The Ultimatum: Queer Love (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

The Choice

I get my way at the end of the day ♪
Look at me now ♪
Hey ♪
Here it comes, baby ♪
I'm a troublemaker ♪
Every time you go on a date with
me, you talk to me about my boobs.
Smaller boobs are normally my thing.
So you're saying you're curious.
Just two days ago, I was in
a very committed relationship,
and now I am very much dating.
I still feel good
about wanting marriage,
but I definitely haven't been
thinking about the ultimatum as much.
Like, I'm starting to
think more about my dates
than I am about the fact
that I asked Rae to marry me.
I think I feel a little overwhelmed.
Like, "Your ex-girlfriend
that you've been with
for three years is over here,
and all these new ladies are over here."
And my ex is my competition,
which is very weird.
So you were issued the ultimatum?
Yes. It's weird because you gave
an ultimatum and I got an ultimatum.
- We're so far apart.
- We are on the same page. Kind of.
And so together with it.
We know the three options
that you leave with are
marriage to the person you came with,
break up, or fall in
love with someone new.
At the end of this week,
I'll be making a choice.
Not just a trial marriage
wife, but a life partner.
Just let that one sink in for a second,
because that is where I'm at right now.
I'd been with Xander for
four years. I lost a spark.
As much as I loved her, she was
more my best friend, my roommate
versus, like, this
thrilling relationship.
If your ex came up to you
right now, and proposed to you,
do you have any idea what you'd do?
I would say no.
I would not be comfortable
marrying her right now.
No, because I'm connecting with you.
- And with some other people. No big deal.
- It's weird.
My ex-girlfriend?
I feel like I can see the
devil in your face right now.
- What?
- And I We I could be totally wrong.
But I don't think my ex is going through
what I am going through currently.
That's funny because I feel like
you know how I feel about you.
I didn't think I was
gonna connect with anyone.
I feel so confused about the
potential of developing, like,
an actual some form of
a relationship with you.
Then we're both going to go
move back in with our exes.
And then it's like, "What
the fuck just happened?"
- Our lives are gonna blow up?
- Yeah. Absolutely.
You're gonna be my atomic bomb?
- Um
If anybody's gonna fuck this shit
up, I feel like it's the two of us.
[GUFFAWS] I thought you were
stopping at "fuck." I was like, "Ah!"
You want to sit on my face?
I didn't say it. You did.
I'm laughing at you, baby ♪
Give me a hug and say goodbye.
[LEXI] I am more confused
since I gave the ultimatum.
I was ready to get down on one knee,
would've done it on the last night,
and now I'm like,
"What's happening to me?"
Vanessa is bull in a china shop.
She's wildly inappropriate
and slightly offensive,
but it's fun and it's flirty.
Like, there's obviously
an attraction there,
but she probably could kill
me in my sleep, so [LAUGHS]
- All right. This is very nice.
- This is nice.
It's that, like, lovely little
campfire mood that I like.
Mal is, like, wholesome,
love, a warm cup of tea.
I'm trying to find a wife,
a person I want to spend my life with.
I'm not sure if I need something
more challenging or more uncomfortable
for that trial marriage.
- I've dated quite a bit. I'm sure you
- Yeah.
I could We could physically
do all the things. That's fine.
We'd figure our bodies out. No problems.
Easy. We're both
assertive. It'd be great.
But my parents are best friends.
My father's always been like,
"You have to be friends first."
I have to be emotionally in-line
before I can even explore anything
physically romantic, if you will.
The person you're with
should be your best friend.
I feel like we're building
the bricks really well.
- Yeah, I do feel that with you.
- Yeah.
have you ever dated
anybody that looks like me?
Like a Black person?
No, I haven't.
The first thing that I noticed was
that you were more masc presenting.
It didn't occur to me
that I also had not been
with somebody who's Black.
I was more, "Oh my God, I
just have never found myself
attracted to someone who's masc first."
That was the first thing I thought of.
Dating Rae, who's Chinese, was
really the first experience I'd had
outside of dating a white person.
I will not lie. That
was a learning curve.
And I don't want to say that
I know enough or anything.
I'm not afraid of the learning in that.
I don't want to avoid that.
That's enough for me.
Your race doesn't matter to
me. I've dated across the board.
- I'm good with that.
- I like that.
- Um, but
- Have you dated Jewish before?
I have not.
Ah! [LAUGHS] So I do
bring something different.
I can show you how to
make matzo ball soup.
I actually can't. I would need my mom,
but she could teach you how
to make good matzo ball soup.
Yes, yes, yes!
You and I have built our
connection genuinely off of honesty.
I felt, coming into this experience,
I didn't know if the person I
was with would say yes to me.
And that lack of assurance,
the lack of safety
in terms of, like, not knowing
when we could take a next step
If we were together,
you would always show up.
I just know that about you.
Nothing against my ex, but I had that,
"I don't know. What if she
just walks away one day?"
You issued the ultimatum,
but maybe that changes.
Maybe you do just want to date
somebody for a little while
that shows up for you consistently.
You're trying to convince me to date you
and not get engaged at the end.
Absolutely not. I think
Like, let's just
- If I could do it today
- Yeah.
- Right now, I'd be, "Let's just do it."
- Yeah?
I got issued the ultimatum.
Which is wild, that
I'm showing up so sure.
- Mm-hmm.
