Top Shot (2010) s01e09 Episode Script

The Shortest Fuse

Donaldson: Tonight, on "Top Shot" This is the last episode before the finally.
Nine marksmen have been eliminated.
Donaldson: Danny, you have fired with your last shot.
Only seven marksmen remain: Blake Adam Kelly Peter J.
Chris And Iain.
Now, everything is changes.
From here on now, you are no longer be competing as teams.
So now the game plan is it doesn't matter how good they do.
I just shoot my best and beat 'em all.
Donaldson: Every challenge is an elimination.
And tonight, three marksmen will be going home.
You guys have officially fired your last shot.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman.
Not just with one weapon -- with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges until only one remains, earning the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" come on in, fellas.
We are down to seven of you still in contention for the $100,000 prize and the title of Top Shot -- five on the blue team, two on the red team.
Congratulations to all of you for making it this far in the game.
At this point in the competition, we're gonna shake things up a bit.
From here on out, you will no longer be competing as teams.
Your success or failure moving forward will be solely based on your individual performance.
That helps us out a little bit.
You like that? Yeah.
That's fine.
Peter: Now that it's all individual challenges, I was pretty excited about that, 'cause there's only Kelly and I left on the red team.
So we're at a pretty big disadvantage when it comes to teams.
So now that it's just shooting, I'm pretty happy about that.
It is now on your shoulders as individual shooters.
This is when it gets good.
You will all be competing head-to-head in a series of increasingly difficult tests of your marksmanship until one of you emerges Top Shot.
There will be two elimination challenges.
The first one starts in a few moments.
But first, there's one more thing.
You can get rid of the red and blue.
We got a new color.
Pass those out.
Donaldson: All right, there you go.
I'll see you guys at the first elimination challenge.
What do we got? This is a small.
This has got to be for Kelly.
Blake: This is what I do.
I'm a shooter.
Shooting is an individual sport.
So now the game plan is it doesn't matter how good they do.
I just shoot my best and beat 'em all.
That's me.
Kelly: Shooting as an individual as opposed to shooting on a team hopefully will be just the same as it was previously.
It's really gonna be up to me how I continue in this competition.
Green looks nice, guys.
I like it.
Well, shooters, all seven of you will be competing as individuals, and the loser of this challenge is going home right now.
No more nomination range.
Here's how it's gonna work.
Out on the range behind me, there is a fuse connected to an explosive.
The fuse will be lit Using the beretta 92f, you will have 10 rounds to sever the fuse [ Gunshots ] Before it reaches the explosive.
The competitor with the shortest fuse goes home.
It's as simple as that.
Make sense? And they will be burning in a hurry.
All right.
Let's get to it.
Blake: Wow, how are we gonna cut that little tiny fuse around those 9mm bullet, of all the -- I need a .
45 1911 with some wad cutters in it or something.
Give me -- give me a shotgun.
'Cause this is gonna be rough.
I'm gonna draw out of the ammo box to see who shoots first.
Iain, you're up first.
Marksman, ready? Set Go.
[ Gunshots ] Iain's first and second shot missed.
Third shot misses.
[ Gunshots ] [ Gunshot ] [ Gun clicks ] Out of bullets.
That was fast.
I was not mentally prepared for it.
I was still getting into my game.
I failed to adapt my tactics as soon as I saw the fuse burning a lot faster than I thought it would.
Donaldson: All right, Iain.
You can come over here.
This is the hot seat.
Now, the only way you're gonna stay in this competition is if someone else fails to cut that fuse with a bullet.
Make sense? Makes sense to me.
So, you're staying here.
Let's see who goes next.
Marksman, ready? Go! [ Gunshots ] [ Gun clicks ] Two shooters in, and this challenge is already proving to be extremely difficult.
Blake, come on over here.
Iain, you've got some company.
Kelly, you're up.
All right.
Good luck, buddy.
Blake went before I did, and he didn't hit the fuse.
