The War Next-Door (2021) s01e03 Episode Script


So, I told you,
I asked Cat to climb up that tree
to get rid of the beehive,
and she said no.

- What?
- Well, she claims she's allergic.

- That's just an excuse not to work, Sil.

- I know.

Vicky refused to climb up
and clean the windows.

She told me she gets dizzy
when she hangs in the harness.

- Oh, no.

- I know.

No, no, no.
You know what?
There's a terrible maid crisis
in our little community.

I know.
 They're lazy.

- [Silvia.]

- Not like Leonor, your neighbor.

- [Silvia.]

- She would be perfect.

Did you see what she did,
the showing at her house?
Oh, no, she's perfect.

Does she have any cousins?
I need someone like Leonor.

Hardworking, takes initiative
Did you burn your eyelashes
lighting your boss' broiler?
Does your back hurt from carrying
her shopping bags in Houston?
Well, fret no more
for I am here to deliver some justice.

Because this face cream,
directly imported from Paris,
is the very same one
your bosses bought from me.

Of course, I'll give it to you girls,
with a special promotion.

- Practically production cost.

- [gasps.]

You'll pay in tiny little installments.

Who wants to buy a jar?
- Me.

- Me.

- [doorbell chimes.]

- Oy.

I'm here to discuss a negotiation!
[upbeat music plays.]

Mai Maid what?
It's an app for rich housewives,
so they can find
the best maid service in the country.

They're called domestic workers,
not maids.

And what's in it for me?
Well, you are exactly
what rich ladies are looking for.
All right, thank you,
but I have more than enough
chores to do here in my own home.

They'll accuse you
of stealing their cell phone, you know?
No, no, look.

What I need is someone
who helps me to recruit the
the, uh, domestic workers
for the actual app.

And how much are you paying?
Mom, you can't associate
with this rich kid's classist business.

I'll give you 20%.

I thought you said
rich ladies needed Leo's expertise.

Uh, 40%.

No recruiter, no business.

Oh, okay, okay, 50%, all right?
No, mom! He thinks he'll convince us
with his biceps and stupid face,
but behind every rich boy,
there's an exploiter.

All right, enough! Be quiet!
I can't think, and now
I'm gonna have to make a decision.

- What now, Tere?
- So, we couldn't pay our electric bill.


It's 50
Well, you have a new associate.

My mom is punishing me.

She canceled my driving lessons.

So now I'll never get my own car!
I'm super sad.

Send me hugs.
I need some love.

- Give me that.

- No, wait!
Give it back.

What are you writing? Let me see.

- There you go.

- [phone chimes.]

You're kidding me.

I'm gonna be Crista's new driving teacher.

Heck yeah!
Pablo, you can thank me later
for getting you the opportunity
of a lifetime to win her over.

Cool, right?
Oh, there's just one problem.

- What?
- I can't drive.


Is everything all right, my love? Huh?
[breathing heavily.]

It's gone.

Brody's jersey is gone.


So why not just buy another jersey, then?
That says "From your Brody
to my brody"? Impossible!
And you know
why Genaro didn't want to sell it to me?
Calm down.

You're acting like you're possessed.

Because our daughter accused
his daughter of being a kidnapper.

But that was three weeks ago!
I just never expected
those people to be so resentful.

And that you were so obsessed!
And you know,
I bet that guy did some inception on you.


[groans softly.]

I don't know how,
but that jersey will be mine.
You wanna make her yours?
First, you have to master
shifting gears in and out.

- Yes.

- Yeah.
Get it?
- [Pablo.]

- [Tomás.]

Hey, just relax.

Look, cars are like women.

First, you turn her on,
let it warm up a bit.

- Okay.

- Then you step on the clutch.

- Okay.

- Yeah.
There you go.

- [engine revving.]

- Ah!
- [Tomás.]
You got it, Pablito!
- [laughs.]

Heck yes!
- [Tomás.]
Wait! Stop, stop!
- [tires screech.]

[both grunt.]

This part's important.

Listen very carefully.

Whatever happens,
no matter how hot the car is,
if you don't have protection,
pull the emergency brake and stop.

- Okay.
Like this, pull up
- Now, close your eyes.

