The Ultimatum: Queer Love (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Group Nights Out

Oh my God.
I can't believe you're doing this.
- I could never. My nipples are like
- Don't even talk at me.
Look at 'em.
- Look at those nipples.
- No.
- You're gonna have to.
- I will. When it's happening.
- Hey, guys.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- I'm ready.
Coming into this experience,
I couldn't make a decision
on whether I was ready
for marriage with Lexi.
Lexi was upset that Vanessa
and I chose each other.
Vanessa has, like, this freeness
to her that I don't see in myself.
She's the kind of person
that I think goes for things
that make her happy regardless
of what the world thinks.
Lexi has a very specific vision
of what a marriage looks like.
I'm still undecided.
Is this a vision I want for myself?
I'm still trying to figure out
what's right for me and
what's making me happy.
It's not often I take my top off
in front of a man, but here we are.
Rae is nervous for me. I
can feel your nervous energy.
- Oh shoot.
- She's like, "Holy shit!"
Are you gonna tell me when you
No, I just I just clamped.
I'm just scared. I'm realizing
I've done this to myself.
- Just breathe.
- Okay. I'm okay.
Holy shit.
Don't move.
- You're good.
- You're done.
That was insanely painful.
That's my fucking nipple.
- My hand is so sweaty.
- I know. It's so sweaty.
You're gonna do the other side?
- Yeah.
- Do I switch sides?
Holy fucking shit.
Oh my God.
One, two, three, and
- That one was quicker.
- Holy shit.
Good job. You're done. You did it.
- Do you want the picture now?
- Yes.
I'm gonna take a selfie with my nipples.
Oh, Lexi's gonna love that picture.
That one's for her.
What do you think Xander's gonna
think? She hasn't seen you in a while.
This was step one of me redefining
who I am by myself,
potentially without Xander.
Shall we continue our night,
do something fun?
And I'm gonna just keep flashing
you my titties all night.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Yeah?
- Let's go take these nipples out.
- Yes.
And then you flash me yours.
- We're both ones who issued the ultimatum.
- Right.
It's been really cool to
kind of have a fresh start
with someone who has similar values.
It is a big difference.
I don't want to have to
fucking keep telling my partner
to, like, clean up after themselves.
- I don't want that mother-child dynamic.
- Right.
You literally, without any kind of
stress or anxiety, like, just do it.
I enjoy very much being
that support system.
And you're sweet. And
not bad to look at.
Like, it's like
- We have a good time, so I'm like, "Okay."
- Yeah.
I thought that I had things figured out.
Now I'm just like
Now I'm not sure where
I'm at, and I'm not sure
I guess, like, how sure I was before.
- It's stressful.
- You know?
The past few years with
Vanessa stresses me out.
Do I need to reevaluate
that I'm gonna be married
to someone that I came here with?
Or, like, the things that I'm
seeing in you and that we have,
if that's what I need instead.
You really do want the best for me,
and I think that you vocalized and
showed me that, like, right away.
You are special.
She sips.
I don't iron anything.
- Really? You don't iron anything?
- No.
I have to do a lot of ironing.
I don't know if I'm lazy
or I just don't care.
- No.
- It's been about a week.
I've been living with Aussie,
and I feel so extremely, like
I don't know how to say
it. I don't have the words.
But I just felt like 200 pounds
just got off my my back.
Because it feels good.
It feels nice. It feels homey.
It feels like I have a lot of comfort,
and with Tiff I didn't have that.
I wanted it so, so much,
and then it just happened.
- Today was such a good day.
- Oh yeah.
I was getting moments of, like,
you're making me think about all this.
Marriage and about what
we're doing, you know.
I was just like, whoa.
I had that moment
too. I was like, "Hey."
"I'm experiencing new things."
I know this is something that for you
was maybe a little scary, a little new,
a little caught you off-guard.
But you're amazing.
- Aww.
- Yeah.
That's sweet.
I think, okay, there's potential here
for, you know, a long-term commitment.
So that's why it's super important
to, you know, get you
to meet my best friend.
- Yeah, I'm excited.
- Yeah.
Aussie's so wonderful
and very supportive.
So I'm happy that I'm doing
this journey with Aussie.
I can't wait for the next two weeks
to see how much more
fun we're gonna have.
Look at her.
She still hasn't, like, moved.
She's just stretched out even more.
Zoey, are you gonna
let us lay on the bed?
