The Time of Our Lives (2013) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

1 Girls who do sport have a more positive body image than those who don't.
I'll get those references to you.
OK, thanks! I want to try to find my birth mother.
She's got a whole heap of festival gigs.
- She's looking for a guitarist.
- Put in a good word for me.
You're always talking about your musical.
Just write it.
When your dad's in Bairnsdale, you two just look after yourselves? Jesse is still four months short of his 16th birthday.
We need to know there was someone he could call on if he needed help.
I could do it.
I'd only ever go there every second day just to check up.
You know things never work out that way.
They always end up bigger.
What would you say if I invited you out for dinner? On a date? Yeah.
I could pick you up.
Go out for some early dinner.
I'd like that.
Little to the left.
How's that? Oh, a little to the right.
How's that? Little to the left.
Oh, very funny.
I love that song.
Yeah, you know, it's not my favourite on the album.
There's other songs I've written that I rate much higher.
Hello? Yeah, hang on.
It's for you.
It's Jess.
Hey, Jesse.
You OK? When did this happen? Well, stay there and don't open the door to anyone.
I'll see you soon.
What's going on? I'm not really sure.
The lights have all gone out in his house.
What? And he says he can hear someone in the backyard.
I'd better go and see if he's OK.
No, I'll go.
Better it's me facing the bad guys than you.
Be careful.
Who's there? It's me, Luce.
The lights just went off while I was having dinner.
I heard voices.
I think there's someone in the backyard.
Alright, I'll take a look.
I might need to borrow that.
Stay inside, yeah? Hello? Is there anyone there? Jess, there's no-one out here, mate.
You can open the door.
I've spoken to Jesse's dad and suggested that Jesse come home with us and Tom's agreed.
Bernadette, the power shorted out, that's all.
I think he freaked out and imagined he heard someone.
Well, it doesn't matter if he's imagined it.
He's a 15-year-old kid and he doesn't feel safe.
Can you put Jesse on? Here, mate.
Hey, Miss.
Are you OK? I'm good.
I've spoken to your father and he'd prefer it if you stayed with us tonight.
I'll be right, Miss.
Now's not the time to be brave, Jesse.
Why don't you go pack a bag? We'll see you soon.
He's not supposed to be staying with us.
Isn't there someone else that can look after him? That's the whole problem, Luce.
There is no-one else.
I'll see you soon.
Alright, see ya.
Did someone try and break into your place? I don't know.
Do you want to play on the computer? Uh, it's bed o'clock, Georgie.
Ten minutes? Forget it.
Georgie, come on.
I'll play you tomorrow, OK? OK.
Have you got everything you need? Yeah.
Now you can make yourself at home.
You get hungry or thirsty, our fridge is your fridge.
I know you've been very angry with me.
I'm glad you called.
Goodnight, Jesse.
Alice has offered to come and speak to my PD class tomorrow.
Did you ask her to? No, she rang and suggested it.
I think she's trying to reach out to me.
She's lonely.
Puts me in an awkward position.
I know how that feels.
You're still upset about Jesse staying over? The arrangement was you were supposed to be a point of contact but you're over at his house every five minutes.
That's not true.
And making him meals while we eat takeaway? I made one casserole and the takeaway was a lot better, trust me.
Well, don't forget the lasagna.
Would you just have left him there? Well, he's not my son so I'm not the one leaving him there.
Jesse's father should be sorting this out, not us.
I agree.
Well? But until that happens, I have an obligation to make sure Jesse feels safe.
You get that, don't you? I'm going to bed.
Shoes, girls! How's your day looking? I have a session with Clara Bell.
Oh, should Georgie be going with you? No, I'm packing my own triangle this time.
Oh, Jesse.
Made you lunch.
That's OK.
Where's my muffin? Uh, there's some seaweed crackers in the cupboard.
Come on, Jesse, I'll give you a lift.
Bye, Jesse.
Off to work? Off to bed? Mm-hm.
You going to be in for dinner? If you're cooking.
7:30! Done deal! Anyone here playing a team sport? Soccer, netball, football? I'm going to give you a questionnaire and I want you to fill it in as honestly as you can.
These are designed to work out your daily routines.
How am I going? Well, they're still awake.
That's better than usual.
Sorry, spoke too soon.
Jesse! Were you asleep? Am I boring you? A bit.
Everyone, just fill out the questionnaires as best you can.
