'Til Death s02e04 Episode Script

The Tale of the Tape

WHAT YOU GOING on there ******BELL WHY YOU SEND ***** BECOSE**** **** GOD BLESS **** ***** TRUST ME **** THE **** HAVE**** I***** OK****** IT`S ***** I DON`T SAY YOU WORKING OUT OH I HAVE TO ***** YOU KNOW pretty WOMEN EATINCAKE **** THIS NOT ABOUT YOU HOT THIS ABOUT**** SO YOU **** YOU KNOW WHAT PAY ***** GOOD FOR YOU ***** CHECK THE ***** OH I KNOW ****** IT`S NEXT ***** proudly presents Season 02 Episode 04 Til death is filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Working man.
Don't you look hot? If I'd taken a shower in the past 3 days, you'd be in trouble right now,buster.
I could breathe through my mouth.
I got a better idea.
How abtonight you and I watch a fun video together? You mean the one my mom sent of her cat in the dryer? I was thinking something a bit racier.
We're getting dreamgirls? Don't toy with me,white woman.
Actually,jeff,I was thinking YOU AND I CAN ***** ***** *****TEST US WOW **** YES ***** AND **** ALL RIGHT GUYS**** ***** and I need your advice.
This morning steph suggested that we get an adult video.
I'm gonna need you to tell me everything everyone said with the exact inflection in which they said it.
Ok,well,I was heading out for work,and steph said¡ª wait,wait,wait.
Is his wife hot? Hot enough that their marriage makes no sense.
Uh,steph said that it might be fun if we got a video with,uh, adult content.
This is big boy stuff.
You got to get that tape now.
Yeah,if you don't burn a personal day doing this,then you are dead to me.
I got the tape.
Already? It's 8:06 in the morning.
Yeah,well,let me tell you,the pre-dawn adult video crowd-- freaky.
You know,and it got me thinking, is this really the right thing for me and steph to be doing? 'Cause our l it's really beautiful.
You shut your mouth! You have just been given a gift that men everywhere only dream about.
And you question it? How dare you.
I have been dropping hints to joy for 20 years,and nothing.
But you-- you-- you lucky son of a bitch, your wife actually suggests it and you say you're not sure? Well,you better get sure,mister.
It's just that I've never seen one.
Really? You been to a bachelor party? Or his house ever? No.
I'm a nice person.
This is fantastic.
It's like seeing disneyland for the first time through a child's eyes.
Don't worry,kid,we're gonna get you through this.
First things first,did you get the right tape? What do you mean the right tape? All right,jeff.
In the adult movie genre,there are 2 distinct categories.
There's the stuff you watch by yourself and the stuff you watch with your lady friend.
The stuff you watch by yourself can be anything.
Because I don't judge me.
The stuff you watch together needs to be tasteful,appropriate.
Dare I say romantic.
I don't know what I got.
I locked eyes with a guy in a trench coat, I grabbed a video,and I got the hell out of there.
Ok,show it to papa.
I don't think i've seen this one.
Oh,it's directed by randy randay.
I'm not familiar with his work.
And volume 23 ofis not a good sign.
You're gonna have to give this a pre-screening oh,no you see,I can't wat without her.
She knows I've never seen this stuff before, so,you know,I've got to seem green.
All right,I'll watch it for you.
Eh,you know what,I'll watch it.
- Nah,I'll be happy to watch it.
- No,I'll do it.
Guys,why don't you just watch it together? Just take it.
So,how was the gym? Shut up.
Oh,come on,I'm kidding.
You ok? Listen,you know,you came back from a long hiatus.
You can't expect to do 7 hard minutes on a treadmill without being medevacked to the hospital.
You know what? Now you can't have my jell-O.
This isn't so bad,huh? Look at you,you got a remote-controlled bed and room service.
And hey,guess who's not gonna miss a minute of her favorite tv programs.
What do you got there,green? Anyway,the doctor said that,uh,I have a slight concussion and they want to keep me over night for observation.
Oh,over night,huh? You want to stay with me? Do I? It would be a blast.
I mean,I'm not afraid of any microscopic germs or random diseases.
This is sweet,huh? So,I assume you get the bed? Oh,well,you know what,I'm just going to,um, crash right here on this lightly padded windowsill that should yeah.
And you know,if my neck hurts in the morning, I'll already be at the hospital.
Just go.
Love you.
Hey,uh,eddie,it's jeff.
Uh,if you're there,pick up.
Just wanted to see if you'd watched that video for me yet.
Steph's getting kind of antsy.
anyway,uh,we're really kind of excited to get going over here.
So just wanted to see where you're at on that.
Baby steps.
Eddie,it's ok.
I can walk.
That's what you said about running,and look where that got you.
Ha ha.
All right,let me help you here.
- Thanks.
- You bet.
- What was that? - What was what? You just grabbed something from the couch.
Maybe it was your wcome-home gift.
Aw,let me see it.
No,I haven't wrapped it yet.
I dot care about that-- yeah,but I do.
Presentation is everything.
Will you let me see it? I-- Come on.
I-- no.
You got me a gift.
I want you to rest first.
- Oh,look! A sandwi! - Where? You seem disappointed.
Do you have that one? You have got to be kidding me.
All right,listen to me.
Steph wanted to watch this with jeff.
And he had never seen one before.
So,he basically begged me to preview it for him last night.
That's all.
Last night,while I was in the hospital? See,that seems like one of those questions where there's no answer that would please you.
You are unbelievable.
It wasn't for me.
I watched it for the boy.