- Hello.
- Not yet.
- She don't care.
- No.
It's really cool to see,
when we were cuddling the
first night, that was easy.
Like, grabbing your hand
or touching your hair
or something like that.
I know you mentioned with Yoly,
building the friend foundation
was important to you.
It's interesting. With you,
some of my rules bend a little,
so I guess they weren't rules
as much as I thought they were.
I feel like you came in here
with the most specific timeline.
Are you worried about what
it would mean to get married?
- Could your timeline change?
- I think it could be more sure, sooner.
How much sooner?
Like six months? A year?
You helped me realize
that we can be engaged,
and we can build the things
that we want together.
I don't have to show up, like,
everything to take care of you.
- We can do this together.
- Yeah.
The timeline It
completely changes how I feel.
I didn't just change your timeline.
- I wrecked your timeline.
- You revolutionized my world.
Like, should we leave
this thing engaged?
So you think there's a chance
that you could leave
and we could be engaged?
- You do have good intuition. You can trust yourself.
- I think so.
- I'm starting to understand that more.
- Right?
- Did you get a lot of sleep?
- Yes, I did.
I just remember you saying,
"I'm going to the dog park."
And then the door closed,
and then that's all.
Can I be honest with you on
the dog situation right now?
- Yeah.
- Well, I slept on the couch with the dog last night.
And I feel like I'm compromising
by not kind of even
putting you in a situation
where you have to deal
with my dog on the bed.
You know, with Mildred,
she's always been afraid
of dogs, her entire life.
And she was like, "Look, I
know she's a big part of you."
"Like, that's your baby."
"So I'm gonna figure out
a way to make this work."
Yeah. Well, I also think it's
different, because I'm not Mildred.
And I think the line is getting blurred.
I've never said, like, "No,
the dog cannot do this or that."
- I've never said that.
- I know that you never said that.
But I also feel like
this is a trial marriage.
- Yeah.
- And Shylo is non-negotiable.
Okay, so I'm put in
a tough position too,
because that's your non-negotiable.
But then I also have to
take care of myself too,
and make sure that I'm not
just, like, lying to you
and just bottling things up,
saying, "Oh yeah, let's just do it."
And then I'm just, like, suffering.
I see the lack of,
with all due respect, the lack
of giving a shit about the dog.
And I don't want anyone to be around
my dog that doesn't give a shit.
- I just don't.
- Right.
I want someone to be around
my dog, who is 12 years old,
to be around someone who cares.
Because, at the end of the
day, that's what she deserves.
That's my child. That's
what I'm gonna do.
- I'm just not meeting your expectations
- Yeah.
of how you want
me to act towards you.
But, like, I am that nurturing,
loving person with animals.
I find that very hard to believe.
I feel like I've been put in
a really difficult situation.
And it almost feels like Tiff's
dog is a lot more important to them
than any relationship in their life.
And I can't help that she doesn't
want to hear what I have to say.
I cannot be the person
that you want me to be,
and I cannot feel bad about that.
I'm asking you to act
like you care about my dog.
Like, it's not that hard.
I want a heart. What the
fuck have I got to do?
I don't care if you have
the most gorgeous face,
the most gorgeous body, the
most gorgeous personality,
and the most supportive system.
If you don't like my dog,
you can get the fuck out.
Good morning.
It's just so nice.
- You know what I mean?
- This?
- Yeah.
- I know.
It's flying by.
It really is. Can we
request another week?
There's just so much
more that I want to do.
We can have our glasses kiss. Ready?
That is the nerdiest thing.
If our real marriage were anything
like the trial marriage,
I'd be pretty happy.
I don't love my ex any less.
It's just conflicting,
'cause it's like, "Oh shit. I
think I really, really like Xander
and what we have going on too."
- Can you hold these?
- Yes.
Now we're talking.
Ooh, emotional.
Things are so great and
so awesome and so seamless.
And I wish we could take us and
see how we deal with, like sex.
- Mm-hmm.
- I feel everything else fits seamlessly.
I'm like, "What if that just sucked?"
- Well, I mean
- Long sip.
We gotta
Guess we gotta figure
this shit out, so
I mean, I I want to.
I think it just is, like,
the natural progression.
I feel like you're looking
at me, and I don't
The eyes are going.
Do we have time to work out?
What kind of workout you trying to do?
You know the workout, but
Oh my God, I fell down. Hug me.
