Top Shot (2010) s01e07 Episode Script

Trick Shot Showdown

Previously on TopShot Red team wins.
After losing two challenges in a row.
The blue team rebounded in a shooting gallery challenge.
Denny, an expert with the colt peacemaker, Performs badly.
If I was denny, I would be adamant About being nominated for this elimination challenge.
Donaldson: But kelly is sent e For the second time, along with andre.
Kelly: I was extremely surprised To see as many votes for me as I did.
Donaldson: And he survives once again.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country And from all walks of life Amateurs and professionats Military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon -- with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges Until only one remains, Earning the $100,000 prize And the title of "top shot.
" Captioning provided by Kelly: In the last elimination challenge, I beat andre.
I didn't really prove myself as a marksman.
I missed two shots.
I didn't really have a commanding victory.
It's really bittersweet -- I won, so I'm still in the game, But andre left, and I really hated to see him go.
Good morning, teams.
There are now 10 of you still in the hunt For the $100,000 prize and the title of "top shot.
" This morning's practice is all about trick shots.
Ever since a cowboy named buffalo bill cody Started a wild west show in 1883, Exhibition shooting has become a big part Of american marksmanship.
When they said "trick shooting," I was obviously very excited, Because I'm a wild west performer.
I need a little redemption from the last time.
I'm ready.
Here to share some of his extensive knowledge Is gold-medal skeet shooter and fast-draw champion Jon "trick shot" wilson.
Jon's here to help you guys try to replicate Three of the most iconic exhibition shots in history.
You will be using the winchester model 1873 rifle.
With 750,000 produced over five decades, Many consider it the quintessential american firearm.
The smith & wesson m&p revolver, Used extensively by the allies in world war ii.
And the schofield revolver, Purportedly used by jesse james and billy the kid.
Wilson: Gentlemen, the first shot we're gonna be discussing Is the over-the-shoulder annie oakley style.
What we're gonna do is chamber a live round, And we're gonna shoot over the back With a mirror at the target.
[bleep] First up.
Good luck.
Yeah, right.
Wilson: Annie oakley is one of those iconic figures In the wild west.
One of annie's most famous shots Was using a mirror to sight the rifle And hit a glass ball behind her some 30 paces away.
There you go.
It was a very cool shot.
What the [bleep] Okay.
Okay? You got to use your thumb to pull the trigger.
[ gun cocks ] now, it is live.
[bleep] Just relax.
The biggest thing is to relax.
Don't tense up.
The trick with the mirror shot Is remembering everything is in reverse, And you have to make tiny, little movements.
Denny: Bull's-eye.
Good shot.
This is really disorienting.
Great shot.
You're right in there.
This next shot -- This is the smith & wesson .
38 caliber.
One guy in particular, ed mcgivern, Was noted for using this gun perfectly.
And we're gonna be shooting double-action, One-handed, at the dots.
He was a master at that, and we want to see if you can do it.
Denny: When you shoot double-action pistols, There's a really long trigger pull Before the hammer and sear disengage.
[ gunshot ] brad: Nicely done, denny.
It takes a lot more patience, A little more grip strength, and a lot of concentration.
[bleep] Wilson: Shooting a small target with the smith & wesson -- It's a very difficult shot when your arm is extended And you have to clench some muscles but not others.
Peter: Nice.
Oh, that one went way out there.
Okay, gentlemen, now it gets real hard -- Just the way I like it.
What we have here is a smith & wesson schofield.
You're gonna load one shot at a time, And you're gonna throw the cabbage Not over the rope, but under the rope, And shoot it before it hits the ground.
[ chuckles ] Brad: Let's shoot some cabbages.
I've never done stuff like that before, So, you know, bring it on.
And it's gonna look like this.
Peter: Wow.
Who's up? Brad: Pete.
I throw like a girl.
It's really bad.
Especially with my left hand.
Oh [bleep] Yeah.
Good luck with this, guys! [bleep] There is no way I'm gonna be able to do this.
[ grunts ] When you throw the cabbage, bring the gun up.
You're using two hands again.
You're about a foot off.
This is my worst practice I've ever had.
I thought I could do pretty much anything, but not this.
It was pretty demoralizing, And I don't feel very confident right now, Which is a very bad thing going into this competition.
