'Til Death s02e05 Episode Script

Mixed Doubles

proudly presents Season 02Episode 05 ******* - Hey.
- Hi,guys.
No thanks.
No thanks to what? Whatever you're offering.
Hiking,biking, that crazy frisbee game you're always freaking out about.
No,joy,the thing is, our cable's out, and there's a really awesome tennis match on tv.
watch it here? Ah Yeah.
My My favorite religious cartoon is about to begin.
wooden boy and the talking squirrel? That is jesus.
So you understand.
Come on,jeff,let's just go watch it at a sports bar.
Yes,a sports bar.
Sweetie,it's a sunday in philadelphia during football season.
If I ask them to turn on tennis, even your tae kwon do can't save us.
- Ok.
Come in.
- Ah! Thank you.
But just so you know,eddie's on his way down, and there's an 80% chance he'll be wearing only a t- shirt.
What the hell's wrong with you? Ah,it's my back.
just went nuts.
By the way,there's also a couple of hand towels up there that are gonna have to be thrown away.
Come on,eddie,not your back again.
Aw,that's nice.
That's nice.
go to a doctor,and Why do I have to see a doctor when I have all the doctor I need - in a nice,little white tube with a - Don't say it.
Bengay! That's right,you heard me.
The king of ointments.
******anyone else.
You know,eddie,there might be another solution.
Have you tried yoga? Oh,I'd love to,but it always conflicts with my tap dancing class.
What you're gonna want to do is breathe in, arms up, and hinge.
*****to hinge.
Come on,eddie,just hinge.
Just Just hinge.
- You can do it,eddie.
- I've seen you.
- Eddie,hinge.
- like a door.
- Push him over.
- Ok.
Breathe,hands,and hinge.
Eddie? I hinged.
Au revoir,Mr.
It's been a nice ride.
You think that felt good? Hey,babe,do that thing to his feet.
Oh! Right.
Eddie,take off your slippers.
You do not want to see this man's bare feet.
I'm sure they're fine.
No,they're not.
He's the reason people buy their own bowling shoes.
Oh,dear god.
*******touched me there.
That's so sad.
I give jeff foot massages all the time.
Yeah? Talk to me in 20 years.
If you're rubbing anything of his, i'll give you a dollar.
You're really bound up.
There's a yoga class in,like,20 minutes.
You want to go? Will I be the only dude? *****where I'm the only dude.
There's other dudes.
Yoga dudes or,like,american dudes? All kinds,eddie.
It's a dudeapalooza.
All right.
I'm in.
Just let me go change.
Great! I'll be back in 10.
All right.
Hey,joy,all right.
It's just you,me,and a little tennis.
Oh,you got,like,5 remotes here.
You could launch the shuttle with these,huh? - Come on.
- Sorry.
Why is that guy taking off his shirt? Oh,it's just romanov.
Loves to show off that six pack.
Oh,I'm so not hating that.
and I'm not hating it,either.
The most? One of the most,right? Let's just watch.
Now that we're all warmed up and ready to begin, let's move into the tree pose.
It's my first day.
And now slowly into the lord of the fishes pose.
Take your right leg and fold it under your left thigh, bringing your right heel to the outside of your left hip.
Take your left leg,wrap it over your right knee.
Put the heel of your left foot flat on the floor at your right thigh.
And turn in the direction Good.
Now press the outside of your right arm to the knee and thigh of your left leg.
Try to stretch your right armpit to the outside of that knee.
Twist and turn,looking over your left shoulder.
Settle into the pose.
And enjoy it.
How we doing? Well,I'm losing feeling in Either my left or right hand.
I just don't know which is which right now.
Did you sign a medical waiver out front? I think so.
Why? Oh.
No reason.
Looking good.
And relax.
Concentrate on your heart center, always breathing.
And thank yourselves for coming today.
Thank you,eddie.
Oh,not out loud? Namaste.
So that one's out loud.
So,how do you feel? Well,you know,it started out a little rough, but I got to tell you, I feel fantastic.
Except for that one move merchandise.
******heard before.
You know,usually after class, I grab a chal latte and hit the flea market.
Any interest? Are you kidding me? I love flea markets.
Let me just check in with the tower and see if I'm clear for takeoff.
Hello? Hey,it's me.
How's yoga? Life - changing.
How's it going with you? Yahoo! What,did your sister come over? What? Who's the screaming lady? Uh,it's jeff.
We're watching tennis together.
we are ******time.
No,that is not code for "please come rescue me.
" I know I use that with your mother, but this is different.
All right.
and steph and I are gonna go hit a flea market, so I guess i'll talk to you later.
I guess you will.
You know,I wouldn't have really pegged you as a flea market kind of guy.
Yeah,I know you wouldn't,but you know what? I read a few years ago about this guy who bought an old painting, and he actually found an original copy of the declaration of independence hidden inside.
Really? Mm hmm.
Now I buy old paintings by the dozen, I take them home, and I tear through them like scratcher tickets.
*******pieces of art.
Thanks for taking me tennis racquet shopping today.
I'm so excited to play with you.
And I'm excited to be played with.
Seriously,I've had a really fun day.
This place is great,huh? Oh,yeah.
Eddie and i, we had our tenth anniversary here.
You know,I feel like I've been here before.
I just can't rember when.
Maybe I just popped in and used the can.
You are crazy! True story.
I swear! Nutty! - Joy? - Hey.
- Babe? - Hon? Hey.
What are you What are you doing here? Uh,just,um,grabbing a bite.
How about you guys? Same.
Well,that's great.
Really,really great.
