The Time of Our Lives (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Now, we need one more pair of pants.
Remember, you're going to be away a couple of extra days this time.
It's going to be fun staying with Dad.
And Alice.
Yes, and Alice.
Do you think he'll like it? He'll love it.
The recipe for my phenomenal success is simple.
I was born brilliant.
Nah, it was two teaspoons of genius, half a cup of awesomeness and a pinch of wow.
You forgot one thing.
What? 70kg of idiot.
Nice gag.
You are learning, grasshopper.
All done.
You can get dressed now.
So we'll contact you in a few days with those results.
We'll send you a reminder to have another test in two years.
Now, is there anything else I can do for you? Um, I'd like to know how fertile I am.
Sure, let's order some blood tests and we'll see what's going on.
Yeah, I had the best time at my reunion.
Do you want to give that an iron? No, it'll be fine.
It's just drinks at the pub.
Ah, Chai Li rang.
She said she'll meet you there.
What's going on here? I've got to interview a family member who's successful and find out their recipe for success.
And I've chosen Herb.
The definition of success is loose.
You're famous.
All my friends at school listen to you on the radio.
And who's Santana? Carlos! Yes, one of the best guitarists in the world.
Why? Here's someone called Pete reckons you're better than Santana and wants to be in your band when you go for your first world tour.
I had some pretty big dreams when I was in high school, Georgie.
Carmody, your dad's here.
Here's his swimming bag and his bag and our schedule.
He's got swimming tomorrow afternoon and piano on Saturday but it's all in the schedule.
When did he start piano? Ah, two weeks ago.
I told you about it.
You might want to get a keyboard.
He's supposed to practise every day.
Uh, Saturday might be a bit tricky.
Well, it was the only day that was available and it's only half an hour.
G'day, mate.
Ready to go? Ah, Lachie, mate, can I call you back in five? Cheers.
Mummy's going to see you in three sleeps.
Off you go.
Bye! Matt? Uh, gotta go.
Uh, thanks, but I brought a car seat with me.
Don't you ever bring that woman here again.
Dinner's ready.
Matt, Carmody, dinner's ready.
Yeah, sorry, one minute.
Carmody, put that toy down and go to the table, will you? Matt.
Carmody, what'd I just say? Come here.
Come on.
There you go.
Uh, is that gluten-free? What? The pasta.
Carmody can't eat pasta that's not gluten-free.
Is he allergic? Caroline doesn't want him to eat it.
Ah, well, I wish someone had told me.
Yes, I'm sorry.
There's leftover sauce.
I'll make him some rice.
No, no, I'll do it.
I want Higgins.
Oh, mate, Higgins isn't here, is he? I wanna go home.
Oh, no, you don't want to go home.
You just got here.
I don't like it here.
Come on.
Hey, you come with me.
Come on, you come with me.
We'll get you something yummy to eat, hey? I'm gonna cut some serious moves on the floor.
Yeah, just don't do the click.
Maybe we should join that lot.
Come on, you said you'd give it ten minutes.
I don't recognise anyone.
Uh, someone recognises us.
Hey, Herb.
Great to see you.
Mike Waller.
We played football together.
I've been listening to you on the radio in the mornings.
You are one funny man.
Oh, well, Mike, I remember you, of course, you remember Luce Tivolli? I remember the name.
You guys won the premiership.
Oh, that was Matt, my brother.
I didn't play footy after Year Ten.
Matt, yeah.
Yeah, he was a great player.
He's an agent now, right? Hmm.
Sounds like a dream job.
Yeah, depends on your dream, I suppose.
What about you? I'm a session musician.
A what? A session musician.
I play guitar.
You know, in studios or on stage with a band.
Oh, you're in a band? No.
Excuse me a second.
Louie? Look who it is.
Pete! Good to see you, mate.
Hey, Luce.
What are you up to? You still writing songs? Yeah, I've written some great song titles lately but sadly no songs.
What about you, mate? Not nearly as creative.
Yeah, have my own firm.
Thought you'd end up being the famous one.
Funny that it turned out to be Herb.
Another drink? Yeah.
Make it a scotch.
All the biscuits and snacks, they've all got gluten in them.
We'll just get him some fruit.
What fruit does he eat? Uh, well, the usual stuff.
Well, I'll pick up some stuff tomorrow.
You don't have to worry about it.