- Like, I'm like, "Oh yeah, I know."
- Right?
- Easy, no question, I know.
I'm gonna have to deal with
maybe you snore at night.
I don't snore.
- Perfect. Even better.
- I don't snore.
Maybe you eat really sloppy or loud.
- No. I don't do that either.
- See?
I don't know if I pick Mal over
Vanessa or Vanessa over Mal.
I just, like, can see so clearly
that one is, like, just cozy and easy.
The other one is way over here
in, like, the lightning
and the thunderstorms.
I know a choice is coming up.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
It's weird to be hearing from
somebody that I trust saying that
- They're sure?
- They're sure, and they're in.
Yeah. I know what I
want. I know what I need.
With you, I've been very sure.
My favorite thing I love
cooking is Thai food.
I love cooking Thai food.
Okay. Do you enjoy
cooking with your partner
or do you normally cook for?
So I kind of want my partner
to get the fuck out
of the way when I cook.
[LAUGHS] Okay, that's fair.
- Because, I'm sorry, I'm running the show.
- Yeah.
I'll prep everything. I'll get
Maybe I'll be like, "Can you
cut the carrot?" or something.
I don't know. But don't
get in my 'bow room.
I don't really mind if my partner
likes to just do their own thing.
What actually makes you mad?
What does make me mad
'Cause you seem so nice.
I like to say I'm very low-maintenance.
My last relationship,
I felt there was a lot
of passive-aggressiveness, and
- You were passive-aggressive?
- No.
- They were. Yeah.
- [SAM] Oh. Got it. Got it.
Like, how do you solve anything
when you're taking the steps to ask
what's wrong and you get nothing?
They're like, "I'm good."
Then you're like, "I
can't read your mind."
Until the next blow-up.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's been hard, you know?
And I just don't I just
Sometimes I feel like I don't
I'm here, tearing up.
Sometimes I feel like I don't
I try I try my best, and
I feel like I'm not understood.
Damn, I'm crying like a bitch.
- I hate that. Ugh.
- No, but it's fine. Like
For me that relates to healthy
communication with my partner.
If we were in this marriage together,
you can feel like I would support you.
There's obviously There's
There's a spark there, right? Um
I'm open to take it a step further.
[TIFF] Two days ago,
Mildred gave me an ultimatum.
And, from what I'm hearing,
Sam can bring something to the table
that actually Mildred could not.
And that is Sam's communication.
There's this sweetness to it. I
was not expecting that, actually.
Put a little love, put a little love ♪
Little love ♪
On, on ♪
Put a little love, put a little love ♪
Little love, baby ♪
On ♪
[MILDRED] My dream is, in five years,
I see myself married,
in a home with my family.
Just my partner, my son, all my animals.
- You mention marriage
- Yeah.
I do want to get married.
- Wow! Oh my God, Aussie.
- I discovered
- Every time I talk to you
- I know. It's like
- Tell me.
- I surprise myself.
I do want, you know,
long-term commitment
and a, you know, happy home,
and creating a life together,
celebrating love,
celebrating each other
for the rest of our lives.
- Oh!
Hold on. I gotta be like, "Yay."
- Yay
- Aussie.
- Yay.
- You've come a long ways.
I know, in two days.
- You look so much happier now.
- Thank you for saying that.
I I do feel a lot more myself.
I also think part of my
journey is speaking my truth.
It's kind of scary.
It's almost like first
when you come out.
That's one thing when you're
like, "Oh, I am gay." You know?
I like the same sex. Um
And now it's like another
discovery of, like,
"Okay. Do I identify as male, female?"
You know, "What does that
look like? Am I trans?"
It's scary, but at the
same time, I'm excited.
I think I'm at the precipice of
discovering what my calling is,
why I was born at this time.
I didn't have representation growing up.
- Right.
- You know?
That's something that
I'm passionate about,
is to help the kids.
I want to be part of your journey.
I think that discovering yourself
and just finding who you are
Like, I think it's so beautiful.
- Yeah.
- I feel comfortable talking to you.
You make me laugh and we just have
this little cute chemistry going on.
I do also feel safe talking to you.
And I'm there 100% to support you.
- Yes.
- You deserve to be happy.
We all deserve to be happy.
I want marriage. You want marriage.
I discovered I want marriage.
You did.
It must be our talks,
'cause I've been
just getting a bit clearer every day.e
What does falling in
love feel like for you?
I think falling in love for
me is, like realizing that
the person I'm with, that I
can't breathe without them.
Knowing that no one's perfect
and loving them unconditionally.
Yeah, perfectly imperfect.
It's making me emotional because
Just to sit in a date with somebody
and see that it can happen so fast.
I just don't understand how
it just has taken this long
for Tiff not to connect with me.
I'm just feeling really confused.
Held my breath ♪
From the second we met ♪
I've been hanging in the clouds ♪
Don't bring me down ♪
And hold my ♪
Hold my breath ♪
[VANESSA] I love single Vanessa.
I think single Vanessa's very fun.
It's exciting to date, to be
looking at someone else and thinking,
"Oh, what are you thinking of me now?"
- You have blankets?
- [RAE] I do have blankets.
[VANESSA] Typically, I'm someone
who wants to keep my options open,
but I'm getting much closer
to narrowing it down to
just my two favorite people.
Definitely Lexi, but I'm also
really into her ex-girlfriend, Rae.