Hey, do you want to grab a coffee later? Sure.
Are you alright? I'm just tired.
Did you have enough breakfast this morning? I don't really eat breakfast.
Hi, Clara.
Hi, Tim.
I am so excited that you're coming on tour with us.
You are gonna love it, Luce.
Brisbane, Adelaide, Byron, Darwin.
We'll be performing next to the yacht club there.
They've got this beautiful grassy lawn that goes all the way to the water and the sunsets there are amazing.
We're gonna have so much fun! Yeah.
Esther, this is Clara, Luce.
This is Esther.
She's going to be auditioning for us.
You're right.
She has a great look.
What would you like me to play? Hey, your choice.
Do you want me to go? No.
No, no, stick around, Luce.
Sorry, I have to take this.
She plays in a band called The Romanys.
They're just gypsy jazz fusion, with her brothers.
She's a major talent.
OMG, I love your hair.
How do you feel about extensions? I'm seeing some really earthy colours on you.
How do you feel about the Earth? I like it, personally.
Where's Bella? You don't do any exercise, Bella? I hate sport.
When you say you hate sport, what do you hate? I hate having to run up and down an oval, I hate having to do team stuff.
That's because you're hopeless at it.
Have any of you guys ever played frisbee? Did you like it? It's a great sport.
What about rollerblading? Oh, I've never been but I'd like to go.
We might do that as an excursion in the next few weeks.
Cool, miss.
OK, I want us to thank Alice with a big round of applause.
Now we're going to brainstorm some ideas for our song for the concert.
What sort of song? - Something from Glee.
- Yeah.
Something not from Glee? Thanks for today.
It was a pleasure.
I'm happy to come in anytime.
I appreciate it.
Where shall we go for coffee? You know, I I don't really have time, sorry.
Tomorrow? Sure.
I'll call you.
I just had a phone call from our sponsor.
They're not happy with the projected mass media reach on the ground in Cambodia.
They want it at 90%.
That's ridiculous.
What, they're going to buy TVs and radios for the 60% of women who don't have them? If we agree to this, we'll fail our target.
Yeah, well, you know what, Chai Li, you've got to give me something to work with.
Alright, I'll see what I can dig up.
Thank you.
You haven't heard of us, have you? Go on, admit it.
Well, I don't get to see much live music - the kids.
How many do you have? Three.
An 11-year-old and twins, they're five.
All girls.
Nice one.
They play an instrument? Yeah, Georgie, the 11-year-old, she's learning violin.
In my family it was mandatory to play at least one instrument.
My parents said they were investing in our future life.
Sound like cool parents.
You know that song, Tide, you wrote that, didn't you? Yeah, that's from a B side.
No-one ever remembers that.
It reminded me of Django Reinhardt.
Django's one of my heroes.
Well, him and Grappelli.
I grew up on those guys.
My uncle played in a manouche band.
He used to sit me on his knee while he and the band riffed.
I wrote Tide ten years ago.
I still listen to it.
It's such an amazing song.
It really gets you right here.
This is me.
Can I give you a lift anywhere? It's OK.
I'll, um, I'll see you tomorrow.
See ya.
Well, we've got you pretty well stocked up.
What are you going to cook for dinner tonight? I don't know.
Pasta's always easy.
Oh, yeah, I'd better go.
I'm late as it is.
Call me if you need anything or if you just want to talk.
Maybe leave all the lights on tonight.
It can make it easier.
Jesse, are you alright? He's been managing fine by himself for months now.
Well, something's shifted.
Jesse doesn't feel safe.
There's nothing to be scared of.
I mean emotionally safe.
How about Jesse's mum? Have you been in contact with her? She's in New Zealand, shacked up with some guy.
She isn't coming back.
Does Jesse know this? How do you tell a kid his mum's more interested in her new shag than her own blood? You should talk to Jesse.
Let him know what's going on.
Look, I'll be back Thursday.
I'll talk to him then.
That still doesn't solve tonight.
He'll have to hang in there.
I don't think he can hang in there, Tom.
Can you take him? Just till I get back.
Hi! Hi, Jess.
Mr Flynn.
It's Tivolli.
Oh, right.
What are you doing here? Jesse staying another couple of nights.
Just until his dad gets back.
Do you want to come play on the computer? No, have you finished your Marco Polo project yet? Know anything about Marco Polo? Marco.