Why is he on a gluten-free diet? Well, Caroline seems to think it helps his behaviour.
And what do you think? I think we should stick to gluten-free.
Don't want to upset Caroline.
If you want a hassle-free life, yeah.
Do you ever imagine a time when Caroline won't be so angry? I'm not sure.
She really hates me.
Oh, it's not you.
It's not that I thought we'd be friends but I didn't expect her to be so nasty.
Rory, it's not a good time, mate.
Can I ring you back in the morning? Uh, no, mate, I have no idea why Lachie missed his weights session.
I will ring you back in five minutes.
It's crazy! Sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm just going to grab a drink.
Alright, alright, shut up everyone.
Your attention, please.
Now a quick big thank you to Julie, Debbie and Mario for organising tonight.
And a thank you for all of you guys for coming.
Hey, now, Royal Park has spawned some very talented people and tonight, one of our own, Herb Ireland, has agreed to perform.
So if you haven't heard Herb on his morning radio show, then you're a bloody idiot.
So a big round of applause for the fabulously funny, always entertaining Herb! Thank you! Thank you, my heart skipped a beat there, actually.
The last time I was called up in front of all you people was for mooning Mrs Easdale in the media studies room.
But things are looking up.
It's all still possible.
Remember those? Remember those words from our graduation night? It's all still possible, eh? Always comforting being told that by a sweaty guy in long socks who cries himself to sleep at night.
Oh, God! When I look around the room, I can see that some of us are grey, some of us are fat.
She's bald, which is weird.
No, no, no, look, look, I don't mean to be the bearer of bad tidings but if it hasn't happened for us now, we're all rooted, right? So what's left to do but get rat arsed and try and bang the maths teacher.
Mr Brock, are you here? Alright! Anyway, that's enough out of me.
Get in there, have a drink.
Charlie, you owe me a beer.
Let's have some fun! How good was that! Now, hey, guys, don't forget Chai Li! Oh, my God! So good to see you.
You look fantastic, really fantastic.
So do you.
Seeing you, it's like I'm 17 again.
Oh, I've got good memories of us at 17.
Pete was just telling me about his wife and five kids.
Five kids?! You haven't wasted any time.
No, I've got it all - wife, kids, mortgage, renovations.
Everything we dreamed of, eh, Luce? Yep.
Here we go.
Oh, he's great.
Didn't you find that funny? Hey, my shout.
Gee, mate, if you play your cards right, you might be able to get lucky with Mike.
Mate, he invited me on some golf day.
He owns his own buggy, or his own golf course, I forget which.
Since when do you play golf? And what is the story with his wig? It's like old lady hair.
That, my friend, is what hair replacement clinics can do for you.
He showed me some before and after pictures.
He was completely bald at the back.
Now, whoo-hoo! You two have covered some ground.
It's a wig.
Oh, looking a little green-eyed there, Luce.
Maybe another beer'll help ya.
See who Chai Li's talking to? Christine.
Oh, yeah.
I still get a strange feeling when I see Herb.
Oh, yeah, you two.
I forgot.
He makes me so horny.
When we had sex at school, it was a bit clumsy.
I mean, we were drunk.
I didn't know much.
I'm sure it'd be much better now.
Yeah, well, he's been having a lot of practice.
I would kill for a drink.
This bub better appreciate the sacrifices I'm making.
Do you want to see a scan? Yeah.
Hey, Christine.
Good to see you.
Yeah, you too, Herb.
You haven't changed one bit.
Hey, Luce.
Back off! Put him down! Let him go! Robert! Let him go, Robert! Take it easy.
You're an idiot! Calm down! Clean out your ears! Hey, isn't that Matt's kid, Lachie? Hey, princess! Calm down! Come on! Guys, relax.
Oh, hello, Mr Higgins.
What are you doing way down there? Dad! Daddy! Dad! Dad! Sorry.
Oh, you're all wet.
No worries, come on.
We'll get you some dry jammies and you can jump into bed with us.
He wet the bed.
Here you go.
Not next to her.
Alright, you snuggle down next to me.
You right? Come on, little man.
Luce, what's up? Alright, just just I'll be there in 20 minutes.
Make sure he doesn't leave.
What's going on? There's been a fight.
It's Lachie.
It's past curfew and he's pissed.
I've gotta go.
Yeah Yeah, you'll be fine.