You're about a foot.
Wilson: The difficulty with throwing the target And hitting it with a pistol Is that you have to shoot under the target Because it's falling into the bullet.
You're shooting at something that's not there yet.
That's the hard part for people to wrap their mind around.
[ gunshot ] Wilson: That was just underneath it.
Denny: Yeah! You hit it.
Got that one.
I did pretty decent.
I'm familiar with all three of these guns.
Kelly had some problems, But I think we've done all we can here at practice.
We'll see what happens at the challenge.
Chris: Nice shot.
[ gunshot ] Tara: Nice.
There you go.
Chris: Shooting over your shoulder with that rifle I don't know my righ from my left today.
Being able to see those sights And trusting that the sights are lined up And then be able to press that lever action So that the gun can go off with your pinkie And run the trigger with your thumb.
[ gunshot ] wilson: Beautiful.
Look at that.
Tara: Wow.
Chris: It's just a real thrill To do things that I may not have ever done before.
That is fun.
Here we go.
[ gun cocks ] Adam: It is harder than it looks.
That's why they call it "trick shooting.
" [ gunshot ] Nice! Nice! Who in their right mind would do something like this? What the fudge? There it is.
All right.
Wilson: Nice.
Right on.
A quarter of an inch low, I think, from the wire.
You were right there, man.
Nice, dude.
Wilson: Okay, on this next shot Chris: I'm excited about this upcoming challenge Being trick shooting.
When I'm on lunch breaks, My partner and I are constantly trying to split playing cards, So this type of thing is right up my alley.
Adam: Look at you.
Tara: Nice shot.
: Everything's starting to get A little bit more challenging.
It's just a little bit more now Than the fundamentals of marksmanship.
Now it's a little bit more How you're able to pick up things quickly And your hand/eye coordination.
Chris: Good group.
[ gunshot ] [ gunshot ] Tara: There you go.
Chris: Dead-on.
I think this trick shooting will be new for everybody Except for maybe denny.
This is something people spend years on.
A little too fast.
Adam, get low.
Try to crutch down.
That's hard to do.
Real close.
Adam: How many times you got to do this To get good at a trick shot? Thousands.
[ gunshot ] Oh, I had that! Good luck, tara.
Throw like a girl.
Wilson: Real close.
He's such a cajun man.
[ gunshot ] [ gunshot ] Wilson: Right underneath it.
Iain: I say we sucked.
It was the first time I've ever done anything like that, And I think it was the same for the rest of the team.
The edge would have to go to the red team.
The blue team took too much time, And they were a little too analytical, So I think they'll suffer.
If you could almost get real low When we came back here, we got the bocce ball set, And we were practicing throwing the bocce balls And shooting them with our strong hands.
Pow! Bang.
Too high.
Bang! Bang.
That was definitely cool.
Peter: I was like, "I need to figure something out," So I could practice and get muscle memory And figure out how I'm gonna throw it consistently.
Bang! That was a good one.
[bleep] [ laughs ] Rrrr! [ imitates gunshot ] Pow.
It's gonna be a long night.
Donaldson: Coming up on "top shot" This challenge is really difficult.
I'm pretty nervous.
I was thinking, "oh, my god.
I'd better perform.
" Ha! Chris: As we were walking up to the team challenge today, You could see parts of the challenges.
you could see the signs and the way everything was set up, With all the wooden barrels and the way the guns were laid out.
Oh, it was like a magical world when I walked up.
Guns and stuff to shoot.
Donaldson: Good morning, shooters.
Welcome to your next team challenge, Where you will try to pull off Some of the most famous trick shots in history.
Peter, are you going To a job interview after this is over or what? The last time we won, I had my awesome pants on, So I put the awesome pants and awesome tie on.
All right.
Well, let's get to it.
Each team will select a member to do one of these trick shots.
Donaldson: The first is a shot made famous by annie oakley.
For the second shot, the small bull's-eye you practiced on Was for this famous shot -- Driving a nail into a board from 25 feet away.
And the final trick shot Is considered to be the hardest of all three.
Shots like this were popular During the heyday of exhibition shooting.
You get three shots for each trick.
Each target hit gets you a point.