And that gives me a pretty good feeling, 'cause if I miss it, and he missed it, and he's a world champion pistol shooter, then I don't really need to feel bad.
Donaldson: SetGo! [ Gunshots ] Kelly, hitting low.
Running out of ammo.
Can he get it done? The fuse moves a lot faster than you expect.
Not only does it burn fast, but it drops and moves around.
Shooting a moving target, and it's moving very fast.
It's extremely difficult.
This challenge requiring speed and unbelievable accuracy.
Next shooter.
[ Exhales sharply ] Donaldson: Marksman, ready? Go! [ Gunshots ] J.
shooting a very tight group.
Has he severed the fuse? [ Gun clicks ] All 10 rounds.
Did he sever it? Nope.
[ Explosion ] J.
: This challenge was harder than it looked.
There was a lot of elements of time and accuracy, which usually plays to my strength and Blake's strength.
So I hope I'll perform better the next time around.
Peter, you're the next man up.
Peter: After the first four guys went up there, including Blake and J.
, and they couldn't break the fuse, I asked Chris if it was even possible to break a fuse like that, and he said it could be done, so I was like, "okay, I'll try it.
" Go! [ Gunshot ] Man: Done.
Yeah, Peter taking his time.
[ Applause ] Adam: Awesome! Peter: When I saw the fuse drop on my second shot, I was pretty excited, 'cause it was really nice to save myself from the chopping block once again, you know.
Peter responds by severing the fuse.
Peter, you can come back over here.
Man: Good job, Pete.
To the right side.
Adam: Can you believe it or what? Nice shooting.
Moving along.
Next shooter.
Chris, you're up.
[ Exhales deeply ] Marksman, ready? Set Go! [ Gunshots ] Three shots.
Hits it with the fourth.
You need to make sure the fuse is severed.
Keep shooting.
[ Gunshots ] Donaldson: Still trying to put it out.
[ Gun clicks ] Man: Oh, you hit it.
[Bleep] I wish I hadn't heard that.
My second shot was really close.
My third shot hit it.
And it looked like it was a good, solid hit.
And I heard everybody in the background yelling, "you got it, you got it, you got it!" [ Exhales deeply ] Man, I relaxed.
But the damn thing kept burning.
I tried to catch up, and it was over.
I was so disappointed.
So disappointed.
Donaldson: Adam, you're the last shooter remaining.
Step right up.
Peter: Good luck, buddy.
When it came time for me to shoot, I was last.
I had seen everybody perform.
I didn't feel as much pressure from whether I would get it or not, 'cause enough people hadn't.
I wasn't worrying too much about that.
But anytime you're standing there, it's a big competition, and it's facing elimination, you get nervous.
Or I get nervous, probably more than some of the others.
But once you get that first shot off, you feel a lot better.
Donaldson: Marksman, ready? Set Go! Adam's a little low.
Working his way up.
There it is.
Peter: Yeah! Get it! Adam: When I broke the fuse and the string dropped, it was just a big relaxation.
You didn't have to worry.
There was a lot more shooting to do, but we weren't the part of it.
And we could kind of root for our friends and cheer everyone on and just hope we all get through it as best we can.
Donaldson: Congratulations, Adam.
Come on back and join Peter.
Nice shooting.
Good job, Adam.
Nice shooting.
All right, obviously, we have a tie-break situation here.
One of you will be going home.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Chris: I really just wanted to get it over with.
So when Colby Drew my name first, I was very excited.
[ Gunshots ] Unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
All right, obviously, we have a tie-break situation here.
Here's how the tie-breaker's gonna work.
You're each gonna get another fuse, and you're gonna get Once again, we'll draw names out of the box to see who shoots first.
Let's get to it.
After the first round went through, it was only Pete and Adam that had hit.
I was standing over on the losers' bench with five other shooters, which was some solace.
Man: Get it, Chris.
First one out of the gate.
Chris: I really just wanted to get it over with.
So when Colby Drew my name first, I was very excited.
