thanks for inviting me out.
Didn't know if I was going to get to see you guys much anymore.
Of course you will.
You're stuck with us.
Thank you.
That's very comforting.
So this is what people do when they're not at home reading Harry The Wombat.
I don't mind Harry.
I think Harry should get out of his hole a bit more.
Alright, how're we going, ladies and gentlemen! Alright, there's a lot of you here.
Don't you people have jobs? Now I've noticed there's a lot of you out there and we are above our legal capacity so as the official safety officer for The Wise Crack, it is my duty to inform you of our safety procedures.
Now in the event of a fire, I'd like you all to panic I would like you all to scratch, to punch, to kick, to headbutt, whatever it takes to get out of that door first because only the strong will survive.
Alright? So, ladies and gentlemen, speaking of which, here is a man who on the third day rose again to do breakfast radio, slap your meat smackers together for the one and only Mr Garrick Graham! Bang! Ladies and gentlemen, Bert, you're a bloke, good mate.
- How are we all? - Yeah! - Good? Everyone happy? - Yeah! Oh, wow, this is a small and intimate gig.
It's like ridiculous, isn't it, hey? Righto, yep.
Alright, here we go.
Yeah, right.
This is going to be interesting.
Alright, so, um, just lately I feel like I'm falling down a rabbit hole.
You know that feeling? It feels like ever since I was born and the midwife and the doctors were looking the other way and I just popped out, there was no-one in the slips cordon to take the catch.
Just like the New Zealand cricket team! Bang! Gonna be one of those audiences, are ya? Oh, no.
He's fine.
He's fine.
Just you watch.
He'll turn it around.
This shit's funny.
I've done it on the radio.
He's he's drunk.
So, uh, recently, I had a problem with my telecommunications adviser, so I thought I'd give him a ring and complain, right? And when I rang up, they didn't put me on to anyone.
It went straight through to a recorded message.
You know the type.
'Hello, hello, I'd like to complain.
' Nothing.
Just a loop going around and it said, 'Oh, please don't hang up.
Your call's important to us,' you know, 'we'll get a customer service manager on it as soon as we can.
' Know how old I was when I made that call? 21! Liven up, you lot.
Jesus, what is your problem? Alright, well, if the mountain won't go to Mohammed, Mohammed'll go to the mountain.
Look out! He's steppin' off the stage! Ho-ho! He's on the loose! Danger, Will Robinson, danger! Ho-ho! The paparazzi.
Yes! Is it me or is it them? It's you.
Hey! Yes, Garrick! Well, good work, Garrick.
Uh, that was certainly something, wasn't it? Now what that something is - yet to be established.
Look, while Garrick goes off to find his happy place and because the drunker you are, the better-looking I get, we're happy to announce free drinks at the bar for the next 15 minutes! Thank you! See you soon.
Caroline, I'm so sorry.
He killed my phone.
I know, we'll replace it.
Yeah, I need a phone.
Here, just pick up a prepaid and Oh Well, we'll find a way to replace your phone.
I'll give you a call.
Pft! On what? Thanks, I really appreciate it.
Well, it's the least we can do.
I'm so sorry how things turned out.
Hey, I had fun.
I was so looking forward to being married, to coming home.
That's what I wanted.
And now I'm just so far from that.
How did I get here? I know you never liked him.
It's not that I didn't like him, it was more that I didn't think you were happy.
I thought I was happy.
What was it like seeing him? I don't know.
It wasn't what I expected.
Don't tell her about Joel.
So, how were the kids? Oh, do you really want to know? No.
I'm going to go to bed.
Goodnight, Mum.
How is she? She's OK.
Well, we're 200 bucks in the clear.
I don't get it.
The place was packed.
Uh, the free drinks came to 197.
Ah, the free drinks.
How much is the insurance excess? Ah, two fitty, if they cover it.
So are you going to tell Garrick to hone his material before next time? No, because there's not going to be a next time.
Wow, you don't give many second chances, do you? Eloise, look, I think you're funny.
But I'll be blunt.
You weren't funny on stage the other night.
But stick with it, work on your material, keep performing.
We're not the only room in town.
So if I write something new, will you read it? Yes.
