This Fool (2022) s02e09 Episode Script

Y Tu Depression También


JULIO: This heat is
fucking you up, too, huh?
LUIS: Nah, dawg.
It's Ruby.
You guys weren't even
dating for that long.
Well, fuck you, bitch.
When you and Maggie broke
up, you were all sad about it,
and you didn't even like her that much.
Imagine being like that
but with your soulmate.
Hey, hey, hey, I'm
trying to sleep over here.
Can you guys be sad quietly, please?
LUIS: She could be anywhere
in the world right now.
Probably getting rammed
by some exotic fool.



morning, sleepy head.
How did my angel sleep last night?
Like shit.
We gotta sign you up for
one of those sleep studies.
So I have that hearing this afternoon
and it's looking like I'm
gonna be able to get amnesty
for those Haitian immigrants,
but I shouldn't be too late
so I was thinking maybe
sex tonight?
Alright, I'll pick up
something light for dinner.

Oh, oh, oh ♪
- Hey, Ashley.
- Jason?
What are you doing here?
It's past curfew.
I was just wondering,
will you go to junior prom with me?
But, Jason, we broke up yesterday.
JASON [ON TV]: I know we did Ashley,
but I was just sort of wondering
if we could maybe, like, un-break up?
This show's stupid.
Sorry, but I can't, Jason.
It just wouldn't be fair to Lason.
What kinda stupid-ass name is Lason?
And why did Jason go all the
way to her house to talk to her?
Why didn't he just text her?
Jason got in trouble for
stealing a pack of gum
so his phone got taken away.
He's kind of a bad boy.
ASHLEY: Plus, he's a history whiz.
Lason knows all the
names of the presidents
and he says that I'm his First Lady.
But why do their parents
let teenagers have zip lines
into each other's rooms?
Can we watch something else, please?
AURORA: But I wanna find out if
Ashley and Jason get back together.
Obviously, they're
gonna get back together.
The show's called Ashley
and Jason, but you know what?
Nobody should be together
since high school.
- I want my skateboard back.
But you were going to
teach me how to ollie.
JASON: I guess Lason will
have to teach you now.
[GASPS] I hate you, Jason!
- Jason!
- Can we still be friends?
Ashley and Jason ♪
And the theme song sucks, too.
Mija, it's time to get ready for bed.
But it's too hot to sleep.
- Get a fan from the closet.
It's almost sexual ♪
But not quite yet ♪
Hey, dumbass, why'd you
tell her the show sucks?
- Because it does.
- Of course, it sucks. It's for kids.
That show makes me wanna stab myself
in the heart Elliott Smith style.
Dude, you need therapy.
If going to therapy is gonna
make me like Ashley and Jason,
hey, keep your dumbass therapy.
Whatever. I'm not gonna
force you to go to therapy.
It's your fucking life.
Just let my kid enjoy her dumb show.
Alright, fine.
Hey, but you do know
that Ashley and Jason
are gonna get back together
next episode, right?
Like that's clear to you?
Of course, I fucking know
that, I'm not an idiot.
- Just checking.
JASON [ON TV]: I was just sort of
wondering if we could maybe, like,
un-break up?
- Sorry, but I can't, Jason.
It just wouldn't be fair to Lason.
She lets her kid watch this garbage?
This will rot her brain.
It's child abuse. It's
all about conformity.
Jason, Lason.
This is corporate media trying
to indoctrinate kids' minds
before they have a chance
to think for themselves.
Shit like this makes me wanna
swallow a shotgun Kurt Cobain style.
I said the exact same thing,
Teresa said I need therapy.
Therapy's good for other people,
not people like us who
see through the bullshit.
JULIO: Yeah, for sure.