Donaldson: Marksman, ready? Go! [ Gunshots ] There it is! Yeah, piece of cake! Chris: Holy mackerel, man.
I mean, I was really relieved, but I'm gonna do much better in the next challenge.
Next shooter is Kelly.
Adam: Get 'em, Kel.
All right.
Donaldson: Go! [ Gunshots ] [ Gunshots ] [ Gun clicks ] Kelly, out of ammunition.
Kelly, once again, you are back on the hot seat.
Blake, you're up.
Marksman, ready? Set Go! [ Gunshots ] Man: Slow down.
Donaldson: Blake getting close.
[ Gun clicks ] Out of bullets.
That fuse is still burning.
Two shooters on the hot seat.
Two shooters left.
Iain, your turn.
Get some, Iain.
When I stepped to the line for the second time, I was really angry with myself.
I was fuming.
And I knew what I had to do.
I knew it was well within my capabilities.
So I just decided at that point, "yeah, let's get this done.
" Donaldson: Go! [ Gunshots ] Iain goes way down on the end, right next to the explosives.
[ Gunshots ] Oh! Geez! Jiminy Christmas.
Was it enough? Oh! Oh! I don't know whether anybody else noticed it in the group I shot, but hey.
It worked okay for me.
With a bit of a nail-biter, Iain severs his fuse.
Come back over here.
Nice work.
, you're up, my man.
Set Go! [ Gunshots ] Chris: Little down.
That may have done it.
Let's see.
[ Gun clicks ] J.
's out of bullets.
Was it enough? That fuse is out! [ Laughter ] J.
When I saw the flames stop at the hole that I put on the target, it's something that you can't explain.
I thought I was pretty much going back to tie-breaking round, but then I was safe, and I can't hold my excitement too much, you know? Got it! [Bleep] Why can't I break it clear like you guys, man? You guys are studs.
All right.
You five guys, congratulations.
You're definitely gonna go on in this game.
You two, one more time, we're gonna have a tie-break.
This one is very simple.
One target.
One bullet each.
Closest to the bull's-eye will continue in this competition.
Got it? Got it.
All right, I'll draw your names, see who shoots first.
Kelly, you're up first.
All right.
Man: Come on, Kel.
Marksman, ready? Set Fire when ready.
When Colby gives me the go, I've got just 10 seconds to squeeze off the most accurate shot I can.
Blake is a wonderful pistol shooter, and I'm really worried at this point, and I know that it's up to me to make a very good shot.
Donaldson: Kelly, very close to the bull's-eye.
Nice shot.
Good shot, man.
Nice shot, Kel.
All right, Blake.
The pressure's on.
Go ahead.
: Go, Blake! Blake: I like competition.
The more pressure you put on me, probably the better I'll perform.
Donaldson: Fire when ready.
You've got to be able to walk up to the line and be cold as steel.
And that's what I'm gonna do.
Oh! Chris: I thought for sure that Blake was gonna have the advantage there.
We were all shocked.
Donaldson: Kelly, you are victorious.
You can rejoin the remaining marksmen.
You are still in this competition.
Kelly: I skimmed by yet again, just barely making it through that last challenge.
Don't how many more lives I have, how many more bullets I can dodge.
Blake: That was a rough break.
It's a longer trigger pull than I expected, and I was thinking, "it's going off," and it didn't go off, and then it went off.
Look -- what is it doing down there? Come on up.
Can I move it now? Can I stick it back up there? I jerked the trigger a little bit, and his shot was closer than mine.
He had an excellent shot.
Donaldson: Blake, unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
You've officially been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" I'll give you a moment to say goodbye to these guys, then you can head on out.
Good job, man.
Thank you.
My experience here on "Top Shot" was cool.
I got to meet a lot of new faces, people from all around the country.
Some of the best shooters in the country.
And it was just everybody, their unique personalities.
I probably made a new best friend on the show.
Pete is an awesome guy.
-- I'd known before this show.
We're great friends.
And a lot of the other guys in the house were just enjoyable to be around.