I'll be back as soon as I can, alright? Daddy's just got to go and check on someone so you You just close your eyes, OK? I'll be back as soon as I can.
You all having a good time? Let's go.
Sorry, Matt Come on, mate.
You save that.
We'll talk about that in the car.
It wasn't really his fault, to be honest, Matt.
Anyway, it's all sorted now.
No harm done.
No harm done? Luce, he shouldn't be here at all.
He blew off a training session, he missed his curfew and he's drunk.
And he was on track to play his first senior game in a couple of weeks.
This could derail all that.
Yeah, Lachie was telling us about it.
Him? What'd you tell Herb? This guy has got a morning radio show.
You don't tell him anything.
Steady on, Matt.
Who do you reckon I am? I wouldn't use any of that.
Want to help your brother take the stick out of his arse, mate? Let's go.
No worries.
Yeah, thanks.
You two want a lift anywhere? Nah.
We should go home.
We should get a kebab.
His bag.
Where's your furniture? Oh, belonged to Nathan.
Well, there's Nathan? At his girlfriend's.
So you're living here alone? Mm-hm.
Did Nathan take the food as well? Lachie.
I'll get you some milk and cereal for the morning.
You got a spare key? Kitchen bench.
And can you get me some painkillers? Yeah, sure.
Give me your phone.
Why? Give me your phone.
I'm going to set the alarm.
You cannot miss training.
You can't be late.
The club's already pissed off.
Do you hear me? Yeah, I know.
Where's Dad? Um, he's in the shower.
Oh! Hi.
I like the corporate Caroline.
It's very sexy.
This is a surprise.
A nice surprise? Yeah, a very nice surprise.
Hey, uh, I couldn't sleep.
I was thinking about you and I thought you might have to grab a coffee before work but I didn't realise you started quite so early.
Oh, yeah, I'm not used to being without Carmody.
Still don't know what to do with myself.
Well, certain activities come to mind.
But, I mean, if you'd prefer to go to work Busy woman.
Have we got a little helper today? No, don't you worry, we're off to Marla's.
I just wanted Lachie's bank account details from his file.
But can you text any numbers you've got for his mum because the one I've got keeps ringing out.
You know, you really do have a way with children.
Thank you, Matt.
That's alright.
Now, do you need to go to the toilet before we go? No.
Are you sure? Sure.
Come on.
You right? Come on.
I need to go toilet.
Carmody, well, we're not going back upstairs.
We don't have the time.
Come on.
Can you hold it in for ten minutes? I need to go now.
Well, go in this bush over here.
Come on.
Listen, I can't talk now.
Can I ring you back Oh, I see.
Um, I'll ring you back.
But people can see.
No, you'll be right.
I'll stand here.
No, go for your life.
Out as far as you can go 'cause you don't want to wee on your shoes.
Or mine.
Did you forget something? Well, you know, there's been a change of plan.
Uh, Marla's sick.
Well, Sally Cronk's early, she's waiting in your office and you've got Liam Rogers and his dad at ten.
I know it's not in your job description but it's only for an hour and I promise I will rearrange the rest of the afternoon.
Since you asked so nicely Hey, mate, you down there.
Here's my phone.
Why don't you show Andrea that game you love? I'm hungry.
Tivolli Management, Andrea speaking.
Sally Cronk! I'll let him know.
Matt! Yep? That was Rory.
Lachie hasn't shown up for training this morning.
He's not answering his phone or the door.
Hey, hey, hey! What the hell! Leave me! What are you doing? Matt, what are you doing? Matt, what are you doing? You, you missed training.
I was asleep.
What are you, a five-year-old? It's not my job to mollycoddle you.
You know what you've done? You have blown your chance to play your first senior game.
I'm sorry.
So how was the reunion? Surprisingly good.
Really? Sorry.
I'll just Oh, damn.
Blocked number.
Are you pregnant? Oh! No, no, no, no.
Not even close.
It's not mine.
Old friend at the reunion.
Long story.
I've got to get it back to her.
It's so tiny, isn't it? Look at its little hand.
Big head.
I admit, I was a bit jealous.
I'd love to be pregnant.
Oh, you've got plenty of time.
I'm 37.
Maybe I have to think about having a baby on my own.
But that involves finding a sperm donor.
Would you ever be a donor for someone? Hypothetically? Hypothetically.