It's a shitshow.
It's a shitshow.
Okay, I have a question
that I want to ask you.
- Okay.
- And I really look forward to your answer.
What are three things that
you love about yourself?
I don't know. I
If you can't name three things,
I can name three
things I love about you.
I don't want that.
Then you better name things
you love about yourself.
Okay. Um
I love that when you're nervous,
you start shaking your your foot.
I think I really, really care
about the people that I'm close to.
And I think that's why it takes
me a long time to get there.
If you are in my life,
like, I love you
- You put effort in.
- and I worry about you.
Yeah. So I think that's
something I like about myself.
I like that I'm athletic.
It makes, uh, doing things fun.
I don't have a third one. Give me one.
I love how I can't figure you out.
I feel like I know people
pretty easily pretty quickly.
I think I'm a pretty
good judge of character,
and I don't understand you at all.
I'm giving you a second one.
Thank you.
[VANESSA] I like that.
I like that you're unpredictable
to me, and I Ooh.
I'm I don't know. I'm
just so lost with you.
You are so not someone that I
feel like I understand easily.
Why do you need to understand someone?
- Isn't there a good nervousness?
- Yes.
- That's what I love about you.
- I don't like being nervous, but
That's my number three thing about you.
And I don't get that a lot.
- I'm not gonna respond to that.
- I didn't think you would.
You're beautiful. That's what
I was thinking, looking at you.
You don't take compliments well either?
- Nope.
- Yeah. Okay.
[VANESSA] I was given an ultimatum.
And I was given that ultimatum
'cause I didn't know if I
ever wanted to get married.
Right now, I'm dating Lexi and Rae.
They came in here as a couple,
and it's very strange.
They both know that I'm going
on dates with each other,
and I I feel kind of weird
about feeling like a homewrecker.
Where they feel one of them
got chosen over the other.
But, at the end of this week,
I'm going to have to make
a really important choice
about who I see as someone
I could potentially marry.
And a choice does need to be made.
I'm just so good at being bad ♪
Everything you wish you had ♪
We've had long-term relationships,
and I think we both want to get married,
since we gave the ultimatum.
I want to know a bit
more about children.
Oh yeah.
You've mentioned you
would carry a child.
- I want to, if I can. Absolutely.
- Same.
I don't know 100% if I can,
but if I can then I do want to.
Long-term-wise, how
would that look for you?
If we were married, would your child
be your child and mine would be mine,
or would it be our children?
Definitely ours. I think it's weird.
I can adopt and still be
like, "That's our kid."
It's just like, family
is what you make of it.
So, no, it wouldn't be,
"This is my kid because
I technically birthed it."
That's so weird. You're
in this journey together.
I'm sorry if someone's said
something opposite. That sucks.
That's not a cool place to be at.
My ex would have her own kids,
and then I would have my own kids.
It's so strange.
Yeah, I think so too.
I feel like one of the reasons
why I want to get
married in the first place
is to have one unit, one family.
I want our kid to feel
loved by both of us evenly.
Doesn't matter who's gonna
pick who up from school.
They're gonna feel loved and
supported and, like, yeah.
Totally, in totality, absolutely.
- You are such a lover. Is that true?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- You're very much a
- I am like a lover.
I am gonna be there for
my partner, no matter what.
I love doing romantic
gestures and things like that.
Most of the time, I'm pretty ready.
- Yeah, and
- Like ready to
I'm a pretty sexual person.
Sometimes, it's like, just
lay me down, shut me up, and
I am a fucking angel after sex.
I'm like, "Why aren't we
doing this more often?"
With my ex, there was not enough sex.
Once a week is just
perfect maintenance for me.
Twice a week would probably
make me a nicer person.
But it's not just having sex.
It goes back to the commitment.
With Xander, not only does she want
to be married and have children,
but vibe-wise, she feels really sensual.
So that's why I think maybe
it's worth exploring it.
Yeah. Thunderstorm
time is very sexy to me.
Yeah, there's a lot of
emotion and senses to it.
And electricity literally is what I
feel. I feel this turmoil, kind of.
I wish I could dance 'cause then
we could go dance in the rain.
- You don't dance?
- I can't dance. Can you?
- I've lost it.
- Yes.
And I'm trying to get
it back. I have it in me.
You sometimes initiate,
you sometimes don't.
Yeah. It's like
There's nothing that's
off-boundaries for me.
I think it would be good for you
to, like, pace me a little bit.
- Because I do think it's fun
- You'd go right at it?
- No, not right at it.
- But kind of?
I think that I would definitely,
like, pass a little move.
Like what?
Like this.
I would definitely want to be closer.
And I hope you're okay with this.
Nothing's in-between ♪
Nothing's in-between us ♪
I feel this connection with
you, and it feels really good.
I don't know how to describe it,
but it's like I'm trying to keep
myself from smiling, honestly.
Ooh, give it up ♪
I think it's gonna be ♪
I think that we were meant to be here.
Nothing's in-between ♪
Nothing's in-between us ♪
Nothing's in-between ♪
Nothing's in-between us ♪
I want to show you
one of my secret skills
that's probably gonna
be very underwhelming.
Oh no.
So I can't break-dance, but I can
look like I'm about to break-dance.
You ready?
Oh wow.
That was equally impressive.
It's night four, and I don't
have a lot of time left to date.