Right, now pour yourself a scotch and have a drink with us.
That's $11.
Really? Alright, put it on the tab.
You don't have a tab.
Well, can I start one? No.
Did? You are quite the negotiator, aren't you? Oh, clearway.
Shit! Thank you.
Morning, sir.
This is a random breath test.
Have you consumed any alcohol in the past 24 hours? I had a couple of drinks last night.
Just one long continuous breath until I tell you to stop.
And stop.
Thank you.
Turn off your engine, sir, and step out of the car for me.
Just come over here for me, sir.
Tully, where's your bag? I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know? Where'd you last see it, sweetie? I don't know.
Georgie, come on.
We've gotta go now.
We're running late.
Tell me we have aspirin.
Oh, top of the fridge.
What took you so long? The, uh, the car wouldn't start so I had to leave it there.
What? It's still parked on the clearway? No, I pushed it out of the way so I'll go back later and fix it.
How'd you get home? Tram.
I'd better go.
I've got that meeting with the principal.
Georgie! Come on.
I've been ready for ages.
Good luck at the school today, you guys.
Hey! What? Oh.
Bye, kids.
Come on! Thanks, mate.
Why did we have to get a taxi? Don't worry about it, Georgie.
Just hurry up, we're running late.
Your mum's going to kill me.
No, she won't.
Hello, sweetheart.
I've missed you.
You'll be OK.
Georgie, hello.
In you go.
Please take a seat.
Sorry we're late.
It's my fault.
This is going to be a mediation between just Georgie and Maddie.
Oh, so we're not involved at all? No, we find it works best this way.
I'll come out and see you after it's over.
OK, girls.
The purpose of this mediation meeting is to see if we can find a way to make things better between the two of you.
It's private and I won't be repeating anything you tell me without your permission.
We're here to make things better between the two of you and that means listening to each other without interruption and with respect.
Georgie, perhaps you'd like to start us off by telling us how it felt when you came across the petition.
We should have pulled her out of the school the second that Facebook thing happened.
There are going to be situations like this in any school, public or private.
It's life.
I'm actually happy with the way the school's handling things.
We need to give the process a chance.
I just want to kill those girls.
I don't know why you got everyone to say those things about me.
It wasn't my fault the teachers found out about the Facebook accounts.
I thought you were my friend and then you were so mean to me and made everyone else mean to me.
And then everyone started talking about me behind my back.
It made me feel like everyone hated me.
Maddie, what are you hearing from Georgie? Well, I think she's very upset.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
OK, girls, you can go to class now.
How'd it go? Good.
I think there's some real contrition there from Maddie.
She regrets what she did now she knows how it impacted on Georgina.
I hope there's no further problems but we'll be keeping a close eye on things and we'll definitely keep you in the loop.
Thank you.
I'm sorry this happened.
Thank you.
I saw you arrive by cab.
Do you want a lift somewhere? Yeah, actually, a lift'd be a lifesaver if it's not a hassle.
No hassle.
Ooh, that hurts.
Want me to look? Yeah.
How much is it? One fitty.
How did B take the drink driving thing? She, um, she doesn't know yet.
Shouldn't have opened that next bottle.
Here you go, mate.
Hey, darling.
Hey, girls.
Hi, Mum.
How was your day? Long.
What's cooking? Risotto.
Oh, wow.
It's only 5:30.
How'd you go with Georgie today? Yeah, both girls looked like they'd been crying when they came out.
I am so proud of her.
Yeah, me too.
Can't have been easy.
And how'd you go with Maryanne? Yeah, good actually.
I finally think we're turning a corner.
Well, that's great.
Something smells good.
What's in the oven? Bread and butter pudding.
Oh, yum.
You've been hard at it.
You've done dinner and dessert and you've bathed the girls.
So organised.
I got done for drink driving.
Really? Hmm.
When? This morning when I went to get the car.
I lied about it not starting.
I'm sorry, I just didn't feel like telling you and I was feeling pretty stupid.
I wouldn't be in a rush to lose that feeling.
It's not as bad as it sounds.
Like, at the station the reading was a bit under .
In Switzerland, that's still under.
That's lovely work, girls.
I love the way you're using the whole page.