So Should we maybe make it a foursome? - Of course.
- Of course.
That's craziness.
They won't mind if we just pull the table together.
- Here's your beverage.
- Thank you,joy.
- All right.
- Well,this is nice.
- Thank you.
- Oh,thanks.
So It's good to see you guys.
It's good to see you,too.
Look terrific.
Is this weird? Do you want to sit next to I mean,should we switch? ******every day.
So how is yoga working out for you? - Fantastic.
- yeah? Oh,yeah.
Actually,we're going back next tuesday night.
Oh,tuesday night.
Well,that's perfect *****tuesday night.
- Good for you guys.
- Yeah.
That's great.
So it looks like you got your thing, and We got our thing.
- Looks like it.
- Yep.
- A toast,then - ok.
To whatever this is.
Why did I not pursue professional tennis? Look at me.
I am absolutely adorable.
Oh You are adorable.
I would take a run at you right now if it didn't take me 25 minutes to peel these pants off.
Hey,honey,let me ask you something.
*****so much time with jeff and steph separately,do you? Weird? No! I think it's great.
I am so relieved.
You know what? Me,too.
I mean,it doesn't mean that we don't love each other.
It's just that sometimes things between us get a little Ooh,I don't want to say boring.
Boring? God,no.
of our marriage that we could pull this off.
I mean,most couples could not do this.
Exactly, because our trust is so strong So freaking strong! Oh,hell,we are so rock solid that I barely got to see you at all.
Aw,right back at you.
You know why? Because at the end of the day, I know in my heart that there is no one on this earth that I would rather spend time with than you.
And I you,sir.
They're here! - Hey! - hi!How you doing? Holy smokes.
You're showing a lot of thigh there,serena.
Why don't you leave a little something to the imagination,huh? Yeah,like you in stretchy pants isn't gonna keep me up tonight.
Eddie,we should go.
Yoga starts in 10.
******to fat gary while he tries to touch his toes.
There ain't enough incense in india to cover up that stank.
Getting a little hardcore there,huh? Oh,yeah,that's what they taught me at the tennis academy.
Sounds like a really fun place to spend your summer.
I guess you could say my dad pushed me pretty hard.
Used to beg my mom to let me come home, but uh - uh,dad said no way.
missing my mommy and Put it in my serve.
I'm sorry,jeff.
It's It's ok.
You know,it's all in the past.
See,I I just play for fun now.
It's just a game,you know? or****** Love.
Uh,well,I'll be right over there.
Great! Great! Ah! This is gonna be fun,joy.
All right! I'm back,pa.
Are you insane? That ball was clearly in! This is such crap! All right,you know what? Screw this.
Here we go.
Daddy needs a historical document.
Damn! 0 for 9.
Hey! There she is.
How was tennis? I got to tell you,for a little guy, that jeff is a large helping of freaky - deaky.
I think we're gonna cool it for a while.
In fact,I was thinking that we could have a little time to ourselves tonight.
You know,that would be super awesome.
It really would.
It's just that steph and I had planned to go to this new pizza place right after yoga,so Well,you can cancel.
I would love to.
It It's just that,you know, that's kind of rude, you know,to do that last minute.
Manners and such.
***** yesterday.
What happened? That's before I realized jeff's insane.
So I have to stay home and suffer just because your guy turned out to be a dud? Yes,you have to say home.
******for pizza while I sit here alone? Ok.
All right.
I see what this is all about.
It's about being alone.
Listen to me.
You're gonna find someone else.
******going on here.
Someone's gonna scoop you right up.
All right? Hey,i'll tell you what.
I'll bring you home a slice.
No,I don't want leftover pizza from your date! Ok.
All right.
Joy,calm down.
Honey,you've just been through a tough relationship.
You're feeling very,very vulnerable, but please,don't lash out at me.
Joy,look at me.
Look at me.
I'm not him.
Ok? All right That is enough! - Sit down.
- But I - The pizza.
- You are my husband.
I am your wife.
We are gonna stop seeing other people.
We're gonna back to being exclusive because dating our neighbors Not our healthiest moment.
You know,you're right.
It was crazy.
I don't know.
It's just She touched my feet.
You used to do that.
I guess I I just missed it.
Yeah? Well,I Miss you opening car doors and bringing me flowers and holding in at least 20% of your gas.
Why don't we do those things anymore? We've been married 20 years.
We've earned the right not to.
I'll tell you what.
You go tell your little girlfriend that you're getting back together with the old lady, and I will be your new yoga partner.
And maybe,later, I will whip off those socks and take a crack at your tootsies.
Oh,yeah? Ok.
I'll tell you what.
You wait here.
And I'm Gonna go break a little girl's heart.
Ready to go? Hey.
Actually,i,uh,got to talk to you.
What's up? Ooh,this is hard.
I'm not gonna be able to go out with you tonight.
No problem.
Oh,I was hoping this wouldn't go this way.
Come here,champ.
Come on.
Come here.
Steph,um It's not just tonight.
I'm not gonna be able to do yoga with you ever again.
That's cool.
We used up all my guest passes,anyway.
You are so brave.
So,so brave.
Hey,steph,you ready? What's fat gary doing here? Well,gary wants to go to pizza with us, so I figured we'd just take one car.
I see.
You'd think you would have maybe checked with me first.
Why would I check with you? What we had is so over.
Take your right leg and sweep it under your left thigh.
Your left heel around the back of your hip.
Now look over your opposite shoulder, and reach behind your back, linking your pinky with your big toe.
This is brutal.
You want to get out of here and get waffles for dinner? I would like that very much.
proudly presents Season 02Episode 05
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