I can see myself with Mal and Vanessa.
I can see it in the way Mal looks at me.
She, like, has no problem
telling me how sure she is of me.
- I don't have anything to follow that up.
- I'm sorry.
- Come on. You gotta.
When it comes to my dates with
Vanessa, we have a really good banter.
There's an attraction there.
I don't have the props for it,
but I can tie a cherry stem
into a knot with my tongue.
Oh my God.
[LEXI] But Vanessa
makes me uncomfortable.
I want to get married.
I came to get married.
And I just don't know if she's ready
to get married or if
she even wants that.
She talks about kids and the motions,
but not about the marriage part of it.
There's something about her
I can't seem to figure out.
I am damn confused.
I do not know who to pick.
And for somebody that
likes control and answers,
that's extremely unnerving.
What do you think our relationship
would look like in five years?
We would be having fun. We
wouldn't be buying a house yet.
Maybe I would to invest, but
we wouldn't be doing that shit.
- You're such an adult, it's disgusting.
- You know?
We would be somewhere
doing something crazy.
I'd be working from wherever.
Can you work from anywhere?
Yeah. Anywhere.
I don't know where that'd
be. I like that with you.
Obviously, I am attracted to you.
I feel like I'm growing to trust you.
Um, I don't know Yeah, I'm
gonna drink about it, but
- Um
I I could imagine,
like, growing closer to you,
and that's obviously very scary for me.
Being aware of that while,
like, having an ex here.
That you want to marry. [LAUGHS]
That I came here with the
intention of marrying. Um
- Which is a mindfuck.
- Whoo!
I don't want to leave here
wishing I did anything differently.
Obviously there's a part of that
where this is a two-person decision.
At the end of our date here, how
do you feel about marrying me?
- How do I feel about marrying you?
- Yeah.
I think it'd be fun.
What do you think
marrying me would be like?
It's hard for me to
imagine marrying anyone.
I think that today I'm realizing, like,
I don't want to grow
closer to someone else.
Like, I don't feel like
I'm at that point at all.
I'm so not ready for that.
You have so much stability in your life
I feel like I've never had, I
don't have any desire to have.
Do you wanna be with
somebody who has stability?
I'm up for a trial marriage,
and I want to see what it's like
to live with someone who
I've never lived with before.
Like, I'm I'm excited
about that, but
[LEXI] Mm-hmm.
I think for me, I can't
I can't go into it thinking I'm
gonna go get fucking married.
Yeah, right.
My ex, she was the closest to
marriage I feel like I could get.
But I feel like when I get bored,
I'm like, "Okay, I'm bored."
Do you feel like there
was an actual chance
that Xander could find someone else?
Uh, no.
I'm beautiful.
You said it, not me.
Xander has been saying
she might be asexual,
and that I'm the only one
she could have feelings for.
She would be asexual if not for me.
What exactly did you think you
were gonna get out of this process
if there was no chance for
Xander to be with other people,
and you're sitting over here and,
"I don't want to get married"?
What the fuck did you come here for?
Well, I think I don't understand.
Why is that upsetting you?
The experience was
ten people coming here
open and ready to accept
not just the possibility
of a marriage proposal
and what that commitment might mean
but also to the possibility
of meeting other people here who
you could find something with.
You were legitimately the person
I was strongly considering,
but that growth that I thought
I was going to be able to have
in three weeks with you
doesn't seem humanly possible.
Your brain, your heart, your mind
seem very shut off to this process.
And why is that?
You're not risking anything.
I don't know, Lex
You don't think she could
be attracted to anyone else.
I just can't see how it's genuine.
There's a part of me that's like,
somebody should tell
you where the door is.
This This isn't for you.
[LEXI] Trust, completely broken.
Faith, misplaced as hell. I
thought I was attracted to her,
thought there was something there.
I wanted to explore that and risk it.
But, like, it's a lie world
and Vanessa's a fake person.
I don't know what else to tell
you. I'm like, "She's fake."
I don't want to say her
name. She's like Voldemort.
If you do get rejected by me, and
please know that, if it is, it's
So you can go live with my ex?
Cold heart with a smile ♪
I'm free, extra wild ♪
This was a terrible end to a date.
- Objectively this wasn't fun.
- I'm confused how it got that way.
- I think we pack it up.
- Yeah.
I'll never have to look
that girl in the face
but somebody else will for three weeks.
Likely my ex-girlfriend,
and I'm angry about that.
I'm a little bit dangerous ♪
I wish Rae would know that this
girl is not here for the right stuff.
I don't wanna see her again.
I'm a little bit dangerous ♪
We've been calling out for answers ♪
Now we finally know ♪
It's love makes the world go 'round ♪
- Here's to laughter and happiness.
- [XANDER] Cheers, honestly.
- Cheers!
- [SAM] New beginnings.
Got me, okay?
Girl, I love these
diamonds you got over here.
Diamonds on my neck ♪
- That's some Beyoncé shit, right there.
- Okay!
[TIFF] But you wouldn't fuck Beyoncé.
- Oh my God! Did you guys talk about that?
- Yes.
So I was saying, "Do you think
Beyoncé would be good in bed?"
Versus Rihanna? Do you think Beyoncé
Okay, bitch. When you
puttin' it like that
- Puttin' it like that.
- Right?
I'm like, Beyoncé's not
I think she'd be great.