Depends on my level of responsibility.
Well, he's missed a couple of sessions and training.
He says nothing's going on and we've seen nothing to indicate otherwise.
Well, what's going on with Nathan Zellows? You tell me.
He's supposed to be looking after Lachie, isn't he? Has something happened with that? Well, Nathan's moved out with his girlfriend.
Lachie's living on his own.
I'll have a chat with Zellows and get it sorted.
Is he still on track to play his first senior game in the next couple of weeks? If you asked me last week, I would have said definitely.
But the leadership group have been talking and it looks unlikely.
Unless you can pull some sort of miracle and get this sorted fast.
We've got a lot invested in this boy.
Oh, you and me both.
Daddy! Are you alright, mate? Ventolin.
Have you got any? It's in my backpack.
My brother's got your backpack.
Has the club got some Ventolin? I'll go.
You stay here.
Didn't know you were asthmatic.
I'll mention it to the docs.
Sit down.
Lachie, I thought you'd outgrown your asthma.
You'll be right.
So when was the first time you knew you were really good at something? Um, about your age.
I realised I was funny.
That's good.
So, how did you know you were funny? Well, your dad couldn't get through a class without laughing at something that I said or did and then his laugh would make me crack up.
That's another story about Dad.
It is but if your dad hadn't laughed at my jokes, then I wouldn't have known I was funny.
And if you didn't know you were funny, you wouldn't have become a comedian and ended up on the radio.
Which means that your dad is the first ingredient in my recipe for success.
Yeah! Hey, do you want a lift tomorrow? I'm driving in.
Yeah, sure.
That's an actual lift, not a hypothetical lift.
Hypothetically or otherwise, I'd still like a lift.
So that hypothetical baby conversation, that was actually hypothetical? Yeah, sure.
Just got me thinking, that's all.
About what? Ah, other stuff.
Do men think about other stuff? Yes, we do.
What's the game? Oh, it's really cool.
You've got to get through the maze without getting attacked by the monsters or the dragons.
Oh, yeah.
And they pop out of nowhere.
Yeah, see? If you duck under that.
There you go, you're through to the next level.
How old are your brothers? Steve's in grade nine.
Yeah, Cam's ten and Steve's 14.
Mum's told me that Cam's playing really good football this season.
Might have to sign him up.
Going to be a much better footballer than me.
Going to be as much trouble? Much more trouble.
He's a terror.
Kind of feel bad if I leave Mum to handle him on her own.
Yeah, well, no thanks.
Can I show Lachie my room? I think it's about time you went to bed, mate.
And Lachie must want to go home.
No, it's alright.
Wouldn't mind seeing it, if it's OK.
Alright, then.
You're good with him.
That's OK.
Lachie! Hurry, quick! You'd better hurry up, mate.
I think you're needed.
I reckon all the guys have done since school is eat.
Oh, Pete still looked good.
Yeah, you seemed pretty keen on Pete.
Oh, by keen, Herb means I had a conversation with him.
Oh, you liked him.
You were doing that thing with your hair.
What thing with my hair? Touching it a lot.
I was not.
Aw! Actually, you touch your hair a lot when you talk to me.
You are mental.
But I will admit, he did look hot.
Oh, I knew it.
Just through here.
Hey-hey! Hi! You're all here.
Here you go.
Oh, thanks.
Do you want to stay for a drink? Yeah, stay.
Come on.
Yeah, stay.
Oh, yeah, sure.
I'll get you a glass.
There's an open bottle in the kitchen.
We've started to sext each other.
Sext each other to death.
Oh, I've never seen Herb so diligent.
He must be trying to impress you, Georgie.
I hope my teacher's impressed.
Maybe I should meet her.
I'm far more impressive in the flesh.
Oh, hey, while you're here, can I get your help on something? Sure.
I want to rent out one of the rooms in my house.
I thought you liked living alone.
I do but I'm hardly ever there and I thought it might be fun.
Well, who are you looking for? Someone in their mid 30s, probably a woman, who's neat, not a party animal but not uptight.
But she definitely can't be too hot.
I'd suggest a different wording if you want someone to apply.
That's why I need your help.
You definitely need some sort of help.
Why don't you want her to be too hot? My couch is made of ice.
I don't want her to melt it.
Did you get that, Carmody? I love you, sweetie.
Night! I wish I could go back to my 20s and have kids.