- [whispering.]
Brake, brake
- Don't open them.

Open them.

How about that? This is the complete kit.

Listen, with this,
plus everything I've taught you,
you're all good to go, Pablo.

No, this isn't for you.

The app is for female
domestic workers.

I'm the one who does the housework.

- [chuckles.]

- Why can't I be a domestic worker, huh?
Genarito, you don't need an application.

"MaidApp," Grandma.

- [Grandma.]

- "Application".

Soon as men start cleaning houses,
they'll want to charge more money.

The ladies from the app won't like that.

Nowadays, women can be prominent
business leaders and politicians,
so I don't get why men can't be
prominent domestic workers too, huh?
My love, the world is not ready
to see a man
as a domestic worker, you understand.

Believe me, Genaro, it doesn't suit you.

You're perfect for the job.

So, would you stay as a live-in
or would you send me little Janet?
Neither of those, Yola.

I'm the "see-all" of the company.

We´re doing market research.

- It's C-E-O.

- The CEO.

She's my partner.

Well, that's a shame,
although I must congratulate you
for your feminist work.

If all the workers are like you,
you'll be benefiting
this community greatly.

- Uh, thank you.

- Let me know when the app is live, okay?
- Yes.

- I can't wait to fire that lazy Vicky.

She complained because I asked her
to taste Suki's biscuits
to see if they were spoiled.

Yeah, bye.
We'll let you know.

Vicky, please hurry it up.

Bye, sweetheart.

- Yes, thanks, Yola.

- See you.

Bye, bye.

- to the next house?
- Yes.
This one.

- [Silvia.]
- There it is.

- [Diego.]

- [Silvia.]
- [car engine whirring.]

- [Leonor.]
Why are you with my son?
What are you doing?
Are you doing inception on him as well?
Oh, I don't know what that is,
but look, what I do know is
who the masked robber is, who broke
into my house the other day.
You should be glad I haven't told anyone.

You should really treat me with respect.

- I'm your son Diego's new partner.
- You're his partner?
Where is she going?
- [car horn honks.]

- [engine revs.]

- Come here, Diego.
I can see you.

- Sil, calm down, dude.

- Uh-uh, do not call me "dude.
- Okay, Sil.

Open your mind, and be positive.

What we're working on
is going to make your friends happy
because they can trade their, uh,
domestic workers for better
and cheaper ones.

No, that's not the point.

It's about making this industry
more professional.

And using the app,
the workers will also get some benefits.

Diego, I forbid you
from working with that woman.

All she wants
is to take advantage of our family, yeah?
Besides, your businesses usually fail.

You know what, dude? I'm not gonna let you
kill my entrepreneurial talent anymore.

Oh no,
you've never talked to me like that.

I'm sick of you not seeing my potential.

But this time, I'm going to prove to you
that I'm a young entrepreneur.

Diex, wait.

You happy?
So, should we head out?
You are crazy
if you think I'm getting in this thing.

- You don't trust your new driving teacher?
- No.
No, it's just
I don't get into cars that aren't,
well, a Mercedes or
an Audi, or something.


My boss may act refined,
but you should hear the nasty things
she yells when she and her husband
do each other.

- [laughing.]

- Anyway, that only happens once a year.

Oh, that's nothing.

My boss always boasts
about wearing clean clothes,
and she can't even turn on
the washing machine.

I feel really bad for all of you,
but Silvia treats me
like I'm part of the family.

- [laughing.]

- Cata!
Yeah, right, family

I need you to translate
to these maids what I'm about to say
because I won't repeat it 20 times, okay?
They all speak the same language as you.

Oh, they do? Okay.

Uh, Leonor, the witch from house eight,
put a spell on my Diego
so that he'd help her create an app.

- What?
- [Silvia.]
Using this app, housewives can hire
their maids sorry, domestic workers,
like you guys, for a lot less money.

- [all gasp.]

- [woman.]

[indistinct chattering.]

Cata, what's going on?
Well, go and listen,
or else you'll give back
those Fendi glasses you stole.

Yes, ma'am.

I mean, no, I didn't steal them.

I think this might be true.

[indistinct chattering.]

They said they need some proof.