How much did you drink? I've done some research and I've got a good driving record.
If I elect to go to court, I may only lose my licence for six months.
Six months?! Yeah, we'll manage.
You know, hey, you get the car.
That's positive.
I can't do all the kids' drop-offs.
I've got my own work.
I'm not asking you to.
I can get the bikes out and we'll ride to school.
And back.
And back.
It'll be a bonding experience.
I'm actually looking forward to it, you know? Slowing down.
Be good.
How long till you go to court? A bit over a month.
But I can still drive until then.
Hello! Hey, tiger.
Hi, Matt.
Hi, mate.
Bernadette, how are you? Hey, Matt.
You OK? Something smells good.
Stay for dinner? Yeah, thanks.
So you OK? Fine.
Hey, if you and Caroline need some time to sort things out, me and Bernadette can look after Carmody.
Yeah, I'll let you know.
No, it's true.
Any way we can help.
I can cook some meals for you.
I don't think the situation's that dire, is it, Matt? Hey, lay off my cooking.
You going to finish up soon? I'm only asking 'cause I'd like to go soon but you're showing me up.
You go.
I hear Joel's back.
I believe so.
You seen him? No.
Take care of yourself.
Night, Ewan.
Where are you going now? Home.
Can I walk with you for a while? What do you want, Joel? Last night's conversation didn't really go as planned.
I would have told you how much I need you, you know? I would have said that I want to try it again.
Why couldn't you go through with the wedding? Well, I found myself caught on a train that I didn't want to be on.
You hopped on board the train, Joel.
No-one forced you.
I never wanted to get married, you know that.
So I dragged you into it? No.
Hey, no! I could see how important it was to you, I guess, and I think I kidding myself for a moment that I could sign the piece of paper and we could have the party and then we could just go back to how we were.
And why couldn't we do that? Because I don't believe in marriage.
I never have.
I really loved what we had.
I loved living with you.
I loved all the stuff that we do together, you know? I love everything about you.
I love We were happy.
Can we just go and get a drink? Just one, come on.
Were you happy when we were together? I was, yes.
But, then, why did we have to change things? I wanted to be with you.
That's that's still what I want.
Then you shouldn't have agreed to get married.
I know.
I want a home.
I want a family.
I want to have babies.
But I just think that there's already enough children in the world that need looking after.
We don't need to create more.
I really missed you while I was away.
I thought about you every single moment.
Until you tell me that you don't love me anymore, I'm still going to believe in us.
Where's? Hey, it's me.
I think someone's stolen the car.
I have the car.
You what? I have to pick Georgie up from violin practice, remember? It's Wednesday.
I always have the car on Wednesdays.
Oh, sorry, I forgot.
You seemed pretty keen on slowing down.
Why don't you start today? I've got to be there in ten minutes.
Can't be home in ten minutes.
Well, I can't dink her on my bike.
She's too big.
Hmm, well, you solve this one, Luce.
Anyway, it's good practice for the future.
See ya.
Love you.
Oh! Hey.
Hey, mate.
I'm in a bit of a bind.
Are you able to pick up Georgie from violin practice? Yeah, I can do it.
And can you drop her off at Maryanne's? Yeah, OK, buddy.
No worries.
Where's Dad? He couldn't make it.
How's school? It's OK.
Want to buy me an ice-cream? I've only got $2.
Oh, how about I buy you one? What were Mum and Dad like when they first got together? Did they love each other? Yeah, they loved each other.
I remember the day you were born.
Your dad was lying on the hospital bed next to your mum and you were between them.
The nurses were hassling your dad to get off the bed but nah, nah, they just lay there together, not saying anything.
Your dad had this dopey grin on his face and your mum looked beautiful.
Do you wish they were still together? Nah.
They'd be fighting all the time.
No, vegetable.
Can't have it.
You should have been home 40 minutes ago.
Where's your dad? Uh, Luce couldn't make it.
He asked me to drop her home.
I was worried.
Yeah, we went for an ice-cream.
See ya, George.
Thanks for dropping her home.
Gym shoes.
Hey, darl.
Do you want to come in? No.
You should have told me you weren't going to pick up Georgie today.