I'll see you again.
[ Chuckles ] Peter: Blake going is bittersweet.
That's one less huge competitor we have to go after.
But the thing is, I really miss him.
He was awesome.
Thanks, coach.
Appreciate it.
Kelly: Blake, we'll miss you, buddy.
Blake: This is a motivator.
This says, "Blake, why don't you go home, "take your production gun, and shoot a million rounds, "and make sure every one goes in the bull's-eye? "Because you just looked like a jackass on national tv.
You jerked the shot.
" [ Exhales deeply ] Kelly: Oh, my gosh.
Adam: Well, we got one less lawyer.
: I know, seriously.
Kelly: Coming back to the house, walking through the door, I was kind of just stuck in a state of surrealism.
I say we put a blue shirt up.
I think so, too.
Stick with the pattern.
But e, the thing with blue, it makes it look like red defeated him, and red didn't.
Well, I guess red did.
Yeah, red did.
All right, blue it is.
I really couldn't believe that I just beat Blake.
Another shirt hung by Kelly.
Blake will be missed.
David and goliath.
I've sent four people home out of this competition.
I don't really take pride in sending people home, but I definitely take pride in still being in this competition.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" Two more marksmen will be sent home.
Peter: Knowing that there's gonna be a physical element to the next challenge, I'm pretty stoked about that.
The four of you with the fastest times are safe from elimination.
Donaldson: Come on in, gentlemen.
Hey, guys.
Six of you are still in the running for the $100,000 prize and the title of Top Shot.
It is anyone's game.
We've already had one elimination challenge.
You still have one more -- and trust me, it's gonna be even bigger.
So, first, you get to train.
For today's practice, you will be using four different firearms, three of which have already been used in the competition.
The mosin-nagant The svt-40 The tz99.
We're introducing a new weapon -- the hk93, a west German-built semiautomatic sporting rifle based on paramilitary rifles used by NATO.
The marksmanship skill will be shooting targets from above.
But we're also gonna add a new element -- stamina.
Adam: We're expecting a greater level of physical endurance in the next challenge.
You know, I'm no J.
He's nimble like a cat.
But I think I've got enough to do what it takes for this competition.
Donaldson: Joining us again is former Navy s.
Craig "saw man" Sawyer.
He's an expert both with these tactics and also the weapons.
Have fun, good luck, see you at the challenge.
As well as the marksmanship aspect of this practice, we're also gonna pump up the volume a little bit and add some cardio to it.
We're gonna have you start at a mark further down the path, and when I say "go," we're gonna have you run up here and get started.
Ready? Okay, head on down.
Chris: I love when he said "sweet.
" Peter: You want to shoot the rifle first? I'll shoot the pistol first? Kelly: If you want, yeah.
That's fine with me.
Shooters, ready? Go! Knowing that there's gonna be a physical element to the next challenge, I'm pretty stoked about that, because in sniper school, we're always running and shooting, or running up to the yard line, getting your gun down.
You have to load it and then shoot as fast as possible.
[ Gunshots ] It's difficult 'cause your heart rate's going up and down.
You have to slow it down.
These are things I'm used to.
So, hopefully, that will give me the advantage.
Kelly: As far as the stamina goes, when I was in High School, I would run biathlons.
We would shoot pistols, shoot rifles, all sort of stuff.
So it's something I'm used to and I've done before.
[ Gunshots ] Should be good for windage.
Just a little high.
Peter: Just dead center.
You are a better rifleman.
[ Chuckles ] [ Gunshots ] I don't know how physical this challenge will be.
I'm the old guy of the group, probably the least physical of the group.
I like the brain power.
That's my weapon.
Adam: Want to run or something? I don't particularly care to.
All right.
Anyone that works in the firearms industry is gonna tell you that artificially inflating your heart rate is not gonna do the same thing that your sympathetic nervous system is gonna do when you're in that fight or flight phase.
Jog and rifle? Nah.
Got to zero it first.