You can give me a hand with dinner, Jesse.
No worries.
Just go and wash your hands first.
You can help me make the patties.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey, Herb, it's me.
Just wondering how far off you are.
Sorry? What? You're not going to make dinner, are you? Oh, bloody hell.
Um That's fine, Herb.
Oh, I'm really sorry.
Come on up.
Sorry for barging over.
I just got some ideas about how we might push the mass media reach.
Couldn't wait till tomorrow? Well, I mean, it could wait till morning if you were to invite me in for dinner.
I'm not the world's greatest cook.
I'll risk it.
There you are.
Heard some new jokes.
Hit me.
What's a cannibal's favourite game? Swallow the leader.
What do you call a man with a seagull on his head? Cliff.
I hang around five-year-olds.
Clara wants me to go on tour.
How long? Three weeks, around Australia.
She wants me for lead guitar.
Did you tell her you'd rather walk across broken glass? Clara's OK.
I mean, she's reaching for something and she's got some good people backing her up.
She's got the best.
I like working with Tim.
He's brought this violinist into the act.
I mean, she's great.
Feels like there's a really good mix now.
I'd like to do this tour but I don't want to leave you in the lurch.
Hey, don't worry about us.
We'll cope.
I'm sure Rosa will give me a hand.
Go for it.
That was delicious.
You certainly know your way around a stove.
Oh, don't worry about that.
I'll do 'em later.
Two things in life you will never regret - swimming in the ocean and doing the dishes the night before.
I must be drunk.
That sounded really profound.
Well, it was actually just a line.
I'm not doing the dishes.
I did all the cooking.
I'm not sure this is a good idea.
I'm not sure it's a bad idea either.
I'm just not sure.
Hey I had fun.
Me too.
See you tomorrow.
Don't get me wrong.
I think Melbourne's great, I'm really enjoying being here but Matt's just so busy with his work.
All my friends and family are in Sydney.
I spend a lot of time Skyping.
And how are you and Carmody getting on? It's a work in progress.
I don't think he's really sure how I fit in yet.
I don't blame him.
I'm still trying to figure that out myself.
Yeah, it's not easy.
You've been there, haven't you, with Georgie? I was always so keen to try and make everything work.
I feel I'm always doing the wrong thing.
You get trapped into thinking that you have to do something when in actual fact you just have to wait and be patient.
I wish Caroline would let me be more involved with Carmody.
She won't even let me take him to piano.
He is her child.
She has to make those decisions about him.
But I'm going to be in his life forever.
What'd I miss? Baked chicken with rice.
Damn! I love chicken.
You had your chance.
Who came to dinner? Just Ewan.
Ewan! There's nothing going on between us.
I wasn't asking.
Wouldn't have thought he was your type.
You like funny.
Ewan's actually very funny.
Well, maybe I should give him a spot.
And he turns up for dinner when asked.
I know that we'd be great together Just say that I'll be yours forever I wasn't looking for romance until I saw you there just dancing You just stopped me in my tracks Boy, you took me by surprise And baby when I saw your eyes I knew that I couldn't look back 'Cause I could be everything you need Together we could both be free And I would do anything for you If you would do anything for me I could be everything you need Together, we could both be free And I would do anything for you If you would do anything for me, yeah.
How'd that sound? Luce, that was great.
Esther, I need you to come out of your shell more.
I want to hear that fiddle stamped onto my act.
I'm having trouble.
Most of the songs weren't written with the fiddle in mind.
Right, but you can riff, right? Hey, I think maybe we should look at writing more material.
Luce, can you write music? Well He writes beautiful songs.
OK, write me a song.
Yeah, something from the heart.
Write me a song about love and heartbreak.
OK, that's it for today, everyone, thanks.
I am looking forward to hearing what you come up with.
How am I supposed to write a song for this girl that's probably never experienced heartbreak in her life? I could give you a hand.
We could just jam, see what happens.
We can go to my place.
There's no-one home right now.
My car's just around here.
Come on through.
The studio's here.
And welcome.
What a great space.
So, tea, coffee If we're going to do this, I'm going to need something stronger.
Do you have any whisky? Uh, yeah, sure.
I'll be back.
Make yourself at home.
Room service.
So, cheers.
So, what've you got? Ah, I don't know.
I've had this stupid song that's been going round in my head for the last month or so.
