The Ultimatum: Queer Love (2023) s01e03 Episode Script


Are you ready to make your choice?
I am ready to make my choice.
Okay, Rae. Who do you choose?
I'm choosing Vanessa.
There is a woman I usually go for,
and there's something about Vanessa
that, like, kind of fits that,
but there's a part that,
like, doesn't fit that.
And I'm, like, curious to explore that.
- Are you ready to make your choice?
- I am ready.
Who do you choose?
I confidently choose Rae.
You would be an amazing wife.
You've opened up to me so
much, and you've comforted me.
You've shown me that you've
been paying attention to me,
and you have cared for me.
And I really so appreciate
that in this process.
I think it would be so
much fun to live with you.
And it would be great. And
we would be very compatible.
And I'm really honored that
you chose me before I chose you.
I really so appreciate that.
And I hope this works out, Rae.
I need a drink.
Okay, Mal.
- Are you ready to make your choice?
- I am.
I choose Lexi.
I know how to give you
what you need in this time.
I've known that it was gonna be you.
I was always gonna choose you.
You are a phenomenal person.
You're smart.
You're brilliantly funny.
You feel like a anchor.
We talked about raising biracial kids.
And And the way I feel like
you'd have your wife's back.
I could talk about you forever.
Like, you would make an amazing wife.
Oh, Mal.
I feel like I know you better
than I know 99% of the
people in the world.
Your heart is pure.
You can give anything
and everything to anyone.
Doesn't matter, ten
minutes, an hour, a lifetime.
And as much as you can
give that to everyone,
I'm so thankful you gave that to me.
You're the type of human that
most people should aspire to be,
and that most people
aren't lucky enough to meet.
And I love every minute
we get to spend together.
You're gonna make me cry, so
You have challenged me.
We have tough conversations. We're
already talking about our babies.
Like, we're figuring out what
life looks like for you and I.
That's not something I've
ever had with someone else.
Lexi, are you ready to make your choice?
Yes, I am.
I choose Mal.
Um, it's the easiest choice I've made.
It's not only that, like,
I want to be around you.
I feel like I need you.
There's no one I'd rather do this with.
No one?
Thank you.
I think life with you would be perfect.
Forever would be amazing with you.
That was awesome.
I've had a lot of time with Mildred.
And Mildred, you are such a
deep person, and I love that.
I love our conversations.
And you also are very
confident in yourself.
And you inspire people
in your day-to-day life.
The first conversation we had, I
was just like, "Wow, you're so cool."
You know?
Stop it.
And just, our banter is really
good, and we have a lot of fun.
All of that encompasses a good partner.
Thank you.
Are you ready to make your choice?
I think I am.
I choose Mildred.
Thank you.
You're one of the most
amazing humans I've ever met.
You are
You're awesome in so many ways.
Like, I can't even explain it.
You create a safe space. You understand.
We've been here for a week
- A week.
- I've been on a lot of dates with you,
so I've watched you go from saying,
"I don't want to marry."
Then three days later, you're
like, "I want to marry."
I was like, "What?!"
And, you know what, guys?
It just made me really just think about
how much this experience is really
changing all of us, you know?
And taking this experience very serious,
it will help us in just any way.
I don't want to say what way
it'd help, because we don't know.
We're all different.
But I have seen that in you,
and I'm so, so proud of you.
- And I've told you that before.
- Yes.
Thank you so much,
Mildred. You're so sweet.
I love that.
Mildred, are you ready
to make your choice?
I am ready to make my choice.
So, although I'm grateful for
everyone's time and every single date,
I feel that the person that was
most outstanding to me, um
was Aussie. I choose Aussie.
I feel that I can connect with
you in so many levels and
You are the one that
was issued the ultimatum,
but you have changed so
much in just a couple days.
And, to me, that's,
like just beautiful.
And it's beyond something that
I ever thought that could happen.
To kind of piggyback off of
what you said, I'm realizing that
the things I do need in
order to commit to a marriage,
I never really deeply
thought about that.
- You know I have to ask.
- What is it?
What are some of those things?
Um, it definitely is being
willing to put my ego aside,
when I get very
frustrated or very angry.
And be able to lean into the idea
of love and the actions of love,
even when I don't feel like doing it.
Sam, immediately, when
I felt your energy,
it was so inviting and
felt very non-judgmental.
It's just nice that I have
someone that I can confide in.
And that means the world
to me. So, thank you.