They don't want to lose
their jobs 'cause of gossip.

- Gossip?
- Mm-hmm.

- This what I get for trying to defend you?
- Ooh.


Take me for a test run!
Housecleaning service!
I can clean and cook.

Housecleaning service!
Hi, there.

I can clean and cook and iron,
dust in places you can't reach.
It's so difficult to be a man nowadays.

Housecleaning service! Ooh, neighbor!
What do you think, neighbor? I can
polish the filthiest surfaces you have.

What do you think?
- Wonderful, neighbor.
How about tonight?
- Yeah.

- That'd be great.

- Yeah.

Yeah! I got my first client!
My first client! My first client!
All you're doing with this stupid app
is normalizing the exploitation
of domestic workers in this neighborhood.

That's why I gave them
their own section on the app.

That's still discrimination.

You should've spoken to the workers too.

Why? I mean, they're not
the ones who are gonna pay.

- Show me it.

- Why?
Um, because my mom asked me to make sure
it's not another one
of your bullshit businesses.

It's still confidential,
but I'll give you a quick tour.


- [app blips.]

- This is the home screen.


From here, you go to the main menu
where you can find your, um
- Yeah.

- d domestic worker.

And there will be a blog
with advice on how to train them
so they don't eat your ham, you know.

- And this is really cool, look.

- [alarm blaring.]

Every time your domestic worker
rests for over ten minutes,
the app sends you an alert
so you can put her back on track.
Is this real?
Wait, you really
don't like anything, do you?
- Okay.

- [app blips.]

Look, here's the section
I was talking about that's for the worker.

We will have these Maid Awards
where they can win a gold dustpan
or a diamond broom,
whenever they get good reviews.

No, no! You clearly have
no fucking idea what's going on out there!
- Where?
- Everywhere outside your bubble.

- Um Uh
- [sighs.]

Do you know what happened
to Grandma López, um, my dad's mom?
[Tere sniffles.]

How would I? I've never ever hung out
with someone with the last name of López.

Diego, that's fourth
most popular last name in Mexico.

I've seen López-Jensen, López-Morton,
you know, not just López alone.

Do you remember the rumor that went around
that Carlos Salinas de Gortari
accidentally shot his domestic worker
when he was playing around with a gun?
That was my grandma!
Wow, Tere, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.

I didn't know, but of course,
we will include a warning in the app
so that employers don't play around
with guns when their maids are working.

- [growls, screams.]
- Sorry, domestic workers.

- What is it now?
- [tsks.]
Not you.

The snobby women in this community.

They have no shame.

Seriously, it's outrageous
what they ask their workers for.


"To go unnoticed like Alfred in Batman.
"To be fat
so she doesn't steal my clothing.
This one
"Not Catholic so she can work on Sundays,
Christmas and during Holy Week.
You see? I told you, Mom.

This job is worse than classist.

It's slavery.

But they'll get paid,
and their wages are good.

These are our projected profits.

- Look.

- Okay.

- That much?
- And that's just for downloading the app.

I'll add the commission for matches
and to expand into other communities.

You're going to be a millionaire, partner.

Okay, Diego.

But we have to make sure
the housewives treat the workers properly.

Just because they offer food
doesn't mean they can abuse them.

And no skipping Mass on Sunday.

Where else are they gonna find boyfriends?
We don't want spinsters.

Mom, don't you see you're becoming
one of those snobby ladies?
[inhales sharply.]

Would you give us some privacy?
This is a company meeting.

- Could you leave?
- No.
Well You know what?
I was here only to make sure
Diego wouldn't screw up, but this
This is the last straw.

I can't believe this.

- Neighbor.

- Come on in, neighbor.

Oh! No fucking way!
This is like a shrine
for any fan, neighbor.

I need you to clean
everything with extreme care.

- Yes.

- [sighs.]

No fucking way!
Holy hell!
Edson Arantes do Nascimento.

That one there is
probably my most valuable.

It's the one he wore
at the Mexico 1970 Cup.

- Can I touch all this, neighbor?
- Mm-hmm.

- You're cleaning it.

- [sighs.]

First, I want you to begin cleaning
the trophy that means the most to me.

That's it.

That's the first trophy I won
with the American Youth Team.