The fourth and final shooter on each team Will try to hit a half soda can Since it's a more difficult shot, It's worth 2 points for each hit.
You must throw the can under the rope.
What makes the shot so difficult Is throwing the can forward instead of straight up.
The team with the most hits after all four rounds wins.
And the losing team -- headed to the nomination range.
Since we've passed the halfway point in this competition, The challenges will be getting much more difficult.
With that in mind, it is now up to each team To decide who their best competitors are For the team challenges And who will sit out.
Blue team, you will need to sit marksmen out.
You want to do this? [ indistinct conversations ] All right, blue team.
I need an answer.
Who's sitting out? J.
And adam.
Fair enough.
All right, guys.
Go do your strategizing.
We'll start shooting.
I'll take the cans.
I'll take the rifle.
Somebody needs to do the double-action revolver.
I'll do it.
I kind of want to do the cans.
I would be happy to put you on the rifle again.
I don't anticipate either of us Hitting that small, little can.
Peter: I do.
Kelly: We went through a couple plans.
One of them was kind of an attack plan -- A very aggressive one that was risky.
It's right there.
We were practicing twice that distance.
You drilled the rifle.
I'd rather have you shooting that.
I kind of had a different plan, And I let brad talk me out of it.
At this point, we're playing safe.
Our best shooters on this one were iain and chris.
Adam: Double-action -- it's down to you two.
It's just a matter of who wants it.
I know that if we fail, it'll be because I missed that nail.
No, no.
Tara: No, we're not bailing.
I was thinking, "oh, my god.
I'd better perform.
" Donaldson: All right.
The team who hits the most targets wins.
Red team, you're up first.
Get to it.
Peter: The red team is dwindling here in numbers, So any given day now, it can be anybody's last day here.
[ gun cocks ] This challenge is really difficult.
I'm pretty nervous.
[ gunshot ] Peter's first shot -- successful.
Red team comes out blazing.
Peter is 3 for 3 with the winchester.
Blue team, you're up.
Adam: Our annie oakley.
When pete made all three of his shots, I knew, to keep us alive in this game, I had to match him.
A lot of pressure.
Yeah! Yeah! [ exhales deeply ] Yep! Yep! Whoo! Tara: Oh, what a good feeling.
I swear, I could have jumped up and down.
Yes! Good job.
Donaldson: We're tied up.
Blue team and red team both have 3 points.
Red team, you got to drive a nail into a board Using the smith & wesson double-action revolver.
Denny: This is quite a challenge.
I was just trying to focus myself And think about what I needed to do.
It's all right, man.
Denny misses his first attempt.
He'll have two more.
[ gunshot ] Denny getting closer But still misses on his second shot.
One final attempt to drive a nail into the board.
Go! [ gunshot ] [ sighs ] Three shots, three misses.
Denny: We really need to pull off this win.
Sorry, guys.
I gave it my best shot.
Hey, dude, that is not easy at all.
I'm disappointed in myself.
Not feeling too great right now.
Red team does not score any more points.
Blue team.
Go! [ gunshot ] Very close.
Chris: It was dead center and just about a half-inch low.
Right away, my wheels started turning, thinking, "oh, yeah.
The next two are mine.
" Donaldson: This trick shot proving To be incredibly difficult.
Second attempt.
Go! [ cheers ] Yeah, chris! Way to go! [ laughter ] Freakin' nailed it! [ laughter ] Nice shot.
Third and final attempt.
Go! Huh! [ cheers ] Third shot today! Yeah! Chris gives the blue team a lead.
It is now 5 points to 3.
Chris: I know we're 2 points ahead -- that they can't take back.
Red team, the next trick shot -- throwing a soda can in the air.
Let's go.
Yeah, buddy.
You got this, brad.
Let's go, brad.
Go get it.
Remember, you must toss the can under the rope.
Go! [ gunshot ] That will not count.
The can was tossed over the rope.
Brad will have two more tries.
Fire when ready.
[ gunshot ] Brad -- two shots, two misses.
One more shot to hit the can.
Fire when ready.
Brad, you can rejoin your team.
That is three misses.
Iain -- trying to score some points for the blue team.
Iain: It's the first time I ever shot Hand-thrown aerial targets like that.