Let's hear it.
It's a little bit silly but We have to start somewhere.
Yeah, true.
It's, um this is it.
No, no, no, no, no, there's something there.
Really? Yeah, come on.
Hey, when are we going over the schedule? I asked Nina to have the final details ready for our meeting.
OK, great.
Hey? What are you doing tonight? Do you want to, um, go and have some dinner? I was actually planning on staying in.
There's things I need to do in preparation for Vietnam.
Did you put an ad in the Vietnamese newspaper? Mm-hm.
I just wrote everything I had about my birth mum - her name and identity number, plus my name, my date of birth and the name of the orphanage I was in.
What do you think your chances are? Who knows? Why don't you come over? Then I can not cook for you again.
Do you want to try up the octave? Give it a go.
Try it? OK.
Yeah, yeah, that's great.
You know, that'd make a good chorus.
You think it's strong enough? Absolutely.
Yeah, it's great.
And, you know, what I could do is just go between the E Minor and A to lead into the chorus and then we're back in.
Bottle of whisky Handsome man sitting next to me.
And he's breaking my heart in two.
Everybody, grab a bag.
I don't want to carry my bag.
The girls have got their bags.
Why can't you carry it? You take it.
Georgie, door.
I'll get it.
I want to go to the park.
Thanks, Jesse.
That's alright.
I want to go to the park! Can we, can we, can we, please? Look, I'm going to make you something to eat first.
Go and wash your hands.
Go on.
Come on, hurry up.
Come on.
Both of you, hurry up.
Luce, you home? Luce! In your early 20s, you're sure you can be the next Hendrix.
Then as you hit your 30s, you get a little more realistic.
You're not longer aiming for Hendrix, more like Neil Diamond.
But that's OK.
The idea of dying at 30's lost its appeal.
Plus, Sweet Caroline was a killer track.
I love that song.
Then as you nudge 40, you realise that's your run over and it's alright, you know.
You weren't Hendrix, you're not even Neil Diamond on a good hair day.
You're just another guy who can play guitar.
And that's alright too.
We can't all be geniuses.
I'm not talking about you needing to sell a million platinum albums.
I'm talking about getting back to your own stuff, your B-sides.
The you stuff.
Sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my tact button.
It's alright.
It's probably true.
It IS true.
So what about you? Me? Well, I'm pretty into making my own music.
Composing is my first love.
So why are you touring? Probably the same reason as you.
Paying my rent, keep myself in op-shop clothes.
Actually, at the moment, I'm trying to write a musical.
Shazam! What? I'm trying to write a musical.
What's yours about? The origins of punk music.
Didn't see you being interested in that particular genre.
Well, things are not always how they seem, Mr Tivolli.
No, they're not.
Beer? I don't know.
I probably should get going.
It's witching hour at home.
One more.
I just need to make a call.
Hey, it's me.
How's it going? Oh, usual chaos.
But Jesse and Georgie are helping me make pizzas so we're getting there.
You home soon? Uh, I might skip dinner.
Where are you? Just work drinks.
So, um, I'll see you later, then, yeah? Have fun.
Will do.
I'm so glad you're on this tour.
There's no way I could survive the whole Clara Bell treatment on my own.
Oh, me too.
Maybe I should get your mobile number in case I have some more ideas for songs.
Yeah, sure.
Good idea.
Put your number in and I'll prank you.
Prank me? There it is.
I really enjoyed jamming with you today.
Yeah, me too.
Sure I can't give you a lift? Yeah, I'm fine, really.
See you later.
What the hell is going on? Shit.
I am so sorry.
Don't touch my guitars.
I'm really sorry.
Well, so am I! They're expensive strings, Jesse.
I'm sorry.
Dad, he said sorry.
Georgie, you should know better.
I want this room spotless.
Jesse, not you.
Georgie can clean her own room.
You got any homework to do? Well, I suggest you get on with it.
What's going on? He was playing my guitar.
I was just putting the twins to bed.
I didn't realise.
And they were in her room together.
Not for very long.
You know how I feel about this.
She's my daughter and I don't want him staying in our house.
Did you work from home today? I had to compose a song for Clara so Esther gave me a hand.
Esther? Our violinist.
I'll read it to you.
It came today.
'My name is Vu Thi Mai.
I worked at the Tan Phong Orphanage during Operation Babylift.