Stepping out on the line in front of God and everyone and being expected to perform is way more stress than any physical activity we're gonna do out there in this competition.
Iain: After physical exertion, you've got a problem in that your sights are moving all over the place because you're breathing heavily.
Your pulse rate's up, so you can't drop the hammer in between heartbeats.
So you've really got to fight that.
One of the techniques I use is you hyperventilate before you take the shot.
You can shut down your breathing after you hyperventilate, make the shots in the course, and then go on.
That's -- that's -- man, you're about half an inch away from bull's-eye.
As long as I don't have any equipment failures or any mental screw-ups, like loading the rounds backwards or something like that, then I think I'm gonna be okay.
I broke too soon.
You broke too soon? Yeah, to the left, right? No.
No? Okay.
: I'm a pistol expert, so something that I'm very unfamiliar with, and that's long-distance rifle shooting.
According to Pete and Kelly, in a pistol, so that makes me feel about this small.
Good job, dude.
Thanks a lot.
Appreciate it, man.
Today was the coolest day of shooting we had.
Going into this next challenge, it is absolutely anybody's game.
I don't mind losing to any one of these men that are left in the house.
However, I'm not going to give up easily.
Adam: Okay, right now, it still doesn't seem quite reachable.
It's sort of just, you know, there's still six of us.
If J.
gets eliminated in the rifle event, which is entirely possible, now all of a sudden that end goal line without a super pro like J.
freaking Racaza, now all of a sudden, it would seem much more attainable.
Someone's going home tomorrow.
We've all got our bags packed.
Anyone expects it could be them.
This is interesting that there's three rifles and a pistol, so the pistol guys don't have a complete edge.
The rifle guys don't have a complete edge.
I think everyone's feeling this is gonna be a good, even scrap tomorrow.
Kelly: I like it.
This is cool.
We were walking to the challenge, and I see a hillside that we need to climb, and four platforms from which we need to shoot from.
It looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun.
Chris: Almost everything I do in my daily work is firearms combined with physical aspect.
Running, moving, climbing, crawling, firing.
Heart rate's up, you know, stress level's up.
So this competition is really gonna be my cup of tea.
Donaldson: All right, guys.
Now that you guys have had a chance to wp your head around the fact that this is an individual game, moving forward, how's everything going? Chris? How you feeling today? I'm nervous.
[ Laughs ] I'm excited, you know? I mean, it's a reality.
I mean, there's six of us standing here, and this is really cool.
So, you know, if you're not a little nervous, you're probably not prepared.
Anybody else nervous? Adam: A little nervous.
All of us.
[ Laughter ] Donaldson: Pete, you're not nervous, are you, brother? Nobody's shooting back.
Still All right, guys, let's get down to business.
Out on the range, there are four platforms built into the hillside with weapons on each.
Starting at the bottom, you will climb to the first platform, where you will use the tz99 to shoot at the target Once that is hit, you will climb to the second platform and shoot the hk93 at a target 100 yards away.
The mosin-nagant is waiting at the third platform, and its target, 125 yards away.
Don't forget -- your heart rate will be increasing throughout.
And the svt-40 is all the way at the top.
The final target is 150 yards away.
When the fourth and final target is hit, time stops.
The four of you with the fastest times are safe from elimination.
That means two of you are going home today.
Whew! Wow.
Chris: I mean, we were all shocked.
Because we weren't prepared for him to send two people home.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" I know the most important thing is gonna be hits.
A miss is gonna take a lot of time to recover from.
That was a hot run.
The guys kept bringing it, so the pressure was on.
Donaldson: All right, guys.
This is it.
For two of you, this will be the end of the line.
I'm gonna draw names out of the ammo box to see who goes first.
Kelly, you're up first.
All right.
Go get 'em, Kel.
Kelly: Looking at the course, I know the most important thing is gonna be hits.
A miss is gonna take a lot of time to recover from.
Marksman, ready? SetGo! Kelly making his way up to the tz99.