Oh, this is a setup.
You are so
You're not falling for it.
Oh my God. I'm so excited
to meet your friend.
And you know what? She
doesn't know anything.
- She's gonna be like, "Where is Sam?"
- "What is happening?" Yeah.
Hey, beautiful!
- Oh my God!
- Mo
- Hi.
- Hi. I'm Mildred. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Please.
So happy you were able to make it.
- I know.
- So what what is all this?
Oh my God, your guys'
laugh is so contagious.
Aussie, this is like a whole
'nother different side of you.
I know.
- I told you.
- You haven't seen shit yet.
Where did Mildred come from?
- That's what I'm still wondering.
- Yeah
- So, I was given the ultimatum by Sam.
- Yeah.
She's ready for marriage.
Now we're going through this
experience to figure out
Mildred is more compatible with me.
- Okay.
- So now we've moved in.
- Wait, you're living together?
- We're living together.
I know. We should get a drink.
That'd be so cool if you switch spots
so I could get to know
you guys as a couple.
Hold my purse. I'm kidding.
For sure. I'll move this over here.
- Damn, now we're in the hot seat.
- Yeah.
You sleep in the same
bed? Do you do shit too?
- Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
Wow, you have a
slippery mouth. You know?
I'm just asking.
We have nightmares and snore.
What else you want to know?
All right, ladies.
- Food.
- Escargot.
- So how did she give the ultimatum?
- Yeah.
Did you guys have a talk?
- We had a talk. Then somebody
- It kinda goes like this.
"Are you gonna marry me? Like,
are we gonna be together?"
"Is this gonna move forward, or
You're blocking traffic at this point."
That's what I said to my partner.
For lack of a better
term, what's your rush?
I don't have a rush.
- I'm a single mom, you know.
- Okay.
- I've always been, like, independent.
- Mm-hmm.
And I'm like, "I want
to be with somebody,
and I want to know the person
I'm with is the right person."
I I didn't get it. I was
like, "Why this Why the rush?"
So she's been with Sam for two
years, and she didn't want marriage.
We went on three dates. Third date,
you were like, "I want marriage."
I was like, I need to change my list.
- Moment of truth
- I know your ass.
- You do.
- You had issues with commitment and shit.
- Yeah.
- All of a sudden, you're ready?
What do you think marriage is about?
You're stuck with someone
forever, and I'm not my
What? What?
- You said, "Stuck with someone forever."
- Yeah. That's my fear.
I have a fear of it.
Being with someone forever,
that thought is scary.
What'd you think it would be?
That's why I'm like, "I don't know."
There's a block.
To hear you say that just
makes me feel very emotional.
- Sorry, it triggers me.
- Go ahead.
Because Aussie said to
me on our third date,
"I do want to commit and
to be married after this."
It's very confusing, and
I'm not understanding why.
So, after we argued,
I noticed that, yeah, we needed
time to cool off a little bit.
- Right. Yeah.
- Let me ask you something.
Was the way I was
communicating with you,
where it got to the
point where I was, like,
tearing up, raising my voice
- Yeah. Right.
- did that really hurt you?
I feel like sometimes, like,
my past partners, like Aussie,
have so many, like,
wounds and traumas and triggers
that they haven't worked through yet.
I don't always get to the point
where I get to have
the conversation after.
So I really, really want us
to have this stuff come up
that we need to work on.
I really appreciate hearing that because
that feels like you're
on the same team as me.
- Right.
- Despite us disagreeing on something.
I really like that I can already
feel that we can move forward.
You see what I'm saying?
We're in control, rather than
our emotions and our pasts and
all of that being in control.
During our argument, I was
feeling really out of my body.
I was going back into
the same old patterns.
In order for me to be a better
person, either for Sam, for my ex,
or either for someone new,
I have to lean in to love.
I'm just glad that
regardless of ups and downs,
that I can have this
experience with you.
My pants are soaked!
This looks like the
perfect beach picnic spot.
I am out of breath.
You are very, very pathetic.
Such an athlete.
I'm starting to wonder, maybe I
don't need someone else's opinion.
Maybe I can just trust myself.
Taking more time to, like,
make a decision on my own.
Then come in and have a conversation
and be like, "Well,
this is where I'm at."
Monogamous relationships
feel stagnant to me.
Yeah, for sure.
I have no idea if I'd want another
relationship or just a hookup
or if it could be with my partner.