By yourself? I don't know.
Now it's probably the only option.
Don't be a single mother.
It's not fair on the child and it's not fair on yourself.
Even if it means I never get to have a child? Oh, I don't know.
It's hard for me to imagine but a child needs two parents.
Carmody does have two parents.
What are you talking about? Carmody has a father.
Matt hardly saw Carmody when he lived with us.
He's seeing a lot less of him now.
You decided that.
Matt wanted to see him more.
Maybe Matt will form a stronger relationship with Carmody now that he has to parent on his own.
Matt did a dumb thing, having an affair.
But he loves his son and he's always provided for him.
A dumb thing? Uh, I think it was way more than a dumb thing, Chai Li.
And there is more to parenting than love.
That's easy.
The hard bit is the day-to-day grind.
Matt's never done that.
Anyway, Matt's moved on and maybe one day I will too but I don't think Carmody is ever going to feel that he is better off because he is the child of divorced parents.
Thanks for this.
He's happy in his room.
I'll only be an hour.
Hi Matt, it's me.
Um, can you ring me? Would you like this lamp for your room? We don't use it anymore.
It's gorgeous.
But I don't think I'm going to be here much longer.
How come? Time to be a grown-up again.
Have you found somewhere? Well, yeah.
Someone we know wants a flatmate and the only criterion is that she can't be too hot.
Herb's looking for a flatmate? You know him well.
You're not the right person, anyway.
You're way too hot.
Well, apparently Herb doesn't think so.
Can I get it? Can I get it? OK.
Dad must have forgotten his keys.
It's open! Go on and wait for them at the stairs.
Mummy! Hi, darling.
Can I come up? O-Of course.
Matt's not here.
Hey, sweetheart, do you want to go and play with the toys? Um, I just thought it would be good if we met.
I rang but have I seen you somewhere before? Oh.
Matt's work thing.
In the toilets.
And then he introduced us afterwards.
How long were you and Matt having an affair? He told me the marriage was over a long time before he met me.
How long were you having an affair with my husband? For about about a year.
Do you feel proud of yourself? For stealing my husband and now my child? I didn't steal Matt.
I I didn't mean to fall in love with a married man.
But you knew he was married.
And he told you that he wasn't happy.
Did you know that he had a son? I knew he had a little boy.
Can I have a look at his room? Where he's sleeping? Of course.
I wanted to ask you if there was anything he might need.
Oh, maybe a night light.
He wet the bed the other night.
I'll talk to Matt about it.
Uh, he keeps asking about Higgins.
Higgins is a bear.
Would you like a cup of tea or coffee? No, thank you.
Caroline, how would you feel if I helped out with taking Carmody to piano? I would not feel good.
No, fair enough.
But let me think about it and I'll talk to Carmody about it.
Maybe occasionally would be OK.
I wasn't sure if this was the right place.
Those gates look the same.
I won't be a sec.
Hey, uh, I've been thinking.
Yep? I like you a lot.
I like you a lot.
OK, I'm ready.
Let's go.
What would you say if I invited you out for dinner? On a date? Yeah.
I don't know.
Do you think you'll ask me? Not sure.
Haven't decided yet.
Mate, sounds good.
Uh, you got Lachie's backpack? I've got Carmody in the car.
Yeah, it's just here.
How are things with Carmody? I noticed he was a no show at swimming.
Uh, well, it's been pretty hectic at work so, you know, one week won't matter.
Not that he would have minded.
He doesn't really like swimming anyway.
Doesn't he? No, he doesn't like getting in the water.
I didn't know that.
Not sure it's cool to go through his bag, is it? Yeah, well, it mightn't be cool but, you know, mate, I've got to find out what's going on.
God, he's certainly got a thing for chewy.
I thought they weren't allowed to take anything.
Yeah, it's been prescribed by the team doctor.
Really? What are they? Well, they're sleeping tablets.
They're pretty common.
Players use them to come down after night games.
Does Lachie play night games? Well, that's just it.
Thanks, Luce.
Gotta go.
Why don't you come down the park on Saturday, play some footy? Oh, mate, you know weekends, they're hard.
Oh, here he is.
Finished work already, have you? Yeah, it's the beauty of morning radio.
Gee, it's an easy gig you've got.
Uh, they were banging on about this young player who was pissed, got into a bit of a fight the other night.