Part of the strategy here is how many rounds are you gonna put in the gun? Kelly hits with his first shot! How much confidence do you have in your shooting ability? Kelly already up to the hk93, taking in his target.
First shot! Strike! Kelly now making his way up to the third position, the mosin-nagant.
Targets are getting farther out there every time.
Kelly's loaded up, ready to go.
First shot, and a hit! Kelly's already making his way up to the fourth and final station, the svt-40.
Kelly -- making it look easy.
First shot! Hit! Time! [ Applause ] Nice work.
That was a hot run.
Chris: When Kelly went up the hill the first time, he really made it look easy.
So after he was done running the challenge, we were all trying to figure out ways in our mind of how to do it faster.
Thanks, Colby.
Your official time -- 1:30.
Four shots, four targets hit.
So, you'll stay over here until two guys post slower times than you.
Got it? Okay.
All right, let's get to it.
Next guy.
Peter, you're up.
Marksman, ready? Set Go! Peter flying up the dirt steps.
Loading the magazine.
He only puts one shot in it.
Can he make it count? Yes! Peter hits the first target, and he's off.
Up to the hk93.
Like a chimp.
Puts one round in this gun.
Peter very confident in his ability.
Second target hit! Peter doing well -- two shots, two targets hit.
Third target struck! Peter flying up to the fourth and final station.
The svt-40, 150 yards out.
Peter hits the fourth target with the first shot! Kelly set the bar high, and Peter just raised it.
That was a lot faster.
Peter: I'm not giving up.
I'm going down swinging, no matter who I'm against.
I love all these guys.
Everybody's going home.
Nobody's getting whacked.
So I don't feel bad about eliminating them, you know what I mean? Donaldson: Chris.
Marksman, ready? Set Go! Chris making it up to the first platform.
Loading up the tz.
First shot is a hit! Already back on the course, heading up to the second platform.
Time to beat to avoid elimination -- 1:21.
You got to get there, load the weapon, calm your nerves, get a bullet downrange.
Chris hits the second target.
Now making his way up to the third and the mosin-nagant.
So far, all three marksmen are perfect with their rounds downrange.
Third target hit! Chris: [ Breathing heavily ] Donaldson: Chris loads one round in the svt-40.
[ Applause ] [ Breathing heavily ] My performance was everything I thought it would be today.
I was really not overly surprised.
I was pleased with what I did.
All right, Chris.
You also completed this course in 1:21.
Chris: Get out! Man: All right.
However, you did it in 79/100 of a second faster than Peter did it.
So you now have the quickest time up this hill.
You can take a seat back over here.
[ Applause ] Holy crap.
Got it done, big man.
[ Indistinct conversation ] Unbelievable! Oh, my God.
Donaldson: Kelly and Peter have the two slowest times so far.
Iain, you're up.
Time to beat to avoid the bench -- 1:21.
Marksman, ready? Go! Iain, a bit of a stumble going up the first set of stairs.
Gets to the tz99, puts one round in the gun.
Hits the first target! Making his way up to the second station.
Iain's got the hk93 loaded up.
Iain hits the second target! Now he's on his way to the mosin-nagant.
Can he beat the times of Peter and Kelly? Taking no time at all to make his way up the hillside.
Iain hits the third target! One target left! Fourth and final platform is the svt-40.
How many shots is it gonna take? Iain's got the gun down.
Iain finishes this course! [ Applause ] Holy crap.
Adam: That was fast, Iain.
Nice shooting.
Iain, your official time is 1:25.
So, you're in the hot seat with Kelly.
Peter, you're safe.
You can move back over here.
Holy crap, Pete.
Two shooters left.
Adam, you're up.
Adam: The guys kept bringing it.
The old guys, the heavy guys, the -- everybody just brought it better and better with each run, so the pressure was on.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" You had to have a flawless run today.
That's the time to beat.
You're up.
You guys have officially fired your last shot.
Marksman, ready? Set Go! Adam needs a faster time than Kelly and Iain to avoid going home.