Like, I I don't fully know.
And I don't know how to
appropriately explore that.
Knowing how big this world is,
and knowing how many wonderful
humans there are to connect with,
if I limit myself to just
connecting with one person,
to that extreme degree
of, like, love and marriage
and everythingness,
I wonder if I'm always
going to miss out.
It feels a bit selfish for me
to say that, so I don't know.
- I do like to face my fears.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna get in the water.
- Okay, have fun.
- Are you coming with me?
- Thrust your body into the water with me.
- Oh shit.
I'll hang out. It's cold.
I'm gonna feel very naked
if you're not there with me.
- How did I know you were gonna do this?
- How?
It's so cold.
- All right, fuck it. I'll do it.
- For real?
- Lexi, you talk in your sleep.
- No, I don't.
- I do not.
- You do.
- You're lying.
- I cannot make this up.
Oh my God. What did I say?
Random stuff.
You also looked very good last night.
- Tight.
- I felt very good in that outfit.
I didn't expect
different, but I was like,
"Yeah, she definitely
understands the assignment."
Um, I'm not always super
body comfortable.
That's hard for me to talk about.
There's this side of me that's
"Oh, I'm supposed to be here
in this moment and be sexy,
and I want you to look
at me a certain way."
I personally love your body.
- Mm-hmm.
- Um
But I also want to respect you in that
and make sure, like, you're comfortable
and move at whatever
speed you want to move at.
I can find, like, our
intimacy in different moments.
It doesn't have to be this
traditional narrative that's played
where I'm, like, super chasing
you or, like, exoticizing you.
I fell for you off of,
"Could I be with this person
when I'm, like, 90 years old
and we both look very
different than we once did?"
That's what I was thinking about.
It's just, it's a bonus that you're hot.
I'm definitely looking.
Not trying to make you uncomfortable,
but I'm definitely, like
Intimacy is an important
part of a marriage.
And it could take our
relationship to the next level.
But I think this trial
marriage isn't just about, like,
flirting or fun or banter.
It's about being with somebody
you could see marrying one day.
- Ah, good morning.
- Hey, good morning.
How do you feel?
- Feeling very sleepy today.
- Yeah.
I want to tell you how amazing you are.
You're like, first thing in
the morning getting up and
cleaning and stuff.
I appreciate it.
- I can help out more with that.
- I know you're not a morning person.
I know. I like to sleep in.
I wish that you could just
communicate more with me with that.
I think our schedules
are pretty in sync,
apart from you being a morning person.
You like to get up super
early and get things going.
That's because I have to make my food,
and then I have to get ready for work.
And then I have to cook again,
and then I have to clean, you know.
Then I have to wait for you
to come out of the bathroom.
That's a lot.
I'm just doing so much that
I'm usually not used to.
When we went on dates, you
said you were gonna cook for me.
- I know.
- And we even made a grocery list together.
Yeah. Yeah.
Ever since I met Aussie's friend, Mo,
I notice a different person in Aussie.
The commitment is just,
like, not matching.
We share the fridge, we share the
bathroom, we share the bedroom,
but we don't share house chores.
I'm excusing Aussie,
but then quickly I realize
that there's no excuse for you.
We're in this process. We're in a
concentrated marriage for 21 days.
Like, this is your moment to shine.
Why aren't you doing these things?
Yeah. Uh
I I don't know what to say.
I do I cook at home.
I mean, at my own place.
Yeah. Does that mean I
have to go to your house?
I've been seeing my friends
who have taken me out to dinner.
So I had leftovers. I'm
just heating up my leftovers.
So you've been on vacation
while I've been starving at home.
Yeah, and I bought a
lot of frozen stuff.
I didn't meal plan.
I'll make an effort this week.
You're lucky, 'cause when
Tiff cooks I don't help.
For me, marriage is like
having sense of security
and feeling safe with the person
that you're gonna spend your life with.
- Right.
- And I feel like that all just fell down.
I started to feel like I didn't
know if I could trust you,
because I have a mindset
that you're my partner,
and I didn't understand why
my partner would do this to me.
I feel like my whole life I've been
let down by everyone that I trust.
- Right.
- And I don't have a safe space
- because we don't have a equal partnership.
- Yeah.
I'm not good with conflict
and and confrontation.
I want to, like, just disappear.
Make it right. You know?
- Make it right.
- Yeah.