Donaldson: Go! Iain: I was trying to make sure that both hands, Although they're moving separately, They move at the same time In order to acquire the target as it hits its apex.
Yeah! Whoo! Donaldson: Iain nails it with his first shot.
[ laughter ] Chris: Put this one down, iain.
[ gunshot ] All right.
Close, iain.
Iain misses on his second shot.
One round left.
[ gunshot ] Iain: Underneath.
Iain manages to hit one out of three soda cans, Giving the blue team a 6-3 lead.
We're now moving on to the half can.
Kelly, that's you, brother.
Kelly: Denny and brad missed all their targets.
It didn't help us get on the board at all.
Brad: Let's go, kel.
It was up to me to put us on the board again and keep us in it.
Red team still in this thing, Because in this round, each target is worth 2 points.
Set, go! [ gunshot ] Yeah! Kelly! Kelly hits the first can.
Adam: After kelly hits that first small can, Now it was a 1-point race, and he had two more throws.
Any one hit, and they pull the lead, Forcing us to have to hit that little can or lose the match.
Two shots left.
Go! [ gunshot ] Misses on his second shot.
It's all right, buddy.
If kelly hits this, It will give the red team the lead.
If he misses, the blue team wins automatically.
Go! [ gunshot ] On his third shot, kelly misses.
Blue team wins.
All right, blue! Adam: Blue feel great.
Our performance was exemplary.
There's a unity again.
Blue is fresh and clean.
It feels like the first day for blue.
Tara: Not only did we win, But I went 3 for 3 on a historic annie oakley shot.
Donaldson: See you at practice.
Red team, you guys know the drill at this point.
I will see you at the nomination range.
It really stinks that we lost today's team challenge.
We ended up kind of playing it safe, And that's why we lost as well.
Donaldson: Coming up on "top shot" The red team reveals what went wrong in the challenge.
No one expected me to be able to hit anything.
[ gunshot ] Denny: He missed the second one, missed the third one.
It's a tough shot.
Donaldson: And a return to the nomination range.
We got back from the challenge.
And we lost.
It came down to the last part of the challenge, And that was the half-size cans.
Kelly: Because denny and brad Didn't get any points on their challenges, We had only 3 points going into the final challenge, Keeping in mind no one expected me to be able to hit anything.
Yeah! Kelly! Denny: And he hit one.
I was kind of thinking, "all right.
Maybe he'll dig us out of our hole here.
" [ gunshot ] he missed the second one.
He missed the third one.
I mean, it's a tough shot.
Kelly: Playing it safe was a dumb move.
Well, kindf.
Not the words I would have used.
But I think from now on, it's all or nothing.
All right.
Well, we got to come to a decision.
Why? Well, why not? You know, whatever.
Kelly: We lost as a team, but, in my mind, There are certainly some that helped us less than others.
Brad, in particular, encouraged us to play it safe.
How do you feel about your performance today? Well, you know, didn't hit the [bleep] can.
You know, what do you want me to do? Do you want to be in the elimination challenge? Well, nobody wants to be in the elimination challenge.
All right, but I don't expect to be eliminated If I'm in the elimination challenge, anyway.
What do you want to do? Well, I don't like the collective -- Well, there's only four of us now, so Still, the thing is, It's really up to each individual person.
I just don't like the whole plotting Or, like, planning the thing out.
Like I said, in these challenges, like, Especially with us four left, we have all won -- I don't know.
Peter: Kelly doesn't have a lot of tact.
I told him before, "the less you say, the better.
" I think sometimes he actually shoots himself in the foot.
He plots.
You guys have convinced me.
And it's like, listen Kelly has talked himself into more elimination challenges Than he has talked himself out of them.
[ sighs ] Red team, let's talk about the challenge.
Brad, denny -- goose eggs, both of you.
Didn't hit anything.
Concerned at all that your name will be up here, denny? Yeah.
I didn'to too well today.
You haven't done too well in the last two challenges.
That's true.
Well, let's get to it.
Brad, you're up first.
That's odd.
Brad: I'm voting for kelly because I don't think He's as versatile as pete or denny.
One vote -- kelly.
Kelly, your turn.
Kelly: I'm very curious about brad.
I really don't know why he voted for me, But I certainly don't appreciate his vote.