But I'm starting to wonder 'cause, uh,
you know, I got a lot of good
things going on in my life right now
and, uh, I just don't feel anything.
Maybe I got a chemical imbalance or,
you know, I grew up without
my dad, maybe that's something?
You're gonna pay some
PhD asshole $500 an hour
to learn you got daddy issues.
I'll save you some money,
you got daddy issues.
So does everybody.
And dads have reasons for leaving.
Everybody knows that.
You need somebody to
talk to, you talk to me.
I'm your friend. That's
what friends are for, right?
Yeah. Right.
It's hot as balls in here.
I'm gonna go outside
and hose myself down.
for that fool Jason.
I know how to break dance.
No, you don't, Jason.
I'm sure Ashley has her
reasons and everything
but doesn't mean that shit don't hurt.
Hey, you think Payne is depressed?
Not as depressed as me.
It basically feels like
my heart is broken up
into, like, a million little pieces.
That's literally
heartbreak. You're just sad.
You know, it makes sense
you wouldn't understand me
'cause you're not depressed like me.
I need professional help.
Probably gonna put me
on fuckin' meds and shit.
And if that doesn't work,
I'm gonna need surgery.
JULIO: You don't know
what you're talking about.
I'm the one that's depressed.
I'm mad about a kid's show.
I'm a constant spiral
of negative thoughts
- and I have insomnia.
- I have insomnia, too.
JULIO: Yeah, but you're hungry.
I have a loss of appetite.
If anybody needs
professional help, it's me.
Are they gonna get back together? ♪
It's almost sexual,
but not quite yet ♪
Can you please stop
humming that stupid song?
What was I humming?
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, weird.
I didn't even realize.
My mom used to sing that
to me when I was a kid.
Why are you doing the
dishes anyway? It's my night.
Because you hate doing them.
Yeah, but now I owe you a favor.
You don't owe me anything, babes.
Just your sweet love.
What does that mean, that I owe you sex?
That is so manipulative.
Uh-oh, sounds like you wanna fight.
Can you stop it with the finger gun?
Just put them in your pockets!
I'm sorry, I'm not trying to annoy you.
MAGGIE: I know you're not,
but I'm just being
honest about how I feel.
I'm sure there's lots of
things I do that annoy you.
You just never say anything.
Nothing about you annoys me, baby cakes.
There has to be something.
Please, just tell me one thing
that annoys you about me.
You know how some people
get that white gunk
that forms in the corner of
their mouths when they talk?
you're one of those people.
But you don't have it right now,
but sometimes you do
and I'm just starting to worry
you're not getting enough water.
God, that feels so good to
get off my chest, thank you.
Hold on, I just,
I wanna make sure I understand
what you're talking about.
Just give me one second.
White gunk like this? Is
this what it looks like?
- Not really.
- I've been walking around
with white gunk on my face
and you're just telling me now?
- I'm sorry.
- What else do you hate about me?
- Nothing!
- Do you hate it when I do this?
Good. See?
How hard was that?
I think maybe we should talk to someone.
Hello, how can I help you?
Hi, uh, I'd like to make
a therapy appointment.
MAN 1: Okay, what's the reason?
Oh, I don't know.
I guess I just got to the point
where I really feel like
I need to talk to someone.
MAN 1: Well, I can get you an
appointment later this week.
I just need your health
insurance information.
Oh, uh, actually I don't
have health insurance.
- Hello?