- I trust you.

- Okay.

- I'm going to check on the stock market.

- Yes, neighbor.

- [gasps.]

- Oh, damn it!
Bu But
- I didn't even touch it.

- It's completely ruined.

- It's priceless.
I told you, Genaro.

- I barely even touched it!
Don't worry about it.

I know how you can pay me back.

[Tomás whistling.]


What's up, Pablito? Check it out, huh?
A big fancy sports car
guarantees you to score.
Believe me.

What did you do? Did you steal it?
Not at all.
On the contrary.

Where did you get it from?
What did you do?
Ah, well

Look, Pablito, let's say,
a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.

Cool, isn´t it?
- Yeah, sure is.

- Think fast.

- Take care of it.

- Yes.

So you know

you're gonna start getting catcalled.

Ooh! [laughs.]

Cor Cor Corcuera.

Good afternoon.

- Hello.

- Come in.

- Come on in.

- Hey, Die.

I just wanted to thank you
so much for paying our electric bill.

I'll pay you back as soon as
we get some profit from the app.

Leonor, you don't have to whisper.

Just speak into your microphone.

Oh, but we were so close,
so I thought that we
- It's cooler this way.
It's the image.

- Cool.

- We're about to start, okay? Get ready.

- Ready.

Break a leg! Ah!


- I'm glad you came.

- [chuckles.]

I hope that after this,
you'll trust me
like a mother would trust her son.

Diex, if I'm here,
it's because deep down, I trust in you.

- Good luck.

- Thank you.

Are you tired of your maid wearing
your clothes to go out with her boyfriend?

Are you tired of your food vanishing
when everyone in your family is on a diet?
Would you prefer a maid who knows
how to operate the Nespresso machine?
- [women sigh.]

- Presenting "MaidApp.
- [app trills.]

- Finding your perfect match.

To erase any doubts,
I'll give you a sample of what you'll find
when you download "MaidApp.
I give you the best selection
of domestic workers.

- [upbeat music plays.]

- [app chimes.]

I like her.

It looks great.
I think she's it.

- [Tomás.]
What are you doin'?
- [scrubbing.]

I'm washing Brody's jersey
to give to Ernesto.

Well, from what you told me,
I think that bastard
might be setting you up, my brother.

[brush clatters.]

Leonor is right, bro.

I don't have what it takes, not for
a domestic worker, or even for a man.

[clicks tongue.]
Come on.

That's complete bullshit, Genaro.

I can't even support my family.

And who said
that being a man is only about that?
- [chuckles.]

- Look, Genaro.

I'm about to tell you
some sentimental crap, but
But you took in my mom and I
as part of your family
after I was finally released from prison.

And I don't think it's fair
for you to pay for all the house expenses.

let me give you some money.

Let me help you.


Well, brother,
at least this situation forced you
to finally wash that disgusting shirt.

- Oh, no, damn it.

- What?
I scrubbed off his name.

Now how are you gonna pay that bastard?
Can you help me?
You must've learned to forge
signatures in prison.
You can sign it.

Hey, thanks for helping.

It's the least I could do.

After you told me about your grandma,
I came to realize
you people have feelings.

- Honestly, thank you.

- [chuckles.]

[romantic music plays.]

Hey, I have to make a confession.

Grandma López wasn't killed
by the Salinas.

[music stops.]

Then, who killed her?
No one.
She's fine.
She's alive and good.


No, Diego! I said that so you'd empathize,
to burst your fucking bourgeois bubble.

- [music over phone.]

- [gasp.]

Okay, well, I hope
this is enough proof for all of you.
So, take action.

Because your family, your children,
need you to stay employed.

But if we cause an uproar, we'll be fired.

Of course you won't,
because I will be your defender.

My boss is right, girls.

Down with the maid app.

- Down with the maid app.

- Yes!
Down with the maid app!
Down with the maid app!
Down with the maid app!
- [Silvia.]
Oh, yes!
- Down with the maid app!
- Well done, girls! That's it!
- [chanting.]
Down with the maid app!
It'll be a huge success.

Now we just have to wait
for everyone to download it.

I ran the numbers.

If they hire ten domestic workers,
we can pay house expenses for five months.