I will meet you if you come to Ho Chi Minh City.
' So the Tan Phong Orphanage was the one you were in? Yep, but I couldn't find anything about it on the Internet.
So then I put a request on one of the forums to see if I can find someone who worked there and she answered my request.
So what do you think you'll be able to find out from her? Well, maybe she'll remember something about my mother.
According to this form my birth mother signed, she gave me up at the Tan Phong Orphanage on March 5th.
If this woman was working there at the time, then she might have met her.
Hi, Herb.
You know Ewan.
How are you, mate? Good.
How're you going? Good.
You know Ewan's coming with me to Vietnam? No, I didn't know that.
Yeah, no, I'm going to be next door in Cambodia, working with Chai Li so thought I'd give her some support.
Good one.
Do you mind? Mate, go for it.
Go ahead.
So you, um, you own the comedy place? Mm.
What's it called? The Wise Crack.
You know, I've always wondered if I'd be any good at stand-up.
You're not alone.
Did you know that 92% of blokes and 41% of their dogs think they could be a comedian? See, I don't look at a brain surgeon and think, 'Oh, I could do that.
Might have a go.
' Well, it's just telling humiliating stories about yourself, isn't it? Have a crack.
Go on, tell us a joke.
Go on.
Nah, I think the joke's probably on me.
I'll pay that.
Pay me in beer.
Yes, yes, yes! Yes! Yes! Yeah! Did you see that? What a freakish move.
The man is a legend.
Let's go again.
No, mate, I don't think I will.
'Cause you're afraid I'll whoop your arse.
Yes, I'm absolutely terrified.
Think I'll concede that you are the better player.
What do you feel like? Oh, hello there.
Goodnight, Herb.
I should have used the glass.
That's why we got 'em.
It's alright.
Do it again and there'll be trouble.
Make you clean out the compost bins.
Sounds yucky.
Mm, you have no idea.
Jesse, is everything OK? I couldn't sleep.
Must be hard for you in a strange house.
No, I I like it here.
I Your dad's back tomorrow.
Come on, let's get you tucked in.
Goodnight, Jesse.
Got a feeling I'll see you again.
Very soon.
Can I talk to you? Alright.
As I said on the phone, I don't believe that Jesse feels confident about staying on his own and I suppose I want to know what you're going to do about it.
Tom, he's just stayed three nights at my place.
It can't continue.
Jesse will have to step up.
Jesse has stepped up.
He's been trying to make the situation work but he's finding it very hard, Tom.
Tom, something has to shift here.
You might have to start thinking about your work situation and whether you can get a job closer to home.
I can't do that.
I need this job.
And what about Jesse? I'm doing it for Jesse and for Ryan.
If I lose this job, I lose the house.
You have to help me out here.
Just until I can sort things out financially.
I'm not about to abandon you, Tom, but I want to know that you're going to come up with another plan soon because Jesse really needs you to.
Suresh, you can't do this.
We're heading over there in four weeks.
Yeah, well I want to speak to Eric.
Yeah, well, get him out of the meeting.
I want to talk to him.
Sponsor's cutting our budget in half.
What?! Is this about the media campaign? Yeah, and they want to lessen their financial commitment.
If they lessen their commitment, there's no point in going.
It's still alive at the moment so I'll make some calls.
Thanks for the flowers.
Eric? Yeah, Ewan Castaldi.
Oh, what time is it? Can we start drinking yet? I'm holding off - driving.
Oh What do you think of Alice? I could maybe have one glass.
Yeah? OK.
She's very eager.
Eager? She's trying hard to fit in.
And is she fitting in? She doesn't know many people in Melbourne.
Oh, maybe I should give her a call.
So do you think she's a nice person? I think she probably is.
And do you think she's in love with Matt? Sorry, I shouldn't ask you that.
I'll get those wines.
OK, Tim told me that you wrote me a song.
I'm dying to hear it.
Yeah, I mean, it's a bit rough but I don't want excuses, just the song.
You right? Mm, right.
Here we go.
One, two, three, four.
Street lights, summer nights Heaven dancing in your face Looks like it's gonna rain Running to our secret place And you fill up my empty space Heaven is days like these Heaven is days like these Heaven is days like these Hi.
Hey, Bernadette.
You after Luce? Yeah, just thought I'd pop in and say hi.