I feel like a Vegas girl.
Nice. This finger on top. Now press up.
You gotta get the bridge.
You let You let go of this.
We'll work on it.
All right, shall we?
- Can you do a bridge with your body?
- No.
I can do a bridge.
I feel closer to you than I ever have.
Um, I remember when we
first, like, locked eyes.
Was that on the pier?
Yeah, I think that was the first
Now, looking in your eyes,
I think you're beautiful, and
I think we have a connection.
Should we go to sleep?
I love a good challenge. You're
my little onion that I'm peeling.
Oh my God. I know what you're thinking.
Should we, uh, turn the lights off?
- Oh!
- Oh.
I I've gotta I've
gotta turn off that light.
- I'll get it for you.
- I've got to
- Are you not ticklish?
- Yes.
A little closer.
Keep doing that. That felt good.
Last night felt very adult.
Like triple-X adult.
You, like, giving
yourself, you know, to me,
like, it feels, like,
really special, and
I don't know. It
It means a lot to me.
Does it change your feelings
about me? Are you like
It's almost like I had already
done it so many times in my mind.
You know what I mean? So, like, it
I almost, like, knew how
great it was gonna be.
I guess, like, waking up, what was
your first thought this morning?
That I wanted it again.
- Was it a bad thing?
- No.
I didn't think I would find myself
in a position where I care about you
in the way that I do,
and genuinely, like,
have feelings for you.
And now
It's complicated.
- More than complicated.
- Mm-hmm.
I would offer you this meal, but
it's the worst meal I've ever made.
I burnt the cauliflower and
How are you?
I kind of wanted us to talk
about what happened last night.
I had a lot of fun last night.
I believe I fingered you.
And then, that was it, right?
Obviously, we know what happened.
How are you feeling about it?
It was like a slice of freedom after
we were in jail for a long time.
Just in that sense
was euphoric, I think.
I, like, texted with
Lexi and called her.
She obviously wasn't happy.
She's gonna try to figure out
what her life is like without me.
Like, I fucking hurt her.
And to hear her say that
we might not have a fucking future
is fucking hard to hear.
She's just going on about how, like
how she has to tell
her family and friends
that I did this.
And, like, she was like,
her grandpa loves me.
I don't know why. I don't
know why anyone likes me.
She's like, "I don't know
how to tell him you did that."
I'm like, "Yeah, I get it."
Did you remind her how
hot and irresistible I am?
It's interesting because my
last time I talked to Lexi,
like, that last date,
she was talking about
how we are supposed to
be in this experience.
How we need to commit to it.
I'm just like, "Well,
you fucking committed."
This is your ex. You're fine.
You're in this new trial marriage.
It's like when Amish people go
on "Rothspringer" or something.
And they're like, "We're
free for six months."
Then they can decide whether they
want to go back to Amish life or not.
- Mm-hmm.
- I feel like this is that.
We should just have
a threesome, honestly.
- At this point.
- Oh my God.
Too far.
- I just feel like shit.
- Yeah?
You come into this process, right?
And, like, you give each other the room.
You give each other the space
to explore everything this is.
I didn't ask her to tell me
she wasn't gonna sleep
with Vanessa. I didn't.
I tried to tell her to just be careful.
The person Vanessa is, I don't think
she's here for the right reasons.
The person who I thought
loved me came here
and then slept with that person.
It feels like a betrayal.
But I'm, like, sick
to my stomach about it.
What happened here, like, was not love.
This was not love.
Why would I ever want to,
like, marry someone like that?
It sucks.
It sucks.
Selfishly, I'm annoyed 'cause
now it affects my process.
But, like, we're here.
You're this really smart,
really beautiful girl,
who makes really good decisions
all the time, who is super caring.
The list goes on.
You're not as lost as you think you are.
I know this sucks, but you're good.
You're good. You're okay.
We're gonna ride this wave together.
I'm so appreciative to have you here.
To show up and love someone, to
show up and care about someone.
I love you.
I'm so excited that I get to go out,
and I get to dress up and
have fun and see everybody.
I'm interested to see how Sam is
surviving over there with Tiff.
I'm sure Sam is gonna vent to me
and tell me that she
can't get Tiff to shut up.
Oh, absolutely.
You don't need the bathroom?
Not just yet. I'm ironing my shirts.
Okay. But do you need it, like
I might need it at the end.
Yeah, but what does "the end"
mean? How much time about?