She'd be like, "One,
two, three, four, pop."
Like, she knows what to do.
But I don't think she would be
- Yeah.
- Whereas Rihanna would be like
Fuck yeah.
Hold on, let me mindfuck
you. What would Cardi be like?
I That's another one.
That's not tequila, is it?
- Oh, can we do tequila?
- [AUSSIE] Yes.
Oh, it's so rough.
Smells like Lexi to me.
You should tell her.
Yeah, tequila will never
not remind me of Lexi.
[AUSSIE] You're my ex. I forgot.
Yeah, I'm not holding your hand.
I'm just gonna order my
drink. You can order your own.
Excuse you.
I'm joking. I'm joking.
A couple of days ago, I
was given the ultimatum,
and now I feel like
I'm ready to grasp it.
This whole week of dating
has helped me discover myself.
I didn't even know that it was
possible for me to feel this way, but
Oh, I'm just ah, emotional.
I don't think gin and tonics is tonight.
I think it's when we live together.
When you guys live together?!
- Not if, but when.
- You're expecting to live together?
Yeah, I think it's when we live
together is the gin and tonic time.
[RAE] Yeah, exactly.
- [LEXI] Hello.
- [RAE] Hello?
- [LEXI] We can talk. It's okay.
- We can.
- How you feeling?
- Uh
- I have feelings.
- Feelings?
I do I wanna talk to you.
I do too. Let's go. Come on.
Talk to me.
Um, coming into this,
I think we both talked very openly about
if you did have an
attraction to someone
So you have that.
I do have that.
I think I have a physical
attraction to Vanessa.
- Right.
- Three weeks would be fun.
- I'm a little stressed about that.
- Mm-hmm.
I think Vanessa is like a song
and dance in this experience.
I'm also strongly concerned about,
like, motives for being here.
I think I've been stressed
because my gut's been saying, like,
something's gonna blow our shit up.
And this feels like it.
If I can say that at this point I've
gained anything from this process,
it's that I know so definitively
the things that I deserve in this.
Like, very surely.
I'm not gonna hold
anything against you, like,
in the past from our relationship.
But I know what I need by the
end of this, like, thoroughly.
I know what I need.
And listening to people who value
the love I bring and the maturity I
bring and the, like, goodness I bring
You know, those are things that I needed
to remind myself of in this process.
That, like, I am good. I
do bring a lot to the table.
I help people realize why marriage
is something they can be ready for,
whether with me or with someone else.
But your time here seems to
have encompassed a good bit of
Like, "Do I want to just
fuck around with someone,
and that could be fun."
I get it. Vanessa is
attractive. She's fun.
She's like all of the fun
parts of me, but she's not me.
And I feel like, "Should
I have brought Rae here?"
And that fucking sucks.
You gave me one week to figure it out.
You're giving me a second ultimatum.
I'm not asking you that.
I'm asking if you feel like
you're doing any work towards that.
I'm having interesting conversations,
literally with the same people you are.
I just I'm thinking
like, "Do I deserve you?"
And sometimes I feel like I
don't because you're like this
Imagine, like, a glass this big.
Yours is full. You have
this capacity in you.
You're this type of
person, and, like, I'm this.
And, like, I'm scared that
I'll never fill like, that.
never fill what you need.
Without feeling like you can
definitively say that it's me,
like, that part will always be empty.
[RAE] I didn't expect her
to find so much validation.
And maybe Lexi needs a different person.
Lexi to know that I love her.
I have been envisioning a future
with her for, like, three years now.
I'm trying to get there.
I don't know if I will.
And I really wouldn't be doing
this if it wasn't for her,
'cause this is, like, super
out of my comfort zone.
And, like, this is hard.
Wait, am I at the table with the
ones that were given the ultimatum?
- Oh no, I can't.
- [AUSSIE] You are!
This is a set-up. This
is a set-up. I'm out.
Did we naturally
gravitate to this table?
[MILDRED] You guys are the receivers.
[MAL] We're the bottoms
of the ultimatum.
If that was your thing.
Bottoms. But either way it's
very submissive-sounding.
- [MAL] It is.
- I am not a bottom.
[MILDRED] Okay, so
[MAL] Depending on the
situation. I don't know.
Okay. We can get into that more
- We should've been on it day three.
- We should, yeah.
Who have your dates been with?
Tiff and Xander.
Xander was very Just
I was, "I didn't think this
would happen, but okay."
You can take my spot.
- What?!
- And I'm gonna go over there.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
[MAL] Peace.
- [YOLY] Bye, Sam. I love her.
- Bye.
[YOLY] Hi.
[MAL] Hi.
So I'll be very transparent with you.
This experience
Fucking crazy, right?
- Nuts. This shit is crazy.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
But I have had really awesome dates.
- And
- Do you wanna tell me who?
Yeah, if you're okay with
it, I'm fine with that.
Um, Lexi.
I did feel a little bit of a way
when I unfortunately saw you and
Xander on a date. And it was like
I feel like Xander was, like, my
direct insecurity of what your type is
- and what your type has been
- Mm-hmm.
with dating white women in the past.
And I'm You have my blessings, right?
To explore whatever you want to explore.
But, of course, my ego,
like my own self, my own
ego, my own insecurities,
and I'm like
It feels very like, "Yep. Of course."
I'm not asking for reassurance.
That's not what I'm asking for.
There's nothing you can do about that.