Wouldn't take no for an answer In the autumn light so clear Then you move like a dancer Make the whole world disappear You make shapes in the empty space Bring me to my knees Heaven is days like these Heaven is days like He looks like he's pretty hard at it.
Heaven is days like these Heaven is days like these.
That didn't go too badly.
She seemed to like it.
Like it? She loved it.
It's a great song! It's going to be a hit.
And she's going to get all the credit.
It should be you front of stage.
You've got an amazing voice.
I'm not sure how I'd look in those midriff tops she wears.
Hey, do you want to go and get a drink? I know a hideous bar not far from here.
They do a mean martini.
I-I've gotta go.
I'll see you tomorrow? When are you coming over again? Dad's in the car.
Must be good to have your dad back.
Are you OK? When he comes home, he's pretty tired.
You know, he works long shifts but he needs to catch up on his sleep and then he goes again.
Your dad's trying.
It was alright when Ryan was around.
There was two of us, you know? I miss Ryan.
I'll bet you do.
Oh, Jesse.
Sometimes it's good to have a cry.
Why are you crying? Oh, I'm a crybaby from way back.
Jesse, come here.
You want to hop in the car, mate, while I talk to Bernadette? I've been busting a gut to hold everything together.
Keep the mortgage going, pay the bills, make sure the kids have what they need for school.
Thought I could do it.
You kid yourself, don't you, about what's important? My boys need me around.
What will you do? I'll figure something out.
Appreciate all your help.
Dad, where will I be when you're away? Will I go to Mum's or what? Well, I assumed you were still coming here.
I hope you do come and stay with us, Georgie.
If you want to.
You should talk to Mum.
Yeah, I will.
Daddy's going to sleep on the road.
Not on the road.
I'm going on the road.
It's a saying.
I'll be sleeping in a motel.
What's a motel? It's like a hotel.
You get a little room and a little shower.
If it's so little, how will everyone fit? We'll manage.
I hope you'll be able to fly back on weekends to see us.
We'll be playing on weekends.
Oh, right.
Of course.
But you will come back at some point.
Even if I could, it'd be really expensive.
So you'll be gone the full three weeks? I don't have to do this.
If it's too much, just say.
I want you to do it.
It sounds like you're working with some good people.
I've never wanted to hold you back, Luce.
You're early.
Yeah, I just wanted to chat to you.
I've decided not to go on tour.
Yeah, I haven't told Tim or Clara yet.
I wanted to let you know first.
Why? Many reasons but, um, but one of them's you.
We get along far too well for us to go on tour together.
It's a pity.
I was really looking forward to hanging out.
Yeah, so was I.
I'm going to have to fly to Sydney and fight it out with the sponsor.
But for now, Cambodia is definitely off.
I can't believe it.
I really felt this project was going to change lives.
It might not be the end.
Let me see what I can do.
Do you want me to come to Sydney with you? No.
And I can't come to Vietnam with you.
You know I'd come if I could.
Hi, Dad.
Hi, darling.
How are you? I don't suppose you'd like to come to Vietnam with me? Ah, what's happened to Ewan? Ah, the Cambodia trip's been postponed so he's not coming now.
That's a shame.
I'd love to.
You'll need a visa but the embassy has an express service and I've already got a visa.
When? When you first said you were going.
I thought in case something happens or if you need us, I just wanted to be ready.
Oh, I love you, Dad.
Uh, we've got shallots, carrots and tofu.
We can do a stir-fry.
Sounds great.
Can I be your sous-chef? Yeah, sure.
You can julienne some carrots for me.
Slice 'em nice and thin.
OK, I can do that.
I've pulled out of the tour.
Why? Because my place is here.
Want to put it on there? Nice.
Where's my purple Play-Doh? Jesse.
How are things going? Good.
Looks like Dad might have a job already.
Uh, this is for Luce.
Is, um, Georgie in? Georgie's busy doing homework.
I'll give these to Luce when he gets in.
I guess I'll see you tomorrow at school, then.
You got a phobia, Gaz? Grasshoppers.
They terrify the bejesus out of me.
Come up with your own stuff, push the envelope.
It's time to find out just how bad Gaz's phobia really is.
Will you miss me? The orphanage was bombed near the end of the war.
What about the records? Gone in bombing.
Tran Thi Hanh.
This is her identity number.
Don't have.
Please, please.
Could you check for me? This office may have kept some copies of the old numbers.
You wait here.