Well, I didn't think it mattered.
She was 40 minutes late home.
Yeah, and Herb took her out for an ice-cream.
Does that get a mention? I was worried.
Do you get that? Nobody called me.
See ya, darl.
Have a good day.
Come on, let's go.
Bye, sweetie.
I was wrong about turning a corner with Maryanne.
What I should have said is I'm stuck on a roundabout with no exit in sight.
I kinda get where she's coming from.
What? You should have called her and told her what was going on.
What difference does it make who drops her home? Or Herb should have called or texted or both but he didn't and she was left stranded wondering where her daughter was.
Well, she could have called me.
The onus was on you, and Herb.
Why does every inch of our lives have to be workshopped over seven hundred calls, texts and emails? She was expecting her daughter home and she didn't show up.
I would be worried in her shoes.
You know, once upon a time, we didn't have mobile phones and everyone just got on with their lives.
Now you go down the corner store and you've got to spend half an hour texting back and forth first.
Yeah, I know.
It's terrible.
Hello? Yeah, hi, it's me.
Yeah, just walking into the kitchen.
Just thought I should check in.
Don't exactly know what I'm doing here but as soon as I figure it out, I might text you.
You know, keep you in the loop.
What are you doing now? Just looking in the fridge for something.
You're looking for that beer.
I've already drunk it.
You drank my last beer? How could you? You could have at least texted me first.
Shut up.
Hang on a sec, Rosa.
Chai Li? Hello, darling.
Where are you off to? Out.
I was going to see whether you wanted to eat with us.
Oh, no, I have plans for dinner.
Who with? Ewan.
Hmm, nice one.
I like Ewan.
You've met Ewan, haven't you, Rosa? Yeah.
He's smart, funny, sexy.
It's more a work thing.
I'd better get going.
Have fun.
That's good.
We have got to get more punters through the door.
Give it time.
They'll come.
Yeah, see we built the field of dreams and no-one's coming.
Patience, grasshopper.
What the? You need to decide whether you're David Carradine or Kevin Costner.
David who? You don't even know who you're quoting.
Well, make yourself useful.
Find the Is bill postering even legal? If we get busted, I'll just give them your number.
Why mine? Because you're known to the police.
Hardly makes me a criminal.
Tell that to the judge, mate.
Oh, let's just go.
You look great.
Hmm, it's a challenge trying to get health workers to promote contraception.
Well, because they don't make any money from it.
If a woman doesn't get pregnant, she doesn't have a baby and she doesn't have an abortion.
Both of those events give the health practitioner an income, otherwise they live well below the poverty line.
Contraception means the women stay away.
No visits, no income.
Oh, I've really missed you.
I want you back because you're for me and I think that I'm for you.
I love every single part of you.
I even love the parts of you that you're never going to love.
I want to be with you.
Not enough to marry me.
Yeah, but why did you want to marry me? Because I loved you and marrying you would show you that I wanted to be with you forever.
I wanted to stand up in a roomful of people and say, 'He's mine.
' He's the one and we're in this together.
Hey, when I took Georgie for an ice-cream, she was asking about you and Maryanne.
Did you love each other? All she gets to see is the grief and none of the fun stuff.
You know there isn't a single photo in your place of Georgie as a little baby? There's heaps of Frances and Tully.
Oi, oi, oi, oi.
Is that? Smug bastard.
Hold this.
So does Chai Li know you're back? Where the hell were you? I mean, how could you do that to her? Hey, hey, hey.
You having dinner with him? This has nothing to do with you, Luce.
So did you explain to her why you didn't show up? Luce I mean, after all he's done to you and you're having dinner with him?! Luce, Luce.
I appreciate where you're coming from, Luce, but this isn't really helping, mate.
Oh mate, we were there to pick up the pieces, hey.
Where were you? Let's go.
I mean Let's go! Come on.
Why don't I get us another drink? No, can we just get out of here? Yep.
When did you write me the note? Um Was it before or after you came to the hotel room? It was after.
Where were you? Does it really matter? Yeah, I want to know exactly where you were.
Um, I was in the the hotel bar.
While I was upstairs getting dressed into my wedding dress.
I can't take anything back.
You never even returned my calls.