- I need maybe 15 minutes before we leave?
- Okay, of me out of the restroom?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Let me know when you need
to pee so I could get out.
Then, when you're not
peeing, I need to finish
getting my hair and makeup done.
That's That's fine.
Okay, cool. How come we
never communicate like this?
- This is cool.
- We've been doing it, mate.
I would always say,
"Hey, the door's open."
"I showered. It's all yours.
If you need to come
in, knock on the door."
- Yeah, we just did it one time, Aussie.
- Okay, I wasn't keeping track.
I really don't care,
mate. Whatever you need.
You still have to be
considerate of other people.
Yeah, I'm 100% considerate
of other people.
I feel like you say shit on
camera to make me look bad, mate.
It's something that's been bothering me.
Oh yeah?
What have I said that
makes you look bad?
I don't really want to
talk about it right now.
I do want to talk about it
because you just accused me.
You can't accuse somebody and run away.
I don't want to talk about it.
Then you should have
never said anything.
I don't know who you dated before
that stayed quiet and
you had the last talk,
but you messed with the wrong person.
- I've been nothing but fucking nice to you.
- Wow.
I've been there for
you, and you have been
nothing but disrespectful
and inconsiderate with me.
You avoid any conversation I try
to have with you on and off camera.
That's not true.
I was avoiding this right now
because I'm not in a place to
talk to you when you're like this.
I have never done this to you.
I've been nothing but nice to you.
Don't say that you can't
talk to me when I'm like this.
You had two weeks to talk
to me when I was calm.
- Well, I need to I need to
- But now I'm not calm.
Now you don't want to talk to me?
I don't want to go ahead
with this conversation
'cause it's not gonna be
constructive for neither of us.
It's all yours.
Thank you.
I feel like I haven't
seen you guys in so long.
It's only been two weeks.
Okay. We're all sitting here.
We're all obviously dating each
other's exes, right? Or married.
- So we can talk about the things.
- Yeah
I think whether we wanted it or not,
we're all learning
things about ourselves,
our partners, our
relationships, and what we want.
And don't want.
And don't want.
You have secrets? I want to know.
Give me something your
trial marriage partner does
that bothers Like, not
bothers. Like, you didn't expect.
Oh my God.
My partner poured ramen
down our bathroom sink, so
- Wait. Ramen down ?
- What?!
- So then what happened?
- That was it.
That's all you got?
Give us something else.
Why Why is it me? I gave. I gave.
Give me some shit about Yoly.
You don't have to be
scared. Run her tea.
No, I'm just trying to I feel like
When I, like, walked in, I was like,
"Why are there all these wine
corks and water bottles everywhere?"
- Marge plays with the water bottles.
- She plays with them.
I was just like, "What's going
on? Why's there so much shit?
- Marge is the dog.
- Yeah, Margaux's a little dog.
That's it? Talking about
them about the noodles
You're talking about the dog. No.
You didn't even say anything about
Yoly. You just said about the dog.
That's not You're not getting a pass.
But if you don't have
anything, that's okay.
But I kinda feel like you might.
And I feel like you're
scared to say something.
- Wait, about Yoly?
- Yeah.
Are you kidding me?
With all of Yoly's quirks
and all her little sass
and her, like, smart-ass mouth.
Like, spill the tea, sis.
You're hiding something
or, you know, lying.
All right.
You know what I'm working with.
Aussie doesn't want to talk.
She's, like, not communicating,
and I've tried so many ways.
Well, it is harder to communicate
with people who are avoidant,
and Aussie is very much so avoidant.
How do you communicate
with her if you know that?
Um, by not talking about it when
Aussie's in a triggered state.
And when is Aussie not
in a triggered state?
Aussie will usually have to go
and, like, listen to meditations.
Then that's when you can
have the conversation.
When does the moment come
when you actually talk?
When is Aussie fully meditated?
And And that might sound
very harsh to some people.
A lot of times, it's
just feeling it out.
Aussie's friends are very important.
- Aussie will also listen to them, so
- No. She's 42 years old.
She needs to step it up and
communicate with her partner.
That's what she needs to do,
and I think that she needs
to not have someone
that's gonna hold her hand.
Well, the interesting thing is
Tiff and I have been practicing
a lot of really good communication.
There's a lot of yelling and arguing?
It was like that in the first week.
Then it started getting
easier after that
because I vocalized certain things.