Brad encouraged us to go with a strategic plan That led to our eventual defeat.
Also, brad missed all of his targets.
One hit -- kelly.
One hit -- brad.
Denny, you're up.
Denny: Between brad, pete, and kelly, It'd be tough to vote for pete, Because he's performed solid to this point.
And that would leave brad and kelly.
I'd have to pick kelly, 'cause I think brad and pete Have some pretty good across-the-board experience For things to come.
Donaldson: Kelly The guy who hits the most difficult shot today, Now has two hits on his target.
He is definitely in the elimination challenge.
Peter, you're the only one who hasn't voted.
Come on up.
Peter: Every time we go to the nomination range, It gets harder and harder.
Denny did fail, kind of, the last two challenges.
They were pretty difficult.
But he surprised us a couple times, and he's well-rounded.
Kelly has definitely exceeded everybody's expectations And then some.
Brad, you know, I vote for him all the time.
So he doesn't really care.
He's used to it.
It's like old faithful.
[ chuckles ] Brad, kelly, the two of you will be competing In the elimination challenge.
I'll see you both tomorrow morning at practice.
Peter, denny, I'll see you guys at the challenge.
You guys can head back to the house.
Geez, if it's kelly, I'm not gonna be happy.
Is it you, kelly? You got to be kidding! Are you kidding?! Who else? Are you kidding?! Chris: Honestly, I cannot understand Why red team does what they do.
Kelly performs.
He's performed time and time again.
I don't know why they keep putting him in there.
Do you want to hear who's going to elimination? Guess.
What? Kelly and brad.
Really? Nobody shot denny.
It just -- it boggles the mind.
It seemed pretty clear to us it ought to be denny and brad.
Chris: Kelly is pissed.
Can you even believe that? Kelly is so freakin' low right now.
[ tapping ] Well, this is the part that sucks.
I knew it was gonna come to this.
Everybody has to shoot against everybody.
So what? Denny: He's taking it hard.
[ cards shuffling ] He's got to know that this stuff is not personal.
That's how the cookie crumbles, man.
Denny is safe.
Kelly: Right now, the red team is so cutthroat.
It is a little easier to make friends and keep friends On the blue team.
I think it was an extreme show of cowardice on denny's part.
Chris: Yet he'll tell it -- That it was the honorable thing to do.
But I want to know, if it is so damn honorable, on what basis? Kelly: How odd it is that someone that performed well On the team challenge yesterday Was voted in for an elimination challenge By two people that didn't get any points for our team.
He shot your target? Yeah, denny shot mine.
He didn't even shoot brad's target? No.
Wait, but what was his middle-of-the-road, All-american speech about why it ought to be you? He didn't say anything.
'cause every time, he's always had some cowpokey, You know, honest, all-american-way why.
If one of you guys wants to go beat it out of him, go for it.
I don't have anything to say to the guy.
It gets me pretty riled up, And I'm gonna give brad hell tomorrow.
If I was you, I wouldn't even shoot for the damn team anymore.
I'd put my rounds into the ground.
Donaldson: Coming up on "top shot" This challenge, you guys will be tossing up clay pigeons And shooting them out of the air before they hit the ground.
Get that first shot off as quick as you can.
Kelly: Tossing the clay pigeons Is definitely the most crucial part of this.
Aye-yah! Look out! Morning, fellas.
Brad, kelly, the two of you have been chosen by your teammates To compete in the elimination challenge.
For this challenge, we're gonna stick with exhibition trick shooting And turn to the beretta shotgun.
The beretta xtrema2 incorporates Shock-absorption technology used by car manufacturers, Which will help you fire accurately in quick succession.
Scott robertson is an eight-time sporting-clay national champion.
You'll practice separately with scott.
Brad, you'll go first.
Good luck.
See you at the challenge.
You brad? Yes, sir.
I'm scott.
Nice to meet you.
Today you guys are gonna be shooting Up to five targets.
We've got our ammo and our clays.
The targets -- there's two ways that you can hold them.
You're gonna have an underhand throw.
And when you come up, you want to spin it.
Robertson: The practice portion of this challenge Was designed to teach them how to hold multiple targets And make the throw.
The throw on this particular trick Is the most important part.
I'm holding that target with my thumb on the top.