I called you and called you I know.
I was so ashamed, I My head was spinning, I What about what I needed? Did you ever think about that? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Do you remember that walk that we did through Hindu Kush last year? Hmm.
It's so beautiful up there.
I'd really like to do that walk again with you someday.
I'm gonna go.
Joel, I don't want you to think we can just fall back into what we once had.
Too much has happened.
You really hurt me.
Yeah, it's OK.
I get it.
Chai Li, hi! Hey.
Where've you been? Just out.
All night? Yeah, I slept over at a friend's house.
See you later! Bye.
I don't trust some of this data.
I think we're being told what we want to hear.
Who have we got on the ground over there? Mm-hm.
I'd like to speak to her directly.
OK, sure.
I have an air ticket in my hands to Bali.
Well, I hope that your passport's up to date, then.
Joel, are you crazy? I can't go to Bali with you.
I have found these bungalows.
They're right near Ubud.
I just thought maybe, you know, we could hide out.
And the place that I'm thinking of, it's so quiet, Chai Li.
I think you're really going to love it.
Look, Joel, I can't just take a week off work.
Sure you can.
A week? Hmm.
Why? It's a personal matter.
It's up to you, Chai Li.
If it can't work, it can't work.
I understand I'm not going to tell you what to do.
When did you want to go? Friday? Let me know what you decide.
OK, let's play.
OK, your turn.
Do you have a boyfriend? No! Alright, your turn.
Did you love Mum like you love Bernadette? Well, no, but I I guess each sort of love's different, in a way.
I loved her.
I was madly in love with her.
How did you meet? We met through the band.
She sang some vocals on some tracks.
And then you started going out? Yeah.
Yeah, we did.
We used to do a lot of gigs in those days.
We had fun together.
You know the song, My Time? Yeah? I wrote that about your mum.
Did you? Yeah.
I like talking to you like this.
Me too.
So I definitely have a spot tonight? You're not going to bump me? 'Cause I actually really do have my sister coming tonight.
You have a spot.
Thank you! That's great.
I'm going to go get a drink.
I'm going to bathe in my newfound fame for a second.
Just the one, eh? Caroline.
I've got something for you.
Hello, Herb.
All paid up.
Did your insurance cover this? I hope you didn't pay for it out of your own pocket.
It's all sweet.
Oh, thanks for sorting it out so quickly.
No worries.
Oh, what are you doing later tonight? Oh, why, you asking me on a date? Trying to get 12 bucks out of you.
Uh, is Garrick going to be here? Definitely not.
Oh, well, that's a shame.
I would have stuck around.
Um, OK, see ya.
Thanks for the phone.
Take it easy.
Come over here.
Is that me? Where did you get that? I found it today while I was looking through some stuff.
You were so cute.
You're kissing.
Hey! Garrick.
We've actually already met.
Look, I just want to apologise for the other night.
I, uh, yeah, I'd taken some prescription medication, it collided with the alcohol and Yeah, it's a killer combo.
Look, I'm really sorry and I appreciate what you guys did for me, by the way.
I fully expected to wake up and find my face plastered all over the Internet.
Anyway, I'm available for a gig tonight, gratis, and stone-cold sober.
Yeah, that's cool.
We've actually booked the line-up, though.
I don't want to bump anyone.
Well, change your mind, I'm happy to help.
I owe you guys.
Who's on tonight? Uh, a few fresh acts and me.
Yeah, righto.
Give us a ticket.
Ticket? Cheers, mate.
I'll be at the bar.
You know we are the only animals that will go against our gut instinct, right? The antelope - go to the water's edge, have a little drink, sense danger, off like a bride's nightie.
Right? Humans? Nah.
A guy can get stabbed 87 times in his chest by his girlfriend for leaving the toilet seat up right, get out of hospital a month later and go straight back to her house because yes, she may actually kill him the next time he takes a piss but she does make a very nice lamb roast.
Beautiful gravy, it's lovely.
See, the antelope doesn't justify that stuff.
The antelope doesn't even like gravy.
That's the thing, I've never met one who has.
We would be shithouse, wouldn't we, in the wild, we'd be shithouse.