WOMAN 1 [OVER PHONE]: I'm sorry, sir,
we're fully booked
for the next few years.
Wait, how is that possible?
WOMAN 1: We don't foresee parents
- not messing up their kids anytime soon.
- ♪
JULIO: Who the fuck are these people?
Hi, I'd like to make
a therapy appointment.
Sir, you sound broke.
I guess I just reached
the point where
I guess I just reached the point
where I feel like I really
I feel like I really
need to talk to someone.
Nice try, Sandy.
Fuck you. Hey, I'd like
to make a therapy appointment.
I'd like to make an appointment.
I'd like to make a therapy appointment.
MAN 3 [OVER PHONE]: I just need
your health insurance information.
Actually, I don't have insurance.
Actually, I don't have insurance.
I don't have health insurance. Hello?
We're a sliding scale.
You pay what you can,
no insurance, no problem.
We're here for you, Julio.
Oh, shit, for real? I'd
like to make an appointment.
WOMAN 2: Great, our first
available session is in six months.
How does that sound?
- Fuck it, I'll take it.
- WOMAN 2: That's great.
We'll contact you if
anything opens up sooner.
MAGGIE: To be honest, a lot of
the guys I've dated in the past
were depressed losers,
but Julio's different.
He wants to build a future together
and he's never been mean to me ever.
He makes me feel safe.
But sometimes he annoys
the hell out of me
and I feel like we
can't resolve our issues
because he's always
running away from fights
which pisses me off even more
but I know I probably shouldn't even
be pissed off in the first place.
Tell me about the sex.
I'll take this one.
So, I'm a planner.
Maggie's all about spontaneity.
Sometimes she does stuff
and I'm just like, "Whoa."
But I like how she forces
me outta my comfort zone.
In my wildest dreams, I never imagined
that I'd be a member
of the Mile High club
but there we were,
consummating our marriage
in a tiny bathroom on
the way back from Vegas.
But since then, things have
really "cooled down in the sack."
Yeah, because he wants Google Calendar
to know every time we have sex.
Well, the good news is the
problems you're dealing with
are very common amongst
young married couples.
You're starting a family together,
yet you each come from
different families.
I've had the pleasure of knowing
the También familia for many years.
Wonderful familia, rooted in the faith.
- But I'm interested in knowing
more about you, Maggie.
Why don't you tell
me about your familia?
You wanna know about my familia?
My mom is a hoarder.
My dad is a drunk.
They fight all the time
and we never went to church.
And for the record, I didn't
want to talk to a priest.
Sounds like there was a lot
of, uh, anger in your familia.
Must have been tough.
But I wonder if when
you're annoyed at Julio,
you're really just
angry at your parents.
Oh, sure. Yeah.
Blame me for everything.
But the truth is Julio
has his shit, too.
He's repressed. He
doesn't even fucking curse.
And he's always humming
the same stupid song
then he claims he doesn't
even know he's doing it
like he's got a fucking
tumor in his brain.
- FATHER LEO: What song is that?
TAMBIÉN: John Jacob
Jingleheimer Schmidt.
How does that go again?
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪
His name is my name, too ♪
BOTH: Whenever we go out,
the people always shout ♪
There goes John Jacob
Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪
Da-da da-da-da-da-da ♪
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪
His name is my name too, hey! ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Hey, Ashley.
What are you doing here?
We agreed to not be friends.
I was just sort of wondering
if we could maybe
un-agree to not be friends?
I don't want to be your friend, Jason.
I want to be your girlfriend.
But what about my best friend Lason
- who you're already dating?
- ASHLEY: I dumped his butt this morning.
Sure, he knows all the presidents
but he doesn't know any of
the names of the First Ladies.
- Of course, they got back together.
The show is called Ashley and Jason.
JASON: Does this mean you'll
go to the dance with me, Ashley?
That depends, Jason.
What's George Washington's wife's name?
You mean Martha?
[GASPS] Oh, Jason.
- You're still the same man
- God.
I fell in love with in kindergarten.
You're right, Julio, the show's stupid.
I'm gonna stop watching it.
Maybe it's just this
episode you don't like.
You love Ashley and Jason.
- Not anymore.
Well, I like it, so
I'm gonna keep watching.
Fine, watch it then, it
just means you're stupid.
Hey, don't talk to me like that.
You know what? Go to your room.
I was going there already anyways.
- God.
- ASHLEY: get back together,
you need to name the
other 44 First Ladies.
No sweat.
Abigail Adams, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Nancy Reagan.
Are you fucking happy now?
What? She's just developing
better taste in TV.
You should be proud of her.
She's just copying what
she heard you say, idiot.
It's just a stupid TV
show. It's not a big deal.
It is a big deal.
I don't want Aurora to be all fucked up.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
You know what? I took your advice,
I made a therapy appointment.
- It doesn't matter, it's too late.
- What?
You're already fucking up my kid.
Me and Aurora don't have time
to wait for you to get better.
Well, then what do you want from me?
I guess I don't want anything anymore.
I'm really sorry, but we're done.
Seriously, over a dumb TV show?
Over your depressed
ass fucking up my kid.
Well, fuck you then, get
your stank ass outta here.
This is my place, idiot.
Oh, yeah, my bad.
I guess I'll get my
stank ass outta here.
Last but not least,
the great Jill Biden.
- Wait a sec.
- You forgot Abigail Fillmore.
That's it. We're breaking up!
You're just as bad as Lason.
TERESA: Stupid fucking show.