Well done, Dieguito.
Well done.

[phone chimes.]

- [phone chiming.]

- Oh, Gosh!
- What's with the face? What's wrong?
- It's the chat with the neighbors.

Someone told the workers
about our maid app.

They're threatening
to lynch the creators of the app.

- But we're the creators.

- I know.

Who could have ratted us out?
The maids are
up in arms against the app.

And Yola is mobilizing the neighborhood
to hold back the workers
and show them who's in charge.

I thought you wanted
the workers to rally against the app.

Well, yes, but if they find out
I was the one who riled up the maids,
they will destroy everything
I built for myself in this society.

- Hmm.

- All right.
I found it.

- What's the pepper for?
- For self-defense.

I think you need pepper spray, not pepper.

[women chanting.]
 Down with the maid app!
Down with the maid app!
Down with the maid app!
[in distance.]
 Down with the
Let's go, dear.
We have to save ourselves.

Maybe they'll hand out
tortilla coupons like at Morena's rallies.

We'll talk soon.

Wait, Mom, don't go out yet.

Hold on.
I'll check if it's clear.

- Put your glasses on.

- [Grandma.]

- Okay.

- Mom.

Oh, what?
- Are you defending the app?
- Of course not, dear.

I know it took a bit, but I get it.

I can't betray my people.

Our people? Who's that?
I don't know anymore, Mom,
but what I do know
is that the domestic workers here
deserve to be treated better.
Mom, I'm so, so proud of you.

Mm, my love.

[women chanting.]

Classist bosses, stop exploiting us!
- I'm also proud of you.

- [women chanting.]
Classist bosses
- [Grandma.]
Let's go.

- [Leonor.]
Come on, Mom.

This car is so cool.

Now, this one, I'll learn in.
Like, yeah!
I I'll get the door.


["Let That Money Talk" by Quise.
B playing.]

- [Crista.]

- I just let that money talk ♪
Got a lot of zeros ♪
[women chanting.]

Classist bosses, stop exploiting us!
Down with the maid app!



Oh, Diego, I heard
about the protest against your app.

Yes, somebody told on us.

But I'm to blame.

Diego, no!
Everything is her fault.

All of it.

I should've surveyed the workers too,
like Tere said.

All this happened
because I didn't realize that they're

Oh [clicks tongue.]

hold on.


You are the smartest man that I know.

- [chuckles.]

- I mean it.

But sometimes
your choices aren't the best.

You know, when I married your dad,
I promised
I'd take care of you like my son.

Really, and, well,
that's what I've been trying to do.


I'll come up
with another business idea, Mom.


That's the first time
you called me Mom.

- Did I?
- Yeah.

Oh, Diego, it's true.

[women chanting.]

Classist bosses, stop exploiting us!
- Down with the maid app!
- Oh, no! No, no.

- Classist bosses, stop exploiting us!
- [Silvia.]
What are they doing?
Down with the maid app!
[Crista blows raspberry.]

Pray I make it out alive.

- I want to go up there.

- Impossible, babe.

- I It's too steep.
Just make a U-turn.

- What's wrong?
I thought you were an expert
at shifting gears really slow.

["All Eyes On Me"
by Joy Charity Enriquez playing.]

- [engine starts.]

- Okay.

[tires screech.]

[women chanting.]

Classist bosses, stop exploiting us!
Down with the maid app!
Down with the maid app
We were lucky to found out
before something bad happened,
like losing our jobs.

- [women.]
Down with the maid app!
- Yes! Down!
Hey, who was the one who ended up
telling us about this stupid app?
Yeah, it was Mrs.

If it wasn't for her
we would've lost our jobs.

Down with the maid app!
Down with the maid app!
Classist ladies, stop exploiting us!
Classist ladies, stop exploiting us!
[standoff music plays.]

Classist ladies, stop exploiting us!
Classist ladies, stop exploiting
All right, all right, all right.

Vicky, what are you doing here?
Did you prepare dinner?
What about you, Chayo,
did you take Ricardito for his walk?

Classist women, never clean their kitchen!
Classist women
No, no, no.
It's her.

She's the creator of the app.

Yes, yes, yes.