I'm gonna come up, and I'm gonna spin it.
See how it's got to spin, and the whole face is to you? I do.
Okay? Here's two.
You see how they kind of came apart? Let me try one.
Aye-yah! Look out! The crowd's that way.
We're shooting that way.
Let's just go with two.
This is where it's gonna get tricky.
All right.
Not bad.
Now, too wide.
You want to keep them together, okay? The trick is learning when to release And when to break your wrist So that those targets behave like you want them to.
We're gonna go to five now.
They're gonna sit in your hand a little bit differently.
The key to it is to try to throw them up high using your legs, And then using your wrist, as well, to generate that spin.
Very good throw.
Definitely something that takes a lot of practice.
Let's get some clays, and we'll do some shooting.
Here it comes.
All right.
Let's try two.
[ gunshots ] Nice.
Want to try three? [ gunshots ] Good.
You got it.
You got all three of them.
Good shooting.
Not enough.
[ chuckles ] Today we were only able to practice Either throwing or shooting, but not both.
The question would be whether or not in the challenge We have to actually throw and shoot the clay pigeons In the same motion.
All right.
You're looking good, man.
Best of luck in the challenge.
Kelly: How's it going? Hi.
I'm scott.
All right, what I do is I just get a nice, easy stance.
I normally take one step.
So I'm coming up, and I'm gonna spin it -- Nice little spin.
Just roll it off your fingers.
That's really good.
All right.
Let's grab two.
Let's go to two.
All right.
That's excellent.
Two's good.
Let's go to three.
Kelly: Tossing the clay pigeons into the air Is definitely the most crucial part of this.
Now, four and five is when it starts to get tricky.
Learning to throw them And also to get them in a pattern that's shootable Is definitely hard to do in a very limited amount of time.
See how that catches in the wind? Once we get up to like a whole bunch of them up in the air, Are you starting at the top and shooting down? I always start at the bottom.
If you can start at the bottom, Then you don't have to move the gun a whole lot.
Robertson: The spread is what's critical, 'cause you want them to spread, but you don't want to spread Too much where you run out of time When you're actually trying to shoot them.
You ready to do some shooting? Sure.
[ gunshots ] Now you're starting to see how much time you have.
So you need to try and get that first shot off As quick as you can.
Kelly: The sort of thing that we did in practice With the beretta shotgun -- Throwing targets and shooting them very rapidly Before they hit the ground -- Isn't something I'm used to doing.
That first one -- just shoot right at it.
Come up and black that bird out.
Why don't you throw five again, and I'll wait Till they're just above the ground And I'll try to hit that last one.
To practice your last shot, okay.
What brad and I are trying to learn is a trick That takes thousands of rounds And many, many hours of practice.
Robertson: Kelly had the throws down.
His shooting was good.
Brad, technically, seemed like the better shooter, But I would say that these guys are pretty evenly matched.
That's a good practice.
It's gonna be a good challenge.
You guys are both good at it.
It's really gonna be the guy That can keep his wits about him, trust in his ability, And really concentrate on the throw to make it happen.
Brad: I feel pretty confident.
I can throw them pretty well, And once they're in the air, I can shoot them pretty well.
It can be anybody's game, but I feel good to go.
Kelly: I don't try to overthink this game.
All I think about is the shot I have to take at that moment And what I need to do to make it perfect.
[ imitates gunshots ] Once again, it is time for the elimination challenge.
Brad, kelly, I need you guys to step right over here, please.
Peter, you can have a seat, buddy.
Kelly, brad, You two guys are the only ones who have survived Every elimination challenge you've been sent to.
All of that is about to change, Because one of you will be going home today.
At practice today, you guys worked on your throwing And you worked on your shooting.
Well, now you're gonna do both at the same time.
You might have figured it out.
Using the beretta shotgun that you trained with earlier, You guys will be tossing up clay pigeons And shooting them out of the air before they hit the ground.
You're gonna start with one.
Then you're gonna work your way up to two Three All the way to five pigeons at one time.
The shooter who hits the most pigeons wins this competition.
The loser's going home.
Pretty simple.
Donaldson: Coming up on "top shot" [ gunshots ] Nice.
The door is open for brad.
Kelly and Brad, it is time for the elimination challenge.