They were wondering how they could raise it in a segment.
Are you serious? Completely joking.
You're not nearly as funny as you think you are, Herb.
You have to admit, his face was pretty funny.
- Matt Tivolli.
- Hey, Matt, it's Rory.
Lachie stormed out of a session with the welfare officer.
Said he was going home but he's not there.
Any ideas? Mate, I'll get back to you later, alright? Do you, um, think I've annoyed him enough yet? No.
Hey, Matt, I was just about to ring you.
Lachie's mum rang.
She wants you to ring her urgently.
She's really worried about him.
You're a bloody idiot, Herb.
Matt, are you there? His mum says he's coming back home tonight.
What, home to the country? Dad! Hold on, Carmody, I'm on the phone.
You call Rory back and tell him I'm onto it.
I'll call off his mum.
Come on, mate.
I can't run faster, Dad.
Come on.
Excuse me.
Daddy! Shush.
Come on.
Carry me, Dad, I'm puffed.
Dad, where are we going? Come on! My legs are hurting! What are you doing? I'm going home.
But you've signed a contract.
Dad! Daddy! They'll sue you.
I don't care.
Here's your backpack.
Sit down.
Can you sit down, Carmody? Stop being such a selfish prick.
It's not just about you.
Your behaviour is costing us both.
No senior game means no match fee.
I get no leverage to negotiate a better deal on your next contract.
Mum needs me.
Mate, I've spoken to your mum.
She wants you to stay.
You're homesick.
It happens to the best of us.
Come on, it's alright, mate.
The weekends are fine.
Like, I've got football and people and I'm busy.
But it's during the week when I'm by myself, I can't seem to shut my brain off.
And I just miss my mum, and I keep worrying about her and my brothers and on top of that, I've got to worry about playing a bad game.
You're deeply homesick.
That's serious.
Now, I've spoken to the team doctor and the club.
We agree you staying with Zellows was a big mistake.
Now the club are working on a new host family.
They're going to send you home more often.
Lachie, you've got my attention, alright? We're going to sort this out.
Where's Carmody? He was just here.
Excuse me? Have you seen a little boy, about yea high? No.
What was he wearing? Ah, Jesus, he was wearing a blue vest and a red jumper and some jeans.
Excuse me, have you seen a little boy? Black hair, blue vest? No? No, sorry.
Excuse me, have you seen a little boy in a blue vest? Hey, mate! Excuse me, have you seen a little boy in a blue vest? You haven't seen a little kid in a blue vest, have you? Can't say that I have.
You must have security cameras.
So could we look at the security footage? He might be there.
We will do that but I'll make an announcement first.
Let's just get some details.
Mate, can we look at the footage? He could be anywhere.
I understand but I need some information.
A little boy.
What's his name? Carmody.
Carmody Tivolli.
And what was he wearing? He was wearing a blue puffy vest and he had a a red He was in the toilet.
Look, you listen to Dad.
You mustn't walk off like that.
Dad was really worried.
I did a big wee.
I didn't wet my pants.
Thanks, mate.
It's OK.
Is that your train? Yep, that's the one.
Oh! Hello, you two.
I wasn't expecting a visit from you two.
Aren't I a lucky mummy? What are you doing here? Uh, he needs Higgins.
He hasn't slept with Higgins for ages.
Is everything alright? I lost him.
Higgins? No, Carmody.
Where? At the train station.
I took my eyes off him for a second.
I hate to think what could have happened.
Welcome to parenthood, Matt.
Maybe he should stay here tonight.
Uh, that's not really how it works and I've got plans.
Dad! Why don't you go and help him look for Higgins? He's on the shelf.
And there's also some pull-ups that you might want to take.
Alice told me that he wet the bed.
Alice told you? Yeah, I went round there this morning.
His room's nice.
Higgins! Dad! Dad! He's not here.
He's hiding.
See? Look.
Higgins! Higgins! And my DS.
But it's a secret.
Mummy doesn't like me playing it.
Got some more secrets in there, have you? What's this one? It's a picture for you.
Marla helped me write the names.
Can I help you with anything? No, I don't think so.
I'm just here to see Caroline.
Hey, little man.
Oh, right.
Come on, mate.
I've loved having you here.
The Mormons have got it right.
The idea of a commune of women sharing their lives is so appealing.
You do know they also share their husbands.