Thank you.
Let me wipe that tear, Tiff.
As we had our conversations,
we actually got deep with them.
And I I really enjoyed experiencing
that growth for both of us.
You're a very strong,
caring and loving person.
Thank you.
- That's beautiful.
- That spoke to my heart.
- Seriously.
- Thank you.
Sam, are you ready to make your choice?
I will absolutely choose Tiff.
Thank you.
If I were to think of who I can
see a future with, it would be you.
Tiff, are you ready to make your choice?
Tiff, who do you choose?
Sam, I don't I don't
want you to feel like
I'm coming into this just
using you as a side tool.
Like, that's not my intentions.
But I do choose you, um, because
you feel like most at home to me.
After more and more time
of talking to people
I kept on finding it more and more
clear of what I want and who I want.
it's it's my ex.
I came in here, um, very open-minded.
I'm I'm human.
I'm trying to be open, really.
I'm trying. I'm trying.
But I'm so, so in love with Mildred.
I'm just so in love with her.
And it's just
- Hold on. No, you're good.
- Sorry. Okay.
- Mil
- Not right now.
I don't want to talk. I'm not ready.
I'm feeling super overwhelmed.
I'm frustrated.
Hearing Tiff talk about what
she felt was hurtful for me,
because I never got that side of Tiff
in the time we were together.
It's really sad that
sometimes you can't see
when the person is
right in front of you,
but you see it when that person is gone.
And sometimes it's too late.
Sometimes it's absolutely too late.
Seeing Tiff tonight
It's all a bit confusing right now.
I am so in love with Sam, but I
can see myself marrying Mildred.
All night I've been sending love
to Mildred across the table from me.
And a lot's on the line.
It's It's just
I'm trying through the
process. I'm honestly trying.
And it's it's very hard to open up.
And I apologize to you.
I apologize to you.
Watching someone you love
talk about forming a
relationship with somebody else,
it's uncomfortable.
The stakes are very high.
We have five new couples.
At the end of this experience,
you will either leave here engaged
to the partner you arrived with,
or engaged to the partner
that you've just chosen,
or you'll leave here alone.
Choosing someone to marry is the
biggest decision of your life.
I'm rooting for you to
find the right person.
- Cheers to love.
- Cheers.
We have five brand-new couples.
They've chosen one another and
entered into new relationships.
And over the next three weeks,
they'll have an accelerated experience
designed to show what marriage with
their new partner could be like.
I truly care about you.
And I love you guys both,
and I hope we get to hang out.
I hope she trips on the stairs.
Rae's athletic enough
not to fall with her.
Everyone is here for
exactly the same reason.
They're here to decide,
"Have I been with the right person?"
"Or is there someone out there
who could be a better fit?"
Here's to our new couples.
And welcome to your potential future.
Let the adventure
begin, my little beauty.
- Wow. It's really nice.
- Ooh!
We have an island.
- We have Jim Beam.
- We have Jim.
Okay, so Jim's a man
we'll allow in the bedroom.
Nice. And Ja And Jameson.
And Jameson.
Today has been tough.
Today has been tough.
Obviously, I couldn't talk to you
before, like, I spoke
up there about Vanessa.
And I think if it was anyone
else, I would have been nervous.
Like, "What are they gonna
think about me in that moment?"
I was prepared to support you
in whatever you wanted to do.
I appreciate that.
Cheers to us.
- Cheers to new beginnings.
- To a really new and good beginning.
- Cheers to winning.
- We won the game so hard.
I am so incredibly proud of you.
When I was watching you, I'm like,
"Wow that's potentially the
person I'm choosing that person."
I thought about you in that moment.
Like, you were the
one that always told me
that you saw my transparency
and, like, my assertiveness.
I already feel so comfortable with you
and to be able to do this with you
- I trust you.
- Yeah.
Like, going to bed, there's not
a thought in my mind that's like,
"Does somebody need to
spend the night on a couch?"
I feel lucky to be sharing this,
like, intimate part with you,
because there's simply no one else.
With you, it just was,
like, never a doubt.
We're not gonna be perfect, but
maybe that's why we get each other.
I think that's the scary part,
'cause I feel like we are perfect.
- Yeah.
- That's like the weird part.
- We're gonna find the imperfections here.
- Sure.
I don't know what they're gonna be
yet, but I'm just not scared of it.
This life is perfect already.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- This is so cute.
- It is so cute here.
- I'm so grateful you picked me.