The shooter who hits the most clay pigeons out of the air wins this competition.
Kelly, let's get it started.
[ gun cocks ] there you go.
Good luck.
Donaldson: First round Will be throwing one pigeon in the air.
You've got one shell in the shotgun.
Marksman, ready, set, go! Kelly hits his first target.
Kelly hit his first shot.
I mean, he dusted it.
Kelly's got 1 point.
[ gun cocks ] there you go.
Good luck.
Marksman, ready, set, go! [ gunshot ] Brad hits his first pigeon.
Both of the shooters hit the first bird like I expected.
We're all tied up.
One bird apiece.
[ exhales deeply ] I'm just glad I'm not in this one.
Kelly's gonna be the first marksman To throw two targets in the air.
Robertson: On the two targets, you got plenty of time, So I expected both of them to hit two.
Donaldson: Two targets in the air.
Kelly hits one, misses the second.
Kelly was actually the first to miss, which was a surprise.
All right, brad.
Birds in the air.
Brad hits both of them.
After two rounds, brad leads, 3-2.
Kelly's up.
[ gunshots ] Kelly hits one of the pigeons out of the three.
When they went to the three targets, kelly only hit one, And that really made it brad's to lose.
Donaldson: Three pigeons up.
Hits the first one.
Brad gets 1 out of 3.
Donaldson: After three rounds of shooting, brad leads, Kelly hits 3 out of the 4! Nice.
Kelly leads, 6-4, But brad still has this round to shoot.
Four pigeons in his hand Four shells in the gun.
Birds up.
Brad hits one.
After four rounds, kelly leads, 6-5.
This is the fifth and final round.
In his final round, kelly hits two targets, Giving him an 8-5 lead.
The door is open for brad.
It's all up to him.
You got five pigeons.
You need to hit four to win this thing, Three to send it into a tie-break.
Brad, in your final round, you hit two targets.
Kelly wins this competition, Denny: I got to tell you, kelly surprised me.
That kid is surprising me.
Peter: I think kelly holds out a lot on his abilities.
I wonder what other tricks are up his sleeve.
Kelly: The money shot for me was when I hit 3 out of 4.
Once I hit 3 out of 4 on the second-to-last round, It definitely put a lot of pressure on brad To perform well.
I threw fine in practice.
I was throwing very consistent, clean groups.
But today it was a scatter shot.
[ gunshots ] Kelly was able to knock more down than I was.
He was able to deliver with that practice better out here today, And my hat's off to him for doing it.
Donaldson: Nice battle, guys.
Nice shooting with you.
Just didn't get a good throw.
All right, kelly.
You can rejoin these two guys.
You'll continue in the game.
Kelly: People regard me as being someone With the most specialized skill set -- That of a long-range rifle.
But I can pick up new things much quicker than others.
So I think that that right there Makes me very dangerous in this competition.
And I think people are gonna see that And they're gonna see me as a formidable threat.
Brad, you have fired your last shot.
Brad, I'm gonna miss you, buddy.
Nice shooting with you.
Brad: I definitely had a lot of fun out here on "top shot.
" Being out here Really kind of challenged my shooting sensibilities.
You'd be doing something different all the time.
It was fun testing out the different types of weapons.
I should have practiced that throw a little bit more, huh? It was nice jumping out of my comfort zone.
Denny: See ya, brad.
See ya, guys.
It would be nice to see a red team member Win the whole thing.
I'd definitely like to see one of my colleagues make it.
Donaldson: There are only three episodes left of "top shot.
" How many of you guys have experience throwing knives? Whoo! Throwing knives is out of any comfort zone.
This is crazy.
Donaldson: The challenges are about to get a lot tougher.
Nonstop gun shooting till every one of us is eliminated.
Donaldson: The competition will take surprising turns.
You will no longer be competing as teams.
This is awesome.
I told kelly to tell denny, "you're next.
" It's time for me to prove myself or go home.
I am going to be livid.
This is completely out of my realm.
This is gonna be rough.
[ voice breaking ] do you want me to come home, dad? Kelly: We're gonna be in a shootout to see who goes home.
I'm gonna rise to the top.
The loser of this challenge is going home right now.
It's a very level playing field for us.
Donaldson: In the end, only one will survive and become Top shot.