Let's join some people.
'Cause I wanna.
How are you?
You okay?
Like in-between. Or
Do you want me here?
I feel like you don't
Yeah, of course I Of
course I want you here.
I've been thinking a lot about just us,
and how we've been navigating our
relationship for the past two years.
And this experience has,
like, really changed me.
I'm in shock.
There's so much I need to learn,
and there's people
here I can learn from.
Come here.
I just, like
I realized so much. You know, like
This experience has made me,
like, realize we're not connected,
and how apart we actually are.
Sometimes I'm in my
room and I think of you,
and I'm I'm not wondering
if you're thinking of me.
I've been going on these dates.
And I don't feel nervous.
I just feel hopeful.
- Oh no.
- I know, I know.
I understand that Mildred is
taking this very seriously,
and that she has a right to
connect with whoever she wants.
But fuck.
She's slipping out of my fingertips,
I'm not ready to lose her.
I've been wanting to connect with you.
It's really hard for me because
I've been connecting with everyone.
And that's why I'm crying,
because I feel like it's scary.
Let me ask you something.
Do you feel like we're connecting now?
I don't want to love you ♪
I don't want to hold you ♪
I don't want to show you how ♪
It's really hard for me to say,
but the kisses
Tiff is trying to force
connecting with me,
but this happens all the time.
We have sex, and it's good,
and then ignore all of our problems.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to feel.
I'm not doing this anymore.
- One thing I wanted to talk about quickly.
- Oh yeah.
Um so I'm in a very
interesting predicament.
Um, it seems as though Rae is,
like, interested in someone here.
[WHISPERS] Vanessa?
Yeah. Um, and it's not good.
I feel sick to my stomach,
and I have been referring
to her as an atomic bomb.
[VANESSA] No one knows that
I'm an Instagram influencer.
I, like, get paid to do content.
[AUSSIE] Are you serious?!
I'm like an Instagram poet, basically.
[LEXI] I don't trust her.
She is a fake person.
[WHISPERS] One thousand percent.
I don't know. I honestly
A big part of me thinks that
somebody feels like they have
more leverage than they
deserve in the situation.
And I don't like that that person
has that much power in their hands.
I think Vanessa is
I'm just like, "Why are
you here and what's up?"
[LEXI] I agree.
I realized I was not the
biggest fan of Vanessa
right when I met her, day one.
Like, Vanessa starts hitting
on my ex in front of me.
So I was like, "All
right. You're that girl."
I don't fully trust
her or her intentions.
She just seems to be into herself
and making everything about herself.
It's as simple as that.
If that's where her mindset is at
[LEXI] That scares me.
[YOLY] She's like a narcissist.
The dates with Xander felt
a lot more, like, honest.
It, like, threw me for a
loop, and I was like, "Okay."
[LEXI] Do you feel more
secure about why Xander's here?
Obviously, they're a couple.
- Sorry if I
- Yeah.
I really hope so.
I would love a rundown.
How are you doing?
Who are you connecting with?
I don't know who you've
been on dates with.
I think you're gonna be pretty
surprised, but, like, it's Yoly.
- Really?
- Yeah.
So, like, I think
Yeah, please explain that.
Yeah, so I think that
I'm definitely getting confused.
I think Yoly is a lot
similar to you, to be honest.
I don't know that you guys are
gonna be friends in this experience,
but I think you guys are pretty similar.
Yeah. How Are you okay?
Yeah, she's just not very nice to me.
- I feel like a fucking idiot.
- Why?
You should not.
I don't want you to.
I think I want to walk
away, if that's okay.
I don't want you to do that.
- I really
- I think maybe we shouldn't have talked.
I really don't want to talk
to you if you went with her.
I don't know if that's fair for me.
It's just You know she has
not been nice to me, and you're
The only time I witnessed it
was at the last cocktail party,
which was, like, so brief
for me. Like, I don't
Yeah, but you noticed it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Baby
- No.
[XANDER] I hate that
I really wanted to see so
much progress with Vanessa,
and I don't feel like
I'm receiving that.
I feel like I'm still receiving
what I would see as selfish,
with her saying I shouldn't
be with someone because of her
or because of this.
It's not the fact that she's
even thinking about, like,
"Maybe you should be with this person.
She wants to get
married or to have kids."
And she wants things that I want.
It's not that.
It's the fact that she's thinking
I shouldn't be with that person
because that's not someone
that she gets along with.
And I don't I don't want that.
I want her to let me experience
this experience for why I'm here.
It's getting down to the wire ♪
I'm jumping through the flames ♪
No time to hesitate ♪
[VANESSA, WEEPILY] Xander came
into this telling me I was the one.
I think tonight was the moment
that I realized that I'm
not the one for Xander.
I'm Fuck! I cannot stop crying.
It's just so hard to think about.
I just I'm so pathetic.
I just want to be alone.
I was having a really hard time
tonight, and I'm not even drunk.
I wish I could be like, "I'm
just a drunk mess," but I'm not.
I'm just a fucking mess.
I was given an ultimatum
a week ago, and
as of tonight, I'm
I'm sure it's a no.
It's getting down to the wire ♪
I'm jumping through the flames ♪
No time to hesitate ♪
Guess I always loved the chase ♪
Coming on like a hurricane ♪
This is what we came for ♪
The start of something new ♪
Everything's at stake when
it comes to the choice.