We'd be out there, we'd be down at the water's edge, we'd be having a drink.
We'd look up, there'd be a pride of lions coming towards us and we'd think, 'Oh, yeah, I love The Lion King.
' 'Aw, he's so cute!' Aah! We're going to have a little ten-minute break, guys.
Grab a drink, don't get eaten, see you soon.
Thank you! I know you think I'm doing the wrong thing seeing Joel.
I just can't think in your wildest dreams why you'd consider going back to that Stop.
There's nothing you can say that I haven't said to myself already.
I have to find out.
Maybe he IS the one.
He's bought me a ticket to join him for a week in Bali.
You going? Thinking about it.
I'm still not sure.
I don't want to die wondering.
Why're you telling me all this? Because I don't want to hide anything from you anymore.
Because I want you to understand where I'm coming from.
I just can't bear watching you go through all this again.
I still want to tear him limb from limb.
I appreciate that and I appreciate what you're saying, Luce.
I'm only guessing you're going to ignore me anyway? Yeah.
Did you tell Bernadette about me and Joel? Yeah.
You know, she's a bit hurt you didn't consult her first.
Hey, hey, hey! How's it going? How's it going? Yeah, it's a bit quiet.
Yeah? Bit quiet? Oh, Garrick, this is my sister, Chai Li.
Chai Li, this is Garrick.
Garrick Graham.
Oh, you're the radio guy.
You listen to the show! No.
Um, you had a gig in here the other night? How'd it go? We were getting on so well and you had to go and mention that.
What did I say? There she goes again.
What's wrong with this girl? Garrick went off.
Hey, you want to do some coffee sometime, Chai Li, why don't you give me a call? It'll be fun.
Is he for real? Apparently.
Hey, funny guy! Great set.
Hey, yeah, top shelf.
Really liked it.
You ever thought about breakfast radio? What, listening to it? Doing it.
Auditioning for my program.
What, you're offering me a job? No, I'm trying to offer you an audition for my program.
Think about it.
If you're interested, give me a call.
Here's my number.
He just offered me an audition for a spot on breakfast radio.
What? He obviously recognised my prodigious talent.
An audition for the chance to? Mate, it's breakfast radio.
They don't just dish out gigs like this to just any old idiot from the street.
No, they're after a really rare, special kind of idiot.
You know you've got to get up at sparrow's fart.
You think I'm the laziest man in Australia.
Who says I'm even going to do it? I bought a pack of 50 hair bands last week for the girls.
How many do you think I have left? Joel's asked me to come to Bali with him to try and sort things out.
It's just a week, Bernadette.
A week to see where we're at.
Once you get on that plane, you're committed to a course of action.
So what's changed? Is he talking about getting married? No.
Is he talking about living here? He does live here.
Oh, Chai Li, he's never here.
What about kids? He thinks there are enough kids in the world.
I thought kids were pretty high on your agenda.
I don't think you should go back to him.
Will they give you colouring pencils on the plane? Probably.
Can you bring some back for me? Of course.
And me.
Ready? Yep.
Can we come, Daddy, please? Please? Please, please, please? Yeah.
Well, come on, girls.
We'll need to get you something warmer.
Where's your coats? Where'd you put them? I don't know.
Is your coat in your room, darl? I don't know.
Hey! Just in time.
Cab's about to arrive.
I thought you weren't going to turn up.
I almost didn't.
Part of me wanted you to feel what it was like to be kept waiting.
But then I realised, I didn't want to hurt you the way you hurt me.
You're not coming.
I do love you.
You're the love of my life.
But love and this feeling, it's not enough.
We don't have the rest of it.
What you need to be happy and what I need to be happy they don't match.
Why don't I call you when I get back? We can talk.
No more.
I think you're very brave.
Are you working with Clarabelle? Sure am.
She's the best singer.
She's not.
Maybe a Santana type thing? Do you know Jack White? Do you know Ray Cooder? Do you play the mandolin? Let's go somewhere and have some fun.
Right now? Yeah, right now.
I think you're manipulating Ewan and you don't care who you hurt in the process.
If you don't tell Caroline, I'm gonna tell her.
You knew and you didn't tell me! So all this has been going on around me and everyone is laughing at me!