Boy,my What do we have here? It's a foot-long hoagie wrapper and 3 beers.
You had quite a little date with yourself last night,didn't you? You wined and dined you.
Guess you had to put out after that,huh? Look,I said that i was willing to sleep on that little window sill.
And you suggested that I come home.
It's a very fuzzy line with you,joy.
What are the rules? What are the rules? How about don't watch porn while I'm in the hospital? Hey,why didn't you pick up the phone? I need to get my porn flakes.
She knows.
What's the holdup,dude? I thought we were gonna try to get this done before letterman.
You guys done with this? Yes.
I want to thank you for bringing this into our lives.
I see what's going on here.
Joy,if I may,this is nothing more than a documentation of 2 consenting adults ok,sometimes 3 enjoying the most natural of human behaviors.
Get out of my house.
Uh,honey,I'll just be a minute.
I just need to ask eddie a quick school-related question.
- Go straight to scene 3.
- Thank you.
You know what? I'm gonna go to bed.
I'm sorry that they took your dvd.
If you're looking for further inspiration,you should probably go to one of those websites that you think that I don't know that you go to.
All right,listen.
I'm really sorry you're upset.
I really am.
But I have to say,I think that some wives don't seem to have a problem with this.
What are you saying? I think that sometimes re a little prude.
Think very,very carefully.
Are you sure you want to say that? You know what? I am.
Ok,you know what? You want to be more like jeff and steph? You want to watch something together? Bring it on,tough guy! Yeah,right.
I'm serious.
Who knows? Maybe it will spice things up a little.
"Spice things up"? Yeah.
I mean,it wouldn't hurt to introduce a new move in the bedroom once every quarter century or so.
Oh,you want spice? I'll bring the spice.
Yeah,you're gonna need a spice rack for all the spice that I'm bringing,baby.
Because you just flipped the lid on the cayenne pepper,sister! All right,lock it down,guys.
Lock it down! Big man in crisis.
Joy wants us to get one of your fancy videos.
I'm gonna need you to tell me everything everyone said in the exact inflection which which they said it.
Ok,all right.
Well,joy and I were in the living room and-- what was she wearing? I don't remember.
I guess something that highlighted her boobs.
Locking in visual and go.
All right.
She wants to take a trip to naughty town.
And she also said that an explicit video might help,and I quote "spice things up.
Steph and I spiced things up 3 times last night.
Really? Ok.
I'm gonna need you to tell me-- not now,karl! I'm freaking out here.
Why? You said this is what you wanted.
It was,until it got real.
Do you have any idea what's on those tapes? Young,flexible men with incredible stamina and top-of-the-line equipment, doing things so well that somebody said ,"oh,my god,grab a camera.
We gotta get this on tape.
" See,eddie,I actually found that inspiring.
Yeah,well,that's because you're young.
I can barely touch my toes anymore.
I'm this close to getting velcro sneakers.
- And it's all your fault! - Me? Yes.
If you hadn't dragged me through your tawdry bedroom escapades.
,I'd be having safe,boring,red-state sex right now You asked me for the tape.
'Cause you didn't have the stones to watch it! - What are you talking about? - Guys,guys! Don't fight! Porn is supposed to bring us together.
Well,I'm sorry.
I just can't do this.
Oh,can't you? Let me tell you something,mister.
Just the other day,I stood trembling in this very room, ready to throw away the most magical night of my life, until my friend eddie stark had the courage to admit that he would trade places with me in a heartbeat.
Look at you now! You're finally standing on ecstacy's doorstep, and you're whining like a nancy! What's the matter,eddie? My heaven ain't good enough for you? How dare me? How dare you! I'm gonna level with you.
I'm working a pretty big man crush right now.
Are you ready for some eddie? You got the thing? This should be good.
It was under staff favorites.
This was one of "walt's picks.
" Ok,walt,let's see what you watch in your mommy's basement.
You sure you wanna do this? Because it feels a lot like that time you asked to see the little webbing between my first and second toe and after I showed it to you, you were like,"oh,my god.
I wish I hadn't seen that.
- Yeah.
All righty.
- Just hit play and keep your socks on.
Here we go.
Ooh,a construction site.
And I'm guessing that is the foreman.
Excuse me,ma'am.
This is a hard-hat area.
It sure is.
- What - ok.
Well,good for you,but I might need a little more.
Are you unhappy with our lovemaking? What? Well,why did you say "spice things up"? If that was just to get back at me for what I did while you were in the hospital, well,then,mission accomplished.
it's not that I was in the hospital.
It's why I was there.
Eddie,I was lying in that bed and I was feeling horrible about myself because I couldn't last 3 minutes on a treadmill,and you're here watching these young hotties while you played a little five-on-one.
Wait a minute.
You're feeling insecure? Maybe.
Hey,you're fantastic.
Do you know how lucky I feel when we're walking through the mall and guys turn to see you in one of your tops that barely gets the job done? I'm so proud of you.
Really? Yes.
Joy you're beautiful.
I mean,if you wanted to,you could be a porn star just like that.
S - so could you.
All right.
See,that's why i'm feeling insecure.
That,and also 'cause i only have 4 moves.
Actually it's really just 3 moves.
'Cause the last one is pretty much just you getting off my hair.
But they're the right 3 moves.
It's like I like chocolate ice cream,right? And even when you take me to that place that has all the mix-ins, I'm still gonna get the chocolate.
You know what I'm saying? If chocolate ice cream is a euphemism,I do.
Hey,you want to get some ice cream? Before or after? 'Cause they close in,uh,20 minutes.
I gotta tell you,I think we're fine either way.
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