I gave Rae an ultimatum
because I want a life partner.
I want someone to commit to.
So part of what I'm
looking for in a trial wife
is somebody that's
going to commit to me.
Not just for this three weeks,
but as if it was the first
day of the rest of our lives.
This is our world ♪
This is our time ♪
I'm ready to discover.
I'm ready to get answers.
Yes, I'm missing my ex,
but I gave Tiff the ultimatum
because I don't want to wait anymore.
No matter what outcome,
we're both gonna be
able to gain the clarity
that we've been searching for.
We have arrived ♪
We have arrived ♪
It is a lesbian urban legend
that we move in with a
new person right away.
Even in my most U-Haul-est moment,
I have not moved in with somebody
after only a week of
being single, ever at all.
But this experience is a wake-up call.
There's a bunch of other people out
in the world who want what I want.
So, even though I gave Mal an ultimatum,
now I'm just like, "But what
if?" and it's just overwhelming.
I have never told Yoly that
I didn't want to marry her.
I just told her not right now.
Walking into the choice,
I can definitely see Yoly
falling for somebody
and fully leaning in.
But I don't think Yoly understands
the severity of the ultimatum
she has placed on me,
how that might backfire on her.
Because I know who I want to
choose to be my trial wife.
I'm not thinking about anybody else.
- Unfortunately, you're not next to me.
- I know.
I have no doubt at all.
Going into the choice, Xander is
connecting with someone else here
on more than a friendship level,
and it breaks my heart
to think about that.
But I'm not ready to say that I
would marry her just to not lose her.
Knowing that tonight
I'm going to be choosing
someone to be my trial
marriage partner
I miss those butterflies and
that new relationship excitement.
Someone here could be a good fit for me.
And that's something
that I should pursue.
We have arrived ♪
We have arrived ♪
- [JOANNA] Hello, everyone.
From what I hear, it has been an
incredibly emotional and intense week.
- Absolutely.
- Yes.
I can see it on your faces.
- Whoo.
- In the best way.
[VANESSA] Thank you.
The idea of marriage was actually
something I never actually deeply,
really thought of, to be honest.
It's crazy.
Because it was never a possibility
for me because it wasn't legal.
It wasn't a thing.
- Yeah.
- I also learned what a power bottom was.
- I don't know if you know
- I know what a power bottom is.
You do?!
Of course.
What is a power bottom?
Mildred, you're a power
bottom. I'm letting you know.
You're on the bottom
but calling the shots,
so you're still giving it.
- Whip that shit.
- [AUSSIE] Yeah.
All right.
[JOANNA] Okay.
You arrived here as five couples.
One of you was ready to get
married, and the other was not.
You're here to answer
one simple question.
Did you come here with the person
that you're gonna spend
the rest of your life with?
Or will you find someone
else who's a better fit?
You're about to pick your new partner.
If you choose someone
who also chooses you,
you will move in together as a
new couple in a trial marriage.
So I just want to say, before we begin,
pick someone who challenges you,
and don't make the safe choice.
So, Xander, tell us a little bit about
the people that you've
spent time with this week.
I feel like I initially
was attracted to Rae
because I've dated someone like Rae.
And, you know, she was fun, and
Who was that?
- What?
- Who is this?
It's a Bumble person.
Never knew about this.
We've been together four years.
Never heard about this human.
About what?
- I've never heard about this ex.
- It wasn't an ex, really.
- It was more like a in-between stage.
- It's very interesting. Very interesting.
I feel like I knew most of
Xander's ex love life. And this
I will clarify that it was
an in-between stage of
a Bumble, Tinder person.
Is this, like, tractor girl?
- Okay.
- No.
- We're gonna go back to you, Xander.
- [XANDER] Okay, great.
[MOUTHING] Fuck off.
Fuck off.
Um, can we ask you about Yoly?
Yoly, I appreciate
your openness with me.
I think that you have a very
positive outlook on a lot of things.
I believe that you're
gonna make a good wife
because you know what you want.
And I think you're not someone
that is selfish, by any means.
You're gonna think about others,
and it's a great aspect to have.
[MOUTHING] I don't know about that.
- There's no right answer here.
- Okay, cool.
Xander, are you ready
to make your choice?
I am.
My heart is pounding.
I choose Yoly
because I think that you and I
had the deepest conversations.
I think that we can
teach each other a lot.
And I think that we can figure
some things out together,
and it'd be great.
Thank you. You're
That was deep.
Xander, you have a huge heart.
And you're so kind
and so willing to give.
I've shared with you
that I get very protective
of people with big hearts.
Um, just because I can
see people in the world
taking advantage of it or
seeing it as a weakness even,
and I get very protective
of stuff like that.
Appreciate that.
I love that.
Are you ready to make your choice?
Yes, I am.
Um, I choose Xander.
Through our conversations,
I've been really surprised
to learn how much, like,
similarities and common goals we have,
as far as marriage and family and
what married life would look like.
So I'd be really excited
to explore that with you.
[JOANNA] Thank you.
Okay, Rae, we're headed your way.
Um, I think Vanessa and I had
a very, like, physical
interest in each other.
But she has this, like, very
free spirit nature to her
that, like, I don't really understand,
because I'm a stability kind of woman.
And looking towards the future,
I think she'd be a good wife.
My love.
We had a great time, and
you calm me down a lot.