- I feel ditto.
I appreciate you.
It was a tough day for all of us.
Oh yeah. It was really hard today.
As I was crying I was thinking,
I came here issuing the ultimatum,
but I might leave out of
here maybe even single.
- Right.
- Or maybe with someone else.
- I mean, maybe with you.
- Right.
I don't know.
I've been really strong
throughout this process
for, I don't know why, but for everyone.
And today was the day
where I just let it out.
- And I'm gonna cry.
- Yes.
- And I'm gonna feel sad.
- That's fine.
But, after I stop crying,
it's I'm gonna be happy.
- This is a hard experience to go through.
- Yeah.
We're both going through
the same sort of emotions.
- I'm here to support you.
- Thank you.
So, whatever you need.
Everything that we've been through
and every single date we've been on
has led us to this moment right now,
and I'm so grateful for it.
Me too.
I think this is gonna
be great for both of us.
Yeah, it is.
- That's not an accident.
- It's not an accident. You're right.
Well, cheers to, um
new beginnings, new start,
and to come out the other
end, you know, better.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Everything's gonna be okay, so
- Yes.
- Everything is gonna be okay.
- Yeah.
I didn't know what to expect.
I don't think anybody had
any idea what to expect.
Obviously, you're my new,
um, trial marriage wife.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- And I'm yours.
How do you feel about
Mildred and Aussie?
I actually thought that they
were gonna end up partnering.
What made you think
that they would pair up?
Everything really truly feels
like it aligned with how
it was supposed to be.
I felt like tonight we just
swam in a pool of estrogen.
Oh my God, yes.
And when it came to the actual
physical sensations, like,
I felt it all in my stomach and
then, like, in the palms of my hands.
And I just remember thinking,
"Oh my God. Is it over?" Tears
started coming out of my eyes.
- I was just like, "Shit."
- That's really cool, at the same time.
- Yeah.
- Because you're letting it out, you know?
- I've learned so much in the last week.
- Right.
I'm already realizing what I'm
doing, what I need to change.
I still love Mildred and I'm not
saying I'm gonna get down on my knee,
but I'm very confident
on the things of right now
that I need to grow on, you know.
So the reason I chose you
is because, with the space
that I have within my heart,
if there's any space,
to be able to be open
to the idea of marriage,
it's gonna be the traits you have.
- Does that make sense?
- Mm-hmm.
Nurturing, companionship, partnership.
Someone who challenges
you, who grows with you.
I'm willing to give this a shot.
Are you cool with me sleeping
in the same bed with you?
What time are you planning
to wake up tomorrow?
Because I'm sleeping in.
The first thing I do when I wake up,
I need to go find my dog tomorrow.
I need to go get her.
And then, before she arrives
here in this nice-ass apartment,
she gon' go to the groomer,
and she's gonna get de-shedded.
I love dogs, and so I'm kind of excited
that we get to have your dog here.
I always need to sleep
with my dog, so
I don't like when my
legs feel claustrophobic.
I'm open to just seeing how it works.
I'm just like, "Work with it."
But you don't love it.
Well, I mean, like,
I'm not gonna say that I hate
the idea of it or anything
because I don't
I'm just, I don't know.
Yeah, to be honest
- That does make me a little nervous.
- Yeah.
I've never Well,
I've never been married.
Um, but I've also never dated anyone
that's been hesitant
about dogs, you know?
- Right.
- So this is new to me.
I'm not hesitant about living with dogs,
it's just, like, the size of the dogs.
I completely respect
and understand that,
but I will always put my baby first.
Honestly, if it bothers you,
I'm sorry, but, you know, I might
be sleeping on the couch with my dog.
- Where do you sleep?
- Honestly, I'm gonna sleep anywhere.
- You don't have a
- I don't typically have a side.
- A side.
- A spot. Yeah.
How about you?
I generally would
probably be on this side.
- Okay. Take it.
- Okay.
Yeah, this side.
I think actually I usually am by
the window, for whatever reason.
- Just in case I need to escape.
- I'm always on the right. Yeah.
An ultimatum is choosing yourself.
At what point are you like,
"Let me listen to myself,
and this is what I want, and if
I'm not getting it, then I'm out"?
That's beautiful.
It can come off shitty in
relationships sometimes,
but we applaud people
when they do that in jobs.
So choose yourself.
Like, choose what you
want and stand by that.