This woman
wants all of you to lose your jobs.

- [women gasp.]

- And you? Yeah.

Did you tell all your friends
that you ratted us out?
Oh, yeah, she's the brains
behind this rebellion.
That woman.

If that's the truth, we will
kick you out of the group right now.

- What? No, no.
- What did you do?
- It was Cata.

- [gasps.]

- [Vicky.]
I can´t believe this.

- What? Me?
I just did what you told me to do.

Ha! Stop pretending you're innocent.

You're a liar.

- You know what? I quit.

- [gasps.]

You may be a millionaire,
but your armpits smell bad.


My armpits don't smell bad.

- I don't care if you quit.
You're fired!
- [engine revving.]

- [Crista.]
We did it!
- Yeah! [laughs.]

- I drove!
- [laughs.]

Like, dude, I drove a car!
- You did.

- Like, my friends are gonna be so jealous.


I know.
Let's make a TikTok together.

- You'd really do that?
- Yeah, do you want to or no?
Fuck yeah! Yes, that's my fucking dream
since I moved to this stupid place.

- Well, let me get ready.

- Okay.
Me too.

- Classist ladies, stop exploiting us!
- [indistinct chatter.]

You are exploiters!
You are exploiters! You are exploiters!
Hold on, ladies, please.
Hold on.

Quiet down.
Enough, comrades, please!
I confess that I may be responsible
for a lot of what's going on here.

Because I am a partner of the maid app.

- [gasping.]

- What? Why did she do that?
- So lynch me if you want to.

- Yes.

No, no, but wait, wait.

First, I want to say something.

I wanted to make this app
because I believed
it was what was best for all of you.

So you'd get a fair wage
for your work, okay?
So you could have
social security and benefits,
so your bosses
stop abusing you, as they always do,
but it backfired because your bosses
want things to stay the same,
or make them worse,
because they're a bunch of exploiters.

How dare you?
I don't mind
if you eat the Serrano ham, Teo.

They exploit us, but you also lied.

- We're all going to be fired.

- [gasps.]

See what I said?
I told you.
This is all her fault.

- [indistinct.]

- [Leonor.]
No, comrades.

Exploiters! Exploiters!
Wash your own clothes!
What's wrong?
Why are you staring? Don't be a freak.

Uh, it's just I don't think
you need so much makeup, you know?
You're beautiful just like this.

For real.

Okay, well, look who's talking.

You're dressed up like
Well, I don't even know what this is.

Obviously, that chain isn't gold.
No way.

I know.

I swear it wasn't my idea.

Look, there it goes.

- See?
- [chain clinks.]


- Okay.

- Okay.


- [squeals.]

- Give me five.

- Yeah! All right!
- Okay.

- [Pablo chuckles.]

- [shutter clicking.]

Wait a minute!
Comrades, you won't be fired.

- Mrs.
del Monte.

- Yeah?
Did you know that Chayo
almost died from a concussion
after those kids hit her while breaking
the piñata at Germancito's birthday party?

Did you know Lupe was left behind
at the Oxxo on the highway
during a trip, and then
she had to hitchhike her way back?
Hitchhike to your house in Acapulco.

Hmm? Mrs.

Margarita had diarrhea for two days
because you made her taste
some stinky kefir
to check if it had gone bad.


Did you know that your kids graduated
from middle school thanks to Ms.
Of course.

It's not fair
for you to treat your workers like this.

They deserve fair treatment,
just like we all do.

And you can't fire them
for wanting things to be fair.


- Okay.
Let's go.

- Okay.

- [whirring.]

- I think the car's moving.

- Oh, God!
- Oh, what do we do now?
No! No matter
how hot the car is, pull the brake!
The emergency brake! The emergency brake!
- Which one is that? Ah!
- Please move!
- [Crista.]
What do I do?
- What is my husband's car doing?
- Move! Move! Tell them!
- Mama!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Get out of the way!
Mom! Mom!
[screaming in slow motion.]

[car whirring.]

[crowd screaming.]

- [Silvia screams.]

- [panting.]

[both laugh.]

[car tires screeching.]

["El Dinero No Es La Vida" by Rubén Blades
and Ximena Sariñana playing.]

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