And we actually kind of dug
deep a little bit. So, yeah
- Damn.
- Wow.
Kind of jealous.
If I'm learning
anything in this process,
it is how I have to be
able to lean in to love.
I have to be able to show
up better to the table
when love and marriage is on the line.
So, two ultimatum givers,
three ultimatum receivers.
If you're a receiver
and someone is a giver
- Are you talking about sex?
- Trying to get a little deeper, all right?
I got my nipples pierced.
That's horrible.
I have been living with
an ultimatum receiver,
um, who I have convinced of marriage.
I still believe in marriage.
Being with somebody who
issued the ultimatum as well,
and both of us having the
same "hell yeah" energy,
it's been really affirming,
and it's effortless.
It's drama-free, beautiful.
And it's a wonder that Xander
hasn't been, like, picked up yet.
She's so phenomenal and so wonderful
- I know.
- and so great.
Do you? You've been saying that
you don't want to marry her.
I know the value she brings to
your life. She brings it to my life.
What value are you bringing to her life?
- I'm trying to figure out.
- You don't know.
That's what I want to work on.
Four years, you don't know what value
you're bringing to Xander's life?
I've never had to
think about that before.
Before Xander, my ex-boyfriend
loved the shit out of me.
He would have married me.
I've just been so blessed with these
people who don't ask much of me.
What is with the bullshit?
I am surprised that Xander dated
somebody like Vanessa for four years.
When Vanessa talks, I feel sorry for her
because it just sounds like
she's just trying to grapple with
how to not make herself
look like a bad person,
and that's a lot to juggle.
I want to know where you stand on that.
I don't know where the fuck you stand.
I don't know, Yoly. I don't know.
I think that we all have been given
the opportunity to be physical, and
Let's talk about it. How
do we feel about that?
I think we should drink more for that.
- Will you get a drink with me?
- Yes.
Be back. You good?
I'm good, thank you. Appreciate it.
I can't believe Mildred did that.
I don't think she knows yet,
so it's not my story to tell.
Also, you know, I
apologize to you because
Apologize for what?
For, like, interfering.
I feel like I've
I will tell you that I would've
never told Yoly that I did something.
I accept your apology, but I
want you to forgive yourself.
Work on your own shit.
- Okay.
- Decide what it is that you want to do.
Figure it out.
I don't know what to do.
- I can't answer that for you.
- I know.
So we go back? When we head back,
they won't have the question anymore.
- Okay, good.
- Okay, let's go.
Excuse me, friends.
You guys are walking into a very
deep conversation, just warning.
Sorry, didn't mean to distract.
I don't know. I was just like,
thanking Mildred for
defending me as a choice.
Thank you for saying
that, but my question is,
everyone's there rooting for you,
and you're there defending Vanessa
and she's basically
telling you to fuck off.
I didn't want to say anything
that was gonna hurt anyone, which I
I don't know what
Lexi was talking about.
If anyone has clarity on that
Lexi experienced something with Vanessa
that that super triggered her.
That's what that whole
confrontation was about was like,
"I don't understand why
you're here. I don't get it."
- But how and why?
- I don't know.
- I know, I'm not trying to
- No.
- Emotions are going
- I'd tell you if I knew.
I don't want to speak
for her. I don't know
I wasn't there. I just know
what my trial wife told me.
I think the overarching thing is that
she doesn't understand
the intentions of Vanessa.
She doesn't understand the intentions.
To be honest, I don't either.
Why is Vanessa here?
I'm not here to keep
talking about Vanessa.
Saying you're not here
to talk about Vanessa,
that is you excusing her
and dismissing her behavior.
Own up to the fact that's
the person you came with.
I don't feel her feelings. I'm not her.
I am a whole different-ass
person than her.
But I do think that we should
give we should believe Mal.
- I'm not excusing her.
- Sorry to corner you, but do you believe
But I will say that I
am not trying to talk
about my ex for this entire party.
Excuse me.
Love Rae.
I think I chose the best
trial marriage partner I could.
We both came in this as receivers.
We're talking about marriage
and what that means to
us, and if we want that.
I would say she's my literal
best friend right now.
She's beautiful, duh.
We're just We're really getting along
and we're trying to keep things
as, I dunno, natural as they
can and taking things slow.
Yeah, which is, like, not what happened.
Seems like the exact opposite.
Is there a reason why you fucked Rae?
I didn't fuck Rae.