Well, I haven't shared
space with someone new
I think in, like, three
yeah, three and a half years.
It's been four years for me.
I don't I usually don't
sleep with anything on,
but I am totally fine
with sleeping in something.
But, yeah, I definitely
am a naked sleeper.
Are you blushing now?
- I like wearing something tight, almost.
- Okay.
It makes me feel held. Yeah.
That's nice.
Our bed, where we shall
snuggle, or maybe not.
- Which side are you on?
- Or maybe not.
What do you think?
You're scared about that?
- A little bit.
- Okay.
All right.
This is where we will share
so many romantic moments.
Just you and I, together in the shower.
- I can't wait. You're my wife.
- Are we Oh my God.
- My wife.
- Oh my God.
- Take me.
- Absolutely not.
Take Take me. Take me!
- Your fuckin' sequin dress.
- Sorry. This dress is so awful.
- I'm so happy we're in this together.
- We have lots to talk about.
Do you want to make use of our little
- Cabinet?
- Yeah.
I want space for your makeup and things,
the things that make you happy.
- You're the best.
- All I need is my tooth-brushing things.
And, like, my face-cleaning stuff.
That can go in a whole different place.
- I think the counter is our oyster.
- Cool.
Also, when you wash your hair in
the tub, does hair, like, clog the
I always take it out if it does,
but I don't wash my hair much.
- We This
- I know.
- This is good.
- It is good.
- I'm coming to join you in a sec.
- Please do.
I might pee with the door open.
You don't like that,
I'll close the door.
No, the door can be open.
If you're peeing, I might
want to come sit on your lap.
- It's kind of I don't know.
- I'm all for that.
I'm gonna just walk
around and brush my teeth.
Are you
I won't ask you if you're comfortable
letting me see you naked yet.
I mean, I will be at some point.
I feel like I will walk
around without, like, a top on.
I feel like I'm gonna walk around
in my little tighty-whities, usually.
Please do.
Mm-hmm! Hello, you.
Do you drink coffee? I know you
don't care about caffeine much.
I do. I like the taste.
We'll have some hot coffee together.
It's gonna be great. This is
why I wanted to live with you.
To wake up, to look at you,
but also to build a
beautiful life with you.
We're gonna build a
beautiful life together.
- I'm not joking.
- I know you're not.
I'm just, like, not here
right now, and I'm so tired.
I know. It's so late.
To talk about what
we're gonna do tomorrow,
I'm not even thinking about that.
I've had three years with this one
person, and that's been my normal.
And today I made a choice,
and now I'm gonna be sleeping
in bed with someone else.
And cooking dinner with someone else
and doing all the things that,
like, a normal couple would do.
It's just hard to imagine.
It's hard to flip a switch and be
like, "This is my new person now."
And I think in hearing
other people talk about her,
I have something in the back of
my mind. Like, "What's going on?"
"Am I making the right judgment here?"
But I made my decision,
and I'm going with it.
So I'm excited and
but mostly nervous.
I'm so tired. Do you mind if I, like
- Do you mind if I go to bed?
- I would love to go to bed.
I've just established my spot.
Oh my God, that is so cute.
Let me see your plant.
It's a love plant because
it was actually my best
friend who gave it to me
when my grandma passed away.
'Cause I didn't really
have much support around me
'cause I was living really
far from all my friends.
I'm gonna help you take care of it
'cause it's gonna mean as
much as it means to you to me.
I mean, it was gonna die
if I didn't bring it, so
I'm gonna consider it
just as much as you do.
Just be aware of that.
- That's so sweet.
- Come get in the bed with me. Yes.
Okay, all the cuddles.
How do you feel about all these bla
It's a bit hot for me. I don't know.
Okay, you can you can toss
them over. You know? It's okay.
I'm happy to sleep on the
couch tonight if you want this.
Yeah. It's really important for me
for you to feel like you're home.
How are you gonna be
able to become vulnerable
if you don't feel like
you're in a safe space?
I feel so comfortable with you.
- I don't feel awkward.
- Me too.
I know I just came and I sat on the
But it just means I
feel comfortable, so
Yeah. Same.
So how do you sleep?
Do you sleep with pj's?
Do you sleep naked? How do you sleep?
Well, I usually sleep naked,
but I mean, just my undies.
But I would feel more comfortable
if I wore my pj's in bed.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
And if you feel comfortable
to sleep with your pj's
because you're worried about how I
would feel, I want you to know that
I embrace you being nude.