You know, that doesn't bother me as much as it should.
Some nights off.
Why do women always talk about sex like it's a chore or they're doing us some kind of favour? I know plenty of women who want it more than me.
Yeah, but they're not married to you.
So marriage changes everything? And kids.
Sex just isn't at the top of your 'to do' list.
It's there, it's just not at the top.
Top two? What about you? Not a big priority since Joel.
But who knows what the future holds.
Has something happened? No, nothing's happened.
You're touching your hair again.
Oh, for heaven's sake, I do not touch my hair! I think you might.
It's the excitement of moving in with me.
Hello, you two.
How was your day? Eventful.
How was yours? Really good.
Can I play my DS? Sure, mate.
Go for your life.
I've got a surprise first.
Ta-dah! I bought it today second-hand.
Do you want to play it? After my DS.
The keyboard thing's more Caroline's idea than Carmody's.
Ah, sorry, I've got to take this.
How are you? Great.
That's great.
Yep, I'll let Lachie know.
Yeah, I've told him about the host family too and he's very keen.
Don't worry about that, mate.
I've got an idea, yeah.
No, no, no, look, I'll I'll give you the details tomorrow, alright? You're a champ.
Um sorry about that.
I don't want you to keep saying sorry.
Well, I sort of feel like I need to.
I get that work is important, I get that Carmody is important.
But it also has to be about us.
I'm trying really hard with Carmody and not to please you or to please him but because I really want this to work.
I feel like you're taking me for granted.
I don't mind being down the line on the priority list while Carmody's here.
But just not all the time.
Oh, I do get that and I have been taking you a bit for granted.
I want to spend more time working on my own stuff.
What's stopping you? Kids.
Oh, those excuses.
That's fresh.
I've finished my assignment.
Can you read the draft, Bernadette? How picky do you want me to be? Very.
So what'd you find out about Herb? Lots of things.
Did you know that when Herb was my age, he was afraid of playing football? I thought he was very good.
He couldn't tackle so Grandpa would take him to the park and make him tackle Matt every single Friday night.
Where were you? I had band practice.
It took them a whole season till one game he just did it.
Herb says if you want something bad enough, you never give up and you work your bum off.
Hope you didn't use the word 'bum' in your assignment.
No, I used 'arse'.
Is that his recipe for success? Work your bum, sorry, arse off? Herb says it's not about the destination, it's about the passengers you travel with.
Hey, grab your guitar.
I'll show you something I've been working on.
Do you remember D? Remember how I showed you to play D? Remember G? Back to G.
That's the one.
How small do you want the chicken? Ah, bite-sized.
Matt and I never used to cook together.
Well, we younger models have been expertly trained by our mothers.
Why do you want to hang around with me? A guy your age must have lots of friends.
But you have no friends.
Means I don't have to share you with anyone.
I'm not very good at sharing.
You have to share me with Carmody.
Him I can handle.
He's only little.
You've got lovely hands.
And you've got the sexiest lips.
The things I've been doing to myself thinking about those lips.
Oh! Slightly spoiling the moment.
And yet you can't help but smile.
Don't touch me with those.
What's wrong? You've got chicken germs all over your hands.
That's fine.
I don't have to touch you with my hands.
There you go, mate.
Get into it.
G'day, mate.
Good to see you.
Yeah, I just thought I'd pop down and teach you lot how to handball.
How's Lachie? I talked to the doctor.
They treat homesickness really seriously now and the club's been great.
You know, fly him home once a month just to take the pressure off him.
Herbilicious! The Herbifier! Wha-hey! Reckon he'll play a senior game this season? Uh, it's still on the table.
Maybe with Mum's lasagna, who knows? Mum and Dad are pretty keen on having him stay.
I mean, they're a good host family.
It just never quite worked with Herb, though, did it? Here we go, George! George! Dad, I'm gonna kick it! Oh, yeah! Lovely kick! Where shall we go for coffee? You know what? I don't really have time, sorry.
Tomorrow? I think she's trying to reach out to me.
She's lonely.
Puts me in an awkward position.
Who came to dinner? Just Ewan.
Ewan Clara wants me to go on tour.
This is Esther.
She's going to be auditioning for us.
So glad you're on this tour.
There's no way I could survive the whole Clara Bell trip on my own.
Hey, Bernadette.
Just thought I'd pop in and say hi.