I'm sorry. Rae fucked you.
- No. No, it's
- And there was penetration.
- What's the funny part?
- It's not funny at all.
I recognize that you don't like me
and you're trying to find
every way not to. I'm trying
That's not it at all.
Hey, please, can we try to
see how we can overcome it?
All we have is now, guys.
I know. I'm happy to be
here with most of you.
- Yeah.
- Most of you.
I'm surprised she told you.
Then maybe your frustration
is that Rae told you.
My frustration is with all of it.
I knew, coming into this,
that Rae was gonna trust
the people around her.
We had a date that I
think was very clarifying
as to who I think you
are in this process,
and what I think you're here for.
You went into a situation with Rae.
You made it very clear
to me on all of our dates
that she was your safe option.
You're taking a person who
genuinely has the purest of hearts,
who you had sex with.
Like, why do that?
- I'm She's beautiful, like I've said
- That's not what I'm asking.
Are you sexually,
romantically attracted to Rae?
Okay, so then, this is not about
Rae, and you're not into her.
Wait. Wait, Lexi.
You've said, "I'm not
attracted to Rae romantically."
"I don't want to be
sexually attracted to her."
You end up being inside of the person
I came here with and that I love.
You have zero feelings for
them, zero care about them.
- That's not true.
- You just said.
You said you have no romantic,
sexual, physical
feelings for this person.
But friend feelings.
- But you don't fuck
- Friends.
You don't fuck friends like that.
Aussie, I'm sorry. I love
you, but I wouldn't fuck you.
I love you all. I'm not
falling into y'all's vagina.
I love Yoly more than everyone here.
I'm not falling into
her vagina tomorrow.
And you're hotter than shit.
I'm just a little curious. Rae
kissed you or you kissed Rae?
Out of respect
You probably don't like
this, but I don't remember.
It's not convenient. It's just true.
We got into bed
Then she saw the lingerie
on you when you got ready?
Did I have lingerie on?
Yeah, you did.
- Yeah, you did, Vanessa.
- Wait, sorry
I'm trying to understand at what
point it stopped being intentional
and started being coincidental.
It wasn't.
- Was that an accident that it happened?
- Yes.
You ever accidentally had your
fingers inside of somebody else?
Not by accident.
Never have I ever.
I should choose my words
better. I should have responded,
"No, it wasn't an accident."
She told me that you penetrated
her. That's not an accident.
It wasn't an accident. No.
All I'm trying to say here, Vanessa,
is you ended up with your fingers
inside the person I came here with.
Okay, this makes me
sound really bad, Lexi.
- Did she penetrate you?
- She led my hand to her vagina.
- I never wanted to fucking say
- Great.
- That is what happened.
- You were like, "All right, in I go."
Yes, and I said, all right.
Lexi, I think you need to have
this conversation with Rae.
It is a conversation I
need to have with Rae.
Can I be totally candid with you?
- Yeah
- Fuck the sex.
I don't give a shit about the sex.
Genuinely, I don't care.
You could have been inside
her six nights a week.
At the end of the day, whether I
walk out of here single, with Rae,
or with Mal
my problem is with the
person Rae let inside of her.
I think, talk to her about that.
I have to understand why she trusted
you enough to let you fuck her.
You're looking at my
lips. You wanna kiss them?
I'm worried about your ex
putting her claws into you.
I love you.
I missed you.
Do you love Yoly?
You all came here talking
about getting married.
I don't want resentment.
I don't want drama.
Just trying to get the fuck out of here.
Will you leave here engaged to
the person you came here with?
Will you leave here with the person
you spent the last three weeks with?
Or will you leave here single?
- When do I look?
- Now.
- Ah! What did you do?
- I just used a finger.
I'm waiting.
I feel like you were trying
to stir the pot for me.
You have every right
to feel how you want.
She's fucking with our
life, and I don't like it.
You wanted me to self-discover.
You wanted me to figure
out what I wanted
I wanted you to find out if that was me.
I'm a Latina, and everybody
speaks over everybody.
Being respectful has no race, Mildred.
You can't have us both.
You're literally taking
the choice away from me.
I'm not. What do you want from me?
I don't want to be here alone.
I cannot have my partner
dismiss how I feel too.
My heart and my mind are
in two different places.
While I'm very certain
what it'd look like
with either one of the people I love
I just don't know what
the fuck I'm gonna do.
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