- I don't mind it.
- Really? Whoa.
I'm a very sexual person,
but I'm also very aware.
So if you want to sleep in your
underwears that is totally fine with me.
All right, I'll think about that.
I just want you to feel comfortable.
I want that for myself too,
so I'm putting it out there.
If you're gonna be cooking
good meals, why not?
Who said "good," though?
Okay. At least there's gonna be meals.
- There's definitely gonna be meals.
- I'm fucking excited.
So what's our night routine like?
Do you do, like, phone time?
Are you, like
I usually don't. What do you do?
What happens when you can't
sleep? Or does that never happen?
- No, I usually go to bed when I'm ready.
- Okay.
Um, I'll watch TV until time.
I just need to hear noise.
I think it's weird to say, but,
with Mal, we just know each other.
We don't necessarily know
the day-to-day things yet.
But for us, we just
trust it's gonna work
and we're gonna make
it through anything.
I really couldn't be happier.
So what's gonna be,
like, our first night?
Like, we're-watching-a-movie
cuddle position.
We got to figure that out. All right.
You want me here? Like, what's
gonna Yeah, like this?
- Mmm.
- Okay.
- It's a good one. Is this good for you?
- Yeah.
- Let's try other ones too so we can
- Okay.
- All right. What else?
- Okay. Um
What if I'm, like, in here?
- Can I be here?
- You can always do that.
I'm always gonna cuddle in here.
I'm gonna wrap around you like a bear.
Do you have any rules
against playing in your hair?
- No, you can do that.
- Okay, good.
- Mmm. This is a good one.
- This is a good one too.
You are really beautiful. So hot.
All right, let's see
this magical pj set.
Okay. Okay.
I die.
- What?
- No, I like that. Maybe not right now.
- This is not enough for you?
- A bedtime crop top.
This is night one and this
ain't enough. This is messed up.
- What are you doing?
- Turning the lights off.
Setting the mood?
Setting night-night time.
Hey, what is this? A queen bed?
It seems really tight.
Well, I definitely love you.
- I'm so happy we chose to live together.
- Me too.
- Maybe I'll fall in love with you.
- That's the goal?
We're gonna have a good time.
No We're gonna have a great time.
And I'm gonna find you
more beautiful every day.
- I promise you that.
- On that note
She hates compliments, so
Margaux. You want to get up here, mama?
She's so heavy.
- Hi, little girl.
- She looks at you like, "What?"
"I am not that happy."
You're right.
Um, today was wild.
It was. I was just like, "Oh
shit. Like, yeah, this is real."
I feel really comfortable with you.
I don't know. We just see eye to eye.
It's supportive and comforting.
That's what I want in
a lifelong relationship.
That means a lot to me.
I am serious about this,
and about both of our
futures going forward.
My, um, hamstrings hurt.
- Help.
- Those aren't even your hamstrings.
Help my quads.
Give me some massage oil.
So Xander, she's a physical therapist,
and has been teasing me with massages.
That's sexy as fuck to me.
I don't like to be touched.
Literally, we've worked on Mal
putting a hand on my shoulder.
I very much am like, "Oh, whoa.
Not my hand, don't grab that."
But all I want is to grab Xander's hand.
All I want is to be close to her.
I'm just like, damn.
I found that with someone who I'd
never have met, wouldn't have met.
Oh wow. Yeah, just
Then you gotta pop it back.
Oh, that's great.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
"Get you a strong girl," they said.
I gave Mal an ultimatum
because I want to buy a home.
I want to have kids.
I want my partner to do that
with me, and, after three years,
we just weren't moving forward.
And I don't know if there was
any urgency to move forward.
And now I'm feeling
scared for the first time.
I'm scared of losing Mal.
I'm terrified of her falling
in love with somebody else
and not being sure about me.
But with Xander, I mean, it was like
It's stupid how much
we're drawn to each other
and we show up like that for
each other, and it's reciprocated.
And I, like, instantly
feel loved in that way too.
So, yeah, that
The difference is is hard to swallow.
Thanks for, um
I just appreciate you being honest.
And, like, just yourself.
It's the only way I know how to be.
By the time the ultimatum comes to term,
I'm gonna have to be making
the biggest decision of my life.
It would be a dream to walk out of
here engaged to the love of my life.
But now I just don't know
what the fuck I'm gonna do.
Lights out.
Are you excited to explore more?
- Yes.
- Good.
I can feel your breath.
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