And you've paid attention to me enough.
I really appreciate that,
and I think you're wonderful.
And, Mal, oh my gosh, you've been
in my top three this whole time.
I'm really sad we have
not had more time together.
Um, you are enigmatic.
I believe that's a word?
- I hope
- I love that word.
Yeah. Okay, good. So it
is a word. You can confirm.
Yeah, that's definitely you. Um
You We just had a connection
from the instant we met,
and I think you're a wonderful human.
I only had one interaction with you.
- I know.
- Right.
I made a very quick decision.
Um, just for reasons that I value
that are just different, you know?
I haven't always known
what a "hell yes" is,
but I have known things
that are a no for me.
I think those things scare me, and
sometimes I lean in to those things.
- In the next life.
- Yeah.
Um, Lexi. You were probably
born to be someone's wife.
You're, in a way, a trophy wife,
but also like the person
the breadwinner as well.
I don't know how that
really happens, but you are.
We We noticed immediately
that we are pretty much equals
in terms of our personalities.
But you are You're marriage-driven.
You're so young, and you're so driven.
It bewilders me because
this is not who I am at all.
I'm six years older than you,
and I have none of the
motivation that you do.
And I look forward to
whatever your experience is,
and we'll chat about it.
So we came into this process, right?
And you made me uncomfortable.
You're the loudest person in the room.
I'm sometimes the loudest
person in the room.
And we bounced off of that.
And then things really changed for me.
Part of me feels that
the second you found out
that Xander was really
leaning in to this process,
that that just soiled your experience.
I felt it on our date.
I felt the general shift.
And my concern for myself
is that you going into this
next process of this experience,
you only, at a maximum, saw it
as a three-week, 21-day thing.
You're not gonna be able to give
anything to anyone in this process.
And beyond that, to be
completely candid with you,
um, I felt gaslit.
And because you went on a
date with my ex-girlfriend,
regardless of the fact that
we're calling each other exes,
my fear is that you have
a power in your hands
to blow up a portion of my life,
because you don't have anything to lose.
Because I thoroughly feel the
world just saw you for who you are.
I have concerns for
my ex in this process.
I don't think you're here
for the right reasons.
What do you think I'm here for?
I think genuinely that
you came into this process
thinking that there was
about a 0.001% chance
that Xander would have any sort
of connections with other people.
Because a part of it is
supposed to be the potential
that we romantically
connect with someone.
And I want to add to that, Lexi.
You've been telling Xander to fuck off,
and it's hurting all of us but you.
That should say so much.
- It's hurting who?
- [MILDRED] Everyone.
Everyone sitting at this
table except for you.
I don't really want everyone to
antagonize Vanessa because she's
We understand, that's the person
you've been with for four years.
No, it doesn't matter if
that's the person I've been with
for 4 years or 10 years,
but she's someone that no one
else understands except for me.
And that's why I love her.
And I don't need you
guys to understand that.
I wish I could divide
this whole situation,
but I cannot feel like
you guys are protecting me.
We do care about you,
but, at the same time,
we are looking out for everyone
sitting in this experience.
Because we're all in this together.
It's not just about Vanessa and Xander.
It's about the rest of
the people sitting here.
I think Lexi's also protecting her ex.
But how do you know that her and
Rae would not be able to figure out
something together that could make
our partners want to be with us?
We gave the ultimatum.
- I'm not trying to
- No, that's fair.
I'll interject on that.
So I don't know what you want
out of this. Which is fine.
You don't have to know what you
want 'cause, like, sometimes I don't.
One of the things we
were talking about earlier
was how there is someone who
comes in here with an ultimatum,
and now they're like, "Well, I
have feelings for someone else."
And you hearing that, you're like,
"Wait, you came in
here with an ultimatum."
"You knew what you
wanted. And now you don't?"
"And now you expect me
to know what I want?"
"But you were the one
with the ultimatum."
I do trust you. I hope
that you know that. I do.
- I know you do.
- You're not the person I don't trust.
If it does get to the point where
you do spend time with my ex,
I hope that you get what
you need to out of it.
I hope she gets what
she needs out of it.
Because I think she is
She and I have a lot to
learn in this process,
things that we both came here to do.
Our last date really just laid it
all out for me about who you are.
I'm happy my gut speaks so loud.
I'll remember to listen to that more.
Because of that discomfort, I had
to go on that last date with you,
and I'm so freaking thankful I did.
[LEXI] I don't trust Vanessa.
Rae knows that. It's not
just a jealousy thing.
I don't think she's here
for the right reasons.
I love the hell out of Rae.
When I think about her sleeping in bed
with someone who really is only here
because she wants to be famous,
my gut check is to protect her.
But I can't really say,
"Rae, don't choose Vanessa."
And if they choose each
other, it's fucking terrifying.
[RAE] So,
I am ready to make my choice.
Hold your breath ♪
Hold your breath ♪
We're not turning back ♪
Hold your breath ♪
Hold your breath ♪
Okay, Rae. Who do you choose?
We're not turning back ♪
I'm breaking all the rules ♪
I'm playing it so cool ♪
I'm playing it so cool, baby ♪
I'm breaking all the rules ♪
I'm playing it so cool ♪
I'm playing it so cool, baby ♪
'Cause I'm never gonna ever stop ♪
I'm always gonna shake it up ♪
Always gonna shake it up ♪
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