The time to beat is now 1:25.
Boom! Hits the first target! Adam lands at the second platform, hk93.
Looks like he puts two rounds in the rifle.
Adam hits the second target with one shot.
Making his way to the third platform, the mosin-nagant.
Remember, two marksmen will be going home.
One bullet.
Adam misses the third target.
Adam's second shot strikes the third target.
One target left.
In a challenge where all previous shooters have been perfect with the weapons, you cannot afford to miss.
Adam hits the fourth target.
[ Applause ] You had to have a flawless run today, and I did not have that.
Donaldson: Your official time -- 1:36.
Iain, you're now back over here.
Now Kelly and Adam have the two slowest times.
Kelly's time is 1:30.
If you're slower than 1:30, you're out of here, too.
That's the time to beat.
You're up.
Kelly: I expected J.
to be very quick.
I also knew it was possible he could miss with the rifle.
Donaldson: J.
, this will determine who goes home.
Marksman, ready? SetGo! J.
, without question the fastest marksman up this hill so far.
First shot strikes! J.
is a world-class pistol expert, but can he make all his rifle shots? He cannot miss a shot.
Puts a couple of rounds in the magazine.
Adjusting the sights.
hits the second target! The mosin-nagant.
This is the weapon that Adam missed with.
hits the third target on his first shot! This is it, the fourth and final station, the svt-40, all the way out at 150 yards.
It all comes down to this one shot.
hits the fourth target! [ Applause ] All right, J.
Nice work.
Good shooting.
Your official time is 1:20 even.
Whoa! You beat us all! Donaldson: You have the fastest time of the day.
You can make your way back over here.
That means, Adam, Kelly You guys have officially fired your last shot.
Kelly: Someone's got to be a Guinea pig.
I ended up going first, and it didn't really help me out.
I loaded more rounds than I needed at the pistol stage, and also more rounds than I needed at the hk93.
Donaldson: First shot and a hit! Kelly: I didn't make any mistakes as a marksman.
I hit all my targets on the first shot.
The mistes I made were in the challenge -- loading extra rounds, and maybe taking too long going up the hill.
Donaldson: Adam misses the third target.
Adam: I think I was about 11-so-odd seconds down from Iain.
In those 11 seconds, I mean, I took an extra shot on the pistol.
That's two or three seconds.
And the mosin-nagant miss was 10.
So, technically, I had it in me to still be going on.
It was in me.
It was within my ability, and I just didn't, you know? You had to have a flawless run today, and I did not have one.
Peter: Sheesh, the big man.
Lead the charge.
So, the youngest and the oldest were culled from the herd today.
Pete, you're one of a kind, buddy.
I thought I could have gone a little further.
So I'm disappointed in that regard.
Overall, I'm glad I did this competition.
I've made some great friends.
There's four great shooters moving ahead.
And I'll be seeing the family soon.
Okay, remember me kindly, gentlemen.
Chris: I don't know what it was with Adam.
He and I hit it off from day one.
He's totally juvenile, yet mature and highly skilled.
Anything that happens that's corny or goofy came from him.
Buddy, you already had it, man.
You already won.
Peter: Kelly had his run.
He had a really good time.
He fought like a lion, and you can only win so many battles before it catches up with you.
Only 22 years old.
Whew! That kid made it.
Kelly: I feel like I did pretty well.
I beat some very stiff competition.
I out shot a lot of people in elimination challenges.
So I don't think I really have anything to feel bad about.
I came in here kind of as a nobody.
I'm an engineering student, not a professional shooter, and I feel like I impressed a lot of people.
Well We gave it a good run.
Donaldson: On the season finale of "Top Shot" Gentlemen, one of you is about to make history.
After 30 days of competition, the best of the best have emerged -- Chris J.
J Iain And Peter.
It's really awesome to be here on the last four people.
I never thought this would have happened.
Donaldson: Four marksmen Final four.
Three challenges, and a final test bigger than any they've seen before.
Who will be Top Shot? Go!