Hey, what's up, fool?

Damn, you alright?

I think I've hit a new
level of depression.
My heart's not broken anymore.
My heart is now burning.
It honestly feels like it's on fire.
You know what? I was wrong.
You really are depressed.
You need professional help, playboy.
- You think so?
- Yeah, nothing's wrong with your heart.
It's your broken-ass brain.
Hey, do you want my therapy appointment?
It's tomorrow, just say
your name is Julio Lopez.
Alright, thank you.

Hey, you want some pizza?
Nah, I'm not hungry.

I'm doing the dishes tonight.
I won't fight you.
Hey, we got a Labor
Day card from my mom.
"To my wonderful mijo.
Every Labor Day, I think of the labor
I went through to give birth to you.
It wasn't any labor
at all, it was all love.
Happy Labor Day, my perfect son.
And love to my perfect
daughter-in-law Maggie.
That is so sweet.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- Wow.
Whoa, what are you doing?
You know all of Mombien
También's cards go on the fridge.
You're a fucking hoarder.
- What?
- Look at our fridge.
One advantage of
having fucked-up parents
is that you recognize
signs of mental illness.
There is something going
on with these cards.
If we had gone to a real therapist
instead of some old-ass priest,
maybe they'd get to the
bottom of what's wrong with you
and your fucked-up mom.
Hey, nobody talks about
Mombien También that way.
Mombien También
is a cunt.
You shouldn't have said that.
Then do something about it.
Call me a cunt.
I'm not gonna do that.
I'm your wife, shouldn't
you honor my requests?
It's in the Bible, right?
I think this would be best
discussed with Father Leo.
You're so repressed, you
can't even fucking curse.
Oh, I can too freaking curse.
Prove it then. Call me a cunt.
No, that word is offensive to women.
Quit being a pussy and call me a cunt!

Fine. You know what?
It's not your fault you
can't call me a cunt.
It's your cunt mom's fault.
And probably your cunt dad's fault, too.

My parents are not cunts.
You're the only cunt here, you cunt!
Take this, my cunt wife.

My poor heart was almost torn apart ♪
Because you played a part ♪
You thought that you were
smart, and now you're gone ♪
Gone, gone, girl ♪
Are you glad you treated me so bad? ♪
You took the love I had
and left me blue and sad ♪
But I'll go on, on, on, girl ♪
And I will forgive you ♪
Here's what I'll say ♪
On that final day, they lay you away ♪
There was never another like you ♪
That was wild!
I love you so fucking much.
Even if you are a cunt.
- Hey, babe.
- Give me a drag of that cig.
- Uh-oh.
I've created a bad boy.
Don't tell Mombien También
unless it's national smoking day.
Then she'll send you a
fucking card telling you
how proud she is.
That stupid bitch Mombien También
never let me do anything fun.
- Mm-mmm.
- No smoking, no cursing
and definitely no jumping on the bed.
She always told me to be extra careful.
Fuck being careful!
Hey, you know what?
Fuck my big dumb cunt mom!
Are you okay?
Look what you did!
- You fucking temptress!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
TAMBIÉN: You're just like
Eve, the original cunt.
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪
His name is my name, too ♪
Whenever we go out,
the people always shout ♪
- There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪
Da-da-da-da da-da-da ♪
CHORUS: John Jacob
Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪
His name is my name, too ♪
Whenever we go out,
the people always shout ♪
There goes John Jacob
Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪
Da-da-da-da-da-da-da ♪
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪
His name is my name, too ♪
Whenever we go out,
the people always shout ♪
There goes John Jacob
Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪
Da-da-da-da-da-da-da ♪

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪
His name is my name, too ♪
Whenever we go out,
the people always shout ♪
There goes John Jacob
Jingleheimer Schmidt ♪
Da-da-da-da-da-da-da ♪

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